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Everybody good day to you i'm uh sitting out in the truck enjoying some some ac. Because it's a little warm today and uh. I was opening the from last week. And i've got a package here it's from a company called amj chemical in las vegas.

Nevada and uh. They sent me this product. It's for diesels and it is a uh. It's a fuel additive.

Very clearly marked it's called oxytane and it's got this really awesome like bowl tank logo yes. I know it's an ox. I don't know why i said bowl. I like that it's very catchy streets 320 gallons of diesel is what they claim and let's see it improves.

The air release properties of diesel fuel this results in improving fuel lubricity eliminating fuel aeration fuel cavitation improves incentane and improves. The energy density of the injected fuel that's really cool if it actually does that i'm curious to find out and i'm going to find out because i just refilled and i've got 30 gallons of diesel back in my tank uh moving on with the directions. It states to add a fill the one ounce chamber up above just like two stroke oil fill the 1 ounce chamber and that'll treat 20 gallons of diesel so with 30 gallons on board. I need to fill the one ounce up and then do it again at the halfway mark now.

I know i don't usually do product reviews. It's just kind of not my thing. However i will do one this time for two reasons. Number.

One this is a kind of catchy and i like it and i always like to do cool things to my diesel and number two that the company did not ask me to and did not email me and asked me to do product reviews. I get a lot of those from like amazon sellers and offshore tool manufacturers and you know i just i don't want to do that but since a company did not solicit this request. I'm going to go ahead and make this video and that right there is exactly why contrarians confuse people. We are not normal.

And it is hot out here hot hot hot hot hot all right let's see what we get level surface spillage. There is our one ounce right there perfect you go right in there and then one half stuff's kind of stinky. So you know it's good all right that is 30 gallons of diesel fuel treated you know what we really need to rinse that down because it's not a lot of liquid. There's a bunch of it probably just chilling on the filler neck.

Good thing. We have extra fuel there we go rinse it all down very nice like done i know that probably wasn't necessary. But i'm weird like that now i do understand that the results of this experiment. Are gonna have well it's not a scientifically conducted experiment because we have no control or any additional variables.

So this is basically just going to be a subjective evaluation of this product. My average fuel economy. Which is unreliable at best because i tow sometimes sometimes i drive real fast sometimes i'm towing something uh sometimes i sit around and i idle for a little while so that affects the fuel economy numbers. I usually average between 13 and 15 miles per gallon.
So uh. What i'm going to do is i'm just going to go ahead and reset. This actually i'll probably reset it after i'm done sitting here parked. But this is going to get reset.

I'm gonna run two tanks of fuel through that both of those treated to the maximum level of concentrate as per. The instructions on the container and then we will go back. And just revisit a fuel economy maybe it becomes more responsive. Maybe.

It doesn't do anything time. Will tell so i will swing back around. We will touch base on this subject. And um give me about a week or so to get through this first tank and then we'll do a refill and then we'll uh.

We'll have one more follow up after a second tank let's move that for sound reduction. There now steve fella. I just mentioned he doesn't know it yet. But i'm making a video about this i just got off the phone steve and he is adamant that his product is it does what he says it does and what he says it does and and i picked up on this early in the conversation before he said.

It and he it must have come out as like a freudian slip in his verbage this product. According to steve does not add fuel economy. It does not add horsepower it does not improve emissions. But what it does do is restores those properties back to what the vehicle would have had when it was original when it was new thus telling me.

It's perhaps some kind of a cleaning engine. Perhaps. It's supposed to decarbonize my cylinders or piston rings or valves or intake runners um and steve said and he was very very confident that i would see some kind of a difference in 20 to 30 miles fortunately for me i'm riding about 48 miles. Because that's how far my house is so we're gonna get a little bit of city driving a little bit of highway.

Driving. And then some two lane country road driving. Where i get to go faster than i was on the highway. So let's get this party started and we're gonna see if subjectively.

I feel a difference in this vehicle's performance. This is kind of fun. I'm a little excited mike you got any additive for my air conditioner. It's like a billion kajillion degrees outside.

It's having a hard time making cold in my truck look at that look at that that's that's 72 degrees. That's not even okay now that was that was pretty good that actually pulled really good. I i kind of had to get out of it some i didn't expect it and i'm not playing this up guys. I really did not expect to have that happen again i'm trying to be objective during this subjective experiment.

We're going to do that a couple more times and i can't wait till. I get off the interstate. We're going to do some wide open throttle action. I want to see what this thing does.

But before we do that i need to stop before i run into that car up there objects and phone are closer than they appear like a lot now please keep in mind that i am trying to be aware of the placebo effect. Where i believe that this thing performs better because i think it should for example your car drives better after you get it detailed it doesn't actually drive any better whether it's full of trash or covered in dirt or if it's spotless clean showroom quality. It will still operate the same you just think. It operates better that's the placebo effect.
There's probably another name for the phenomenon. But i chose to call it the placebo effect. I could be completely wrong. And i am aware of what a placebo is but uh.

Just in case. I'm gravely mistaken on uh. The name of that phenomenon. Don't don't shame.

Me beginning on ramp. Merging procedure now oh well that shouldn't be too hard. We're not going anywhere let's go ahead and back it down. I'm not in any hurry figure out this cruise right on over here and catch my way in tow truck man will let me in thanks tow truck man we'll give him the four way flashers of thank you it's proper road communication.

Another form of truck communication is if somebody has their turn signal indicated that they would like to merge over and you would like to let them in all you got to do is flick your lights on if they're off or flick them off a couple seconds. Then back on and that momentary change of state in the headlights will indicate to the driver who's trying to merge that you're allowing them to merge so again you click them on a couple seconds flick them off. He should have seen that having seen that he'll move on over and everybody plays nicely courtesy. It's an incredible thing when everybody's just trying to be in the same spot at the same time courtesy.

I would like the courtesy of more cold air. I can tell it's hot out there the truck's telling me so because my fan is locked in and it sounds like a turbine engine driving down the road. I like it uh oh i see what's going on there is broken or wrecked cars on that side of the road. They see some uh.

Some flashy fashion lights up there right around here somewhere. Oh. I see the problem. I think the cars were touching at high speed it looks like a wrecked barrow.

There's some sports car or whatever over there is it a dodge it looks like lightning mcqueen from this angle. Oh wow. They broke a bunch of stuff. Oh dang that one's on its side that they got the whole highway shut down.

Oh yeah. That's uh that's not cool hope. Everybody's okay. That's uh that could have been nasty full steam.

Oh a couple miles later and these guys are still parked here. That's pretty bad this goes on and on i bet you know what that's where i usually get off. We're just going to keep on riding. I want to see how far how many miles this backup went.

Oh yeah. We're still going oh look traffic is merging. I have the opportunity to give way. Although.
I'm not required to courtesy. Oh look i'm clear of the potential hazard. But i don't feel like driving 150. I'm going to go ahead and merge back into the right lane courtesy.

This traffic jam is still going miles just miles all right we just came out of that little divided tree median and uh. We are no longer experiencing a heavy traffic jam is that accident back there just happened they didn't even have tow trucks on the scene to flip that car back over so. This is going to be backed up for miles in half a mile take the exit towards university parkway google or syria or whichever robot servant that is you're interrupting me and that was very rude stupid robot servants all right guys my skepticism is starting to uh wear off a little bit. I'm doing about 70 on the interstate.

I am. Not drafting a larger vehicle meaning. I'm pushing out all of my own air out of the way and i'm getting 14. 4 to the gallon and included in that 144.

Miles per gallon. Was about 10 minutes of idle time and two full throttle. Poles. And that's in no less than what five six miles maybe.

So that being said. I'm already noticing an increase in fuel. Economy because the average that i reset was 139. And i should have seen a decrease in economy from just this past drive after my last reset that you saw so i'm i i'm starting to drop.

My guard a little bit on this product. This thing may actually be doing something that like the label says. It's supposed to oh. It just feel economy just fell look what happened oh this product's terrible.

But i also accelerated now i think this is actually uh doing a pretty good job here. We'll see we'll see we're going to finish up this uh. This first test drive and like i said earlier. We'll finish out this first tank and uh.

I will uh. I'll give some final thoughts on the subject afterwards all right we're going to step it up to uh about 80 do a quick second here. Let her stretch her legs. A little bit weird to merge courtesy whoa whoa.

Whoa brake check. What are we doing let's all just slow it down this is a scary time for me you start to try to back it down. Because you see something going on everybody. Else is just flying.

Past you 90 miles an hour and look at that 149 miles per gallon. And i was rolling about 80. It was a good two or three minutes up there at that speed. So i actually got more fuel economy out of it confused.

This is known seriously now if this if this stuff is doing what i'm believing that it's doing then steve. You're gonna get clinton. My man you can't make something like this if this stuff catches on you're gonna have to go into. Hiding.

Yeah now look 152. Now this isn't a fuel treatment. This is like it's like a liquid compound filled with nanobots and they're going in here. And messing with my my ucm that's what's going on here come on to you.

But you know what i'm not on my exit ramp is about to show up merging indicating hey look at this here we go come on over and just take that spot that i wanted nope. I have more torque than you i hate that you put on your signal you need to move over and the guy back behind you they're gonna go ahead and speed up and then not let you get over oh. More police it's a busy day out here. Wow.
That's just state patrol is pulling somebody over you got caught being stupid merging. Thank you other car that's not speeding up oh also let it be known uh. I did mention that i filled up my primary tank right here this morning. What i didn't mention is my auxiliary tank in the back of this truck has about 65 gallons in it as of right now.

So i do have that extra weight of that tank and uh. What is it seven pounds a gallon on sixty seven nine or six carry the four 49 minus the square root. Yeah. So we'll call that what 420 430 40 50 pounds of actual fuel.

Plus. The 200 for the tank. So we're riding between 600 and 650 pounds extra from what the truck would normally carry. Except that is what it normally carries now because 2022 here's a good place to actually do a decent wide open throttle pole.

We're still hanging out around the 15 mile per gallon mark. That's our total trip. So far let's roll all right half throttle. I'm rolling into it it's wide open.

Yeah. We made a little bit of smoke feels pretty good nice all right. I don't know if that was put me in the seat difference. And that kind of felt normal again this is all subjective.

I mean don't get me wrong. It was it was awesome. I mean. It's wide open throttle on a turbo diesel.

Well this little dodge neon up. There is going to ruin the experiment because uh sooner or later. I'm gonna be on that side of them because we're not gonna drive down this road at 45 miles per hour. This is a 65 mile per hour zone.

Now you translate that into florida and you end up with 85 fast forwarding one weekend later getting a little wild out here that was fast okay earlier you guys saw in this video. I uh. I got that fuel economy after uh putting this additive stuff in here uh. It is now the next week.

It's been like three days. I went home parked the truck drove back to work this morning and uh. I'm leaving right now i just reset the monitor now when i got home on. Friday my meter right here said about 151 mpg.

Which i thought that was kind of phenomenal considering my norm is around 13 9. Something like that i sat in my driveway and idled for about 15. Minutes i was on the phone that brought it down to 148. And then i drove it to work this morning and being a monday uh.

It was kind of a full lead foot action so that brought it down. I think it was like 14 1. When i got to work this morning and silly me i started the recording as i was pushing the reset button. And i didn't actually catch it so um hence the restart.
So i just i zeroed it out one more time. We're gonna do the same normal drive home that i always do i'm gonna try to ignore it again to be objective and we're gonna see if we can uh get some kind of uh economy improvement out of it with um another run of the same experiment. However even this experiment slightly flawed. It's a little cooler today.

We're hanging out at what 81 degrees. It's been raining a lot so humidity is up temperatures down. That's going to have an effect on air density which could very well have an effect on fuel economy. You know and traffic's a little light.

Too i usually don't get to coast to this red light. So. That's also going to have a an effect on my metered miles per gallon. Coasting coasting coasting.

All right we're up to 10 miles a gallon. So after just a couple blocks. We've already ticked up to eleven six eleven seven something like that yeah maybe this uh fuel economy will climb after all but row. Let's all merge like normal people here.

Yeah. I made a video. The other day and i was i was reading some of the comments on it today and uh. I made mention um.

What was i doing i made mention i wanted to check to see if this car was stalling in reverse. So i made mention at a red light that i was going to go ahead and throw in reverse a couple of times uh. But then all of a sudden. The traffic in front of me started to coast through the light.

I hope i get to catch this red light throw in reverse and scare. This mustang behind us. See. If i got a minute to do this i don't know now now we're going i'm not gonna be that guy that would be rude putting my own personal agenda before the convenience of others.

I'm not going to hold up traffic and i made the comment that i am not going to put my own personal agenda in front of other people's convenience. Yeah. I don't think i was just talking about courtesy or something like that you know normal rambling and some guy showed up in comment land and started ripping me. A new one about how uh holding a phone or a camera is putting my own personal agenda before other people's convenience because in some states.

It's against the law to record in your car. I guess if you're not using a dash cam. It really didn't make much sense to me. But i was just like i couldn't tell if the guy was like trolling or just babbling on something nonsensical.

I mean what does it matter. If i hold the little square up in the air and and then talk to it while i'm doing something versus changing. My radio station or turning around yelling at my kids or looking for a map address on the on the google machine. I mean there's like 100 billion.

Things i could be doing uh by holding an object or a phone. So i don't really see how holding this thing up in the air. I mean. It's just a phone.

It's like a little brick and i'm not looking at it i'm looking through it so i can see where i'm going i mean. It's really enhanced because if you know that the ultra high definition screen is is much more defined and brilliant than like actual real life. So. I i don't see why looking at the phone should really be a problem.
I can't please everybody i guess i don't know i don't even know what i'm talking about talking to myself so anyway back to the business at hand. We've achieved. 13 and a half miles per gallon. That's that's pretty normal well we'll see we'll see what happens by the end of our trip.

So here's the deal. I told myself i would be objective about this fuel economy and performance thing um. So what i'm going to do is i'm just going to turn that menu off and not look at it and in doing so maybe i can get it out of my mind you know out of sight out of mind. And because having that there may actually be affecting the way that i'm driving so i'm just going to turn that off and ignore it and then see if we get some real life results out of the situation or if it's kind of just on in my head oh cool diesel's 557.

A gallon not buying fuel today. And that my friends is the reason that i bought that 90 gallon auxiliary tank that's in the back of the truck because if i see fuel go down and dip. Some then i could buy a whole bunch of it that way when i need fuel later and the price is up higher. I'm actually burning fuel that was a lower cost than uh than what it is currently so i try to use it as like a buffer it won't really matter because in a couple months when we're hanging out ten dollars a freaking gallon.

I don't think that uh a little bit of extra change is gonna matter because that's just gonna bring everybody to a screeching halt like this guy right here. He can't operate at ten bucks. A gallon diesel this guy right here nope he's out of business see that yellow truck back there 10 bucks a gallon diesel that thing's getting parked. I tell you what though i'm going to trade in my or whatever car and i'm going to go out and buy a 90 000.

Tesla. Because i don't have to buy gasoline anymore. It just goes oh no you guys i'm totally terrible at making videos this week. So i didn't record the end of this while i was driving home because i didn't want you guys to know where i lived.

But um. I didn't realize it at the time so we're going out uh to the truck. We're gonna see what the fuel economy was because if you recall i had turned off the menu setting and i don't know what i was getting when i arrived okay let's see what we got here. It's really dark it's my shed.

It's a new shed powering on fourteen eight. Okay uh. I i gotta tell you i'm i'm a little surprised like i was uh earlier yesterday. When i friday this friday.

When i shot the the first part of this video um. I'm a little impressed seriously it it doesn't usually get economy. This good uh and i know this stuff's not supposed to actually provide a fuel economy improvement or a horsepower improvement or an emissions improvement. According to the bottle and according to mike.
It's only supposed to restore your your vehicle's potential back to what it was like when it was new and i'm not really sure you know how to explain that and i'm sure perhaps in the future uh. We can get some more information on this product. And see you know kind of what it is and what it's made of and how it works but for the time being i'm just going to continue to run this experiment and see how this thing goes. I really really want to know what it is powering down all right guys.

It's late. I'm going to finish this up and go to bed. So as always like thank you for watching. And don't forget to have yourselves a great day.

See you guys later.

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    Under certain conditions, diesel fuel with a higher cetane number will ignite at closer to the optimum time. This can produce a bit more power.

    But something that increases the caloric content or fuel is a false claim.

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    I've got a 6L powerstroke and a 3L bluetec in my two vehicles, the bluetec has a DPF filter but is old enough to not have the DEF system. I definitely notice an improvement with a cetane treatment in the bluetec, more than anything in the frequency and duration of the DPF regens. In the truck, i mostly just notice a little less black smoke puffs unless I'm just flat out flooring it, so I assume the combustion process is just running a bit more complete.

    I run the amsoil diesel treatment product, but have also used the ford/motorcraft one. It has 2 dosage levels, to either get +4 cetane or +7 cetane. I'll occassionally run the higher dosage for a tank or two, but honestly I see the benefits from the lower dose, and minimal gains from the higher one.

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    I have been trying to get someone on board to run some amsoil diesel products. Maybe I should just send you some.

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    Hard to accept the claims of "fuel improvers" on face value. I had a new Nissan 4WD in my dyno room once, testing optimisation concepts for the factory techs. Two guys came in near the end of the job with a small sealed device which was zip tied to the fuel line. It was going to change the polarity of the molecules and improve combustion efficiency by more than 20%. Hooked it all back up again to the data systems and ran a full range of exhaust analysis and engine output printouts all over again. Compared them with tests ran during the previous four hours and there was absolutely no difference. Of course.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 6four Powerstoke says:

    Red fuel lol

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Flight Forensics says:


  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Stephen Thurston says:

    I'm not sure if you've said this in past videos but what kind of auxiliary fuel tank do you use? And how do you like it?

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Aaron Moody says:

    Because legally you're supposed to have both hands on the steering wheel Ray

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Allen Gale says:

    Flashing headlights at the guy that just passed you. I've always thought of it as me saying "I'm okay with your distance, feel free to move back over now, if you want to." Not telling him to move over, just, I'm ok move if you want. I enjoy your channel, Ray. It's taken me 7 months to get all your videos watched, you're very prolific! Thanks for letting us see how engine things come apart and go back together, and how You go about troubleshooting problems. You seem to enjoy your job. Not everyone likes their job. Life is usually better if you like your job!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Del Whylie says:

    While driving it's against the law to be using or talking on your phone. Don't you think the same should and could apply to pointing a camera and talking to it while driving. If you do not see the danger and if everyone thinks they will not be distracted. Because; just simply they believe they are a much better driver than the rest of us. When in fact this ignorance makes them the most stupid and dangerous. Multi-tasking while driving is not recommended in any driver's manual.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Netherlands031 says:

    A dyno would have made for a much better experiment – to see if the HP goes up ('back to what it was') after putting in a bottle of snake oil.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Folke Johansson (Twidash) says:

    $10 a gallon is $2 cheaper than its been in the last 6 months here… Fortunately I get 56mpg diesel

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Degeneracy says:

    Semi's used to do the lights merge thing all the time. In my recent travels which required lots of highway driving. Out of 100+ Semi's I had to pass, only 1 flashed his lights to indicate I was safe to merge. It's a dying art.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Gary McPhee says:

    A good video on fuel economy; well done Ray. In regards to holding mobile phones, the citizens of New South Wales Australia, of which I am one are not allowed to hold a mobile phone under any circumstances whilst in the drivers seat of a car with the keys in the ignition. Also we have cameras installed on posts on some of our freeways to detect this kind of activity. If you are pulled up for random breath testing and decide to show your licence on your mobile phone instead of digging for your wallet you must turn off your car, apply the handbrake and remove your keys from the ignition before doing so. When you see the way some people drive you can understand why the rules are brought in. Pretty scary when you see an oncoming vehicle cross over to your side of the road because the idiot driver was texting or checking his messages. It has happened to me on a 70mph road.

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Vern Rempel says:

    Here in Canada, where I live we're paying around $9.00 a gallon.