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Alrighty, so it's the next day and no leaks. That's water from the AC Yeah, no leaks. So that thing worked out. Let's go ahead and slap our filter back on this. I'm gonna go ahead and uh, refill this and get this car out of the building because we're gonna bring in a uh erect Mercedes for the insurance estimator to come and check out. And since I have the lift, we're gonna do it over here on my lift. Give this thing some, uh, some drain plug clips you I Got oil on me and 30 foot pounds. Click this thing out of here. Lightweight. nice rolling rolling rolling Honda coming down. Actually it's going up first and then down all the way down. So we are going to end up doing the brakes on this. uh, the front and the rears. We just kind of halfway did the oil change I did get some wipers for it but I need to get this over here out of the way of this lift and then we will, uh, connect or fire up the refrigerant detector and see if that uh, evaporator inside the dash is leaking. Gotta find this leak plaguing me. It's the bane of my existence. What kind of oil do we take? We got 520. coming in five quarts of a fully synthesized engine oil. See if I can do this without spilling. Oh yeah, there we go. Nice and smooth. slow and steady. Wins the race. Is that my phone ringing? There we go it is. Be right back. Oh that was uh the wife unit calling. She was testing the uh the new phone line here at the building. It doesn't have any doodly Doos yet. but uh I do have a phone line now and a on that cell phone line. So that means if you guys call me when I'm not here then I can forward to the cell and then I can talk to you later. Maybe that doesn't mean start calling me all crazy and stuff his business purposes only business purposes only. Oh by the way I forgot Hello Everybody welcome back! Glad you're here! This is a 2009 Honda Accord 2.4 liter four-cylinder If you missed the last video, just check down in this video's description. It'll take you back in time to part one. Uh, we are in the midst of diagnosing an AC concern I think it has an evaporator leaking on the inside but I have yet to confirm that we're going to move this over one stall and I'm gonna fire up that detector and see if we can't locate the leak inside of the cabin here. so stay tuned. It should be a really good video. Thank you Foreign. Okay I know this driving you crazy. Let's go check the oil level, fire up the refrigerant detector, see if it will detect come out of your nose. Okay, what we're gonna do Uh We're not gonna do anything I can't get in unlock All right We're gonna hop in. We're gonna try to feed this guy into one of the vents and then we're gonna key it on, turn the blower on low and see if it gives us any refrigerant out of events. I'm gonna go ahead and close this here. Take my thermal meter out so I can close the vent. We'll close that one off and we'll close that one off. Our detector has warmed up. Okay, let's go ahead and key it on and on low. Um, did we get a hit? No, hmm. foreign. Let's go check some other places on the on the car. You know what? Let's uh, let's try to go in through the cabin air filter and uh, see if we can't get a hit. Inside the Box through there. pop this guy out. Some of these are down below in the footwell, but this one happens to be uh, right in here where I can get to it. Oh I saw some pine needles. We don't need those to get that out of there. That's gonna make noise. loud noises. No. I'm not. It's not picking up anything in there either. Where is this leak? Frustrating me to no end? You guys I should be able to pick up a hit in here. Maybe now. Nothing good in there. All right, let's go. Uh, let's go check the exterior. No. I've put valves in this before, but let's check them no way. Then I'd have to stamp anything on me right then I have I have I have no time to get back. Okay, my side's good low sides giving us hits okay and see if we can see it. there were some bubbles in there. It's we're not getting any right now. I did see one hold the cap off but I don't think that my machine is telling me a lie either. Yeah, no way. Okay, compressor seal is good. Now let's check the line and like I said. I've been trying to hunt down this leak forever and I've put service valves in it too last time around I put valves in it and one of them still leaking. This frustrates me greatly. Nada probe the condenser to get in there. let's see the accumulator. that's uh, nothing there now. it's very frustrating. Nada. Okay, do it again. you know, just for fun. a little more torque. not with that that one's broken tighter than I wanted it to be gonna stop. Nope. Oh yeah, yeah. all right. Okay, well since we already found a leak that I thought I fixed uh previously. I can Circle back to that later. we are going to do the spark plugs and we are going to do the brakes. We already did a dual change I have brakes here so let's go ahead and do that real quick. Like by the time that's done I should have my my spark plugs and I've got to figure out what to do about an AC machine. I think one of the fellas next door has one that I can use for the time being like uh I do need to get this thing discharged and I want to replace actually I want to look at the interior bore of that line and make sure it's not like corroded or pitted because I can put all the valves in there I want and if there's like pitting on that ceiling surface, it's just going to continue to leak so that's where that one's at. Uh anyway, I got parts for brakes so uh, let's go ahead and do that real quick. setting it back down. There we go. Okay so first things first: I need to get these set screws out of this rotor. It's actually bolted to the Hub in the back and uh, I'll employ this uh impact driver for this one tap. There we go times two good to go and yeah, I'm gonna put these back. Pull that guy out now. it's easy Peasy should just fall apart on us All right? We're looking at 12 millimeter bolts for this caliper some Milwaukee these things right off and ring. Put that over here you stay. Yeah, these front pads were good, but we had a vibe in the rotors so we're gonna go ahead and put new ones on there. and uh no I'm not Machining them, we are replacing them I don't have a lathe and uh, we just don't want to deal with uh, having reconditioned rotors have less material that will warp or develop run out easier so we're just putting new ones on there. You bought premium level stuff. no cheaper stuff. Come off, finish coming off. Do it now. All right. Oh good. Hub Surface is nice and clean too. Let's make sure that this rotor matches up with the new one. Looks good. Diameter is good, thickness is good. Five bolts. Yep. Okay, let's get this thing cleaned up. It came in a bag with some uh, there's some oil on there to prevent rusting. well in storage and Transit we need to clean that off when I was at the store picking these up. O'reilly's hooked me up with some fantastic product for cleaning these off, make it nice and shiny. We'll give it a flip, index or holes for the uh, my set screws. There you go. Three shiny and just to make our install a little easier, I'll go ahead and thread these in right now. Like I said, a lot of people don't put these back I do. For one, it makes putting your caliper and your pads back on so much easier. There you go, a couple clicks just like that. Let's go ahead and give that a flip flop and we will, uh, compress this caliper with my caliper compressing device. Foreign, flawlessly and effortlessly. We've got some premium level import direct friction material that's our pads not sponsored. Ooh, they're Orange What? That's for break-in noise suppression there for a reason. It's also got new shims and springs if this car is equipped. I don't know if it is or not, we'll find that I don't think it is actually I did not see any Springs on there, but if I can fit them, I'll use them. Let's go ahead and swap out our Hardware with the new stuff. Come here. Is this the right stuff? Ooh I Hope I didn't get the wrong. uh oh I think I got the wrong pads. Uh oh sure did wrong pads. Look at that. Not okay. All right. back to the parts store. I Go Okay, let's get in here and pick up where we left off. Let us three: Shins brackets. No rust. This is good. now. hit my finger again. They're springy and if you let them get away from you, they'll snap back and get you the most unfortunate. Okay, so we got witness marks from our caliper right here. This is the outboard side and you'll notice that there is no pad wear indicator on those Outboards So we're gonna match that up and put these in the appropriate location and I'll check the inboard pad to see where the little indicator tab lies. We go a little sideways. there's the right front end board. notice the tab same location on this one. So this is our inboard pad. We'll go ahead and slip that in there and we can grease these slides while we're here. Grease is getting kind of nasty. it's thick. Let's go ahead and we'll wipe all this off. Get rid of the old grease. Yes, there is some left inside and no I'm not going to go through the aggravation I'm trying to remove it. It's okay. Got my Permatex not sponsored ceramic brake lubricant. Um, every time I use this. You guys ask me if uh I hear anything about this uh particular Lube breaking down the rubber on these seals and I can't say I've ever experienced that I've been using this stuff for many moons actually a couple decades and I I cannot say I've ever seen it occur that enough to say that it doesn't or it won't or it can't but I just have never noticed or witnessed it in my experience. So I continue to use it. There we go. Let's get this back on the car. Okay, back at the Uh, the right front, we're coming in with our pads and our bracket. Slip that right in there. Two bolts followed up with some uh Milwaukee kicks foreign even though they did not. uh The Originals didn't come with them. This pad set does come with these little Springs right here. These are just designed to encourage the pads to separate from the rotor when the brakes are not engaged. I Believe it's a noise reduction thing and possibly a longevity thing, but since they're here, I'm going to use them. Foreign something to the Moon caliper clicks and good to go. It's one beautimous looking brake job. Let's go ahead and scooch on over to the driver's front and uh, we will repeat said procedure on our thumbnail card. You guys go right there and we'll repeat. We'll go ahead and pop these set screws out. Warning: Do Not hit hand. There we go. It's tight. Foreign. I'm a bit stuck. Give it back to me. All right. All right, back this way again. go ahead and pull this apart. foreign. Try to speed this up. I Think this video is starting to drag out a little bit. Get a little long. it's going to make you guys get bored and I don't want you to be bored. If you get bored then you'll leave and you'll miss out on brake clean or something that would not be fun. Nice. good. Hub face on this one as well. Okay, the rotor coming in you guys can see and oh yeah, shiny. let's get all that oil out. Otherwise it starts smoking when it heats up. Scares people right there. Okay, foreign. a little premature. Another cool thing about this. since it's driving, it actually shoves this bit into the Fastener and discourages any kind of slipping. Fancy. Okay, saving us some time. I've gone ahead and prepped the Uh, the bracket pads, and uh, the slides right here. They've all been greased, everything's in position. Let's go ahead and slide this guy in and uh, we'll bolt for down too. Stay and two more. Springs There we go. Get in there. Thank you. Okay, let us, uh, compress this caliper? No. and I'm not gonna crack the bleeder open to do this. There's uh, no reason to do such things. It does not contaminate the master cylinder because that fluid flows back and forth in the system every time you touch the brakes. It's a homogeneous mixture and is not separated. Just because the cylinder is one component and the rest is another component, there's there's no need to worry about that. Furthermore, there's no need to, uh, open that bleeder and make a mess because it's not protecting the master cylinder. It's not protecting the ABS pump. Now, there are some manufacturers that do not allow for uh, the back motion, her back pressure, or pushing fluid in. Reverse Upstream Uh. I'm not sure why I believe those are some of the older BMWs The ABS pump does not like those, but in the majority of cases, opening the bleeders is not necessary. Therefore, it won't be done. Finalized: Shiny Good. That's the fingerprints Get out of here. We leave. No. Trace Elements of uh of our presence. Oh no. Instead of a Denzo long life Iridium spark plugs here I did enough breaks earlier. so I want to go ahead and switch gears a little bit and get these plugs in and out. and then if we have time in this video. I'll move on back to the the rear brake job and we'll consider that a bonus feature. Uh, actually I think these are actuated calipers. Are they not? Uh, yes, yes they are. I see that little spring? uh, parking brake assembly right there? These are actuated calipers. I'll show you about those in a second. But first, like I said, let's knock these spark plugs out and get that section done. Green subscribe button s push the lever Honda Coming down almost all the way down. Yeah. I'd say right about there is pretty good. all right under the hood. Let's get going. Okay, first things first, let's go ahead and Buzz these coils back out of here I'm gonna try to get through this a little quickly. the day is getting long and I don't want to be here all night I Was here pretty late last night. I'll probably be here late tonight, but is what it is. you know, making your own hours and whatnot of course. I Also, am not waking up at 5 30 in the morning either to be here and I'm not driving an hour and a half to get here either. And uh, based on that, I'll go ahead and call the situation a win, even if it does change my normal hours of operation. unclick like we saw earlier, these aren't terrible, but they are due so we're keeping up on this thing's maintenance. That one's a little rough come out foreign s we don't Gap them. they are pre-gapped but we can check the gap. so we have removed Enzo Part number Sxu22hcr11s I Hope you can see that I think the lights a little a little intense. Anyway, we are installing Move Light. Hang on fellas, This is there we go. We're installing the same part number: sxu22 Hcr11s denzo Iridiums these are the OES All right, let's check our Gap got a gapping tool right here. Here's the old one. we are at uh, about 50 thousands can you see that? and our new one is coming in at 42 43 thou. So definitely an improvement that definitely indicates that there was wear on the original plugs. almost had some spark plug gravity. I'm just going to go ahead and feed these guys down into their hole I'm not dropping them because if they hit, it'll uh, potentially close the gap when they bottom out. We don't want to do that. so I'm just kind of nuzzling it down in there and I'm letting my finger hang on to it as it rides its way down that spark plug tube. There we go. Sure I could put them inside of the socket, but that will take longer. There we go. Good now. I Am going to use my electric ratchet to run these down if I'm not going to torque them here. There we go: Non-clicks Foreign. I Did end up pulling up the spec on these spark plug tubes or spark plugs. They're uh, they're 18 newton meters or 13 foot pounds of torque. So I'm going to use the quarter inch Drive torque wrench. I Also checked the spec on the Gap and spec is 40 to 43 000 so these are right in the range commencing. actual Knicks There we go. 13 foot-pounds times, two, click three, and fourth. Good to go. Next up, we need some dielectric lubricant for the spark plug coils. That's just going to help prevent moisture and grass and it prevents the electrons from escaping which would be bad. you know what plug these in? As we go along, there we go number three and number four. Nice. Okay, we got four bolts that hold down our coils. where's the hole? There it is and these are going to reach the good and tight spec. And no, I did not forget this little cover. The astute amongst you definitely did not forget. but I also did not forget I Wouldn't consider myself very astute, but I did put this in a place where I wouldn't lose it or forget about it. Set myself up for success. Here we go. All right folks, Our tune-up operation went along swimmingly. So uh, let's go back to our green subscribe button. That's the thing we do here. and I'm gonna pull the rear wheels off of this and we're going to go ahead. and uh, this up with that brake job. moving on up works for me. Perfect all right. Reverse NASCAR Fingering Lost the race. not fast enough. Set screws, actuated caliper. That's our big difference here. Let's go ahead and get this disassembled and I'll show you how those things work. Nice. Let's see if these are the same 12s as the fronts? Yes, they are. Go ahead and pop these guys off bolt gravity. No worries, it didn't go far. Come out Caliper. Yeah. See all that extra Hardware on here. Put this out. There's really not that much space in here to get a hold of uh, these bolts so we're gonna break them loose by hand and then I'll go in with a the electric ratchet to go ahead and spit them out. All right. A lot of noises. What was that? shim or something or washer? I know where it goes. Foreign? okay rotor coming in like. So let's go ahead and just get this screwed down right now. That way, that's out of the way. I Hate flipping these property rotors. Why? I Always put these back that way it's secure and during assembly it does not flop around and cause me moderate grief. Now back to this little shim. We put it in there once and put it back. see how it keeps, uh, continues to want to fall out. It's not staying put. So what? I'll do? Put a dab of grease on it that'll help. Just stick it to the surface in there and that'll keep it in position while I work there we go and just to assure that it doesn't go anywhere. I'll go ahead and put the bracket back on. Without that little shim, the spacing on this bracket will not be accurate. It could be a problem. It might not be, but we know where it goes and that's where we're going to put it. Fit me Nick Pre-click Yeah, good and tight. That's what we like. There we go. Perfect. Okay, let's get these uh shims out of here. This is my new set of pads. Has a new set of Shins There we go. Non-rusted but they do need to be lubricated. There we go. One come out, don't tear the rubber. There we go again. We'll give these a good wipe down. Get rid of as much as that old, get rid of as much of the old grease as we can. There we go. Words: foreign. Second: One same thing. Wipe it down. Lube It on up. Stick it in. Dude air bubbles there there. got it. More air bubbles. Just give that a pinch and it lets the air out. Okay, okay again, we've got new shims set of four. Springs The Originals Didn't come with the Springs but the uh, the new pads did. So we're gonna. We're gonna use those until you get down in your home, please. It's that little spring in the center hanging me up. That's why I like to do these uh, off the car I Don't know why I Broke protocol on this one, Silly Rabbit, Everything's the hard way. Okay, you hear that scrapey noise. The little Clips right here are not fully seated and they are touching the rotor. so we're going to get in there and push them all the way in. there. We go silenced. That's what we're looking for. What we can do next is fit the outboard Pad but not the inboard pad because we have to go ahead and compress this piston in order for that inboard pad to fit properly. You see, there's this little, uh, little nipple right here that has to ride in one of these grooves, but that Groove has to be oriented vertically. Now, we can't just push this piston in because this is a actuated caliper. It combines the parking brake feature and the service brakes which are hydraulic into one unit. Rather than having a set of parking brake shoes that are cable operated and a set of service brake pads, we just use the same friction material and it does two functions. Now, the catch is is you've got to have a tool to compress that caliper. This one fits. That's the one. Okay, so it's die number three and then we've got this, uh, little press device here. Now what this is going to do is this is gonna fit in that caliper. and I'm going to rotate the shank of the tool and it is going to rotate this piston while simultaneously pressing it in. If that piston is not turning, it will not depress into its bore. Clean that up so we don't shove a bunch of dirt and brake dust and whatever else in there. Okay, you know while we're here, so this is going to be slightly awkward. Kind of cumbersome. I Don't have a lot of space to manipulate this because it does have that integrated parking brake cable. But I'm gonna do my best. You're gonna fit. Ah yo yeah, you are there. and we want to make sure that this uh, little adapter thing is lined up properly. We don't want it to be off center, otherwise it's just going to put a huge side load on that piston and potentially damage it. So we want to have that as centered as we can possibly get it. Easier said than done. This tool is hanging up. The threads are not very smooth on it. Now, it's not the threaded portion that actually pushes this in, it's the rotating motion combined with the length changing by threading it. But we need to move the center shaft first. see how that went. We can give that a little taller, a bit of a turn and it'll press it in. Then we rotate the Piston again, press it in some, rotate the Piston Oh, there's the dirty side. Let's uh, let's clean that off real quick there and we'll just keep repeating this procedure until that piston is bottomed out. Then we'll rotate it so those grooves are vertical so they meet that little nipple on the pad and then we can install that pad. Oh, there we go. Oh, it came out I Went a little too fast. Okay, there are many different versions of the tools that are designed to, uh, compress these. This is actually a very old tool. it's from Blue Point Another one of those things I've had for a decade and a half. plus all right now we see here how that's not vertical. So I'm gonna put that back and we just need to rotate that piston some until it's oriented properly. right about there. A little more looks good. What do you guys think? Good to you? Looks good to me. Let's go ahead and put our pad in. Can you see now you can pad's going in? Pad click I Won't forget our little Springs Again, they're not totally necessary but couldn't hurt all the fancy breaks. Have the springs again, we have to take care to make sure that that little nipple on the pad is in the groove on that caliper. Otherwise, you may not even be able to get the caliper on foreign. two bolts and uh, two sets of Milwaukee kicks. They don't have to be Milwaukee clicks. They can be rigid clicks or DeWalt clicks they can be Snap-on clicks Manual clicks BP clicks I Just like these Milwaukee clicks. So yeah guys, that's an actual way to uh, actuated caliper. rear brake job. You'll never see actuated calipers on the front. They're only used on the rears and again, they're just for the parking brake function. Okay, we're 75 brake job complete. Let's go ahead and roll around to the passenger rear and we will repeat said procedure here it is. Give it back to me. Thanks! It's so quick to escalate. Foreign. Is that the right way? Uh, no, yes, no this way. Yeah, it goes that way. Inverted. Oh there we go. Come on. Rotor up. Dropped another one of those shins. I Heard it. Yeah there it is getting shiny now. I Thought I Heard a bearing on this one. You guys remember that you kind of hear a helicopter grinding noise out back. potentially a wheel bearing. The frequency does change with speed, which tells me it is something that is, uh, it's a rotating component I Think it was this side right here. Yeah, it feels like this side here. Let's listen to it with the stethoscope. Uh, you guys can't hear I can hear? Oh yeah yeah, it's very grindy sounding. We're gonna need to put a bearing in this I wonder if I can get one today? All righty everybody I Just got off the phone with parts store. uh they do not have a right rear hub bearing assembly. They got fronts for the front bearings. They don't have any of the rears I've got to order one so that's not going to be here until tomorrow. So I'm just gonna go ahead and take this opportunity to close this one out right now. We got half a brake job in and we got some spark plugs done so it looks like we're gonna save that right rear wheel bearing uh for the next one. So uh. that being said, as always like to thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill. Let me know about that Bye tap that like button down below. If you do not enjoy this video then uh well leave me some constructive feedback in the comment section down below and I'll use that information to be better at my job. So I can and as always thank you for watching. Most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later ending up transmission.

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  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BunzeeBear says:

    I don't know why I am watching you. I know how to do this.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shawn Christian says:

    Here's what an impact your videos make. I was watching this video this morning and although I have worked on cars since I was a teenager, I don't do it for a career and I don't know everything. So after I started restoring a 77 corvette for my wife (was her dad's car), my son took to wanting to be a mechanic. He's 18. Thinks he knows everything but he's got a ways to go. Of course he has never helped me with the corvette in almost 2 years, but he wants to work on his car himself. 2011 Mazdaspeed 3. Today he was replacing his rear brake pads and rotors. As well as other stuff. I'm looking the calipers and recognize them as actuated calipers. Now I've never worked on these before and he tries to spread the piston with a spreader until I said he probably needed a windback tool for those because of the two holes in the piston that line up with the dimples on the back of the inside brake pad. Low and behold I learned something today and he learned something today after I just happened to watch your video this morning. Thank you Ray for everything you do. My Channel is starting soon too. Stay tuned.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Darhk says:

    Ray , why dont you upload to rumble video too?

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars WalkenDead1369 says:

    Been using some Ryobi clicks for quite a while, at Lowes today saw thew had a pretty good sale on the Dewalt clicks so I decided to retire the Ryobi to home use and pick up a new click machine

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wheat Ruzo says:

    do you have flashbacks or Deja Vu of the old shop phone it had such an annoying ring

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thorsten Wessel says:

    Hey Ray, there was a car with actuated caliper at the front axle. Citroën XM in Europe

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Chessell says:

    Hope you had a nice, restful evening.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard M says:

    You should start wearing gloves. Protecting your health is important. Your future self and family will thank you.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Richard M says:

    I use brake cleaner in the valve to look for bubbles and then use the air hose to clear it. That way it doesn't leave any residue. The penetrating oil may be tricking your A/C sniffer. You could test the penetrating oil away from the car with the sniffer to see if it activates.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Ellis says:

    Hey Ray, don't forget to replace that relay for the horn. Great seeing you starting doing work in the new shop. I would bring my vehicle to you but Australia is a wee bit far. Keep up the great work & best wishes, prayers, thoughts for outstanding success as your new employee to the wife unit.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars SR says:

    No more annoying phone ringing. WIN.

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adam Bassett says:

    I never put the set screws back here in central Canada within a year it will have rust welded itself together. I also always lube the bolt shafts without threading so it doesn't rust itself together.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Delicious Gixxer says:

    trust me ray, none of us get bored but longer videos

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Carry says:

    I bought a hammer impact driver about 55 years ago as it was the only way to remove screws on my Japanese motorcycles. Works great but I have never observed them used by others. Suddenly within the past month a number of mechanic channels have been using them. What gives? Within the past year I also learned about JIS screws and screwdrivers. The impact still works on them.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Death’s Head says:

    I used to work at AZ as a delivery driver. In our area we delivered parts directly to our commercial account customers businesses. I don’t know if they offer similar services in your area or not, but might be worth asking about.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Anthony Young says:

    I use axle grease with graffite on my brake slides never had any problems .

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Henry Hadikusuma says:

    Ray, would you mind tell me what is the brand of brake shoes you were using on this honda, please 🙏🙏

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris Drudge says:

    I'm SHOCKED to see you use Kirkland 5W-30 and strategically cover the weight with your thumb. And after stating it calls for 5W-20!

    I bet those aren't even calibrated clicks you make either. SMH.

    (I use the exact same oil in my 07 Accord so I can't judge you too much).

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Matthew Rubin says:

    "these set screws are really on there" meanwhile im here in NY pulling out a drill every time i do brakes lol

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Kevin Yancey says:

    Ooh, don't say never Ray! Saab 900's used actuated front brake calipers. They also had the easiest clutch to replace, since the back of the engine faces the front of the car, the transmission is the oil pan for the engine, and the parking brake actuates on the front wheels.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Thrillhunter says:

    if i use anything but the orange silicone ceramic brake parts lube on my caliper pins it will eat the plastic bushing and weld my pin to the bushing.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J W says:


  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Randy Mack says:

    The rumors are starting to circulate!
    The IRS is hiring a huge quantity of new auditors, and planning to target people making money on internet channels!
    Make sure you have been claiming all your income, and contributions !!!
    Spreading the word before it's too late!

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Milosz says:

    You used to have to commute 90 minutes to/from that shop you used to work at? That's HORRIBLE!

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Backseat Politician says:

    Can't wait until you do rear disc brake job. I may need to change my brakes soon.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars william Mendizabal says:

    Where is your shop located in Orlando

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars william Mendizabal says:

    Where is your shop located how's that