Part 1: Parts Cannon!! Can it be saved? 95 Jeep Wrangler 4.0
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Part 3: Old Jeeps Die HARD! Thermostatic Switch and Water Pump! 95 Wrangler 4.0
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Customer States: Engine barely runs and has a severe lack of power. It also has the occasional no start or long cranking before it starts. So far I've found vacuum leaks, clogged ports, antifreeze leaks from the water pump and the electric fan is damaged. I had the fuel pump, filter, spark plugs, ignition wires, and a distributor cap and rotor. It also has a new coolant temp sensor, O2 sensor, MAP, intake temp, IAC and throttle position sensor replaced. The ECM / PCM has been replaced too. See part one.
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Hello everybody! Good day to you. Actually good evening. It's it's evening for me. I'm trying to get a little bit of traction done on Project Jeep because uh, there's a massive update on Project Jeep And that update is that I'm putting a clutch and a flywheel and a trans mount in it.

Transmission is coming out which means uh, I've got to do something about that uh, that exhaust that's in there because it's super duper Rusty and probably will not survive removal. but uh, before I do that. I wanted to uh, crack open these covers on these axles because I'm going to do a fluid exchange on these. but I want to inspect something because I hear a little bit of grinding action going down right here.

Yeah, it doesn't sound too healthy I want to take a look in there? Oh, by the way, while I get set up here if, uh, if you're just tuning in and have not been to this channel before and you are curious in, Project Jeep I will leave the links to the other previous episodes of project Jeep down in this video's description I'll also leave one in the pinned comment just in case you forget. Anyway, ending my moment of Shameless self-promotion I'm going to pull all these bolts out except for that very top one. We leave that there that way when I crack this thing loose of the blue silicone, that's uh, binding it, it all doesn't rush out and dump all over me at one time because that would be bad. All right.

So what I want to do here is get behind cover that's not going to work. It's actually a tool for a window crank. remember crank? Windows that's a window crank tool for a GM This thing's just so glued on I don't want to get behind it with a pry bar? I'm afraid I'll bend it. Yeah, we're going a little bit.

There we go. Foreign. Got me foreign? Oh, that's not good. Oh no man.

I Expected to find a little bit of wear, but this is this is wrecked right here. Oh look at that gear. Hang on. These lights are killer.

It's not working there. We go look at that gear right there. You see how sharp it is I think it's worn to nothingness. Oh no, yeah, I didn't expect that.

Let's give it a Twist and see what the other side looks like. Uh wow, somebody was doing Jeep things with this Jeep Curious enough though, it's just that one side over there. not this side over here. How about those spider gears? Yeah, those are pretty bad.

Look at that thing. Yep, all right. Well, it's gonna change the tune a little bit. See if the the pin is worn? if? yeah, carrier's worn too.

See that pin flopping around? Watch this. What I'm doing is rotating the drive shaft with my hand right there. See that. and then he's acting on the ring gear moving the carrier housing and then we can see that pin is flopping around.

Yeah this. uh, this rear has got a problem. It at least needs a set of spider gears in it. And I bet this is the type that's pinned where it doesn't have the bolts that holds it.

No no, no. Oh sweet Score! Look at that. It does have the bolts. Some of these have a like a roll pin driven into them.
They're a real pain too. huh? to replace or extract or install for that matter. But yeah, yeah, we're gonna need to set up. at least put a set of gears in this.

This isn't good. man. This kind of puts me in a pinch I didn't want to be in I I Did not expect to find Carnage inside of this differential. Where's my 8 mil? There it is I need to I need to pull that pin out.

Hey what do I do? What do I do? We're running out of funds to fix this. Jeep with I mean changing a transmission and fixing that exhaust is not easy or cheap. Or easy and cheap. It's not the right size, all right.

and those gears aren't cheap. Oh what do I do? What do I Do tell you what? I'll make you guys a deal I'm gonna ask you guys to help me out in this one. I Need some assistance if this video. Here's the deal.

If we can get Let's do. Let's start with a low number. Uh let's do 12 000 gravities 12 000 light gravities. If we get 12 000 like socket gravities then I will fund the replacement of uh of the gears in the Jeep Um, if we do not get 12 000 like gravities then uh well then I don't know what to do because I'm going to be up a creek without any gears.

Yeah I'm curious to see if Shameless self-promotion Works in a pinch with like buttons so uh let's try it if you have not already uh done the like button thing and do that right now like right now is your opportunity While I try to find a uh a wrench that's gonna fit. Oh come here. maybe that one. Well I tried to find a wrench that's going to fit that little uh 12 point 12 point volt.

Okay, that one didn't fit. Uh how about my Driveline set? maybe the eight I don't know, it's not an eight I already tried an eight that didn't work. uh and I'm gonna have to get a tool to fit that thing I've run into this before on a Jeep and I had a heck of a Time getting it the appropriate tool to remove that thing. Maybe it's a seven? Do I have a seven? I'm sure I have a seven I do have a seven.

That might do it even though it's not metric. that's standard. seven is not gonna do it. Uh yeah, this is.

uh, this is getting worse by the nanosecond. Okay, I think I got something. Uh, it's not exactly a 12 point, but it's a. uh, it's a six point star.

Drive flank socket. that might might get in there and get that guy out of there. It's it. gets a decent bite on it at least.

And yeah, the thing is not even tight. All right, that's cool. It's gonna come out all right. That brings my immediate stress level down slightly.

Unless it stops, you're gonna come out of there. You were just turning. What is this? Well, one thing that's happening is this: uh. this end cap right here is obstructing my ability to get that socket on that.

Fastener So I'm going to take this off. It's coming out anyway. It has to be not safe for operation on the roads. Come out Okay, that looks good.
Okay, let's try it again and that's a sloppy fit. But it does. It does hook up. as long as I don't let it slip and round off that bolt.

it should be good. I'm going to replace that anyway. I Don't put these things back in. not that bolt because that bolt retains this pin.

and if that pin comes loose from the carrier, it'll flop around and absolutely destroy the differential. It'll ruin the case. It'll ruin the carrier, ruin the axles. Everything things used to break when they came out.

I'm surprised this one's enough in a singular position. All right. Joe Now we've got that pin out of there. Let's turn this a little bit so we can see what's going on.

We're gonna pull the big pin out. Look at all that wear. You can see it, feel it, and that pin is junk. Let's rotate this back around and I'll go ahead and pull the C-clips out that hold the axles in because I've got to pull the two axle shafts out.

Go push these in there. It is okay. that's our two C clips. Those are what hold the axles into the axle housing.

Usually you gotta fish these out with a magnet. Uh, why isn't this one coming out? Okay, now it is C-clip Hence the name C-clip because it's shaped like a Like A C C is for cookie. That's good enough for me. Okay, now the axles can come out of the housing and all we got to do is get a hold of him, give him a tug and come right out and we'll repeat.

On the passenger side. Grab it, pull it right on out of there. You live right there. for now.

back down below. Two more bolts here, one more cap, and that's gonna free up this whole assembly right here. And then we can pull that out, disassemble it, and inspect it for further damage. We'll also get a good look at the bearings that one might have been spinning.

No, never mind. that's just Grease what am I talking about? Okay, these are heavy. Don't drop them and that's a bearing race. No worries.

Oh no, that was a shim. That was the shims. I Got the races. Shims are recovered left side and right side.

Put those inside of the lid so they don't get lost. How's this pinion looking? Not too shabby. All right. Yeah, there's no pitting or damage to this pinion gear that can stay good.

That's one of the side bearing races. The Other Side Bearing race. That's okay, but what's not okay. Spider gears pull them out.

They're not going back. so why not? That's the nasty one right there. Uh, that thing is sharp. that is super sharp on those edges.

If I slide my finger across that, it's going to cut me pretty bad. Yeah, that's that's. very, very sharp. Just gonna put that down right there.

This one's good. These that's not so good. Big chunk missing out of that one. See that another chunk right here.

Yeah, this is. these are wrecked. Hey, tell you guys what? I'll double down on my deal about uh Shameless self-promotion if you guys subscribe to the channel and this video gets a thousand subscribers. I'll upgrade the carrier to a locking differential or at least a limited slip.
I'll get a limited slip like a Yukon or uh. well. who else makes those things? Yeah, maybe a Yukon I like Yukon gear now sponsored. just that's just what I've used.

Yeah, that's the deal. So 1200 likes I'll buy these parts 1 000 subscribers. I'll buy this part and upgrade it to a locker. What do you guys think? So clearly none of that's going to happen today or in this video.

but what can happen in this video is this: Make it nice and shiny. Get rid of all that old nasty we can inspect first. Additional damage. Air Air is over here.

All right. Going back in that way is rain. Big old fat rain. Sometimes the brains seem to come straight up from underneath.

All right. enough screwing around. Uh, let's go ahead and pull the cover off this front diff. Whoa.

I Almost hit my Noggin Let's pull the cover off this front axle and make sure that one's not destroyed. Also, I'll put you guys like over here off the side. How's that? Can you see good? All right, we're gonna do the same mode of operation here. Let's have a orange silicone so you know it's good.

There we go on clicks. Leave that one in. Ding Dip is done. You know there is one fatal flaw in my in my Jeep giveaway idea and that is that most of the people who are returning viewers are already subscribers.

So I don't I don't know how I'm gonna inspire others to to become subscribers I Hate asking because that's like it's like panhandling. It's like asking for money. it's not my thing. rather earn than you can ask if that makes any sense.

So I hope I earned your subscriber ship or your like buttons like don't do it just because I'm asking I need to earn that otherwise I I'm incomplete on my insides rambling over. let's move over some here. Take a peek at this. uh, this gear set up in the front axle? nowhere near the Carnage There's a little bit of wear on those gears, but they're not.

They're not flipping flopping and moving around like the others were and they're certainly not filed to like a razor sharp point. So I think these are okay. not off the triple down on my deal to put Lockers in both of them. I'll tell you what: I'll do lockers in both at 5 000 Subs If you guys 5 000 of you subscribe to this video, I'll put Lockers in both of these axles but I don't I don't think we got the Manpower for that.

So these are just gonna stay here for now. All right, Well let me back up a little bit. All right. let's go ahead and get this old fluid out of here.

Shiny Encore. Cool shiny air. Turn back enough. All right, that's enough.

All right, we're out. Air is over here. You know there's no way I'm doing anything with that rear end and uh, and not addressing these bearings that are back in here I'm at least gonna put seals in it. Uh, pop these seals out and take a look at what we got.
Seal gravity All right. More lumens. What are we looking at here? We're looking at some acceptable bearings. It's behind them.

A bunch of gunk. Yeah, those are okay. I may change those I may not. I mean I've gone this far.

might as well keep going. Okay, so these bearings. Those are going to take a slide hammer to remove them. There's a little tool that goes in there.

Uh, you know what? I'll just show you I was gonna just not do it I'll show you. hang on. where's my Slide Hammer I think it's over here. There it is.

Check this out. You guys gonna like this? Thank you And I think that's the adapter. Yeah, This little guy goes into the bearing, straightens out like a drywall anchor, and then you thread your slide hammer to it too big. Thread your slide hammer to it and pop the bearings out.

Where's the little one there? it is, Huh? It slides. It's a hammer. It's a slide hammer. Hmm.

Okay, what we're gonna do here. We thread this tool on the end of the slide hammer. You don't have to make it super tight, just thread it on. If I can figure that out, there we go.

It's good. Thread it on, stick it in, pull it until it's tight. We keep pulling on the rod. don't ever stop pulling on the rod.

See that? Hang on to that. and then we just grab the hammer. Pay attention. There you go.

Here it comes. Ah, Money shot. See it slowly coming out. Booyah! that is one extracted bearing.

Let's get the other side real quick. And then I think uh I think we're about done here. Okay I'm cheating with this one. I did not pull the seal out yet Seal's just still hanging out right there.

Oh, watch. Two for one? Uh, what do we got here? Not too bad. It's okay, but they're cheap. You put new ones in it.

looks like we're doing an excellent build two. this is. Project Jeep Raging on signing out I'm closing this one out. it's getting late.

See you guys later. Thanks for watching. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves great day! Smash that like button. I Uh, don't know if you guys can see it because the lighting is kind of intense, but there is metallic glitter all over my hand.

You see that there it is. I'm shiny. Yeah, that bearing was trash. There's metal shavings all over this.

Look at that. Look at that. Not cool. That's probably part of the gears and and whatnot.

That's what that is. but still. it was rolling around inside of everything. Total rebuild time.

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