In our recent videos I showed you how to remove broken manifold studs and how to repair a variety of "stripped out" holes. Now we have a Honda Fit in the shop with the big 1.5 that spit out a spark plug. It is usually an easy job except when you cant see the plug hole. So in this video I show you how to repair spark plug threads by feel ๐Ÿ™ˆ
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All right folks. Got this little Honda here. oh nine. it says it's a fit.

Uh, it was towed in. The lady said according to her message that she had had some mechanical problems and didn't dare drive here. So she had a tote. So I started up and drove it in.

Show you what it sounds like. Pretty classic sound. Uh, that is the sound of a spark plug falling out getting blown out unscrewed itself out. Something happened there 161 on the clock.

So let's have a little Gander under the hood I haven't looked there yet I wanted to do it together so all I just start driving in. I do get a little waft of gas here as I walk around. it smells like gas under here. Let me go get a tripod.

I Thought the coils were going to be a little more accessible, but what? I have to take some jiggly bits off there. If it blew one out, it might not be a very fun repair this thing here. Um, let me get a flashlight and we'll fire it up and we'll verify that that is a what we're hearing and then B we'll have to see how to how to get to everything. Um, kind of unfamiliar with these ones.

I'm gonna pick her up on the lift a little bit so we don't have to keep bending over. I Think yes sir, that's how I look back here I can see ignition coils that I can I can see one, two three four. And let's see if we see any anomalies here. If any of them are you know one, of these things doesn't belong here.

It looks like the number two. This is going to be kind of a difficult video to record. Um, so I guess I'll bring you guys over here to the side. That's pretty much the area that I need to work in, but we'll see what we can figure out here.

So looking back here, it looks like I'm just going to do this by feeling I'm guessing reach back here. It feels like that's number one. This is number two. It looks like it is sitting kind of cockeyed.

See if I get it unplugged. Okay, I've got it unplugged. Let me grab a 10 mil. I assume that's what that is.

We'll take that one out because that's one that looks kind of funny I guess we could plug in a scan tool. Also, because the engine light was on, we could see what code is in it if it's a 302 code which I imagine and looks of this. but hopefully for this girl's sake, it blew the center out of the spark plug or unfriended it because this could be quite a difficult job to try to put a thread insert and that maybe this wiper call comes off and it allows this access. I Don't know, we'll find up here in a moment.

Okay, got the bolt out I've got the coil out and in this. uh, this coil is rock hard, foreign. Looks like it's all chowdered up. I Thought I Heard the spark plug roll around back there.

Let's get a little rubber spark plug serving tool. Let's just kind of go fishing around here. Let's find the hole first. Oh no.

I feel nevermind I feel something? Okay I felt this. This is laying at the top of the hole. That's interesting. kind of peculiar.

That's uh, must be the rest of the spark plug. Boot probably goes on there like so. Oh yeah, it did. It kind of cracked the edge of the coil too as it was blowing up out of the hole.
All right. Oh, that's some of what we've discovered. Let me have a little. Gander back here with the mirror I Guess we could get back here with our little camera.

Let's see what I can see with this first of all, which is actually quite a bit. Surprisingly okay. there's nothing else down in that hole, so that's good. So let's try this because the spark plug doesn't appear to be damaged.

You know, thread wise I Don't see a bunch of aluminum jammed in it? We're gonna come back here and see if it will thread itself. Let's see what size socket it takes. first. see, we'll see if it will thread itself back in the cylinder head here and it starts about a thread in it.

It doesn't feel 100 right and that could be because it's been in there kind of banging around on those top threads. Um, yeah. I don't like how it feels. It feels about like one thread and then it gets kind of funky.

which I don't know if that's in the plug or if that's in the head. But instead of reaching back here and uh, getting this thing screwed up, um I'm gonna do some poking. We'll see if this. Oh, we'll see if this thing comes off, which it's already.

Yeah, this is almost all broke already. So I think that answers our question here. I'll take the one clip off that holds us on. Maybe somebody's been back here? I Don't know.

Oh yeah, thanks. This piece is on top of that piece. All right. Well, I Do know the wiper arms need to come off, so let's get those yanked off, huh? This bolt here.

Look at this. There's a nut for the wiper, huh? This job just gets easier and easier. Look at that. All right.

I Think we're starting to answer some of our questions here. Now that one, we're not quite as lucky that one's not quite finger tight. but let me get a 14. We'll get that wiper arm off and then we'll take some more of this plastic off.

But it appears that at some point in this car's life, somebody has been here. There's that. This side's not too bad. Yeah, it's got one, two, one, couple broken tabs across the top.

This thing here is kind of jammed down. Oh Yeah, I Guess that's where that's supposed to be. But definitely gonna have to get some parts and pieces if we want to put together properly. Set that where it belongs.

All right. It does appear that we can take the wiper transmission and stuff out and get a little bit more room back here. We might have to pull the intake manifold to really see what's going on, but let's get this, uh, big piece of tin out of there and then we can have a little look-see All right, there's the wiper motor transmission assembly. It's just a four bolts to hold that thing in.

It looks like a bunch more six millimeter bolts hole missing. I Think that's going to help quite a bit? Okay, there's our boat. I'll tell you what folks, let's do this. Let's take.
let's take the number one out there. Why are those things are tight? Let's just get this up out of there. Let's take the spark plug out of it. Yeah, A for a couple reasons we need to check them all anyways and or replace them and B will have a known good spark plug so we can tell how things are supposed to look.

Um, not really. nothing explicit look, but we can tell if we need to run a thread chaser in that hole or if the spark plugs what's frigged up. You know what? I'm saying? Yeah, this one was pretty loose. There must be somebody putting spark plugs in it at some point and then never torqued them to factory specs.

You know what? I mean You know what? I mean dude because that was quite loose I mean it looks like the washer is crushed on it, but it must have been a little ginger a little too. Ginger Yep, so that doesn't want to thread in there. Let me just try something. Against my better judgment.

I've got just a teeny tiny ratchet here because if you don't want something to break, use a brass hammer and a small ratchet. Let's just see. Nope. Okay, so that feels like it doesn't feel great.

That's what it feels like. It feels like it doesn't feel great. Let's pull that back out before we make a mess out of that. Make sure it threads it on this hole and it does.

Okay, so now we know we need to know. I Just wondered if that first thread What Might Have Been booger need to give it just a little push and then you know, away you go, it goes past it. Everybody's happy lunch time. Just grab the belt here on the engine I need to crank the engine over just a little bit.

the Piston is all the way at the top third baby. Yeah. I just want to turn the engine a little bit to get the Piston to go down a little bit because I'm going to do a little exploring down in that hole. I think it's a 14 millimeter by 150 I think that's what thread they are I've got these weird thread expander doodad things I Don't know what to say? What's up Miss though Lunch is ready.

Does it whistle? yeah I heard it. How come you're not in any in your lunch? Wow I Will remember that Okay, mark my words. I'll remember that I know thank you I Always survived lunch so that's good. It's got a 14 millimeter reverse I Guess you would call the reverse thread chaser.

So what this does is this is all tapered down here. You go all the way in the hole, you tighten this little guy up and that expands that out to your regular 14 millimeter thread like your spark plug. Then we can thread it theoretically from inside the hole out because the outside of the threads is kind of what's boogered up. So, but theoretically and hopefully the inside thread is not so the one closest to the Piston if that makes sense.

So this is what we're going to attempt to do. See, we left this here I Guess we can leave that there and then we'll give this a go. Well, I'm going to try and do this by feel in the right one we are. Oh boys, this might be a tad bit of a problem because it's it's recessed so far down.
Yikes! So let's try this. I'm going to try to expand it and I didn't think about that. That's uh, this design works okay except, but it's interesting. it seems to be trading in there.

Oh never mind. Okay, it's because I didn't have it fully expanded. it did start. it did start.

I was just seeing if I could get it started, but when I'm trying to spin it back out, all I'm doing is loosing up the loosening up the Arbor which wouldn't be good because it can't actually come apart. So I'm going to tighten it up all the way. I'm gonna see if we can start it down inside that hole, which it seems to start quite easily. Um, yeah, so this seems it seems like it's threading right down in really without any big issue.

I don't want to go all the way because it's hard to kind of hang on to once it drops through the thread. So I bet the threads really aren't that messed up. I don't know if I have another 14 millimeter thread chaser here? Let me look and see if I do, because I doubt what we just did cleared anything up. Um, so that's interesting.

Tell you what. I'm gonna take a spark plug. this is the original one that came out of this hole. I'd be willing to bet it just has a little bit of a booger up on top of the threads.

Yeah, there we go. I just pushed it a little bit more than I would have normally. so I I think we're good because now I can throw it out by hand. Yeah, I just had that I think a little bit of a spot up on top simply because you know it was blown out and who knows this thing was probably migrating out over time.

Got to Last Friday and then you know, maybe like kinked off a little bit. Um, I did order some new spark plugs while I was eating my lunch. So I'm gonna go ahead and pull these two out that we already have. I'm gonna go get the new ones we're gonna put them in, we're gonna torque them down to factory specs and then we'll do the other two without any problem.

I Also ordered a new ignition coil whether or not these are the OG I Don't really know. we have our brand new laser Iridium in Gks. this one started and they're being kind of a silly video, but I was hoping there's gonna be something more Epic in the way. I'm kind of glad we don't have to repair this hole just given where it is.

We've already done a video on repairing a stripped out spark plug hole I think I did a video on that many, many years ago. Maybe I'm wrong on this one. Uh, I can't tell you what. Let me stick a ratchet on this because I can't tell if I'm clicking I have some threads in there.

Let's just see, because we didn't we didn't screw that other spark plug in all the way. This is it. doesn't feel right. Dude, make sure this one this may go full epic Honest.
Maybe that's why that thing is threaded in there I think it's I think it's missing all the threads if I had to guess because that's why our thread chaser was going in so easy. Yeah, you betcha buddy. I I think this thing's missing all of its threads is I think just what's happened here. That is why that was spinning in so easy.

And then when we stuck the spark plug in there, we give it that little push. There might have only been a thread or two at the very top. Okay So oh, what a stink pot this is gonna be. That'd be a real stink pot because we can't see it I can't Anyways, and I believe even if I pull the intake manifold, it's not going to give me much of an advantage.

So I think we have to do this one blind. Let's get a video camera, look down in that hole, see if we can verify. Are we missing the threads? Which I Think we are. So we're going to use our little endoscope here.

Uh Excel set it where I can where I can see and then I'll uh I'll move you guys around here. This thing's pretty beat up. She's been done some hot spark plug holes and she's pretty melted. I think it's still good though.

I think the screen on it is cracked here, but it may be good enough for us to see. and then I'll move you guys over here where you can see and everybody can see. Oh yeah, she's just a bare naked hole. and I believe the threads that we were feeling were not the threads at the top, but perhaps the actual only threads left in the bottom of the hole.

So let me move you over. I Tell you what just to give you guys a reference in case you're not that experienced of Looking Down in the Hole or look down a good one here. I'll show you what that looks like and then we'll look down the bad one, show you what that looks like and then we've got to come up with some kind of plan for this young lady. I Have no idea how good this is going to work out.

Just got you guys pointing at the camera here. I'll see if I can't Okay, so we're going in the good hole. Let's see difficult here, but let's see. let's just have an overall look.

So there's what the threads look like through. we're going all the way. There's our cylinder, there's the top of the piston and that's the inlet side, so that side points towards the intake valves and as we come up through, you can see all the threads there. Hopefully you guys can tell, but there's threads there.

And then we go over to the number two hole and it appears like there's threads. so you guys will see that and be like bro, those are threads. Well, they're what's left of the threads and you can see this little tiny lip here on the bottom. All right there.

we're just about poking into it. I Think that's what we were feeling when we stuck the spark plug in and started to turn. it is. they were the last remaining.
oops, y'all the remaining little bit of a thread at the bottom. That was. That was it. And there's our piston on its way down.

Um, gal dang, so there is no. there is no threads left. I Mean there's some, but it's just the outer outer bits of them so that kind of stinks. Uh, yep.

and then like again, you know this is a good one. Darn darn darn darnie darn. and uh London hits and hit and you can actually hear it. I Don't know if you'll if you guys are, if the camera will pick this up, but you can hear.

I'll stick this in the hole. You'll hear the threads go like this. They'll make that sound as they're slipping past the other threads in there. Hear that? That's me sticking it all the way in and then it hits.

Hits the bottom on the washer, so so buttons up my underwear. We're screwed. Literally screwed. Well this is it folks.

Uh, we get one chance. one shot to make this work. Uh, the options here are: a replace the engine B replace the cylinder head uh C remove the cylinder head, take it to a machine shop and have it repaired or D the option we're going with try to DIY it fix it Ourself We're going to use the Healer coil. So we're using a 14 millimeter Helicoil spark plug repair kit.

This is the tap that it comes with so it self pilots and that tap on the original 14 millimeter thread and then it's going to Auger it out on the way in. we've got some tap Magic made for aluminum. We're going to use some of that. We'll get it all over everything here.

all right and then we're gonna reach back here. Make darn tooting, we're going in the right. Oh I put the spark plug in the other hole so we don't make that mistake. You wouldn't want to make a fine tap job on the wrong hole.

I'll tell you that I've got a different extension. Get that inserted in there. One thing I can tell you when you're doing this is you make darn tooting that you're uh, piston is out of the way. You don't want to make that mistake I'm going to pull this extension out I might have to go get a different one I Kind of want to use a longer one.

this is a wobble head extension I'd like to use a fixed straight one that's a little too long. Let me go get a shorter one and then we're gonna run this baby home. The part that kind of stinks about this is is I can't see it all right I Know you guys can see, but all I can see is the end of my extension. I did move the piston down further than what we had it originally so this feels like it's biting very, very nicely.

If you're a machinist, you're going to want to close your eyes. spin that out and that should be it. folks. we should have cut threads.

We're going to have a look down in there. It does look like you cut threads all the way because the hole is quite a bit larger than it was when we started. because we have to. You can probably see on this tap as we went down in it.
cuts it, you know, obviously to a bigger size maybe 16 millimeter from 14, you know. Steps up there. All right. let me get it out.

Foreignazzle here I Have to give her a little. Bend We're gonna go all the way down in the spark plug hole if you don't want to bend your blower now. so go get one from your buddy. They've been back.

trust me, they usually do. Let's see. Okay, there we go. We're going all the way.

If you're going down in there with a blow nozzle, before you do, take a look down in there with your camera. with your side camera. This camera has a side camera. Make sure your valves are closed because if they're not, well, you're going to get a lot of those comments in the comments section seeing how you're doing it wrong.

But that's okay. Um, if you do miss a little piece of aluminum, uh, rest assured you'll be okay. Let's get a thread insert. Get her down in there.

So we're going to use this tool here. This is a universal insert installer. I Don't know that it said it just says U.S Patent number on it. that's what it's called Universal insert installer.

And here is our 14 millimeter Helicoil insert. So these are a solid sleeve. They're knurled at the top. They're going to stick it on this thing, then we're going to tighten that up and that's going to hold it for us so we can get in there and go.

We can go all the way. We're going all the way folks. We're gonna put some red Loctite on this. We're going to spray some brake clean in that hole.

We're going to give it a blast again. We're going to go down there with the camera. We're going to have a look at it so everybody's happy. We're all on the same page and then we're going to Red Loctite This we're going to spin it down.

Then we're going to take this tool out and where it's knurled here. we've got another tool. we're going to go in there and kind of pean it over to make it attach permanently. Going in with a brake clean.

Just going to give her a little toot here. Oh yeah, there's a little toot for you. Nope, there's a little shoot for you. Let's get our blown out in here again.

Oh, of course I already straightened it out but we just went. a bowl off the threads. Let me get the camera. Let's see if I can zoom you guys in again.

let's have a gander back. Oh lost. You see if I can sit back up here. Hold still.

I'll just hold you, pop, pop, hold you just a minute because we don't have to look down deep. Okay, let's see. So there you are. So here's what our hole looks like now.

she's all threaded out. I Don't know if I can get us down in there? Okay, I don't see a bunch of metal shaving sitting in there in the parts that you can see. so if that makes you feel better a little better about yourself, we'll come back up and out. Our threads are nice and we did cut them all the way.
So the other important thing too, as far as making sure your valves are closed is not just when you go in there with a blow nozzle which I know you know most of you wouldn't do. You would get a vacuum cleaner adapter and and go in there which is fine. but the thing about keeping the valves closed is uh, you know to keep the aluminum from blowing back up the intake and all the exhaust and stuff. but it's also to make sure your TAP doesn't hit it.

Remember some, some valves will open very very close to that spark plug opening and that would be a bad day my guy, if you ran your little deal into that. So again, we've got our insert tool on here. We're going to use some oh, some orange goo, some orange lactate. I Don't believe this is really necessary, but this is to keep the critics at Bay on YouTube Orange Is the New Red Man strong as red removes like blue but like I say I don't think it's really necessary.

it gets hot enough that it doesn't really matter. Plus we peed it in there so we're going down number two hole. We're going to twirl that maybe till we get to the knurled portion of it and worst case scenario, this insert will stick to the spark plug ATT boy okay let's see. all right I'm gonna tighten up the arborist tight as I can get it and try to make darn tooting that she's in all the way feels like it is foreign.

I'm going to release the arbor, unscrew the outer portion here, push it in and screw it some more. push it in and remove our tool. So there's our tool. There's our pretty simple device.

Straighten that little guy up well. I'll get that in a minute to the side. We'll turn this back on and we'll go in there together. You and I will let me enhance.

Is that good enough for you guys to see? Let's see if I should do it. so I could see. you know. Make sure I'm not messing up this car.

I Need to give her a little tweak back here I just need to make sure it looks like it's in flush. So I actually need to see it. At this point, it appears that the top Edge is flush. I Do like the looks of that.

She went down good. There's our thread. You can still see some of the remaining threads where we tapped it, but we're pretty much full length in that hole. All right.

So now it's time to pull out. Now we're going in with this little guy. so this is going to go in. It's going to kind of pile it here.

Let's get another insert. I'll show you. here's our insert we just put in there. There's a knurled part, see how.

it's got the little flange up on the top, so no flange on this side. a little bit of a flange on this side. This baby's going to pile it in there and we're going to give this thing a few whacks and this is just slightly tapered. The edge of this is okay.

we give that a few whacks. It's going to drive those knurls out into the head. Theoretically okay, because you can see it's a little bit wobbly on there, but we need to get that started. Just a couple whacks.
It's just going to expand this outer lip up here where it's a little bit thinner. I Guess that's the best way I can explain it to you and to do so. It's a little difficult because we can't really get back there and Quack on it I Took a 17 mil 12 point. Okay, we're gonna use some tape and no job complete.

unless you're using some tape. It's just going to be easier to that way we can feel around back there. We'll wrap some tape on this, grab some tape around our socket, pull it like that. We're gonna come back here.

You just gotta feel for it. The problem maybe is my 17 mil socket may not fit in the spark plug tube. so we're going to check it upside down and it does not. So that's an epic fail.

This guy is an idiot. You should check that first. Where'd the tape end? Where does it begin? Fred Gosh there. now we're uh, we'll go to plan B Always always have a plan B I'll tell you that much sometimes when you're doing stuff live on the tube YouTubes that's what my mother-in-law calls it.

how you doing on your YouTubes honey. Well, pretty good. pretty good I Tell her I don't want to drop it in the hole it should self-pilot I don't want to be down there whacking on it finding out I'm in the wrong freaking spot. So let's uh, let's do something different.

Sounds like I'm doing a little bit of business I Feel like a little woodpecker back there. You know we need is one of them Palm nailers there. the carpenter guys using, you know, reach back here and just give her the beans. so let's pull this thing out.

I don't know is if we can actually see if we made progress as they say. I'm gonna have a little look and see if it looks any different. can't really tell because it does go in. it does go in flush anyways, so it's really difficult to tell if you know if we were able to.

you know, switch that out into the head because essentially, that's what it does. You know that knurled portion here is actually down. You know it's below. It's below the threads a little bit, or it's just about flush with the outside of threads.

We'll say. So when you do Swedge it it doesn't really like, you know, mushroom out. One way to tell would be you know, stick that insert tool back in there, tighten up, try to unscrew it. But the fact of the matter is if we put it in a plug, you know a plug is going to Snug down, tighten down, flip, flatten out the washer or the washer that they like to say and then tight is tight.

and then worst case scenario at you know, 300 000 Miles When somebody does plugs again, if the insert were to come out, I Mean it's in theory, they could just put it back on the spark plug and thread it back in. It's more like a a bushing at this point. But okay, so there's that. the spark plug is in the hole.

We're going to reach back here with a spark plug socket and we're going to give it its customary three quarters turn to flatten the flattener out. So let's see, there's a quarter. There's a half get around town here, that's three quarters. so that's three quarters of turn from when she hit bottom and before I forget I'm going to tighten up this one too.
Kind of sucks. We got to order a bunch of plastic little clips and stuff from Hondu to put this thing back together, but at least she doesn't have to buy a whole engine or cylinder head. There's a quarter, there's a hat, and there's three quarters and a little bit extra. And I know that it's not Factory spec that's what it says on a spark plug box.

We've tested this Siri out in other videos of course. Uh, we torqued the flat these washer Style spark plugs all right, so not your tapered seat but the kind here that has the flat washer on them. We've tested this Theory where we've actually torqued into specs like for realsies and we measured the amount of turns it was passed seated. so spark plug box until you tighten it down three quarters of a turn.

when it hits you, torque it to factory specs. It ends up somewhere between half and three quarters of a turn. So for what that's worth, who cares? Anyways, let's get the uh other spark plugs out, changing other coil and this lead will be on our way in case anybody's wondering. I did get a new uh new coil.

we're going to use some silicone Dielectric grease just a little dab in there I'll stick that one on so I'll get the other one in I'll change those last two which you don't need to see because that's boring and then we'll make sure the car runs. All spark plugs are changed. For the record, the other two cylinders three and four, uh, finger tight. No tools needed to take them out the coil.

So however, we're tight enough to the the fourth one. number four gave me a little bit of pause I Thought the bolt was going to snap off, but it came out so they had the coils. super tight. spark plugs are falling out.

Let's uh, fire this thing up. see the three pedal jobby. So I got to get in here. Foreign.

thank you. All right? Well that's good. I Guess that's a easy fix, just gotta wait till tomorrow. Probably end up going up here and look up the clips and all the crap that we need that were all broke here and then I guess let's put her back together.

but that was it. Easy peasy, easy fix man. here's the kit I use for Sparkies for 14 mils Anyways, that's from Napa I don't even know if it's still available I've had this kit a long time. Uh, it's so it's for the 14 one, two, five.

I've got a lot of different uh thread type kits, you know Helicoil kits. This one's actually made by Illa Coil Saver. Thread your classic 770-3408 and then I keep her stocked up, gives you the directions there and then you got the short reach normal reach Long Reach The Long Reach Of the ones we use the most you can see I got big package of those I don't think I've ever used the short ones I don't think so. never use those other guys.
They're pretty pretty shallow like my jokes and then these are your normal reads which you've used. lots of them. but uh I just buy you know new packages of these and then just replenish them. This is actually a new pack and I think this is one left over from the old pack because I had one shoved here, one shoved there and that's what we use and they're good bits of Kit to have around the shop.

14 mil is pretty popular. a little dust off it, just kind of a refresher like our last broken bolt video we did on that Chevrolet again I've shown you guys how to remove the broken studs, how to, you know, tap out the holes, and Helicoil them when it's you know, no threads when there's a helicoil in, when there's a bolt broke off halfway in it, you know, and how to do that and repair that. So this is just another you know review of a thread video. This is pretty classic.

pretty textbook. uh, pretty easy to get to except you can't see it, you know? So we're just going in blind. Fortunately we got a nice camera to look back there, which is cool and like I say I've done a video on this way back in the day I think it was on a Cobalt or a neon or something there where the engines are up top. We can get some good camera angles on it and all that.

Maybe we did one on a Ford too, but I don't know. It's always good to kind of review because a lot of you guys are new. some of you guys are old, but all of you are cool. What do you think about that? Be cool in that comment section.

questions. Comments: NC the Facebook if you see us on Tic Tac that's not us. It's an imposter lion. He's not me.

So um, somebody told me they saw me on Tick Tock I don't have a Tic Tac hi Kitty that's Luna she's over there good kitty and uh, just my viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

19 thoughts on “Fixing a blown out spark plug – honda fit edition”
  1. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Boondocker says:

    Sounds something like one of my snow throwers.๐Ÿ˜

  2. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars excavatoree says:

    The First gen Fits (Before 09) had the engine further forward and thus the plugs are easier to get to. I've got an 07 and an 09. I don't look forward to changing the plugs in the 09. Thanks for the visual. I see it's not much better even after taking all the stuff out of your way.

  3. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jerry Rogich says:

    I thought only Ford 5.4 2v threw plugs.

  4. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Real C D'Cruze says:

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    I've never seen that on a Honda before ford 5.4 for sure

  9. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Duck Norris says:

    Neighborhood I lived in as a kid had an siren that went off every Friday at noon. I suppose it was a part of an old civil defense network that they tested weekly.

  10. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan's Learning Curve says:

    Honda, what are you doing putting sparkplugs in the back of the engine?!

  11. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dan's Learning Curve says:

    Got you at 6 minutes after upload!
    Keep doing the great work!

  12. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Too-old Forthischet says:

    The classic roll down the window while key in ignition thing. Yes, I learned from experience.

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