No Crank No Start Fuel Smell | 1995 Ford 1 ton 5.8 351
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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. You guys remember this thing right this. uh E I think it's an E350 uh, had all the fuel, the fueling issue, and the bubbles in the fuel tank. Uh, there's a uh, previous video on this uh specific vehicle I'll leave a link to it down in this uh, this video's description.

oh yeah I still want the key that doesn't doesn't do key things. uh anyway I need to get this thing into the shop. We're gonna go ahead and pull the tank down and toss the fuel pump in this, throw some fuel back in there and then uh, we'll see if we can't get this thing to start and run and then I can diagnose why it does not run very well now since I can't get it in there. what I'm gonna do and since this is here is just hook uh, hook the yard ATV up to this.

we're gonna tow it in. we're gonna get around the corner of death. We're going to get it into the corner, back in the shop on the big lift and I'm gonna pull this tank down. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video opening.

Z Hood Let us starting the engine. Uh, this is not the van engine, this is the UTV engine. but we're going to use this as a tow truck to get that out of the parking lot and into that shop. Over Yonder Finally I Guess there's so much to do and so little time to do it and not enough employees I need I might need some assistance in the future I'm running out of running out of Manpower here.

it's one man show things. uh it gets a little rough every now and then I think the uh, strap right here. We'll do it. Let's hook this guy up.

oh how about yeah, that's safe. we'll do that and uh, let's see around here. I'll just Loop it around, hook it on. Nothing crazy there we go.

that'll work for now. All right Sure I know it. So what I'm gonna do here is tow this backwards so I can get the unit in front of the van and then I'll just push the van in with the yeah or maybe oh, you know what? I'll get wife unit to drive the uh the ATV that'll work Yeah, may I borrow you for a split second. What you got there? um my it's like a drink of some sort of skills on the floor.

Okay, come here, help me out real quick. I need you to drive the tow vehicle the little one okie doke. So what we need to do is you got to drive that, put it in four low and then tow me back to about. just drive up to like where that shadow is and then we can stop because then we need to use this to push that in and around the corner of death.

Over Yonder Okay, yeah yeah, so put in four low. just or too low. all the way down. all the way down.

See how it says L Yes, that's where we want. Uh, go ahead and pull forward a little bit. Keep going. Keep going.

Keep going. Good Stop I Failed Back up. Come on. back Back up.

Don't run me over. Come on. back up. Yeah.

I Got back up I Got back up I Got back back up. Back up. Back up. Okay.

back up more. You can do it. ring. Come on.
Come on. Come on. There you go. Whoa.

You ran me over. All right. let's try this again there. Try that.

Okay, pull forward again. Good. Hold on. Wait.

wait. stop. I Literally said whoa. Whoa.

Stop. Hold on. How do you not know what the words mean? When you said whoa, it sounded like go. Okay, All right.

I Put this thing in in neutral. All right. hey. go ahead.

stop. Nope. The thing's slipping. Hold on back up.

Some this thing is pulling out of the thing there. it's not working. Come on back. Good.

Okay. go forward. Thumb: keep going. good.

Stop There we go. Maybe that'll work. It's either gonna work or it's not. If it doesn't then we'll figure something else out.

Okay, Break off neutral. Okay. go ahead. Slow and steady.

There you go. Turn to the left. Good nice detach detach. Okay, uh.

back up and go around to the front of the band piece. We're going. Keep going back. Keep her going.

You're gonna like you're gonna parallel park it like right there and then we're gonna use the front to push this thing inside. All right. Cut it. keep going.

Keep going. Keep going. Go Go Go go go. Why are you stopping I say go.

you stop this way. just gonna work. Come on up. Come on up.

Come on up. keep coming up. I Don't know if this is gonna work. Are you gonna go up? Come on I think that's gonna work.

Yeah there's a there's a steel support bar like right here. This is gonna work. Okay, back into neutral we go. Park reverse neutral.

Got her all right. Let's go back it up gonna work. It's very King we're rolling okay. we're moving.

Uh, it's dark I can barely see in the mirrors. We're going. We're going. We're going in.

it's working. Oh okay, pretty close. Let's go out and assess the situation. Um see Ninja Kick close that and we just gotta kind of come around and back in.

I Think we can do this? This is going to work. I need to move this out of the way. and the snow shovel. It's my Florida snow shovel and you guys will say it's not actually a snow shovel I know.

No worries. Alrighty, try it again. Say hi. All right, a little bit more easy she wrecked into.

Come on, come on, come on with it. Yeah, you're good. She's really, really, really, really nervous. Slow and steady.

Just like that. Yep, slow and steady. Cutting it a little bit. gotta swing the turn.

We're going. We're going. We're going. Come on.

Great Falls back. It's totally working. Okie Dokes So we're in position here. The rack is set.

moving on up. green subscribe button thing we do here looking good. Let's do the recheck real quick. Yep, Yep.

backside. I See that one I See that one there. Let's give her a deal. Shake test real quick.

make sure it doesn't fall down. and uh, and fall down. We don't want to do that. Okay, so we're good.
Let's go ahead and get this thing all the way up. I'll secure it with some extra jack stands so it's not weevy wobbly and then, uh, we can pull this tank down. Alrighty, So here's the plan. Here's what we're up to here: I Am going to remove this strap on the tank.

Wait a minute. Oh I See how we did this? The bolts are here and another one over here. Yeah, so I'm pulling these two straps down. We'll put a Big Jack under this thing, lower the tank down, disconnect it, and then I can get, uh, get to the fuel pump module inside of this unit.

Okay, first things first since this thing's uh, got a little bit of oxidation on everything, We're just gonna give it some lubricant here to make sure I Don't ruin those threads on those studs. That would be horrible. Okay, so my micrometer tells me that's 15 millimeters foreign. so they come loose.

Let me run out back and check the rear. Diggity That's what I said Choppy. Okay, so it looks like everybody's gonna close. Yep, those are sharp.

Careful. All right, it's like everything is gonna come loose here. This is good. Let's go fetch the transmission jack and support the weight here.

I Left it over here in the corner. You're gonna get rid of that. We don't need the block of wood. We do need this.

I'm Gonna Roll This thing right on over to our unit. Moving on up one pump at a time and contact time for pull send action. Put it back. All right.

All right. Lose these nuts up here on clicks. It's not. it's not gonna work.

We're doing this manually. All right. So we're just gonna go through and manually do the clicks on this thing because power tools aren't going to do it. It's not that it's tight, it's that the stud is.

uh. it's absorbing all those impacts, so none of that force is actually being transferred to the nut. It's passing through the nut and into the stud. It's because it's physics.

All right. One is nearly done. See the bottom of the strap starting to flop around? This one's almost out of here. And then we'll go back up to that front one there.

Once that's or once these straps are gone I can uh I can reach up. Need that nut? Come back when the straps are gone I can reach up, disconnect uh, all the fuel lines and whatnot and then we can drop this thing out of here. Yeah, that's what I meant See that big old pumpkin stud thing right there. This was twisting and absorbing the impacts which uh, made them not impact.

What a horrendous sound and nobody better tell me I should just cut a hole in the floor I don't do that kind of stuff I mean some may, but it's just. uh, it's not my speed, you know. I'd rather not almost. Come on.

Nut: become unnutted. All right. Two straps removed. Okay, we're gonna give this a little bit of down very slowly and as it comes down, I'll see what I can do about getting a uh, a strap over the top of this to hang on to it.
strap. Click. Okay, that's on. Those are disconnected that the uh fuel Inlet and then the vent tube.

Let's let this guy down some coming down. Yeah, this is much more Stabler with the straps on it because now it can't slide and fall out. It's good. Uh, what are we stuck on back here.

Tubes: These tubes are hardened and they don't flex at all. They're supposed to be flexible with this. Rubber Sole They they don't do that. Unfortunate? Yes, Okay, we're coming down a little bit farther now.

I've got those two are clear. We only have left one and two fuel lines and then the electrical line and uh, this thing should be free and it can come down the rest of the way. That out of the way. this one and here's our left school connecting unit.

it's been out before. All right, let's see what we can do about these. Uh, these fuel lines right here. There's our disconnector.

spray some spray in there because I'm sure these are full of dirt and nasty. There we go. Let's just see if I can get these to uh should come loose or not put the release tool in there. It's got little like fingers.

hang on to the fuel line and you got to depress the little fingers to make it release. That's the that's the challenging part. There we go. I think I got it.

I'm off. retract from the other side. Maybe if I pull and not push like you get the better result. Come on, it's not working.

This is not releasing. there it is. it released. Good plastic.

Uh. fuel line tools are okay. they used to be made of metal back in the day there got him fuel lines off. Good to go.

Let's let this thing down and pull the pump out. All right tank coming all the way down almost all the way. We'll let her down. so I can work on it.

We've got to pull this, uh, assembly out of here and then we can inspect what's going on now. regardless of whether there's a fault in here or not. we're putting a new pump in it because this thing is ancient sauce and uh, well, it's getting a new pump. All right, let's de-dirt this area.

Bye nice. Uh, where's my lubricant need penetrating lubricant? There we go. Nice. Okay, let's get the ring off now.

I Do at this point in time have some tools that are designed to release these. Rings However, this is, uh, this is an old school ring and because of that, we actually do use a chisel. There's nothing I can do about that is what it is. No re get a hold of it, give it some taps, the ring turns and then unlocks.

That's how it's done. Then pry this guy up now and let us see what's going on here. Looks fairly normal. That's not cool.

That thing's broken right there that's been separated and disconnected. All righty coming in. We've got a new unit here. Uh, slightly revised and updated.

It's got a different style of pump in it and a slightly different pickup from the original. but it does state that this is a good replacement for this. You will see that there's an extra hose on here or an extra connection for a hose. This one's blocked off in case the vehicle is equipped with a certain emissions package.
and I'm gonna have to change the connector on the harness side to make this pump fit. But other than those slight differences, that this is a an acceptable unit for replacement and we're gonna go ahead and drop that in right now. I Forgot Put the seal on. so I need to backtrack.

Love my job. Took the old seal out and did not put the new one in yet. Show Stick that guy right there. It's a big old o-ring seal.

It goes right there in its little. Groove Perfect. Set this guy down into its home. Foreign.

Ted properly. I Think it goes right about like, uh, something like that I Think close to it. There we go. Okay, that fits.

and our little ring here. Slide that over over over. This thing's spring-loaded so I've got to kind of push down on it until I can start the ring. No, not particularly easy to do.

Yeah. I've actually got to, uh, compress this gasket some in order to get this thing to seat fully and that's that's a tall order. This gasket's not very forgiving to work at some. It's actually kind of large and it wants to pop out and we're in right there.

We're in right there. Yeah, now we're getting somewhere. I Think foreign fuel system. Click.

it's in. That was fun. Okay, break time. Alrighty.

Now we need to move on and get this connector pigtail installed on that one over there on the harness side of the truck. You see this one fits the uh the new pump but does not fit the old pump. So we need to uh, get this thing soldered and crimped on over there. Um, they gave me some blue butt connectors we're not using these These are uh, these are not going to be sufficient for an outdoor application.

So I'm going to use some solder embedded heat shrink tube that are a much more better or than these blue ones right here. So let's get this chunk out of here and uh, move on over and we'll go ahead and get this thing reconnected or connected to the Uh the wiring harness. Okay, so what we need to do here is pull back some of this wire Loom stuff taped on, hang on I need some Cutters or it can I just use a used mic knife right here. We'll cut the tape back, mirror tape, and then separate the loom.

Come on there we go. more tape. Let's get rid of that. All of it.

Okay, we've got four wires here powering the ground for the pump and then two wires for the signal for the float level switch. Now I Believe I Need the instructions? Okay, well this is a 100 failure. See the instructions that are inside of this box are for Uh GM fuel pumps and I have zero diagrams and instructions to wire a forward fuel pump. So these things are garbage and I have no use for the instructions.
So now I Got to figure this out. The Uh: Hardware Here's what I've come up with. The thicker gauge wires are going to be the black and the red. so that tells me these are the ones that are going to the pump itself.

Okay, so that's the ones for the motor. That means these two circuits are for the float level. Okay, so I'm gonna need a meter here. We're gonna have to do some, uh, some testing to figure out exactly which one of these goes where.

Probably going to use the old module as a reference. see. We've got four wires going in and only three wires coming out. So we've got a black and a red.

That's power supply going to the pump inside. Now we can see here. someone's been here before. See those uh, those butt connectors.

That means that the actual pump pump inside has been replaced once. but we're changing the whole module anyway. I Digress: We've got three wires coming in and then this one right here is not going anywhere. So that fourth pin.

Now there is a wire on that fourth pin which is looks like a black or a brown or a tan wire with a red. Tracer So what we're gonna do is find it on the other side. Something with a red. Tracer Okay, I See it.

It's this one here. which is that pin right there? the one up on the top. Now that doesn't help us much, but it is going to help us to figure out which one of the wires on the new pump is going to be the ground to the uh, the the can or the up the the top of the module. I Should say this metal piece right here.

It just grounds right out to that. So we're gonna take a continuity test of this harness and see which one of these two wires here has continuity to the top of this lid. That's kind of my thought process process I think it's going to be the gray one. Memory doesn't serve so I I can either take it back out and check it or I'll just uh, check it with the meter I Choose option.

uh, option B. So I'm going to connect my jumper lead to the ground on the meter, set that over there and we're going to switch this to continuity to the alarm. We'll test our tester. Okay, now what this is going to do since I've got it hooked up to gray.

If this gray wire is the same as this uh red Tracer wire I should get a beep right here and that's a negative. no beep so no continuity. Let's try the yellow and uh I should probably plug this in. Maybe that will help click.

Oh there it is. Okay Testing failure. Okay, that wasn't making continuity to either one of those. So I I'm You know what? I'm gonna leave.

No, uh, nothing to chance here. I'm gonna go ahead and pop this ring back off and just visually identify the correct connectors. This is A this is leading to trouble. I Was hoping the instructions were going to tell me which ones, but I got GM instructions not forward instructions.

Sure, we're doing it again. Hang on. Bear with me here folks. Oh I see I See both wires are running down to the level, the level sensor and not uh, not grounding to this lid.
That's the problem. Um, so I've got a blue and a white and a blue and a white. So that means that I'm assuming that my yellow is the white and then the blue is going to be the ground for the sensor or uh, or the other side of the circuit for the sensor. Rather, it's not really a ground.

They just use this to complete the circuit which I don't know why. there's not just a second wire in here. Can you guys see that? Hey, I'm confused I mean I'm not, but I am. it's got this thing back and see what's going on here.

Let's make sure we get this done correctly. I Think what I'm going to do is just go with what I know and that's going to be the positive and the negative for the pump. We'll do those two first, so that tells me we're back to our black and our red. Let's get these set up and connected and soldered and then we'll deal with the other ones later here.

Let's go ahead and get all these guys cut off. We don't. uh, we don't need this connector anymore. I'm cutting it as far down as I can to keep as much of this wire as possible on kicks.

Don't need this. Goodbye Okay, let's strip these guys real quick. renew the black one and then this pink and black one. These are the two heavy gauge wires.

So we got black as a ground. There's our hot wire and then these two are the uh, the level sensor wires. so we're gonna go with that as a as the appropriate circuits. We've got this guy a little too long, no worries.

I'll just snip these off some not that much. second one that much and I'm going to use. Like I said, some solder embedded each ring connectors. Let's see, let's go ahead and uh, snide this one over our wire Like so and what I'm going to do is we'll take these guys kind of shelve them together I wonder if the solder is going to work bonding these two different wire types.

One appears to be aluminum, one appears to be not I need to cut a little bit more there. I'm gonna shove those together and I put a Twist in these if it's possible. Sometimes it's really not. These are actually really stiff strands.

Anyway, we slide our connector over it. There we go and we'll hit it with some heat now. I Understand there's a fuel tank here I know it's gonna be okay I'll shrink up the bottom side first. That way, if the solder starts to flow, it can't just run out of the entire wire.

So they'll seal it and it will move up the connector. Here we go. That solder is supposed to melt uh I'd say around 300 degrees. Yep, I can see it start to Wick out into the strands of wire.

This is good. It means it's creating the connection and securing it. Okay, one is done. Let's get wire number two set up.

This is the hot side for the pump. Still a little toasty in there. Shove them together that didn't work warm. Oh I messed that up didn't I hang on I can fix that.
Give it a Twist here. yes and then one more time with our connector, just shrink it up. Then I can move on to the two circuits that, uh, send the fuel level again. Don't worry the gas is not going to explode and then safe and fine.

Promise I Always make sure I'm safe. One of my daily goals is to not die at work. So I always make sure that I'm safely. All right.

Good to go. That's connection number two. Now again looking at our unit here. So we've got our our level sensor our rheostat right here that's using the yellow wire and we see we have no wire coming through.

so we're using this right here as part of the wire because this guy bolts on and attaches electronically right here with this little bracket. So this is our our ground side or our other side of the circuit. So we're going to focus on our yellow wire and over here our yellow wire continues to be yellow on the factory side, which means it continues to be yellow on the factory plug. So using process of elimination if our yellow matches up with let's see what we have over here.

So the white is the yellow because if we follow the white down, it attaches right here to the same place on the level sensor on the factory unit. and then we can see that the blue sketches to the plate, that little ground plate see it right there at the bottom. That's where the blue attaches. So I will consider the blue wire the empty space and I will consider the yellow wire the white wire.

And since the yellow wire is the white wire here, that means it turns into the yellow wire here. Therefore I connect it to the yellow wire here. That confirms it. Okay so that means yellow to Yellow and gray with the red stripe to the solid gray.

I Know that seems self-explanatory but the alternative was I Get this wrong and I have to take all this down and then do it again anyway. so it was worth the risk to pull that out just to confirm. Should have thought about that earlier, but I relied on instructions and uh, and well, yeah, the instructions uh were for GM vehicles. I don't know it is what it is.

Anyway, let's go ahead and get these two soldered up and connected and sealed up and taped and wrapped up and all that good stuff. and then we'll put the tank back in. So I'm gonna go ahead and skip this part because this is just kind of boring and you've already seen it twice. So I'll be back when this uh section right here is complete.

Okay, we've got all the goodies out of here. This is all connected so wired up we're good to go. Let's go ahead back up some. Let's raise this thing back up into its position bolted in.

Uh, we'll throw a battery charger on this and then attempt to restart it one more time see what happens? Chuck What do you guys think? Is he gonna run after this or is it not? I Think it'll run but it's not going to run very well I think Moving on up. I can't get the fuel lines uh connected in the wrong spot because uh. two different size diameter hoses. put these guys in right away.
one there one out back that hose is. check that's connected. Let's Fold Our fill hose and the drain hose our vent hose up into the frame and then we will continue moving upwards. There's one fuel line number two so we're now fully connected.

We just need to get this up and in position here. Okay, the fill hose is coming up over the frame. we're almost in position. Okay, clear of all instructions that's in position right here.

That's good. All right. let's get the straps on her. okay.

strap one coming up it. Uh, it fits into the frame with this little T ough fitting right here so that hooks into the frame. Then we go up through this hole and then through the top of the frame on on this side here. So I need to.

uh you can push this back, feed it through. uh where are you there? It is a little bit more up action and it came through the top. so let's get the nut on there. I Know you guys can't see.

kind of can't stop to move my camera man. Okay, we've got I got the one on all right runs through straps over. let's get uh let's get that other strap Over Yonder and that one comes through. Oh back here, slip that in, rotate it now it's hooked on.

swing this around and then up through that little hole right there and then I Gotta find the hole in the top of the frame over here. it's up there somewhere poking around trying to find it here. Bear with me. I Think that's it.

Yeah that it did it come through. Uh, yes, yes he did. Come on. Fred please.

All right. Woohoo! Okay, that's in. Let's put a couple turns on that fastener so it doesn't pop off. it's only engaging like half of a thread and we'll go back down on the strap this tank from the Jack and then let's Jack out.

I Have a better idea I Win! Okay, let's go and get. uh. strap number two right here. All right, we're safe.

it's good. it can't come out. not going anywhere. Jack stand coming down.

Okie Dokes Everything's cleared from under the unit here. they're off the locks, release more. There we go and band coming down. Let's throw some fuel in this thing, fire up the battery charger and see if uh, this thing's gonna start and come alive or not.

Maybe it will. Maybe it won't Okay coming in and re-popping it's a hood, All right. we're back inside. I Threw a new, uh, a fresh battery and it's not a new one.

it's one of mine. but I threw a battery in this so we can, uh, maybe attempt to get it to crank. Let's see, we need to plug the fuel hose fuel line back in up here. Let's reconnect this guy.

Come on. Click. We're gonna need some lube in there. It's oh, rings are too dry.

Hang on lubricant 30. yeah, we'll use that. So anyway, yeah I've got a battery in it I Threw some fuel in it now I need to plug this guy back in and then see if it's going to start with known good fuel and a known good fuel delivery mechanism. So here goes: nothing.
Okay I Heard the pump. Come on. We'll cycle the key a couple times to get some fuel flowing and stopping the engine. Uh-huh Some smoke.

All right. it's running foreign. Didn't do that before. All right, one more time.

Come on you. come on hungry. Oh key fell out again. Hang on.

Bear with me here. Come on Key. gotta fix that too. This makes it not very easy to try to start this because key doesn't even go in.

Oh come on. it's getting annoyed. Stay alive. Dude.

So much wrong with this truck. We're good. It's running again. a little bit better.

It is alive. okay. whoo. I Guess we're getting somewhere it's running, but the problem is it's got a huge vacuum leak and it only runs with the huge vacuum leak.

Watch this. I Try to close that up and it wants to die. Don't stall, you, just stay running. We're gonna let this thing run for a while.

Don't come on. Well, it's better than it was. Let's try again. Oh I modified the key I Use the screwdriver now.

stay yeah. I think it's it smells really really rich. Like stupid rich foreign. Yeah it's rich.

don't don't do that. See in this configuration it stays running. but if I take away the fuel, it stops running. So one minute I think it has too much fuel and then another minute it doesn't have enough fuel because now it's running off brake clean and not.

its known good fuel supply because this thing should want to run with this hose connected to the PCB and it will not run. Yep see now now we're done. I Stopped with the with the auxiliary fuel supply and it wants to stall out. Hmm.


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    I was waiting for "Gas Tank Gravity!" Wow, that would have been great!

  14. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    Glad to see you get your "nut."

  15. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    Love the "X" files unit. Oh, I forgot, "Love that "Gravity!"

  16. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    corrosion X: corrosion X: corrosion X:

  17. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars News Now Riverside Sgt Rock says:

    Wife Unit needs to adjust your attitude!

  18. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars We Are The Government says:

    Why do you keep claiming your a "one man show" and your "gonna need help in the future" when we can clearly see you have someone in previous videos working on vehicles and doing stuff in the shop? Is it because people sent their cars for YOU to work on and not another mechanic? Man just lay it out there. Its okay to need help.

  19. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Christopher Wise says:

    ATV for the tow cap….

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars TENN-DEE says:

    Has anyone ever ran into a big scare when finishing up a job? I had came out to diag a 98 RAV4 that died on the road. Found it had broke it's belt and went thru an did the belt and come time to start it would just crank like it did before and we tried and tried.. what happened is the customer put alot of ether in it and Al I had to do is hold throttle partly open and it fired up and smoked like a train!! No problems after that lol but had me nervous

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Thorpe says:

    Wonder why Ray didn't do it, but I would have done something different for the wiring harness… I would have cut the plug off the old pump and spiced the wires for the new harness to the plug off of the old pump …. basically creating a jumper cable with the plugs on each side. This way you could do it on the bench instead of reaching up into the underbelly of the vehicle to do it… plus you're not cutting into the factory wiring harness and it's just plug in on each side. Just a thought though.

    Edited to add another benefit would be that it would have made the wire longer as well.

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Hershey says:

    It's a FORD thing

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Vallett says:

    Be nicer to your wife, she is a sweetheart.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dean Young says:

    This is where you tell the customer that the car caught on fire and it went to car heaven

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars GARY C says:


  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Papa Toms Thoughts says:

    I learned a long time ago, never say woo for stop, same thing happened. She did a great job.

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrPabsUk says:

    Got a similar issue in one of my old 80`s Fiats at the moment.. Last put (E10) fuel in it back at the end of 2021, only started it a few times since, & now its a crank & no start.. I suspect the fuels knackered, so I need to drain it all out.. In the street.. With two 1-gallon jugs.. Oh, the joy of cars.. I knew I should have put E5 in..

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Growse says:

    "When you said Whoa I thought you said Go"….When I was just a young lad I watched on as my dad let my younger (14yr old) brother back his car up our driveway. My brother got too close to the letterbox on the edge and my dad said "whoa, whoa"; my brother accelerated and ripped the letterbox out of its concrete foundation and put a large dent in the rear quarter panel. Post that minor disaster, the identical conversation was had between my dad and brother, as you did with Lauren…..I'm on the wife-unit's side here…..Words, Ray! 🤣 Love the videos mate.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Carrie says:

    I would replace the fuel pressure regulator. Those are about as bad as a bad fuel pump.
    The engine will run but very lean. As soon as you take off it will kill the engine.
    Also woah and goah sound the same. She was trying to do the right thing.
    Stop and go works better. 😊
    Steel Hammer and chisel are not the best combination around gasoline. A brass drift pin = safety.
    A fire extinguisher handy when working around fuel is a must.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Sicca says:

    Ray, I would prefer to remove the plug from the old pump and solder it to the new pump assembly. Would work over a bench, and it would be easier to do it, and it keeps the car original and no pain in the back because the raised arms trying to solder those wires!!!
    Good job!!

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars HouseCallAutoRepair says:

    Manually de-nutted and gutted.
    Hopefully that generic pump lasts for longer than it took it to make it to the States.
    One of those "how soon are we going to do it again" jobs.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Greg Haig says:

    Ray wasn't that the van you changed the timing on trying to get it to start?

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alesky Finis says:


  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Anti-Vegan Nonsense says:

    Tinned copper, that's what those wires are. Definitely NOT aluminum.. For one, it would oxidize like crazy and cause huge problems in an automotive application.. small gauge aluminum wire is a no go. It's just tinned copper wire.

    I'm an electrician

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Buffalo Merkis says:

    Poking around finding the hole is how you end up with children…. 😛

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars george marshal says:

    Ray- Not Good- Wife Unit is your wife and mother of your kids, she is not your underling or hired hand. I have seen your treatment of her not too good on several videos. Not Good..

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jay Kellett says:

    At my job, when I hired people, I would ask them if they were "thick skinned". Most said "Yes, then asked why?" I replied, "We take our jobs seriously, and can get a little vocal about it.Nothing really personal, it just business." I told them you just have to roll with the punches and not take any reprimands to seriously.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dj Porsche says:

    If you want some help i can come work for you

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Milton Odom says:

    Our local mechanic shop does the same thing. They do it so much that they have a tire strapped to the front. Their shop is just across the street from Walmart. Many vehicles have been pushed from there. Wife unit did a great job. You should tell her in a video.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mr G says:

    Ray, the towing incident overshadowed the job itself. Be careful with your devoted business partner or that shop could become your new home, alone. Seriously, you have taken on a huge undertaking and I can feel the frustration at times. Don't be consumed by what you have created. Lauren has been very supportive and willing to learn what she can. Truly, you should strongly consider an assistant and/or another quality mechanic to further advance your dream of shop owner. I truly felt bad for both of you but still, a seasoned professional helped by a novice needs patience. Consider this advice from someone who lost this battle many moons ago…

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Gibson says:

    Florida must be nice, Here in Idaho step 1 removing the tank would have been to order new straps, as step 2 would have involved a cheater bar. Not to mention it looks warm and not snowy.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ivan Olsen says:

    me : not a mechanic …… new fuel pump in old fuel and picking up fuel tank sludge and ( no doubt ) water ….. it did have fuel in the tank ? …or what looked like fuel

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars KB inFlorida says:

    Damn, need to use some of your engine patience when dealing with wifey.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars robert medina says:

    Cutting a hole in the floor is for hacks

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stevo says:

    thank you Ray,,looking forward to the follow up,,though it looks to be a prime candidate for the scrappy,,
    have yourself a great weekend,👍👍

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars robert medina says:

    That was an honest mistake. That’s easy to do over the sound of the motor whoa can sound like go

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Anthony E. Idealistic Woodworks says:

    You know Ray, it would be cheaper to just shoot it. It's a Ford, parts cost more than the thing is worth in most cases.

  48. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars David Sicca says:

    I don't believe you made a gost joke on your own daughter!! When she grows up and sees these videos, she gonna kill you!!!