We're live. I'm just now seeing the uh chat here. I guess we we'll make sure that we're coming in loud and clear new phone. My phone died so you guys let me know um.

That everything's working here before we get too far because i can't tell on my end. So i'll make sure before we start talking about too. Many things here now that i've got anything particular to talk about just let's see this guy. Andrew says.

We're all good so we got one vote for everything's all good. Oh. What a day. I'm ready for it to be over audio59 video.

Five nine is that five out of nine. I don't know what that means anyhow. I guess the general consensus is we're all good so i was doing this on my pc. But then my my webcam broke there so ended up just kind of doing it on the phone.

Here don't do it on the inste video's a little washed out it's probably the lighting. More than anything i think i wiped. I wiped off the camera here let me uh probably should have prepared a little better for this but i'm more of a wing it type guy. I guess we'll see if it's that's the camera give it a little one of those give her a little what's up oh maybe that's just the way.

It is so he has an angry jeep in the background. It should be angry because it needs a new engine and that's what's got it's got an engine sitting on the floor over there got a brand new motor going in it and i got to fix the transmission and then we'll get that thing put back together you should be happy hopefully at least be broke. I don't know that's probably the wrong thing. To say but you know what i.

Mean. Um. 38. Yeah.

38. And it's got a. I think. It has 250 000.

Miles on it blue head gasket and then just kept driving it until it finally went full nuclear so. But it's a jeep thing you guys wouldn't understand. And then the transmission that just pops out of first gear. The the shift tower goes bad on the detents go bad.

And it's like shifting a bag of marshmallows when you drive these things anyways. So um dorman of all places actually has an updated shift tower with really stiff detents in it so we're going to give that the old college try see what happens so anyhow. I don't have anything really in particular to talk about today. So i thought i'd leave it up to the people.

Um. Hey. What's up who's that guy. Oh blazer.

O2ls. How's it going buddy um. So i don't have anything in particular talk about so just. I'm here i'm here for you for the people and we'll see what uh where the chat leads us.

It's been pretty roasty toasty. Here in the prny that's short for the people's republic of new york and it's been pretty warm. But the past couple days have been fantastic only in the upper 70s low 80s low humidity and just lovely so that's been good. But we've been crazy busy here at work as usual.

We're usually running uh you know a couple weeks out and it's been like that been two or three weeks out now for a few months. So it's been a little hectic it's been a little stressful um. You know i think it's a blessing to have work to do and it's kind of a curse all at the same time um. But anyhow it's been good.
But it's just it gets a little it gets a little stressful when things don't go great or when you're waiting on parts. And you got you know just a small shop. And you know you get a lift that's plugged up and it's yeah full schedule and just trying to keep the people happy like the real people not like you guys. But the real people here you guys are real people.

I think we've established that in other videos. Let's be honest. But you know what i mean the customers trying to keep them happy and keep the cars going and all that stuff so it's just three of us here. This is myself my boy josh.

You guys know josh been here forever and then we've got some summer help uh. We got my guy phil so phil that works here now is just here for the summer. Because he's a teacher. He's a teacher at the local automotive school um.

At the autumn on the high school level. So it's the boces. It's a vocational school for uh local kids um. My audio is extremely is my audio.

Any good. I guess before we get too far is my audio good general consensus. I just want to make sure okay you guys are saying yeah. A couple okay better i can hear you okay anyways uh.

My guy phil uh like i said he's a teacher at a uh at a local vocational school. So he needs something to do in the summer time and to kind of work on you know professional development and and to get out there. And see you know see what's up. Oh.

Thanks. Jim um. You know so he comes down to do that and works of course. You know i pay him.

And everything obviously. But uh you know he uses it to his advantage. So he has something to take back to the kids um. I gotta block somebody here.

I see they're getting spammed here. Let's see uh. Oh wait i don't know what that is nevermind. I thought it was somebody advertising.

Some kind of porn or something. But uh anyhow. So phil i think phil makes a good choice and does that he's a good guy. He's been you know he's worked in the shop for a lot of years and worked he's worked in a dealership.

He worked for a really good independent uh that was here local. So i knew the guy he worked for and then he worked um. You know and he's worked in the school system. Hey.

Thanks jeff you're good man. I don't care what they say about you you too joe so uh so that's it yeah so we got philly. But he's only here for the summer and uh then it's gonna get stupid again after that uh. My guy jay that was working here the most eligible bachelor uh.

He quit. I don't know why but just didn't want to didn't want to work here anymore. I guess um. But it is kind of a kind of stressed out area to work even though.

I don't really yell or get stressed out. But you know what i mean so oh. He moved on to bigger. And better things.
I suppose hey thanks gordon. I love what you do too buddy. So. That's it that's what's up that's what's new here busier in a one arm paper hanger and we got temporary help for the summer and uh.

I would probably hire another guy after phil's gone. But i don't know hey a case of beer. Thanks buddy got one right here having a little yingling after the work local favorite from the pennsylvania. That's my go to but um so yeah anyhow uh.

Oh how's my son's grass mowing going pretty good bought him a new rig this year got him the new uh. The new husky and uh because as my other children come up through the rinks and do uh do the lawn mowing. I needed something easy for him to drive and the old pulan pro that he was using last year. Well.

She's knocking a little bit for honest. The motor sounds like a bag of marbles. So um to help him along in life mom and pop went out and bought him a new mower. So he could continue to make some money to save up for a car and and stuff like that and and that way there like when he's bigger and has a vehicle and a real job then his brother or sister can take over the lawn mowing business and kind of keep it going so.

So that's why we did that for him. And he's been doing good. Except. He got kind of screwed out of the uh past couple of three weeks.

Because we haven't had any rain. So he hasn't been doing any mowing. It he ain't doing any mowing. He ain't getting paid.

So. He's learned a little lesson on that um george wants to know what happens the overall did. I like them. Oh.

I did oh and thanks. A key. Okay aki do the man uh. What did it happen with the overall.

So i did get some overalls. I bought four different brands of overalls from the uh from the amazon. The try before you buy type thing you know and i tried out the dickies not my jam didn't like them the crotch hang real low looked like you pooped pants and i ended up going with some uh some bears what's the brand. I believe it was or burns bernie this brand here i bought that brand they fit great and they feel good and i only bought one pair.

So i'm kind of wearing them around to see uh. See how they wear stuff like that see how long they last um uh. What did joe say here trying to hit these super chats. I don't know how to turn off on my phone.

But uh anyhow. Let's see i've got the colorado with the big two nine and i can't do the injector test on number two cylinder scan tool says invalid injector number. I would try a different scan tool. If i was you joe that sounds like a scan tool issue more than anything this particularly.

If you can go through. And do the other the other three injectors would say it sounds like a scan tuition. I would try a different uh different scan tool. If it was me uh yes.

This guy here says they tried as a car once. I didn't i didn't know if carhartt made the denim um. So i i wanted a denim. I didn't want like that carhartt duck material or whatever they call it the you know like their canvassy type material.
So. But anyhow that's that's that so i'm still in the in the learning phases of the of the bib overalls. So vinnie where's my guy vinnie. He's i still see him he's still scooting around um.

He doesn't uh he stops by he stops by once in a while comes in here. Smokes up some cigarettes and bangs into some stuff with his carton and leaves. I think he does it on purpose be honest with you so anyhow. But uh yeah.

So anyways what's up uh what's up with you guys oh lyndon lyndon brady he says i would love to bring in my escape uh escape to you to see if you can figure out why my cooling fans run on high speed nobody in baltimore can figure it out boy. I wouldn't think it would be too hard sir um. But don't drive don't drive all this way to have me fix a coolant fan just find another shop that knows what's up and if you have some mechanical ability yourself too you and you just lack service data you can go on and get service data for ford. It's relatively inexpensive and you can get a three day subscription.

You know if you need uh wire diagrams or service. Specs. Or anything like that so that is i've done. A video on that i can tell you what the video is called it was something wiring diagrams.

I've had kind of a clickbaity title on it let me tell you here. If you just go onto south main auto channel. Oops whoops. Just some getting click happy over here and then we type in wire diagrams in the search box wiring diagram.

Let me see what video that brings up i'll give you the title of it it's called automotive wiring diagrams and service info. So if you go on that on the self made auto channel. You'll find that video and then that will give you an explanation is as far as you know where you can find uh. You know factory service info and stuff like that if you need it so now yeah for what it's worth this guy.

Said. That puddin's fab shop swears by roundhouse bibs. Made in usa. Oh.

Interesting roundhouse. But i can't say i ran across that brand when i was doing the googling so i don't know it's a different different character you know wearing them bibs. There um. You feel a little redneckish.

So. But uh anyways. Oh hey. Thanks frank take missus over to lunch and give her a break from feeding me.

But boy she's a she's a good cook and great wife and i tell you that girl she can cook of course you guys see it cause. I'm always teaching it by putting the stuff on the inste. And on the facebook. Um.

Oh yeah. And that question is to where my dogs are so that's you know you guys always ask that and it's kind of interesting guys must think i just take and pump my dogs out every time we get a different animal. But uh yeah. No my dogs are great well weston.
The german shepherd. He's at home and he's a big old sucker so we leave him at home and sheba sheba comes in about two or three times a week. If she decides she wants to come to work so she was here yesterday. But luna's here you know all the time.

She's a straight cat. But uh you know so that's that's where my dogs are at have i thought about moving my family to a less restrictive location. Absolutely i think about it all the time particularly as things keep happening in new york. We're not going to get into the politics of it but galdang it ain't getting any better folks.

Um uh yes we did re uh received those plates kyle. Thank you very much i've actually think they're on the wall in the office um. We're actually i can show you guys here real quick like a little bunny. I don't know if i can show you much because i don't know how much stuff mrs.

O'han is hanging out. But we've got almost all 50 states up on the wall in the old office. So you guys see i've got got plates everywhere. I can't i don't like actually i don't wish i was laying out a desk.

But um still lacking a few i think we're only lacking like seven or eight. That we've got to get up on the wall. But uh yeah so far so good and then uh let's see do i ever get any first gen dodge cummins in this this is new york fella. We don't get first down much of anything um.

So yeah. No i'd have to say no to that one. I don't get any first gen is in or cummins. Because i don't work on diesels.

So. So the short answer is no. But uh yeah. Yeah.

No i know what you're talking about. But yeah. I don't i don't see them suckers uh. Yeah you did all you see in the uk plate.

I got i got a plate in there from sweden. And from finland and tokyo and ethiopia and australia. So we've got a lot of foreign uh nameplates and a lot of like uh territories and stuff like that too so yeah. No it says let's get to work that's what it says.

But um anyways yeah. The ethiopia plate that's kind of cool that's a neat looking one um am. I gonna post uh this jeep fix no phil's working on that he's doing the motor and stuff and fixing the training and waiting. I think most of the parts are gonna be here tomorrow from chrysler.

So yeah nope. But let's see here uh. Let's see well you do any videos regarding a toyota cvt replacement or maintenance in the future. I don't know it's really hard to say i mean it depends on what rolls through the shop.

You know so. None of my videos are are pre planned or you know no real thought basically. It's you know we probably do i don't make cars. We do a day you know maybe 15 or 20 cars a day.

Something like that so however many that is you know 60 to 100 cars a week and occasionally i grab the camera and you know if i have time allows you know then we do a video on whatever. It is so sometimes it's difficult sometimes i do some we have some cars and you know i want to do uh. You know i want to do you know video on it just it just doesn't work so can i explain cold start piss and slap any long term issues uh gosh blaine. I i i really can't other than i other than that's what it is you know if you have a cold start piss and slap.
If it's a known issue. I suppose it could start to cause some cylinder wear over time i know back in the. Day we used to fix some of the 31 gm. Engines that had a really bad you know piston slap.

And all they did is have an updated piston that had a coated skirt on it to keep it from wearing into cylinder walls. But as far as like the long term effects from it and stuff. I'm not the right guy to ask for that i'll be honest with you so um. Do i know how to get the snapshot or the screenshot on the think tool pros uh without looking at the tool.

I i don't really know right off hand how to get the screenshot on it to be honest with you i know on the i'll tell you you push and hold the camera button it'll take a screenshot and then it stores. It under the image file you know if you for whatever reason you need i don't know if that's what you're talking about or not but on the think pros. I don't use the think pro tools enough to to know right off hand to be honest with you anyways um. My boat collection.

I don't really have a big bow collection we have a lot of bows because everyone in our family uh shoots our tree uh mrs oh i think has more bows than i do so you know she's got targets set up and hunting set up and everything else but uh yeah. I know the kids they all they all shoot our tree and so yeah we've got quite a quite a pile. But will you ever see the brake cleaner and the sound come back man. I tried.

I hope i'm not missing. The brake clean sound. When i do uh when i have it in the videos. I try to make sure i put it in there so.

But um let's see here. Let's see here this guy right here. Oh. Phil lilly says uh he's from utah.

And he has an old one jimmy with some engine damage so it needs to be rebuilt. What's the best option and save money because the bottom end rebuilt done in the frame. I suppose you could you know spin some bearings in it you know in the vehicle. I'd be more inclined to pull the engine out so you'd have to know what the damage is before you know what kind of money that you can save you know what i'm saying.

So. That's kind of a tough one um. The training revolution uh. He writes thanks for posting.

So many great videos and detailing your thought press and troubleshooting thanks for your knowledge sharing have a beer coffee frosty beverage on me appreciate that training revolution um that's what i need is some training revolution. That's what i've been thinking about lately. Um. Need help in stopping saying chevrolet every time.
I see one sorry rob. But i do the same thing driving down the road and see if chevrolet that's one of my favorite things to do. But um have ever worked on a rotary car yes way back in the day. Some rx7s um.

What month should you put your winter in probably depends on where you live probably around october. You're going to want to start switching over to winter air. We have any good food plots. We do we planted corn last year and we got corn this year so it's a corny kind of year and the corn is growing really nice thankfully now that we've got some rain.

But it's all growed up and tasseled and got ears on it so y'all going to watch good. Mythical evening. I love. Watching me.

Some good mexican. Those are my guys man um yes. Mrs. Oh likes her kia.

But see i don't know a lot of answers to a lot of your folks questions because some of these things are some some diy stuff that i don't i don't know much about you know as far as name brands and certain things like that um james wants to know if i recommend one vehicle brand over others that's a that's a pretty tough question james i'm a toyota guy myself you know so i love driving toyotas because that's what scotty kilmer said to do and that's that's what i do uh beyond that though i've noticed that throughout my years that toyotas are inherently reliable. And i i like toyota's it's the brand that i work on the least. So that's that's my assessment on that a lot of people will disagree with it not a huge fan of a lot of quote. Unquote domestic vehicles because that's what i work on the most you know i just see them falling apart.

But i'm a toyota guy used to be a chevy guy way back when i was a kid. But now i'm i'm just a just a toyota guy i like this build go out and get my truck started up go to work but uh that's it i don't really have any other rhyme or reason behind that so uh yeah. I still undercoat with fluid film for sure got a couple. I got one out there i got to do we're starting to start to do that more and more uh.

I have my customers that i do fluid from not taking on new clients for fluid film just because it's so it's so overwhelming. It's a big job. It's a messy job it's not super profitable but you know it helps helps preserve our customers cars for sure do i have a concealed carry permit. I do i've had one for quite some time yep you have to have one if you want to own a handgun in new york state.

So what do i recommend for lower ball joint replacement on an fj cruiser the entire arm or press in ball joint that's uh. Thank you dennis before i forget thank you alex that that's a tough call so usually if i have on any vehicle. If it's a whole control arm or a ball joint option. I will typically look it over good you know you know what kind of shape are the bushings in on the on the lower control arm.
If the bushings are questionable then i would do the whole arm. But if you know the bushings look good the arm's not all rusty. Then i would go with just a straight up ball joint thanks sam so you know just you know that that's my that's what i'm saying to you um yeah. That's right jc that's kind of how it is here you know it's it's it's kind of crazy.

A lot of stuff happening in new york and unfortunately a lot of it relates to new york city. So us guys up in upstate. You know we really pay the price for what happens down there and it kind of really kind of sucks. But yeah this guy dana.

Said he lost faith when gm came up with the 36. I hear you man and i tell you what it's i just had a customer that went and um traded in their traverse or. Whatever it was the acadia that had you know the 36. In it and they didn't get zippy zap for trade in like six thousand dollars you know towards this 44 thousand dollar vehicle they were buying and the vehicle they traded it was actually pretty nice it was clean.

It wasn't rusty um. And you know the at the auction you can't. Even give these. Cars you got a gm with a 36.

People at the auction. They won't even touch them you know so if what's that tell you about it you know if even the used car guy doesn't want those piles um. But uh hey. Thanks thomas.

That's right you can do. It. Buddy. Thanks david.

Um so yeah that 36. I think is just a natural disaster from gm. But we won't sit here and bash gm. I mean we can but we won't so.

Yeah. You know this guy wrote that he's got three six with uh you know 230k on it regular oil changes every 5 000. And that is the key because i have other customers they have three point sixes and they're gm's and they are you know religious every 5k. They're here we're doing dexos oil change on it you know no timing chain problems no nothing they hit 180 200 000.

But then you get the ding dong. That's going off that stupid oil life monitor you know every eight or ten thousand miles you know light comes on then they make an appointment then they forget about it you know so this thing's getting service. You know twice a year you know every every ten thousand those things don't even make it to 50k you know the timing chains are like i'm out of here. I do not need an indiana license plate thank you though anyways that's uh that's that's my thoughts on the three six let's see he says how do you equate the time.

It takes to film a job into the labor pricing. Actually believe it or not their pod. It doesn't take me a whole lot longer to do filming. If i'm recording a job that i'm doing because i've developed a method so to speak for you know recording.

What i'm doing so what i'm doing when i'm recording is essentially the same thing i'd be doing if i wasn't recording uh. But i guess to swing back around and answer your question is uh. You know i have the job quoted. You know prior to you know doing it so.
Let's say you. Know it's a break job you know i quote 13. Hours. Now if i record and fill in around myself.

And it takes hour and a half well you know that that's on me so one of my thoughts on the first gen ridgeline. I loved it man. I owned one of those babies for a while uh pretty good. I serviced mine.

And i beat the balls right off that thing and uh pulled trailers with it way too big and hammered on it pretty good um. But maintained it well and it held up great. I really enjoyed it so and then they came out with the second gen. The kind of the looking ones and that's why i bought my tundra.

But um anyways yeah. I guess that's it i don't really have much much else to say for you folks um let's see what uh do i have any bloopers. I don't have any blooper videos. Um let's see yeah.

But yeah in regards to the amount of time it takes to record. It's not a lot you know i have more time into like you know freaking around with the editing and stuff than i do anything else other than that you know i'm just doing doing what i would do just to kind of thanks john uh. Just to kind of show you guys you know what's up and what goes on like in a what goes on in a shop. You know in the real life in the real world and po dunk boca uh.

Yeah david i do not need an indiana license plate thank you though somebody else already had asked that so but uh yeah more brick job videos. Oh. My gosh man. We do we do so many breaks.

They just get it gets kind of mundane but uh. But anyhow um. What you guys got going on oh. Do i ever have to use an attenuator with a pico.

I do david and it really depends on what you're doing um. If you don't know if you need an attenuator like if you're if you're doing a you know ignition coil circuit or a fuel injector and you don't know what the flyback voltage is going to be on it put an attenuator on it until you get your initial reading now i think the 4425a pico has a higher um accepted voltage than the 4425 but still if i don't know if i'm questioning it and i don't know my scope spec can handle 250 volts. I put an attenuator on it so because it's not gonna hurt. Anything.

So um uh see a 08 tahoe with reduce engine power oh app correlation codes uh they've got a ton of service bulletins on them so check your tsb's. I know it'll probably lead you down uh lead you down the right path uh on that or you know perhaps you have a failing you know app sensor but if i remember correctly it's been a while since i've seen 08. But yeah they used to have a ton of boltons on those nikes are adidas uh skechers would be my thing uh. What's for dinner.

I don't know when this is all cooked. She didn't cook there before she left so i'm having a lager and some dry roasted peanuts from wegmans not a sponsor. But they should be what are my opinions on dealership technicians. And the flat rate system uh.
I've never worked in a dealership. So it's hard for me to to put an answer to that question the flat rate system. Doesn't work super great uh thanks jamie thanks for showing your love here. Chevy thunder.

But the flat rate system doesn't work great uh in our in our area and our climate and you know what we do here in the shop is in indy. Just because of the amount of rust and corrosion um let's see there yes we do have the norwegian license plate. Thank you it is here um. But yeah the rust and corrosion uh here in the prny is pretty tough.

So you know looking up flat rate. You know i'll use it as a guidance. But you know fortunately i've been doing it long enough typically when we have a job in we'll look at it and see what it is okay well the book time says. It's you know three hours or whatever.

It is if it's something we haven't done kind of glance through service data to say you know do we got to remove part you know a b and c. And if we do what do they look like and you know i'll say well it's three hours. But we're gonna have to figure out with this so even on my estimate. I'll just add an extra hour.

I would just say like well here's four hours that will kind of cya cover your heinie and that's what we do and i usually will make the customer aware and say well here's you know about the time it's going to take if i get into the mess. And it's going to run way over i'm going to give you a call let you know what's up most of them just say you know forget about it just just fix. It usually what they tell me. But um would you rather work with in a shop.

All day rain man way or watch westwork would you rather work with oh. Who would i oh who would i rather work with in a shop rain man ray or watch west work. Well that's a tough call man you can't put me in that position. I'm friends with both of them uh.

I talked to wes a lot more we text back and forth. Quite a bit um. He's pretty familiar with with what i go through as far as rust and and crap like that so we would probably i would probably get along with both of them just fine um anyways yeah. That's a tough call.

I'm not gonna i'm not gonna answer. I would rather work with both of them oh thanks jose. If you got uh one dollar tomorrow. What would you do with your time.

If if you got one one dollar tomorrow. I guess i don't understand that question sorry. But uh anyhow. That's uh that's that that's what's up here in new york now we're out of beer uh.

How do i motivate myself to do reoccurring fixes every day well they're reoccurring. But they're um oh. What oh what a million dollars to spend. It i'll answer your question.

What was this question. If i had a million dollars tomorrow. What would i do with my time. What would i do if i had a million dollars tomorrow.
I would take that money and invest it all of it and then i would just go to work and then i would let it ride that's what i would do if i had a million dollars tomorrow. I'd invest every bit of it and then let it ride and then and then go to work that's what i would do and then i forget what the heck. I was just talking about prior to that how do i work on the mundane tasks each day. That was it um.

Oh stan see that's that's the problem with these super chat things i don't know where they go on my phone. I'm sorry if i missed somebody i'm really sorry if i missed somebody's um gosh dang. It let me kind of scroll back through here. I don't see a little shop in the shed.

What would you uh. Oh. No that's much quest work. Oh stan here we go uh hey.

He's from canada steel. Oh. It can't steal that's a it's a local guy there uh. Which is there at ac issue on a 14 sonata ac.

At factory charge works fine below 80. If it if over and to give it gas it kicks off and doesn't come back on solenoid replace uh best. Guess my best guess stanley would be to throw a set of gauges on and see why it's kicking off either throw a set of gauges on it or throw. A scan to one and see what's going on is it is it kicking off because you know high pressures uh you know it's going over pressure um.

That would be my guess as far as what's going on. I don't do a ton of ac. Here in the shop oddly enough. We do some but not enough to where i see pattern failures other than leaks.

You know if you told me i had a leak. I could probably tell you where it was uh you know about 14 sonata buying below 80. If it's over and it gives it gas. I'm assuming it's um.

I'm assuming it's kicking off because of over pressure would be my guess. But i would definitely get a set of gauges on it and see what's happening you know that would be what i would do probably you're going to be better served to take it to a shop and have them check. It out would be would be my assumption so um oh my gosh. I'm just gonna ask you folks to kind of hang off on uh super chances.

It gets kind of confusing here on my phone. I'm sorry uh what's the best all season tire my favorite tire roger is the general rt43 if i have to sell a general just a basic middle of the road all season tired to a customer that's probably my number one seller and it's been the least troublesome best tire that i've sold for several years running so yeah. The rt43 or the rt45 general tire has been very good i get very very very few complaints you know anybody complaining about them and usually get good good tire wear. They don't tend to feather they're not noisy.

You don't get broken belts. They just they're good um mark wants to know at what point. I figured out my troubleshooting method. Was there a time where you use the parts cannon uh.

It really seems to be a lost start so yeah. I mean. There's um. Let's see.
I know okay give me just. One. Second. There.

Dude. Um. Jake yes. You can add a usb port to a car pretty easily you have to see what kind of car you're driving.

Usually there is open accessory ports in it or places. That you can add on particularly something like a usb port. Because it's such a low amperage circuit low voltage low amperage. So yeah you can you can do it um quite easily actually so but as far as to get back to the next.

I'm sorry guys. I'm trying to stay on track here um as far as when i figured out my my troubleshooting method. I i guess. It's kind of how i've how i've always just done things.

That's how i grew up um. Just kind of a analytical. Thought process. You know never really was much for uh trouble trees because once you start using them they seem kind of kind of senseless or i would you know as a young mechanic you know back in the late 90s.

You know i would look you know we had mitchell back when it was on cds. You know he'd look on there. And he had like you know step one do this step two do this and you know and and i was young and i wasn't very smart and you would go through and you'd start doing these tests. And you know you get these readings and it would say you know go to this wire and go to this wire.

And i'd have this reading. I'd have this you know arbitrary number and like you know what is it then i just started asking questions like well this is stupid. I'm just i'm just gathering data and i don't know what the hell. I'm doing and why do they want me to do this test.

Like what's the point of it and that's when i started having you know i was like well you know screw this we just need to know how this component works. We're going to make up our own test because you start reading engineering flow charts and you find out that engineers are ding dongs and it doesn't even make sense in the real world you know perhaps on paper. It does but practical application. It's nonsense.

So i guess that's how i came about my process is you just you know fake it till. You make it i guess i don't know how else to say it you just it's just how i approach most everything in life i suppose but uh anyways um. There's no tech from the knights thanks for it dudes generation look you have guys. Like you.

Here's your ice cream. Funds. Well. Thanks.

Buddy um old tech from the 90s. Wow. That was like right around the air of the throttle body and the good old days. Right well.

I do do appreciate that so um just to confuse me more things. That's what i needed some more confusion. Okay. We're out of we're out of confusion.

Okay whoo uh. I don't mean that you guys are ding dongs if you're engineers i'm just saying like engineering flow charts if you guys had to read them it's a ding dong that writes them because let's be honest if an electrical engineer wrote this he's an idiot because you don't do you know resistance checks from one end of the harness to the next that is the most stupidest thing you can do and that's not even a word that's i mean their flow charts are as bad as my grammar you know it's just it's just nonsense things like that like what are we what are we literally going to prove by doing you know a resistance check from this wire to this wire. Nothing. What is it good for absolutely really nothing you know same thing.
A war is good for absolutely nothing anyhow michael says he's got an o2 s10 zr2 wow chevrolet 84k wife won't let me sell it worst vehicle i've ever owned it doesn't always start and drive. But it's a rattly pos well welcome to the world of the chevrolet s10 fella. They are the most rattly clunky plastic squeaky rust buckets in the new york state. I don't know where you live.

But i know here they're quite rattly and the 4 3. Is pretty reliable but gosh. I was so glad to see that that style s10 just all hit the crusher when those things were gone. They were just they just had a lot of bad memories working on those things just they were just awful.

But um that's my thoughts on it do i have any recommended recommendations for finding happiness uh. I guess it depends on what kind of happiness. You're looking for i don't i don't really have an answer for for finding happiness. Maybe you could find a good local church.

I don't know if your question is serious or not. But um anyways. I'm not probably not the guy to answer that question. I'm not a guy to answer a lot of questions um matthew's bows like your hat well i shoot elite.

But i wear matthews so let's go figure that out uh yeah i shoot. The uh man. I have a yeah. Matthews.

I had a matthews atlas. And i sold that and then i got the new elite vision. So that's what i'm shooting right now. Well.

Let's see how do i like the new dewalt 12 volt. Cordless. I'm up in the air about i'll be let me go grab it because i'm gonna show you something i'm back holy smokes mike you're kind of crazy buddy um. Thanks for making your life.

More bearable man. If i'm if i'm bringing you happiness uh. I'm glad that we do mike and i appreciate your super chat there um that's mighty uh mighty nice of you and i'm glad that we can make your life more bearable. I'm not sure how but apparently we do so this is the new dewalt 12 volt.

Uh brushless 3. 8. I'm kind of up in the air. They advertise it at like you know 50 foot pounds or whatever.

And i know i think they did it over on the torque test channel all right and uh. I think it did achieve that but it's it's kind of finicky to use in comparison to you know the old mac. One with the 3 8. That also takes the d wall battery.

I guess short answer the question. If i had to buy either one of these two again. I would buy this one all day long okay. It's just it's it's smoother.
This thing eats batteries like they're going out of style. So i i've got to watch the video around the torq test channel again. I think this came out on top um. But i mean it's okay.

It's rigid it's heavy. You know you can crack stuff loose with it it's kind of weird because sometimes you squeeze the trigger. And it just doesn't go. And you got to kind of kind of like pump the trigger so to speak and it goes.

But i tell you what when the battery's done. I mean it just quits so i'm not i'm not 100 satisfied with it you kind of got to run it wide open all the time i can say i like this is my mac tools one i i like this one i like this one better just overall this feels good in the hand it feels heavy it's heavier than this one it's sturdy. I thought maybe my batteries were getting kind of crappy about new batteries or a couple new batteries and it's just i mean. It's okay i like this one better.

But i'm i'm still in my heart like if you guys can see in my heart. There's still some air tool guy in there. I still grab a lot of air tools. I like these for going to the junkyard.

I like them for doing some stuff in interior work some things like that but overall. I mean. It's okay i think i think it has some improvements. But what do i know not much i'll tell you that right now fella uh have i had a chance to use staple on 22.

Sure have a little shop in the shed. I have the stuff that you sent me plus. I've got some more of my own and there's some concentrate hey thanks mike. I appreciate that there fella so um.

But anyways. Oh. What's what's my favorite dish from mrs. Oh.

Man that's a tough one um she makes a pretty mean dutch apple pie. I like that that's one of my favorites and then the salad there's this one salad that she makes that's pretty stinking. Awesome. It's a spinach strawberry feta with poppy seed dressing.

Almond slices in it that's one of my favorite green stuff. Uh salad and then i tell you lately. I'll tell you guys what i bought. I'll tell you what i bought just let me answer james question.

Here james said. He knows uh. I know how to fix so many cars. I don't even know because you uh.

I don't know why i'm thankful for that but i sure am well thanks james i'm glad that we've helped you fix cars. That you don't have and may never own. But anyhow. I was going to tell you guys one of the best things that i bought is a pit barrel cooker and i tell you what it seems like a pretty simple device let's be honest.

It's just like a 30 gallon drum with some re rod through it. But they put a fancy coating on it you know so you can wipe off the outside. I suppose. But i bought me a pit barrel cooker and i tell you what that stuff that comes out of the pit barrel is amazing now me and mrs.

Though we like our barbecue even though we're from new york. We're barbecue junkies we eat a lot of red meat. We love chicken and uh. I've done two now uh.
Two prime ribs in it so and just half ribs so three bone prime ribs. You know six pounders and i tell you what you get the meat sweats. Because you cannot stop eating that stuff and they are just so good you cook it up to about 110 degrees pull. It let it sit gets up to about you know 115 120.

So it's baby's still rare in the middle. It's more tender than a mother's love let me tell you what is some good stuff. I mean we've done you know full packer briskets tons and tons of ribs you know baby backs short rat or um yeah it's a short rack of ribs. We've done you know st.

Louis style just everything man we've done you know tons of pork butts in it and oh my gosh that stuff's gonna count i've literally put on like 18 pounds already it's rough um well i'm working in mako in bellingham washington. Sometimes. I'll listen to you while at work because in the mechanic. World you ain't no dummy.

I don't know about that cory that's a matter of opinion. I fall short on a lot of things buddy um. Yeah. I tell you guys what you know look look if you're thinking about if you're thinking about you just want to get your little feet wet.

You want to stick your little hand in the in the little wetness and um get into barbecuing and you're thinking like do i want to go offset smoker cheap offset smoker do i want to go you know what do i want to do do i want to traeger and pellets and electric and all that stuff. I'm kind of old school guy. I'm all about gravity and wood and just charcoal. Just plain old fashioned old fashions looked into this quite a bit ended up settling on a pit barrel and by golly.

I'm glad i did they are a set it and forget it type thing well you throw your pork butt. In there walk away go drink. Some beers come back boom. It's done and it's amazing so not a sponsor.

But i wish they were so anyhow um. The 498k air hammer is is a one off mic. You can't buy that thing. I've got there's only two in the whole world.

I've got one and another guy's got another one the 498. The 4980 you can get. But the 498k. You can't buddy um.

Bill from maine. Says him and his engineer friends love my channel uh. We wish or you have skills. I wish.

All engineers had wow that's pretty sad bill because engineers should be way smarter than i am. I'll give you that much but thanks for watching i'm glad your friends watch and uh. But yeah. No engineer should be putting me to shame.

I'll tell you what um. Jose said. He's got a 01 4 liter. Wrangler third start after not being driven hard start flood mode helps runs rough then no codes fuel pressure is good injector pump's good after third start never does it again third start after the third start after not being driven well.

I don't know was it you could have you could have a lot of issues um. You know if it sits it sounds like it sits is what i'm picking up here third start after not being driven a hard start. But it runs rough. I don't know if it means like you drive.
It and then the third time you go to start it. Thanks. Steven um. I mean that vintage four liter had a ton of problems about eating antifreeze.

I do know that for a fact uh. But other than that you say flood modes helps. I would be curious to know um you know if you know perhaps you do have a you know leaky you know leaky fuel injector that's filling up a cylinder um quite a few quite a few variables you could go there sometimes. It's really tough that's why i hate.

I don't want to say i hate it but sometimes it's tough when people send in you know super chat or ask a question because there's just with one question you ask me i've got five more i want to ask you so so anyways hopefully uh hopefully that helps probably doesn't kevin windsor. Says he owns a pit barrel cooker char grill gravity feed. A weber summit. This guy's hardcore.

Kettle. Weber. Smokey mountain. Weber smokey joe wow.

And blackstone 22 inch. This guy's hardcore. A lot from a dummy. That's right you can learn a lot from it.

I've learned a lot from other dummies. But yes. Uh yeah stick a boar scope into cylinders and that that's a good idea. Too jimbo.

I just had a guy in here with his prius. Same thing. You know sits overnight started up got this cold start stumble. I mean.

That's a pretty common thing on a prius and they tend to fill you know the cylinders with coolant and could easily see that put a pressure tester on the radiator put it 15 pounds let it sit for a couple hours pulled the plugs and boom. You know went down in there with a bore scope. And you know it was it was plain as day you could see that sucker so there you go you know. And his was the same thing you know extended crank hard start you know start uh you know start shimmying and shaking and stuff so.

But uh. This guy. Said. He's got a 12 record head wheel vibrations at higher speed that patch doors.

All the way around still issue. If it's an issue when you're braking you know then obviously. It's something you know you have some form of run out. I would stick a dial indicator on it and see if you have some run out in a hub.

Otherwise. If you just have vibration at higher speeds without the brakes being applied. I'd be looking more into you know wheel balance so you know that's where that's where i would put my efforts and i would probably try to find a shop. You know if you've had them balance over and over again.

I would find a shop with a road force machine. And see if they can balance. It that way and give you some insight of whether or not you have a tire that's you know just creating shake this guy's got an o5 lincoln with a big v8 it won't idle once it's warmed up uh. So that's pretty interesting um.
You again. Corey. You know a ton of questions for you i would have you know scan tool plugged into it i would see what my iac command is and i would see if my outer layer control. Valve.

Was actually working and then i would be looking you know my field trims and stuff and gathering some base engine data as far as how it's running particularly if you know if you can keep your foot on the throttle and keep it running. I certainly would be looking at the idle circuit idle air control valve has somebody messed with you know the low idle screw or anything. Like that i'm assuming. It's still you know cable drive.

Um. Eric is going to order some merch trying to figure out what size order what size sma shirts. Do i wear i wear a large and i'm starting to fill that up quite a bit uh thanks to the pit barrel um stephen writes hey buddy love your videos love all the fake it to you naked. It's got a shop and i was wondering if you had any tips on getting more customers in and my name out uh boy.

Steven you know i grew up in a small town when we started you know pretty much you know just kind of know everybody so i've never really done a lot of marketing uh. You know even long before youtube before we were big and famous and all that stuff uh you know which doesn't really reflect on my daily stuff here. But um prior to that you know i guess just a good rapport with people you know good news travels fast bad news travels faster. I would perhaps look into you know like say i don't know anything about marketing.

But if you're new and you're trying to get you know out there beyond word of mouth uh perhaps. I would be looking at some social media advertising. I think they can do a generalized area. You know on facebook and instagram and stuff because people were you know like all day.

We're like this you know we're gonna get humped over next because they're doing this all day. So. Perhaps you can get some word of mouth out. There or at least get some exposure to the people in your area.

I know there's you know mail out flyers and and stuff like that if you create your own you can go to your local post office. I know and for a certain fee they will deliver to a certain range uh you can check into that so you know if you you know made up your own flyers or you know advertisements or whatever just to get your name out. I wouldn't go selling yourself short. And you know doing you know five dollar oil changes and stuff like that you got to keep yourself.

Employed you don't have to keep yourself busy that's that's a big thing. That's a huge mistake. I see shops make they want to keep their guys busy and not employed. So you know keep that in mind you want to get your name out let people know you're there you know you might look into an avenue like that but again.
I'm not i'm not a great marketing. Fellow to be honest with you all of our stuff. We just did by word of mouth. Um.

Jacob pricey's got a 72 plymouth valent. With a 225 slant six 62 millimeter turbo. Should i set the timing and fuel mixture based on upper end of throttle and getting on our lower end for dude. I would have no idea that's so far out of my wheelhouse.

I don't know what a plymouth valen is or a 62 millimeter turbo. Like i said i wish i could answer some of your guys questions. But you guys got to understand i'm just a regular old schmuck that works on you know junky cars. So as far as doing custom.

Tuning. And stuff. Like that is as far beyond. Me dude.

Um. Oh. Let's see. He said.

He bought a robin air led. I never seen my video with the ld7 first time. He opened up got an air master checker replace sensor sent it back and i'm considering ld7 was not happy oh. That's interesting because uh.

I've only ever had to put the the heated tip sensor on mine. I think twice in in several years that i've owned. It and that's the message it gives me and believe it or not when the last because i put on it this year. When i got a brand new sensor tip from robin air.

They're like 50 bucks. The first one i got was bad a brand new one around the box. I wonder if they're going through a spell of them or something because they end up just sending me another one and it works fine just the tip itself. Though so.

Thanks. Rick. So. Yeah.

Uh do i bow hunter gun. Hunt. Yes. Both baby.

But uh. Uh jay. We already talked about jay. He quit he just he just quit one day.

So i try not to be a prick. I don't think i'm a prick um. But yeah yeah on your robin air uh thing. There.

I'd give them a call. See if they just send you a new one. But like say you sent it back. But yeah probably just had a faulty tip that's weird because that same thing happened to me so.

But uh yeah. No no notice just just said this over man show's over fella. I don't know why this thing isn't uh scrolling here. Oh there we go.

But anyhow. I don't know what else to uh well to talk about you folks you've been about an hour. Pretty. Much talking about nothing um.

We'll just. See um. Oh. People are asking about the young ladies.

That worked here. Miss han and miss marie now they've uh moved on uh and grown up to be adults and homeowners and doing their thing. So yep they no longer work at the sma. But that was just a temporary stop in their path of of life.

So that's uh and they're doing good um. Yeah. Everybody's everybody's great my boy. Josh.

He's over there. He's working out good so. He's still he's probably a lifer so i know jay's still in the prny. I guess uh.

What do i think about jasper remands well i got one over there sitting on the. Floor that's a jasper right there big 38. And i'll tell you i know a lot of people. Um oh.
Thanks d money garage for the tips. I don't know what tips and tricks. I gave you but uh anyhow. I haven't personally had a real issue with jasper.

We do a lot of their trainings and engines. I don't say a lot. But if i do a remand unit that's who i do and i'll be honest. I haven't had any warranties or any issues.

But we're pretty particular you know when it comes to you know putting them in and make sure we're doing a good job and stuff so perhaps that's some of it. But i know a lot of people online. You know kind of grape about them. But in my personal experience.

I've had good experience with them so we just we just keep using them um. This guy's got a 99 tahoe with the big five seven american filled engine. I don't know what that means uh misfire cylinder. 400 load.

Uphill and towing. Throttle. Body. Said.

Hone valve guide. Oh. Tb. 2000.

Is ignition good uh. Not sure. So. I've had a lot of experience with those five sevens back in the day that would develop a misfire uh uphill under load and towing and it was a belt hanging in a guide i've actually done a video on them it was on a chevy 43.

Uh. Which also had the same problem. You know obviously they use the same valves and guides and stuff so same issue and the valve will hang in the head. It creates an intermittent misfire.

Though so if you're just you know you got the pedal to the plastic. And you're going up the hill and then it develops a misfire and you pull over and it's like and then all of a sudden it fixes itself about 90 chance. That's what you have going on so uh like say. I did a video on that on a chevy s10 or s10 blazer.

Same thing uh. But those those older tahoes with the five seven same same issue. Yeah. The bell guides hang up in the hedge.

So. But um. Doug wants to know if i have any suggestions on my scan tool that will read data from uh from the obs f250 powershell wbd2b1 hybrid connector without buying any specific adapter boy. I don't know douglas.

I do have a guy that has a 97 f250. I think that has both the connectors or 96. Rather. I think it was with the power stroke.

And i know i've read codes out of that and transmission stuff just with the all tell. But you know again that's something i don't have a ton of experience with because i don't usually see vehicles that old uh. Most you know 96 f250 uh. Where they started making that transition.

I think it's over like over on a passenger side or something wasn't it. And um over in the middle of the dash or you know middle below the ashtray or something. There. I haven't had an issue reading them with with the all tell.

But you know i only have one customer. That has one of those um uh anyways. Let's see uh tim said. These over on the patreon thought i'd retired no i haven't retired yet um keeping the one wheel brake jobs coming uh that's what we do uh so thanks tim and just for the record.
We do uh. We do do both wheels eventually so only one on the video. Though just take whatever we do here and do it on the other side um do i ever plan on coming to southern california. Absolutely not it's the only state worse than new york or equally as bad i don't mean that in any way to offend anybody.

But yeah no i don't have any any plans in the future of going to california. So um. But anyways gosh. I just wanna get back to the chat here uh thanks a lot kyle.

Um your 2010 sedona has rich codes on bank. One and two would i recommend without replacing fuel injectors can i just clean them out i wouldn't go just winging fuel injectors at it at all i would figure out what's the cause of the rich code and the easiest way to do that is give yourself give yourself a list like i'll make a list like you know i want to what can make the car run. Rich you know yeah you can have fuel injectors. But what are the odds of fuel injectors going bad on both banks well.

It's about zero percent. You know what can cause. It. Fuel pressure.

Is too high faulty fuel. Injectors skewed mass airflow sensor skewed. Map. Sensor.

You know too much fuel pressure stuck open canister purge valve. So there's lots of things i would make a list and then i would go down and look at that stuff you can have you know a faulty air fuel ratio sensor on both banks probably not you know so there's things like that that can cause rich codes. I would make myself a list. What can cause rich codes and i would just go down through and start checking them off and most of that stuff you can just nap down like super quick.

So you know restricted air flow. You know just just start just start brainstorming you know with somebody and make that list and go down. Don't go winging injectors at it it's particularly if you're going to get them on ebay. Because you're just going to create more problems so figure out what the problem is then fix it don't just change.

Some parts yep uh. Let's see if i had to replace the tundra with another truck. What would it be it would be with a 2021 tundra that's what i would buy mid 90s for ford here and looking. I wouldn't get the new.

Tundra the 22s or the 23s with that new 35. Twin turbo in it i really should have bought a 21 tundra just because i drive a 13 and even mrs. Though said you should just go buy a new 21. So you always you know you have it.

But they still got some crap on it you know they've got the you know driver assist systems and the lane keep assist and all the garbage you don't need on a pickup truck. Which ends up being a huge pain in the ass with a snow plow and when you're towing. I don't know i hate cars. But it's what i do so.
But if i had to go buy a new one and didn't really care about some of the garbage on it i would probably be looking at a 2100 if i was looking for something as new as i could get but uh that's it and who knows maybe that three five twin turbo or the three five and hybrid are good they have a tremendous amount of power. I do know that but it's just not it's not for me. I i tend to keep uh keep my trucks too long yep. But anyways uh uh when you go on vacation.

We already went on vacation uh. We already gone and come back so this guy's got a 14 silverado with a mobilizer so it pops every couple of months. I've disconnected battery reconnected to get it to work dude. I wouldn't have any idea on that eric um great name by the way you must be a handsome man.

Your best bet is is to if it was me and you really wanted it fixed is when it's broke. I know it's gonna sound super inconvenient. But when it's broke and you have immobilizer issues you know i would try my second key. If my second key didn't work.

I would leave it broke and probably get it towed to my um get it towed to my shop. Because on a 14. That should still use a key. So you're not worried about like you know batteries and your key fob or anything.

Like that because you're still you're still using a key that's that's what i would do leave it broke and you know take it in so am. I hiring no i'm not hiring so moved to tennessee. We get all the libs from new york california. Why did they all since people stay there uh well.

I'm hoping to move someday. But we gotta wait till. We get retired tennessee is on our is on our radar. So that is one state.

We've been looking at i would love to stay in appalachian mountain region to be honest. With you i don't want to move any place super hot. But i need to get the hell out of this state as soon as we can since my kids are all grown up and established it's adios prny. I'll tell you that much.

But i don't want to move someplace hot and humid tennessee's probably pretty hot and humid. But i tell you i love pennsylvania. But you know politically it's just as bad as new york so i don't know the whole world's stuffed up anyways. So who knows i just end up staying here uh eric what uh vehicle this is from jj.

I call them uh what vehicle that you worked on this year. That made you throw your hands up and nope. I'm out make you rethink my career uh. What have i thrown i haven't thrown my hands up on anything this year.

I did have a fella come in with an older chevy tracker and it was just a nightmare. You know no parts available. Everything's discontinued for it had some evap stuff he really tried to source out some used parts got a used gas tank and used evap stuff. But it was just a it just didn't it didn't work out shook his hand sent him on his way just like you know.

It's just gonna be a show trying to jerry rig this whole thing to make it work and make it sealed up so it just didn't work i felt pretty bad. But you just it is what it is man. I mean. This is new york dude.
Things are rotted lord. I'm getting all kinds of suggestions where to move i'll tell you what we're going to do when me. And mrs. Orr are able and you know lord willin.

We would like to go and visit all different places throughout the united states and it is on my bucket list of things to do before i'm at old duff and if if everything works out when you know hopefully my kids grow up and don't be jerks and get jobs and get established and start their own families and stuff uh mississippi. We would like to we would like to travel. We like to see the united states before before before we're old and before it's inconvenient and you know before you have all kinds of physical ailments or limitations so what our intention is or what we dream about and what we talk about when we're laying in bed and staring at the ceiling is what what would we do if we were retired you know if we were to you know sell our business and you know if we were financially able to retire. Which hopefully we will you know someday you know what would we do and we think about that when we talk about it because it's fun to dream about that stuff and hopefully someday it becomes reality.

And i think what we would do instead of you know having a camper and traveling and seeing everything we really like to rent airbnb. It's like we go somewhere we usually get an airbnb instead of a motel. And it's kind of neat because a lot of times. You're like you know you're in the community in which you you know you're at the airbnb.

So it's like you got your own little house. You know so we would likely pick places that we would like to see let's say for example. We wanted to go to utah or we want to go to texas and we were retired we had no obligations and you know our kids are doing their things and stuff. Like that we would go to utah and perhaps we would get a couple different airbnbs throughout the state and stay you know this place for a week and then go to another place for a week and just check out different areas and then you know travel to you know another state and see see some things like that so that's what we talk about that we would like to do and i think that would be pretty fun because you would really get to get to see a place

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  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jerry Gilles says:

    Eric how old are you man?

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kurt Asche says:

    I’m a Toyota guy too…had a 2002 Tundra V6 Man. Trans. Replaced clutched at 263K. Bought a 2021 Tacoma and then sold my Tundra with 536K for $3k. Got a lot of life out her and still see her on the road. Miss that amazing truck but happy with a newer Toyota, hope I get the same life out of it. Keep up the great videos Eric.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike says:

    Move to Ohio

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars robert hawkins says:

    I want some information on the people who visit you at the shop. Do you fans behave for the most part. What do they bring you? Did any of them bring you something strange? and lastly is your sense of smell totally back now.

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars arnie W says:

    Have to join Scotty in Tennessee.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DIY Dave says:

    Eric, I hate that I missed the WUW, but I watched most of the replay and if you ever move, c'mon to Oklahoma. Yeah, it can be pretty warm in the summer, but I still think you'd love it. And I hear ya on the 2022 Tundra, and in the same vein I'm thinking about a V6 Tacoma for myself before the 2023 redesign 😕

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Timmy Thompson says:

    All good

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tim Page says:

    Come visit Wyoming, yes pretty warm summers but least populated state and NO salt lol.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Al Pha says:

    Mrs O could run cafe up front with ice cream should you be so inclined

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Rusty Lloyd says:

    Bummed missed this. I love watching your channel. Have a 2010 Hyundai Elantra Touring with 193k miles. It runs fantastically and ve always taken mint care of it EXCEPT the tranny. I have never changed the fluid. IT still drives smooth, but the fluid is brown (does not smell). Is it worth changing the fluid and risk slipping r should I not touch it?

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars michael weeks says:

    Try "Liberty " bib overalls it's what we wear here in Tennessee ! Enjoy watching you in action !!

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Corbett Knowles says:

    Try carharts

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thomas Groh says:

    You would love popeyes

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Edgar says:

    Wow BOCES still is there???? I took two different classes, plumbing and masonry. That was back in the late 70's. I've used both skills till even now! I even filled in for friends with their class in electric, they wanted to skip class, I would represent their name on roll call for attendance, then perform the project. I'm not knocking the program , just that if you want to learn a profession it's a great opportunity at that age. I hope the program continues.
    I did get a reagents diploma from New York State, even got 6 college credits by then. I still use the skills learned at trade school till this day.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jaxson Hugh says:

    GOOD LORD PLEASE don’t go into politics Mr O….

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bev carlson says:

    North East Iowa

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Glenn ggward0 says:

    Watching after the regular show. Missed live feed. Wanted to ask question on 05 Equinox with 225k miles. I replaced brake switch yet cruise control will not engage. Autel shows that the cruise switches are good. Keeps saying brake applied. When you step on brake value shows 10.8, when brake released 4.6. Can you adjust the switch?

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brad Hall says:

    You are an amazing guy! You do so much with a business and a family and still have time to entertain us! Thank you!

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob S says:

    Have not seen video for Chevy with AFM; have you done repairs to these engines?

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mikey jay says:

    You're a good guy Eric.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gearbox387 says:

    Can you upgrade from 3.8 to 3.6 or bad move

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gearbox387 says:

    Nice and warm today ?