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Foreign flip. Hey there it is. Hi guys, hang on here. Bear with me.

I'm setting myself up am I live How do I look yeah age people hi guys I'm gonna go into the office and maybe try to pull up a chat on on the YouTube because uh, we're on the phone right now. Ooh gross, my dirty laundry. Hang on. Let me get that out of here.

We can't have. we can't have dirty laundry. Hi guys, hi everybody yeah now we're all coming in. What's up Everybody have not done a live in a while and uh I wasn't doing much this afternoon so I figured I'd check in with everybody and say hey howdy oh I'm nervous again yeah I haven't done a live stream in a while I don't think I'm very good at this but I'm I'm working on it I'm learning I'm learning.

It's always learning curve. Let's see about a chat real quick. Hang on. Maybe I'll pull up I'm thinking because I can't read the chat on the phone over here so I'm thinking I'll pull up uh the YouTubes and then try to pull up the chat over there if I can hello Ireland I know I'm I have to figure out slow mode I'm working on it today.

Hi everybody Welcome you guys! Glad you guys are here! Hello I Think what? I'll do hi Tim I think what I'll do is is we'll start off in here and then maybe maybe we can do like some Q A stuff and I can go walk around the shop. what do you guys say? kind of show you what's for lunch. um Lauren is getting something from the smoothie place I guess they have really nice sandwiches. That's what's for lunch.

It's gonna be awesome I don't know how to turn on slow mode I think you all got bear with me here. learning curves and whatnot. hmm actually I need to rearrange this desk. Found Lauren's green tea.

she left it. That's in the way I wanted to do this earlier but the youngin was running around doing the screaming thing and oh yeah yeah, you see that I do have one. but yeah, the youngest was was being kind of loud and it wasn't going to work earlier. So I got this uh, this horn dealio right here and it's just a two wire.

You guys see that it's just like a two wire setup. so I need some kind of, um, like some kind of amplifier or module that takes the phone sound and then UPS the voltage to whatever this thing runs out I think it runs at 48 volts. so I I still need more components to make The Doodly Doos but I'm I'm kind of working on it. oh gravity phone ring or gravity put this slow mode slow down.

comments I know I don't know how to do slow mode. this is like the third live I've ever done. so I'm not really certain how to turn it on yet I'm does anybody know Papa or poppers and mozzarella sticks I Don't really like mozzarella sticks I I Don't know. It doesn't sit with my palette very well anymore.

Yeah. I Used to like them Snow mode I Don't know how to turn on slow mode You guys like someone help me out I'm trying but uh I don't know how to make it. Make it. Do that Editor: Maybe I'm in the wrong YouTube Hang on there because there's two.

YouTubes There's like the regular YouTube and then there's the Creator YouTube that. um, it's got more settings and whatnot in it. I'm gonna try there. You're going to watch your life.

No. I Don't think you don't have to watch my live stream for an hour like you don't have to watch it at all. It's not like a huge deal. No, the little girl is not going on payroll.

Nope. that's a negative. Slow Mode: Hang on here. Hang on we're getting there.

I'm gonna figure it out. YouTube Title Description: Shareable Yeah. I don't I Don't know how to do it Comments: Is it in the comments thing? Um Lauren Is fantastic. She's out fetching us some lunch for the day iPhone to auxiliary charging amp chat gravity.

Wow. This place actually filled up pretty quick. There's like there's almost a thousand people in here. Nice.

Nice. Yes, my daughter is definitely on the payroll. All of the all the children are they. They get the inheritance.

Hang on man. Hang on. Yeah, hang on a second guys. Thank you sir.

Appreciate that. I Had I had visitors coming in and they didn't know that we're like totally in a live stream. Yeah, what did I get I got some pots Mmm that was all. CB Thank you thank you kindly YouTube Studio Click on live click customization.

Thank you. That's what I needed to know. There we go I knew somebody would tell me slow mode 60 seconds save. Got it? Yes, we figured it out.

Beautiful! Hi Cliff What's up dude? How's that cabinet coming along? Cliff is making a uh what they call like a cutting board type corner cabinet and he's mitering the corner so they all overlay each other. It's going to be super awesome. Hey there she is. Life Unit's getting us lunch I See you I Didn't tell her I was doing alive I waited right till she left.

She took the youngin out of here. It is an idle control thing I Pulled the IAC thing off of that van for today from today and the the seal inside of it is totally gone and it does not actuate so I I Parts cannoned a new one I Don't know if that's why it doesn't run, but I know that that's one of the problems. Phone call not answering you? sorry, cannot do there's one. Yep, yep, can't answer the phone today.

sorry Lauren has to answer it if she's on. She's in the chat so she can't answer it either. Going out of business my list for the afternoon I Don't know. Um I'm waiting on a bunch of parts and a bunch of approvals which is oh, hang on yeah I gotta hang up on you sorry guy for getting the voicemail on live stream.

that's a viewer like that person is going to know about this later on. it's gonna be funny. Um I don't have any employees yet? Nope. Nope.

I've had I've had some healthy helpers come around every now and then, but nobody is on payroll. Negative? It's it's really hard to vet people and put people on payroll. Um, it's it's one of those comfort zone things that I need to get out of and move into. But as with all things, there's there's time.

and yeah, well, she's no, she's a shareholder, wife unit's a shareholder. Yeah, getting a hold of employees, it's it's going to be. Uh, uh. I Mean it's it's in the works.

but I'm just I don't know if I'm ready to manage somebody else and then have somebody else's livelihood depending on me outside of the family of course. Um, it's kind of a big step, but uh I'll take it I'll take it when it's time. Kurt Thanks Kurt Coffee Apprentice from yeah I Could I could recruit somebody from the one of the tech schools. It's hard to compete with the tech schools though because the dealerships go in there and they offer major money to recruit the people and for someone like me I Don't know if I can really like compete with them yet? Yeah.

I shoot for the moon and if I miss at least I Landed kind of up here some nice. The train. um, the train derailment. I I Don't know exactly where it was, but this town is not overly large and there's really only one set of tracks that run through here so it's it.

was close wherever it was, but I didn't see it I don't know if it was on the other side of the river or on my side of the river or farther south towards the airport. I'm not really sure where the train did the train flipping thing. At least it didn't blow up or at least they didn't come out and deliberately blow it up. That would have been bad.

hello. Mississippi the engine in the closet. It is still there because the closet is still there. Um I am going to take that closet out because I need the space and I don't know what I'm gonna do with the six seven in a closet? I'll figure it out.

Bradenton Florida is where I'm located. Mark my reference to the airport was the Sarasota airport where we're almost I Mean the cities used to be fairly separated, but the population kind of grew and fell up in between the two cities. So now Bradenton Sarasota is kind of one larger area. Epa's got my back.

I don't think I'm going to use that six seven. it's it's been in the closet for a very long time and it's got like ceiling Parts in it and the top was exposed and I see rust down inside of it. It's and it came out for a reason. That's the thing about engines that are not in vehicles.

If they, no, it's a six seven if engines come out of something, that means they were probably drunk or damaged. Um, so it would have to be stripped down and probably rebuilt just from a base block to use that. Aircraft mechanics versus Automotive mechanics. Um, that's actually a good question.

I I may not be the authority on that one because I don't I don't know much about aircraft maintenance. Um I Do understand that a lot of the aircraft guys they specialize in one thing and then they only work on one thing you know For for example, if I'm certified to do electronics on 767s, then maybe that you know that guy only does electronic work on 7767s, Then there's guys that only do landing gear work. And then there's guys that only do work on the control surfaces. I Understand, it's different from Automotive in the sense that you know you don't get to do everything, you have to do one specialized thing.

You have to do it very well and it's probably expensive. I There's kind of a barrier of Entry I think a lot of the um, the airlines or the maintenance facilities uh, wants you to, you know, have some dedicated formal training and then I'm sure there's specialized training after that. So I think there's a harder barrier of Entry to get into aircraft versus Automotive Um, but like I said I'm not really an authority so I really don't know I like my cat engine I like it because it's big Diesel and it's mostly a mechanical diesel. Yeah, a lot of aircraft techs start in the military.

That makes sense because they do get specialized training I could say that's your job I know right? 1100 people here, nice but only 362 like buttons. How about some ratios guys? let's do the let's do the like button ratio thing like I'm watching I Want to see I want to see like 900 of them just like poof. Can you do it? You can do it. See, there's some.

Yeah, they're coming in nice. Thanks guys. Appreciate it. It's the algorithm stuff we we're we're slaves to the algorithm.

Al Gore's Rhythm Man I Slowed the chat down. it's still chooching away. You guys are animals I like it. Oh, something about a tow truck.

Hang on. Let me back it up. Oh I Gotta show you guys this. Hang on.

let's let's walk outside I Hope I Don't lose lose Wi-Fi if I do if I lose signal coming out here then lunch time is over and and I'll have to end the live but we're going. We're going over here to the tow truck. Hang on. It became broken and it became broken just sitting in the parking lot.

Look at here. let's flip this around. Yeah, see that. look.

it died. broken here. Broken here. That's like it's actually really really broken right here.

There was there was another truck. it was parked like right here and that other truck was fixing to leave and pull out and it kind of right up into the fender and and broke it. I mean things happen, It's going to get fixed. but yeah, what's up buddy.

Flip that around there we go. I am back. Yep. breaking up edge of the Wi-Fi that's yeah.

I'm coming back in sorry hello Finland Will you hire someone else to? Yes I I will hire somebody at some point I'm I'm working on that. Oh, hang on backing up I Can't see what he said. Hang on. come back some Asian guy that's who said that.

Well thank you for the for the Super Chat and I'm trying to read your question. Get some drum Drums of the brake clean. Yes, um the break I actually have I have some of the sure shots. let me get one out real quick.

I have the sprayers for the drums of the brake clean. Okay so what you do is you unscrew the little lid and fill it up with the solution. You pressurize it and then you've got refillable brake clean containers. But I need to get uh, like the actual drum of the brake clean and they're like 900 bucks.

Al Gore he's that non-president Man Bear Pig. You guys remember Man Bear Pig. Oh smoothies. Thank you dear for fetching me a smoothie.

She tries to expand my palate because I don't try new things. One thank you Holsters Pure shots. that'd be cool. just like one on each hip.

Chat's super speeding up. Hey, we almost got to that 900 like button or 898 898. Nice ratio guys. thank you I don't know if that's Juan from the job one.

that's just another one. There's lots of Wands out there hi Paul um older cars or newer cars? I Yes, it depends. You know if they get really really old, that's a no and then some of the really really new stuff I'm not at that level of Technology yet with some of the newer newer equipment, he is the one. Yeah, so it's I don't know, it's I don't I don't know.

Not really sure how to pinpoint that one. It's it's all circumstantial. It depends on you know what I'm trying to do? What the problem is, Is it Is it going to be a super hard diag or is it going to be? You know something easy that I can get through? It's I don't know I think after a while you just kind of get numb to the the challenges and you just work through them. which FJ Cruiser I have two of them I got two of them here.

Uh, both of them do not have four wheel drive. that's the issue with my Fjs and they both have two different reasons that the 4x4 is not working. One of them I'm waiting on a part and the other one I actually need to take the axle out of it so I can get to the connector for the actuator on the front axle. Normally it wouldn't be a problem, but that particular FJ has like this Fabtech lift kit on it and the spacer for the front axle has this huge armor plate and it's actually shrouding the uh the electronic actuator.

so I can't even like put my hand on it. So I basically have to take the lift kit off of the FJ just to diagnose it. How did I get into Automotive I Needed a job in high school and I actually got a flat tire one day and I went to a tire place and they had a sign on that. it was a Kauffman Tire and they had a sign on the door it said career opportunities apply within I was like oh that's interesting.

that sounds a little bit uh, more official than um now hiring and I was getting my flat repair or my flat tire repaired and I was talking to the manager and they pretty much was like hey, you have a pulse and can pass the drug test you're hired so that was that was kind of that project Jeep is gone I finished it like a month ago I need a new one I Kind of miss having the Jeep just hanging out in the shop somewhere I would like to get a new project Jeep because I want to go Jeeping with Judd next year. it's a thing they do in Polk County where they do like this all day off-road circuit but it's a Jeep only kind of deal I want to go with Cliff OTB Cliff 38. 18 ice I sleep eight nine a day yeah I'm always baggy eye this is what I look like plus I have contacts in today and it's making my eyes kind of kind of tired. but I assure you I am well rested Cletus Collaboration I have not been able to cross paths with Mr Mitchell yet I've been to his racetrack a couple times but I have not.

uh I haven't seen him in the wild project Avalanche no that one left Avalanche is long gone. it's it's out of here I'm supposed to get another PT Cruiser this week it's a no crank no start Hi Martin thank you Scottish Coffee I know I want to get my own project to you actually I wanted that one that was across the parking lot but the fella wants a substantial amount of dollars for it and I don't think it's worth it. The thing that's across the fence there needs like a total ground up restoration project. Lexus I don't want Alexis Oh You mean the Mustang guy? Nope.

I had a lot of dead ends. The real problem with the Mustang situation. The guy that tried to kill everybody on the road I didn't yell. The guy that tried to kill everybody on the road is that I never was able to get a license plate number and without the tag number.

even if we did like find the person uh, no one can do anything about it, it's fine. They'll mop him up one day. Yeah I wasn't yelling at her. you got, You should see us fight like you think that was bad.

We were getting along no no, no. But all jokes aside, that's we seriously challenge each other in ways you guys wouldn't believe it's it's the spice of life like she. she just makes me wonder yeah and then I make her want to just yeah and at the end we're all good. Promise: Project Super You: I'm good.

You're good too. You're good. You're good sweetheart. Yeah, life units here in the chat.

well you know I can't show up at the Freedom Factory and be like hi, what's up You know? let's make YouTube videos together. That's it. Yeah, I mean it's that'd be a little weird project SOB yeah that that's going to be a project I don't know. um we'll see no Volvos I can't I can't get down with all those I don't and uh, it's not.

Those are not for me. My dream car, my dream car, my dream car I Don't know. See the problem with me with cars is I have driven and operated like every car in existence and not not officially but I've I've got a lot of experience with a lot of different cars. you know, off-road trucks, really really fast cars Stupid Fast Corvettes and so I've experienced all of it luxury cars, junkers, beaters, and I'm at a point in life where I don't you know I don't see like the new Hellcat and go oh whoa, that's the Hellcat you know I just I don't feel that love for them.

you know like I did when I was younger. it's I'm just used to them enough that it's you know it's it's a nice car and it's fancy car or it's a fast car. but I don't have that like emotional uh how do I want to call it I just I don't have that excitement like I used to. Um, last time I had that excitement was actually a Tesla Model S Tri-motor and it gave me the smiles because it caught me by surprise.

We took that car in on trade at the dealership and I was the person that processed all of the used inventory and got it Frontline ready to go out on the lot and part of that process was I'd have to test drive the car make sure everything's good. no vibrations noises Etc and I pulled this Tesla out and I start going and made no sound which was already kind of weird and I'm on the accelerator pedal and I just I kept pushing and I kept pushing and I kept pushing and the harder I push the pedal just the farther back in the seat this Model S was putting me in A by the end of it I was doing like 75 within seconds and I'm just cheesing ear to ear like yeah, no, that's a fast car and you know and of course I backed out of it and you know went back to the normal technician mode but it was. It had been a long time since the car put a smile on my face and the last one that did it was a was a Tesla Model S Tri Motor 2018. what do you do with hybrid electrics I work I can work on hybrids? yeah they're they're actually not silly complicated.

Um for example, the the Toyota Priuses had a bad run where you know you'd lose a cell in one of the batteries and you know you'd need Toyota scan tool to integrate into the car to actually take a look at what the the battery cells were all doing doing within the pack. and based on voltages, you can identify the faulty cell. And so when I'd find a faulty battery cell then you could tend to condemn the battery. Um, the trouble codes and the diag trees on the on the hybrid electrics, you know, really steer you down the correct path.

So it's It's not that different from diagnosing a combustion engine vehicle, but you just got to understand the difference between gasoline powered and then you need to understand how the electrical system works a little bit. and I'm not fluent in hybrid stuff, but I can I can get through it a McLaren I wouldn't work on a McLaren Nope. Outside of my wheelhouse glasses are contacts. um both.

I really like wearing contacts because I like wearing sunglasses. but the issue is um I can't wear them for two three days at a time. they dry my eyes out and so I've got to go back to the glasses. No I did not put a Nader in the truck yet.

Nope. Now my truck gets to be last. I never get to to fix things on it. just like Lauren's car.

it's it gets slammed together in in an impromptu fashion because we needed it. Project: Mustang Audio: BMW nope Peanut Butter Jelly Time I'm a nerd. that's how I learned all this stuff. Electric 12 volt, 120 volt engines Trans Etc I'm just I'm a nerd and I I don't know I'm the type when I need to learn about something I kind of go in, just head first and I just learn everything I can and then at some point, uh, whatever I learned I try to recover that and use it later on in whatever situation that I'm in.

So I'm a jack of all trades so to speak. I have not shaved this right here since 2004. that was the last time I shaved and that was the worst week of my life I felt naked and I did not like being clean shaven and I'm I'm probably never going to do that again. Ever tow truck? What about it? Lunch is on the way.

Well thank you dear for letting me know when lunch is here. we're going to sign off because you guys can't watch me eat. Okay plus the the youngin's gonna come in and she's loud. you put a new gearbox in the dirty Max when will I when I destroy the one I have then I'll put another one in.

Where did I meet her I met Lauren at a restaurant that I worked at once upon a time when I moved to Florida I took a break from wrenching and I just took a restaurant job because number One I didn't know anybody and I was kind of burnt out working in tire stores and like a year later she got hired in the off season. Really cute and I threw NTB that's correct and I threw um I threw Capers at her while she was at the weight station ringing in orders and stuff from behind the wall from my grill section and I did that for a couple weeks. There's more to the story, but I'll tell you guys that later. that's all you get for now.

No I didn't bring enough lunch for the whole class. I didn't I didn't know 1600 people were going to show up. Hi Dave Thank you y'all are killing the the ratio like button over there. We're almost at more likes than we are viewers.

That's what happened last time that that blew my mind. But yeah you guys were killing it right now. look at that 1300. Nice! Oh missed one about being married.

Hang on that one. that's a good one. What did you say? Oh yeah yeah, the there's the face. yeah the the you're crossing the line face.

Yeah. I've got I have my version of that face too. Like I said earlier, she and I challenge each other at the at the deepest of levels. The Shop's going well.

The expansion's good here. I'll take you guys out there and we'll take a look real quick. Let me spin this around. All right.

So there's the E tree. Fiddy It runs again but not very well. Um, let's see. so this is the new expanded area.

You guys remember there was the wall here and then there was a there was like a roof over there and I'm pretty sure that the big building was built over this smaller concrete building and this section. I I Believe what they did is they owned a food truck business and this is where they cooked all the food because that's a food vent. There was some drains here. there was the big three-tiered sink.

so everything here was set up to be like a commercial kitchen. and but this is not really the environment for dining in. So I think that they just operated a food truck. but uh oh I put this in I put that in yesterday is a vent fan like 4 000 CFM because I need to get air flow going through here.

it's it's a little. it gets a little hot in this side because there's not much. uh, not much ventilation. barbecue.

uh I Ultimately I think I will put one more door right there. Um, let's see you guys are aware. I think I made some people aware I do have another lift if you're not aware you are now. I Do have another lift and I'm waiting for the fellas to come up with the time and the schedule to put that other lift over here now.

I think I'm gonna stick it where X marks the spot so we'll have one arm right here and Hot Wheels thank you and we'll have one arm right here and it'll be at a 45 degree angle towards that door the same as that other lift over there. and I'm debating on whether I'm gonna put a wider door in right here or just leave that one alone that is going to get knocked down once it does. I may or may not put another door in right here. Have not decided yet.

I do not own the building? Nope no I do not. I would like to own the building. uh alignment rack? Yeah, I can probably I can probably put the alignment rack over there with that little red Dodge is. but I do want one.

Yeah I would like to own this building but um I need to get uh some tax returns filed first before I can go to the bank and be like hey, I want to buy a building mobile one filters. Talk to Ford boss me about the about oil filters. hey he's not a fan of mobile one I can tell you that but I have not cut one open to really see what's inside. You don't have to have flashing lights if you're towing a car I don't believe and I'm not up for higher toe operations.

So technically I don't think I do something about Durangos Hang on I've worked on some 98 to O3 Dodge Durango Sure, yeah, those were. they were fairly popular. Wix is a good filter and the Napa Gold filters are excellent filters. and I think that Wix makes the Napa Gold filters don't quote me on that, but I think they actually produce the the same same unit, different branding up.

Did she hit the wall I heard a thud on the what was that? lunch is here Oh, speaking of 500 000 subscribers, I I've got the idea. Um, what I'm thinking of doing is live streaming that giant Hello darling I was thinking of live streaming the the giant uh fire Pile in the backyard as a celebratory event for the uh, the 500 000 Mark that's what I was thinking but I've got I had to call the Department of Forestry and they have to come out Greece right? The Department of Forestry has to come out to my house and inspect the fire site because I have so many trees and stuff piled up after the hurricane that I have to have a minimum amount of space between the fire and the Uh the tree line in all directions I have to have water on site and I have to have heavy machinery just in case the Fire gets out of control so there's it's not as simple as going out and just kind of lighting the match. I've got to prepare for this and actually have some people around. so I think I'm going to live stream the fire like probably all day.

I'll just like set up I'll set up a GoPro and I'll just live stream the entire event because I think this fire. is going to burn for like two days. it's gonna be a party I'm good I get I get good sleep, no worries. a giveaway I don't I don't know what do you guys want me to give away I don't know.

that kind of stuff's not really my thing I don't I I mean I could maybe I'll give away some stuff in the fire. we can see you. hi, you're on. Okay, what are you doing? Drop off.

Oh okay, yeah. cool. Thank you. You're welcome.

The chickens have been and a, uh, a bobcat got them. Yep, I'm all out of chickens because there is a rogue bobcat in my neighborhood and it has found my chickens and it has slowly eaten all of them and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Yeah! I I agree I don't like to I don't I Don't know if giveaways are really my thing. kind of like, um, kind of like sponsors.

You know if you guys would not be happy and I would feel awkward and out of place if I every video I'm like, hey, this video is sponsored by Rage Shadow Legends or whatever because that's it. Doesn't go with the content, it doesn't go with the Vlog style of what I do. And if I start trying to integrate sponsors and giveaways and all that hokey stuff then it just I think it'll I think it'll take away from the personality of the program and I don't I just don't want to do that. All right.

Well, on the bobcat for dinner front. Um, number one, we're not allowed to harvest Bobcats and number two, that thing's sneaky I can't find it like I know it's out there and I've been looking for it, but it's not super easy to. uh no I've raised Shadow Legends It's not easy to capture a bobcat in Florida because they're like Giant feral cats don't sell out. It's cool man.

I'm not doing it. no worries, we want your soul. I Know you guys are demanding sometimes like sometimes I feel a little beholden to you so maybe you already have my soul. kidding.

hmm I can't really talk about how long the jobs take because for me it it allows for people to calculate dollars and then the trolls will find the dollar calculations and then they'll show up on my Google reviews and then troll me there about dollars and so I I kind of keep labor hours and price out of YouTube land I have a 90 pound Rottweiler yeah but she's I can't she's not a bobcat Hunter 10 millimeter socket giveaway I don't have any more. they're all gone. they leave, they evaporate I Could use chickens to trap the Bobcat but it killed them all shaking feet and Feathers Yeah yeah! I Have seen feathers of plume or plumes of feathers throughout the yard Yes I Need a donkey? Yes I do Lauren said two donkeys What if I get another bobcat and keep it in the yard and use that Bobcat to counteract the other bobcat. I think that'll work the FJ when I get parts for the FJ Anthony What's up Dude bearded Ford Tech is in the house.

What's up buddy? Are you at lunch too? Gary What's up my man. Good afternoon to you too sneaky Bobcats yeah Bring back the gloves, it is. It's so hot and humid right now, makes the gloves uncomfortable. I go through these phases with the gloves where sometimes I'll wear them all the time and then sometimes I won't Uh, it's not a fox.

The Bobcat has been seen in the neighborhood. it's on the Facebook dream car I Don't know if I'd call this a dream car and this is actually a question I failed to answer earlier I would not mind getting a Buick Grand National or uh, what was the the turbocharged the little SUV was that a typhoon? GMC Typhoon Wix does make the nap filters Okay, that's what I thought yeah I would like an all-wheel drive turbocharged two-door Blazer and I think that was the typhoon I Cannot call animal control on the Bobcat because the Bobcats are territorial creatures and they are protected and the lot that flanks my property is a wildlife conservation slash Wetland area. so the Bobcat has more rights to be on that land that I do. But the problem is it leaves its house and comes over to mine and then eats my stuff.

Yes, the Cyclone that's the one. I've seen a couple of the Cyclones in the wild and I've offered to buy them every time. and the folks that own them are like getting lied buddy. You're not getting it.

Hmm I'm not the Tiger King I can't have a lion? Guess what? Bobcats climb trees. Yep, it's a cat. dude. alligators can climb things.

I Did not realize this until like three or four years ago, but a full-grown alligator can climb right up and over a fence. And they do. It is a Uniball yes. electric fence.

Yeah, they might jump over it. Maybe I need more dogs? I should get another Ridge back and then maybe a doberman and let them just kind of run around. Perhaps that will do it. Typhoon Yeah I want one guard frogs Negative: Cliff I'm not allowed to trap the bobcat.

See the only way I can dispose of the Bobcat is if the Bobcat attempts to attack me and then I can fight the Bobcat. But if I can't hunt the bobcat Mitch I kicked Mitch off the channel. he just he. He made it past 600 trolling comments.

So I I banned Mitch because he was being very unreasonable. Attack rabbits. Ah, we were talking about your tea earlier. Exactly.

it's coming right for us. That's how you get rid of the Bobcat No. Cliff I'm not putting the boat in the pond like it was a good idea at first. but I measured the pond and I measured the boat and that's not.

That's not a good idea dude. sorry praise Wildlife Channel Take off the hat I have a hat line on my widow's peak. Hats off Now it's back on the Cyclone is the S10 truck. Well, all right I Want I want one of each I want a cyclone and a typhoon and a Grand National There we go.

Hey replay actually I've had this hairline since I was like a little kid. It's hereditary trait, it just doesn't grow here. and here they call it a widow's peak. That's what I heard.

Maybe I can take the six seven and smash the Bobcat with it. or I could put the bobcat in the closet. There we go. Yep.

I put tires on the truck last week Anthony See you later bro. Yeah, I'm right behind him. actually it's my lunch is waiting on me and I just had an appointment show up so it is time for me to get back to the Grind sound good guys. Well thank you guys for showing up to the impromptu live stream.

I Really appreciate you all being here. It's awesome I think it went well. Six Seven Bobcat. That's what's up all right guys.

I'm signing out see you guys later Bye click it click I'm really gonna go this time. See ya bye Cliff Bye everybody else Big Al Thank you sir Bye everyone Have a great day! Ending of transmission I Don't know if I hung up or not. No, it's still there.

99 thoughts on “Lunch time live!”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars BatBat says:

    Ray! Put a winch on that wall opposite the garage door. That will come in handy a lot! No more pushing vans with sxs!! 😂

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesus Flores says:

    whats up ray. i have a 2010 mazda 3 2.0 i4 with 176k. i spent 2600 for it. ive replaced the compressor, rotors, motor mounts, spark plugs, rear sway bar end links and o2 sensor. it still needs a starter, alternator, wheel bearings, vvt solenoid and a exhaust leak to be repaired. typing this reminds me of how much a money pit it has been, but do you think i should invest or junk? thanks. btw im tuning in from bk ny💪

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dannys DIY Garage says:

    Good stuff as usual, appreciate your time buddy.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ernie Tapia says:

    I learned a lot from you Ray! Love your channel! Casa Grande, Az watching!

  5. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bill Clements says:

    Hey ray😊😊😊

  6. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Strven O'connell says:

    Mr Good Wrench

  7. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Ally says:

    Ray you do better off working on your own. Because people like too steal your shine.

  8. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Ally says:

    Ray you look like you don't het enough sleep. Just saying tho.

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim File says:

    Hey bud, i would like to thank you for the vids you posts. I just got done changing the motor mounts, as well as plugs and wires. It was thru your vids that I learned, and the confidence to do this on my own.The car is a 95 monte carlo, 3.1 v6, with 105k on it. Once again I appreciate ya bud!

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars E. Lee says:

    Ray you are spot on regarding specialization in the aircraft industry. Audited a company that only made the wheel assemblies for the 777s years ago.

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Artillerest 43rd VA says:

    geese are noisy and aggressive. sorry i missed the live event.

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Pressman says:

    Put catnip on an alligator here Kitty Kitty have a good day

  13. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Probably Fred says:

    Hi guys!
    walks away

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Hall says:

    With my son in aircraft mechanic school in Norfolk, right out of high school, I'm hoping he can put in a few decades for retirement and then do some other jobs he might get a second retirement from.
    The school is under two years long and that's just the general education and getting the FAA certificates.
    Most likely the next few years will be about more centralized and specific training.
    The education can lead someone to all sorts of jobs. Big ships, drones, private and commercial aircraft, as well as the whole rocket and space industry.
    Then it can be from hands on wrenching to all sorts of office and sales type work.

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Hall says:

    My grandson graduates this summer as an airline mechanic with an A&P certificate under his belt. The major companies are hosting job fairs throughout the year and I'm hoping they snap him up and take him off my payroll.

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Hall says:

    You can put me in the payroll and I'll stay here, out of your way. 😆

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Hall says:

    22 hrs late, but it's fun to try and read all the chat, but they are flying by. It's interesting to see how many are from the whole European side of the map.
    I'm in the same time zone technically, but am early to bed, early to rise. Then the first half of the day is spent catching up on you and the wife unit's videos.

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Bob Bates says:

    Bob Bates from La Quinta CA.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars richard clark says:

    You said that you were in Bradington florida, ahead abouts Richard

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Pressman says:

    Sorry about your wrecker truck 🚛 do you know anybody that does body work you could try Krazy glue or epoxy on the cracks I have a friend who's dogs went after a mountain 🦁 one dog came back in rough shape have a good day

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tjmark67 says:

    I wish the Engineers would design stuff to make your life easier instead of contacting so much s*** in it

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tjmark67 says:

    Hi Ray love your YouTube channel

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Seven Yearitch says:

    you suck

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Freddy Kling says:

    Hello !
    From Norway
    I fixed my problem with the abs brakes Turned out that it wasn't the sensor or the flange around the axle!
    So thank you
    Very good program sees everything

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jo73 says:

    Egnetion switch before ecm.

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hola! phuquehoful says:

    gnx.. meh.. lol

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Justin Perrin says:

    U should make that 6.7 Motor a project see if u can get it running

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Justin Perrin says:

    I hope one day I can meet u and hangout with you

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Pablo Suarez says:

    Hi from south Texas

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Cioffari says:

    I never minded the doodle-de do's but also never understood why they were in the shop where none of the mechanics could answer the phone.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jesse Cain says:

    Good live stream

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dave Dave says:

    Ray, dear Ray – You look very tired, double bags under eyes. Please take care of yourself.

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GMV ROCKS says:

    You should do more lives!

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Martin McMahon says:

    What did you do with the jeep when it was finished?

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars THEDRAGONBOOSTER8 says:

    Sorry to see the damage on your tow truck .No good..

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars R4M Rogue GT says:

    Not looking forward to the doodlydoos coming back 🙁

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    you could build a coop in the pond and the cat might not go in it. If you hide the trap the cat could be gone before anybody knew you had trapped it.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    More dogs will just give the cat more food.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wesley Pulkka says:

    Ray, while your wife was helping you to move a dead van into your shop you were rude to her and the whole scene was your own fault. Using go and whoa to direct her was a dumb ass choice on your part. Go + stop sound different enough to work every time. I saw the fear in your wife's eyes that told me you are a frequent abuser. Take some anger management classes. Thanks.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    Ray a chicken coop and night root will prevent predication and supply lots of breakfast eggs. The bob cat will enter a drop cadge if the bait is a fake chicken with chicken sh!t on it.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    Where is the "X" files unit?

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    Wix does make the Napa Gold for sure Same Part# minus the #4 at the beginning of the #.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    No, No, please install a wildfire lift. Please. They are on or can be put on wheels. If it needs to be moved it can be.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars NNA says:

    ‘Hey Peetah….!’

    Greetings Ray…

    A YouTube celebrity…

    UR1 … BTW…

    … hiring someone to work with him in his shop is perhaps a bit…

    … awkward…

    … unless, perhaps somehow schedule your filming for days/hours when you can be by yourself.

    If you find someone that ‘fits’ then can work him into your filming.

    That could take quite…. awhile…. and introduce an unknown number of issues regular auto shops don’t have to deal with, as you may be somewhat familiar with already.

    There must be some other YouTube creators that have been down that road, and may have some suggestions.

    An employment contract might be needed to minimize unique ‘issues’ if the new guy will be taking part in your YouTube content.

    Might see if a ‘talent’ agency (…?…) might have some ideas in that area.

    But think of the ‘drama’ involved when everyone has a chance to wonder ‘Why do you put up with that guy?’ or ‘Haven’t seen Jerry in awhile… wot happened?

    A young fella hired as a ‘gofer’ and sort of an apprentice that can work on non filming days or in a corner of the shop out of sight (mostly) who rarely appear in the video other than a voice or an occasional pair of hands…(?).

    Might consider putting up sort of a partition so’s the other guy can make ‘shop noises’ as he works but remains strictly a ‘background’ character(?).

    Better yet…

    Is there another building nearby that would allow you to add a couple of service bays that are close enough to be a part of your auto repair business yet separate enough to not be too involved with your… ummm … YouTube filming ‘set’?

    That way a couple of guys could be hired to do brake jobs, fluid exchanges and basic stuff like that in the other building while you continue to film more exotic repair scenarios in the ‘studio’ shop.

    A good natured ‘Peetah…’ or a ‘Chumlee’ type fella will be hard to find…


    I, and the rest of your nearly 500k…

    … no…

    … 500k ‘+’ subscribers are having a ‘hoot’ viewing your work!

    Stay Well…

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wynford Eagle says:

    Great content ray – always watch from England

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ian Negus says:

    Make sure you get enough rest, mate. Don't want to burn out.

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Chris says:

    where did you recieve your certificates and schooling from???

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars rick galla says:

    Get rid of flatbed tow truck, concentrate on repairs instead