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Opening the hood. Hello there everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here I know I'm super glad to be here. This is a 2013 Hyundai Sonata I Think it's Uh here for a uh, a noise complaint customer States uh steering wheel is loose and it makes noises going over bumps starting the engine. Let's uh, let's head out on the road real quick.

go for a test drive attempt to recreate uh, this customer's concern at 122 964 miles on the odometer. Now first things first: I Said the steering wheel's loose, doesn't feel loose. There's some clicking going on in the column. but oh I See yeah, there's something loose in there.

Okay, so the steering wheel is in fact loose. Let's go try to recreate some noises and over bumps and whatnot. they said to check the uh, the front end I Guess there's some more noise or some looseness on the outside and undercarriage. So uh, let's give this thing a full comprehensive evaluation.

then we'll go from there clickety clack. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video. All right. So if we're looking for noises over bumps, best place to find bumps is those railroad tracks over there.

There was a train block in this for for a while. I'm glad he moved here. Let's see what we got here. A bunch of noise in the steering wheel.

Okay, so this loose steering column business is quite unsafe and it feels very unstable. I I Don't like that too much. It's not okay, that's a potential. Vehicle Safety drivability concern.

What are we doing here? Everybody's just kind of hanging out. not going anywhere. I'm gonna go Somebody the other day scolded me for making a right at a red light and we can do that here. So so yeah, that's okay.

I Can make a right-hand turn I Mean you can't just like roll through the red light and just keep riding. But if you mostly stop, then you're kind of good. But what you can't do is make a left on a red unless you're on a one-way Road Turning onto another one-way road so you can make a right on red, but not a left on red. You know it's really warm in here.

Come on, let's fire up some climate control good. All right, Green light. We're off. all right.

It seems to feel a little unstable too, like it kind of just stays. See if I turn left. it stays going left if I turn right stays going right on top of that weebie wobbly steering column conditions. So there's there might be a couple things going on here because it shouldn't be sticking with its steering.

see how we're doing that? Yeah, that's that's not okay. All right. So there's something going on. probably maybe sticking ball joint or a strut plate or something like that, but something going on down below and then there's some wear going on in here on the steering column.

Let's go ahead and flip back around. We will return to the shop space and uh, we'll get this up on the rack and do a visual underneath. Carriage Inspection Turn right here There we go checking mirrors. we're good.
I need to find some more bumps real quick. I'd like to recreate more of that vibrating steering wheel business. Whoa! Camaro he used all of his V6 horsepowers and we're off. More Steam So I'm sitting here at this red light and I hear I Don't know if it's coming from the column or if I hear something else down below, but there might be multiple things that are worn out on this and or sticking bent or binding.

Who knows the shadow news we're about to know? I'm gonna find out. We're gonna take this uh Dash apart in a minute and see what's going on down here. Oh, we got new fire trucks. Look at that.

that's pretty. That was a really pretty fire truck. All right. One more pass over the tracks, see if we can't hear anything else that's abnormular.

You can do a maximum speed railroad track crossing 14 miles per hour. That was gross. Okay I think we've seen enough. Let's get this thing up on a lift.

Security is open. Hello Tow truck finishing up the Bodywork make it nice and shiny. Okay I think we're going into the third stall on this one because I don't want to tie up the big rack and the little one is tied up with some other stuff or the middle one or other. This is the little one that's I Think that one's got a rated capacity a thousand pounds more than this one.

They're both little. They're not truck racks and they're about there is good. Say we're good here. Parking Ziato firing down.

All righty. So I'm laying down here underneath of the vehicle. Here's our steering wheel. Here's our keys.

We are hanging out inside of raw can't spit in here. We're hanging out inside of the driver's footwell. Now right here. that's the steering column.

There's the intermediate shaft. and right there there's the universal joint. So that guy right there. that's the U-joint for the intermediate shaft and the steering column.

If I wiggle steering wheel. We've got a pretty good confirmation here. that joint right there. that is our our noise.

There's some looseness and some play in the steering joint. Additionally, look right. let's see if I can't get to it. Look right in here.

see where it looks like. Once upon a time, there was some contact made between these two components. So there is some play in that this universal joint right here. and it's probably got a bad needle bearing or two inside of it and it's got flop, slop and flop floppy, sloppy and that is our, uh, that's the source of our noise If I put my hand on it and kind of squeeze this joint while creating the symptoms I Can feel it it.

still makes the clicking noise and I can feel it, but it's a little tough to see. Let me try to stabilize this and see if we can't see this noise in action. Annie Bear with me folks, it's right there. Either way, it's inside of the cabin.

it's not upstream or up in front of deeper in the column. So it leaves me with one conclusion that the noise is right there. It's not right here in the slip joke and it's not farther down. We got it right up here.
so we're gonna go ahead and recommend replacing of this intermediate shaft and then, uh, we can go from there. So let me get this on the rack and we'll take a look at the underneath Carriage just to make sure that there's nothing else down below. uh, like something causing that sticking slash binding condition that we talked about earlier. Let us pop in and see Hood and we can take a look under the Bonnet as well.

All righty, the rack is set both sides silver subscribe button this time. let's get her up in the air I Want to take a look at the ball joints and the tie rods to see if any of them are sticking. If you recall, we have that uh, condition where the wheel would stay off to this side or this side when driving. So I uh, I'm assuming that something is binding up in here, but let's get it up in the air and just take a look down below and we'll see if anything is holding up the steering.

I've already located and found a steering shaft. That thing is on on order I Won't get that today, but we can still proceed with, uh, the overall diagnosis. All right. So here's how we need to check for this binding condition.

We're going to pull the wheels off and then we're going to disconnect the tie rod ends from the left side and from the right side. At that point, we can maneuver left and right the suspension system and if we feel either side binding, that's going to help us isolate the component that is causing it. So let's get these wheels on. Full Speed Ahead NASCAR So fast.

Actually can't go too fast because the socket can scratch the wheels. We don't want to do that taking care. No. NASCAR there we go.

Take that guy out. How's the brakes looking? Pretty decent. Okay, so our inner tie rod is right over here. It's a little crosstimatic here.

I'll turn all this so I can, uh, maybe get to that nut. seems to have a cotter pin and does that look like a 15 mil? Yeah, there's a 15 millimeter sized. Fastener Okay, it's not actually a cotter pin, but it is a retainer pin so let's un retain it. Get a hold of this guy here.

I'd like to do this without pulling the brakes off. We're just doing some diagnosis work, not some disassemble the whole vehicle kind of work pin doesn't want to comply with my will for my pliers. What is this? It's a non-compliant pin. You foreign there? got it? Look at that.

Yay! Yay! All right wrench coming in. Let's break her loose here on clicks. Ooh that actually was an unclicked. It was a good one.

Oh these threads are, uh, kind of crust or rust-o-matic There we go. switch it out to a shorter throw wrench, come removed I Can't be damaging this uh tie rod because I don't know if it's faulty or not if it's not I gotta put it back. Ow there we go. All right, let's give it some Hammer Taps Here to break that thing free I Probably could have used a smaller hammer.
All right. come on out of there rustamatic. See that that joint's not very tight. It might not be our problem and this ball joint here seems to move without an issue.

So I'm assuming that this side is not the affected side that turns and that ball joint's not super duper tight. So let's go do the same thing over to the other side and see if that ball joint and or that tie rod is the uh, the culprit here. So let us circum navigate our Hyundai and we'll check this other side here. tool cart coming in.

you know? All right good. that's deal number two removed and we'll turn this at heart all the way out angle so it's a better line of sight here on our on our tie rod. There we go. That's good.

Okay, we've got another one of these little uh retainer pins in here so we get a hold of that guy, pull it out out again and then back. pin removed. 14 wrench coming in for the unkicked there. let's give it a tug.

okay Broke Free kinda there we go a little more and I'll finish it off with the shorter wrench here for more speed, different gear ratio. Oh, it's getting tight again. I'll hit you guys with my wrench. Terrible.

sorry I don't know how many black eyes I've caused. there's another one. Sorry guys I won't do it again. Yeah.

I probably will hit you with a can of brake clean tomorrow. Come on nut. I'm gonna be annoyed if I don't find anything wrong with this I know what I felt and the customer knows what they felt because they complained about it. so we know there's an issue here.

The question is am I on the right track or not some packs coming in? That one's good and our ball joint here is good. All right, All right. it's been a few days and I finally got some parts in I Had an order, everything was delayed on account of the hurricane, but uh, we're gonna go ahead and get back. uh at this Hyundai right here and we're gonna get that steering shaft removed and replaced.

Okey-dokes So uh, a little bit over a week has passed. Uh, it is far past the date that this car originally came in and I have had an arrival in the mail. We have ourselves right here. a brand new Factory OEM steering shaft direct from Hyundai Kia So what we're gonna do is head back out to the shop, knock the dust off this thing and we're gonna go ahead and get the steering shaft changed out real quick.

I'm pretty sure that I lost uh, some footage between last week when this car originally came in and now when I got a hold of our steering shaft here we had a hurricane. Since then, all kinds of other stuff has gone down and occurred. So I don't know if I lost footage I ended up pulling apart the uh, the front wheels on this thing. We checked out the steering linkage ball joints, we checked out the struts, the sway bar links, checked out the uh control arm bushings, and I mean you can see here that everything is uh, it's it's in used condition.
It's not. It's not great, but it's also not horrible. I don't think and I Didn't find any other contributing factors with the front end of this vehicle that could have helped cause uh, the issue with that sticking steering. So we're gonna go with what we know and change out our steering shaft first.

Then we can reevaluate and go from there. So let's get this thing down to see you to a more manageable hype down here. We'll crawl back inside to our interior and get that steering shaft unit removed and replaced. That's pretty good right there.

Not all the way down, but close enough. So our new unit here is very simple. Actually, we've just got a telescoping shaft. It slides in and out of itself so it can change length so you can see.

it's a splined right there and on either end there is a a clamp to fit on its mating shaft and a little baby U-joint So we just got a simple. It's almost like a drive shaft. Really, it's like a miniature drive shaft. Alrighty, climbing back into our cabin here.

It's been a few days, we're at our steering shaft and I need to get this bolt here broken loose. It's A. this is a telescoping shaft. One piece of it will slip in and out of the other piece to change its overall length and it's splined so it can't rotate within itself.

We need to. Uh, we need to get one of these collars broken free. Oh no. I'm gonna click.

Ah That's tight. Super tight. Okay, here's what we're gonna do: I'm gonna turn the steering wheel to the left a little bit and I'm just going to give this a tug. I'm trying to get a straighter angle onto my ratchet.

We're going to pull this thing until that bolt breaks loose. Come on all right. Ah, come on now. Almost.

Oh unclick. Whoa. That was a good one. A little more.

Oh yeah, there we go. That thing. just tight. It must have been locked tightered or something.

Some kind of, uh, something was hanging on to that. It couldn't have just been pure torque. You guys heard the snap when it broke free. Oh something else.

Okay, there's our Bolt. Looks like it's in good shape there. So now we've got one of those one of the U-joint clamps loose and there's another one down here at the bottom of the shaft behind the carpet. We need to get back there with a wrench or the same ratchet and get that one disconnected as well.

There's our bolt right there. See it? See if I can't, uh, reach down through here. Hopefully this one's not as tight as a that upper one. Okay, that's not same size socket either.

Hang on. Retool. Alrighty, so there's not much space down there on that back side. So I went and grabbed got a wrench here so I can break this loose and then I grab the thin wall or a super ultra shallow socket right here to help me squeeze in there with the ratchet to get that last, uh, last bolt out of that hole.
Because that's that's. pretty far away. It's actually protruding past the firewall into the engine compartment. So I'm trying to reach here.

Let's give that a tug. Oh, it's turning here a little bit. Yeah, yeah, that's gonna break loose. That's good.

Okay, that one's loose there with the ratchet. anyway. And let me see here. where's my socket? It rolled away.

Okay, suck it. Come in. We're on reverse mode here. It's a dinging.

a second. Reach up. Kill that key. Kill the stinging noise here there.

Blues Hyundai Warm. Come on there we go. Just keep spinning. spinning.

You want to get this out? We should just be able to collapse the shaft and it'll slide off of both ends, both off of the steering column behind us and off of the rack and pinion down here below us. Oh I Was afraid I Loosened that so much it captured the bolt between the, um, the body and the shaft. there. it's hot kind of speed this up with the wrench.

Now there we go, and there's our. Bolt Just reach in there and kind of pull this, uh, steering shaft up and it should should just come free. There's no corrosion here, like laying on my back upside down. Pull it down from the top.

try that first, and then the bottom should just wiggle right? I Don't know if there. Let's not forget what position we're in here. I'm taking note of the orientation of this uh, the shaft. Nothing is turning and it's pointing right towards that word right there on that little piece of piece of paper.

I've got my reference I know that sounds silly, probably should Mark it. but I can't Ah, I know what? I'll do. Hang on I Got an idea. Okay, so here's how we're gonna change these units out: I've got my my new shaft coming in and I'm taking note to not put it upside down.

You can see it's got a bigger end and then a smaller end so we're going with the big end first. What I'm going to do is line these guys right up to each other and we're just going to take note that that, uh, thank you that uh, area right there. that opening is facing directly towards me. so we're just gonna slide this guy right up.

Come on up and out and put my new one right back where it goes again, facing straight towards me. Oh yeah, so reach back in, take our Bolt slide that bolt back into its home here. thread it in and we'll tighten it down. all right.

Knee tightening almost there. still tightening here we go. coming up on some torqueage good, All right. let me switch positions here.

I'm gonna in a better spot to apply some final torque leverage to this Fastener here. I'm halfway hanging out of the car, my feet on the ground give it the thumb push. There we go, and uh, a little bit more leakage. Okay, so that's our bottom U-joint and our top one right here in my hand.
I Don't need to index that with the steering wheel because I pulled the key out and the wheel is locked in position. Additionally, there also happens to be a relief right? uh, right here in the shaft that will prohibit a misalignment situation here. I Think right about. Slide on there.

right there. Good. Okay, I've got my Fastener here. It's just.

uh. something. Wrong side? Yeah. I'm misaligned with my slot.

See that? Yeah, Right Right there. you can see through the hole. there's that slot. Let me slide that forward.

Some try to bolt. Now there we go. Get in there you? okay? where's my 14 looking for my socket? now? My uh, my other 14. the one that fit there.

It is all right. Keep running that down until I can't do it by hand and then I'll tighten with my ratchet here. By the way, Did I mention it's a little warm in here? You know it's a little hot. It seems that the cool weather after the hurricane only was going to last a day or two.

Yeah, there's so much energy transfer after a storm like that that it's somewhat cool. Gravity a little bit more here. Oh yeah, that's good. It's getting tight.

I'm not going to attempt to tighten this to that ungodly amount of torque that found it at because I think that was might have been just like locked in or somehow just stuck. but I'm pretty sure that was okay. Too much too much torque than what was required for that size. Fastener Anyway, so we've got our tight.

it's in. rocking our wheel back and forth and I do not. Oh, steering wheel locked I Did not feel any any binding or sticking condition with regards to these U-joints So let's hop out of here real quick. We're going to toss the wheels back on the car.

We're going to take this thing back out on the road to confirm or deny a complete repair. So let's go ahead. we'll back out of here. grab our goodies tools the old part.

Etc We'll go to the bench and check out this uh, these U-joints on this thing just to confirm that they were binding and then, well, these visually confirmed they were binding. Then we'll toss these wheels on and we'll hit the road. Steering shaft: show me your problem I Believe it was the top joint that we thought was making noise. Correct.

it's interesting I Don't feel it I Don't feel it here at all outside of the vehicle. Yep, let's get the wheels back on. take it on a test drive and see what's going on. Alrighty Hyundai Coming down, we're on the floor.

Let's go ahead and clear the rack, restock the engine and uh, we'll take this unit out on the road for. Quick Test Drive Tech Drive We'll take it for a quick test drive and see if we still have that uh, binding steering slash clicking noise in our steering system. I Find it interesting that I do not hear and cannot replicate the noise on the bench. so it maybe it needs to have some kind of a load on it before that click, noise or failure presents itself.
But uh, we shall see. Okay, climbing in. Bolts are tight. wheels are on.

those are tight. Oh no, oh no, the noise is still there. That's why I couldn't hear the noise in the bench I Misdiagnosed the situation here. Yeah, that thing's banging away everywhere.

Oh man. I Failed you guys I Failed. Let's back up so we have a better view. We're gonna go back down below and recheck in this gracious man.

All right. Back down below, there's our joint that I thought was suspect and there's our wiggle. It's it's not in the joint. it's in here somewhere like that bearing.

Oh man. Okay, well it is what it is I Failed. Looks like I'm eating this one for lunch. Oh goodness.

All right guys. Well now we have no need for a test drive because uh, that was an incorrect repair. All right. Well, since that was a complete failure, no need to go on a test drive, putting this vehicle back in park.

Phew. shutting her down our steering shaft is not the problem so that's the bad news. Uh, the good news is I've got myself a new miniature driveshaft so I can do something fun with that later on in life. Um, but uh.

fortunately I failed and I have wasted this customer's time and pretty much done this job for free. So uh I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. I will do such things as always by thanking each and every one of you guys for watching this video. Certainly hope you enjoyed this video.

Uh, please feel free to let me know in the comment section below what you think about this situation here. Don't forget to tap that like button while you're down there and most importantly, have yourselves a better day than what I just had So again and as always, thank you guys for watching Most importantly, never sell this great day. See you guys later in the video for now End of Hyundai into transmission in a day.

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    Had to do it twice because the new steering gear began leaking after a week and I had to replace it under warranty.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DeWitt Potts says:

    I had a 2012 KIA Optima which is the 'sister car' to the Sonata. They share the same platform. A few years ago there was a recall on the steering shaft coupler that connected the steering with the electric motor. My car had exactly the same symptoms as this Sonata and the dealer replaced the coupler to resolve the issue.

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Spires says:

    Shit hAppens brother

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jhon Ditch says:

    left from extreme right normal in nutmegger state maybe a signal after they forced you off road all normal