In this video I bring you along as I swap out the rear u-joint on a 2005 Chevy Suburban that still has the factory nylon injected u-joint. According to service data you are supposed to press these lil guys out. I have been using the heat method for about 25 years with no issues. You use your discretion when doing yours and always follow service data.
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Hello Viewers and welcome back to the South Main Auto Channel Got some 2005 Chevrolet It's a Suburban It's got the Big Five three uh customer States It sounds like there's a bird chirping in the back I Took it for a ride. Uh, it sounds like a bird chirping and some grinding. and when they get up to about 60, it's got some pretty heavy vibration. So in my opinion it sounds like it needs a rear.

U-joint I Figure we'll get it up in the air and see what it really means. All right, Yes sir, it's got the classic rust dust. so I'm throwing out of this little guy. It's not loose yet, you don't feel it being loose.

but when you see all that brown sometimes orangish colored, rust, blue and I'm pretty obvious what's going on. So these are kind of a unique U-joint Uh, this one appears to be original still and you can see it has these little ears sticking a little titties sticking out of there. Uh, they're plastic and that's how they hold the, uh, outer cap in on the factory you joined. They're impregnated with plastic in there.

I Assume it's you know, blown in there somehow. but the only way to get them out is reheat a moth and this thing blows out of there like one of those little bikes makes. you used to lay down fire as a kid. not a real snake, but you know the ones you get and you stick on the ground.

You light them and they grow. That's what these do. We heat them up, all the plastic comes out in your new U-joint will have Clips on it so let me check the front you then I Guess we got to pull the whole drive shaft Anyways, Let me see if Napa has one of these. We'll get one and I'll show you how we change.

Uh, the U-joints on your Chevrolet when they're bone sack. Good news Napa has one. The lady said get after it so we're gonna peel this apart. Let's take our straps off here.

All right now. A few joints are already been done. It's just standard procedure here. Screwdriver: Yeah.

make sure you have your bucket ready up here on the other end because when you pull that out of the transfer case 50 chance. if you don't have a bucket, you have the biggest mess of your life. It appears that the front of your joint is in really good shape. This one has a double plastic folder.

Enters: Double Plastic Diners I don't know what you call them these U-joints rarely fail Spicer U-joints are fantastic and I believe that's what GM uses. Um, these things are usually Outlast the vehicle here in New York but let's get the rear one cut out of there so you can get a better look at it now and see that. U-joint Well, these caps were good. the other one's not so much.

Oh, there we go I Guess you could probably tap it back. Yeah, see the Steppy Uh, we'll take okay. knock this cap off, put it right here and pull that one off. I Can see those ones are good cheap.

a couple ways you can do it. We're going to use the cut and torch method. We're just going to knock the cross out, but I'll show you prior to doing that. You can also do them with a little butane torch.
propane torch if you have one, where you just heat up the cap here and watch him grow. let me show you that and then we'll get the torch and just chop it off. This is my butane torch, but you have to use your imagination. You can use a regular butane torch and what you would do is just start keeping her up along here.

Now the plastic goes all the way around here, all the way around here. Start heating her up even though this isn't the method we're going to use. Show you it's pretty fun. The little little worm comes out of there.

it goes, see it coming out of there? I Don't know if you guys don't see that or not on camera, but a little plastic worm shot right out of the hole there and it continues to grow and you just do that for a little bit. It usually squirts out of one side. All right. Has a real distinct order to it.

You know when somebody's doing a GMU joint and then you do the same thing on this side I Don't know what the proper method is, but this is how we've done it for a lot of years. You can see the plastic oozing up out of there right now. You see that. That's fun, right? So anyhow, you would do that.

Oh, she just shot me with a little plastic worm facial. It didn't hit me in the face itself. thank goodness. I had my Squints on.

Anyways, let's see, in case you don't believe me. Uh, but you do have to watch that because she'll get you. Uh, they'll build that pressure and they'll smoke it And then now you could drive the usually out as you would any other normal. Arbor Presser Whatever it is you, this is our press so we're gonna take and cut the joint.

These are steel view joints. Gotta be careful. make sure you're cutting away from yourself but towards your buddy, not your body. Okay, because they can make a little pop.

It'll scare you. come on baby. Foreign. So we do that.

You're almost out there little fella. There she goes I Will take her over on the bench. We'll knock the cats out. don't uh, just stick it on a bench.

Whack them suckers because you'll take a chance of pushing the ears together so it's gonna punch and go do that. All right. So we're gonna stick her in the Vise Just like. So this way here, we're not going to take a chance of knocking those ears together.

Got her up on a couple blocks. Try not nothing on the floor, there's that easy. That one All right, like that. Let's take that up here.

It's a little toasty I'll show you it's not hot. This doesn't take me long to look at it. You can see it's got this groove around here and that's where the plastic. I Guess it's plastic.

The retaining stuff is, uh, injected around us. Smells like plastic when it's burning. But there's a corresponding Groove in the drive shaft too. And this is where people get in trouble.

You got to clean that junk out and you got to get the old burnt plastic off There easiest way to do it is just heat it up. It won't take a 90 degree pick and we'll just scrape it out of there. Whoa. But you've got to make sure you get that stuff out on both sides.
so let me do that so we're gonna heat her up a little bit. You can use your butane torch again. Oh, so just go through here. You don't have to turn it like blood red, just enough to start making that plastic melt.

Usually the plastic will get kind of hard after it heats up, cools down, and then you can flick it right out of there. Foreign. all right. You just don't want it binding up.

When you go to stick the new caps in, you know what? I mean what? I mean dude, let's come through here. usually just kind of curls up and falls right out of there. Yes sir. All right, we're in good shape for the shape we're in now.

we just need to clean out the caps. and then the other important spot on here to make sure that's clean is is right down here on these. Yeah, on the flat, on the flat side of the drive shaft, here on the inside. because the new U-joint is going to have clips that click on here so you don't want a lot of rust build up here.

So I typically will just throw these in the sandblaster and just you know, blast glass this off. but we'll use a little flatty wheel in this case. This one's pretty clean so we'll just run a little flappy wheel up inside here. run it across here, make sure everything's clean.

Wait for Napa to show up with the joint. Good to go. It's got the Flappy tool. it's gonna flap towards just about a shot.

All right. It's nice and shiny and then we'll use your classic cleaning uppie tool. Make sure you got something covering up your juggler. If you're using a tool like this, there looks good.

I'll definitely not recommended. Don't use your cut off wheel on the side like that. we're still waiting on Napper Uh. Seats have cooled down as soon as they get here.

I'm not going to join in and then that's it. The rest is pretty much crazy. We got your Flappy wheel out. clean up the rear yoke here.

This one's actually quite clean on this truck. Surprisingly, these things can be super. Rusty This little flap Wheels about smoked. All right, that's good.

And then the other spot we need to clean up is in here. It's kind of a pick, just clean around. Inside of here looks like it has a little bit of a profile to it where the clip sits. You just want to make sure that huge one is going to sit nice and centered in there.

It looks really nice. Now take the Caps the the covers here. Oh over on my cart and go clean them off too. Uh, be mindful of a you know, like a rust Ridge on them.

Don't just wire wheel them because sometimes it just Smooths it over. But you know, use a flappy wheel or whatever you got to clean it off. Let's go and look at them. so these ones aren't too bad.
but you can see the U-joint doesn't sit on the whole thing. so just make sure you're cleaning that little rust Ridge off there and then you can wire wheel them up. You know you can use a little cookie wheel. You don't have to be an air hose.

it would make a sound like that. Accurate. My uh, sound effect was pretty cool. You just want to get rid of that rust.

so get out of here. Ross That's pretty well. it hit him on the wire wheel over there I know Roger and she's good to go. Who knows.

Maybe nap will be here by the time we're done. Napper Finally showed up. It's classic 534 G that's the number. Anyways, it'd be really nice if somebody around here carried uh, you know the good brand.

Spicer but nobody carries Spicer You always have to order them. We need this fix. Right now. we're going to slide this little guy up in here, stick our cap on there, flip it around, flip it back around or oh that, huh? Well, it's going in harder than expected.

Isn't that lovely? Oh, let me get black wood here. Thank you times. They're a little tough and you have to be cautious. You know it's when you can let it go so you don't drop the needles.

Oh, you're not being a real tough guy today, are you finger? Pinchers You're gonna be so she's ready to go play demo guys of course, make sure you don't have the full you know, dirt and junk and that's that. We got to put the clips on these little cars. We've got some beefy Clips on there boys. that's all I got.

Oh easy fella because I'm a little squeezed and now you're good to go. We'll put it on, we'll pump a little grease in there and everybody will be happy. Oh, let's see, we're gonna slip right up in the transfer case which is really nothing special about that. and then prior to doing anything here, give her a spritz of your favorite slippery stuff.

and then before you don't, don't just go sticking it in. you've got to make sure your Clips are not facing. You know, they're only like half moon shaped so they only go well. a little more than half around, maybe two-thirds around.

Make sure they're not facing towards you, but they're facing into the Yoke You know what I mean Jelly Bean You will. you'll see, and then we'll line her right up just like so. And she said, slip down in very nicely all the way just by hand. If you've got to beat it in, you're probably doing it wrong.

You might have to very very lightly tap it, but got everything cleaned up. They'll usually slide right in. kick these little guys. give them a little Spritz if you will come back up there.

I Might mention this is a lot easier to do when the vehicle is in neutral. this one is. spin it around I'll grab our wrench, not that side. We'll use this side.

it's the 11 millimeter variety through here. No, you're up. Look at that. We got a little screwdriver, a little snug, that guy a little snug, that guy a little snug and then come back through with your torque wrench and torque them to factory specs.
Now we'll get up in here. Give her a little shot of Grease Oh come on baby. Nope. there she goes I See it coming up out of the cap wipe? offer excess? There she is and that's it folks.

Looks like you want to make sure we got grease coming out of all four caps and it looks like we do. Yeehaw So these SKF joints the greasable ones. The grease fitting is right in the middle of the joint. It's not offset to one side or the other like some of them are.

which makes them kind of a pain because without special adapter you can't get up in here and get on these so you can use this style adapter. You can use the blunt point needle adapter and that's about all you can get in there on these ones with so make some kind of a pain if you want a greaseable joint. ones that go in and the Caps those sometimes are a lot easier for the homeowner to do. If you don't have you know you know or my suggestion would be we'll give it a choice and time would be to buy the non-greasable Spicer U-joint There's a by far the strongest shoe joints on the planet and that's not a fact.

it may be a fact, but in my opinion, you put a spacer in there last rest of your life. That's your motto. Buy a Spicer last rest of your life. That may not be true either.

but one thing that I know is true folks that we're done with this Chevrolet well almost. it's so he's not sensors and front wheel bearings and some other stuff. but this part of it's done. and I don't want you to be done with this video until you click on that comment section.

The SD The Facebook leave a comment down there. You guys know what to do and uh, just my reviewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching Foreign.

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