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Hello Can you turn that down? So I don't get copy written? bye Yes. Tape measure. Let me see. Yeah I needed.

Well I have nine of them but oh, orientation is locked. Hang on. Try that. Yeah! I Got I got a tape measure in the mail? you guys, what's up? Yes I did I have many? but I I don't know where they are I want to switch? Hang on guys.

I'm trying to set this up. Hmm. rotate device. oh I'm locked.

Okay, hi guys, so there's uh I guess there's like this huge Youtube upload. Uh, error malfunction I don't know what's going on, but nobody can, uh, can seem to upload a video I think it started last night. Um, it's going on right now. So I figured since I didn't get to do the part two video of the uh, the destruction in the shop I would just do it via live stream today.

How's that sound? Hi everybody. Yeah. so so bear I'm just kind of going to walk around the shop and let everybody see what's going on. Yeah, live chat for sure.

Well there's a there's a YouTube um upload glitch or something nobody can upload today. So Eric got one up. Ah no, no, he might already had one uploaded because I upload usually the night before and I post at 6am the next day and they weren't going in last night either. He could have uploaded it, you know, a day or two ago.

So I know people are posting videos today, but I'll I Guess that all depends on when it was uploaded. That's what we have figured out. Wife Unit did. Yes, we have determined that uh, we uh, meaning myself and Cp's garage and Power Stroke Tech talk A-Rod We've determined so far that the small channels though like the under a hundred thousand sub channels, they can still upload.

but the larger channels cannot upload. Yeah, yes, that's why that's why Wife Unit was able to get her video up this morning and uh, and we were not. You were missing the SEC I Know this is the second part because I can't upload the second part. Three exactly.

Uh, hang on. Anyway, yeah, so here's where we're at: I've got the Wall taken down here. We'll start with the front door so we all know the door corner of death. The wall is now down, the ceiling is down, all of the the metal and the trusses and the installation.

All that stuff was down. Um, We're Not Gonna We're not gonna talk about that box over there right now. This uh, this Hood vent thing has to come down and this reflective stuff comes down. That piece of roof is still attached up there at that vent pipe.

so I've got to cut that out. We'll do that later. And we were going to try to save this closet but I ran into it with a front loader and broke it so the closet's gonna go away. Yeah, let me show you guys.

Uh, like the dumpster. I'll show you what's what we've got. The corner of death that remains corner of death is going to remain at Stace hello California Hi guys, no no, it's destruction everywhere. Yeah, check this out.

So uh, there's the there's the machine we used. That's all the metal. all the roofing panels. anything that was metal that we took out of it.
All the metal went on this trailer and everything else is in that dumpster over there. and I I Did not think we were going to fill up this entire dumpster, but we did. So yeah, that is a building in a dumpster. We did that in two days.

two days. Yeah, it's it's a I don't know what it is yet. it could be. Monster Garage it's a beast that's for sure.

hi Cliff Yeah, the stream works out so um, it appears we can go live but we cannot. Uh, can't upload I spoiled the upcoming video. No I didn't don't worry about it, it's not spoiled. My edit is way better than the live stream so no worries.

But yeah people were upset they they wanted to see the the progress after the first video. I Had to do it. Nope, no kids today. Grandparents Have them.

How do you get a hold of me? Email me and then I'll email you back and then and then we can get in touch. That's how you get a hold of me for service. but you can't wait here. You gotta drop it off.

Oh I wish I could transfer this live stream to the computer I Went in the office to sit down I've been on my feet for like four days Pizza All your pizzas ready. See you later Bye enjoy your pizza I made yes I made videos of the destruction I was going to upload that today but due to a glitch in The Matrix I cannot do that I can rebuild the closet I don't I didn't want the closet but I wanted to at least try to save it because having a closet that I can still tear down is better than not having a closet at all. Someone asked what is your wifey next Channel my wife unit's channel is Wife Unit. yeah, just uh.

put that in The Doodly Doo thing there and it should show up. Hey post a post a link in the comment just do that, go into the comment section with your channel and put a link in there and then I can pin that later. Does that work? I'm not this or I have not decided on the lift I want to put in yet I I Thought I was going to be able to squeeze into but it looks like I can only fit one lift in Bruno Thank you. Just do your channel link just do that one yeah Tire alignment I do want an alignment rack I'm I'm tempted to put an alignment Rack in that space over there.

The the problem with that is if I do an alignment rack, then I don't get that extra service stall. And what I really needed was an extra service stall. Thank you Dude Wife, You know, always. Yes she is.

She watches on the cameras. Like see the cameras right there. y'all whatever. you watch the ones at home too.

Yeah, yeah, oh then how do you then? how do you know the things? that? okay, she watches the house ones anyway. Hang on. So what makes you more money these days? Wrenching or youtubing youtubing is not what people think it is. No.

I I make more money working. Yeah, no, it's there's. like you can Google You know how much does whoever earn or whatever? and the it is wild. The estimations are wild.
Yeah. Diesel engine in the closet? That's not my diesel. Um I don't really want anything to do with it. Something about a six seven diesel in a closet? Just it sounds like bad news to me.

Maybe I'll put it in a jeep. That'd be kind of cool. a six seven in a jeep Cliff's head just exploded. No.

I'm already married I can't marry you I don't even know you I'm flattered though. thank you. Look, you guys are commenting too fast Kristen Thank you from Switzerland Brake Clean Fund is has been restocked sorry my finger was in the thing I'm trying to read the comments. you guys are going pretty fast.

Six Seven should go in the Mustang um no, it's been done I'm not doing put a six seven in a Mustang What if I put a six seven in an S10 pickup but I put it in the bed behind the cab. Can we do that? Hi Matt from New Zealand Thank you Blue Sweden There's a lot of people from Sweden in here today Czech Republic Wow Six seven in a mini I think the six seven is bigger than a mini in a boat I I do want a boat one day in my life powered with uh a pair of Duramaxes I I'm I like my Duramaxes but I would like a boat one day with Duramaxes in it. Problem is is I could never justify owning a boat with Duramaxes That's ridiculous to me. It would be cool though.

Ohio Illinois you guys are everywhere Massachusetts North Carolina hi guys Mickey Mickey bought me some coffee yeah you guys still under like a blanket of 20 feet of snow up North Someone said in uh Minnesota they've got some snow going on with Canton Lauren loves Wisconsin no snow cool and I missed a Super Chat Mike thank you Mike from Washington Sunny in Mississippi Seffner Florida hello fellow Floridian Got family in Nashville how's the weather up there Scotland Finland wow they're There's a lot of Europeans around here today hi John thank you Heathrow Yeah we're still checking in. everybody's checking in I'm having a hard time keeping up. You guys are commenting like crazy I don't know how to slow it down on the mobile I can slow it down on desktop so any more shop questions I mean I know I Kind of gave you the grand tour and everything and I did make a video on it just like I said I can't upload it hey Andrew Thank you buddy. Thank you sir! You can't make an office video while we're in the office.

If no, if you do, you can't do that because if you record while they're on live stream, it'll put us in a glitch in The Matrix And we'll We'll end up in this Perpetual rabbit hole. It's kind of like staring into a mirror how it just keeps going back and forth and back and forth. Yeah, you can't do that. Yeah, hmm.

put your finger on the screen. Why are you trying to get my fingerprints there? More lumens gonna need more of the other third of the shop is not lit yet but I do I do have more lights though. Check these out. Hang on.
They're outside in a box 543 Collectibles Thank you Joel from Indiana Yeah I do have a couple more lights right here. they're the same. They're both 30 000, 30, 000 Lumen LEDs and those are gonna go up. A little one over there and one over there.

that'll give me six total. There's lots of Lights find a generator to hook up to the six seven. That'd be kind of cool. Uh I did say once upon a time that this was going to be a temporary shop I had I had a line on a lease on a bigger building.

It's new construction and I mean it's expensive, new construction, but it's in a really really Prime piece of real estate. Uh, the problem is is the people that are leasing the buildings. uh, they don't communicate very well and I felt they were not very serious. Like I said, the building's not even done.

but I couldn't get answers out of them. so I kind of killed the deal John thank you thank you John I killed the deal. Um, it wasn't worth hanging my hat on waiting for someone else to do their job. So I just decided that I'm already good here I've got some Roots planted.

There was space available next door so I just uh, we redid the lease and I'm gonna move in next door so there was a bigger building but that deal is dead and now you know how many lifts. uh I can fit one more in there so it's gonna be at least three. and I'm gonna try to figure out a way to do four lifts if I can. why not use 55 gallons of brake clean? Because I haven't bought 55 gallons of brake clean yet to use in.

um what you call them the the sure shots I actually have some sure shots over here I've got two of them the twin pack so I I can do the refillable brake clean sprayers I Just don't have the bulk brake clean yet I mean I'm still going to use the cans because I like the with the can, it's fun. That's how I get through my day. Very clean. that came out wrong.

Saw lift on top of the lift. Sure. Six seven in a Silverado Blast for me, no sir. Deadly story and how everyone misses this.

Uh maybe I'll shorten this into a short and then we can have the short about the deadlift story or the dead lease. CRC break six seven in a Volvo that will crush the Volvo I Was thinking of putting one of the lifts outside, but there's stuff out there to clean up too, so you know one phase at a time not telling what's up dude. Matt K Thanks brother Glad I could help man I'm glad hey at just words Cliff Um, you cannot Volvos I mean Volvos hang in there till The Bitter End You're not wrong. You're not wrong at all.

They they live forever. They live longer than they should I think Aloha, that's Brad from Hawaii where you at Brad I lived in uh Mililani Once Upon a Time for about 10 months. It's awesome. Six seven in a boat? That'd be kind of cool I'd rather have a Duramax in a boat though.

Fanboy: no sobs I don't know if there's any sobs left I Haven't seen a stop in a long, long time. but if I think real hard I can remember my first sob Lords died she's trying not to laugh. Six Seven in a sob. That's blasphemy no.
I've seen a few Saab I've seen people with a Saab sob thank you. Something about that belt on the back of the engine or something like that. They don't run backwards. No, they don't do that sick.

hang on. What was that? Six Seven in a PT Cruiser no I I don't love PT Cruisers no Stop that. hello Wisconsin Stop moving. All right.

You're right. Sorry nervous habit I'm a Twitchy kind of guy I Do that. What if I put my phone up here and then then can I move? No no. I'll just get a tripod or something I'll do better next time.

It's my first day. six seven minute dumpster. I Hope Aeron's not here to see that he won't be too happy about that one. That's great.

Uh, building my own hot rod? Um yeah. I don't know I don't know if I have the the gumption to build a toy car I mean not not a toy car, but a project car. Something really nice like a hot rod. Maybe later.

I mean oh, the floor lifts Like the in-floor lifts like the flat ones that you drive over. I don't like those. They only get a like a couple feet of height. They're good for tires, but um, not really the best for service work.

six seven in a pinto. This whole this whole stream is about six sevens. That's that's killing me. It's great.

It's like I was kind of a Chevy guy but hey, we see Lauren again I have to move the phone. she's she's over there. she's chillaxing I should just leave you six six seven in a Tesla that's what's up. That's what we're gonna do in a vacuum cleaner.

This is insanity. We've turned into a it's it's a six seven project Channel Now what do we do? Um, six seven in a Dooley do and a trike in a rogue like Nissan Rogue a Pacer a Crown Vic a Crown Vic might be kind of cool. When do we get the video of the day? I don't know I can't upload when we get a video. oh her day.

she uploaded a video this morning. she was able to get one in. Go to uh, Wife unit, search Wife Unit and you'll find her her videos. No, we'll enter the live stream like Matrix Paradox and it'll unmake the universe.

You cannot record me doing a live stream. plus I'll copyright strike you if you do Yes I will bet yes I can or at least I'll try it. It's the wife. she is the VP absolutely six seven in my Chevy maybe in the back on the way to the junkyard.

That's that's the only six seven that's gonna go in my Chevy sorry Ford guys, they're like re, um, subscribe. he's talking smack on Fords YouTube under attack? It probably is. Yeah, it's probably. uh, probably some Cyber attack, who knows or YouTube's just cleaning out its servers for the new year.

And they're they. Just they can't take a bunch of uploads right now. Who knows I don't know Lord put Ray in his place. She she will.
She will. She's very sweet, but sometimes sometimes I have Six Seven in a dune buggy. Now we're talking beastly raffled out for the new hoist. Well it's see.

it's still not my six seven on Rollerblades No Tesla is invading. No, it's not everybody uploading on six seven in a tractor I think that's been done? Yes, my actual name is Ray it's on my shirt. look see right there. it's my real name.

All right. you're trained. Got a marriage certificate? Yep, Yep, yeah. I have a marriage certificate.

Six Seven in a pond. Boat anchors engine blocks are great boat anchors. They're good for like Mooring. You know you just throw it in there and put a buoy on it and then you can Moor your boat to it.

They're perfect for that. They sink down in the mud. Could you start over? You missed the beginning? the yes I can start over? the beginning? was about uh, some kind of glitch in The Matrix and nobody can seem to upload to Youtube and I had the part 2 video of the demolition of the shop ready to go today. but uh, since I cannot upload I figured I would just do a live stream instead six seven in the wife unit.

That was probably inappropriate. No, you got you guys. don't get to do that. I've tried not to laugh right now.

God I just can't even. oops. Did I tell her about the bow and the pond? Yeah, she's she's here. She knows Bone upon Cliff wants me to put the boat that's in the backyard in the pond.

there's like yeah, there's like a there's like a 30-foot boat in the in my backyard. Um, it's like one of those speed boats. the cigarette boat things. it's not mine.

um and Cliff said I should just put it in my pond and then party on it in my pond in my yard. which and the only reason we have a pond in the yard is because there's no public works or Services where I live and so we have to have a pond in case the house is on fire. So when the fire truck shows up, they have a source of water so they can put my house out. So I have to have a pond so I can put my burning house out.

hmm uh I was gonna put the compressor in the cross in the closet. um until I broke the closet with a skid steer. So now I'm gonna have to tear the closet out. so I'm not going to put the compressor in the closet I'm just going to leave it outside.

Hope nobody steals it. Yeah I just opened that wound again. Cows and squirrels. Someone said cat? yeah Lauren gets distracted by cows I want to see it Six Seven in a golf cart? No way.

No I don't I don't know if I can handle that Eight one in my truck. Pish posh? Absolutely not. I will not go from diesel to gasoline. No sir.

Anthony is here bearded Ford Tech What's up buddy, Aren't you at work? Closet gravity Yeah I ruined it I ruined the closet. You'll take the six seven. Let me see if I can acquire it and then um, yeah, we can do something about that. I'd hate to see if they're gonna throw it away.
I'm sure we can. uh, find something to do with it. but if Bearded Four Tech wants the six seven, I can hook you up, just sell the six seven from one. Now it's not my six seven.

make an air compressor out of it coffee table in the office. That'd be kind of cool. They're still doing it. Six Seven in a lawnmower.

You guys kill me. I'm supposed to be at work, but I'm so tired from the past two days I Just want to sit here I Just can't even. Oh wow, 2 800 people are in here I haven't looked until just now. That's crazy.

Hi guys, y'all just showed up. I'm gonna put a six seven in an F-350 yeah, that's original and recycling bin. Someone already said in the dumpster no I'm not nervous at 200 people, it's cool. I'm good.

If I do I can just kind of sway around a little bit. 28.47 washing. Hey, you guys didn't ratio my like button this time. Yeah, there's like 3 000 people and in 1200 likes, you didn't ratio I Mean you ratioed me hard last time there was actually more likes than there were viewers I Don't know how you guys pulled that off.

Yeah, there it goes. Now you're doing it. Look at it. you see? Look there.

Yeah, you guys, you guys killed me. So six seven in the toilet? Hey? can you text A-Rod and have him weigh in on the six sevens? Yeah, we need to figure out where to put a six seven. Can I call him? Yeah, I would. but if I call if I try to call him I'm going to hang up on 3 000 people and that will upset everybody.

That'll probably be worse than the time that I started a live stream and didn't know it and I I wasn't even there for like two hours. was there the whole time Yeah, that was that was last weekend. I was I was fiddling around with YouTube settings and I started a live stream and I left and went somewhere else and Cliff called me like two hours later and he's like dude, are you ever gonna start this live stream and I'm going I Had no idea that I was gonna lie. Yeah, sorry about that.

Yeah, they we're trying to figure out what to do with the Six Seven. All right. that's cool All right. A-rod's gonna come in a minute.

he's going to tell us all right So now A-Rod doesn't know so when he or he doesn't know what's really going on, so when he shows up, I'll let you guys know he's here and then you tell him what to do with the Six seven because he works on those, this is gonna be good. The Six seven is the turbo diesel V8 that's equivalent to like what's in mine. It's what Ford puts in their trucks. It's a 6.7 liter turbo diesel.

What? Yeah, yeah people, people like diesels. Lauren's asking me what is Cliff's laughing at you She's asking me what a six seven is. Six seven in a cat house in your Astro van in a bicycle? Yes, I'm trying to keep up. Oh, it's hard.

put it in the lube car. six seven in a Segway in a dumpster? Yep. I'm gonna put it in the back of your Jeep next time you're over here. Diesel Forever.
That's right, the world runs on diesel. Don't let them fool you. Uh Andrew I'm I'm debating on whether to put an alignment Rack in I actually had a an alignment Horror Story with um I had this blue Jeep in here. it was like a 2019 Jeep Wrangler and I made a video about that too.

but I can't upload that either and the jeep was involved in a front-end Collision Nothing major, a little bit of body damage and it bent the knuckle and some other stuff I repaired the Jeep I took it down to the box store where they do tires and alignments and three days later they called me and told me that they can't do the alignment because they don't have wrenches big enough to fit the tie rods on a Jeep and so I had told my customer that I was gonna have the Jeep back to them. By the end of that day they called me like two three in the afternoon, said they can't do the alignment I'm scrambling to find someone that can do it I had to drive the Jeep all the way down to Sarasota Uh, paid a guy like an extra 40 bucks to hook it up and and get the alignment done. Like basically I spent an entire day to get a wheel alignment done because uh, one of the entire retailer Box Store places seriously dropped the ball. So I'm I'm really, really heavily leaning on getting an alignment rack.

The problem is is these things cost a boatload of money. I Think like a new alignment machine is like forty thousand dollars or something crazy like that. I think I can get a used one for less than half, but still, that's that's a lot of money all in due time. Six seven in a hearse like button is slacking it is.

Yeah, they're not ratioing me. I guess I'm doing a bad job. Six seven on an alignment rack. That's Overkill chainsaw.

It's been done I didn't see A-Rod yet you must be busy. Yeah well. if he was on a call, how did you call him? Oh I'd need a tire rack I I don't want tires. No I don't want to dispose of tires or I don't want to service tires another washing machine Mini Cooper Volvos Shiny a Dyno tuner Um, a little out of my wheelhouse wheelhouse.

words Hi John Thank you sir. Hang on. Someone's unsubscribed What? I do uh, see you while you're that's is that you. Someone stole your uh, your thumbnail Where there's a person called CU and they said they're unsubscribed now and I think that's your thumbnail.

It looks like your moon. Yeah, scroll up a little bit. Yeah, somebody's still give her her thumbnail back. You guys.

you can't do that. It's not okay. it's plagiarism. Hey, there's A-Rod right there.

A-Rod We're trying to figure out what to do with a six seven in a closet. What can we do with it? Cody's here. Stop that. It's not nice.

Yeah, we have a six seven in a closet and we need to figure out what to do with it. Let me show you, we'll go back out there. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no. Hang on we're we're nearing the closet.
Okay I Found a six seven in a closet? No, it's it's. got some, uh, destruction debris on it. but I think uh. I think we can clean this off? Let's get this out of here.

Oh, come out. hang on. It's bigger than the hole. I Can't get it to come out there.

It is six seven in a closet. Don't know what to do with it? Yeah, it doesn't run any. Unimog Now you're talking. That'd be kind of cool.

Leave it in the closet. Yeah. I Don't know what's wrong with it. Um, it's not going to stay in the closet because I'm going to tear the closet down.

That closet sticks through my my exterior wall and we tried to save the closet. but I broke the wall with the uh, the skid steer yesterday. so the closet and the wall is coming down in your. Jeep I could make a coffee table out of it.

That'd be kind of cool. Block the troll. who's the troll Cliff figure out who the troll is. Get him.

Can't have trolls in here. This is a troll free atmosphere. It's too chill for trolls and a smart car. You can come out of the closet.

Hey Rod you're already out of the closet. We know. Don't worry about it dude. he's like this: SOB Just said I am not going to no I'm not going to rearrange those lifts now.

they're I think they're good where they are because the big ones in the corner. and if I have a full-size truck on the big one I can still use the uh the Straight Ahead driving lift. but if I switch them around and put the big lift Straight Ahead it'll block access to the other lift around the corner of death and so by switching them around I just turn the place into a one lift building and that's not going to work. Do I don't know if Goodwill will take that if I pull up and just roll an engine block out of the back of the truck, they they might not be happy about that.

Um, it's not my boat and no Goodwill they'll take the boat with a title. but I don't have a title? Yeah, all you see is wait. what was that? You got parts for days I probably need all the parts for that thing. We should rebuild it one weekend and see what it does.

Ring and kill him. No soup maker. My eye just twitched. Your eyes twitching too.

My left eye twitched. Hmm, that is kind of weird we had. We had eye twitches and Harmony put the boat in the pond. Yeah, you're gonna Cliff You're gonna make me put that boat in the pond, aren't you? I can do it.

That fence is down at the shallow end I can back that boat down into the pond I'll be testing it. That's what we can do. We can test it to see if it works. Six Seven Impact gun.

Oh, who was it? Um, the torque test. Channel Put a a two-stroke weed eater motor on an impact gun. It worked. It's really cool.

trucks doing well. Yep, um, aside from a power steering leak, it developed power steering leak the other day. Yeah, hey. Rod shut up Cliff.
Yeah, he does give me bad ideas Cliff is a very bad influence to get me in trouble. Six Seven Lumens I Could make a generator out of it and it would power lights. The construction is coming along. That was the first half of this.

live. Um, we'll be back up again. I Was going to post a video on it today, but there's no uploads so I figured I would just do a live stream to let everybody know kind of how the construction was going. We've got the wall down and the roof and the trusses and all that stuff down so it's coming along but I need to take a break for a while because I oh that was a lot of work I Just I don't have the physical stamina right now to continue to fix the uh, the light.

The check engine light on the Duramax fixed itself again I drove it around a bunch and it went off and hasn't come back on. I know we missed The Doodly Doos on the phone? um drink more water I twitch Really, you get eye twitches from dehydration. dang I didn't I didn't know that. but yeah, the phone thing I was I was thinking of, uh, take your money Okay, thank you I'll buy a phone ringer with it I was thinking of putting some kind of a phone ringer out there like an actual functioning one because if I'm outside in the shop and the radio's on or something, I will miss the uh, the phone ring in here.

So I I actually do need a ringer outside I don't know if it's going to go to do or not. but um I mean whatever sound it makes I'm sure we can make fun of it. Yeah, hey. Rod what'd you say? Male stamina? Yeah, there's that 40 year old thing that happens.

you start, you start winding down at 40. oops Andrew Thank you sir, thank you. How's the weather? It is like 82 degrees. it's about 70 80 humidity.

It's pretty nice What will happen when our channels reach 500 000. They won't let us upload anymore. That's what happens when we reach 500 000. we're first on the broken uploads list.

I'm a little salty over that I Stayed up probably really late to finish the part two video and then I couldn't upload it. It's pouring rain all 40. everybody's 40 and tired. Yeah.

rebuild I can't rebuild it for a backup because I don't have anything to put the six seven in so it's a it's a useless backup like for me. Hi everybody who's been tuning in, we're up to like 500 more people. So hello, everybody who has showed up. Midstream Welcome Do I think I'll get to a million I don't know, you know I Really don't? I really don't watch that I I actually kind of just focus on kind of quality of content and the rest of it as it does its thing organically.

I Just let it go I don't I don't really focus my my thought process on on gaining subscribers and things like that. I Just yeah, it's not like the prime motivation if that makes any sense. Kids need a go-kart Uh I mean I Well I have a I have a side by side I like that I don't know if I want to get them go-karts so they're They're kind of wild, but hey, how about a six seven in a go-kart She's like no a 400 horsepower go-kart Let the kids drive it. We'll make one that's a four-seater Okay, only if you drive it.
That's probably scarier than one of the kids driving it. Yeah, you've seen me. You've seen how I drive toys YOLO Jump in the pond I'm not gonna jump in the pond. it's it's gross and the pond is not here I'm at work.

The pond is at home, right? Your shop double filled your oil now. it barely runs while idle. What happened? Well, they double filled your oil. Did they fix the oil level like did they drain it back down? because if they overfilled it, they didn't drain the transmission and then fill the engine, Did they do? You have a Subaru Yeah.

If it doesn't run well after they messed up and overfilled it, they need to fix that. Whatever happened happened, somebody was texting me during live stream. That's that hurts. It's hard I can't read all of it at once.

like completely. Yeah, no texting me right now. Do a Scotty killer impression. Uh no no no.

I don't want to pick on Scotty let he does his own thing I could do the guy I gotta do it There We go. That's that's the best I got some inflatable whaling flailing arm man Toyota Be nice to Scott Yeah I know. Seriously though, be nice to Scotty he's doing his own thing. You guys should go over to Scotty's Channel and tell him to do an impression of me next to see what happens.

That would be it'll be hilarious. Well he's got his. well. Scotty's known for his like he's He's real active with his arms and everybody like people make fun of him for it.

Um, he's very animated. Yeah, yeah, he's doing his thing and it works for him and it works for his personality. Will we see more of you in my videos? You'll see me more of me, more of me in my videos. Are you talking about her? She's got her own channel Now she's she's gonna stick to her videos.

Thumbs up! Yep, you had a bad fall. Oh Uncle Bullhorn. You've felt out what happened. broke her hip, fractured elbow.

ow oh man. um no no, don't please don't Uh, don't post links in here. No, you can't do that. Sorry.

plug her Channel add that link. uh, just Google or a YouTube search wife unit. that's her channel name. She took it before anybody else did.

Six Seven in your 87 F-150 That's too much engine for your F-150 sir. Probably shouldn't do that. I know I'm sorry Uncle I I I I Know it's just it's here's the thing. if if you do that then everyone is going to do that and it'll It'll kind of just it can change things in in a not good way.

That's all. But no worries. I Understand Yes, the wife unit is the channel name. There's still new people coming in.

Hi guys, Welcome! glad you guys are here. Oh I Got that eye twitch again Ivan I don't know Ivan in an opal GT I Would not cross-contaminate an opal with a Six Seven Six seven in it. No, we're not. We're not switching to uh, Six Seven in my Duramax No, no sir.
I will post part two of the shop demolition when the YouTube glitch is fixed and I can upload again. If you missed the first part of the live stream, there's like a there's an outage going on with YouTube it it is raining. Will you put my windows up? Run I don't know right there. they're probably in it.

they're in it. Yeah, they're in the admission. It is pouring down rain right now and all my windows are down. All right.

that was fast. yeah. Florida If you don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes and thank you guys for subbing to the Wife unit Channel She's kind of freaking out because everybody's just they pour it in there as soon as she launched it. dots ever work on a 69 Datsun 1600? No, no I have not.

I don't think I've ever encountered one. Do you have one? I'll work on it South Main Auto yeah I I watch Eric's stuff. that's where I I got the my one of my brake clean sounds y'all wet did you make it? Why disrespect? Chevy Yeah, we're not gonna do that. We don't like to cross contaminate it's you know, like you do an engine swap into something and it's always going to be a custom job.

But if you, if you keep with the manufacturer that built the platform, it just looks a little. It's a little more clean and you keep like you keep components that were designed in a similar fashion together. Yeah I Just think it looks better and it's It's a better way to swap something like I Wouldn't want to put a a Chevy engine in a Mustang because you know that deserves a Ford engine. I Have cameras in the shop? Yeah, there's one.

There's one right there. There's some more out in the shop and one out front, two out front and there's some more in the boxes that haven't gone in yet. I have lots of cameras. Teacher can't teach wife camera skills? Yeah.

I'm well. she's working on it. She's she's getting good. It's a process.

It's one day at a time. Six seven. You guys really want a six. Seven in a Hugo is A-Rod Still here? Do you leave? Kevin What do you say? Uh, how long can you go on a warrant input bearing on a Civic Do you think want to go as long as possible without pulling the trans? No.

fix that because a torn up bearing. Eventually you're going to run out of things that are part of the bearing for to wear away and then once that happens it's going to start wearing other stuff. I would I Would just go ahead and fix it. Yeah, once you know something's broken, don't don't let it ride because only bad things can happen.

Six seven a Land Rover nah and a PT Cruiser No, nope, we're not doing that. My favorite motor mine. That's my favorite mine. So you're seven in an AR-15 That would make it illegal in California because I won't be able to fit the emissions package on the AR-15 No stealing stuff.
Yeah, no crocodile. Yes, there are potential Gators in every and any body of water in Florida If there's a body of water in Florida it can hold a gator that includes swimming pools and ditches Rivers streams, lakes, ponds. Etc The Gators don't go in the salt water, but well, they don't usually go in the salt water. but I think it's been known to happen.

Yeah, they just kind of do whatever they want. We leave them alone. They're They're cool. They're just cranky dinosaurs.

They are. they're dinosaurs. They're they're cranky dinosaurs. I'm gonna make that up.

Look here. She's over their face palming like you're an idiot like I Can't believe I married this guy. You're quite entertained. There was a shooting in Sarasota at a car repair business.

Whoa, that's not cool. No, that wasn't me. I would never take off in my car after a shooting I'm saying so many inappropriate things on this live stream 3406 cat I may end up owning a uh a Cat 3126 That's all I'm going to tell you for right now until I own it if I'm gonna own it cranky dinosaur Gators Go wherever they want. How bulletproof is the North Star uh uh no.

Come on man, don't don't don't try to try to rehab an old North Star that's like the ultimate Money Pit I Mean if you can do it yourself, go for it. But I mean it's a good engine. They make really good power. Six seven in a Cat 31-26 Um, the Cat 3126 is a medium duty Caterpillar engine that went in like the I think the class six and class seven trucks.

When am I gonna hang on backing up? Scott asked me uh, when his wife even gonna do her brake job? Um yeah. okay so I've got I've got a broken Dodge outside that I'm waiting for the fuel pump to show up. then I've got uh I've got one, two other cars and I'm waiting on parts one other car I'm waiting to get into the shop and I just cleaned the shop enough after the demolition. so to where I can I can work inside the shop again So I got distracted.

cow? So right? So uh, let me get through some of these customers cars and then I've got some appointments next week and let me get through those all right? Realistically not next week, but the one after that we're gonna try to get her brake job done. Yeah, there's There's so much stuff going on right now I don't even know what day it is. Squirrel Yep squirrel. I'm also easily distracted.

it's just like Punk cow squirrel? whatever I forgot Kristen Hang on Uh, go along with the Civic thing. How can I run with low compression in a cylinder I've got 75 PSI Number Four 336 000 All right yeah it's it's on its last legs. just ride it till it dies. and if you've got no compression in one cylinder and it's got chewed up bearing somewhere 300 000 miles on it.

um I was poorly to misfires. Yeah yeah it's it's just she gone like your Civics on its way out I Hate to tell you but if you've got no compression somewhere it's we're done. it's over 35. PSI is no bueno I think she said 75 PSI but even you need 80 I think it's 80 pounds minimum for gasoline combustion but you or 90 pounds but optimally I think you need like 150 to 180.
rebuild the motor. Yeah see the problem with rebuilds is they cost just as much as one that's already been rebuilt. I did not just turn into a Scotty that's not nice. What did I do Scotty would know I did not turn into a Scotty yeah, just throw it away by Toyota he has Toyota tattooed on his chest.

He might I don't know. Six seven in a Civic All right yeah, if you guys all of a sudden subscribe in mass and I get 750 000 subscribers I'll I'll buy somebody a six seven. Oh I should have said that I Shut this up. I shouldn't have said that somebody out there is gonna go and like build a I I Need to wait.

Let's since this is his recorded, let's just set a time frame. Um, we'll give it. We'll give it three months. If you guys can make 750 000 subscribers in three months, I will donate a six seven to somebody.

There We go Now now. I've got an out. Okay I've got an out. I've got a time frame on it.

She's gonna be so mad at me if I have to buy some media. six seven. No that's not a car. it's an engine.

You have an engine. Stop it like no. just no. no.

not till the kids are older. Yeah, I'm I'm working but I'm so tired from tearing down the building that um I'm just sitting around today. let's see and a Kia Soul this whole thing is about six sevens. This is killing me.

Oh I've created monsters 3 300 of them you know I I Came on here and I intended to do like a 15 minute update and it's just like bam we've been here for an hour. You guys are great. Like this actually made my day. I was I was pretty low energy today and I was just kind of dragging feet and I'm feeling a lot better.

Now it's the Positive Vibes going down six seven in a garbage disposal. Here we go again. it's all about six sevens and Scotty no no, no new Mini bed. Not until the kids are like probably in ten years.

No yeah no, they ruined things like with Cheerios there's Cheerios everywhere I Let them in my truck. we get all done I Cleaned out all of the kid leavings a week later I had somebody detail the truck and then a week after that I still found graham crackers and french fries in places under the sea like they they can Trash They have sticky fingers in a new car. Yeah! and I don't want a nuke? No I'm not buying a new car. No, that's that.

No, let someone else buy the depreciation. I'll never buy a new car ever Legos Yes Legos they find their way into my feet. Six seven in a Hellcat yeah 3.2 000 in the chat. Yeah, there's there's a lot of viewers on this one guys.

it's awesome. Legos are evil like you don't mind them and everybody thinks oh, they're not too bad until you step on that one Lego at three in the morning like you need to just get up and you want some water, lemonade, or whatever and then you step on it. That's when you realize the true nature of the Lego uh no, no wife can't be the governor I Want to be the governor I'm gonna do it I Don't know anything about governing that's racist I have I have way too much common sense to not do anything with it. In my estimation, that could just be like ego or whatever.
but I I wouldn't mind being a governor because I you know I sit back and I watch things that are just completely ruined and I go. It's not that hard, just let's just do this and it solves that problem. And so I think if I um if I were able to apply common sense in the future the Governator: if I could apply common sense into politics then maybe we can get some stuff done. and I'm sure I could at least get like 3 000 people to vote for me.

You guys should write me in next election. Just see what happens like I don't care I'll be the mosquito guy I have watched adapt Ape. He's the guy that convinced me that possibly buying that 3126 Cat motor might not be such a bad idea. Common sense is not overrated.

It does not exist in the in the mindset of the mass population. I Do not think it's overrated Wrath Customs Firearms High Ridge Six seven in a danger Ranger Yet I've never heard of someone doing it. The thing is, that's a very very very heavy engine and putting that in a half ton truck, it's probably already overloaded. Six seven in the wife units car? Nah.

Air compressor. That'd be a cool air compressor. Get rid of flat rate. Gut, You know.

Flat rate. not cool. Flat rate? No her. No, that's the wife unit you knew that you'll donate a.

Kia Optima for a six I'm not putting a six seven in a Kia Nope, No shop fan I Don't want to run diesel all day just to run a fan though? I'm not acting yeah Scotty Kilmer for president? Um I don't know I don't know how Scotty would do in politics I Think that guy's trolling me Hey Cliff Are you still here? Is that guy trolling me? I Don't think this here. You left um without a moderator. Faulty fuel pumps common for Rams Um, that 19. Ram with the fuel pump, that's the first one that I've done I Don't know if it's common.

Um, it might be common. It might not be. but I just have not had the experience of putting a bunch of fuel pumps and a bunch of rams. but you know it's You know they build a million of something and you're gonna have a bunch of them fail.

It's just simple numbers. You know? if I make a million toothpicks, chances are you know three percent of my toothpicks are going to be defective. That's just how it is in manufacturing six seven in Scotty's Toyota Sure, electric cars? I mean they're feasible right now. They've got their place.

The the problem is is is we're all being told that electric cars are going to take over everything and it's all electronic and that's that's not feasible I I'm I have no problem living side by side with electric cars I mean we all learned to deal with it when the Priuses came out. Um, But all jokes aside, I Uh, Six or electric cars totally have their place right next to Six Sevens. They've got their place. and I think we can all learn to live in harmony as long as we need to understand that just because you're electric and I'm not doesn't make us enemies.
that makes any sense. There's too much polarization going on. That's why I'm I think I'd be great in politics. You can break down those polarized side-by-side barriers.

Life unit for yeah, they want you to make my the President shirt, make a t-shirt Wife unit for president No. I'm the president. She's yeah. I can't She's got to be the vice.

She's the vice. She's whatever I get elected to. She can be the vice of that micro sapple. Is that what you said? Microsapple? Yeah.

Any budget friendly programmers for programming GM modules I am not aware of of programming and aftermarket tuning is not exactly my, my uh, my wheelhouse so to speak. So I I really couldn't point you in a direction for um, for a tuner or a programmer. it's just It's not really something I'm into. maybe later, but not right now.

Hi Bill thanks for the positive feedback my friend. Ram 1500 with a fuel sender replace the whole pump 160 000 miles you wrote mules. but I know what you said Miles Six seven on solar panels. Yeah, we can power solar panels with the six seven if I wind up as Governor uh yeah, if I end up as Governor then this chat definitely yoloed me into the role that's for sure.

I will not forget this chat. In fact, if I wind up as Governor they're probably going to screenshot this chat and use it against me. But yeah, I can deal with the trolls fairly well. so I I could I really think I could handle like the media slander in politics I'll just ignore him and make fun of them.

It'll work. Speaker of the house yeah she she is the Speaker of the House What's wrong with the scientist? Well well he's not going to be around forever so someone's got to be the governor after after the Florida governor leaves I did think about setting the six seven to I do cars I think Eric would uh would have a blast figuring out what's wrong with that considering I have no idea what happened to it, that's a good idea I hope he sees this trolls equal views. Um yeah yeah they do. Yeah, but yeah I thought you were gone president DeSantis uh Gen X Governor Oh we are getting into the into like the circle of life phase where the Gen X people are are of that age and they're they're in politics.

We shouldn't be talking about politics so we'll get we'll get super canceled. like if I was like donut operator status or something I could talk politics but I'm not I'm not on like that kind of level I fear talking politics. Everything you say will be used against you. Trolls were cool back in the 90s.
Yeah yeah it was fun to troll when it was like original and now it's too far. They send the SWAT team to your house and do all kinds of stuff. Do you like the heavy metal? Christmas music That's awesome yeah I had to change it up somehow I Didn't realize that day but the Mariah Carey Christmas song got stuck on repeat and after I made that video I didn't realize it till the end of the day but I was listening to the same Mariah Carey song for like five hours straight in the background and I realized that at the very end when I closed up the laptop I'm going I've I've heard this song 37 times today and it's still kind of stuck in my head I was really busy I just didn't think about. uh, didn't think about changing the radio station.

yeah, more for not you know I I Got to put the Four Non Blondes in there just to just to counter troll you guys. You know that right? I Gotta even listen to that song very often. but I stick it in there just for you. He paid me two dollars, he gave me two dollars and I saw I'll do the duty Doo there we go.

I'm just gonna sell doodly dudes. He paid me two dollars. so I I had to do it. Watch everyone's gonna no, don't no.

I'm not gonna sit here like a dating it all day bouncing around in the unit. No, we're not gonna do that. Yeah, you knew I was trolling by the fourth non-blonde song. Yep, what'd you guys think of the X-Files uh The X-Files cut away when my kid walked through the frame.

Anybody catch that one? Cranberries? yeah? I'll keep throwing the Cranberries in there. Absolutely Six seven in an EV charger. I'm sure they're doing that in other places I know they're doing uh Cummins Motors Cummins diesels on the EV Chargers And the roadside people. There's like there's roadside businesses where they've got a diesel generator in their pickup trucks and they'll come and recharge your uh, your Tesla roadside.

It's hilarious. Yeah they like The X-Files Scott was digging the Tom McDonald in the background. Tell everybody 21 Camaro SS Nice ride I Heard they were gonna bring the Chevelle back I Think it made it through concept and they were talking about bringing the uh the Chevelle The Chevelle's back I I would want one but again I Don't buy brand new anything so I would I would never own it. It would have to be like eight years old before I bought one uh Patrick's got me hang on hang on.

He paid me ten dollars to do it Lauren can you like make a phone ring sound I I can't do it unless there we go. That one was organic. it's it's really hard for me to make the sound if the phone did not go off and I I have to mock it. You know because it the Dooley Doos they were they were a mocking or Like A coping mechanism for the phone sound I got it for another dude I Just got.

They gave me 15 bucks for doodly dudes. no you just stop it. No you guys can't do that. No, it's not because I'm gonna hang up.
It's been like 70 minutes We've been here. we've been here too long. We're not gonna do that dude. it doesn't matter that one was free.

What did he'll say? Hey guys, let me screw. Let me scroll up here. I missed you Jose um I got Bill Bill we got you. That's fine Jose Jose there you are.

How can I make it? no? hang on an appointment with you I haven't uh I have emailed you as you have emailed me have have you talked to Jose Oh oh Oh oh oh Check it out. Check it out. I I Forgot to tell everybody because I was busy tearing down buildings I made a website. Okay, it is.

Rain Man Rain Words: If you go to the website, it will pull. There's a pop-up link I Put it on my mouse pad. There's a pop-up link and it says contact us or make an appointment. That is the best way to get a call to get a hold of me for service.

You will get the office computer it's that email's address and you will get her and then she will call or email you back or both. She's supposed to do both. She'll call you and email you back and then we can schedule you to drop off your vehicle. I Completely forgot to tell you guys I made a website actually I didn't make it I had it made.

but I now have a website again. It is and it's mostly just a bunch of links to other socials. But um, the important part about that is is you can, uh, you can contact the Shop's email address. so I don't have to filter folks through several emails to to actually make contact because I gotta I can't just advertise it because then everybody will just spam.

Email me all day long and that doesn't work. salty Army's Legion Yeah yeah, there's a lot of salty. A lot of salty people around here. Uh, what else here? I'm so behind on the chat.

you guys hang on trying to catch up. Thank you for the thank you Jay Cooper for the the best wishes and good lucks. Non-stop Yep, dog's there. He's on the website non-stop Good Times bookmark Yep, Oh you guys, that's great.

We're gonna see some traffic over there today. I Didn't tell anybody who was there I launched it like two three days ago and I didn't tell you guys about the website I'm so behind the behind schedule on things I didn't tell them that I I made it live Patrick's rolling laughing up in New York it's a trigger Scott Dooley Do's 23 make phone interruptions great again I I Well I did say earlier I was going to make a uh or put a phone ringer in the shop so we're probably going to get some doobly-doos back. You were unsubscribed from the channel when you checked. Chris Yeah, that's been going on a lot too.

People are finding themselves unsubscribed. um again. I think YouTube's doing a lot of weird algorithm stuff. Um I found myself unsubscribed from people's channels as well.

so if anybody feels so inclined, double check that. Uh, Louis 2016 3.6 Liter V6 One Bank Consistently twice as rich as the other. Could be a high I Don't think that's a fuel pump issue. The high pressure pump wouldn't care.
Um, Oh, I lost your chat? Hang on and the oil doesn't spell and the oil doesn't smell gassy. Um, you may have a clogged cat. You might have a Lazio2 sensor. You could have an intake leak.

Um I wouldn't think it's the high pressure fuel pump causing you to run lean on one side unless yeah I I don't think it's the high pressure pump I would I would check some other stuff first, especially if there's no fuel in the oil. Yeah I don't think it's your pump. 20. 20 euros I got 20 euros for more Dooley Doos in the shop? All right I'm getting really far behind I'm gonna skip ahead.

Did I miss anybody? I Missed everybody? Uh, take the engine out. What of the of the closet? I Will the six seven is going to come out of the closet soon? Hi John thanks for the Super Chat sir 01 Jaguar XJ project Um no I don't I don't like to talk about money on the internet um I could tell you what though doing a restoration on a Jeep Um, it's it's expensive like you're in. you're in boat money territory. Uh, email me and I can kind of give you a ballpark but I don't want to broadcast um, financials and things like that.

but email me and tell me what you want. Maybe send some pictures and and I can I can give you a ballpark Zone on kind of what the price is going to land at. talking and reading at the same time. she is the CEO I Couldn't do it without her I'm President, she's CEO or official.

we're official. Yeah, we got a marriage license and everything that is the boss unit. Don't tell her CEO and CFO um I'm the CFO she's no I'm not. um the tool and Tool what's the what's in the window? a new tool.

which one that window I'm gonna oh over here I've got I have some art. that's my first dollar. That's what's in the window. that's the candle because the softest smells bad sometimes.

that's some shop art. Someone made me that this is my Amsoil uh I guess it's like a welcome kit they gave me. oh Anthony if you're still here I was supposed to tell you what I got and I forgot to do that I got some gasoline treatment, a couple of those, and some metal protector I became an Amsoil Dealer so I can purchase more Amsoil and they sent me that. I've got some BG stuff because I like BG products.

so I'm going to retail those and I also have this excellent backlit fan art. This thing is fantastic that's also in the window and my license plates. You guys know about those Rat Fink Yeah, there's a few things going on. A lot of it's fan art.

You guys have sent me really cool stuff. I have more stuff. Also, there's another. there's like a neon sign in that box.

I have not hung that yet and um I think there's some more out in the shop that I haven't just put up on display yet either. I probably need more shelves around here to do that with. Yeah, your Jeep If you do all your own repairs, your Jeep will not be a money pit that's for sure. You know I Owned a boat one time and I realized that if I was not able to repair my own boat I could not have afforded couldn't have afforded the boat yet.
we can do a collab reviting. Reviving The Florida flooded Copart vehicle I don't have the flooded talking about the charger Email me Best Pixel repairs. Email me, let's see if we can hook up. That might be fun.

Go to the go to the Rainman Race email address, go to there, go to the website and then go to that link and then email me and we'll see if we can't get together. That'd be cool I'm not reading fart jokes I can really only read the super chats the rest of them I don't I can't Are they making fart jokes? Yeah, yeah. We're very mature and juvenile around here for sure. Slayer Doesn't know much about cars, but understands what's going on with the bit or doesn't always understand what's going on the vids.

Hey, I'm glad you're learning. You know if if you learn something even through osmosis, so then you're learning and that makes makes it time well spent Jeep Just empty every pocket. Yeah, hey, you know what? Every hobby is going to empty your pockets doesn't matter what it is. I do use the oil wrenches that uh I went to SEMA for I use them all the time.

they don't always make it into video. they're not a they're not like a One-Stop shop kind of thing where they don't replace every oil filter wrench that I have. but when I do need them, they fit very handy into the spaces that I need to put them in. and again, the force multiplier really helps out in those close quarter combat type situations.

So I do use them. I've got I think there's like six seven of them over there I've got a whole bunch of them. It's the Motorcraft size and then the standards those are for like mobile one filters Ram filters things like that. put a subscribe sticker on the ramp button I will I'll put stickers everywhere.

What is a Super Chat Super Chat is that section where folks donate like you see, you know, a dollar shows up? Um, it's It's a way to support the channel That YouTube came up with and it highlights your comment. and because of that I can kind of pick your comments out of other comments. you smell something. No, it wasn't me.

Actually, it might have been me I don't think I put on deodorant today so it could be me. You're making the wife unit's eyes roll. She's starting to see the immaturity of a of our Collective Minds The construction is going well. um check back at the start of the stream I did like a walk through um on the shop already kind of made some progress I I kind of had to.

the the story is is the the upload feature on YouTube is broken right now and I could not post the video of the construction. so I just did that via live stream today. Uh, vote on Boss unit t-shirts for the wife Boss unit. Hey the orders are in.
They want Boss Unit They want Boss Unit t-shirts Nissan with the reverse O2 sensors. That thing took me forever to figure out it really did those O2 sensors that were flipped backwards on that Nissan really really had me going in my head and usually that's not something that happens often because the connectors tend to be different from side to side just to avoid that thing. but that being an older one, the circumstances all just kind of lined up and it allowed that to occur. No if yeah, don't super chat.

If you guys you know have bills and stuff or you know, consider that entertainment money. Don't don't spend money on me like don't do that. It's cool. Like the wife's unit channel is Life Unit.

yep that's her channel name. just type in wife unit. It'll take you right over to her. Yeah I'm gonna put a lift in that other Bay side and some rich uh no no the well.

let's here's the thing if I put a lift in there I'm going to take the lift if whenever I vacate because that's my lift. Um but no I don't I don't really get a break on uh on the rent is what it is. Boat break out another thousand all day long. Why is she called the Wife unit? um I don't know I called her I think I called her that ingest one day and she started I don't know.

it just kind of caught on it. Really, it just caught on. Yeah, add Wife Unit to your channel list on YouTube I Will yeah I forgot to do that. Oops I mean she is.

she is a unit. She is bad unit and she's my wife. She's oh, you're embarrassed. So I started calling her wifey and it just kind of stuck.

Yeah and now there's other people calling their wives Wife unit. also. Yeah, we've started like a whole new thing here. Should Wife Unit? Wait, it should be Wife unit as ECU and Ray as the drivetrain.

Hey yeah, yeah, yeah, she's definitely she's the brains of the operation. I'm too inking everywhere else to organize all this. couldn't do it without her. The bar.

Oh, we need to know. Um I was working at a restaurant and she got hired at same said restaurant and I threw Capers at her over the wall while she was ringing in food until she paid attention to me like really? I threw food at her for days. There's more of the story than that, but I'll save that for later. Sushi: Ray is the name Rain Man a reference to the movie have you been diagnosed in the Spectrum No, no, um the name? Uh, All right, number one I Love Rain Man the movie that was extremely fascinating to me as a child.

I Love the movie. Um, it may have drawn some inspiration because I I really appreciated Dustin Hoffman's character in the way he portrayed his disability uh, which was in his case was actually like a superpower in certain ways, but it was. It was a drawback in other ways and I really appreciated that as a kid and I kind of did draw inspiration from that like earlier on in life because I recognized his ability to like hyper focus on certain things and because of that, Rain Man ended up as an AOL screen name back in the day and then that turned into um, like a gamer tag name for um, like one of those pay-to-play strategy games I used to play years ago and it also ended up on this YouTube channel under a different name but the Rayman thing was still there and once I started making this kind of growing this channel I changed it a couple times, but I kept what it originally was I didn't want to stray too far from the name and it just kind of organically developed into uh into what it is now. yes, t-aol everyone still has an AOL account.
it's it's out there somewhere. Yep You've Got Mail It's not. No, it's not because of all the brake clean. I actually spray brake clean.

when I'm upwind, you guys notice there's all kinds of fans everywhere I Don't Spray brake clean. unless I'm between the can and the fan. that way it's not all blowing it in my face. and if I if I could smell it, that means I'm breathing it.

and if I smell it I'll hold my breath and then I'll run away because I'm not going to breathe in a bunch of brake lean. it's bad for you. showing my age I Remember when we got AOL off dial-up internet in the early 90s and you had to like you couldn't pick up the phone, you had to log in and you know it made that like the modem sound or whatever. I remember that too I remember we have fax machine that was fancy oh I missed somebody more Truffles and popcorn thanks Jeff I Love truffles.

uh on the rust in your your cousin was impressed with the rusty New York Scooby-Doo with no AC still running awesome that's cool ASL What What? cliff I Don't consider myself a genius Jill I I Some people have made that correlation. I'm I'm not that smart I just I've got I I'm really good at the problem solving strategy I'm 38. I'm really good at the problem solving strategies or multiple problem solving strategies and I just employ those. I mean I'm not a no stop farting Dustin farted Yeah I mean I'm not I'm not a super genius I'm no NASA Engineer engineer I mean I should have should have been an astronaut, but I'm not that.

uh. but a lot of it is just problem solving strategies and keeping your cool in your head. It's ve

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    Can you do a video on your tools and recommendations

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