Huge Leak! Front wheel drive V8 Pontiac GXP 5.3
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Hi everybody good day to you good morning, good evening good afternoon, whichever one of those applies to this current point in time. This is a 2007 pontiac gxp with a 5.3 liter v8. That's right back in the day they used to do v8s in a front wheel, drive configuration kind of cool kind of not but mostly just cool. This is the second video i made in this car on the first video.

I changed this uh very hard to replace power steering line, and i also replaced the power steering pump for that big giant, fluid leak that this thing has so now. That's all buttoned up what we're gon na do next is pull this intake manifold off, because, right here and right here and in between the two there is a coolant, uh steam pipe crossover passage that connects uh. The coolant passages on this cylinder head to that cylinder head and that pipe, which is metal at the base of it, has a little leak uh where the nipple comes out for this hose right here and it has since been repaired with jb weld or something. But we're gon na go in there and replace it with a new unit, so uh.

What we need to do is get all these uh hoses and wires, and things of that nature out of the way, pull that aside we're gon na unbolt. This intake pop it off and we're gon na, come in from the back side of the engine here and we're gon na pull that pipe out and replace it so stay tuned. This is gon na, be a really good video, oh, and by the way, if you missed the first video or didn't, get to finish it or would just like to go back and re-watch it. I will put a link down in this video's description that will take you back in time to the first video, okay, so first thing, i'm gon na do is just go in here and pick away at all the small stuff that needs to be removed in order To gain a little bit of space, we've got some pcb stuff.

Some uh evap purge valve connections, et cetera, et cetera, we're gon na get all this stuff out of here insert foot and mouth. I cannot unconnect the connector there we go all right, you can uh! Well, you just go back over there. You stay out of the way. Let's pull that guy off, that's disconnected! Oh here we go there's another connector.

Let's get rid of that come here. What is this defeated by a map sensor? What are you glued on here? I used to play a little game with myself that came out wrong on these older gm's. I always like to see how far i could get into the engines with just a pocket screwdriver and a 10 millimeter. I'm gon na try that again today.

Here we need to generate space for this wiring harness, so i'm gon na just get everything unplugged. This is actually a really tight squeeze. Well, it's a v8 inside of a v6 sized engine compartment, so everything's gon na be super tight. Come off.

There see you got ta tell it what to do. If you don't give it instructions, it won't. Listen! It's just the way that it goes. We'll move these over here.

Some this thing can come back over here. You stay right there, that's not gon na work. Oh, it's got a connector on it, a bunch of clips and whatnot. Let's get that thing disconnected again with the pocket.
Screwdriver come off connector. What are you doing there? It is it's more like a a mount than anything i'll show you when i get it out of here there there it is now. I can move that hose over there out of the way. This can stay right here for right now, let's get all of our injectors disconnected.

These are the easy ones that one's tough it doesn't want to come out four down four to go. I don't think these connectors have been off of here in a while they're they're on pretty good, come on i'm running low on patience because it's 3 30. and i always run out of patience at 3 30.. I didn't do it, the sound didn't make it work.

All right one, two more to go. I got two more flyers, big ones. I can't i can't get a grip on anything there and there's another one. It's lingering it's down there.

I can see the green on it. There sweet all right. All injectors are removed. I'm gon na pull this uh ignition coil connector away there.

It is put that over here same thing with this o2 sensor, connector down here i'll just disconnect that easier said than done. This is my life. Okay, pocket screwdriver! All right intake tube come over here. All right, let's see, what do we got to do next? First, things.

First is their coolant running through this throttle body, because if there is i'm going to take the throttle body off - and i don't think that there is - is a big old vacuum tube. Take that off right now: that's how you know your brake booster is good. He held a vacuum and the check ball held the vacuum or a check valve. I should have said valve anyway.

Um, let's see, i got all the support equipment removed. I think, except for this little connector right here, that's gon na be fun on click. That's the coolant! Temp sensor, i believe all right now um! Well, i got to break my 10 millimeter rule and bust out an eight time to pull the manifold bracket manifold bolts off. Okay, we're gon na need an eight mil uh comment below.

If you know the movie reference espn 8, the ocho on clips, i'm undecided. If i should remove uh the fuel lines or just try to uh, take the manifold and you know throw it over to the side. I have not reached a decision on that. Just yet, and that's a 10.

there's a little bracket there. It's going to take a 10. okay, what yeah buried, wired or bolt down there. That's that's asinine! How am i supposed to get that out very carefully? You know i was hoping to leave this on because it required the use of something besides a 10 millimeter, but i need to move the wire that is flipping tight, who put that on there so tight.

Who did that? Don't do that again? Live wire! Electron overload. Okay, here we'll put these over here, i put the little cover back over that wire, so it's safe and insulated from electrical arcing. Now i can get this uh. It's not a power steering hose yeah.
That's another one! We're gon na try to leave that here. It's gon na go in with a ratcheting, wrench and see if i cannot get that little bolt unkicked. Can you guys see you see what i'm doing yeah yeah? I really don't feel like taking this bracket off the front of this engine. Considering i just had the front of this engine apart slightly, if i find out i've got to do it again, i'm going to be oh, what's the word aggravated there we go i'll, be slightly aggravating or i could just drill a hole through it.

Now i realize i won't be able to pull this bolt all the way out because they're about you know yay long or so, but if i can just get it to unthread and then hang out in the manifold, i can just slip it out. That way, it'll be good. All right, it's free! It has achieved freedom. So i think the only thing holding this manifold in is nothing uh, real, quick, i'm gon na blast all this with some air to remove any dirt.

That might be near the intake runners, because i do not want that dirt to go into the intake. That would be bad, so, let's bust out the assault blow gun that should be fine. Okay, listen! So here's the deal! This is a sacrificial prop slash tool and the reason it's sacrificial is every time i use it. I lose followers because they think that i'm working on cars with assault rifles seriously, it's just a blow gun with a red dot.

I don't think you can see the dial. Oh there, it is it's. A green dot today see the green yeah anyway, so i got a four grip and uh and an ak site with a crappy chinese red, slash, green dot sight and i'm just gon na use. This little guy to clean out all this debris but, as i was saying every time i use this.

It's sacrificial because uh people see it and they become afraid and they think that it's an assault weapon and then they unsubscribe. So i need you to help me. Combat that here we go cleaning time. Yeah see that's just way too much fun.

It's also great for the floor. Goodbye leaves okay. I have made the decision that this fuel line has to come off because this manifold has to come up and then this way to clear that little lip under the bracket - and it's i don't think it's gon na happen with this fuel line here. So i'm just gon na go ahead and detach this thing.

Uh right now. Special tools required better than this. I think i have the wrong one here. Let's try this one that one doesn't work very well, it's plasticky got it.

It does work very well see i challenged its ego by doubting it. Let us see if my assumption is going to play out the way that i thought it was it's either going to work or it's not we're sorry, you have to drop the subframe again. Oh no way, dude, don't tell me, that's not going to come out um. You are going to come out of there.

I'm not i'm, i'm not i'm just i'm not taking that racket off where if the labor guide screwed me over, i will not be a happy camper. Let's pick the bolt up because it might be catching the threads in the intake, the lower intake. Ah, here we go it's coming out ivan you lose come on dude. What is this? It's like everything i do just works halfway and then it stops working again come out there we go that goes over there.
Out of the way come on intake. Did you hear what i said there we go? Okay, it's out now we can see the part that uh we were looking for. That's got the leak. Okay, let's see yeah yeah, here's, here's our pipe! It's this little metal guy right here! It runs between the two cylinder heads and the leak is occurring.

Consuming right in here looks like a lot of jb welding stuff, but uh that's going away because we got a new one yeah. We can see here there's plenty of uh additional debris that i was not able to get out of there when i, when i blew everything out so uh we're going to clean that out before we put all this back together, there's no way i can put that Intake back in with that stuff there, because i'll just slide across it and brush it into the runners and that'll just not be good. So first things: first, i'm gon na go ahead and plug all these holes and i can vacuum this out and then we can blow it off. Then i can take that uh pipe off and replace it with the new unit got the shop back here.

Let's go ahead and fire it up and clean out all these crusties and we'll wipe it down and uh pull that steam pipe out. So there we go. We have reduced the nasty all right. Let's give this a quick spray down, wipe it clean and uh we'll head over and change that pipe out.

Look at that nice shiny there. We go beautiful! Look at that! That's what we like! Oh yeah, a little bit more, very good! Okay, real, quick, lasting! Let's do this high pressure, like a pressure? Washer nice, oh yeah, brake clean pressure, washer, hey, okay! I have rolled over the futurama looking coolant recovery machine, we're going to vacuum out some of the coolant. That's here that way. I don't spill a bunch when we take that pipe off, so we're going to vacuum the system out and then we'll refill when we're done.

Let's fire this thing up, remove powering on here's our business end. There's our coolness! There goes our cooler. Okay, let's see what we got, that'll do: okay, let's go ahead and disconnect that pipe and get it out of there get out of here. Okay, so up here, we've got one piece of this pipe.

That's bolts to the cylinder head. There's another piece right over here that bolts to it we just got to sneak those little ten millimeter bolts out and then uh. We can pull this pipe off. The heads come out.

It's kind of a tight squeeze back there close quarters combat. Maybe a socket will do better. That wrench body was a little bit too wide when it was hitting this little uh alternator bracket, and this is a cool tool as well, because the socket is exposed through the ratchet. So you can actually put your finger on it to create some friction so that way, when you go to ratchet back, the fastener doesn't re-tighten as you go, the opposite direction, pretty clever.
I don't know if they intended that to be a design feature, but it works. I think that's good, so my guy, who owns this car kind of saved the day for me on this one he was in here once before, and it looks like they cut out a piece of this bracket to gain some access to this, and that's really cool Because that makes my life a lot easier come on threads, they just slowed down slightly. Now is the end i'm running out of threads there's one and another. Oh that's! Oh! What? Oh? No! No! No! No! No! It's hiding out under the power steering pump.

Look yeah that one's back there that could be slightly more difficult to remove. Okay, let's see how this is gon na work out. I really hope i can get that off of there now, like i said earlier, if i have to take a this pump off or take anything on this front cover off again, i'm going to be slightly upset because i already had this stuff off earlier. I didn't think there would be a conflict to uh to get this line out, but uh there might be we'll see.

The real question is, is: do i have enough space once this uh bolt is unthreaded to get it out of this little hole right here and i'm down to uh. It looks like about a quarter of an inch. Maybe a little less is a relief cut in the bracket for this power steering pump. So i'm hoping that's there, so i can get this fastener out and i think oh no way.

Oh no! I don't! I don't know if i can get it out. Guys! Hang on, i need some, it's needle noses, no way, that's flipping, tight, okay, all right yeah! You see how it's uh like a t-junction type of fitting here's, our repair, kind of tape or jb weld or both yeah. We can see right here at the bottom, where the coolant was still seeping its way out, and it's connected up here on top of uh this front cover assembly, you guys can't see what am i doing that crossover pipe right. There connects right up here to this barb, all right, pipe you're.

Coming with me. Okay, i have uh recovered the new unit from the trunk, we'll just compare them real quick. So we know what we're looking for they're the same dimensions, the new one has replacement o-rings in it. There is an absence of jb weld and we also get a a new pipe or a new hose, so this unit is acceptable.

Let's go put it in all right: let's see how we're gon na do this. I think we go this way. Yes, hose comes up. This guy goes in very tight squeeze.

It's tight like a tiger wow all right. That's one passenger that other one yeah. I don't know about that, other one, so i got it out. That means i i know it's gon na go in.

I think it really should laws of physics and all, maybe if i uh kind of change this angle a little bit. Here's what we're gon na do we'll put the bolt in the line and then feed them into that little pocket. At the same time, yeah there we go! Look at that that worked okay! I just need to wrench this down a little bit and then we'll connect. The hose uh-huh we're getting somewhere yeah see how the it won't ratchet, because the fastener wants to rotate.
What i'm gon na do is just reach in with these needle noses and push down on the fastener, and now it's ratcheting. I can hear it and feel it tactics, it's all about tactics, no matter what it is, tactics, incoming click, clickage good and we got ta - do the other side over here. So that's awkward. Sometimes this uh this bolt turns very easily and then sometimes it slows down a bit.

So when it's easy you can tighten it by hand and then, when it slows down, you got to go back to little ratchets there we go almost incoming clickage right about. There. Click all right: let's get the intake prepped with new gaskets and i'll blow out. These intake runner holes because there's still some some dirt in there we'll clean the rest of that out blow these things out and then we'll get the intake on here.

We go. Okay, slap this guy back on i'm uh waiting for my gaskets to arrive. I don't have them yet. I thought they were here they're, not here, i'm still waiting for those to get here sure i guess we'll just go ahead and clean all this stuff out.

While we wait yeah for some reason, you guys hate this. What i'm about to do - and i don't understand why i'm not going to stop doing it and i'll show you the reasons. If you look down inside that valve hope you can see, you can tell that intake valve is closed. Uh all, but two of these intakes are closed.

I really see no harm in taking compressed air starting at the bottom of the runner and then blowing it to remove any debris. I do this quite often and every time i do someone yells at me about blowing uh debris into the cylinder and that's just not the case - that's not happening here. I'm actually blowing it from the inside out to remove any debris that has entered that way. It does not go into the cylinder while the engine is running, let's plug that back up and do the next one and the reason that you start all the way at the bottom is because there's nowhere for the air to flow except out.

So if you start at the bottom, it'll gather up all the dirt and debris and whatever is in there and then blow it outwards and not inwards. Now, if i were to come out here and blow air into it, there's a chance. More debris will go down into the intake runner, but if you start at the bottom, it blows out because of displacement. Here we go four down four to go all right.

Now we wait waiting for parts all right. I have received my replacement gaskets. Let's get this stuff changed out and uh toss this intake back on. I would like to uh complete this uh this operation as soon as possible, we'll give that the old flippity flop will have all the bolts out of this.
I don't want them to fall. No! There's one: we don't want to lose these, not good. Here you go over there. These were probably reusable but yeah new ones, wonderful and they match up yep.

Oh they're, not blue, so we don't know that they're good, it's unfortunate and they were velcros too velcro come on guys you're supposed to have blue gaskets, because shapes and colors stimulate us okie dokes. All intake runners have new gaskets it's hard to see because they're the same color as the intake and they're, not blue, but uh they're. All in there. Let's get this guy back in goodbye intake plugs you're.

Coming with me, no pro tip use other people's trash cans. You don't have to empty your own, i'm just kidding. We value teamwork here, all right intake. Let's do this obstruction located get out of here get out of here now before i do anything else, i have to remember that little bolt that goes in the corner of this manifold.

This one, that's the one all the way back in the it's corner, work yeah! It has to, there is no alternative, all right. Looking good, i think there we go a little a little bit at a time, just gon na take a quick peek under to make sure that all the gaskets stayed and they did. I can see all of them, except for that one on the back, but i can feel that one yeah everybody's good. Okay, thank you fuel lines in the way everything's in the way.

Oh no, the first day it's that bolt yeah. It's that silly thing come out of there there there i've been sweating for a minute. Let's make sure all these thread up. Victory is at hand plug some stuff in real, quick, the easy to forget stuff that one goes there throttle body.

You go right there clickage, let's see, we'll get that fuel line later. Okay, that's out of the way. This is out of the way. Click still got.

Ta get that one it's in the corner. That was a tough one to get out. You guys, remember, of course you do you never looked away. Let's do that.

One by hand same way, it came out quarter turn at a time. I lost it because i'm going inverse left-handed, i'm actually not left-handed, despite uh what popular opinion is, i'm i'm not a lefty at all fun fact. True story, i'm actually extremely right hand dominant so much so that i uh well used to anyway had almost like no skill. With my left hand, i couldn't do anything with it, and i realized that that i was deficient in my left-handed uh proficiency, so to speak.

So i uh, i started just doing things left-handed as much as i could, and i think what that did was taught my brain to uh, better utilize, my left hand kind of like a long-term brain training exercise, and now i've been doing it so long. I actually do things left-handed first and then, if that doesn't work out, then i'll switch it out to my right hand, because i know the right hand is still more capable than the left hand. I know it's weird, maybe uh. It makes sense to me - and i guess to me - that's all that matters, because it's it's my hand.
Okay, let's tighten the rest of these down. We already did that one over there. I know that was kind of out of order, but that's the hardest. One click um, getting actual click stays now click.

What is this there? It is had me nervous for a second took too long, and i just got to do the one that i can't reach my hand is what it is. Let's gauge it use this one to see how tight they are all right that feels. Okay, click, that's accurate, we recheck the rest of them because they settle when the gaskets are compressed. Let's see that one that one turned again and that one and that one and that one, that one's good and that one did okay all set torque, is applied clickage achieved, let's plug the rest of our goodies back in.

Let's do this annoying pcv line. That was here hanging out and we will also reconnect it with the fuel line, not literally there's a clip that holds them together. All right. This guy goes on there.

Little clamp goes back there. This one here, injectors coils. I don't know map sensor there. Oh yeah, coming together now get the brake booster hose next.

That will be alarming. If i forget huge vacuum leak actually, probably wouldn't even run. Okay, all right. Let's see we got this guy, that's gon na go under to the throttle body and into the purge valve.

Oh, what else, what else am i neglecting safety clip for the fuel line? Let's put that on folks like to leave those off? I don't know why guys i had an epic fail. Just now i moved the camera over, so i could uh plug in all these injector wires and this uh o2 sensor and whatnot and the ignition coils. And when i moved it, i swiped the camera, and so i was just taking pictures and not recording so um. You guys missed the part where i plugged in all these injector wires and plugged in the uh purge solenoid and that, but i've already gone through it, um nader wire is connected to the ecm.

I just need to go ahead and connect the power wire to the battery and then we're good um where's, my nut. I thought i left it right here. Where'd it go. Oh no, it fell down.

It fell down, oh no! Oh, that could have been so bad. I'm glad i found it if i had not found it, we'd be pulling this intake back off because it could have fallen and ended up inside of one of the intake runners. Oh no way that was, it could have been so much worse. It reminds me i was uh.

I was working on a 6-7 diesel on a tow truck a few years ago and i put a set of injectors in it, and those diesel injectors they've got a big uh, copper o-ring at the bottom that seals it to the cylinder head and when i was All done, i was counting my o-rings that were up on the dash and i was one short i couldn't find it and i look everywhere. I look into the truck. I look in the frame. Rail can't find the thing, so i walk upstairs and tell the boss, hey uh, i'm missing, i'm missing one of those crush washers for the injectors and he's like okay, you need to order a new one and i said no, i can't find the old one, i'm Afraid it fell into the engine, i've got to pull the intake back off, so long story, short intake came back off, the rocker covers came back off and on the six sevens the valve covers slash.
Rocker covers those are uh they're ported as part of the intake manifold, and what had happened was when i pulled the injector out the uh, the o-ring or the the crush washer copper crush, washer fell off and it landed in one of the intake runners from inside And it was like an eighth of an inch away from tipping over and falling in through a valve. Basically, i'm glad i found it, but it took me an extra two days because i had to just and go back and redo everything i had already done. It was horrible, but uh we didn't blow up an engine that day, because uh dropping a washer inside of a combustion chamber is a nearly instantaneous way to destroy your motor. That didn't happen, but this this is what that reminded me of just now, so always make sure you know where your stuff is, and i uh demonstrated that in this very instance, don't do what i do do what you're supposed to do? Okay, all done with the jibber-jabble ramble, ramblings, uh, let's go and start this thing up and make sure we're all good, no vacuum leaks, etc.

I think we're all set here: vacuum lines are on pcb's on bolts are tight, connectors are connected and clicked motor mounts back in intakes on alternator snatering belts on coolant's full. You guys didn't see that part, but i filled the coolant uh and the power steering is full. Let's uh, let us starting the engine. It is alive turn like a kitten good job, everybody good job, very nice, all right.

Let's throw this cover back on. I got to get the wheels back on it and over to the alignment rack. It goes i'm not going to make a video about the alignment rack because that's going to like triple the length of this video, so i'm going to close this one out right now. As always like.

Thank you for watching my videos. I hope you enjoyed this series on this particular pontiac. I enjoyed working on this card. This thing's actually pretty cool.

If you did enjoy it, you know the drill. Let me know about that by tapping that, like button down below, if you did enjoy it, i'm really sorry i'll do better next time to do the exact same thing so again and as always thank you for watching and, most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a Great day, see you guys later and transmission.

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