If you own a AWD Chevy Traverse, Equinox, Terrain, Buick Enclave or GMC Acadia then you more than likely have one of these gear boxes in your vehicle. When you see it leaking around the passenger side CV axle you might think it is an easy job. Not in this "case." The entire t-case needs to be split in order to install the seals. Just time consuming is all.
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And interviewers and welcome back to the self-made our Channel got 2013 Buick It's the Ironclade. It's got the big three six and it has an axle ceiling and I can't speak so you guys bear with me. So a couple things in this video we're going to talk about first thing: I've got some more dental work done and I have an expander in my top pallet. therefore mate tongue doesn't work correctly.

You're gonna have to bear with my mannerism of speech until I learned how to talk again. it sounded ridiculous, but bear with me. And second of all, uh, this vehicle here was leaking gear oil out of the passenger side where the axle goes in. Uh, I didn't realize it but the seal and transfer case goes from the inside of the transfer case.

It's considered input shaft seal so you have to pull the whole transfer case out to do this. Bear with me. I've got it out transfer case pretty easy to pull out. pull it out.

I've never split one of these apart. usually if we've done one of these in the past, it's because they've grenaded and I've never had anybody ever want to fix the oil leaks on one. So this is my first time. so come along.

So here is the seal for the passenger side and this is where the passenger side CV shaft hooks on it was leaking pretty good. It was leaving a spot on the guy's garage and um, you know it was leaking pretty good. At any rate, it looks like, uh, best I can tell the surface data. excuse me I Don't think that we have to pull the output here to the rear differential where the driveshaft hooks on I don't think we have to pull that apart I believe that we just need to split the case per se.

Uh, there's gonna be a final drive in here. um, some helical cut gears and then the you know, the high point gear set for the rear. uh output. Here is what I expected to see in here.

The vent's not plugged or at least the top of it isn't Um, we can pull this shaft out I believe the whole shaft and bearing here. so let's do some exploring if we will and see what we see. Let's see if we can get in here that bring right here. Take that out.

it's got a bunch of schmoo on it there. All right You're gonna say I should wiggle out and sure as heck it does. So it wiggles out, it's got our bearing and then apparently the seal. it's way in here.

Okay I thought it was going to be more out towards the end. Let's beat let's see. Okay, so that's the end of the bearing I was seeing is the blue. Okay, all right I wasn't sure what to see.

so we'll set this uh shaft to the side. Thanks for sticking around even though I talk a little silly now. I'm hoping that I will learn how to speak again. That's My Hope have a look in there.

There's the seal and that goes in from the inside from it. So this would just be an empty uh Hollow tube right here this portion of it because it's sealed all the way in here. Okay, okay okay. Let's uh, they can pull all of these bolts out here.

They've made Provisions for these ones that you can reach right through. same thing over here. The only thing I'm not sure of I don't think I I don't know if I have the correct gasket for this. There was a couple options that you could not sort out by.
VIN and I bought the only one that was available. so fingers crossed, cross your fingers for me. foreign or anything there. we do have some dowel pins.

let me spin this where I can get a hold of it a little better. Looks like there's a doll right up there standby shut the furnace off for you. Okay, there we go. So this is the gasket that I don't know if I have the correct one.

so we're going to save this one there was. You have to know the overall length of this in order to order it. Kind of weird, right? This is our high point gear. Here's our input gear.

Okay, so there's our one gear set for the output for the rear diff I Want to make sure the bearings and everything out look good. Didn't have any other complaints otherwise and that must be our seal. Just a little guy there, huh? Okay, that's pretty interesting. It's pretty interesting fella.

Oh nope, There are seals in there. Okay, there's two seals I See what's going on? I See some blind man to the left? Man? Let's see. so there is our seal that we're after before we pop anything apart. Well, that's quite the gear ratio, huh? Not quite one to one, but it's got to be pretty dang close.

Is it one-on-one Yeah, it probably would be. I Guess it depends on what's in the final drive at the rear end. Uh, let's see if we have the correct looking seals. Let's see.

Yeah, and be careful where we're hitting here. trying to knock that seal through. Oh thing. I Probably could have pushed it out by hand.

That came out a little too easy. So there it is. So that came out really easy. Okay, let me see if we see any evidence of anything.

Some weirdness? Yeah. I Mean it doesn't look like it was spinning in the housing or anything funky. Well, being that there's not a lot of, uh, you know, debris in here, I'm just gonna hose this in and out with some brake clean instead of putting it in a parts washer because I don't want to get parts washer solvent up in this bearing housing. There's a little bit of crud right here.

I Mean we'll just wipe some of this out, but that's the best bet because there is a fair amount of crud in the tube here. Let me get some brake. clean a little pigment down there. Get out some of this stuff.

you guys love this. Are you ready? Three, Two four? There you go. Foreign. We're gonna push it right down through there.

Killer easy. It's like cleaning out a really big gun barrel. Yeah, all right shiny. I got a bushing driver I think will fit that well.

It does have the rubber lip on it there. I Don't know if that's what retains it in the case or not, but we shall see how it goes then in comparison to how it was removed because it could come out relatively easy. Oops whoops whoops whoops. Let's see.
I Felt like it started. It looks like about where the old one was sitting and that pushed really easy, but it's got a ways to go. Okay, it did it did start. Let's see if we can't just tap it a little bit here.

Sounds pretty solid, but I know it's not because I can see where it ends in that case and it's definitely not down all the way. That's very curious because it has a clear lip that it gets driven down to. I'm curious what messed with the old one here. The old one just sits here and it's not down all the way either.

I Want to see what it takes to break the plastic piece here on the old seal? Oh yeah, that seal was not in all the way 100 for certain because that just drove down all the way. So somehow that seal walked out because if I remember correctly when we Forest apart initially, I told you that this was not down all the way. Okay, so now we know. Well, we know a little bit.

we know it's supposed to go down. We know the new one's going a lot harder. Let me see if we can't tap it back out now without hurting anything. Still came out relatively okay, but at least we know what we know.

which ain't much, but it's something. Get this sitting there. oops. didn't mean to bump you.

Okay, let's grab our new seal. I Wish I had a way to I Just don't know how resilient that plastic blue ring is. Service data just shows using a bushing driver to install it. You want to make sure it is.

It is started by hand 100 percent. It looks relatively even. Okay, it's going. we're going all the way folks.

We're going until we're flushed with the case, which we're just about there. A little bit off on one side here. I'm gonna get a bigger disc to make sure I hit evenly all the way around. Just be on the safe side, you know me.

Safety First I Think we can go a little bit bigger? Yeah, it's maybe too big I don't have anything? Nope. I don't So let's pull that out. Go back to 65. This is the biggest one we have so it's bigger than the seal.

Okay, now we're hitting the case. The seal is even all the way around. Let's look in here with a mirror and see if we're all the way at that bottom machine surface that tell us for sure. So we'll get out this little guy.

we'll have a look in there. Yes sir, you guys probably can't see that in the video. Maybe you can, but we are at the bottom of that machined Edge all the way around town. Some words I can say some words I Can't say thanks for sticking with me with my speech.

Impediment though, it'll get better I'm hoping if not, this is the new me. How's this little guy in there? Well folks, let's look at the new one. So far so good. We're doing it for far so good.

Let's look at this one that's a funny looking guy. This one goes this way like that. That's right here. Hopefully that spring doesn't fly off.
how do we get it out without the Special Service Tool Let's see if we can't come up through this way. would catch the edge of it. not quite, can't quite catch the edge of it. Um see if I got skinnier one that long skinny screwdriver that puts us on the back side of the seal? This could go really well or horribly wrong.

We knocked out the Green Piece what's that look like? Now it's like curiosity doesn't look like March See if the I don't think we're skiing it up now knocked our spring. We need to be able to hit the edge of that metal. might be able to hold it with my finger. It'll either work or I'll shove it right through my finger.

Let's just try this. Nope. I Think we're gonna skip right past it. We ain't got enough Bend in it sir.

Well, how big is this thing? We could probably knock it in from the side. at least enough to get it out. Try that a little bit. We'll just deform the edge of it slightly.

That is part of the seal. Correct, ever so slightly. and then hopefully we can just get a hold of it. Maybe not like that you didn't gone.

Let's go. Uh, deform it a little bit more. Okay, now we should be able to come through hopefully and just give it a little tap on tipping there. It is all right.

So there's that's nice and clean. It's clean on the inside. It's got gear oil on it so we're going to leave it like it is. I Can see there's no catastrophic failure except the ones in my mouth right now so we don't have to worry about cleaning up metal or anything.

This does hit directly on the seal lip. A little concerned about that spring. I should put some grease on it, but let's just try something. Okay, we got our starter.

Now this did stick up a little. If you remember, it sounds solid. It's interesting. Also, this one's stuck out.

this is a wee bit. it's probably too late at this point. Service Data: If there's supposed to be any protrusion, however, this has a pretty big feeling. width on it.

Sulfur off. You know, one sixteenth or a couple millimeters from where it was originally will be okay because you can see where the old seal ran and if we got a millimeter to each wave to silt to be okay, everything's going to be okay. So there's seal number two. We don't see a spring floating around in there and I don't so that's good.

That's a good job man. We got here. We got this other seal. looks like our input.

Then we also have an O-ring like I believe I bought that too I was supposed to make sure we have it right there. Oops, that one's open though. There it is. This should be our o-ring that goes on the end of the case and it is.

so we're good to take that off. use our knife. we'll do that. and then this seal looks like we need to drive out.

So let's do that. foreign which is this one right here. So we should be good this one We're gonna need a fuel driver that fits it pretty closely. I Think we're in good shape, good shape that we're in I Got a bushing driver that fits nicely.
Thank you. Look at that baby in there I think we just rammed her down until she hits home. There is a dowel pin in the back side of this case, so I'm going to turn this so it hangs off the picnic table here a little bit over here. All right.

She sounds solid and she is all the way. I'll check what I'm intensity light here. See, it's all the way. Yes sir.

I like that so that looks good. you can take our O-ring Speaking of looking good, what's up Mr though how are you doing? Oh, sharing with the people a job that I've never done before and yes, stand that that. What the smell. How bad.

this isn't really that bad. It's not even burned up. The worst smell, the worst, no burned up ones. or Worse those are the worst things in the world.

So what's up? We come out to pick on my speech. What's wrong with your speech? Yeah, don't play stupid I'll sing you a song the s song so what's up Trinity can help you she had uh Speech Therapy once more time. I'm hoping that I have some correction here over time as I get used to my new hardware I'm wondering once they take it out like hot playing it in I'm talking funny now. Good thing I'm not in school I'd be getting beat up right now.

All these people can do is pick on me in the comments. so what's up? Maybe I feel like five or six? Oh, you need me? Okay standby? Uh I think that's it. Full trade, then all we have. We have no more parts in there.

This is the only questionable part as to whether or not it is correct. so let's open the package nicely. We've already kind of tore it open like a caveman. Why on Earth to make two different size seals? Let's check it out here.

Oh, someday this better be lucky than it is good. I'll tell you that, propped up on some uh, four by fours here I Don't see no reason we can't go together with it, right? I don't think so. but I believe that when we were putting it together, we kind of pick up one piece of the other piece here. but let's find out it was lame outside too.

Yeah, there we go. Okay, so that should be good and this should self align in the other half of the case once we stick it on. and then the uh, output shaft slash input shaft. The input output.

We can slide that in after everything's assembled. So yeah, these are pretty simple case here. Really? not much room. You have a seal here.

Let's see how. these dowel pins are going to go for us. Foreign back up here this one. It's not gonna be an issue, this one's here.

It probably sounds like I'm hitting that a lot harder than I am. Thank you I Just want to make sure I'm wasting where it should be should be because there are dowel pins are aligned. Let me get a punch for brass punch to tap on this dolphin over here. I think everybody is Happy everybody's happy.
We'll have to look up our torque spec S 21. that's what it tells me. Foreign. So what? The picnic table? Is there a snack ring over here somewhere? Oh there it is.

Nope. I Watched it. I Worship Okay, we came into the snap ring pliers. They might be able to stinky sink.

Uh, let's go wash your hand. appreciate it. I Don't think you can watch it out or you can wash the stink away. Let's slide that baby boom and that's it folks.

Fully rebuilt. Not really. We just put a couple seals in it so we'll take and pop this thing back in a car. I'll fill it up, we'll go for a little shimmy and we'll come back.

Make sure it's right it was Dripping pretty good. Before here we go folks. Foreign. Foreign.

Okay here we are folks. Uh, of course his driveshaft boot back here is leaking and still is I Want to make sure what we did is high and dry. We got a trainee drain plugs are good. As far as the axle seal, we can't really see how we are pulling that wheel off.

We got a mirror Josh a little bit more. There we go. let's set you guys down for a second. Oh there we go.

All right. looks high and dry folks feeling isn't Anyways, we can see how bad the thing was leaking before. I mean well I didn't clean off this. Good for the cross member here that's pretty saturated.

This whole thing was pretty well I sprayed some brake cleaning up in there. but I mean it was dripping off so good it was cleaning and then the dirt off the frames so it's pretty wet there. you have a folks uh carrying apart your get rag 790 transfer case. get a little later and take a little harder to talk.

so uh, we just want to make a video for two reasons. one we can look inside that little guy and two to let you know I can't talk anymore at least for now. So bear with me in the videos. Pick on me if you have to I don't care, but now you know what's up, what's up, so that's it.

Let me know what's up in that comment section. Questions: Comments: concerned criticism NC the Facebook I'm done talking. Just remember if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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