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So I really think I need to just, uh, specialize in these things. You guys recognize these: Keys they're for a I think in 2005 PT Cruiser Turbine powered. It's back slippage all right Now it's not back for what I fixed what I fixed is still fixed. Uh, what happened is while it was cold out this week restocking Z engine while it was cold out this week.

uh, they turned the heater on, it was on heat and now when you go to turn it back on cool, uh, it still blows hot air. So I need to figure out what's up with the uh, the AC system on this on. this bad boy with I don't even know how many miles they put on it since I fixed it last 99 420 miles. Now if you're not uh, familiar with this PT Cruiser That's okay.

You can acclimate yourself with the particulars of this car by going down to this video's description and checking the link that will take you back to the first appearance of this uh, turbine powered Cruiser Anyway, we're going to check out this AC issue. Let's swing her into the shop here. just gonna nose her in right about. There is good parking is the auto.

Let me get uh, let's get our windows down here. It's a little warm inside this. Beast let's see what the dealio is. Step Numero Uno Install thermometer.

Yeah, I'm not feeling cold air here. All right. popping into Hood let's check the compressor. it sounded like uh, they were saying that it just didn't switch over.

but I think foreign if I can see I'll check for that compressor operation and I can't see it down there I think I can hear it running a pressure reading uh, problem is the machine's connected to this Nissan which is up here I need to I need to climb. moving on up. I should probably shut this drop light off too that was on all night. Oops Yes, this Nissan is in the middle of a open heart surgery.

It started off as a timing belt water pump and uh, there was a leak coming from the front of the engine and we thought it was the timing or I'm sorry the front crankshaft seal but uh, it turns out it was leaking behind that at a gasket between the oil pump and the block. So now I've got the oil pump out of it and uh, and the oil pan is on the floor too. That was fun to remove. It took me a long time.

so yeah, this thing kind of kind of snowballed out of control a little bit. but anyway. uh, we'll deal with that later. I'm waiting on parts.

Let's move over to this Cruiser and see what's up with the climate controller. Okay, I did just hear that compressor cycle a little bit so I may just need to add a little bit of refrigerant to this thing. See what our low side pressure says? Yeah, 40 pounds? Yeah, it's low. see how it's like drawing way way down? This thing's just low on charge I don't recall if I uh did anything with the AC system on this or not I don't think I discharged it.

Yeah, maybe I did maybe I didn't No, no I shouldn't have had to have to go back and check the video and see I don't remember if I touched this or not. Yeah, let's go revisit that thermal meter. Yeah, it's making what 80 80 degrees Yeah That's not enough. Let's power this thing down and uh, we'll see if I cannot connect that high side port.
Yeah, it's way way down there. It's like gotta pull the intake manifold off to get to it. It's ridiculous. That's why folks did not approve of the existence of BT Cruisers they do that kind of thing to you.

They could have put it like up here somewhere. but no, no, it's way down there. You guys seeing this, this is ridiculous. I'm I'm so close.

feel like if I actually get this on here I'm going to end up with a hand that's stuck all right. there's a click. it went on opening the valve now I don't know how I managed to get this valve in there. that's this is incredible and uh, come out okay.

that worked. Got pressure on the high side. let's recover everything and see what we've got in here. Yeah I Figured I was gonna find out an issue with the uh, the controls or the blendors or something I Didn't expect to find a charge problem, but hey, AC Service in January that's Florida All right.

Okay, yeah, yeah, this thing's uh, super low on its charge I don't know why. So I'm just gonna go ahead and vacuum this thing down and uh, we're gonna recharge it. Maybe because it was cold? We thought that the AC worked I don't ever remember checking it. Perhaps it did work.

Perhaps it didn't work work almost tripped on that cord. Um, I don't recall having found a leak or dosing some kind of AC issue with this, but I Also, don't recall disassembling it I'm I might have had the hose off of it I just don't know I don't remember. No, no I didn't discharge this. All right.

Returning to the machine here, it's been placed under a vacuum. It's been about 20 minutes. It was the 10 minutes leak down test and I've been messing around for 20 minutes or so. Let's take note of the vacuum position.

we're at about 29 inches. Mercury We're going to revisit this in a moment. Uh, about a half hour or so. If it still holds vacuum in a half hour, I'll go ahead and recharge it and then we'll see if the system works.

If it does not hold vacuum, then that confirms that there's a leak somewhere and I'll have to figure out where the leak is. In the meantime, I'm going to keep cleaning that oil pan that I have for the the Nissan over there. This is not the Nissan video but since I am working on the Nissan while waiting for the cruiser machine to operate I can kill two birds with one stone I Just finished cleaning off, uh, all the silicone around this oil pan and now I'm just trying to wash off all the contaminants and the debris and clean all the sludge out of, uh, out of this pan. It was pretty nasty in here and now it is not nasty.

It's oh man, you know what? I forgot? Yeah, there we go. Shiny kind of all right here. Gotta go Yeah. I've learned that as soon as I can smell it, that means it's uh, it's in the air.
So I I back away and just spin that over there. There we go Now all the air is going away so I can go back to spraying safe. There we go. Okay, that's good.

Okay, so far so good. we're still holding vacuum. I'm gonna go ahead and recharge this actually. no, no, no, no wait.

I I do want to change the style first. That valve's got to go. which I should have. Oh, there's the leak.

You hear that? Found it. That's the leak right there. It's that valve. Let me.

uh. let's put it under a vacuum again. Cancel yo. let's vacuum it one more time.

and uh, but yeah, that's definitely the leak. I'll show you. vacuum it. Okay, let's uh.

let's observe this one again. 100 leaking. Massive leak. Okay to pull that little guy out of there and see if I cannot unclick.

Yeah, that's on there I Need pliers? All right There we go. Come out. the vacuum's holding the valve in. Okay I need one of these that type to the master kit? That's the one we need.

and uh, is this it? Uh yes. affirmative, That is the one. Okay, let's screw this new valve into position. We'll re vacuum that again and then recharge it.

Foreign. We will torque this not to 100 foot-pounds Kick. There we go. Okay, moving on.

Uh. vacuum again. There we go. Do Not save service records.

10 minutes again. Make sure that valves all the way tight. Super duper All right. 10 more minutes and then we'll recharge this and see if it works I think it does looking good.

Continuing: Let's go ahead and charge this. It is a not electronical compressor and what do we need here? Looks like our spec is going to be 1.125 pounds refrigerant. Cool. Continuing checking data blah blah blah Zero one I Forgot what I said already.

Uh, 1.125 pounds. 1.125 pounds refrigerant. Let's go ahead and charge that. Uh yeah.

High side. That's fine. that's the default reading. tank Weight Do not disturb.

The machine is measuring how much is in the tank. The tank actually sits on a scale, and the the tanks are. Uh, they're teared, so the machine knows how much the actual tank weighs and then as refrigerant goes into the tank or out of the tank, it measures that weight difference and it appears to be quite accurate to the hundredth of a pound. I mean we were putting in, uh, our 1.125 pounds.

Once that's there, we'll go ahead and restart the engine. We'll just come back, revisit the pressures, see if it's making cold. If it is, we're good to go. We know we found a leak.

Uh, there might be another leak. there might not, but at this point, we definitely have a confirmed leak right here. Interesting. It seems to be unwilling to accept refrigerant on the high side.

See that we'll have to do a low side charge on this. These things happen. Let's see. Five minutes later, and yeah, it's going.
We're getting a little bit. I'm assuming the expansion valve is closed right now and that's why we're not getting a lot of, uh, a lot of flow in this thing. I'll wait I Heard it beeping. What's the deal? Press: To continue with Hose Equalize Abort to compensate.

All right. We're gonna add a little bit more. We're gonna host compensate it. What it's going to do is add approximately 0.3 pounds to it to compensate how much refrigerant is still in the hoses because it takes the measurement at the tank and so once it leaves the tank, it fills the hoses.

but that has not yet filled the system of the car yet. So if you don't compensate or recover what's in the hoses into the car, then your measurements are not going to be accurate. I Mean it's just 0.3 pounds, but AC systems are very sensitive and that 0.3 pounds tends to matter. sometimes.

that's kind of your reserved capacity starting the engine. We'll leave that off for right now and let me check the machine as soon as that machine's done. We'll go ahead and fire up the compressor and uh, see how we do disconnect. Okay, yep, it has compensated because I it told me to, uh, this neck hoses So let's fire this thing up.

Full steam full AC Recirc full cold in your face, Blower on high. Let's check the pressures and survey says pressures are looking good 40 pounds, 170 pounds on the high side. I Think we're in good shape now. the next challenge is going to be getting my hand in there to unconnect that valve.

Disconnect that valve, isn't it? Just amazing how easily the English language can be chopped apart with poor English we're bad English or poor grammar or bad programmer I Can't get this off. It's uh, that's stuck. There's still pressure in the line. Let's uh, let's recover, that, shall we? Continuing: Yep, I'll have the machine recover what's in the lines and that should reduce pressure at the fitting right there.

and then maybe I can I can pull that guy loose. Oh, there we go, Got it. Keep coming out again. Stupid place for that fitting.

Okay, we're recovering the machine. Let's check the temperature at the dash, see what we're looking at, and we're down to looks like 43 44 something degrees. Yeah, it's nice. Okay, this is a success so far.

I need to hunt down a cap for these fittings I think I have some in my kit. Let's go check Cat. Uh, there's a few of them in here. Okay, blue is for low side.

Let's see it's one of these it and it's not that one and not that one. Okay, let's try again. Black is for the low side. A winner on that one.

Let's try the high side. that's gonna be fun. I'll just take one of each. red red Gravity Come here again I'm doing that reaching in there thing.

do I get it on the first try. Not a chance. Nope, that one's not going on gravity. Let's try this one next.

we're going in. Does that one fit? Survey says Nope third time's a charm because I'm getting tired of reaching down inside of here. Yo yeah buddy! we got a winner all right Ayers quickages and yeah, no I did not change that fitting down there. That's not gonna happen on this car.
All right guys, that's the best I can do with what I got to work with so far the system is now functioning. My customers should be happy that the they got away without having to change parts except for one little leaking valve. Now that being said, thank you for uh watching this AC video during the winter time I Understand the rest of you are not warm but it's uh, it's in the mid 80s down here so we need AC again. but it's Florida thing.

thank you. that means that I hope you still found a AC Service interesting even during the winter. um is what it is. So uh, the only thing left here for me to do is to go ahead and get this thing parked.

follow my guy and tell him it's good to go. and uh and thank all of you guys for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill.

Let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two in the comment section. and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later and impressive! PT Cruiser Packing out PT Cruiser See you guys later. Thanks for watching.

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