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hi everyone good day to you we're back in the minivan again and i'm going back to the airport again but i'm not picking up this time i'm actually flying out today now i didn't give anybody any advance notice that i was going anywhere that being said i do have some content for later this week i'm going to be out for a week i do have some content for everybody however i didn't tell you guys that i was going anywhere because that is a matter of safety protocol pro tip for life whenever you're leaving town or going to be gone for a day or you have any kind of plans where you're uh you're not going to be home you don't want to let people know about that in advance except for people you can trust simply because if there was a person out there that uh ever had intent on doing any harm to you or maybe they like your stuff more than you like your stuff advertising to them when you're not going to be around is a great way to make your stuff disappear so when you're going on vacation stay off the facebook until you get back unless you're not concerned with bad things happening and then by all means post everything live to the world if you wish i don't know what kind of video this is going to be but i found that uh i could be a little creative when i choose so i'm just gonna keep talking to myself while i while i travel today and i'll bring you guys along too and we'll see how the edit comes out so stay tuned this is probably gonna be a really good video so this is a 60 mile an hour road right here uh translated into florida terms at 70 to 90. and we've got this one particular set of curves and i really used to like to cut these corners because there's all kinds of shoulder here the problem is people keep missing the corners and they wreck into this guy's fence and so the state came in and they put these little rumbly strips on the lines and everything on both sides of the road so now if i cross over the lines to cut those corners back there and like follow some really cool race lines with a minivan but it makes my car go that's just not fun but i guess for the unaware or the the cell phone driver types or the people that are turned around yelling at their kids and they they drive through that corner like it's a straight line i guess that these will help them out so we shall see there's gators in that lake lots of big ones now on a side note here i see a moment of opportunity for shameless self-promotion and what i mean by that is uh since i will not be in the shop and i would still like to make a couple videos while i'm up there on vacation land uh i think i'm going to take those videos with the exception of this one and probably just post those over on the second channel that way i don't break the format too much with the exception of this video i think that anything that i make while i'm out of the shop is just going to find its way over to my second channel um many of you do not know that i have a second channel i don't really promote it very heavily until the opportunity presents itself and i do believe this right now is one of those opportunities so if you have not ever navigated to the second channel and would like to do so you can check the link that is up here later on in this video you can check the link down in this video's description the pinned comment or even if you're here all the way to the end there's going to be a box that pops up like right here and i will also take you over to the home page of channel number two and this will conclude my moment of self promotion need more travel coffee it's nitrogen infused this water tower will always bring me joy because i taught both of my daughters what a water tower was using that as an example and every time we went past here they would both yell out daddy that's a water tower and they've let me know that that is a water tower and it is absolutely the cutest thing in the world and i want to share that with you guys that is not a safe place to park ever if you do need to pull over do it on the other side of an intersection like the downstream side don't do it on the on the emerging side or the up front side because that's the danger zone but over there is much safer i know your tire blows up you don't have a choice sometimes but uh if you do try not to park on bridges or in the fronts of bridges or on this side of guard rails or intersections things of that nature oh yeah and don't pull over on the side of the interstate because your dog has to go to the bathroom don't don't do that seriously we've seen it folks will pull over like over there and they got a dog running around trying to relieve themselves so just just just use an exit get off the highway there's our famous sunshine skyway see we've got to get a running start to be able to make it over the ramp full speed ahead so a few years ago they put these nets up on the side because people kept uh driving up here and then jumping off to their demise there's mixed feelings about that because on one you know you don't want to let people jump off all the bridges and then die in the water but number two it really ruins everyone's view and the people that are concerned about the view being ruined understand that if someone is going to un-alive themselves and they can't do it here they'll just find somewhere else to do it like the next bridge over this used to be a famous uh self-murder bridge we'll see if the numbers go down i mean personally if i wanted to jump off the bridge i think i could just get over the net or maybe like go through it but then again i would plan that kind of thing out so perhaps it's here to stop the uh the impulse jumpers so to speak yeah that's what it is maybe it's for the impulse jumpers hey we're going down you guys we can go faster if you want we're going we're going downhill look at that ford ranger who'd have thought yeah now that we're not going downhill we can go fast again florida ah he spotted me i was driving way too fast but the cool thing is he's over there there's a fence and i'm over here and there's no fence so maybe he's not coming over here oh yeah no he could get me if he wanted to there's a ramp i'll just go faster you have to catch me okay this is the best joke of all time it's about to happen see when you're on a road trip and you come up on a truck that's being towed and your wife is asleep and there's no one behind you you get real close to the truck that's being towed and then you scream really loud and slam on the brakes enough to wake your wife up and then she looks and then she sees the truck pointed straight at you and then screams bloody murder and that's the joke unfortunately none of those conditions are met today so i cannot demonstrate but it's a dang fine joke to play if you think you can survive it i see an airplane landing so we are near the destination i need to i need to pack up this show real quick and do some travel stuff so i'm going to sign out for a moment but i'll see you guys shortly touch screen for ticket look i'm recording them recording me i see you nsa well i don't know where to go so we're just gonna go this way looks like level four is full of parking level seven has lots of parking that's on the top i don't wanna park up there let's try level three it's got 38 spaces i always wanted to take like a skateboard down these things yeah there's only 23 spaces in there let's go up higher moving on up this one's full level six that's our guy because that's not on the roof and there's 160 something spaces i think parking 163 i'll take it 163 parking spaces and where are they you guys see any let's try yeah we're not going to go that way let's go down to the end i don't see 163 parking spaces in here somebody lied oh let's go left ah good my spider senses are correct and right by the stairwell too this is good i accept this parking ziato yeah we'll get right up in there here we go oh we got fancy jet ways in tampa i think we're flying an airbus moving on to your seat if you have a smaller item please place it under the seat in front of you laptop devices must be stowed properly prior to push back either in a bag under the seat in front of you or in an overhead west of tamper and the bay area storms to the west there might be a little bit of rough air on our initial departure but overall as we uh proceed along our route of flying it's expected to be smooth and uh as we do send it to minneapolis maybe a couple of uh spots of rough air we will do all that is humanly possible up here on the flight deck to make their flight smooth for you but bearing that in mind it is this airline's policy that whilst in your seats you keep your seat belts equally fast about you at all times in the back of delta's finest outstanding flight attendants at primary due to safety but because of whom they are they will be providing you with exceptional customer service uh currently uh weather conditions out of minneapolis winds uh from the uh west northwest and uh temperature right now is in the low 70s sit back relax and enjoy the flight welcome both be sure that all carrion items are securely stowed in an overhead bin and place smaller items including handbags under the seat in front of you if you lose your electronic device in your seat please do not adjust your seat and ask a crew mover for assistance please ensure all aisles exits and bulkhead areas are clear as we leave the gate make sure your seat belt is fastened to fasten insert the metal tip into the buckle and adjust the strap so it's low and tight across your lap to release the belt just flip the top of the bubble please remain seated with your seat belt securely fastened anytime the seatbelt sign is on even if the sign is off please keep your seat belt fastened whenever you're seated in case of stuck rough air in the event of rough air the crew might also need to buckle up for safety we apologize if this means our service is interrupted federal regulations require all passengers to comply with the posted placements and lighted information signs located throughout the cabin in addition to any crew member's instruction smoking vaping the use of e-cigarettes for any smokeless product including chewing tobacco is not allowed on any delta flight federal law prohibits tampering with disabling or destroying restroom smoke detectors there are eight exits on this plane eight doors four on each side four doors have detachable slides that can be used as wraps an additional raft is located in an overhead in the middle of the planet in the event of an evacuation we all carry an item behind all exits are clearly marked with a green scene arrows indicate the direction please take a moment to find the exits closest to you and remember they might be needed if there's a loss of power lights will eliminate the aisle to guide you to infection it's unlikely but if cabin pressure changes the panels inside the laboratories and above your seat will open revealing oxygen tasks if this happens reach up and pull the mass towards you until the tube is fully extended to start the flow box remove any face covering and place the mask over your nose and mount slip the elastic strap over your head and adjust the mask if necessary breathe normally and note the oxygen is flowing so don't worry if the back doesn't inflate be sure to adjust your own mask before helping others a water evacuation is also unlikely but just in case blind bags are in a compartment beneath or adjacent to your system to use remove the vest from its container by pulling up the tab and then opening the valve slip the vest over your head wrap the strap around your waist and attach it to the buckle in front and adjust securely around your waist as you leave the plane inflate the vents by pulling down on the red tab at the bottom of the fence or manually inflate it by falling into the tube that's under level a water activated light is attached to your bed for children who weigh less than 35 pounds place the vest around the infant's waist and secure the straps different blades compared to the safety information card reporting connection additional ride vests for inland children are located in the market so so steel so my plane is delayed and i have nothing to do except sit around or walk around minnesota and i don't want to sit so i'm just kind of walking around in minnesota yeah i'm actually really bored i've been doing this for like two hours i already had a two hour layover and then it's a two hour delay so i have nothing to do let's go upstairs again you know it's moments like this where i realize how much of a kid i really am because i'm on this little moving sidewalk thing and i look over and i'm going super duper fast faster than everybody else the best breaking the law too i'm walking in the stand section yeah you know actually these uh moving sidewalks saved my butt one day because i i landed in this airport last year all the way on the other side had to make it all the way to this side in like 30 minutes and i'm mortal again anyway in like like 30 minutes and without the moving sidewalks combined with running i don't think i would have made it wait what am i doing you guys distracted me there's a sidewalk right there we're going back yeah there's no way i'm walking all the way down there i walk enough actually technically i contradicted myself because i am walking all the way down there hmm must be the northern air it's frying my brain cranium yeah it made me kind of nervous when i landed and they said that my flight was delayed because the the puddle jumper plane that i take at this airport only runs like two or three flights a day and i'm on an afternoon flight so missing one it had me going for a minute but they only delayed us a couple hours so maybe the plane was broken who knows i will fix it the modern man we're all doing it wrong fellas makes me think we're all actually living in the hunger games so there's something i noticed i want to kind of pull the audience um i keep seeing these little strobe lights let's see if this one has it yeah see little strobe light thingies taking pictures of my shoes such a tourist right now standing on a moving sidewalk taking videos of buildings outside of the airport awesome welcome to msp terminal one i'm reaching the end i think i gotta go like all the way down there and take a left and i'm gonna be there i actually have no idea what i'm going down here for there's a bunch of bars back behind me but uh my plane doesn't leave for like two and a half more hours so i really have no idea why i'm going down here that's that boredom i'm gonna get you i think what i'm doing is coming all the way down here just so i know exactly how far away it is and how long it takes to get there and then i can go back and then i'll go to the bar this is the plan and maybe my flight was delayed because we're out of pilots that could be it perhaps the supply of qualified personnel is a rather limited i heard on the news or maybe somewhere probably wasn't the news but i thought i did hear that a bunch of pilots uh were quitting a bunch of airlines over uh medical reasons or something like that that's what i heard same thing with the flight attendants too but again that's what i heard that's uh it's just rumor oh good there's a bar close to my my terminal this is good so i really think i need to learn to stop talking because my plane is here but we don't have pilots that is the problem ah that thing's a thing's a little rough it needs a paint job yeah there's another one over there yeah every one of these terminals has an airplane in it people sitting around but uh there's nobody to fly it look they left the engine running it starts been here a while very delayed got one there was another one but it's gone it was two three and uh i had a buddy next door he's from phoenix we had some jameson and i think i'm done now after this okay so this is good uh although this airplane appears to be a piece of junk and it's super small i have seen uh no less than three babies on this aircraft so i'm feeling pretty good about my life right now because we got three babies on this teeny tiny little uh i don't even know what to call it but it's tiny please press that button on your arm right to pull your feet back up i'll be going to the cabin to do my uh checks i'll have a trash bag on my hand if you have safety nothing is more important to delta and our partners than the safety of our customers and crew which is why we have set a new standard of cleanliness including sanitizing our aircraft with high grade disinfectant before we depart please direct your attention to the front of the aircraft for a demonstration of the safety features of our crj-200 aircraft your seatbelt must be securely fastened at this time to fasten insert the metal tip into the buckle tighten by pulling all the stuff now all right no warning just that's just full throttle yeah boy oh i heard stuff falling down eight small planes step into the light he that your poses are still completely underneath the patient i don't have a purse for this your larger devices such as wattage are stowed at this time in a bag underneath in front of you or in an overhead bed they may not be sewn into the pocket ladies and gentlemen you may just have to use the mobile devices as long as they are properly secured finally please check around your seating area creating remaining cuffs glasses or any other items you we will be landing shortly something's going on the airplane's making sounds and stuff i heard some clickety-clacks everything working hey we're we're venting some kind of gas chemtrails look look we're doing it chemtrails right there con trails that's what they say contrails that's actually not a chemtrail i'm not one of those see it i'll make an announcement all right it's the next day it's cold out here holy smokes i see the kids have been here yeah not only is it cold it's super windy oh yeah nope nope nope nope we're done look it's a little singular duck i think that's a duck that's like a loon i don't know so we've had our eye on this uh dead pine tree here for a few years now and i think it's ready to come down pretty soon trouble is it's a bear tree on the other side and we're not allowed to cut it down and i think it's uh close enough to that shoreline there where we're not allowed to cut it down either this has to fall down naturally those are the rules you know in fact i don't want to get a close-up of this tree not on your property you see the tape i i don't i just don't go on other people's property it's my thing come do it yeah that's weird i can go through your glove box look for your wheel lock key but i don't want to step foot on your land how about that oh i forgot about this this little robot right here something rolling over this thing has been here for like 45 years that's actually kind of cool because there's another one over here on the other side yeah look at this one little wooden row boat look at that guy again this boat has been sitting here for 40 something 50 years maybe a lot of history i'm home all by my lonesome i slept in today because yesterday was a it was a long day for me so i slept in everybody's at church right now they left let's go up to the road and check that out i haven't been up there in a year we have an outhouse yep that's real i've used it check that out old tractor differential also been here for like 50 years first thing cardio oh yeah let's see if the old platform is still up here hmm i don't see it ah there it is i was afraid that this used to be over there and that the neighbors cleared it out i have no idea what this thing's doing here ah but it's been here for a very long time good place to powwow out in the woods all right guys i guess that will conclude my uh my traveling video i'd like to thank you guys for traveling with me it was awesome you were here hope you enjoyed the adventure through the airport and skies through the other airport and then here to the woods like i said earlier uh and in my post i do have a couple videos for you guys and i think i can make one or two while i'm here um uploading is a kind of a major issue for me though because it's super super slow there's uh there's no high speed up here i've actually got a video uploading right now and it's been going since about 4 am and it's noon now so maybe maybe this afternoon that one will be done and i can post that tomorrow which that also tells me as soon as that one's done i need to finish editing another one because it's taking forever for these things to end up on the internet so if i run out of uploads later on this week i'm really sorry guys uh if i can't get them posted it is what it is and i'll just see everybody next week but i have to remember to stay on vacation because if i start working too much then i'll forget about having vacation and then the whole week will go by and then it will be over all right folks i'm gonna go ahead and close this one out uh like i said i've got a video that i'm trying to upload right now i mentioned in my post briefly i think internet's really slow up here so it's taking for eternity because my file sizes are rather large but this is why i was delayed in yesterday's posting i was traveling and i had no internet so it is what it is uh anyway uh you guys i'd like to thank all you guys for uh for watching i appreciate y'all traveling with me on my way up here i'll keep you up to date on what's going on and i'll see if i can't find some adventures for us to get into later on this week so uh again and as always thank you for watching and most importantly have yourselves a great day see you guys later beginning vacation now oh wait wait wait wait don't go anywhere i gotta show you guys the best part about this place yeah here it is yes coffee and then later haha this is the first refrigerator that was ever installed in this place i think it's what is it a grassley 1950s something look at rounded edges it's made out of metal i love this thing this is an amazing refrigerator look at the hinges on that bad boy something to be appreciated i know it's it's super ancient but uh this thing is boss all right see you guys later beginning coffee consumption now more coffee.

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