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Forgive me for breaking protocol with regards to my introduction. I've been asked to to take over on this job and the only thing that i know about it far is that customer states that the power windows are slow and that the vehicle doesn't start okay i need to switch gears. Here. What is this thing.

Some kind of green plymouth or a dodge it's a chrysler product. No badge. I think it's a plymouth voyager you guys remember those things what are you no no it's a dodge definitely a dodge it's a grand caravan se model. Okay ever since having replaced the alternator and the battery uh the power windows go slow or something so i'm just gonna i'm gonna try to figure out what their problem is i don't really know the slow moving power windows uh yeah that could happen from low voltage.

Or something. And i also hear someone told them that it uh has a bad alternator. All right let's figure this out let's first see if it starts no it's dead that's stupid dead okay to the charger. There it is all right let's go charge this thing now naturally.

I can't uh test. A dead battery. It's got to be charged or we have to attempt to charge it before i can fully test that battery. But i think what i'm going to do is we're going to go ahead and get this thing hooked up and we're going to get it to a running condition and then i want to at least.

See what kind of output voltage. The alternator is making and maybe then we can probe around a little bit. And see if we cannot figure out what's going on here. Sure let us get to it wow.

These terminals are i mean yeah. I choose to uh reserve. My words for how i feel about this charging unit powering on all right. This has been going for a while we're charging 30 amps.

Let's uh let's see if this thing's gonna start. I want to see charging system voltage um. No what is this hang on let me use my uh my right hand my left hand doesn't have the skills to get this thing to do what i want it does in the right hand. There we go just gotta wiggle.

It around a little bit well it seems to start well with some power now that it's running check on that window business. Yeah that window's a little slow it goes down fast. It seems to be some kind of a worn out regulator. Yeah that one goes faster.

Yeah when these window motors get a little tired they tend to go up slow and down fast window gravity. See we have rear windows now we have vents. We got rear vents that's cool the left rear window vent is inoperative all right enough screwing around let's go check charging system voltage all right meter is ready power off the charger. You can't get an accurate test.

If this thing's cranking amps into the system. Those are warm all right moment of truth. Here. Let's see where we get engine running alternator should be alternating uh negative ghost.

Rider look at that 1155 volts that's not good let's take a look at our charging system in here. Oh. That's not good either see that positive crankcase ventilation tube. Is just open to atmosphere well.
I can confirm we do have a new alternator. It appears to be plugged in the thing must have crapped out who knows. It's not running they probably suffocated to death because of all this insulation that's on it look at that it's not uh. It's not good for alternators.

They don't need to have a blanket well unfortunately. I'm going to have to dig into this and pull this thing down make sure that's actually connected back there. And if it is check it for the proper powers and grounds from the ecm and uh that will determine if this unit is faulty or not probably additionally. I'll have to make mention of these battery terminal ends and uh of course.

I'm going to continue to charge this and i will do the test on this afterwards. So let me go let everybody know what i found so stay tuned. Because this is going to be a very good video. Oh.

It's going to die. Oh. Five volts six volts. She gone died.

At six volts impressive. Actually let's put the charger back on this again all right folks. We're moving on here. We are going to go ahead and pull this nader out and figure out what's going on uh.

I you know something something doesn't feel right about this and i i don't know what i'm gonna find when i pull this unit out. But i i don't think. It's just as simple as a failed replacement part. I think something's going on here anyway.

Let's get it apart and find out i need to get the belt off there's a 15 millimeter uh wrench. That's gonna be required to actuate this tensioner. Let's get that thing loose. We'll pull the belt off the nader and then we'll start removing bracketry all right let's see what i can do about this tensioning device here put my curvy wrench on it is that going to be enough there we go danger my fingies were in danger you guys see that we'll just tuck that down over there kind of out of the way all right we're going to need looks like 15's and 13s to get this bracket out of here.

Oh i was nervous that the threads on that fastener were gonna back this into the wiper cowl and get you stuck the danger is real else is holding this thing on another bolt. There hang on here. What's that one and i you know i think i can start pulling the nader out i might be able to sneak this out without removing this bracket. Now.

Let's just see sorry. If i'm in y'all's way gotta get what i gotta get to this is easier than i thought. It was gonna be i shouldn't have said that i know better all right let's see we can do about this uh installation business. I think i just need to kind of tear it out of there there's our plug let's inspect that come here connector that looks good all right uh.

Oh. What is this look at that that's the stud or the output output post terminal. What is that oh no that's a not bolted on melted connector uh. Oh.

Here let's let's pull this unit out of here if i can i think i can squeeze it out through this hole bear with me. It's a toy squeeze and it's stuck what have i done oh no why are we stuck uh. I saw what happened here come here. Nader are you tiny enough to fit.
It's gonna come out through here it is my will here. She comes you guys are in the way back up ah got it looky here there's the nut and it's melted slash welded to the stud when the uh power cable was connected right here this wasn't tight enough. And there was space in there. And that space created a bunch of arcing and that arcing pretty much melted slash welded the little nut right here or this was already on and my guy slipped.

The cable or this was already on like it was already threaded. The nut was already threaded onto the stud and they put the cable over top and it was just sitting on there not not bolted down at all um either way this nader is ruined and uh. It's no longer a parts warranty it's now store warranty because uh like i mentioned this store. We did this job at one point.

That's my understanding either way this is a failure of epic proportions. But um now we're going to unveil the situation hey. A new nader. What's up just the right stuff.

Yeah. I think that's the right one looks good brackets match the connectors match. Yeah. See see how the nut is already on this stud right here on this alternator.

I think that when this was installed they just slipped the cable over that stud and just kind of left it there tragic oversight at best by the way that's why it failed you have got to bolt down your cable on your nader. Now i have to fix that cable. Too all right instructional literature. You don't need that okay okay.

I'm gonna try to get as best of a view on this as i can right here. We're looking at the the cable and uh. Oh lost it you can see how it's a little boogered up from the uh. The arcing.

The sparking etc from the loose connection. This terminal end is still kind of reusable due to its location. This is going to be a serious bear to remove and replace or replace the cable. Because it's integrated into the wiring harness.

So what i'm going to try to do is just clean this up and reuse. It although. It is missing a piece. There's plenty of contact area here where if it's properly bolted down it'll make a good connection.

So i do believe i can save that i'm just gonna sand this off and i'll sand off this other side and clean up all this uh burnt corrosion stuff right here and we'll see how it turns out this is gonna be an achievement on its own just trying to reach in there loud noises. I got my wheels. Very carefully we're gonna do this wow getting a little warm all right. That's one side cleaned up.

Okay. Let me try to flip this around and hit that other side yeah stand by let me finish this cable. Thing right here. I'm i'm stuck and shiny hope you guys can see it that's pretty shiny.
We're good i'm gonna use that i'll be right back all right so i need to go in here and get rid of this insulation that's all torn up i hate to cut it out of there. But you can't be sitting on the air vents for the alternator. Oh. It's nasty run air.

Yeah. I'm just gonna go in with the razor blade and cut away the stuff. That's interfering and it's touching the unit. There's no saving it it's permanently deformed and now it's going to be permanently removed catches is doing it without tearing it up even worse making a bigger problem than what we started with that's what i'm afraid of i think we'll be all right wow.

That's freaking ugly all right all right let's get our new nader. In it's got to sneak in through the same little hole. Here come on you're almost in there please. It's getting hung up on all those clips that was over here on the strut tower.

That's what we're what we're fighting with here. But i think victory has been achieved stuck again oh come on there there we go now we're properly situated yeah. Vital now the next phase is we have determined is quite critical need to bolt. The thing on see here.

I want to get the power connector first that's not right hang on all right. I've got the eyelet over the shaft. It's oriented. Properly now i just need to get in there with a nut and tighten it down okay.

There's our nut slide that over stud ring hope it threads please thread. Yeah. Yeah. I think she's going to do all right it's tight it's hand all right let's do some some hand clicks here to make sure we don't uh repeat.

The failure that just occurred not only would that be bad that'd be extremely embarrassing over here bloody blonde about work quality and whatnot and i go and do the same thing pick you know what though um in defense of the fellow that did this last. They actually could have over tightened that bolt or the the nut rather and broken the stud and then the vibration or the looseness of the stud is what actually caused the arcing. It's it's possible that was tightened down it just may have been too tight. I like to at least extend the benefit of the dowel because i know if i screw up.

I would appreciate if somebody would at least give me the consideration or the courtesy of assuming that i tried to do a good job. Right now. This is for sure connected. It's bolted on um oh.

By the way that uh pcv. Thing right here that we saw earlier. We're not going to do anything with that because the hose goes that way and it's not here and they don't want to pull the intake off of this to to do more work. So uh that is that more dooley do's here right going back in i want to get the bottom bolt on the left started let's get it lined up and i'll run it through and then i'll do the top bracket come on up.

I'm fighting gravity with my fingertips. There oh you guys could see it was dark sorry now you can see now okay. Let's fit this bracket and uh not neglect our little ground wire. Here and we'll tighten this stuff down come here nader that was violent what is this there it didn't want to fit so i shoved it in all right that one's good.
I got two more over here and then the one under my palm. That's two little 13s ground wire. Come out of there excellent linkages all right two more and i got the one more at the bottom to apply torque to oh soggy crabby. Yeah.

One more down there to get we're in good shape here. You give that one some manual clicks real quick. Clicks real quick. There we go all.

Right. Let's see we got a little wire loom deal to put back inside of there. I think it was this one. I think it was that one right well.

It is now and of course. We have our belt uh bear with me guys. I'm trying to sort this out without making it worse. Oh.

And it came off the idler pulley down down below all right. It's falling off. It's doing everything i wanted it to not do for everything that i didn't want it to do words all right. I think i got her to do this day.

Somebody was just lurking behind me they want something but then they left it's like they wanted something. But they didn't want it bad enough to be a burden they'll be back they always come back oh no not enough. I'm gonna try to ratchet this wrench. Yeah.

I'm pulling on the belt. So it can't go back. And then i'm ratcheting the wrench to get more of a turn on the tensioner risky and i failed belt came off. Oh no i can't fail here.

There's no redemption. I think i'm i'm off somewhere. Because i can't barely get this belt to want to go on. But if i can get it on enough where i can let go of the wrench.

I can go sort out where it's not aligned okay. That's good enough let's go see where i foobared this oh nowhere. It's just being difficult. Okay yeah.

It looks good i just took a look at everything oh don't make me pry bar. You you little belt. I'll do it one rib at a time patience yeah there we go victory. I'm gonna crawl down under and just go double check this belt and make sure that everybody's aligned it looks like power steering is tensioner is alternator is um looking at the ac.

Compressor that's looking good flashlight gravity. That's normal everything's going just fine crank pulley looks good down. There yeah. This belt's in good shape hook up our battery check.

Our charging system. Now you're getting battery connection. Now. Oh disclaimer um.

I started this video and one day and this is uh the next day. So i never excuse me so i never actually put this battery on a charger last night. I don't like to let the chargers run overnight. I don't want to burn the building down all right ram.

A caravan starting. The engine now stalled and it runs alright okay. It's alive. Our nader appears to be needing all right let's take it with the meter okay meters out we're on voltage.
That's our negatory. There it is 14 1 14. 2. Let me go fire up all.

The loads. Headlights high beams. Radio. Blower motor.

Etc. And let's see what kind of performance. This thing does at a full load situation all right everybody's turned on maximum current not bad. We're still a 14 1.

And that's on a discharge battery. So once this thing comes up to charge. We're going to see voltages in the in the mid 14s 14. 3.

14. 4. 14. 5 tops.

So i think we're in good shape. Here. This is a success. But hang on we're not done yet we're not done yet i just found out uh.

We're gonna go ahead and replace these uh terminal ends so uh what i think i'm gonna do is i'm gonna cut. These wires off right here re strip them and these are getting a little short. So i've got a spare piece of battery cable that i'm going to cut and we'll splice. These wires into that length of cable and i'll just extend this ever so slightly all right so that'll handle one and then i'm thinking on this one i'll just cut.

These guys right here. I'll install some little eyelets in them. And then i will put one of these lead type lugs on there and then just bolt the uh. The connectors to the bolts on the terminal that's my plan.

So we'll see how that works i think it's gonna work. But hey if it doesn't work then i'll just do something else like get frustrated with this chewed up thing right here seriously. I'm not even kidding. That's bad look at that it's like just all rounded off.

And maybe. Some pliers will handle this snap on welding tires got superior teeth for superior grip. At a superior price point. Oh.

Well. I don't need these let's go ahead and cut these back. Oh is that enough i can go a little farther besides. This is a little corroded.

It's not terrible. But it's not the greatest another 3 8. Of an inch. I can trim off the excess if i end up with any there okay so i'm gonna throw some heat shrink over these this is just going to help to keep them together.

And it's going to provide us a cleaner look. Which is good about um. Let's see that a little further forward on this one. Right.

There heat gun action. This big heat shrink's not going quietly taking a slight bit of effort. All right you talking to me all right now. This is going to be the the magical part this is where the sparks fly so to speak.

It's a little bit too much what right. What yeah. You should you should call. And be like hey dude can you go to palmetto and pick something up for us.

It's so bad all right let's see oh i didn't introduce this yet. I got a really cool hydraulic crimping tool. It's for these big crimps that way you don't have to use the vice grips or whatever people smash these with vice grips and various other devices. But there's actually a tool that will smash that for us and that's what i'm gonna use i actually bought this thing like three or four years ago.
And i've never never used it which made me sad a little bit awkward. Though stop it i don't know what i'm doing there we go begin crimping now kick. That's nice. I am going to hit it a second time.

Though it flared the end out. And i don't particularly care for that flare. So i'm just going to get it one more time on the edge. So it's double crimped re click there we go now we're talking more heat shrink.

We've taken something crusty and gross. We created something nice and clean what here let's give this terminal a quick shine it's still in really good looking shape. But couldn't hurt battery's shiny okay positive lead. It's too small no worries we can make it just right no.

It's bigger now it's more bigger again. There we go right there now here's how i'm going to attach this and i get it you guys aren't gonna like the fact that i use this type of uh connector. What's available it's what exists. It's what i had to use and it'll work and yes.

I could have gotten a cable in and cut it and spliced the cable to it. But this is what i chose to use and it's work it'll work it's clean. It's effective. It's a good solution and it's cheap.

The other thing folks understand there's many many ways to do things better than you know what may necessarily be happening. The question is is how much money do we want to pay for these things see this is good and cheap let's go ahead and tighten this thing down some it's already fairly tight because i had to spread this to uh get it to go around the terminal. These type are sized mostly for negative terminals. Then you gotta spread them for the positive because the negative terminal is actually smaller than the positive terminal anyway we have achieved optimum clamping force.

We're good on that one this one on the other hand. I'm gonna do what after you probably said. I should do with that one what i mean by that is i have uh recovered this battery lead right here i will attach this here. We're gonna cut this one we're gonna cut these and we're gonna splice this in and attach it like so so effectively lengthening this and replacing it with a with this cable.

I will put some heat shrink on it so it is not red not to confuse people with the negative side and i'm gonna cut off this little dangly lead right here. Too. We don't need that and no what i'm doing is not the same as this and that right there is not the same as this what over there yeah. But i'm cutting cutting cables and stuff hang on let me chop this off all right intermission.

Oh. This next one next one up is huge. I i hope this one is gonna work. I'm gonna use it all right.

That's pretty good so let's see how this is gonna go this one goes here and this one's gonna probably come back and fold. Like so that's still a little hot ouch. So i think i can cut this i'll cut it right about here. Let's see.
If that works somebody's radio station is wrong hey juan fix your bluetooth bro that's terrible snippage oh you know we can also cut off this little uh. Dangly lead right here we're not gonna need that goodbye so there we go so. We're gonna end up. Something roughly like this okay.

That's good oh yeah real quick so we don't confuse anybody in the future. We're gonna make sure that this wire ends up being black that way they don't mistake. It for a positive and hook up a future battery incorrectly because that would be bad so. But hang on not done yet.

I know this is ridiculous and overkill. But hey these people are paying money for this so i'm going to deliver them the value that i think they're paying for shrink. One little piece over the rest of the red and boom. We have created a ground cable.

All right we have a halfway finished product. One terminated lead ready to be joined with the rest of the cable right i found a uh a bowl. I actually stole one off of another terminal. But i've got a bolt for this so we'll start that looks like it's gonna fit very.

Well. This is good okay let us finish this up last thing is to connect these two wires and then heat shrink them together to cover up the connector and then we will have achieved awesomeness here let's do let's do the big bundle of wires first here. It's a mighty large wiring crimp right there no i want you there that's it i can't operate this tool. One handed because the lever doesn't return after i squeeze.

It here we go getting tight now oh yeah. Sweet that's it that's a good one. And i need to trim an eighth of an inch off of that okay the little dies are not aligned. We don't want that there we go dude.

Oh ho. That was almost a fail did you see that wire pull out that was bad don't want to do that there we go crimp clickage wow. Fine we'll put another squeeze on it with smaller dies. I grabbed the neck size down.

We'll redo. It with this you will work. Oh here we go got some bite now ah there we go that's good and i'm gonna do one more to knock that flare down a little bit. We should be good.

I'm probably not supposed to knock down the flare. I think the spec on these is to do one crimp. I learned that from an electrician video. The other day.

The guy was fixing like a transformer and they were talking about giant line crimps and they said that the the spec on them is one crimp with the machine not multiple crimps. Something about the resistance of the cable. But we were also uh talking about like thousands of volts not 12. So i think i can get away with the double crimp especially.

If it looks better so i am finding that there are some slight flaws in this tool like the dyes don't stay aligned they like to rotate. But it was a like a 30 dollar ebay tool or something like that not to uh bash on ebay or anything. But you get what you pay for just like all right ray's not here right now. But if you leave a message they get back to you as soon as possible what's up.
I just want you to know i ordered it did not see when they dropped it off. But the condition of this box looks promising. Oh. I saw that i figured i would deal with that uh fire after i'm done with this one yeah.

I didn't see when they dropped it off. I would have said something okay. No worries if it's junk then uh. We'll tell them it's junk besides.

I still need to push that truck over and put it on a lift like somebody did something that's electronically oh yeah. Yeah. The thing's totally smashed. Yeah.

I'll see besides. I still need to push that truck over and put it up on a lift all right okay. Our crimp is crimped. We got a good good solid connection.

Here. That's what we want to see and uh. Let's go ahead and shield this from the elements. A little bit more heat shrink right.

There's the middle. I like that all right that is one successfully made cable. Very nice i like this i am feast how about right like so i'm trying to route this so it's uh gonna be good for the long term there we go that's better all right couple little odds and ends left. And that is all make that tight cable click let's get some corrosion preventative in place here and then we'll double check uh output voltage.

One more time shiny one negatory and positive. 14 volts looking good oh hang on we got to switch subjects here. While that's running let's uh here's the boxing question look at that it's awesome. It's brand name pump.

It's delphi. I guess they didn't take very good care of it let's see if it's going to live man. I guess. It's all right it's not damaged anyway back to our task at hand.

This is some other car it's a silverado truck all right let's check it again. It's been running for a few moments about five. We're yeah. 14.

Volts. That's odd. I had it on the charger for a little while when you guys weren't looking. I'm hoping.

I was hoping to see it come up for 14 4. But i accept. 14. I i'd even take 13 8.

13. 9. If we had to so i guess. That's okay let us uh.

Let's make this fully complete and go. Full circle. Here and uh just see about these power windows. You remember earlier when we started one of the complaints was the windows go slow and they thought that that was like their problem.

Quick yeah windows still goes slow gravity window gravity yep still a little slow all right well i guess. That's going to go ahead and bring this one to conclusion. We have successfully repaired the screw up and uh made the system a little bit better with that auxiliary battery repair like i said. I'm going to keep this thing going i'm going to let it charge.
And i'm actually just going to run a battery test on this because this thing was brought all the way down. And it sat there for a little while so i don't want to uh. I don't want to give it back with a weak battery that should be non eventful. So i don't feel the need to record that anyway.

I'm rambling on um. As always i'd like to thank you guys for watching my video hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video. You know the drill let me know about that by tapping that like button down below.

If you did not enjoy this video. I'll try better next time so again and as always thank you for watching. And most importantly do not forget to have yourself a great day. See you guys later end of chrysler repair.

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    I stand corrected on my belt comment but THAT design is stupid…… another reason i dont deal with dodge

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars M Lemo says:

    Alternator whirrrrrrrr

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Kohler says:

    I believe I would have stayed with the original battery cable maybe just slid up a bit.. not sure I trust your crimp there. Just another connection to go bad. IMO..might be good now but…??

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bismarck San Diego says:

    Ray !! Where did you get that rubber type mat that you keep tools on? Maybe not rubber, silicone or whatever? Thanks man.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Walter White says:

    Just amazes me how some people just don't take care of the cars…then they complain because of the high cost to repair it and the down time because it is in the shop.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Peter Fallert says:

    When you refer to bolt sizes, you’re talking about what the socket fits. A 13 or 14 socket, fits probably an 8mm bolt.
    The head size of the bolt, is not the size of the bolt.
    But you knew that.😊

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Judge Lazar says:


  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Peter Fallert says:

    When using a crimping tool, I always lightly grasp the connector with the tool, then use the tool to place the connector on the wire then crimp. Easy peasy

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tk9780 says:

    42.20-42.55 Copyright strike.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars boris sansur says:

    Muy lindo trabajo y, felicitaciones por el trípode de la cámara de video. Saludos desde Chile

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars G says:


  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Ravnikar says:

    After watching you struggle with the hydrolic crimper I wouldn't use one. Like your videos!!

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tanju Yetgin says:

    Verygut working

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GeneralPurposeVehicl says:

    What a shoddy car. Not as bad as a iPhone for repairabilty but still pretty bad.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DERIC BARNWELL says:


  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Henry Bucki says:

    why did the pulley have grooves in it and the belt was showing grooves on top of belt?

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James fatula says:

    ive pointed out about those battery terminal u cant mix zinc plated bolt with copper as it cause dielectric corrosion the best is use brass bolt and brass washer ……

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel Ventura says:

    Need a shot of distilled water in that battery. Evaporates here in Florida.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars AutoTechMike says:

    that is really tragic good find.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars livingdeadbtu says:

    I never knew "Crimping" was two words! Crim Ping
    I knock down the flare too because i don't like the look of it. One crimp will be sufficient but looks like holy heck to me!

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Lawson says:

    It's just my opinion but I believe that the belt is not installed right. I think the ribbed side of the belt is supposed to be toward the alternator pulley.

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars michael connolly says:

    WD 40 sprayed in the window tracks may help.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Celydus says:

    Ray you make me cringe every time you stick your hand in the engine compartment when the engine is running. You get really close to the belt sometimes.

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Andrew Castiglia says:

    Add some magnets to the underside of your crimper so you can stick it down to the car!

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Daniel Ventura says:

    Definitely easier than replacing a 100 amp alternator on my 70 Thunderbird with a 55 amp unit, major mistake was not getting a 75 amp and not changing the voltage regulator. That 55 amp unit failed in a year. Lesson learned.

  49. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars USA BORN says:

    I have decided that crimper is a piece of shit and I never want to see it again you know what to do Ray.

  50. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kennynva KE4HVE says:

    Isnt that belt on BACKWARDS??????