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Everybody good day to you and welcome back. It's first thing in the morning morning and my brain has not become functional just yet because of that my initial in this scene is absolutely terrible. So i've had to dub over it you will clearly notice the absence of coffee now uh we are back on our 2008 jaguar xj and i'm doing the finishing up touches right now we still have panel work to do in the rear a light. A seat belt.

Some door trim and a little bit of cleaning because i got some dirt in here uh other than that we're nearly done here with the exception of that sun visor that i broke so let's get to it i'm anxious to get this car done all right i'm mounting in the seat belt anchor and some kind of mount for the wiring harness. I've already tucked the connector down behind the seat where it belongs and once i get this seat belt tight on the c pillar here. We can move over to the driver's side c. Pillar.

And do the same once uh once these are on and i get the trim pieces back on i can put the third brake light back in and then we're in cleanup mode with the exception of this door sill plate and the right rear uh window or door trim. So we're we're almost there this is like nearly the end. Let's get some seat belt clickage. Going here.

Oh good. That's working right. Those are supposed to be able to freely rotate even with this bolt tight. Okay.

That's good and that one's good get the stuff. These trim pieces end up fitting super tight. Let's redo. This seat belt school.

Here there it goes. Good. Okay. The door trim is next.

And we've got a good curve. Here here's our curve and i remember the break being in the center of the door jamb so we'll start here and work our way around i always start with a corner. So. If you can get a good corner seated and planted the rest of it will just fall right in the line.

She always got to start with a good corner got it dirty right here have to clean that too i need to clean the whole car despite my efforts of wearing gloves and things of that nature this thing's been here for over a month. It's been in and out of and worked on and getting dusty so we do need to we do need to kind of detail this thing a little bit absolutely filthy ah now look what we have here we've got an interesting situation you see how it's overlapping. It means that the trim has ended up being shorter on this particular installation than it should have be should have been so what i'm going to do is peel it back off and start over. But i'm going to start from the known finishing point and work backwards.

What that's going to do that's going to force the seal as we run out of space to put a little bit of pressure on the outside of the the frame. It's also going to force it in on the corners. A little bit better the radius turns are always the ones that tend to cost you that little bit of space. Yeah here we go that's better nice and of course.

We have a piece of plastic trim install complete let's get uh let's get this other seatbelt over here whoa gravity all right so uh. We're in the right rear sorry left rear c pillar. I've got one of the connectors fished out from behind the seat this was the really hard one if i recall. I'm just trying to get this guy clipped back together things are poking into my hands.
And i i don't have much uh. Any space click. Oh yeah yeah this right here this thing this thing's stabbing me and that that hurt all right let's put this stuff back see this guy gets plugged in right and here that gets mounted there on top of the seat belt right here. Okay.

Let's get our big bolt. In yes. Good in the home stretch click tight tight squeezes good. And let's pull this trim off you can lose that for a moment and then we gotta tuck this behind that trim piece there i don't even know if you all can see this needs to go behind this piece here and it's not it's in front of it and uh that's not gonna it's not gonna work there got it all right back to that little cute window trim trick of mine again door trim words the same thing you guys know what i meant trim is that velcro no that's just some jaguar schmoo nice hey all the parts are no never mind i'm wrong got one more we got a third brake light here to to install here we need lumens there you guys go right here that worked out as long as gravity doesn't get us.

I think we're good all right. That's the shiny side so that points that way sure looks like we just clip on in don't we let me see. Where my clips are tuck. Our wire away uh like i said go away wire.

We don't need you we're trying to line up that there's a center pin on this yeah. There we go third brake light installed sweet actually that's the high mount brake light. They call it the high mount because it's mounted up high. I understand the third brake light is also correct terminology okay trim is in seat belt is in third brake lights in that seat belt's in uh.

We got a little bit of cleaning to do let me give this thing. A good old wipe me down get all my goodies out and clean up the trash and uh. We're done so with this project finally oh after after we bring it over to the garden. Hose and proof out the sunroof gotta.

Do that gotta check your work all right. Let us wrap. This thing up. I've gone through wiped everything down got all my fingerprints off made sure everything's connected except for those three broken guys uh.

We're actually going to address that later my guy wants to come and pick up his car so uh. We can save some of these other little details for uh for next time around. But the important part is is we got the thing put back together and now we just need to go and verify that it does not leak which i know it doesn't but you don't know that it doesn't plus. This thing's really dirty you should use a good bath.

Here's our broken sunroof visor. I'll just put that down there for later. We're going to have to locate a new one or a new to us used one uh. Oh.
The sun passed all down let's just put that back where it goes suction cup click all right back it out go to the car wash station this car has not moved in three weeks four weeks. Maybe poor jeg you are all right winder's up garden hose time. Let's hose it off first hold on make it nice and shiny full of spider webs and nasties dust airborne debris pollen and none of that stuff is shiny. Okie dokes garden hoses going sunroof area is full of water let's head inside and go check it out okay.

We're going back up to our previously affected area. I see no water uh. None over here. Oh wonderful we have fixed it you win.

It's not leaking all right guys closing this one out thank you for watching the fourth and final video on this jaguar. And i'm glad. It's over as always like thank you guys for watching this video hope you enjoyed this video hope you enjoyed all these videos. If you did or even.

If you didn't let me know about that down below in the comment section. Again and as always thank you for watching. And most importantly don't forget to have yourself a great day. See you guys later.

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