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In this video I show you the process I use when swapping out the rear springs on a 2010 Honda Odyssey. This is when the job goes easy... but it's not always easy...
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Okay folks working on the 2010 Honda with the Odyssey it's got the big three five. Uh, Winter's almost over so it's springtime. Yeah, yeah. I got you like that.

point. This thing needs some new Springs It's got little saggy pants in the rear. It's got broken Springs in the front or at least a broken spring, but it's getting real droopy in the back so we're gonna pop some new rear springs in it, which typically isn't too bad job. but here in the Northeast with the salt, usually these cam bolts are seized up I just did the other side.

it was stuck like crazy I Had a hard time getting it out a lot, air hammering beaten. so we'll see how this side goes and you have to get those loose because that's your your toe adjustment on the rear and with the new Springs it's likely it's not going to be sitting correctly. So we're going to have to do a wheel alignment and we're going to be able to adjust those first thing first. We're going to stick our transmission jack underneath this little guy.

We're going to take some pressure off it. We have to take the bolt out of the knuckle out here. I Just got a little 4x4 sitting in here so you can jack her up here. take some weight off it if you're doing out the ground obviously the car.

Beyond jack stands and then you'd use a you know four Jack There we're going to take our 17 mil trying to hook it up here. we'll zipper out of the knuckle. it's gonna have a little tension on. oh that's scary actually comes.

so these bolts usually don't get stuck because they're a reduced Shank Yay! Honda We got a letter down. It's coming to scare you a little bit here. It doesn't scare me too bad. Okay, let that down out of the way and now let's see if our Campbell's gonna come loose.

The nut there always comes off. It's just the whole mold itself, the other ones by the exhaust. Kind of a pain to do. that's why I like to show you this side here.

I'm gonna stick a wrench on the back side of it here. see if she Wiggles might just tweaked the bushing. Um, Anyhow, Let's uh, let's get after that a little bit. so look at that.

let's put the Springer right out of there. I guess I should have recorded the other side. it was much more epic. It's involved Old Vic Big Nasty Live WD-40 Smoke fire.

It was wonderful. We're gonna make sure this bolt can come out I'm gonna get my ear protectors on here. Beautiful! So I left the nut on here. We're just gonna work it.

I Think she's gonna come right out folks. Put the nut right on the floor so put that cam off there. Nothing dropped. See how loose this bowl is.

Even give just a tap without hurting the threads. Yes sir, what's out of here that? Vic over here on standby. So we're going to lube up this Bolt because we don't want it to get stuck. The other thing you can do if you don't have an air hammer, there's just no option.

Can't get that sucker loose. just take the Sawzall and right here. besides the bushing where it goes up into the subframe, just cut it to get it out of there. Get a new obviously.

have to press the new bushing in there by a new control arm and the new uh cam bolt so you'll see how these go together. They go together like that. It has flat spots where this cam goes that can you know work like an eccentric or it works like in the center. so we want to Luber up.

Let's slip that little fell right back up in there. bushing's so good on this guy. All right. So while you're wheeled off our bolt, but I think we'll be okay, take a tap through or something.

Rock Wood Make sure it rotates here. I Get it all the way through. You're up in there. okay, it's sitting just straight.

Put our cam back on there. It's only gonna fit one way, folks. We'll give that just a snug of donut with the impact. Make sure you're holding the back side of it at this point.

Not too tight though because you want to still be able to wiggle and then that's going to allow us to adjust our goal. Awesome! This spring inflator sits down here. We got some new ones with this van with these: Springs These are all young Springs So it's kind of clean, some of the grid out there, but you'll see this little guy only fits one way. It's got a little profile to it and she don't want to sit right down in there just like so.

So we'll just leave that there for a moment. We'll grab the spring. Here's our spring. The closely wound portion of the coil goes towards the top.

You can see down here. it's a little bit further apart and it's right there where I leave that paint marks green and white. the green goes up new upper insulator I Just set that right on the spring and then we want to remove your old one. First there's your old one.

It's not that baby flying and then we're gonna get this little guy around here. I'm just going to set it on there for right now and we're gonna move our Jack over. Then we'll line up where it needs to be. Look at that so she's holding.

I'm gonna look up in here and we'll spin the spring around to where it's going to fit down on that notch. You know what? I'm saying how the little divot was down in there, right? You're just about right. Oh, you don't want that thing kick out and catch you in the chin. So we're gonna move it a little bit so that's about to a lot of potential energy.

You don't want it to become kinetic I'll tell you that foreign lift. Be careful, it doesn't come off the left a little bit more. We'll give that a snug a dog once we put it over on the alignment rack. I'm gonna crack that back loose and then re-torque it in fact.

But for right now, we're in good shape. Same with the cam bolts here. now. we can adjust the toe in see how it's moving that whole control arm.

We're going to set them just about in the middle. that's right, about the last, one third box just about in the middle. best you can. and then they can snug it up because it's all going to come loose again anyway.

So we'll re. We'll re-torque them once we set the alignment. There's that training Jack's a little jerky because it's on Second Stage so cover your eyes folks. that's it.

Should be recording the other side. It'll spend an hour or so over here and not very long over here. That's it. There's Springs in your Hindu So you have it folks.

uh. rear springs when it goes super easy on your Hindu And like I said, if that Bolt's stuck, you know it was a matter of taking the nut off, taking the cam off, putting the nut back on, and then what you want to do. You want to go borrow a socket a 19 millimeter. Go borrow one from your buddy because you're kind of flat in the back of it so don't use yours.

Don't use your buddies. get a crap socket like what? I Do spin the nut back on, stick it back on of course. I Took it I brought out the dog. Big Nasty was able to reach up over the exhaust whale of living crap out of it, kept spraying it with the WD right here and then.

that didn't work. so on the back side the bolt itself I just heated it up trying to just break that Bond but you don't want to heat it so much so that it ruins the bushing so I would heat it I'd spray it, make a lot of smoke and then we there hammer it more and after three or four times, crack loose. What's up Mr though uh yeah. All right.

stand by all right folks. I Got a phone call so I gotta go Anyhow, Insty Facebook you guys want to do. Just remember if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching Foreign.

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