In this video I attempt to show you how to replace the rear brakes on a 2015 3.5L AWD Ford Taurus but Mrs.O comes out asking for lunch and dinner requests for the week. Oh well 🤷🏼‍♂️
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All right folks working on the 2015. Ford Taurus This is Big Three Five. It's got the four-wheel drive and customer request to replace his rear brakes. So that's what we're gonna do. Step one: Remove your wheel. Step two is gonna remove the caliper. That's what we're gonna do here. So take a couple of those bolts out. Hang the caliper by the hose. I'm kidding. I'm kidding. We still left the parking brake cable hooked to it. Now this is not your brake and brake cable, but this is we just leave it right there. And that's step four is: we're going to take the caliper bracket off. I'm going to just give her a classic reach behind over here that's cracking babies loose. They're using a 15 mil socket on this fella. Once we get them cracked loose. now we can Zippy zap them out with the screamer. Lots of panels on this sucker either. it's getting all rusty and thumpy. I Don't know I don't ask. we're going to take this Torx bit off T40 playing a fire right here. Oh nope, came right out. Give her a little thump and it's got some rough spots. I Imagine I hadn't drive the car before I Don't know I just do what I'm told. uh, this bearing looks recently replaced at some point here, so it's pretty clean As far as rust on the face of it, we're just gonna wipe it off a little bit Spritz it with some food film. Generally speaking, these things are solid for us and we have to clean all the rust off of it. This one's very nice. We're just going to clean some of this grease off around the Hub here just to make sure there's no grip. I'll grab one grit stuck in it I'm gonna hold the rotor catty one Opus There, it's pretty good. Give it a little Hub polish I call it all right and then reapply some kind of anti-corrosive mixture on there. What do you like to use? We'll slip that baby in and put the bolt back in it here. that goes on to like 120 inch pounds or something like that. barely tightens that sound. I'll get in the hole so just finger tight is all you need on that fella. And then before we get too far, we probably should have done this with the old road around. Let's make sure our caliper is any good here. You gotta have the wine back tool. take that and wind it back. Little John Got the music? Got some Usher lyrics coming in? Uh, let's see so we're gonna stick her up in there. We're gonna rewind her back. Got the peg in the grooves. Make sure when you're turning this that your caliper boot isn't getting all wound up. If it is, you can flick it back a little bit. Sometimes it's a little Spritz of brake clean or a silicone lube like. this one's winding up a little bit. Let me show you. let's come up in here with a pick. Don't poke your boot, Keep it facing down at the piston, stick, clip down there. get the rubber to push back here, make sure you're poking at the Piston not your boot and then tip it into the boot. Lift the boot up just a little bit. Oops, pulled out too soon. Let's see here: I'll just hold that in there. wants to flick it out naturally. I'll hold it up and I'll just give it a little Spritz for the brake parts cleaner and that usually makes it slippery enough. Oh look at that. Now we can wind it up without fear of our boot getting all twisted up there. You know what I'm saying. Once we're all the way in, that's it. We have bottom. We'll grab our crescent wrench, we'll take the pressure off it, and then we're going to continue to turn it until our notch straight up and down. about there notches right at the top. That puts the other Notch right at the bottom because in some cases, in this case, your pad has a little nipple off. the bottom of it needs to line up in that Groove nipple. Groove You'll see where I'm at and sometimes it's only on two of the pads in the whole set. In this case, all four pads have a little nipple on there. Well, right here, we're just gonna scrape some of the rust off the face of this piston. She's not too bad. If it's real bad, do it when the Piston is fully extended. that way. less chance of messing up the rubber there by hitting on it, and then we'll just clean out this side. these aren't really too bad. I Actually be honest with you, hardly any rusts on the inside of that ear that hit the contacts outside the pack. we're full. Put a little grease on it too. If these are real bad, you want to get after them with a file or something to remove the actual rust. you know, chunks. I Forgot to introduce this last time. Sorry. There you go. Won't do that again. We'll hose that off. There we go. now. we can leave that flare drip dry. Let's give her some more. Spray it like you ain't paying for it. I Took our brake caliper, cleaned all the rust out of the grooves, sandblasted it. We're wheeling up on an old Rodger I'm gonna pull our pins out. They move nice and free. We're just gonna wipe some of the old Lube off them. Look at that still right there for a minute. We'll get this one same thing. clean off something a little bit. If the Lube's getting really, uh, dry and crusty I guess or clumpy. you want to clean out the whole hole if you can. What's up Miss though Coming out for lunch requests, lunch request for this week or for this coming up week? Yeah. I Got one who filled in the rest of the slots? Oh um well. what's in the rest of the slot? Because that's going to dictate what I want? you just the lunch requested though. What's a cook got? yeah. creamy jalapeno corn chowder one day? Is that like a oh, it's a chowder? I Guess Okay, then lunch and then roasted balsamic beets with Parmesan rice and venison for dinner? Well I just want the lunch request. Well you can't say something already. Oh okay. Okay, all right so that's one day. Go ahead and then BLTs with leftover soup or you're not okay. Can a leftover soup? then your favorite tomato vest? Oh tomato bisque, Basil tomato bisque. you're so good to me. What else? Dinner and roasted carrots live a maple glaze and salmon and sauteed cabbage. Okay. the empty lunch slot? Okay. and then you have honey garlic chicken thighs with carrots and broccoli like sheet pan style. Okay. and then the next day is spaghetti Squash noodle bowl with Lime peanut sauce. Mmm not a big fan of that. You've never had it. I Beat it to you. It sounds like Indian Food, it's not. It's more uh Asian than Indian Okay I'll try it. one peanut sauce yeah. Lime peanut sauce? Yeah yeah. I even think the spaghetti squash? yeah I assume that part and then dinner is empty and then leftovers for lunch on. Friday So whatever's left over from the week? Okay, Oh okay, so Friday is like an entire leftover. Oh wait wait, this is this is tomorrow. I Gotta do that differently. Anyways, tomorrow we're having spaghetti for dinner. okay I don't know what we're having for lunch tomorrow. So we got two lunch spots and one dinner spot. Okay, so I would request I'm gonna request some sort of seafood for one of those lunch slots. Be more specific because I would like some scallops. Oh my goodness. I would say that sounds good I Have no I want pan fried pan seared scallops? Just that's why I have no experience. What do you want with your scallops to eat with them? Hmm I don't know. Maybe a some sort of rice? You can come up with some sort of rice dish to go with my scallops. Rice? Yeah, pasta. No, some sort of rice. I Think what's like the fluffier eraser? You haven't liked rice lately and we are having rice Monday evening. this is Wednesday lunch. All right. Just a minute. We're in the middle of the break throughout here. Let me. I gotta move to people. we keep having our conversation. Risotto is what I'm thinking of scallops and and a risotto? Well I've made the Arizona once before. Do you remember yeah? I like it? I probably did. Yeah yeah. scallops and you've I've made scale. You Have you never I thought you'd be one. You've made a scale UPS I said I don't I've been creeping fish and seafood lately. Okay, what do you want that's a vegetable with your scallops. Oh that part of it. Um well I would say asparagus. but I can't eat that anymore. No, what in the fire is going on Becky I Can't Screw bold and who's this guy? kidding? Is that supposed to cover symptoms too? No. ever since I got the Rona I can't eat stinking asparagus or watermelon. Drives me nuts. Those are my two favorites, but maybe we'll just have some some fruit. Yeah, fresh fruit. Let's do a fruit. That's what I would say Miss though so just me and a bun. Yeah well I think you do. I'm into it too. don't you to make a classic steak? I'm 111 foot pounds I Believe these were folks. Yeah you use like a hoagie roll type you know and a lot of meat shaved up and I think you caramelize some onions and some steak sauce or like where they have French dip I guess isn't that what they where? you have somebody you can dip it in with like a Kimwick roll. Oh man, those are good. Yeah what do they call that beef on? Wick So we're gonna miss another week. Yeah, but you gotta get some actual chemicals if you can get them. I don't know. Seasonal I don't really know. Yeah, no salt. They got salt all the time. It's a salty roll bits though and it has other herbs. Yeah I don't know I don't know I'm not a chef okay, but I do like eating I'll tell you that much spicy is better than you want. yeah of course. uh what what else with it? Oh I only ever get to the to the protein and then I'm good in the carb. Nobody needs starch. the Disney protein carbs bread has a is a carb. Yeah so we just need protein and carbs. No are you gonna eat a salad if I make one? Yeah, it's hard to eat sale or these stupid things. In my mind. you can eat beef and white Beacon cheese lettuce. correct. it gets all jammed up and bread doesn't do Terrible Things jammed up in my upper pallets. Man gosh, tell you this crap doesn't work. that's in my mouth I Don't know what you want to lube the Piston face and the back sides of the ears. any metal to metal contact with these pads. This is probably the most worst video I've ever made. Yeah, because I can't pronunciate Words which pronunciate is not even a word I can just have poor grammar overall. Mrso, you can think buns are seasonal and I can say words that don't exist. Okay I'm gonna make salad like expect you to eat it Caesar salad with cucumbers or without cucumbers in a Caesar salad. So you want lettuce? no two times because you don't eat I want the OG Okay wow, now we got sore. What's for dinner? I'll find another socket man I can't find anything. Well this video was a complete flop. Yeah, that's all right man. I'll still post it, we still put the brakes on I guess I think these are like 24. There's probably a million videos of these on the internet. anyways. foreign for the past 20 years I guess we got married in 16 years but we've been together for over 20 so you know we've tried splicing up making something different and other things off there. foreign town see how the brakes feel? I think if we wanted to alter any of our supper and lunch requests I did not realize that the beef and whack or chemical roll was originated originated. found it perhaps uh here in the Prny. Another local favorite just like the salt potato. A lot of folks outside of our region have not heard of the classic salt potato which I believe come from Syracuse area and then the beef on Wick was made popular in Buffalo New York I Didn't realize that it was Regional so that's interesting enough. Fun fact: I think it's the internet told me that it was a German word Weck meaning one I think something like that didn't pay too much attention. Totally missed our test drivers. Go this way, we'll do it backwards, you know? I don't really have much more to say. You know what? What do you guys request for dinner? This is all really takes care of us. Very grateful to have a wife like her who enjoys cooking and eating as much as I do. That's it folks. Made it back Easy peasy. Had to go pick up a child so I didn't record the whole test drive when I do with the guy's key. Oh I put it in my pocket and that's about it. Nothing really more to say. Let me know if you've eaten, if you have ate, if you have eaten however that goes. beef on weck or roast beef on a Kimmelwick bun. Or maybe you don't even know what a camel work bun is and you've got a it's just salt and caraway seeds on the bun. really salty, but really good. and uh, I mean let's be honest, you're piling up roast beef or in our case, sheep. Venison and then you're dipping it in a zoo so it's not really good for you. but it tastes good and that's all it matters to me. and uh, at least for this season of my life when the kind of stuff doesn't matter a lot. I Guess it should matter now because it will matter later on, right? Well make sure you're right with the Lord that's what I would say. And uh into the Facebook all that stuff comment section and just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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