Mechanic Upsells Extra Parts! "While we're in there..." Toyota 3.5 VVT V6

Hello Everybody! Good day to you ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls viewers of all ages Welcome back to the 2016 Toyota Highlander 3.5 liter. We left off on this particular project yesterday. we were on a hold for some parts. We needed ignition coils for the rear Bank of cylinders on this V6 engine.

We did some spark plugs on it. three ignition coils, a set of valve cover, gaskets with seals and all that good stuff. I've got the new coils here. Let's get prepped and set up.

Get those coils dropped in, then we can re-gasket the intake manifold. Get that guy reinstalled, so stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video. Oh by the way, if you missed the part one of this particular video, just go down to this video's description and you will find a hyperlink back to the part one. Additionally, there will also be that exact same Link in the pin comment in the comment section below opening.

Z Hood Now, like I said, we were on a hole for some parts and I have some new parts. We have three Denzo made in Ja Pan ignition coils here. Let's throw some grease in these bad boys and get them installed. The the rear spark plugs have already been installed.

The front spark plugs have already been installed, The front coils have already been installed. We're just, uh, waiting on these guys right here. show I Know visibility is kind of scarce I'm just going to go ahead and reach on in here, get these things installed, plugged in, bolted down, and then we're going to back up and move on to Uh, the finalized stages of this repair. Next coil coming in, slid down into its home right here and connected with a click.

That's two down, one to go, third one's right here and I've assembled myself into a corner. I won't go in with that connected right there. Where's my connecting connector? There we go. Plug that connector in, seat the coil.

There we are and now we can put that back. Okay, three coils in position, three bolts coming in, get that guy threaded and the train people at Tropicana next door are very active. today. they're switching up rail cars.

I Don't know if you guys can hear them in the back, but the trains are training Nick All right, it's all three coils installed, plugged in connected. Let's move on to one of the intake brackets that's gonna go over top of this coil right here on the left. I Can't tighten this down all the way just yet because I'll have to move this unit in order for it to Uh to align a line up with the holes that are on the intake manifold. So I'm just going to run this down finger tight.

There we go. That's good for now. Okay, let's get this. Uh PCB Hose here installed it was in the way earlier.

Slip that guy right back over the port on the valve cover, get the clamp in position. Let that thing hang out right there. Now Let's pull our towels out of the intake. Get rid of those.

Alrighty, let's go ahead and stroll over to the bench and get this intake manifold re-gasketed real easy. Pull the three gaskets off the three gaskets on. Got a set of new ones? therefore Pro not sponsored. This is what I've got.
They're blue see notes are good. So all we need to do here: Unpackage these. oh dropping stuff. Let's get them lined up in their little grooves, press them in, and then we can set this manifold, upper manifold down on the lower manifold.

I'm dropping a bunch of spark plugs on the floor. These are not new ones. Those are the old ones. I Don't throw away Parts until the car leaves.

You never know. Okay, gasket's on back to the car. Let's get this thing bolted on and in position. Not necessarily in that order because we can't bolt it on if it's not in position.

Looks like it's a backwards day for me. Doing a quick, finalized visual back here to make sure everything is looking good and I think it is. Connections are all made. Solenoids are all connected.

everything's in the brackets. Yeah, we're all set here. Let's get this. uh, this manifold in position, slide it down over the studs and uh, and we can Bolter in Now before I finalize where this thing's going to go.

I've got that one bracket bolt back on this side. I'm going to get that thing lined up and threaded in before I bolt down the rest of this stuff because that bracket's still flexible and movable and uh, I'll be able to manipulate the Fasteners a little bit better. Let's see: I can kind of feel it I can do this because I know where it is. If I didn't know where it was, that might be a little bit harder.

uh Fasteners kind of lined up I think it's getting started here? No, no, hang on I'm off so not right. Brackets turn some I'll just turn it some more until I find those threads. Come here threads. where are you I would like to meet the bolt with you.

Come on now. I need to loosen the bracket that I put on finger tight. It needs to kind of angle up a little bit you guys can't see. sorry I wish I had a camera I could put back there.

then you could maybe see it's a super tight squeeze. Okay I think we're we're about lined up here I feel the bolt hole. Oh, it's so hard to do one-handed up. Got it there? We go.

Okay, it's threading in. We got it all right. That thing's bottomed out here. I can plug that in while we're here.

Last connector on the end of that harness and I've got one more to do over here on this side. Okey-dokes Now this one. that should be a little bit easier because I can see the uh, the bracket back here kinda I lost it. Okay, I can see the bracket.

You can see the bolt going through it. I can see the hole for the bolt in the valve cover so that was easier to line up. Threads are already started all right. Okay, so I've got both brackets bolted in.

They're not tight because I need to tighten down the manifold itself first. That way, the brackets don't dictate the position of the manifold. The manifold is seated all the way, and then the brackets become tight just to reinforce what's going on with the manifold. Does that make sense? It does to me.
Okay, a couple more bolts coming in here. Let's get that one started next. Ah, flashlight. The gravity of the flashlight.

Stay there. flashlight. Oh I think I hear thunder again. Are we gonna get rain two days in a row? Hope.

so. Actually, it has to rain I Just cut my grass the other day. so it's gonna rain every day until the grass needs cut again. Those are the rules.

Come here: Linkage twice clickage Thrice another off and then I've got the two tens on the end. There we go. Good That's nice here. Let's plug our vacuum booster back in I Just leaned on my ratchet.

Let's get that thing finished off that way. Uh I Don't forget it and start the engine with a massive vacuum leak. There we go. Oh, Let's see, we have PCB hose.

Let's plug this thing in. That one goes from there down to this front valve cover. Okay, that's out of the way. Good to go.

Oh yeah, yeah. I forgot my two brackets in the back 12 millimeter and I got to do that manually by hand because I can't get any power tools back there. Yeah, I'm doing it again. Getting so far ahead I'm behind.

You gotta stop doing that tight. Forget stomp, skipping steps, being all attention deficited and whatnot. I'm using my socket to uh, spin this Fastener down and now, uh, it's bottomed out I can apply some torqueage. there's that one.

Oh, and then of course the two more on that other side over there way far away. Reach back here. Oh, that's definitely Thunder Yes, Give me rain, We need precipitation. Okay, that's one of them.

tight and second one is now tight. Good to go. Brackets are brackety. All right.

Throttle body is going in next. Let's give the inside of this a good wipe down. Just try to get rid of some of that buildup that's on there. That's good.

Set that thing back into its position here. We'll get it threaded with a couple bolts. Okay, actually, all four bolts good. There's number four.

Foreign body is now secure. We may plug it back in right there. and I think I missed a bracket. Let me pull that bolt back out.

Yeah, See that guy dangling right there that goes behind this? Bolt Okay, okay. down into the left a little bit. we've got our Evap solenoid and its bracket that's going to bolt on right here to the valve cover. Let's tighten that guy down.

Beautiful now. I think this one plugs in right here to that vacuum source. I'm going to make a mental note to recheck that I don't know if that goes there or not, but I believe it did. So we'll let that ride for now.

If it does not, we'll figure it out in a very quick moment. Anyway, Next, let's go ahead and get the air box. uh Place Back in, we'll get the air filter back in and then we'll get the intake tubing and everything reinstalled. Air box is first.
it's got a little, uh, plastic nipple thing that's going to slide into that rubber grommet and then there's two bolts. They're gonna bolt this thing down. So get that lined up, pushed in and looks like the bolts are aligned. You guys remember the rusty one.

That one goes right there you can't see and the second one right over here to the right, a little farther down so you still can't see. There's nothing on this car that you guys can see. This is ridiculous. Terrible video.

I'm just kidding I Don't think it's terrible I Think it's a great video. You know why? Because there's somebody out there that's going to draw a positive from it and that's what makes it a great video. Longer extension because I couldn't reach I Cannot reach. Oh no.

I Dropped my socket hang on magnet on a stick. Nothing worse. Nothing worse than dropping dropping your socket after you put parts in. Come here.

need that okay socket recovered And of course it was a 10.. let's drop our filter back in and we'll get the air box lit. Next, Slide this bad boy in making the clamp reference for the tube. Put that over the throttle body.

First those guys slide in. Then there's going to be two clips. one right there and then one. Oh there we go.

and then the one in the back you come clipped on. please. There we go. And then down here we've got our mass airflow sensor connector.

Let's plug that guy in. All right. This one plugs in right here. I Remember you that one plugs in right there.

We have our clamp and we're out of order. We're out of order. twice. Proper rooting routing, Route routing, rotor route routing there.

that's pretty. See, there's one vacuum line down here somewhere. There it is that one plugs in there. Then we need to back up and get that snorkel thing installed and that'll complete the engine work mostly.

Slide that guy in position here. Get the bolt holes lined up here and here. Where's my vacuum line that attaches here and here on the right. You guys can't see as usual, two bolts, Three bolts, two bolts.

Good. Very nice. Yay! All righty! Highlanders Moving on up. we're gonna swing the uh oil drain can underneath this, dump out the old engine oil, dump out the rinse engine oil that I used to wash the cams off with the filter, pop new units in, and then I'm gonna do a little bit of food maintenance on it.

It's gonna be some skill and fills on the rear differential. I'll see if it has a front dip on it. If it does, we're going to change the fluid in that tube and then we can go ahead and restock into the engine and uh, see how this thing runs? Let's see here. oil drain coming in looks like we need a 14 millimeters.

Let's see 14, 14, 14. No, no options. Both of them are absent. Let's find another one.
No No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no, there's one. I have many, many 14s multiples on flickage? Well that was a good unclick too. Do you guys hear that snap? That was nice satisfying. There we go.

Let that thing drain for a while. That's the original oil plus some old nasty oil plus the stuff. Seeing how this is a Toyota in order to change the filter, we need a we need a special tool for that. Slide that guy on like.

so it's not going to stay no matter. I'll just use two hands. It doesn't need to stay. become unclicked please.

Kind of tight. They don't have to be that tight. They don't seal with tightness. They seal with an O-ring switching out to a glove.

Keep my hands pretty and clean and not oily. There we go. There's our filter. Pop that off.

Come here and there is our o-ring that seals. now. my new filter comes with a new o-ring So let's get that thing changed out. There's the new one out of the package.

We'll just go right behind this old one. a little pocket screwdriver. pull that guy off, dump it out. Slide The new one in position here.

now. we got to make sure it goes in that bottom ring. Sometimes folks will get them on one of these threads right here and then it. uh, it'll bind up and cut and it won't seal and that's that's not okay.

New filter. Slide that guy in like so and we can screw it back in. you. Come tight please.

Right there. so it's bottomed out. Put our tool back on and 32 inch pounds. Maybe it's Newton meters I Don't know, You know that it's shiny.

now. get rid of all the spillages. Bye there she is. Let's get this guy screwed in.

Come on Red! Thank you! I did toss a new Crush Washer on that. it had one of the plastic ones I Don't like the plastic ones so I installed a copper one fix because I like the copper ones, they're more better or in my opinion another. Okie dokes that's one fluid spilled. Let's go not filled.

let's go out back. We're gonna spill and fill this differential real quick. and uh, then we'll do the front diff and then we can add engine oil and restocking the engine. Fortunately for me, this thing has a drain plug and a fill plug.

Quite easy to do to pull the drain and then we let it drain. It's going to require fully synthesized differential lubricant that's nasty, a little bit of metal shavings in there, nothing too concerning. You guys see that it's almost like a paste. Clean that up in a minute.

This whole fill plug out so air can vents. There we go and when that's done, we'll put the drain plug back in and refill it with the machine. Let me just roll this unit right on over here. We'll fetch the power cord, power this thing on.

it's got an electric pump inside and then we can just pump our fluid from our container right up into the differential. Easy peasy now! I Don't know if you can see, but there is some red in this tube right here. That's because I was using this machine to do a transfer case and a transfer case used automatic transmission fluid. So what I need to do is Purge out this trans fluid that's in the machine and in the lines.
That way we're not putting a transmission oil into a differential because that would not be okay. So what we'll do. Stick that guy in there. We'll just set it to fill, powering it on.

Do Not use use to fill. it's going to suction what's in The Jug through the machine and then out through the tube. right here. Let's open the valve.

There we go. We're riding now. Goodbye red fluid. There we go see how we're green.

That's how we know it's good. Shut that down and I'll use the Uh 7580 for this rear diff. Get that thing refilled switching containers. There we go.

Got our fill plug right here or the drain plug? I'm sorry. we'll put that thing back in. put a little bit of torque on the drain plug here. Not a lot.

a bit, just a little bit. Insert our fill tube and when we fill this, we're just going to fill it until it overflows. Once it stops overflowing, that's the that's the full level on the diff. Then we can put the Uh the plug back in powering on beginning fluid installation.

Now get in there. go ahead, check that out. Low range fluid filling. You guys noticed the green tint on the BG fluid.

That's how You know it's good because it's green. I Got a 55 gallon drum with BG oil. I Wonder if that's green too? It's 5 30 fully synthesized engine oil. Okay I Think we'll pull here and shut her down.

and when that thing stops drip draining, that is the full Mark indicator that the dip is ready and then we can put the drain plug, fill, plug, fill plug back. In words: so many of them. All right. Looks like we're done draining.

That's a full unit. Let's get our fill plug reinstalled. Tighten that guy down there. you go.

Fix. Perfect. There's any spray left in this bottle here. Oh no.

I'm out there. We go okay. off to the front differential. next.

disconnect our hose here. We don't want that thing flip-flopping around. Put that in there and we'll scoop this guy right on forward to a rough hit. So the front Dip's a little bit different.

There's our drain plug and then our fill plug is like right up here on the side. Both of those are 24 millimeter fasteners Okie dokes 24 coming in. Let's just get this thing on connected here or loosened. Oh come on.

now not working. let's try to stop it. Actually the problem is the angle. so let's try an angled ratcheting wrench that should give me.

uh just give me what I need here. Oh there it goes. This thing was tight and begin draining front diff oil. Now yeah, this is an all-wheel drive so this is our power transfer unit here.

Reach up and negative that's this tool is too big to fit in there I'll wait till that's done and we'll use the uh regular wrench. Okay, now it appears to be done. That was fast. Let's go in there with our regular wrench.
uh no, can't get a good can't get a good bite on it I'm gonna have to use the socket. Okay here, let's try a 24 socket. if I can't get a bite on that uh, that fill plug with this thing here. ah I flew it on me.

Yeah, that socket might work. It's giving me the offset that I think I'm looking for here. Maybe come on. Yep, it turns good, good, good, good.

You make me nervous for a second. I thought I might have had to, uh, air hammer the thing off or something. There we go. Okay, pretty tight up there I can barely get it to uh and barely reach it.

Got it? That's good. All right. I'm gonna give this a couple more minutes to drain and then we'll uh, go ahead and refill this unit as well. All right, about five to pass.

something like that. Let's wipe off this drain plug. It's got a magnet in it just like the rear plug and that's designed to catch the little microbial sized metal shavings from normal wear. Wipe that off, we'll get this guy back in its position here and then I can refill this uh, transfer case unit and that will conclude The Spill and fills here I Want to try to move you guys a little bit maybe from maybe back here so you can see kind of what's going on with this refill procedure.

So let me reach flipping in with our little fill hose here. that guy in the hole and I'm reaching down, powering the machine on and we are pumping. Hope I got enough in this jug. Jug's half empty.

we're running low I'm sure I have another job the building. oh the valve's off. Feeling filling? filling? Yeah, we're good. Oh no.

I'm running out. Need to know? Jug try again. a little bit more. okay jug swap.

complete. continuing the fill procedure I'm gonna hold on that so it doesn't shoot out and spray us all in the face. Hey ah, just like that money shot, it's not what we wanted. Well I didn't go according to plan.

thank you I Panicked, pulled the, pulled the hose and it sprayed everywhere. That's not okay. either way, the the orifice is now full so I guess we're good there. I'm gonna let that drain some and then uh, we can put our fill cap back in.

let's put the plug back in, spray this off, tighten it up, then we can let her down, refill the engine oil, and then restocking the engine that's on. Let's get in there with our ratchet. I'm not going to torque this to the Moon because that's going to screw the next guy. but click There we go.

Beautiful. All right. let's get out of here. let this thing down, clear our machines, and then go from there.

Okay dogs back under the hood coming in with a clean funnel refilling the engine oil. No, this is not Amazon not synthetic oil. It's just in an Amazon jug because that's what. I have this came out of my drum in bulk drums.
There we go. stay see where we're at on our dipping stick here. We need more a little bit low. so here we can throw in a can of a Fiji MOA that'll add a little bit more.

It's motor oil additive for the engine a little bit more. Alrighty, let's go ahead and restart it. Then we can check the oil level and add if needed. but I believe that was plenty.

Oh no, my light died. Is that okay? I Think that battery's jumped. Gotta reload. There we go.

New battery all right. Now The moment we've all been waiting for for two days. let us restarting the engine. It is alive.

Really? My light died again. Oh my. Batteries drunk. What is this all right? Anyway, no leaks.

This is good. Sounds good, feels good. Let's check the dash for any illuminated illuminators. We have none.

That indicates to me That nothing was left disconnected. This Is highly successful. The batteries are not successful though. That's getting my nerves.

I Pulled three batteries off the shelf and they've of all three been dead. I I Don't comprendeing what the deal is I bet it's Troy's fault he's putting batteries away without charging them. That's what it is. Yeah, we're just gonna blame everything on the new guy.

It's his fault. Okey-dokes Let me power this thing down. Ew. Let us recheck the engine oil level without a light and then, uh, throw the cover back on.

This thing will be good to go, so let us see how close I got it. During my guesstimation, the survey says we're slightly low, about a half a quart, pull out a little bit more, and then the service will be complete. So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and take this opportunity right now to thank all you guys for watching this video As always I Hope you enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill.

Please feel free to let me know when I'm spilling oil. so please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there. Right on the money And as always, do not forget to have yourselves a great day.

See you guys later into Toyota in a transmission into video. Thanks for watching! Have a great day. See you later end of transmission.

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