You heard it right folks, a 1993 Hinda Civic Del Sol that rolled in with a customer complaint of no turn signals. The customer was gonna wing a flasher at it but he seen it was $200 so he didn't want to load the parts cannon. Now we need to see what the real issue is. -Enjoy!
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There viewers welcome back to the south main auto channel that's our 1993. It it's the honda civic desole. She's got the big one five and it here because it doesn't have any turning signals. It's got the chrome intake.

It's got a 13 inch rubber. It's got the fart can it's got the stick shift ooh factory. Floor mats uh enough being silly let's see key on absolutely no signals. I don't see any lights up there on the box.

We got no four way action either we got marker lights you can see them reflecting on the box so and nothing happens there so that's what we know okay what else do we know well we know enough to know that we don't know the zippy setup about these cars uh i printed out a diagram now she's old school black and white and i see down here. It has the hazards or the turn signal hazard relay and then it shows this turn and signal switch and the hazard switch uh. I'll have to do some poking here. I'll see how this whole rigmarole works.

See if the turn and signal switch here. See if it's a ground side input into the relay. Because we can see the relay has battery power right turn hazard output right turn hazard input left turn hazard output left turn hazard input. And then a ground.

So i think what we need to determine i guess just at a glance. Just shooting from the hip. Here is how is how does a turn signal switch work you know is it taking or what are we getting from this junction connector 41c415. You know is that a power feed probably would be my assumption.

That's for illumination. Because the hazard switch probably works in a very similar fashion. Which that works off of power. So that we can probably answer our question just by guessing because we can see here.

The turn signal switch is white with green which comes off the battery power from this relay or from this yet from this turn signal relay. It has power in and then when you turn it on it sends power on red yellow red blue. Which is uh the two inputs left input right input. So that would tell me in order for this to function.

It would have to have power. So so we answered our question just by talking about it out loud. So it is a power side switch into the relay. So we can handle this a couple of ways we know that the hazards do not function and we know that the turning signal switch doesn't function and it appears.

I'm making an assumption now that they fuse 43. Okay so the hazard switch gets its power from the same spot that the relay does this fuse right here let's see let me make sure i'm correct. It's going to come up white green white green. So this fuse right here fuse.

43. A uh okay maybe that's under hood junction box. Perhaps so. The hazard switch gets its power from the same spot that the relay does which i don't know if it's the same spot that the turning signals do i'm just making an assumption there so before we get too far.

I think what i would like to do is find this fuse. See if we have power on the fuse because if we have power there and the relay and the hazards don't work. I'm not really concerned about the turn signals because nothing works. So we won't even have to look up the fuse for that let's see if we can find fuse 43.
I believe that's what it says yes. Fuse 43. For for those of you who needs one of these things. That's what it is so in the pink highlighter.

There fuse 43. So uh let's find that little guy. See if it has power and if it does then we need to find out where this turn and signal relay hazard flasher relay. Thing is is this the uhfb probably not uhfb must not mean under hood fuse box.

Because that wouldn't be it maybe inside the car fuse box. I'm actually thinking it does mean under hood fuse box. Because it says uh. Fb.

And then this one down here at the bottom. Says fuse. 19. Dash.

Fb. So that's got to be dash fuse box and under hood fuse box. And if i look on the diagram here. There is a fuse 43.

In the under hood fuse box. So let's go see if that it doesn't tell me what amperage is here on the diagram. But let's have a little look see of that you never know with this old service data. Oh.

You ding dong says right on a hazard. What an idiot. Sometimes you gotta slow down to go fast. Folks.

Okay. Let's see hazard power. Power power power. We got power on both sides.

We just want to take and pull that out make sure. It's not all crusty oh she's clean she's clearing most crap i work on okay what was that one. Oh my god oh okay stop porn and hazard so all right let's go find that relay. According to service data here turn signal hazard relay de soul.

Which means of the sun behind left side of dash near top of kick panel. Oh gosh. I hope. It's accessible.

Let's see where do we have it here. Srs turn signal hazard relay. Here. Oh boy looks like there is a starter cut pgm auxiliary light ray a bunch of relays there hopefully.

It's something that we can get down and check let me uh stick my head up under the box here and see if uh see if we can find it it is well with my soul. I don't fit well with my soul being under here. But we do have a relay hanging down here there's eight wires. Where's my diagram our first wire is white green red yellow red blue red.

I don't think that's it though i think this is like the fuel pump pgmi relay. Let's just hang it down here um white green. There's one wire that matches our description black red. Yellow red yellow red blue let me just see.

If that one's it red blue red yellow white green red blue and black. Yeah. I think this is the relay. We want is this one up here this little fella.

I'm gonna stick my face under here folks to see how that thing comes out wow. I stuck my face under there this smells very much badly. I lost my hat and we're gonna go to honest town right now. And honestly.
I don't have a freaking clue how that comes out i think. It's bolted on because the other relay. Here. That's out there's a stud up there i think it bolts on i'm gonna see if we can't just unplug.

It and do the do what we have to do um. I'm gonna have to get a pick to see if i can't push the connector and oh nevermind just wiggle it out okay this shows six wires. I thought ours was eight let me look. I think it was eight cavity.

But maybe three six. Okay yeah so we're on the right track fellas. We're on track my guy i'm gonna stick my light up here hopefully. It's not in your way.

We wanna see what we need to see i'm so profound by then i mean i want to see where the make sure that the pin numbers are correct with the colors by opening this up boom. Okay so we have our black wire. There our white and green. There and our white and green is a double donger.

She's going in with two two wires. One hole black is a single let's make sure on our diagram. That is correct. White green is a double black is a single and we should be a power and ground.

And i did bring a test light with us. So we should have this should be the ground and this should be the power. I got the power. But we don't have the power oh because i'm in the wrong hole.

There we go now we're in the right hole boy. These pins can't even front probe. These things because they're too big try to get that one there it's kind of obnoxious these are actually like gigantic terminals. Okay so we have power and we have ground so we have so we should we know that uh that our wire's not broke from that fuse under the hood that we tested okay and then all the rest.

We should have two inputs a left turn input and a right turn input uh. Let's make sure okay our hazard switch is off now technically without even looking at a diagram. Nothing. Else here should be hot providing the turn and signal switch is not on so we're going to go back into the ground.

I'm going to hold that i should get the correct front probe. Okay so that's staying still now so we should have one power and nothing else so we have nothing else so now if we turn on our left turn one of these should be high. I don't know which one but one of them should be okay so that's our left turn now if we turn on right turn another one should be hot. I don't know.

Which one must be that one okay so that was this one and this one and then if we turn onto four ways. Both of those should should be hot right so there's our four ways on so that one's hot that one's hot boom and a boom and then that's our full time. Power thereby. Making these two terminals are two outputs.

So that's no problem yep because that's our output. So our output is good because i just went power and ground. I ran it through the light bulb so that tells me the circuit out to the car is intact and then i'll check the other side. Other circuit of the car and that circuit is intact uh.
So that's super duper simple folks. We know that all the wiring all the way out to the light bulbs is completely intact and if i shut the four ways off. I was gonna say if we jumper this with a with not a test light. We should be able to go out and see the lights on the car actually light up and we could do that i suppose uh let's see here turn that on i like so and then if we jumper.

These two wires together with just our our pin leave it like that hopefully. It's still making contact let's go out here on the car one of these lights should be lit up right or left. I don't know which one. But one of the outputs should be on yeah.

There we go that proves it just needs a flasher relay. Wow. That was easy all that just a quick little test light. So i guess you could have just took a guess and threw one at it um.

But it only takes a minute to it's probably gonna take me longer to figure out how to get the dang thing out of there and we can um button this all back up here stand by man this is back in the day when turn signals for easy you know what i'm not going to plug it in because. I don't want to have to we got to figure out how to get the thing out of there. Let's review real quick. So all we did back in the beginning was verify that the input to this turn signal flasher was a power side switch.

And we determined that because we saw that the flat the hazard switch took power in and when you turn the switch on it put power out on on these two different wires. Which are the same two wires. That the turn and signal switch puts into so thereby we determine like this is power side switched. So we just came down and checked do we have battery power do we have ground.

We did and then we should have two other powered inputs which are your left turn input and your right turn input both of them being powered. So we just left our test light in the ground moved it to this input. And then moved it to this input. And we had them both with the turn signal switch and then turned on the hazard and naturally they both lit up and then we just shorted the wire from the input to the output and we walked outside to see to make sure that the car was was lit up.

However i stuck a test light across the output to the input. And we seen that the test light lit up. And that tells us that the circuit on the car is intact. If there was let's say both bulbs were blown on the car our test light wouldn't have lit up because we would have lost our path to ground so so that's it i guess all that to say it just needs to turn signal flasher.

So there you have it folks pretty easy. And you know you probably could have made an educated guess and just you know one one in it providing you knew. Which one it was and where it lived maybe that's why that other relay was down once we were in here. It's hard to say.
But i am gonna get him a new turn and signal uh relay and if i put it in and i'm wrong i'll i'll make another video uh. But if not just assume we fixed it uh because we proved that's what's wrong with it so anyhow you have a nice day uh and and that's that folks no good transition. There the comments the questions instead of facebook you guys know what to do and just from our viewers. If i can do it you can do it thanks for watching.

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