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Thank you! Yeah, look at this. Watch this right here to nothing. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! It's Friday it's a cold front, kind of stormy-ish rainy. Friday uh I am winding down my week I have all my goals for this week accomplished. So I'm going to move on to doing something for myself day because if you don't take time for yourself and do the little things that make you happy then then what do we do in here and what makes me happy right now is cool parts for my truck and I got some more of them from Banks Check it out! This is a really awesome low to the ground cold air ram intake. It's going to go to a really nice intake tube which I think that is in the closet here. We'll put that back for now. closet we go. I've had this thing here for a couple days, but uh, priorities? you know? So I never got around to uh, being able to install it again. Priorities: It's the adult thing, but check this out! We got another box right here. this one's autographed and this is the rest of the cold air intake package from a dirty Max and that's what I'm gonna do today. I'm going to put this air intake on my 66 Duramax Silverado This is gonna be fun so stay tuned because this is gonna be a really good video. Ram Air Check it out! Okie Dokes We're climbing up into the Silvery radio starting Z engine. For those of you who do not know or if you're new here, this is a 2007 Chevrolet 3500 Silverado 6.6 Duramax with an Allison 1000 six-speed automatic and it has I don't know. how do I use my thing morning? that's not the right button kilometers. Oh no I put it in metric. What have I done? That's what I get for running around slapping buttons. It has 221 706 miles on the odometer. Like I said, it's a cold day outside and be air temperature 66 degrees Burr 92 humidity so it's cold and wet Florida Florida winter but that's uh, better than Michigan winter I Heard from A-Rod today at Power Stroke Tech talk and yeah, he said it's two degrees up in Michigan today. Um I Feel bad for you guys. Two degrees? That's uh, that's not good I wouldn't make it very long up there Anyway, let's swing this truck into the shop and uh, get that air intake installed I Don't believe that I'm going to need a lift so we're just going to nose this thing in right about here. I Think good to go parking Seattle Windows Powering down. Now we haven't had one of these in a while popping in the hood. okay Hood up What do we got here? Factory Awesomeness! Okay so what we're gonna do is I'm gonna remove this intake horn that baffle this tube, this flex pipe this air box and we're going to replace it with the high Performance High Flow Banks units. So I have a confession to make I Uh I haven't opened my air filter box in probably like a year and a half. I Think Yeah, this filter's been in here for a very, very very long time. It's a K N I think but yeah. I've I've seriously neglected this. uh, this filtration system. Let's see what we've got to work with here. It's Nancy Come here Nancy Filter Oh come on here. It's gonna be a two-handed approach. I Think what are we? What are we stuck on? I don't I don't comprende what's happening. Oh, all right. I'm just doing it wrong. Yeah, that's that's absolutely filthy. Oh My God. Well there's your problem right there lady. Dude, it's so bad. I'm ashamed of myself. No seriously. I'm surprised this thing even ran. Watch this look. there's like no light even coming through this. This is, uh, definitely a full filter. This is probably why I was getting a black smoke under load. man. what a rookie move. I should have went to an oil change place so they could have sold me a new one. So anyway, the filter's out. Let's go ahead and get the rest of this stuff disassembled and removed. Um, can't get that out. So I'll go ahead and pull the clamp for these intake tubes and we'll pull those off next. There's one right there and then one up high. Come here. Okay, that one's loose. Let's pull that guy off. Well the bright side is is it's still clean in here. That's good. Okay, so this is gonna have to come out next. It's just the air box and that is secured with little pegs and rubber grommets down inside of this, uh, in the fender. Well there. Okay, so I believe I need to remove this. uh, this. Factory bracket for the factory air box. That's uh, bolted in with uh, it's like six 10 mil bolts. Pull these guys out. Set them aside. I Probably need them to secure the new air box. See that's three. Oh my hat touched the flashlight and it almost came down. Looks like we avoided gravity today. I'm out. All right. there's our bracket. Let's get that thing out of the way. So I'm thinking ahead a little bit and looking down, we can see that little plastic panel right there. I'm certain I'm going to have to remove that because that's the area where that cold air intake scoop thing is going to have to come through. So it looks like it's bolted in from inside of the fender. Well see that bolt there and then the rest looks like it's just plastic clips. So let's go into our Fender That's what we need to get in there with our 10 wobbly and pull that one out. There was some pent-up energy hanging out there, see what happens, and it kind of disconnected. It actually just broke the clip thing off of the plastic thing. whatever. Well, since the truck is choosing violence, I'll just match its energy. There we go. Side cuts. So what I'll do is reach in there and just snip off this little plastic connector clip looking thing. This is sort of far away. Unclick cut please. There we go. and I guess the rest has to come out to the bottom somehow. Let's see what we got here. Oh yeah, that's a bigger panel than I thought it was. Look at that. it's another 10 mil right there. We missed that one way. green. Come on Dragonfly. Okay, don't need that. All right. So that's our space for uh, that intake to go into. Okay, let's chest fit. uh, this component right here first. So going through the bottom so you have two bits, you have to remove my Fender Oh, you know it gets skinny here and we'll figure it out. Let's just force it in there, up more up. Oh come on, hey, hey, here we go. Thanks. All right, we're a little closer. I Think that hangs out like right over here or close to it. I Get that more of it's exposed than probably what normally would be exposed. but you gotta understand that. Uh I don't have the factory bumper on this so we are going to see a little bit of this scoop. No worries. But I do need to figure out how to secure this I don't know how that bolts on. All right. So that scoop seems to test fit pretty well. So let's proceed. We're back up top at the air box. Um, getting rid of these. uh, this little plastic. That's just a plastic panel Pulling this thing off because I think it invades or encroaches on the space that the replacement air box is going to need. So we're just going to pull these little Clips out and we can remove and discard this panel right here. Foreign. There we go. Okay, panel's gone, so let's drop in the replacement air box. Very nice. Okay, so that thing fits in and the holes in it line up exactly with the holes. Uh, for the existing bracket. that or the factory bracket rather. So what? I'll do. I'll go ahead and thread some of these bolts in just to locate this part. Keep it from flippy flopping around because this is where it's going to live. Looks like we're only using four of those six bolts, which is cool. That means I have two extras. Yay! and then that scoop will come up through this opening here. So let's uh, try to fit that real quick. Yeah, see how it fits? I can't really see? Help me out guys. Foreign: I Can't line it up from down there. Let's try to do it from up here or I'll look from up here and I'll hold it from down there or guide it in or both. Come on man. Oh, we're so close to foreign. You know what? Love my job so much. I'll do it twice. I'm doing this wrong. I mean I'm not. but I can't I can't get those pieces to line up as they sit. So I'm pulling this guy back out. What I'll do is: I'll bring the scoop up and then I'll put this thing down over the scoop because it's easier to maneuver and manipulate this piece than it is that piece down there. So what? I'll do? Pull that back out, pull this thing way up like all the way up and let me throw some blocks of wood under it. choose to cure it, and then we'll lower the air box down over this. Okay, so I've got some, uh, six by six blocks of wood down there so this thing can't fall down. Now we're gonna try to get oh, there we go. That's that's what I was looking for. Okay, this slides over I Thought this thing went inside of this I was doing it wrong. Operator error all right now. I'll put these bolts back in foreign order of operations Incorrect. That was a problem. Click. Hope I don't have to take this out again. Very well engineered replacement component. I like I Like how this is built. this is nice. Okay, so custom parts. um custom problem. Kind of The issue is my factory bumper or my lack of factory bumper. This thing does kind of stick out a little far from my application. so I'm thinking I'll just make it shorter. Yeah, I bet if I trim off. I don't know what it was looking like. Half an inch? No no, that's like two inches. If I trim off like two two and a half inches, I can get this thing to sit flush against the frame there and they'll tuck it up very nicely. Yeah, it does need to go up ever so slightly. I'll fit that thing in a little while now that I've got everything aligned and I know how it goes together. So I think next. Let's go ahead and proceed and get some of these other parts installed on the intake, one of which is going to be the intake boot, which is going to go on the lid. So this thing is going to connect here Like so which means the mass airflow sensor is going to be rerouted over to here. and oh man, this wire loom I have is this garbage look at that. It's just disintegrating. Yeah, look at that. It's terrible. It's not wire loom. that's that's something else. We're gonna fix that too right now. Yeah, truth be told, this has been bugging me for a long time and I've never really taken the opportunity to do anything about it. But since we're here doing performance modifications, I figured it'd probably be a good idea to follow up on the repairs that have been neglected. and this is definitely going to be one of them. Yeah, look at this. Watch this right here to nothing. Okay, well I've got some replacement looms so I'll go ahead and run that stuff through this and uh, I run this wire through the new loom and make this nice and shiny Again, looks like we're going back all the way to the alternator, unclick that and uh, probably all the way up to the compressor. Yeah, this is kind of funny to me. We uh, we start off doing like a performance job and then I end up repairing Factory wire loom. That's great way to way to stick with the program. You know consistency and whatnot. Get out of here. See. the goal here is to cut this off without cutting the wires there. So what? I'll do? I'll take the new loom and the Old Wire and we'll run it through right right there at the beginning of the wire behind the connector. We'll just pull the wire into the loom, run it all the way down, and we'll cut it and tape it, and then do the next section right about. It's almost as far as it's going to go. This thing is zip tied. that's a factory connector. but I don't think I can get the loom through that. so I've got to cut it I can still maybe try to reuse it, but now it needs to be cut. Save that. I'm gonna run this down as far as possible right there. Now we can see that there's a split here in the factory. Loom We've got another circuit that branches off what I'll do. so we'll leave this circuit hanging out and just keep running the loom down that harness until it runs out of space. Oh Didn't want to do that. Get back in there back in there right now. all right now. over here on the connector side. We don't need any more Loom here. so let's go ahead and cut it off and then we can put a little bit of tape here to secure it for eternity and it this end is complete. This isn't uh, that rubbery electric tape either. This is like a woven. forget what it's called. It's like a woven. uh, well. it's wire loom tape. Very similar to what they use from the factory here. It doesn't get all gooey and sticky and mushy like traditional electrical tape does. Now we've got the branch right here. This is, uh, like a 12 inch section. so we'll go ahead and replace the Luma on this one and that'll finish up the end of this harness. Then we just have to trace it back down to the next good part and uh and re-loom that section I Know we're off on a tangent. Sorry guys. I Just couldn't walk away. it's been too long. So again, we take our piece and slide it over through the little crack the gap or the split the seam. whatever you want to call it, pull it through. Now we've got our Union. This is where we can start to tape things off, going off right there. Foreign. Okay, so starting at the splice for the mass airflow connector wire meets the rest of the harness, I'm running a larger Loom down that larger bunch of wires and it's going to run all the way down until it meets the good part of the Loom down there, which is left over from the Uh, the primary wiring harness. So we're almost at the end of this little little side quest right here. Run that down and then we can join it with the other Loom and tape it off that way. It looks like uh, well, it'll look like Factory like brand new looking. Factory Here we go. Now here's where it gets good. So we've got this larger piece of loom right here and on a smaller harness. So what I'll do is I'm going to cut this off here and we'll transition this into another smaller piece. I Didn't mention that I've got two sizes here. There's like a 3, 8 and I think the other one's like quarter inch see the difference so one can fit inside of the other one with some, uh, some finesse like that. And that's how we're going to match up the last section of this uh, mass airflow Run that down. Starting from the connector one more time, all the way down and it's going to go inside of that larger Loom that I just ran and overlap a little bit. Nice clean look, a little bit more. Again, we'll cut it off right here at the connector again, taking care to not cut wires because that would be bad. Like, so like. so again, we'll tape it all off. Okay So at this first exit, right here, where the uh, that smaller pigtail comes out, I've cut this Loom at a very acute angle and that's going to meet the other Loom at the angle, that's kind of appropriate for the situation. and I'll go ahead and start to tape this joint connection up right here and create a factory looking split. Yeah, a little bit to hold it first and we'll bring it in some and then we'll go between them and that's going to bring those two pieces together in a nice looking y configuration and create a very good looking connection. Finish it off down the line a little bit on the larger section of wire loom that in my opinion is a work of art that looks good. I Like that. That's nice. We did the same thing here at this other slice I Think there's like two or three Y splices in this section that I'm redoing. same thing here on that one. Again, real good. Factory Connection And this right here is the section where the smaller Loom went into the larger Loom and I'll just put some tape there to complete that transition as well. That way you can't really see where the Gap is phone's ringing I Wonder if it's a scammer that it is. Snip? Let me go get the phone. Be right back. All right, this side quest is nearly complete. Let's go ahead and plug some of this stuff back in and we can reroute and re-secure this harness right here. It's gonna go just like that and then that's mass airflow that stays up top. This one goes back to the AC system. This is for the low side pressure switch back here on the accumulator so we'll put that guy back in its plug. not before routing this under. here. there's a connector like a little wire harness bracket down there on the fender. Well, I need to reuse that so as long as this is routed properly, we're in good shape. Yep, we'll set that inside of there this one. Clips in. We'll do this one like right here. and then this one plugged into I Think the coolant overflow bottle I Think that's where that went. Yeah, Yep. Down Yonder You guys can't see it's dark in there. Let me get this thing plugged in then we'll go back to our our planned program here. Ah That's a far away connector too. See that? Come on connector. Oh man. I'm on my tippy toes trying to trying To See this thing. there it is. Click and I'll worry about setting these clips later on. I Want to get everything kind of in position first and then we'll readjust it and maybe zip tie a few things that way. it's nice and clean and doesn't look like I've uh, manipulated it. Okay, let's do what we came here to do. Get this thing installed. Let's see. we'll point the banks thing this way so it looks nice and shiny. Then this guy gets plugged in right here and then two clamps go over it which I have in the hardware kit I Think these are the ones Slide that one on. yep and that one over the factory intake horn and I won't tighten any of this up yet. We're just gonna kind of get it all mocked up first. let's go ahead and back up a little bit over here and we'll take the lid for this box. It's been clean inside? Yep, No, maybe I don't want to have any kind of dirt or particles in here because this is all the clean side. I Do not want my turbine sucking up particulate matter at a hundred thousand? RPM That would be bad. Compressors don't exactly like that. Behavior So our filter big filter too. I Think this gets bolted on or clamped onto the uh, the lid here. Yeah, we can finish the clamp and we'll get this thing secured. Very large clamp coming in. It's going to go around the filter base and then we'll put the filter on the lid, squeeze that thing on, and then we'll clamp that down. That's a twice squeeze. Good fitment. Now we can run the clamp down and that's going to secure the filter to this, uh, air box lid. Nothing crazy. We just need to provide a little bit of clamping for us and it's a little off center. Let me just screwdriver that up. Some that's good. Good over here. Good over here. Send it. send it the other way. Beautiful. Now since I've already displayed that, I'm terrible at air filter maintenance. I I've also got a a dry filter sock here and this is going to help mitigate my laziness. It's like a pre-filter for the actual filter. There we go see that. Yeah, this guy will go down into that air box and it bolts on. but I'm not going to bolt it down just yet because we need to fit this other, uh, other boot. So what we have here is one more rubber flexi boot, two more clamps. Looks like I'm pulling that boot back off, goes there, and one clamp. I Did it wrong. No, that's fine. You know what? That one goes there and then this one up and over and around. Now that guy goes in. This guy right here, plugs in there and we get everything aligned and looking good. Then we'll tighten down all the clamps. So let's start with this one here: I Want to make this, uh, this boot is square and even as I can for aesthetic purposes. of course, because if it doesn't look good when you're wasting your time, it's Gotta look good. Why else do we buy this kind of stuff? So it looks good and so it sounds good. and more importantly, so it makes more power. But you know the rules. The better it looks, the more power it makes. Especially stickers. Do it like that. We'll hide the clamps on the back side again so it looks good. So far so good, nice and oh, almost even not too bad. Let's take a couple adjustments on that one. I Don't like that the clamps were not even now they are click. Okay. give it the wiggle test. it's good to go. Now if we look straight down we will see that there's like a big hole in the side of this, uh, this air box and that is to accommodate the factory air filter sensor. It's basically a spring-loaded little uh, vacuum gauge. The idea being if the filter is restricted, it's going to pull too much vacuum on the filter and it'll pop the little plunger thing in here and then set that gauge to zero and so you have a visual indicator on how your air filter is performing. However, I'm not entirely certain that these things function because this was not tripped and yet this filter was plugged up to nothing. So I Don't know. Maybe maybe it wasn't clogged enough to drip that thing. Uh. Regardless, we need to recover this little rubber. grommet. Don't fall. Where'd it? Go There it is. We need this. This has to go in the replacement intake thing intake tube. Then we can plug this guy back into it, retaining our Factory air filter alert system. There we go. Nice! Now the most important part is going to be our mass airflow sensor. So we need to head on over to the tool section and get this thing unbolted. It looks like it's a Torx bit shoe. It's a Torx 15 Torx 20. something like that all through this guy and then just transfer this over to up to the other pipe. Oh, come here a Butterfingers today. Come here nice and clean. I wonder if I have mass airflow cleaner give it a squirt Shiny? Okay, back at the truck there's our freshly cleaned mass airflow and the screws. so we'll screw this guy in. Yeah, thread, hang on. hang on. I may be making a mistake. Wait yeah. easy oversight. See those brass inserts. Those brass inserts are threaded on the inside because they have some screws that go with them. The uh, the factory Style just had plastic threads and it was a completely different type of Fastener So I almost messed up and put the wrong Fasteners in the wrong hole rather than bad. Anyway, mass airflow is now installed. Okay, let me go ahead and plug that guy back in right there. Okay, other than my little scoop, I've just got to get the four bolts for this guy in. but before we start finishing, let's secure the rest of these wires here just to make it all nice and pretty. Got the one clip here. the one a little bit farther down. you guys probably can't see anymore. I'll clip that guy on right there snap and then the one for the AC wire way down there. We'll clip that one in next. click. Okay, harness is now secure. That's nice, looks good, nice, and Factory looking. They could use some zip ties later, but I'll do that in another day. All right. Now for the custom part. I'm gonna go ahead and pull this lid back off of here now that it's all mocked up and everything's kind of put back together up on the top side. we're gonna pull the filter back out. Come here and we'll set this guy aside for right now because what I need to do is shorten that little uh scoop down there and make it come up to the top a little bit better and fit more snugly against my frame here for a cleaner look. So I'm going to get the wood out if I would pull this guy back out after we take a measurement of what kind of clearance we need and then we'll see what uh, what I can do about cutting that to making it fit better. Uh, side note: for 99 of the applications: I think that thing fits the factory bumper just fine. but again, I don't have a factory bumper. My bumper is up like six or seven more inches and the factory unit is going to sit like way down here. So that thing would fit just fine on a regular vehicle. but since mine is irregularly irregular. Uh I have to modify that I'm sorry Gail please forgive me for chopping up your beautiful piece of engineering. It's nothing personal, it's just customer. Okay, so what I'll do for down Below again I'm gonna hold this up at the top of this intake. it's uh, running into the bottom of that air box and I need to shorten this piece so I will just take a measurement if I can I can manage this I'll hold up in my foot there. So what I'm looking for is about looks like two inches on the dot. So I'll cut two inches off and we'll try to fit the thing again and then see how it works out. Pull this guy back out coming down. Okay, so like I said, we need two inches out of this thing, right? So two inches is gonna put the cut right here and that's going to be right at the top of this transition where it curves. So I can actually afford the two inch cut and it's still going to fit just like I should. So I'm gonna go ahead and Mark it with my finger right there. that's two inches I can eyeball the straightness I Think foreign guys. I'm so sorry for chopping up your engineering. It's terrible. Gail If you see this, forgive me I have the best intentions. Okay, let's get rid of off uh or get off all of our little little plastic Burrs and shavings and all that good stuff. The blue towel will handle that. There we go. Okay, so I've got that thing back into its position and we can see it's a lot closer than before. I have the piece of wood shoved under there. it is now bottomed out I Could well it would fit better down there if I cut off like another half an inch or so. but I don't think it'll fit very well down here in the air box if I cut off anymore. So I'm just going to leave it the way it is. However, I am going to continue with the custom mod stuff and I'm gonna run some screws through this on the inside of this air box. That way it holds the top of this to the air box. That's a custom feature that I'm installing and designing. Um I Think it's going to work best for my particular setup, so let's go ahead and do that next. I'm just gonna use some self-tapping screws. It'll be okay. This should be pretty easy since it's just plastic. So what I'm gonna do is go in the little ratchet here and I'm just going to start running those screws in. now. You guys can't see very much, neither can I Okay, it's one. I think I'll do two in the front and two on the back. That one's up high. so I'm gonna do this one down low. I'm not certain that that first one penetrated the the intake scooper nut. This is why I'm running two now through for sure. You guys couldn't see, but because I'm in the way. that's one bolt good. Yeah, it looks like I totally missed with that first one. Let me show you. pull the fender back there they are. see the there's the bottom one. I just put in there's the top one. I completely missed with that top one had I not cut that off. it would have fit better, but since I cut it, it didn't So I'll do. Let me I'll do three more in there. Okay, next one coming in go down as far as I can, right to the edge of the lip inside of the air box. Yep, that went through both sides. Excellent. I'll do two more on the other two. uh, other two sides here all the way at the bottom centered that went through beautiful. Click All right. extra Fasteners Very good. So now when I pull lock out, this thing is already fairly secure. It has a mount which is going to be installed over here and bolts of the body. but I want to get it secured down here first. Don't know how I'm going to do that yet, but I'll uh, figure it out. Okay, we're in the Thunder Well again, this is the back side of the uh, the scoop here and this scoop came with the bracket. Now this bracket I believe is supposed to bolt on and line up with these two holes right up here. Let me find that. Find that. Groove Hang on. No, No, no, no, no, no. Kind of like that. but you see that's not going to work because these slots are supposed to line up with these bolts, which should actually be about two inches lower. So what I need to do is figure out how to bolt this bracket to the scoop and then bolt it to the body of the truck. and I think self-tapping screws would. Uh, we'll do the trick. Let's see I know that this is gravity I know that this thing is going to get bolted onto the little intake. so I'll just get those bolts in right now and get this thing secure. find that bolt that I dropped and this could be an interesting type of challenge here because my bumper is in the way so I can't really get a straight shot to run into that with a like a self-tapper but we're We're improvising as we, uh, move along in the true Spirit of engineering. I Really hope this works because if I chopped up some Gale Banks Parts where the Stalls all for no reason I'm gonna be upset. everyone's gonna be upset. That's a terrible thing to do big. So now if I can just get a self-tapping screw through this and through this, it should just draw these two things together and that that'll be plenty of reinforcement to keep this thing from wait. we will wobbling around. Okay, here comes the attempt to uh to make this work. Now I won't be able to run a self-tapper through this and then expect it to also tap through that. You just can't go through two plates with a self-tapping screw. So what I'm going to attempt to do here is run the screw in just to that bracket. Using the wobble feature of this extension, it's going to work Or it's not. It's working. foreign, That's it. It went through that worked. It's not perfect, but it's secure. I'm good with that. All right. let's get this little fender. well her inner Fender back back I'll bolt that guy back in. It's just got a few clips that kind of hang on to it here. I think I want this behind there that looks pretty good. Nice. Okay, one up top I'll just push you through and kick you in foreign. Let's take a step back and just see what this is looking like. Kind of mean looking I like it like it fits in there. It's not too gaudy. The issue with the thing is sticking out was kind of a problem but I uh I don't really mind what? I what I'm looking at right here so that's cool. All right. Back up top. let's uh, let's go ahead and get that air filter reinstalled and then we'll stock things the engine and see if it sounds any different. Alrighty, we're back up top. I'm gonna go ahead and get the Uh, the filter and the lid reinstalled. then we can stopping I Want to see if this sounds any different? Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn't I'm pretty certain though, it's going to perform a little bit differently. I Think it has to. This is already an improvement over the factory design and my factory design filter was was plugged up. Okay. we've got four Phillips headed stainless steel screws. These are going to secure the lid to the upgraded air box and at this point that completes the install. I Think let's get these guys tight again. Nothing crazy. You just tighten things down until they until they click three and four foreign. What do you guys think? Is it gonna make 900 horsepower? I bet it could. All right let's go hit the key. let's see what this thing sounds like. restarting the engine I Like it sounds good, it looks good. We got to pick up a few things that needed some attention. so uh I think that's going to be about it for now, there will be more. uh I've got some other bank stuff you know what? I'll just I'll show you right now I'll show you guys right now since you're here and since you made it all the way to the end. So a few videos ago I told you guys about these uh eye dashes that I installed and how you've got custom programmable uh gauges and uh auxiliary sensors that you can install with uh, some of the add-on modules. that's the four Channel analog module and that allows me to connect to up to four independent sensors whether they be fluid or air temperatures, things like that, pressures and I'm gonna use one of those channels to connect to this little fluid temperature sensor right here. and I've got some extension cords for it that's going to go far away from the gauge cluster. I'm going to use this to measure some oil temperatures. However, it's not going to be engine oil temperatures I Want to use that little sensor to monitor my rear differential temperatures? In a later episode episode, we're going to do the bank's rear differential Ram Air axle cover and it's Ram air because it's got these little Scoops here that face forward and those are designed to collect air and run them up over the fins right here. Now this particular differential cover has a a thread or a threaded hole in it designed to fit a fluid temp sensor. So I'm going to install this temp sensor into this cover. get this cover onto that truck and that will allow me to monitor in real time and very accurately whatever the temperature is of my rear differential. which is useful to me is because I tell a lot and in Towing applications you kind of need to know what's going on. So that's going to be an upgrade for a future video. Again, not today, probably not this week, probably not next week. but eventually I'm going to get around to doing that too. So let me know what you think about this air intake right here in conjunction with that rear differential cover in there and how all that's going to integrate into my gauge cluster right here. Let me know what you guys think about this setup. Let me know what you think about this video As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. Let me know about that by tap that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video then uh well let me know what you think about that in the comment section and I'll use your feedback to try to do better. So again. And as always, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourself a great day! See you guys later in the transmission. In defense: chronic feature video into Silverado end of day in the bleed big transmission Okay, so final thoughts in sort of a first impression: uh, while driving with this new intake I I really like it I am uh, objectively going to confess that this is a subjective review because I'm the subject and this is kind of all my opinion and I don't have any data or anything uh, horsepower or quarter mile times or any and I don't have any measured data to back it up. but uh, it could be a placebo effect but either way I really like the performance of this thing and I think the throttle response is a little bit better I think the turbo response is a little bit better and I think drivability just overall feels improved to me I like it and I have not seen any smoke yet I I think my some of my smoke problem was from that filter I'm like I said I'm embarrassed that my filter was that bad. Fun idea though. Maybe I will weigh that filter and then wash it out and then weigh it again and we'll see just how much dirt was actually in that filter like I said I I put that thing in back in the day when I worked at the dealership and I think that was over two years ago or something like that. So it's a filter's been in there for a while and neglected at the same time. Now we're rolling about 60. let's do some. Full Throttle real quick. hang on. That felt really nice. It sounded cool too. That sounded really cool I like this thing. I like the banks mods I think they all work well together and I think they're engineered to operate in harmony I say that because I also have the exhaust on this, it's the The Bank's five inch four inch exhaust and I think that goes well with this intake so my dirty Max can breathe a little bit better natural. That translates to more power, better throttle response, and maybe more refuel economy. which I know is kind of a joke with this truck because I get 14 15 to the gallon, 11 or 12 if I tow depending on what it is. So uh, that's my final thoughts on this intake. I like it and that's what matters to me. Um, I'll make mention of it again next time I have a trailer back there and we'll see how I feel. Subjectively, we'll see how I feel. Uh, if there's an import performance improvement with a larger load in the back versus uh, running bobtail so to speak. So again, thank you guys for watching. See you guys later! Re-ending of transmission.

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