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Hello, everybody good day, good morning, good afternoon and good evening to you, whichever of those apply at this current point in time, 2007 pontiac grand prix with a 5.3 liter v8, which is awesome. I'd love to have this car paragon very nice nice copyright, 118 948 miles. There is a few things going on with this particular pontiac. I don't know if i'm going to get to all of it today, uh.

It is here for a power steering leak, uh, something about a crossover pipe, the the steam pipe between cylinder heads on these v8s uh. That thing has some kind of a coolant leak smooth. Now i'm no particular fan of front wheel, drive v8s, but this is still a pretty cool car powering down all right. What do we got here? We're looking at the front of our engine.

We've got a new power. Steering pump looks pretty dry. This is uh that crossover tube that i mentioned earlier, so we can see down there, there's some kind of a repair done to it, that's kind of leaking. Oh.

What do we got? What do we got? What do we got? Oh, my god, yeah there's there's a leak somewhere. What is this? Ah there? It is there's some leakage ooh that rack boot is uh torn up pretty bad. I wonder if that's leaking side note real quick. This has actual alcoa forged wheels that adds a layer of awesomeness.

So i'm looking at this uh torn power steering rack boot from the wheel, well area and i i can see some uh some oil down inside of there also not a huge amount, but it's it's leaking from that seal in the rack. I'm i'm actually going to recommend replacing this rack as opposed to just replacing the boot. I can do just the boot. That's no worries, but it's not gon na stop that little leak.

That's in there, however, uh looks like this power. Steering line is the primary offender for this leak right here, that's gon na run to the rack. I do believe that's the pressure line that runs all the way over and yeah. Oh goodness, look this side's leaking too yeah anyway.

The line runs up and over and connects up into this area, and then it's going to continue and move back up to the pump, all righty. So here's how i'm gon na digest this uh, i'm gon na recommend we replace the power steering rack and pinion assembly, which is this uh primary steering gear component right here, uh, while that's removed. I'm also gon na recommend that we replace the power steering pressure line because the line has leaks. We can see the fluid right here, but this rack also has leaks.

You can see here and we already touched on the leak on this side. So a steering gear with the replacement line uh will arrest the power steering fluid leaks. Now, if we follow this line up, we can see it runs under the belt as it approaches the alternator and the power steering pulley. So, let's get a look at that from the top side: real quick, that's a very cramped engine compartment because they stuck a v8 in a v6 sized hole yeah.

We can see right here where the line comes up and then goes into the pump right right through there. This hose is the connection that goes to the reservoir, and then i do believe that the return line comes up on the back side here, roots around and goes back into the reservoir. So my plan of action is as follows: make the primary what oh it was full, but what'd you do smash it with a creeper and make it unfall. Oh yeah.
Let's smash it all in with that. Now it's not full yeah see. This is not a full trash can now you got like two more days left on this trash can good job buddy, it's like when your wife says to take the trash out, because it's full and then you just take the bag out of the can, and now It's no longer full, so it can stay there for a little bit longer. Okay, first things: first, we're gon na go both sides: we're gon na break the jam nut loose on the outer tie, rod and uh pull the tie rods out of the steering knuckles.

The reason i'm going to break the jam nut loose first is so i don't have to like struggle with it once i get it out, it's on the ground yeah. That was easy. Oh look at there can't tell if that's a coat hanger or a cotter pin. Yes, oh there we go i'll.

Just do this to the easiest way or not. It came right off there turn it easy peasy. Now i'm gon na need to let the sub frame down some. So i can get access above it just to make a bit more space.

So when i do get this steering gear unbolted, i can slip it out through this opening, so we're just gon na pull the bolts out some left this unit down and for safety. I'll put a couple threads back there, we go same thing with the other side, so the steering gear right here is held onto the subframe, with one mounting bolt right there and another one right there. Now, i'm not gon na be able to get to those, because this uh sway bar is in the way so we're gon na go ahead and just uh take the sway bar loose off of the frame, and then i can have access to those bolts. Okay.

So our well lubricated sway bar bracket is uh bolted to the subframe from the top. So i'm gon na try to sneak in here with a 13 mil and get the bolts out a good, solid, reverse click that one i'm not so sure about. Oh there yeah could have gotten in some trouble on that one come on yeah there we go so this leak is actually uh bigger than i thought all that happened in the 10 minutes. We've been parked here.

That's a lot of leaks anyway. Here's the bolts! I need to get to and on the back side i think, there's just a nut. Yep 18 mil nut that holds it in all right. I'm probably gon na have to just remove these manually.

I don't think i can fit any uh any tools in there. Oh, maybe i can we'll see how this goes here we go. This is taking longer than i guesstimated, i'm shoving my tool in and i don't care what the consequences are all right. I think that's one.

Oh i'm out of bolt look at that look at that. I don't have enough space what come on. Maybe i can pull it down. Nope really! Well, that's not fair yeah! No, i don't accept this more pry bar fry hammered here now now we're cooking with crisco.
Look at that gravity. All right! There's one one more over here: we're good all right, vault number, two uh dude, all right the unit should be mostly free sure, is yep all right. It's free now, good okeydokes, so uh before i can uh think about removing this unit. I need to disconnect the uh the lines there's two lines up at the top right there and right there, and then i've also got to disconnect the steering column.

These lines are fun. There's a like zero space in there to play, with kind of like that, ac compress around the board, but i'll get it slowly. But surely i will win this turtle race. All right! There's one! I got one off! I've got to get the one behind it all right, so a visual simulation up here is rather limited due to uh the darkness and the space, but i do have the second fitting loose and it is coming off there.

It is got her right. There got it all right. Next is steering shaft and uh. Then i can uh maneuver this thing out and uh we'll see what kind of shape it's really in all right.

Let's go ahead and get into the wheel. Well, here and uh we'll see we can do about getting this shaft off. There's a little sleeve right here that covers up the universal joint yeah, push that up and uh. We can see the kill people bolt right there.

That's the one that clamps the collar of the steering column down to the shaft, we're not listening, hey guys, the phone's ringing. I don't know if you know this is just getting out of hand. Isn't it the phone doesn't stop. Okay, we need an 11 millimeter on an extension to get that bolt out got it.

Let me uh break the torque real quick unclick come out, got it all right! Prybar, i'm just gon na pry, the collar up off of the shaft, see right there. Okay steering column is now free from the rack. I think i'm gon na need to lower this subframe down some more so it is going to need some more support. Lowering it down.

I mean i'll pull this bolt out and the other one over there, but i'm not doing that without something to hold it up, because i'm not going to die today. Oh not from that, i'm man i don't know immediately or whatever not going to die over a pontiac sweater down yeah, oh all kinds of more space showing up here dude. I should have done that to begin with you, let's raise the rack up. Let's see how much more space we can get.

Oh that's all kinds of room. Look at that all right! That's probably good! All right, let's see about getting this guy out of here, almost come on. I think the lines are hanging it up. Let me check the other side.

I can't even see what it's stuck on. It must be the two fittings right there. I see one of them on that side. They must have moved here there.

Now it's moved dripping on my leg. It's not good! Oh, come out it's that line again: oh yeah, there's the carnage all right. It's a built-in power steering flush, throw some of that on there. Okay.
What i want to do now is we're going to put one of these bolts back in and get this jack stand out of here then i can lower this car down and we're going to go ahead and finish up by pulling this line out, which runs way Up to the pump up there safe coming down all the way down all right, this cover's got to go away again. Let's get this out of here and the power steering line comes up right through here. That's it right there and it bolts to the pump right there. So uh, i think i can maybe get behind it and uh get the line off without pulling the pulley off of the pump say that five times fast see back to the 11 millimeter again.

These are 11's. I don't know why. That's like the theme of this week. It's 11 millimeter week.

Everything is 11.. That's got to go 12 millimeters. Let's get this thing out of the way. If i can kind of not really many places, to put it all right.

Well, right about here is as good as this is going to get as i take this apart and then take all the connections off um. Looking back at that power steering line, there's no way, i'm going to get that off without pulling the pump pulley off, because the pulley is extending out past the uh, the hex on the nut. So i've got to pull the belt and pull the pulley. And then i can replace uh or remove that line.

That's uh! That's! What's up next true! First, the belt's got to go so this was silly. I've got the uh serpentine belt a little loose here problem is, i had to do it with a pry bar there. Uh there is an automatic spring-loaded tensioner down here. The tensioner is back behind this part of the body and i couldn't get a tool on it.

So i put a pry bar up under this pinch, weld against a lip. That's on the tensioner, just kind of pry. The tensioner down and uh that's enough to relieve tension. So now i can actually remove the belt good times.

With the left hand, i'm actually reaching up pulling on that pry bar and it's working the tensioner, giving me space, let's just tuck - that down here out of the way i don't want to take it all the way off no need, but i do want it out Of the way yeah, i don't, i just don't think there's any way i can. I can get to that fastener without pulling this pulley off so off. It goes okay, so i've got a specialized tool here for just such an occasion. A little clamshell thing that slips over the pulley that way there's two sides of it: they slip over and they're gon na pull on it, they're gon na pull on it by way of this uh.

Oh, what do i wan na call this extractor? I don't know all right: this is going to grip onto right here and right here and, as you thread this in this is going to push against the stud on the pump and it's going to pull the pulley off of the pump. That's the idea anyway. Let's do it don't worry about that battery? This is the negative terminal right here. It is safe.
There we go okay, oh i felt it moved. It's gon na come right off no prob. Here we go that's the little fitting i needed to get to. Okay.

I think i can just get that with a the crow's foot wrench, since it's at this weird goofy angle, unclickage there we go. That was easy. Oh no! You don't! Oh no! You don't! I've had this thing for 20 years, you're not going anywhere. It's like the last of the craftsman tools back when craftsman actually made tools, i'm not about to lose this.

I will pull this engine out of this car to recover this tool. It's one of my originals. I bought this tool before i even had a use for that tool. All right, i think this uh line is bolted on down below somewhere.

Let's go back down there and find it yeah again. I hypothesized that the little clamp is right about there, so i can't get it i'm gon na, let the subframe down again. Maybe i get enough angle dangle generated to put a socket on that thing. Okay, i can get to it now.

Let's see it is gon na be right. Yeah, you see it right there in front of you there. It is that little strap right right. There yeah one strap one bolt, that's what's holding the line in what is that a 13 or something? I think that's the right one, it better be yeah.

It looks like a 15. okay, let's get out of here. Okay, so i had to reach down a whole lot with a itty-bitty little ratchet and get that bolt out. I have it right here.

I did not record it because there was no way i was gon na get two hands and a ratchet and a socket and a flashlight and a gopro uh down in this little hole all by itself. So uh i just had to get it done and fill you guys in afterwards, so now that that's out of the way, let's fish this line out and then we'll proceed with uh sticking, the new one. In again, this is not doing things the way i want them all right, so this line has a lot of bends in it up here at the area where the space is uh, the smallest. So i think i'm gon na pull the pull this line out.

This way and then feed it up and out, i think that's gon na work out best and if it's not i'll, just chop it off and deal with the consequences of installation later. Okay, so you're gon na come out through the top come on out of there. I don't i don't want to fight. I really don't not in the mood there's so many bends in this line.

I just can't get a good path to extract it. Maybe if i twist it and go around yeah how about, if i rotate it from the bottom side and just kind of tug on it until it comes out, let's try that so i've got the goofy weird part out here. It comes guys. Don't let me forget the way this went back in okay, so we we're pointing up and away and doing this inverted.

Okay, new line is here: let's match it up and make sure it is correct. Um looks like it all. The bends are similar good, good, good. Good yeah, this is correct.
We just need to transfer this clamp over because i'll have to put that back on. If this clamp does not go back on for this little grommet mount thing right here, then the line will move and it's going to touch the belt and the belt will actually cut a whole line, and that would be bad. We don't want that to happen. So how did we do that? The first time we were away from each other pointing away going up, goofy angle got it.

Okay goes like this, hey hey, look at that it went in all right and the other piece is oh heck. It's right! Look at that. It went right where it's supposed to go. I couldn't have done that any better.

If i tried how about that, that's cool all right: okay, uh, i'm gon na turn the cam off. I'm gon na go down there and uh and attach that uh little mount bracket thing with its fault uh, like i said you guys, aren't gon na be able to see so i'm not gon na report. It check back in a moment. Okay, i paused for a minute.

I think i've got the uh. The fasteners started, i'm trying to get the cam in there to show you guys. I i don't know if you can see, but you can see right in front of you there's the little bracket and the bolt is in it. So i'm just gon na go in some more with my fingers and tighten that bolt down.

This is actually quite cumbersome. I can get it, though, all right, it's right there, this bolt thing is kind of seriously. In my way this would be easier to do with the engine out just laughing at myself, man, i'm always all right. What are you talking about? One ratchet click at a time.

Camera gravity lost, it lost my nut. Yes, sir nope they're not but they're, just so used to dealing with things that nothing phases them anymore. This is a cool tactic. I've got my middle finger on the socket and then i've got my index finger here, picking up the ratchet and i'm letting gravity work against the ratchet to rotate the socket it's slow and tedious.

But it's actually working for once gravity is on my team. All right! We're reaching tightness, i can feel it. Okay, let's go ahead and secure the line to the pump that way it does not get forgotten, because that would be bad here we go, whoa give it back. We've been through this line, clickage all right.

Okay: let's go back up, we've got the new steering gear right there and i want to go ahead and slip that thing in and get it mounted up see all that exxon valdez action. This thing was spilling everywhere. You go back into your home, you get back there under the wire. Please there we go all right all right, steering gear time to go home.

Okay, i need to let this uh sub frame down ever so slightly again. So i'm gon na put my support back where it goes and then we'll take that bolt out again and let this thing come down that wasn't effective all right here we go racks coming in, oh by the way these things right here. Those are removable that is uh there to protect the threads during shipping and transport and housing, etc. Oh we're not gon na fight are we.
I didn't think we were no we're, not gon na fight you're gon na do what i want, because the alternative is not gon na work out. It's not stuck on anything. What is this friction? Am i getting friction? No. I am there.

Okay back down here on the lines again, let's go ahead and pull the plugs out of the steering gear and uh we'll go and thread the lines into it. There's one this one's kind of broke, but i can get it out. This line has a new o-ring on it. It's the old line that does not change the return line.

This is where short wrenches are a beautiful thing wrong way, almost clicked there clickage all right see how i'm lightly moving around this line. We're trying to take friction off the threads from the fitting, so we can find the threads and then start to screw in, but the line is like sitting sideways. If there's any kind of pressure on it, the friction's too great and i can't uh, i can't turn the fitting with my thingies, and so i moved the fitting around to create that momentary loss of friction and that allows me to uh get a turn or two On the fastener right here, bro tip one more line: clickage got it all right, so we've nearly got these bolt holes lined up. Nearly it's got to go over and one side has to go down the right side.

That's still a little high up. I've got some pry welding pliers, we'll use those to just kind of force. This thing over there a little bit more there we go now we're in business. I need more pry pliers.

That's it okay time to raise the subframe back up. I want to reconnect the steering shaft. We've got the bolts tight, the only thing that's loose still is uh the sway bar. Actually, you know what let's uh: let's hold this uh sway bar down first, because there's a little bit more space here, good idea, ray good idea.

Isn't that great? How i can just like change my mind, mid-sentence and just go, do something else, uh get in your hole there you go. I've already done. The other side did that, while you guys weren't looking clickage, oh, you got hit with a ratchet a lot going on. All of a sudden, phone's ringing ratchets are clicking.

Viewers are getting hit with stuff. There we go okay. Now we can go and put this uh subframe back up some more and then attach the steering shaft back to the plan that i planned on. Having the first time, i formulated a plan before i ruined my own plan by being on the non-plan plan raw there we go hey how about that? Look at here the collar got pretty close, let's see, there's the hole, there's the relief for a hole and then there's a flat right here which corresponds to flats that are on the collar, but i still think i need to go up a little bit more yeah.
I need to go up a lot more. The angles are causing it to bind or whatever more upage see. If i got it now how we doing in there, you see, i got the i've got the collar kind of lined up just going to pull it down. Now, hang on, there's a flashlight on my face.

Let me move that there see that come on a little more ah got it. You got ta, make the nah sound. It gives you like superhuman strength. Let's put our put our bowl back in long range style there.

We go threaded where's, the ratchet all right. That's my new ratchet there. We go click all right. Let's pull this little shield thing back.

It's not going to pull back! Okay, all right, let's lift the subframe back up until the shield goes over, where it's supposed to. Let's just do that same thing: okay, moving back up; actually, let's just move the rack down there. We go oops, i'm on the lock. Of course, i'm on the wall.

Safety can't do this rolling around there. We go screw it in okay. Second shaft second hole bottomed out, we're good okay, sub frame is secure, hoses are secure, sway bar is secure uh, the connector is connected. You guys didn't see that, let's see, i got the steering column hooked up uh.

Now we have to go back up top and put the power steering pump on power, steering pump pulley there we go pulley, pulley pulley, that's what i said all right. Let's get this out of here and then we're gon na get out of here. Fun fact cardboard makes a great floor cover that way. When you're gon na make a mess, you just pick it up and roll away and throw it out okie dokes.

It is now time to get the pulley back on we're going to use the same tool that we use to extract it, but in a slightly different configuration see inside of that, shaft is threaded. So i'm going to thread this adapter in then we're going to thread this device onto the adapter and then use the flat part of the flange here to press the pulley onto the shaft threads are a little boogered. Up, though, doesn't want to go in very easily. That's fine there.

Now it's got good threads okay, so the tool is now bottomed out and the threads on the shaft it's working yeah. The idea is to hold this threaded section stationary turn this piece in and then that will press it onto the shaft. However, that can cause the shaft to turn if the shaft turns it just unthreads from the inside of the shaft. So you've often got to go back more than once and reconfigure the tool, not a huge deal, but it's moderately inconvenient see now the shaft just turned so it's unthreading the tool from the inside.

Try it again. Oh yeah, we're good now full speed ahead. Cotton and i think, we're good right there yeah it's flush. Let's go ahead and get this out of here.

Uh-Oh parts of my tool are left behind. Whatever do i do there yeah? This is turning into a sacrificial tool. Okay, i have the belt back on. You see that right here again, one of them situations where there was nothing to see, except for, like my arm electron clips, i'm starting to feel like this video is coming up on an hour.
Oh that didn't work. I have an idea. I understand that many of you would like to see this intake manifold come off and that you would like to see me replace that steam slash crossover pipe, which i will do first thing in the morning because i'm doing it in the morning and not today, i'm Just going to make that a second video, i don't know if this is going to work or not, but i'm going to try it. So i haven't said that, as always, i'd like to thank you for watching this video.

I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. Let me know about that by tapping that, like button down below, if you did not enjoy this video, i'm sorry i can do nothing about that. So again, and as always thank you for watching and most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day, see you guys later click.

Okay, let's see fluids, full no pump. Noise, no leak, ah no leak. This is good. Okay, i think we're all set here.

Let's shut her down, see you guys later, victory is mine.

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  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars InsideOfMyOwnMind says:

    Ray made a job that looked impossible before starting in on it look easy in practice although I confess to having forgotten most of the procedure after watching it. (Brain gravity.)

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars F Huber says:

    Glad to see you paying attention to keeping stuff from fallin on yer noggin.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Cherokee2005 says:

    Very cool Vid !!

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Tarwood says:

    Watching this makes me happy that I only spent part of the afternoon working on my 1980 Volare the amount of stress going through working on the front wheel drive cars is more than I can do

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TheOverloaded1 says:

    They used 11mm because they lost their 10mm.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mitchell Forrest says:

    Ouch that ratchet hurt a bit. All jokes aside. Nice work man.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MajorGeneralJ says:

    It's so interesting to see how clean the cars you work on are compared to up in the rusty Northeast. Up here even with the cover that steering shaft would probably need the ears spread a bit with a chisel and then some hammer action to push it off of the rack.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars M Lemo says:

    You WON'T win the turtle race and DON'T call me SHIRLEY!!

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tembleque says:

    House of of the Rising Sun!

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stephen Morgan says:

    No 4K recording today?

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars D Sloop says:

    I have a 2006 Monte Carlo SS. It's a pretty cool car. Replaced the rack, all 4 struts and springs, 180k and it runs great.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Samuel Crowe says:

    You did a great job Ray.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Sample says:

    I’m coming to you if I ever need the trunions replaced on my AMC Ambassador (embarrasser) wagon.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matthew Sykes says:

    Good morning Ray (I'm correct as it's 2am for me) I hope you and family are well and having fun.
    Watching a pro at work is a pleasure to the eyes and ears, then you go and do vids on top of that…. do you even rest??
    Awesome guy though I did wince a little at the swedish nut lathe being used… and yes that vid of his cracks me up every time