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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Just had a Uh 2007 I think it's an Accord Honda Accord Dropped off a couple complaints on it. um, most of which is the AC which is terrible for me because I don't have an AC machine but I'm gonna try to at least diagnose it even without a machine. um I know it's got a charge to it because I've worked on this car before and I charged it not long ago and I never found any leaks and I've checked it before. it may have a leak or it may have, uh, something else going on like with the compressing unit, but uh, we're gonna do a uh, a full-on inspection offset Accord And like I just mentioned, we're gonna try to troubleshoot the AC system. I Do have a line on a fairly newest machine coming my way, but um, it may take a few days to acquire said machine. So if I do need to discharge this system or change any parts, uh, it's gonna go in the backboard back burner dude. But at least I think I can get it diagnosed. So without any further introduction, let's get to it. I think this is an O7 Let's double check that. Oh, that's a negative. it's a 2009. It was built in August of 09. it might even be a 10. Anyway, let's get to it stockings the engine. Let's see what do we got here. Looks like 65 626 miles on the odometer and according to my last oil change sticker, the lube oil filter service was due. What do we got here? it's 64 300. Okay, so we're a little overdue, so probably gonna change the oil this time around. Good thing I got that new oil drain that I have not assembled yet, but nothing forces action like necessity, so looks like I'll be putting that oil drain together later on too. multitasking. Let's go out for a quick test drive. check for uh, steering poles, uh, braking vibrations? weird noises? anything like that. It's been a few thousand miles since I've seen this, uh particular. Honda while I'm waiting for a break in traffic, let's just turn on that AC see if the see if it's gonna work. Maybe it will. Maybe it won't Compressor runs I'll check for a leak I didn't hear it. Come on, let's see what we got. A little bit of a pull to the right. nothing major. I'm trying to hear a helicopter grinding noise out back, potentially a wheel bearing. The frequency does change with speed, which tells me it is something that is, uh, it's a rotating component. Neat little car. I Like this thing. slight. Vibe when braking like to get some more speed and we'll just turn around and try it going back that direction and I'm not going to cut in front of you. Nope, Nope, nope. All right, let's get some speed and breaks. Yeah, slight vibe in the fronts. nothing too outrageous, but it is there. Oh, and switching guy Okie dokes Headed back to the shop. test drive over. let's get this up in the air, pull the wheels off, and uh, take a look at what we've got going on. Yeah, now seeing as how this is a smaller car, not a truck, I'm gonna try to back this into that smaller lift I had a truck on that? Yeah, was it yesterday? maybe the day before I had a truck on that smaller lift and the nose of it was right up against the wall. so I'm gonna see if it all fits if I back this one in that way that the front end is out in the open and I'll have a little bit more space to work with. Try that. if it doesn't work then it doesn't work. and if it does well, then it does, We're gonna find out. backing up the auto. There we go. All space for me. All right, let's see here. let's get this guy on that on the pinch welds right there. That's good move too far. ran that one out a little too far about right there. Good lift arm three and four good. Moving on up. Black subscribe button all right. and of course we are going to reach back inside here and popping easy. Hood if I can reach it and I'm going to restart this I don't know what I was thinking I want to check the AC it's alive fail hello Honda What do we got here? Looks like a 2.4 liter according to our sticker, 2.4 liter four-cylinder All right. Before we dig into this, let's verify that is not running and it is not Okay. Let's make sure we're turned on. Yep, still switched on I See well I don't have a machine? I Think first things first. Uh, I do have some bottles in the refrigerant here. There's one. It's got a gauge on it. Let's just see if there's any pressure in this system or not. it might have just all leaked out and the leak is getting worse. So let's plug this little guy into. I I Really, really do not like these things because you don't know how much, uh, refrigerant you're using and what's been installed. Ooh, it's stopped up here. Okay, all right. Well, since it's got pressure in there and the system's not running, let's check our fuses, maybe our relay. What do we got here? Hi Magnetic clutch right here. That's fuse number 20, seven and a half inch. That's that little guy right down there. Okay, let's get the multimeter out. We're on Pulse. Got a jumper lead that I'm going to connect to battery ground. Let's go around the uh, the negative side of the meter and then I can probe that fuse with the top side and see if that fuse is any good. Start there. Uh, probe and deposit battery terminal. We've got battery voltage here. Okay, check our fuse now. we're on one side. now we're on the other side. Okay, let's see about our relay here. No, no, no, no, no. Where's uh, there's our snowflake. Hard to see. There's a Galleria there's our snowflake that tells me that is our AC relay. Just pop that guy out. We'll make sure it's powered. come out. Oh I Just heard something happen I Just heard the compressor come on just very briefly. That's what that relay is junk. It's on again. Okay, let me pull this out all the way and try to swap it with something else tried. Oh, compressor came on so we got a bad relay start. Let's take a look down there. Yes, the compressor is compressing if you see the clutch face turning now. but we're a little on fresher too. And since I've already kind of popped the cherry on this pan, go ahead and give it a little bit of refrigerant. Uh, like I said before, I've known of this car having leaks in the past. Reach in to see if we're making. Cold Yet address is still running I Really hate doing AC work without a machine I Don't feel very much cold there. Let's fire up the fan speed. We'll get a thermal meter too I think I got one right over. Yonder Yes, I do here. We'll just stick that guy right in there. For now, you do your thing. Well, looks like there's a couple issues going on here. I do have a compressor but I've got almost no pressure on the low side. I'm going to go ahead and send the contents of this can into the system. Thank you. It already doesn't work so I can't make it work any less right? Sure, it's 10 pounds. this thing is discharged again. it's got sometimes a week I'm gonna have to find it I I Fear that it's the uh evaporator and the dash because I Checked this car for weeks before so it's taking it I Want to see like 30 pounds on our low side here? We go. so far, so good charging charging those are 30 pounds. Let's see if it's making cold inside yet feels kind of feels cooler 80 degrees. We'll give it a little bit more time rechecking one more time. What do we got? He's 60 58 degrees. Lighting is terrible but I feel the cold so it's running again. So the issue. Two issues. One is discharge and then number two. that uh, that relay is kind of cropping out because it it clicked when I manipulated it which is a little odd. Uh, what did I steal horn? If it works with the horn, that's a negative. The horn is inoperative, so the relay crapped out, the things discharged in the relay died, so we're all going to put a relay in. It notes itself, it's going to be a horn relay next time because I've already stole the AC relay or stuck the horn relay in the AC slot. Um, we're making fold again. So the system was discharged a little about 36 pounds. On our low side this is a one pound pan and I believe spec for this car is uh, that the max is 15.9 ounces. so right around one one pound. I'm just going to go ahead and send the rest of this pan into the system and you want to let it ride I need to inject some dye into this and try to locate. uh, try to locate that leak I've been looking for this leak for a long time on this particular car and it's not. uh, it's not been too good for me I have not been able to find it and it's gotten die before. I think next time I'm really going to load it up though. All right, don't need you goodbye and again I really really do not like it's not my thing. Reason being is I don't know exactly how much refrigerant I just installed nor do I know if there was any in the system before I started. the pressure gauge said zero that. That doesn't mean there wasn't anything there and it's not really the most accurate page in my estimation. Just make sure to stop tight. Hmm Bubbles and I see a couple little bubbles in there. Let's give it some oil that way. Uh, if it is leaking out of that valve, it'll present itself fairly quickly. Or what I should have said rather is if it's leaking out of that valve. I'll be able to see it visually with the oil being in the in the service border. So let's get this out of here before: I hook my meter. We don't need all these Fitters anymore black bike time. Got the negative: no bubbles. Check the guy on our high side fitting, there's no guy in there. Okay, we'll leave that there. Oh wait, if it does leak, it'll turn green. Okay, let's check out the compressor. It's got UV light here. I'm looking for traces of the UV reactive dye which I uh, do not see on or near the compressor. to phrase this thing up some and we'll take a look at the condenser and uh, maybe we'll get lucky or unlucky and we'll see some guy draining from the evaporator drain all the way up. Very good. That was kind of loud and scary. All right, let's check our drain. See no die. That doesn't mean the lake is not in the evaporator. That just means there's no die here. Okay, nothing there. Bottom of the compressor looks good, a little too high up. take a look at the condenser again. I've got the the ultraviolet light here I Don't see any guy. foreign actually should have called that the receiver dryer. the desiccant pack is inside of it. Ah correction. again I should have called it the accumulator. This is an accumulator based on where it's located on the car, not a receiver. What do we got? anything? Nope. I See nothing. Well, process of elimination tells me that the only thing that's left is going to be that evaporator. So I may have to. uh, pull the dash out of this thing. Hooray! All right. Well I think next step is verify that it is that evaporator. So I think I'm gonna check it out with a sniffer. I've got a refrigerant detector. it's not here so I'll save that for in the morning. So right now, let's go ahead and power this thing down and uh, we'll get on with the rest of inspecting the undercarriage and whatnot. Then we can go from there, pull all these wheels off. Let's take a gander at our service brakes. See what we got here? About eight millimeter pad on the outboard looking similar on the inboard? Okay, A little bit of rust here. Definitely there's run out in these rotors. I Could feel it when we brake. Oh, looks good. Some dirt dauburn nests in there. This car doesn't get driven very often. Let's check out our rears real quick. Oh, rears, uh, we're cutting it close. About two to three millimeters on these. Rears Okay, you should definitely service the rears based on pad thickness. Okay, looking good. Let's check for some leaks. Nothing at the oil pan that's nice. CB Axle is good, Nothing leaking up there. no valve cover leak and that all looks good too. All right, this thing's in really good shape. It's just that pesky. AC Problem Rear end looks good. All right. let's let this thing down. Uh I Guess we're on hold until I Get that refrigerant detector. You need to remember to bring that. and uh, once that thing shows up, I can try to confirm that it's the yeah, that evaporator in the dash, it's leaking. Get these leaves out of here. Some things don't change. Goodbye debris. Yeah, we'll blow all this stuff out of here later on, but that's the bulk of it. Let's see: I don't particularly care for that belt. It's a little glossed over I'm sure it's the original and I don't see any cracks on it, but it couldn't hurt to replace that thing later. I'm gonna recommend that we do that. Maybe do some fluid services on it. These are from 2019 to 2009 after all. Excuse me? So Nine Brake Fluid's a little low. That's due to those worn pads in the rear. Okay Spark plug while we're here? Okay, plugs and coils are underneath this little cap right here. Let's go ahead and pull that off. I'm thinking that the 60 something thousand mark the plugs are probably due for this engine. However, I did not look up the uh the service interval just yet. But I've got time. There's our coils. We'll pull number two. Seems logical. Come here. Come out. No oil on the on the spark plug or on the coil. That's good. If there were oil there, that would indicate that the inner seals on this valve cover are leaking and we'll pull one of these out. Get a an idea of what they look like, it might be good. it might be worn and the survey says ooh, hot yeah, they're about due if it were mine. I'd put plugs in it. they're not terrible. yeah. I'll recommend plugs too. We can do that tomorrow. Come on. Click. Put this back together for now. just in case. I Don't put plugs in it. Correction: I'll put it mostly back together. Bonus material I Changed my mind I'm not leaving yet. Flip this uh, oil drain container together because I'm gonna need this. First things first. Let's get it unboxed. Snip our little nylons here. Buy nylon straps we don't need. You see what we got? What do we got? What do we got Better not be damaged. The box is kind of matched. Chinese that's a technical term, industry standard. not racist. All right. there's our hose in that's for draining the device. Put that on later. that's our spout. Put that on later and come out. Big red tank. Oh I Gotta put the wheels on. Sucks. Oh can I eat the wheels are held on with cotter pins and we've got probably a box of Wheels here. Ooh stylish. Look at that little bearings in there. That's cool. I may have misjudged this. We'll see. Time will tell. This stuff looks good when it's new. That was a regulator. Hope I didn't break it and casters for the front. Check that out. Huge roll of Teflon tape I'm assuming that's for all the uh, threaded surfaces. Am I doing this backwards? Yes I Am every time. I I Don't know why I do that every single time one of these days. I'll get it right. Wrap that in there nice and toy bike. go right here a little bit more. Yeah, we'll finish that off with a wrench later. Cool. more tape since they gave me a whole bunch of it. I'm going to be very liberal with this because why not? There we go. Shaft goes in threads on at the collar right here. Nice. Where's my connect keys? Put some pork on this right now. All right. Click. All right looking a little lower. Let's go ahead and get our wheels on cotter pins removed or split pins, whichever you prefer. I call them cotter pins. Hope those hold. bend that one around. Bend that one around out. This is easy enough. says I There we go. Okay, and the two front wheels next? All right. Whoa. Unit falling I caught it Save the Day today. don't fall and we'll hit these with some quick impact clicks. Was that a 17? Sure. let's see. Uh. negative. Totally. Rusty 19. Oh forgot loud noises. There we go. All right now. let's plug in our drain portion. We'll get this thing screwed in I Don't like how we did this. Yeah, that this came already assembled here. We'll let this down sideways. Foreign. What am I doing I Would have actually preferred that this little uh, drain hose was not assembled I might end up taking it apart. That's awkward. silly dragon, it's not working. Is it painful to watch yet? Yeah, that's not gonna work. I'm taking this well. that's not gonna work because this thing is like, uh, cross threaded or I mean it's cranked on there hard I can't get it to come off. so I just got to do this. awkward and Goofy way. so bear with me. Yeah, please. Thread: Oh this sucks. Come on, is that it. I Think that's it? Yes. Got it? Okay, you can get fixes to the rescue. Yeah, yeah, that's good. and if it's not, I'm sending it across the red Edge Almost One more pass. It's getting a little tight and that's it. It lives there forever. Now that was harder than I Think it should have been. Okay. More tape on the ball valve? Yep. no I shouldn't twice and we'll fit the funnel. I Hope that screws in better than that. The little drain hose did these thread. These threads are. uh, they're powder coated. yeah I think that's the malfunction. Here is the powder coating different department and uh, can? Yep, X is where'd you go? these aren't it Still work? All right? Click? that's on Valves open. Dump some oil in there and test it out. Do just a little bit just in case that bottom fitting leaks do a like two parts. Maybe Yeah, boring things. nice. I'm gonna drain a little slow. Maybe the stems on the bottom of the can? Yeah it is. It's filling up plug plug. Okay, put the other ports back and we'll see if this thing holds nasty. Okay, let's take a look down here. Let's make sure this little fitting doesn't leak I've closed it, but that doesn't really change if it's going to leak here at this. threads are not pulling the unit back so it's not leaking with five quarts in it so we'll keep an eye on it. make sure it doesn't Leak with the additional fluids, that more fluid is going to give it more pressure down there. But I think this is okay. this will work for now. All right? Oh I could put my uh, my big funnel in here too. Let's get that out of here. Oh no no no no stay. Where is my big funnel? I'm back here in the corner. Yep. Yep. Once Upon A Time someone had another store I used to work at. thought that they owned this. they were mistaken. Cool beans. You know, doing an oil change in this? Honda Let's just go ahead and drain it right now. Why not? We're still here and we're having a bonus segment. why not? That'll afford me an opportunity to seriously test to see if that thing's gonna leak or not. The problem is what I've done. I'm gonna leave and if it does leak, it's kind of leak all night. Yeah, Moving up there we go on the locks safety and it's gonna stay here all night too. Come on, oil drain right here. let's pop off this filter. Oh look I didn't put it on too tight. Hooray for me! let's see. ring. Oh it failed a lot of times. You can get those going with enough momentum if they'll spin there. the not this time just keep draining now. I Know memory serves accurate on this one. Honda's are a 17 millimeter There we go on. click. lighting's a little terrible under here. Probably should have thought about that. Oh well. I'll do better next time. Okay, there we go. Redemption Now we have lumens. Okay, we're draining I Have not seen any oil show up in the tube yet. I'm sure we put enough in to at least reach this. uh, this low Mark right here. So I'm assuming that that's wet I Guess we're gonna find out in the morning, aren't we all right? I'm really gonna go this time. we're gonna let this thing drain. We're all done here until Manana See you guys later Have a great day! Finalized ending of transmission into bonus segment.

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