In this video I have a look at a customers 2017 Jeep Wrangler with the big 3.6 with a misfire and a couple codes stored. A P0203 and a P0303 for the injector circuit. It ends up being and easy fix. I didn't have very good videography in this video. Sorry about that 🤷🏼‍♂️
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Hey there viewers and welcome back to the self-man auto. Channel that's our 2017 I Believe this is the Jeep it's the Wrangler I think it's got to make three six and the money lights on. The guy says it runs rough I Started up this morning to bring it in and it seemed to run perfectly fine to me. I didn't drive around I pulled it up to the door here, shut it off.

came inside, forgot my click or open the door, went out to start it and as soon as I started it the second time it started running. Really? bro brought in here so it off started again. same thing so it definitely has a dead misfire. but when I initially started it did run good and well.

frankly that's all I know. All right, we gave it the classic system scan here with the altel a couple codes. I will go to report 17 Wrangler 67 000 miles on here we have a cylinder 3 misfire and look at that fuel injector number three circuit open a Po203 so that's kind of interesting. All right.

Well let's have a little dander. it's a Jeep thing. we'll pop the hood I don't really popper that, hopefully it's not one under the intake cylinder is three I don't know which one that is main point over here I'll tell you that much So I don't know if it's one two three without it. maybe it's one three five.

Let's look it up here. We got lucky today. According to service state it is one three, five, two four six. It's easy to tell on an engine which band kind of a V configuration, which is bank One.

It's always the bank that sits further ahead. So oftentimes like you can look at the timing cover on this and see that you know this Bank sits for their head so that therefore it's typically cylinder one. or at least Bank One In most cases, I'm probably wrong and in some cases, but more often than not, that's how it's laid out. Well, let's see what do we have here? Okay, so we've got this little connector here because it's right underneath that metal plate.

At least it's not under the intake. That's a good thing unless you have to pull the intake to pull around to change the injector if the injector is bad, which we don't know yet. Interesting that this little Christmas tree Fastener here is been removed. Um, so what are the what are the possibilities here of of what could be wrong? Um, that's interesting.

This little Christmas tree Fastener has been removed also. I'm just looking to see if somebody's been here I Don't know this customer. It's a first time first time flyer. So here's what.

I'm thinking. we could have a bad injector. bad PCM Uh, you know bad wire. So I say first thing first because we don't know any history about this.

Now that it really matters other than these couple. Christmas tree Fasteners It doesn't look like it's fiddled with if these bolts have been off. Now this one has a paint mark on it from the factory and unless they lined it back up perfectly which I doubt that hasn't been touched. So we'll see.

Um I guess I Guess what I was getting at? Long story short, let's just get to the injector, check the resistance on to see if we just simply have a bad injector. Then if not, we'll change our diagnostic plan from there. Foreign. We could probably do our resistance check right from here prior to pulling it apart thinking I'm thinking I have no idea how this connector comes in Huh? Looks like you pull back on that thing.
Yeah, it must be. Oh, look at that, that's fancy. Uh Leah Let me get a wire color here. That might give us a good indication because if we check it here and it's bad and we check it the injector, it's good, then we know it's a wiring issue.

You know, to a certain degree. Here it's interesting. That came up a little bit too easy. I'm gonna let you've been out before.

Oh Wait, we're missing the engine cover too. Okay I Just realized that um I think we've got to unhook this these plastic bits here. It should have to be a little bit cautious of to get to these other bolts. Let's just see if we can't sneak behind the plastic bits with our socket.

Foreign. Okay, let me set these bolts to the side and not to bolts and nuts. Oh, this sucks. Okay, this is this bracket goes down a lot further than I Thought it did awesome.

Chrysler Dang, where does that go? Oh, you know what? You know what might be good about this? The last ding dong that works out it didn't put the nuts back on the bottom. That's nice. That's handy of us. him or whoever did that.

What about these? are these attached too? They're just attached to rubber. Okay, I tell you what before we yank it up off, you know. Let's uh, looks like we've got a brown down there and a brown with light blue. So we're gonna have one common.

the brown wire. It's the brown with light blue which I can see right there. I got a brown white and a brown light blue. Do I have any solid Browns I Don't think so.

Must be my mind might be playing tricks on me. It might be brown white. Yeah, because the brown white is the common here on this number one injector. brown, white with brown and yellow.

Let's see. Can I find that one on this connector? I got a couple Brown whites. We have a brown and yellow. Maybe it's not brown and yellow.

Maybe it's brown and tan. all right. And then the rear injector. We see that easily.

Probably not. Tell you what. I'm going to grab us a wiring diagram. We're going to check it Right from here.

That way there we have PIN numbers. We know where because it is clearly labeled 1 through 12 across the top. it's like 13 through 24. I Can't see the bottom numbers but the internet we have PIN numbers.

Let's just check it right here before we go any further. Obviously somebody's been here like I say it's missing bolts missing. Uh, you know the Christmas tree faster and stuff are out, so that gives me an indication that somebody before us was already here. That's usually the quickest.
Telltale is. For whatever reason, nobody ever puts anything back. So this is kind of interesting. According to the OEM diagram, cylinders two, four and six run into this connector which I can see here because it says pin one is a brown and white which it is.

uh, the control for number two is pin 11 which is dark or yeah, the control for number four is pin 14. so that's gonna be here which is yeah, oh my gosh. And then pin number 24 which is supposed to be brown and violet which would be this one here that's brown and purple. Uh, unless the OEM diagram is wrong, which it could be.

It only has three of the injectors that run through this connector and it says here that the control for one, three and five just goes straight to the PCM They do not show it in the connector. They share the comment here with pin one. So this brown with white feeds power to all six injectors. but the control for one, three and five just go directly to the PCM with no, uh, no inline connector which I find is kind of hard to believe.

but in case you guys don't believe me, which it shouldn't Uh, you can see here, you know clearly it shows a connector called the inline Injector powertrain connector. They don't give a connector number on it and then on this side they showed no, you know, no connector just shows the control wires going straight to the PCM. Well, I guess we have to believe it. So let's try to get that bracket out of there.

It's totally silly either. Like that's just stupid. I Guess we can check them at the PCM but let's kind of tweak that out of the way a little bit. see if we can't get this mother lover up.

Maybe somebody took this apart because they put spark plugs in it or something. Let's um, some kind of freaking puzzle. The good news is they didn't put the bolts back in the bottom which are really. it's really a little bit helpful.

Um, what The flip man? This Christmas tree Fastener down here is not installed either. So yeah, somebody's definitely been here. Oh maybe that's the one we've already looked at. What do I know? There's another one down there that's not put in either.

Maybe it's had a motor put in it or something. This thing certainly will not come out well. further disassembly of stuff. Let's get this line here out of the way.

Let me go get a This is the vacuum for our Purge or the line that runs from the canister. one or the other. I don't know which one it is Mr one? Yeah, we're gonna need to pop this up or open. Yeah, let me go get something.

Some kind of prime apparatus. Well it looks like oh I See, they're individual. Oh oh, that's a real freaking handy Dodge Oh wow. you know let's get a pick here.

This is real stupid. Oh, you're gonna piss me off. Foreign Designer: A one-time use. Push it together and forget about it.

You might need a zip tie to go back together. Nope, we don't We got it. That was easy. that's using your noodle.
Chrysler Okay, we'll hook this one back in sometimes. I Think the engineers are just a bunch of three-year-olds with a box of crayons. but what do I know? Okay, so that must be hard piped with no quick connect on it. Oh, there's a quick connect, but there ain't No, no, there's not.

no sir, because that's a hard pipe right there. Well, that's a great idea. So that's hard pipe so we can't do anything about it. but we can at least get it up that far so maybe that gives us a little extra.

A little extra something I thought it would. It's just basically by wasting some time. criteria piss me off. Man could get this whole stupid battery tray thing out of here.

Now this is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I'm gonna have to turn off the camera I think because I'm probably gonna do some stuff that you guys aren't gonna like to watch. or here. you know what? I'm saying.

Come on now. Like the prices, right. You know what? Just stay there. You're good, We don't.

We don't need to take you out any further than that, my guy. Let's see. there's our ascending connector. The uh, good news is the fuel injectors do not look like they've been touched, nor has that connector down there.

The only thing I'm wondering is if she's still misfiring, but we're not going to check it. What we're going to do is we're going to get it known. Good. This number one cylinder here is good.

The best of our knowledge. Let's see. Pick what you want to break or don't you don't want to break it I'm going to move this hose a little bit if I can foreign this one I Don't think we can. Yes we can.

Yes sir. I Don't know if you guys can see it, but we're gonna hook it right off the intake. Put this one off. Get that out of our way.

Okay, get this crap out of the way there now we can see baby. Let me go get some uh little holy tools. hold this crap out of our way. Then we can get to our injectors.

What? I'm thinking to put an injector in it. Anyways, the plenum's got to get pulled off stupid Dodges double dodge Madness thing and I'm sitting right next to a 2017 HEMI Dodge Ram 2500 with the big six, four or six something gas job and it needs a heater core. and the guy's appointment was yesterday morning but he got slightly confused and didn't show up till about 11 o'clock or at that point I already wrote it off and was putting injectors in a 2017 Chevrolet with the big 5-3 and then this guy shows up. I'm here for my appointment.

he's an old guy I didn't have the heart to tell him to go pounce in but not that I would Anyways, even if he was a young guy, it's just like well we'll get her done when we get her done. So it's you know, got a slap a eight hour heater core job in the middle of my day here which I plan and haven't done yesterday. but anyhow, it's a cheap thing. Let's see, there's that one that's our suspect bad one.
Here's our known good according to service data, between 9 and 18 Ohms is our spec. They say about one amp of current foreign so let's see where we're at. Hopefully it's bad. We'll get our homage meter out here see if our leads are ain't good 0.000 We'll check our known good I'm guessing 14.1 14.1 is my guess.

12.4 check our suspect bad one. oh or 500 600. Ah, so she's way up into the kiliome range. so point.

so she's at 7 000 or actually 782 Ohms. not quite a thousand ohms because we are at Point Seven five, Zero kilo. Ohms. so 780 Ohms about 800 ohms of resistance so no further testing required.

It must have been working when, uh, when it's cold. but yeah, 12.4 on that one. So I hope you guys could see that or not. But big difference between 12 homage and 800.

needs an injector. Easy peasy. Thank you to the last guy who didn't put the bolts in the back side of that. We appreciate that and let me call the customer I'd say I don't know who they are I got to give them a quote Napper had that one injector in stock which I already have on the way because I was just guessing I Doubt you know we probably don't even have to take the plantum all the way off.

We can. Probably just because the fuel injector rail sits just underneath the plenum. we can probably just take the bolts out of it, just scooch it to the side without unhooking anything else off it, and then take the bolt out of our rail. Because of this plastic.

The other line across the back is plastic so we can just scooch it to the side. a little pippity poppity poop. Take that thing right off. I Think we'll be okay I could be wrong.

We'll find out. Well, the guy said get after it so we're just going to take it after it. and I think I'm thinking we'll just pop the whole way thicker off instead of trying to shimmy. I Don't think there's a bracket on the back should we Just like the minivans? except there's only one bracket on this side.

but somebody's already pulled the Christmas tree pass around a bit so somebody's already worked on this thing. Uh, which is kind of nice to a certain degree. Um, we'll just take and uh, we get another little bracket here. I Guess that one can stay on.

Uh, we're just taking pot. this thing off here real quick like a little bunny. I Think we could leave this bracket alone. Let's pick and pull these nuts off.

Balfa. Both of these nuts. so we got both of them off. Let's set them.

Let's see. let's get a little Christmas tree remover thing. We've already got our little hook doodad out here. What's this for? the brake booster? must be? I'm assuming? Yep.

get behind this hose here, pop that little guy off and then there's a couple more nuts right here. hold this little bracket, finish them off with a handy. So this little bracket here you can pop the Christmas tree Fasteners out of it. but it looks like it is a bracket.
Okay, it does go down in the front, so those do need to be removed 100 percent pushed out of this harness. Get that Christmas tree Fastener off. and then we do have to get them out of this bracket here. there's one.

They usually come out a lot easier if somebody's already had them out which must be these have been. and there's that one. So those little guys are out and then there should be a wire on our throttle body which will get this hose off here. Let's grab an eight mil.

Well that will fella right off that little guy. Oh what we got. intake air temp. it says somewhere somebody says that one hook yet so that over here and then we can get to the connector here on the front of our throttle body.

It's got your classic red clip. oh I think it might already be pushed out. even it is attached to the throttle body with a little wedgie type thing here. kind of just plates on there.

Get that off. I Can't hit the release tab I Don't want it to break. These are these connectors are quite delicate. so we're going to come in from the front side and release it and unplug it.

that way we don't break the cap for whatever reason. Uh, Chrysler really went El Cheapo on the throttle body connectors. Like I said. they're for whatever reason, they're super delicate.

They're like a lady like a lady. twice as slow and half the pressure for that time. We do. haven't you? Maybe not.

Um, oh man. that one bolt back there looks like a real son of a son of a mother to get to. So now let me figure out what we're gonna do here. There's usually always that one bolt.

You know? Pretty sure. Yeah, there's that one bolt right back there. I Think that's the only one that's going to be a pain. One two three, four, one two three, then the fourth one.

I Don't think it'll be too bad I Don't think it'll be too bad. Let's get an eight mil. We're probably gonna need a little swivel to get to that very rear one. I Think we'll do okay.

We'll do okay. You know why? Because we're gonna do it together. Foreign boys, foreign. We got to give it the classic up and over because we didn't take these brackets off.

On this side. you know, down where they hooked down low. I'm hoping we can just pick it up a little. It's My Hope And my dream, we'll have to pick these bolts up and give them a little twirl.

That way they stay kind of jammed up in the intake and they're not going to hinder us. See if we can get to the back guy, get back here and give him a little pickup and a twirl. And then there's one more down here, which you can't get. But if we're only contended with one of them, that's better than eight of them.

How about your mother's brother? There it is, baby. Got the factory installed. Mouse Nesting material. Okay, got this stuff right here.
Foreign. We'll move this stuff out of our way. Probably should put some little hankies in there because you know about Murphy We don't want him showing up the quicker, thicker picker upper in there. Now tie these back to our little twirling egg bit around there.

I Like a sue, that'll hold that out of the way for us. And now it's easy peasy. It looks like we have two turkey bits right here. However, there's a lot of junk laying down here, so we're gonna give this a little two.

There's no reason why we can't, right? nothing else that's open. Um, let's get a blown out so we'll both junk out. We'll take a couple screws out because even if we take a really long time to do this job, we still have the heater core job sitting 10 feet away that we don't really want to do today. But we're gonna.

so let's just get her done. All right. There you go foreign effect. We can clear out that area, creating a low pressure, sucking out the debris.

So now tell you what. Let's give them a little two of something to make them slippery. We can unhook our last connector in the rear. Everything looks like it's all.

it's all plastic. We'll get unhooked. Injector number five, Get the infamous red clip. Up Boom, there's that one.

Give them a steady pull you can see pretty stuck in the O-rings Of course. let's get some of the best penetrating fluid going to demand in the world. It's been proven time and time again. the WD I Just say that because it pisses people off.

That's okay. we're gonna put a little bit down there and make that ordering slippery as well as displacing the water right. Cans almost empty. I'm gonna have to buy a new Cannon I Want to keep making people upset? Let's see.

I'm just see if I can't give it a little tent little pull. It's not really a good place to to get under this rail. Oh yeah, she goes. One o-ring fell off I Just saw that that one came up and out.

The O-ring did not. though. we're gonna have to put some of these back together. That one came out.

the O-ring fell off. Gasoline everywhere dripping on the floor. That injector stayed in the rail. That's our bad one.

This guy right here. Okay, let's fix some of the screw-ups here first. Not really screw-ups just we don't want to lose our O-rings There's one a blue o-ring Hopefully the other one didn't get washed down with all the gas it did not. Here's the other one away.

In the back, there's that blue o ring and I'm gonna stick that very gingerly back on top of the injector that's still in the intake manifold. We're gonna give that a little click back on there. boom And then down inside this manifold. where the number three injector lives is the O-ring for it.

And we're going to pull that up very carefully. It's the pink one, so that's the bottom and o-ring which we need to take out. Okay, children, let's see. Uh, let's see what we can do today.
Get out of there. there's that one. So here is our faulty fuel injector number three. So that's it.

Now we're still still waiting for Napa patiently. We're gonna leave those injectors right in there. There's no sense of making a Mountain Island Memorial We'll leave our injector rail right out here like this. No sense in doing anything else with it.

It's gonna be cleaning up on the inside. We'll give her a little two to the brake clean. anyways. I'm gonna get a Q-tip We're going to clean out this injector hole.

There's a little bit of schmoo sitting on top of it and the last thing you want in your injector is some schmoo. Pull it off with a bigger Q-tip There we go. Now we're cooking. Hey, it's an Apple guy.

Jeep AP ASAP it says ASAP Oh boy. way to hustle. Napper Guy just showed up with a classic 2-39 or two one four. where's it made right here in America America Let's see, does it look like the OEM but there's not an amp except for three bucks.

Yep this is just a Rebox OEM It's just a Bosch feeling just here in an after box. Well there it is. OEM part in an aftermarket box probably cost more than OEM but we got her done today. Wow with these.

Okay the flip man. great packaging, great sir jerkles. Wow, that's that's real Handy idiots. So yeah, she's a Bosch America All right, let's get some lube.

We'll stick it down in there. I'm gonna put a little bit of Lube on this o-ring I'm gonna put a little bit on the top of the Ring just because we're right here. I'm not going to show you what kind of lube because people will flip out. They will lose their minds.

Remove that. just use a slippery Loop how's that sound And if you are using a silicone lube, rest assured this little bit of silicone lube you're putting on your rings is not going to poison the catalytic converters regardless of what the kids say in the forums. Okay, so if I were using a silicone lubricant which I'm not foreign because it works and B it's really slippery and C because it works really well and we'll put these things back in now. These are very coarse thread, like a wood screw.

Easiest way to get them started is to spin them backwards till you feel them click and then spin them forwards. Does that make sense to you? It will when you're putting them in. I'll tell you that torque them down to a few newton meters, but not too many. Give that a little bit extra.

Give that a little extra. Call it good. Grab the bow nozzle if there's any gas inside the connector, blow it out foreign, Get rid of that extra residual gasoline or petrol for our viewers across the pond. We're going to plug these little guys back in, put the red Clips down for the next guy, and to keep the connector from spontaneously disconnecting there.

Just like so, we'll put this Christmas tree faster in because the last jerk didn't end this one right here. We'll put this one back in cover our tracks. Okay, and this one here cannot go back on now because that one went under the intake manifold. Okay, I think we're in good shape for the shape we're in.
Let's unhook this Center intake back on. You know what? We didn't even, um, check that new injector. We're so risque, we're just gonna assume that the injector is good. If it's not, that's really gonna just just burn my biscuits.

I'll tell you that All right, we'll stick this stuff over here and let's get our little windy upy thing here. Go back the other way. That'll keep us out of the way for when we're putting into the cut. Wrap it around the perch valve.

Okay, these gaskets are in very nice shape. They're still sticking up there nice and high, so it won't be a problem resealing. Look where this idiot did. He unscrewed this bolt because he thought it was one of the intake bolts.

when really, it only has three on this side and four on the other. Foreign doesn't know what he's doing toward the spec. Again, breaking out the classic move right there. Pull out our friend, bounty.

There's all of that stuff. Let's grab our intake manifold. We'll slide that little fella on there. and then what you got to do.

you gotta give it the slide over the opposite way. We took it off, so let me move here a little bit so I can see on this side. bring it over, line her up, boom, drop it in. and then the same thing with these bolts.

folks. you got to be careful starting these things. It's like driving in a lag into a two by four. Here, it's about that primitive.

Spin them backwards a little and then forwards. You'll feel it. You'll know what I'm talking about. Foreign Clicker It's a very classic move in the automotive industry.

All the cool guys know it And then eight, two, uh, or seven to nine newton meters on these evenly. All right. We'll finish these off with a handy just to be sure you don't want to go hog wild with your tool. All right.

we got one way in the back, don't we necessary? All right, leave that one right there. Let's go grab us a little torque wrench. We'll give her seven to nine Fig Newtons or just very lightly snug across here. Let's get them all.

They were all pretty close anyways. But yeah, if you're not using torque wrench, don't go. Hog Wild Man These things are just barely tight and I imagine it would just shank the plastic out of the intake if you did go. Hog Wild Resist the urge as much as you can.

So there's that and this and that. This stuff went over here somewheres, but we got to get that stinking bracket. the stinking bracket. We got to get that where it needs to be.

So we're gonna put our little twisty tie back on here. Bring it over here, wrap it around the AC line, hope that'll hold that out of the way for us, and then start putting stuff back. Got a vacuum line there that some other stuff that needs to go on. A lot of oil coming out of that throttle body.
I Guess what? We're right here. We'll put this bracket back in. Wouldn't have been hilarious if they just fell out hit the ground. Yeah much as we fiddled with it, we're gonna get it boot.

Brown and then we need to stick it on the stud down by the exhaust here stud that had no nut so that's back on. Get these heater lines back on. Got my baby? there's that one and then we've got our Purge hey it's okay. Clip that back in Stick Back in a one-time use clip Christmas Tree Fastener that was missing when it came in.

We're really kicking button taking names folks. Boom boom. this fancy connector. This thing's kind of a work of art.

look at that. Way to go Dodge That's something you'll never hear mechanics say. Way to go Dodge I Don't know. Actually, their interior design and disassembly is actually pretty nice.

I do Granted, you do a lot of heater cores in them because they're junk I do like taking apart their Interiors because they use pretty much the same size Fastener and the same screw for pretty much everything. which that's pretty handy you know if you think about it and they make their components come apart in big modular assemblies which is also nice. The not nice part is you know if customer has to pay a lot of money to put a heater core in every so often, what are you gonna do you know I Tell them I didn't build it I didn't buy it I didn't break it. it's tough of patootie.

Hopefully these are in the exact orientation that they were. or somebody's gonna call me a scumbag. We got little white paint marks on them where they go. We got them, man.

we got him buddy. I knew we could do it. So there's that. and we put all this stuff back how it's supposed to be from the factory.

except for the potential missing nut down there, which who knows, maybe they didn't have one from the pack. Now there's some zip ties down there. Somebody else has been here okay, but we left it better than they did. So let's get you a little twirly uppy thing here.

Put that where you won't lose it and then on this side, put on these nuts. two there. I Know we got a couple over here by the throttle body. Okay, that one and this one.

We'll see this and that. Grab the torque wrench. Foreign. There's that one.

There's that one. We'll come get this little guy back here. A couple of these. one.

two. Buckle your shoe. There's that one. Got a little hose here for the brake booster.

Boom should be a wire somewheres for our map. If you don't plug that in, you'll get lost because that's your map sensor. I Tell you. That's how car knows where it is, what makes your navigation work.

Map sensor I'm just kidding. Don't believe anything I Tell you. but seriously, that's what it does Maps out where you are right. put in our throttle body, push in the red clip.
Now we'll put the air filter tube thing back in. What's up Mr though any of the this password ABC One, two three Oh uh uh. Is there a capital no? I'll tell you what it is I got this is a good one I Didn't want the people Yeah Super secret, Super secret. I Just explained to people what the map sensor is.

Tell me where you're going. Boom See when? I Take it. yeah. Exactly how's your car supposed to know where you're going unless you have your map sensor? exactly? Everybody knows that actually.

let's see. Oh I'm not sure it tells you where you're going I Just explained to the people it runs your GPS Think about old carbureted cars. No. GPS Boom didn't have map sensor manifold with absolute pressure as you must know which essentially tells the computer where the car is in elevation sometimes because it can measure barometric pressure too on some cars, but not all cars gets complicated.

I'm confused me too. but you know what? I say fake it till you make it. Do what you gotta do. Get her done right.

Get her done. Very inspirational. Yeah we should be life coaches. All right.

let's see if this thing works All right. Here we go folks. Look for gas screen everywhere. Get a quick key on.

We'll give it a second back off, back on contact. Go back to our home here. We'll give it the the quickie, the quick erase. We'll get rid of them.

It's not being real quick, Is it there? It goes? All right. Get rid of our little tire code. Let's fire this pig back up. There's that.

It's interesting to me because uh, how the camera picks up engine noise. Every engine I work on is quote: unquote. Knocking like that thing's terrible. That thing's knocking.

All the comments I Can even watch the comments here because somebody won't make it this far in the video and they'll kind of help or the engine sound this little guy right here. It does a good job of picking stuff up all right suspended. But anyway, yeah, it's not misfire. I Don't have anything to prove to you so she's good to go.

That's it. Nothing more to see. It's not gonna waste any more time. Things well, we got a full heater for it.

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