In this video I bring you along as I perform a routine oil change, NYS inspection and fix a fella's TPMS light. I also piss and moan about the People's Republic Of NY and their broken state inspection system.
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Bring out everybody's favorite stuff store! Mr creaky because we all know how you guys love that thing Ready Here we go. Oh it's not even that creaky today. Yeah, you're lucky. There we go.

So when I pulled it in I did leave the vehicle neutral and I checked his transmission fluid because I took it for a little tooth there. Well, it was warmed up so we're gonna peel this oil cap off I did uh notice the transmission fluid was full I checked this air filter which was clean. Good to go and we'll just kind of give some other things a glance here. I smell a little bit of the coolant and I can see some drizzle which looks like out in the bottom the water pump so we'll look at that once we get it up in there.

Now we'll finish checking some of the other stuff out here folks. Empty folks. Okay Let's Fold to the top. Okay, well, we won't be fixing this coolant leak today regardless.

and I know he'll probably be driving a little bit through a little bit of the Mopar five here. We'll just top up the Overflow here. Foreign, but engine's cold too. Plus, we know it's leaking.

Turn that around right way. there. looks like the water pump. It looks like a fairly new water pump, so it might be some kind of warranty issue there too.

foreign. I Think he must be doing the old waste oil treatment here. I've been as gracious. Everything's pretty slimy, doesn't look like fluid film, kind of stinks like waste oil.

Let's get this filter here Crack that baby loose. Oh man down, now we can't see anything now that you guys can ever see. Anyways, man it's kind of waste oil all over everything. It's a mess dude.

I Want to take you through the whole process of the oil change and the Shakedown and checking everything. but trust me when I tell you that we do. I think we've done a video on it I actually I think that's a video that we had sent in that Cardone contest. You know what do we do during a normal oil change or service? But as far as going through and checking fluids and all that stuff we're going to use the its 600 or the it's 600 as they call it.

Oh by Alto looks like a little showroom over here. We're gonna find out which uh of these centers has gone bad on this thing. This is the handy little tool so we're just going right to the TPMS updating TPMS for my story of my life. The update is complete.

Now you can use the Bluetooth dongle but I didn't plug it in because I didn't want to leave the key on. So we'll just go through here and we'll select help me Dodge Ram Of course I got stuff on the screen so now it's going to make it kind of stupid. We'll go Dodge We'll pick up the Ram 1500 I Don't know if you guys you guys probably can't see because I'm not holding it where you can see it and then it's the 14. So we got 13 to 17 here.

433 megahertz. Boom. Okay, we'll start right here on the left front. We'll trigger it and then we'll wait and then we'll work our way around.

Now this may be the bad one so we may be sitting here for a while. He's probably correct the left front. Yeah, foul. I Was hoping it was a front one because we're required to pull a front tire by law.
Let's see if this one works. Hopefully it doesn't have a bunch of bad ones, but foul. Well, obviously there's something wrong here with our tool because there's no way all four sensors are bad. I mean I can't say that.

but I Know this guy and he has. It's not like he's been driving around with the light on for the past three or four years. You know light just came on I guess so we'll grab a different tool and see. I'll double check the year.

I'm pretty sure this is the 14th. Yeah, I'm not buying that fella. We're gonna put her in as a 10 to 13. Look, that's 09 of 13.

So just to see if it's an early production here might be a little different. uh, frequency. So let's see, we're still here in the left rear so we'll start left rear. Let's just try to trigger this because I didn't.

Yeah, see there we go I Didn't get the production date. so let's move around here. If something doesn't seem right, folks, it's probably because it is. So we're gonna go right here.

I Selected the right rear on the tool, will trigger this one and then we'll just work our way around. Boom. There we go. We got two good ones.

right front, hit trigger. Tire pressures are pretty good. He must have a good gauge. This is the one he suspected was bad.

We should have just listened to the customer. We need this stupid expensive tool when the customer will tell you which one's bad I Don't know how he would have known that. maybe somebody else already told him clearly this one isn't communicating because you've seen how fast the other one's triggered. Now you got to watch it with the altel.

Sometimes sometimes it'll trigger another wheel on the vehicle, it'll come up and say duplicate ID after it sits here for a really long time. So I don't know the strategy inside a tool if it starts to kind of increase its output to trigger this or not, but sometimes it happens. But here we are. So yeah, let's pop a left front sensor in it.

We'll see if we get the ID number off it so we don't have to do anything with the vehicle. I Think it works out good because we're required to pull one front wheel anyways, even if you can see in there and see brakes are brand new. so pull the wheel. Oh, you got the nut fella, You got it.

So there's those. If you know what's good for you, you'll grab your 23 son of a mother. Grab your 23 mil. because in New York you know you're 7, 8, or 22 never fits these because they're swole.

So 23 fits them beautifully. Looks like we're gonna have to wait for the tire machine. Foreign. Looks like it's the sensor that's leaking.

Oh, it's all bubbling around. Yeah, Yep. which is even worth trying to seal that up. or um, it's probably not too far behind.
Yeah, cause you already got one dead sensor, right? Yep, yeah. let me get a hold of this guy. see if he just wants to do it because if you already got one dead one, maybe he'll just want to do that same time. because I think he's putting air in this thing every couple weeks.

Foreign. We gotta look at stuff. Uh I won't take you through the whole process because I don't want to incriminate myself. but the um, you know you're looking.

Steering suspension, you know. Broken Springs Loose tie rod ends, broken sway bar links, rotted out frame. You know, does the parking brake work. Seat belts.

You know, all the stuff on the inside of the seat belt warning indicator were you know what's the brake pedal fade like brake hoses? You know, are they cracked? Um, you know there's all kinds of stuff we look at for state inspection like I say with the fear of incriminating Myself by some State person watching it and having video evidence that I'm doing it wrong I'm not going to take you through the process, but you can look online uh on New York State's website and actually see man. I'll try to put a link to that of all the different various rules. everything from the minimum amount of required lighting, the amount of cracks you can have in your windshield and where they can be. and you know every every little nitpick and detail that they have that we have to follow to a T because they will hang you over any chance they get.

They love when they can find something wrong with your shop. Everything right down to the color of the letters that go on your sign. I Got run up for that once because I had black lettering on it instead of white lettering which is a violation of state law. So welcome to the Prny people! So the sucky part about that whole thing is is you know you take a shop like mine.

Who's you know? Legit. You know we do legitimate inspections. We don't intentionally. Overlook Things we don't give out: lickum stickums for cars with tinted windows and no parking brakes and rotted frames.

Yeah, you know we're the type of shop that the the state comes after because they can because we're open during normal business hours. You know, Eight to Five Monday through Friday we're open the same time the state is. There's other shops and I could take you to lots of them around here that are open after hours after five. That's when you can go in and get your sticker.

so that's you Know those are your what we call the other shop. You know our lick Them Stick Them shops where you take your car in bald tires, rotted frame. doesn't matter. The guy's your buddy and you know puts a sticker on your car regardless of anything that's wrong with it except the engine light.

That's the only thing these guys don't know how to get around. so that's why you'll see a lot of cars come in that are just you know, rotted right in half. The other shopline says to fix the engine light so they can put the liquor. stick them on I Guess they say all that say this at the state never gets those people.
It gets those guys because they're not open when the state's open. So that's that's how the broken system works. And if you want to run a lick them stick Them shop. You just have to do it outside of the state operating hours.

So and then once eventually once somebody gets killed in an accident then the state will investigate. then that person will lose their inspector license. So um, so that's how that works. Somebody has to die and then then they can get investigated.

Unfortunately, that's how the system works folks. It's just one of many broken systems in our world. You know in times past that as a shop, as a repair shop, we cannot turn in other shops. We can't call and watch a complaint against that shot.

Uh, you know. For example, let's say this truck just came in and it has a brand new sticker on it and it's a complete pile of crap. You know, just falling right apart I Couldn't call anybody. couldn't tell anybody.

Uh, you know that's just how it is. The only person that can call is the person that received the sticker and more often than not the person that's receiving the sticker on the POS Oftentimes knows it's a POS that's why they went to the other shop to get the sticker to begin with. So they're not gonna, you know, turn the guy in. So that's just how the that's how the system works.

These things hold seven quarts. so there's five quarts. See an app. of course, put on my Cricket stool buttons.

It's become famous now. Miss those. Lunch is ready. Put this baby on pause.

Oh yeah. Michelle soup. Um yeah, that thing's looking pretty crunk. So I guess we're going to take it off all the way.

Usually I just push them down, but oh yeah, a little Walmart special? uh, covered bead sealer instead of cleaning the rim. Foreign. Foreign. there's our sensor.

Went to go get our glasses on, see if we can read the number on it here. Let's see what kind of number are we looking for. So power this thing back on. Zero Three Echo Delta Let's see.

Got our glasses and then Zero Three Echo Delta 649er. So you always have to look to see if there's two zeros or you know how many digits there are because that can get a little confusing on Dodges And if you look at this thing which you probably can't see, it starts out zero Zero three Aqua Delta Six Four niner. So we got to leave off one of the zeros. Now we got the OEM part number on there.

Um, so we're gonna go like this. We're gonna go to programming and then we're gonna go, uh, copy by input and now we got to enter the sensor. ID So Zero Three Echo Delta Is that what it was? Zero Three Echo Delta Six Four Nine or Six Four niner And then we hit. Okay, we want to program the sensor.
Yes. and then it's going to look to make sure that we don't have any other sensors nearby. If we did, it would come up here and say more than one sensor detected. So now it's going to program that and then it should scan it for us.

649er. Yep, foreign. And then the idea being that when we put it back on a truck, we don't have to do anything. the truck to the truck's not not even going to know.

So there we go. so it copied that ID We got all the other IDs and then technically we're gonna put this in that rim Mount the wheel back up, balance it, and then we can throw it back on the truck and that'll be it. The light will be out and everybody will be happy. So this these are the all-tel One sensors.

Uh, no screw required to have a little push button. You do have to have their valve stems though. so if this needs valve stems which I stock these here too and then they just click in and that's it. Uh, dual frequency.

They cover almost everything. so kind of a neat neat little setup. Been using these a lot. I've installed hundreds of these and can't say I've ever had any any negative results from using them.

so that's one way to do it. The only way we can do it, we could have got the ID out of the OBD2 Uh, going in there, got the ID number, done it that way. or we could use the Alltel made a unique ID and then you have to relearn it to the vehicle. which on a Dodge is pretty easy.

so lots of different ways to skin this cat. Folks foreign. just puts the bead sealer all over the top of the corrosion and all the corrosion crap sticks to the tire so you've got to get that off too, which they make it kind of a pain. If you don't do this, you're just going to have a comeback.

All right guys. All right, foreign, foreign folks. A little bit of an oil change, a little bit of pissing and moaning about the state and their inspections. We got to get it done.

gotta pick up speed, that's after lunch. We've got quite a few more things to do. Let's get this on. Just gotta double check.

the fluid's already been to everything else underneath it rebalance the tire. We'll get this on and get this thing torqued down here. Yeah, of course this phone's gonna have to come back to that water pump. All right.

good to go I Think we already checked the oil, but I just want to double check I like to check them after they've sat for a little while because if I remember right when I checked that it was just a little bit into the cross hatch. So I want to make sure that's good and it is a trade of the E in the safe so that means we're safe 2022. We all need our safe place right through it. got put on the official SMA your oil got changed sticker and you got to come back when.

give it a little a little bit of Steam on the back makes the old static cling cling. Then we got to do the key on the three petal. Pumper I always go four for one good measure I might take it for a little Drive Sometimes these Dodges you gotta drive him for a little bit and the light will go out. If not, we'll go back to the shop and fix it that way.
but typically installing TPMS sensor with the original ID on it. you don't have to fiddle with each drive them. light goes out and there's like magic how it goes so that's good. Dodge does seem to take a little while longer.

Um, this took I don't know, a couple miles instead of usually a lot of cars by the end of Main Street the light goes out. but Dodge for whatever reason takes just that a little bit extra. so that's it folks. We'll leave this one at that.

TPMS Lights out. We change his oil. We did what we came to do. This guy should be happy and so should you.

Well, that's a pretty good one. That's one of my better ones. Uh, let me know down in that comment section what you think about the state inspections and I Hopefully you guys understand why. I'll never show you the process.

the full process, the start to finish, the whole enchilada, right down to slap into stick around the car just because just because you guys know why I mentioned it earlier. We're not going to beat this horse anymore. Not that we're into beating horses, but uh, you know what I mean It's just the state is funny people, especially in the Prny and uh, the people in charge here. So we'll leave it at that.

You're in charge of your comment. Make sure you leave it and just remember viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

All right.

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    When I lived in Va in 70's I had what was basically a 1968 VW race car with real racing headers, not the VW "headers" from the Pep Boys. The collector protruded a fair amount past the end of the car so I had a custom glass pack which snaked around back towards the car. The rear bumper managed to hide it a bit, but it was questionable if it was legal so State Inspection would fail it. No problem, I knew a guy who raced VWs.
    At that time I worked at RadioShack and was filling in at a RS in a strip mall and I parked my VW in front of the shop. Later a police car pulled up and parked behind my VW and the cop had a look at the back end of the car. When he came in it was obvious he was a regular as everyone said hello. He then asked about the VW. I raised my hand and he asked why the headers stick out so far, he has a VW with Pep Boy's headers and they're not like that. I noticed his demeaner was friendly as we walked out to my car. I opened the hood revealing the pair of Weber 48 IDA double barrel carbs, his eyes popped out and had a wide grin. He asked me to start it and his grin got bigger! He then asked if he could take around the parking lot. I told him the clutch is stiff and will tend to grab.
    So here we are, a cop in uniform almost doing a burnout in the parking lot and taking off like a rocket.
    He came back and was impressed, then asked about the brand new inspection sticker. But before I could say anything he laughed told me not to worry as the exhaust is not really a problem – grey area.

    He actually wanted to come around after hours to race me in his cruiser which I declined because if another cop saw us with me in front going like a bat out of hell he'll think you're chasing me!
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    Some years ago I went from California, where they are strict on emissions but don’t care about safety to a Midwestern state that requires a basic safety inspection but, as long as you live in a rural county not near one of the big cities, the doesn’t care about emissions. I take care of my fleet of aging vehicles and make sure they are safe and running properly but I suspect my costs for meeting California standards would cost me more. At least I don’t live in the salt belt where my newest vehicle at 14 years old would probably be a rotten hulk.

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    Every tire I worked on at Wally World got its rim cleaned and re-bead sealed. Any old tires up here in WI get all rusty crusty and the bead doesnt seal properly so it comes back with leaks and you're the one getting yelled at for not doing it right the first time. Unless it was like a 2018 or newer, I used bead seal on that thing.

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