Part 1: Safety Hazards! Cylinder Contamination! Ford Escape 3.0
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Hello Everybody! Good day to you and welcome back to part Two of this 2007. Ford Escape Uh. Back in part one, we did an inspection on it. Uh, changed the rear brake cylinders because they were leaking brake fluid and uh, in this episode, we're going to go ahead and pull out the steering gear and replace the Uh the gear which is going to come with inner tie rods and outer tie rods. We are doing such things because there is excessive play in this inner. the boot is torn and it's leaking a little bit of fluid. So uh, without any further. Ado An introduction. Let's go ahead and get this thing raised up some. Moving on up. You know we're going to go ahead and start pulling this thing apart. All righty. We're over here at the left front. Let's go ahead and pull the cotter pins and uh, or split pins, whichever you prefer and we'll go ahead and get these tie rods off and then we'll start. We'll move inwards for more disassembly. All right, What do we got here? Uh, 18 I Think Yes. Hammer Time Nice and easy. Okay, I've already gone ahead and pulled the Uh the right front outer tie rod off. Let's go ahead and raise this up all the way. and then we can get some access to the subframe down below and start unbolting the steering unit. I Just got the new one delivered. Uh, wife went and picked it up. Oh I'm hanging my light. Hang on there. Yeah, my light was getting stuck on the thing there. That was a unforeseen hazard. All right down below. First thing we're gonna do is, uh, pull some of these subframe bolts out and let the subframe drop down a little bit. That'll give me space to reach the bolt at the steering shaft. and uh, also remove the bolts that actually secure the steering gear to the subframe. So let's pull these down. You're gonna come. you better foreign. Oh I Squished it on too. Okay, looks like we need some manual unclicks. Let's see here. come around to this side for some some more leverage. Yeah, there we go. Yeah, we're moving now. that one, dude. All right. let's try this again with the electron kicks. Much better. Okay So we've got that one loose. that one. uh, there's one there I pulled loose and one on the other side and then way up in there we've got a, uh, there's a motor mount, a torque mount that, uh, just hanging onto the subframe. so let's get up in there. I think that's a 15 mil. Let's pull that guy out. that was kind of loose. There we go. Okay, so the motor mount bolts loose. So now I should have a lot of play going on here with this step frame. I Think all right. It may be a little difficult to see, but there's one bolt here that runs through the the steering gear to bolt it down. and then there's another on the right hand side and I can't reach that with this tool. so we need a smaller tool. All right. Here's what we'll do: I'll go in. we'll break it Loose manually and then I'll go in there with the air ratchet, electric ratchet and uh, run the Fastener out. Reverse clicks. That's good I believe that's a 15 mil. that's what I was using and once it's free, I'll maneuver the the unit over a little bit and that'll give me some better access to uh, the lines, the fluid lines, the hydraulic fluid lines. There we go. Okay, there's one and another one on the Uh passenger side. Over Yonder This one's a little harder to reach, so I'm gonna go in uh and uh, through the wheel. Well, the exhaust and whatnot's in the way on this side here. Reverse flakes. I Can't fit my tool in too big. All right. let's try it in. the back side fits and that's a negative. We're doing this one. Uh, this little manual action? cool. It's just a little bit too. Big worries. Well, you know what? There's a bracket there for that. uh, power steering hose. Let's take that off. that might be in the way here. We'll go in with the the 10 mil. Try to get that bracket off of there pretty tight. Close Quarters Combat. Ah, come on, get on there. Okay got it. It's loose the bracket out of the way and then I can try to get my tool back in. There's a little too much friction on those threads to, uh, do it by hand. Unfortunately, there we go. That was easy, right? Here's our bolt added. Okay, steering gear is loose with the exception of the uh, hydraulic lines and uh, the steering shaft. Okay, so we're looking back up from the bottom side now. and that bolt, right there is what secures the flange for the hydraulic lines. So uh, I need to get that thing broken loose next. Yeah, not much space to play with. You may need to just use a socket. Yeah. I Don't see why that wouldn't work I got space for that? Yeah, there we go. Come here, don't want to lose this guy there. it is. okay. drain pan that's gonna be there to catch our power steering fluid that spills out. Let's go around the other side and pull the lines loose and then we'll work on that steering shaft. we're in the driver's side wheel. Well, just gonna pop these lines out if I can. just give them a bit of a wiggle and some tap and tap action here. All right, both lines are free. They are draining now. I Need to get in there. This is going to be a zero visibility operation I've got a pull, this dust boot up and uh, unfold the steering shaft. Kind of easier said than done I Think that's something too. All right? All right, we're back. uh below again. I Couldn't really get a good angle from the side, so let's try it. Uh, from the back side one more time. pry this boot up, taking care of it, not tear it and I can see I see the Fastener I believe that's the Torx I Grabbed a Torx 45. fits. Yeah, it looks like a Torx 45. Okay, let's go ahead and break this guy loose. I've got the Uh got a ratchet on it with a long extension and she's turning good. I'll just back this bolt out and then, uh, we'll use a pry bar to separate the collar off of the steering shaft. again. we're doing this without tearing this little rubber boot. There we go. What? What is it? kiddo? The youngins are here again today. It's Saturday there's no school I know what you're saying. but Ray you don't work on Saturday Well, when you work for yourself, you work every day. which is how it is. You do what you got to do anyway. Uh, the collar is becoming separated now I think maybe I'm off of there. we're uh We're not gonna fight like that. Oh no. Foreign. okay. steering gear has achieved freedom. It's loose now I just gotta gotta wiggle it out. get back on the driver's side wheel. Well again, let's uh, let's kind of Wiggle this thing out. Hopefully we gotta I've generated enough space here I think I did. yeah it's it's coming out. it's moving a little hung up on the other side. probably the tie rod. No worries, a couple good Yanks she'll come out there it is. Look at my own steering gear. hey there's our full view of our Carnage come here tie rod. Come here. Okay, all right got it. Okie dokes So we've got the uh old unit and new unit lined up. Mounting points are the same but looks like uh, length is the same. That's good I had to disassemble the old ones just to get the jam nut. My new tie rods and the new rack did not come with Jam nuts so I had to take it apart anyway. it is what it is and uh oh I need my O-rings and I got some cotter pins too so this one's good to go. I'm gonna go ahead and finish prepping that and uh, we'll get it installed All right. New unit. traveling back around bright lights, we're getting ready to go back in. I've uh I've already put the new O-rings on the lines inside just to save us all some valuable time. So uh, let's uh, let's maneuver this thing into its home and get her bolted back in and then we will be good to go. But I can take this down and have a wheel alignment done and that will be that. Yes many of you were asking what I plan on doing about the wheel alignments since I don't have a lemon machine here And the answer is simple: I'll get someone else to do it that way I don't have to shove that thing right on in there where she goes. That's what we need. You go in almost. we're almost in the brackets. Let's go down below and see if I can't get those lines connected real quick. Like these lines in easier said than done. There's not much space to work with noise there. How much leverage I can deliver? There we go. that one's in. Ah, got him, feed line and return liner in. Let's get that bolt in there I think it's this one little 10 mil right here. Yep, get that guy started. Then they, uh, then we'll do the steering shaft that will Bolt the unit to the Rack or uh to the uh, what you call it words subframe. There we go. Subframe we'll Bolt the unit to the subframe. get the tie rods on wheels on Etc thick little drop click. There we go. It hooked up right there. Perfect. Okay, back around back again. let's get this boot up here. Oh good. The collar is in position. Let's just pry that back down and we'll top the bolt into it. I Called that the kill people bolt because if you forget it, then your steering system comes apart and then you lose control of the vehicle And that's how you kill people and we don't want to do that. Come on there, caller, go down into your home. Well I've been fiddling with this thing for about 20 minutes now. just kind of wiggle it around and I got it, it's in position I just need to uh to get our bolt lined up and and in there. and I can tighten this down for uh, that actually hurt. My fingers are a little sore after that one because I had to reach inside of this uh, little dust boot right here and uh, manipulate that the universal joint that's in there all in an effort to uh to line up that little collar. It was not particularly easy or fun. It's my least favorite part about these kinds of jobs. is this one critical Fastener right here and without it, someone might die and that would be bad. Woohoo! Okay, hope you guys can see I'm going back in through the wheel. well again to uh, get a little bit of torque uh on this Fastener I have it run down but it's at a goofy angle and I can't get torque on it Foreign. I've got the Uh I've got the Torx bit on the bolt and we're just going to give it some uh, some finalized flakes again without tearing that boot. Don't tear. Hang on here. All right. Got it torque achieved. Just slide that boot back down where it goes. It'll keep the seal clean and then we can, uh, get those bolts back in that hold this unit to the subframe. We should do the Uh I'll do the passenger side first I Can I think I can manipulate that one a little bit better because I can reach up and uh, get a hold of the gear at the same time and wiggle it around until this bolt fits I think uh, almost. Yes, No, it's close there. it is. Got it. There's one that one's in right over here and let's go over to the driver's side and we'll get that one. Oh, it's not threaded. Hang on. Hang on. A little ahead of myself there. now it's threaded so we can go over to the driver's side next. Alrighty driver's side bolt coming in even if they uh, reach around. treatment Erico Style There you go. That one's on cool. So we got both bolts in I Need to secure the line with its bolts over there. We'll bolt these things down and uh oh, it's a little motor mount. Can't forget that motor mount. You guys would never forgive me if I forgot that ball. Oh no, uh, how did I do this the last time? Not like this? I think I went straight on sure Mix: ooh Chick-fil-A is here not sponsored? That's just what's for lunch. Manual mix All right guys. I'm taking a break I need chicken sandwiches in me? I'll be right back. You guys stay here. Enjoy this commercial. All right. I'm back. That was good. My fillets of chicken were quite filling. so uh, now we get back at it. Let's go ahead and put the color bolt in six and I'll give it some manual torque to finish it off because that tool is not designed for delivery torque. it's just designed to, uh, move the Fasteners around just the right wrench? sure, right, wrench, wrong side, rut row okay, and clickage? All right. That's in all right. Let's get out of here because I've still got to put in the bracket bolt for that line. remember I had to take that line loose to uh, get access to the Big Bolt Squeeze you guys in here a little bit. Yeah, we're definitely running out of space now. Close Quarters Combat there it is. All right. All right, we're going in again with the wrench. Let's finish this thing off. I Hear kids screaming in the office I Think they're fine. Why aren't you? uh, doing what you supposed to do here? Nothing enough friction on my threads. There we go. Okay, that's tight. Okay, let's back up some. We'll uh, we will run the bolts in this one and that one for the subframe. you can't see, it's over there. That one, that one. there it is. and then we'll put the outer tie rods on. Foreign noises. Here's the one and the one down yonder. nice and two on the other side. Foreign Hard part's over. Let's go get the outer tie rods prepped and then we will install those next. Okay, we've moved over to the toolbox bench. There's one of our outers. Let's go ahead and open this guy up. I've already got the jam nuts installed on the inner tie rods which are on the rack already. Hmm. Powder pin. It's good. What I meant by prepped is install the grease fitting right here. It just kind of screws in. So I believe that's an eight mil. That's what I got. We're grabbed and I was mistaken. Seven mil. Let's try a seven. Nope. Let's try standard. How about a 5? 16. let's see if that's it. Survey says yes, we don't want to overdo these because these guys will break off and if they break off, then uh, then we're done. It's game over. We're gonna do that times two and then we can thread these new outers onto the inners and uh, bolt them to these steering knuckles. Get rid of that. don't cut my thingies. Clicks All right. Back to the car, we go Okay. Inner Tie rod, Outer Tie rod. You two maker acquaintance, you're going to be spending a lot of time together. Go ahead and spin this guy on. I Uh I Spaced these jam nuts by counting threads and using my finger as a measuring tool. I Hope to get them fairly accurate. and if not, uh, well, the alignment guys will deal with that later because I won't. and again, 19 millimeters holes not quite lined up a little bit farther, a little more, a little more. Got it. Fold our pin around. securing that castle nut for eternity. Oh, you're doing it wrong. I Know there's a hundred ways to do that. That's the way I'm doing it. Okay, let's do the uh, passenger side. okay. moving over all the way over here, back to the passenger side and then repeat. Tie rod gets threaded on. that light's annoying. Get that out of here. Come on. that's good right there. Come here. Thank you There it is. Castle Nut goes on. All right. Oh right on. look at that. The hole lined up perfectly. That's cool I couldn't do that again if I tried put that on there I'll spin this one around and yeah I know I'm doing it wrong. Do that kind of stuff on purpose it's called comment generators stole half of America Now these joints do have grease in them, but I'm going to add some anyway. I Know that they're good. a little more. squeeze. there we go. and the other side as well. that's a mess there. shiny. Um, okay. I think that's it. What? I Feel like I'm forgetting something. What am I forgetting? Um, oh oh, the motor mount. You guys remember it. I Don't remember. That's right. Here's the bolt now. I Remember motor mount. Let's go back down below one more time and we'll get that mount set up. We'll finish this off. Yeah. reaching again. Oh nice. It's uh, it's aligned just like it should be. Oh my uh. my battery was crapping out on this one. It's got a poor connection. Oh one more for good measure. There we go. All right. Mounts in rack is in, lines are in, steering gear is in, tie rods are in Jam nuts are jammed I'll put some torque on those in a moment. Uh, what else do we need to do? I need to change the oil and we need to fill. Uh I need to fill up power steering. So let's let this down and we'll do. uh. we'll refill power steering first. Okey-dokes back under the hood for some pouring things. I'm not going to use it. We're gonna do this the Uh manual method I've got some, uh, some BG power steering fluid here. This is the good stuff. See if my pouring things skills are still up to par. Hey hey, so far it's oh I spilled some I failed. We'll get it right, don't worry. So I I Went ahead and skipped the oil draining procedure and now we can just move on to the oil filling procedure. I Got some 520 mobile one fully synthesized engine oil because I don't use cheap stuff here. Quality doesn't cost, it pays and I figure customers are here for quality, not not so much, uh, perceived value. So we're only using premium level products. that's why I installed a Wix filter and there's the debate. Mobile One and Wix uh, there's better stuff I know, but this is good stuff too and that's what we're going to use because I said so I like Mobile One I Know it's nothing super special. It's not the it's not like a Pennzoil Ultra platinum or anything like that, but it's a fairly decent oil. It's got a decent additive package and it will do just fine for this uh, three liter. Ford However, it won't do fine with my pouring things action because of the angle of our dangle here and the large opening of this uh, this container. I'm going to give it a shot, but I fear I'm gonna spill and now we're doing good. All right. Foreign number four coming in. Um, no, where it's stuck you guys. Oh, fail, there we go. Ow, that kind of hurt. Yep, cork number four that equates to one gallon for you European types. Okay, that's another another set of ree right there. Okay, this is Court five. We're gonna head into the cabin and uh, starting Z engine. We're gonna hear a whole bunch of whining from the power steering pump because that fluid is going to be aerated and it will go away as the air bubbles migrate their way to the reservoir and then ultimately remove themselves from solution. Beginning engine stocking sequence. now. okay, check the reservoir, make sure that it served up all the fluid. Let's see, we got. yeah, a little bit low. a little low as to be expected. Pouring things on for round two. Oh I Got a flashlight battery down in and since our oil filter is primed, we can go ahead and check that oil level next. Let's see what we got. We are a little low. Another half quart or so should do it. There we go. and I'll mop up my spillage too. I Don't want that. It's unsightly and unprofessional. Okay, restarting. round two. we're gonna. We'll let this. uh, power steering system Purge Foreign. Yeah, that'll show up pretty soon as uh, there's all these air bubbles migrate their way out. In fact, I Think it needs a little bit more nice. Okay, let's take a peek down below. We'll do a leak check real quick Looking good. No filter leak, no drain plug leak. Let's check the power steering lines over here on this side. those are right there looking good. O-rings have done their job and that whining noise has stopped. We're good to go. All right guys, this video is running long time is up the essence. I'm gonna go ahead and close this one out I Just need to slap the wheels back on and we'll get this thing over to the Uh to another shop to have the alignment done and we'll be good to go. So uh. That being said, they'd like to thank you for watching this video As always I Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. And don't forget to drop me a comment or two while you're down there. So again, and as always, thank you for watching And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! end of Escapade Flashlight Foreign Would you believe that they don't have this? and concentrate at the parts store? At least not the one that I used Had to buy it by the gallon. It's like six bucks a gallon. That's ridiculous. It's just a little water. no rain. Oh there we go through. water flip Foreign. See you guys later. Thanks for watching. Have a great day.

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