Come along with me in this video as I fix the oil leak that developed on Mrs.O's 2019 Kia Sedona with the big 3.3. Ended up being an easy fix and it wasn't the classic Kia oil pressure switch either.
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Hey viewers, welcome back to the self-man auto. Channel We have the 2019 Kia Sedona It's got to make 3-3 and it's leaking oil. This is those sets. We need to fix it immediately.

So here's my theory: there ain't no oil in it. There can't be no oil under it. so we're just going to drain it out after we get to the right wrench. Make sense, right? actually I Spotted the oil leak on it just starting about 2500 miles ago.

I did an oil change on it for it and I saw a little bit of seepage around the oil filter housing Where It Bolts to the block just a little bit and then I said well, someday Eric you have to get a gasket for it. Well some day has come because the other day I don't know this is before that week before Christmas It got pretty cold down below zero and she fired up the van and I noticed when she she left with it we don't have a garage, we just park outside and when she left I seen this huge pile of oil in the snow and I said oh so we just been keeping an eye on the oil and the day has come. So I went to get the gasket for the oil filter housing Where It Bolts to the block and of course unprecedented circumstances. supply chain issues, no chips, blah blah blah it's infinite back order along with every other freaking part you try to buy.

However, I was able to get the whole housing which comes with the gasket. so we're just going to swap out the whole housing now. I'll show you guys it should be pretty easy. So we're gonna take and pull this cover down here.

Put them two bolts out of there. Well I thought I Didn't think there was anything else holding that in. What else we got here boys. Oh, we got three bolts one way the heck up there.

I'm gonna have to move you so you can't get up there with a swivel I don't want to pull all the plastic off of this to get that off so we'll see if you can't sneak up in here a little bit sideways. Man down, man down. Oh I See, it goes around. A couple hoses or something up here, all training lions or something.

maybe? Well, what the frig? All right, you guys gonna have to move again. now. prior to ordering one, the last time I was in for oil change I did reach up there and uh, make sure all the bolts were snug and they were and we're loose. Come on, get over here.

try to get most of that in the bucket here. anyway. dang it there we go. Gotta get a little shorter extension and get that top bolt like I said.

I Don't want the housing's cracked or just a bad gasket or what. Imagine if it was crack, it leaked a lot worse but so just kind of unusual. But yeah it was. It was pissing around the bottom of this thing.

really good. uh, you know, just straight down when it warmed up. it definitely uh, got better. I mean she was able to make it through the week without adding just a little bit of oil I guess at a glance I don't see anything I mean the gasket looks pretty flattened out I mean let's be honest, it's a super piss-poor design just due to the fact that this thing hangs out right down here in outer space.
I'm always worried about this. um, you know I mean the front end's been blasted off this van twice now. Uh, you know, deer hits so well. one was a deer hit, the other one was an iceberg.

I guess Oh, she got some big chunk of ice or something. wrote a blue front end off it and then a raccoon. that blue front end off it. So yeah, it's been wrecked quite a bit in the front end.

just light duty stuff. bumper cover got radiator at one time, but bumper cover, all the plastic crap gets smashed off it. and I guess at a glance I don't see you know any defect in this. but I was watching it when it was leaking.

it was clearly leaking out the back. This is what I really wanted to get. but like I say it's uh, due to unprecedented circumstances covered 19. elections? whatever I don't know.

Fill in the blank. That's why we can't get it. Supply chain, fuel prices, Global warming? yeah yeah. whoa.

Too much a little pressure. get some more. I'm just putting a couple of plugs in there. just kind of green scrubby off some of the corrosion here.

I Put a little bit of loaf strength Loctite on the bolts I Do Stop. Whoa. Hang on. I'm stepping in here tootsies there.

I Do shut off the side there with some brake parts, cleaner and blue the threads out there I Just want to make darn sure it wasn't because the bolts came loose and then it started leaking I Do remember when I checked them though, they weren't really that loose. So we're going to get all the bolts back in here. Get it started, Grab us a torque wrench to get our torqued down to the 16. foot pounds it came with from the factory or they're about foreign.

Nine is the magic number 16.8 wherever you end up and I can't imagine the housing would be broke from. you know, just replacing oil and filter because you know we've always done it ourselves. That's that guy in the Jiffy Lube with the 24 and a half inch gun. Let's uh, let's take that out.

Let's just be safe because it is 2023 and that's what we're all about. our safe place or 27. I could say it's supposed to come with the Tilt here got much Lube on that O-ring do I Let's just double check so it's a ruining engine just because of a five dollar oil filter? Yes sir, they got it in there and there was probably Lube on it at some point. Is the OEM filter male right? I Mean yeah.

Okie dokie. Well, let me re-lube this o-ring and then we'll paint her back up. Shortcuts here. She's supposed to be 35 Fig Newtons or 25.8 pound feet of torque.

Oh, not too bad. It's gonna be like a brand new car. No, it's gonna be like a brand new oil and filter though. that's where they had it from the factory.

Oh, a little bit tighter. Good thing you got a fancy wrench there. Yep, so we don't see anything wrong with this Sterling girl other than the gasket was hard. Hmm I don't like those? Nope.
So but I was explaining to people that dude. unprecedented circumstances. Scope 19 Supply chain issues Votings: what other keywords are trigger words for people, lack of people working? uh, supply chain issues we call it. So the hearts for this vehicle are probably on the Shelf at Napa What vehicle the one you just pulled in? Oh uh-oh what are you doing today? We better go talk.

now. it's reused the Crush Washer this time around. Usually the cool thing is with these filters aftermarket at least through Napa or the OEM it always comes with a new Crush Washer It's kind of Handy Oh, let's see I think it's like 32 foot pounds or so on this thing. We're snugs.

There you go now. I Imagine this was probably a warranty issue. probably would have been covered under warranty. I'd be taking it to the dealer because I think these have like a hundred thousand mile powertrain or something.

Yeah, because it's got 70 I Don't know I think she's got just 70 000 at 71, 72, 000 something like that. but you know I doubt they would have been able to do anything. you know being that the gasket was on an indefinite back order or an infinite back order. I should say so what do you do? you know? So we just did.

You do what you got to do I say I think it holds six and a half or almost seven quarts so we'll get her filled up. We'll start it up and uh, make sure it's not leaking. probably Chuck it in a couple days. Let's see what's high and dry to me.

Okay, we'll give it a few days. Everything else is freeze right? You gotta watch these engines. the oil pressure switch up there or start leaking and then it dumps right out of the bell housing here. look at it.

actually pretty dry. all this stuff I mean the band's in pretty decent shape for a 19 New York car. but uh it has been fluid filmed a couple of times here so make some kind of gross looking but better than rust baby. Tell you something else too.

These brakes have been absolutely phenomenal. They still are smooth as butter. no rust on them yet which is just amazing inside and out. I Mean even up in the cooling beds, these things are still clean and they've been through Salt since you know.

November So we're on our born on our third month assault right now. Uh, and daily salt too. Um, just unbelievable I Can't believe that they're not Rusty yet and I can't believe that they're still smooth foreign right on the dock. Oh look at that.

We're doing a solid. It's like Jiffy Lube So you have folks fixing your oil filter housing, gasket slash oil filter housing assembly on your 19? Kia with a big three three. a pretty easy job should keep it leak free. Anyhow, whatever.

Easy job. Why don't you guys take it easy in that comment section. Questions, comments, Concerns: the bell ringing. Make sure you hit that subscribe button the insty: Facebook And just for my viewers, if I can do it, you can do it.
Thanks for watching! Thank you Foreign.

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