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Man, look at this nice brand new, beautiful paint job. Ruined it. Now it's mine. It's mine now.

I Own it. Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here. Some of you may recall uh seeing this 2007 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Sport In a previous video, we have nearly completed a full restoration of this vehicle. It has had a paint job.

It has had some body work. It's had a front suspension rebuild, brakes, rebuilt set of tires that had the engine out of it. We did a front and rear main crankshaft seals, oil pan seal, valve cover, gaskets. We did a tune-up on the unit uh, some transmission work and is there anything else I think that's about it.

Anyway, it is bad because well it's back for a couple reasons. Uh, one reason that it's back is when we headed at the alignment shop. they rolled it out of the alignment stall with the door open and it hit the wall and they smashed in the brand new paint job and brand new. Bodywork That is Horrendous! This car was literally on the road for 24 hours and it became wrecked at the tire shop.

I mean even look at that, it's been up so bad that the paint is just flaked right off of the uh off the body and hit it here. Tore it up down here, bent the thing and creased it in. We're gonna have to put a door on this thing and then repaint it again. This is like the third paint job.

Yeah, but that's not why it's here. It's supposed To go over there later for the Bodywork again, but it's here. Let's see if I cannot recreate our symptom. Yep, there it is.

Starter clicks and now it doesn't even click. thing. barely starts. So our starter motor has been crapping out.

Let us pop an easy Hood Let's try it one more time. We know it's got a good battery, had it on a charger. We're just clicking away with that starting unit. So I've gone ahead and ordered a replacement engine starter.

We are going to get under the Bonnet right here. There's my lever. come here lever and we need to pull the stabilizer bracket off. We need to pull out.

uh, this air intake assembly right here because our starter motor is buried Way Down Yonder underneath this exhaust. So we're going to dig this guy out, swap it out with a new replacement unit, and then, uh, we'll get this thing back on the road. Actually, no, we won't. We're going to get it, uh, running and driving again.

and then it's got to go back to the paint booth after we get a new door. So we have to change the door. This thing is like the restoration project that refuses to be complete like it needs to be completed. Has to happen.

So here let's go ahead and install some lumens under the hood. I'm not going to bring this into the shop I'm just going to do it out here in the open stall. We have a little bit of a breeze out here and it's already parked here. So let's go ahead and get this stuff disassembled and we'll get that starting unit removed and replaced with a new alrighty rolling on over.
We got the Carter There it is. This thing pulled apart and and we replace this unit. There we go. All right.

Like I said, First things first. we've got to get this big bar thing removed. It's uh, held in with just three bolts. Pull these guys out, Set this unit aside and now we can go ahead and get to work on our air intake box right here.

Get that thing disconnected. I Think the ECM is in there? Certain. let's pull our clamp off the throttle body here. get rid of you, disconnect our plumbing, and pull the air box lid and tubing out right there.

Set that aside. Okay, yeah, it looks like I was correcting that assumption. The ECM is located inside of this air box. I Really don't want to take all that stuff out? Um, I Wonder if I can just pull the whole assembly back real quick? Just kind of set it aside.

Yeah, I Don't think so. Maybe maybe not. I'm gonna have to take this apart and just pull those modules out. Looks like this will clip on.

It's a two-piece clamshell kind of box thing here. Is there one in the back? That one reconnected? That's what happened. Okay, now that one reconnected, what is this? come out says I please that would never disconnected. There we go.

Cat figured it out. Got it all right. Oh, gravity. So that thing is removed, set you down and I think what? I'll do.

We'll just pull. It's not gonna work. We'll pull these modules out of the box. There's a big clip right there on that one.

Set that guy aside and we'll pull the box out. The reason the box has to come out is: I need to make room for this starter motor right here. Do that because we need to unbolt it in a minute. grab it, computer.

gravity has to come up and then out this way. Okay, let's get our battery disconnected. That's our negative side right here. Pull that terminal off.

if there's space to pull it off. it's a tight squeeze on this electron containment unit. Yeah, we gotta turn that sideways. I Think there we go.

Set that down there so it can't reconnect by accident for air. Roar There we go. Now we'll come back over and start disconnecting our our connectors here. Get in there, get that one out, and then we need a 13.

I Think it's a 13 right there on that stud and that'll disconnect our power wires. So normally I wouldn't use impact guns on starters, but since this was junk I don't care. Pull that guy off. That's our nut.

Save that for later and our two cables. pull those guys off and set those aside. Let's tuck you back over here. That's good now.

I Need to get to the two bolts that are securing the starter to the bell housing of the transmission here. Now, there is a slight issue here: I'm going to attempt to do this without pulling this exhaust out of here. but if we look way down past that exhaust flange, the second bolt for the starter is back there. I need to try to get a hold of that I'm gonna go in there with an extension socket.
so I got a universal on the end of it. We're going to go down there and try to get a hold of that nut or Bolt with this extension at least to break it. Loose If I can get it loose enough I think I can squeeze my hand in there and work that bolt out. So let's see, we've got the extension on it.

I've got another extension on the long ratchet. we're gonna get in, connect to the other extension and see if we can't get her to come out. It broke free. That's good.

See how far I can spin this out before my extension gets stuck. It's kind of gonna be the goal here and it's already getting stuck so it's out as far as that can go. Let me. I'm gonna leave that one the top one in and just reach down in there and try to work out that uh, that bottom bolt I Don't know if I can do it? Oh yeah yeah, it's turning.

It's turning. Got my fangies on it? I'd like to get you guys in there for a close-up but I can't even see what's what's going on. So I know you can't see but it is coming out now. the reason I did not take that top bolt loose is because then some of the weight of the starter would end up resting on this bottom bolt and it would generate friction that would keep me from spinning this bolt out by hand.

So because top still tightened up, I was able to get that guy out of there. look at that all right squeeze. Okay, let's get the top bolt removed and then we'll see if I can't uh, maneuver that starter out from under that exhaust pipe. I might have to pull that exhaust crossover pipe out I Hope I don't want to, but we're not always in control of those kinds of things are we? Sometimes we're at the mercy of the universe or the automotive engineers come out I'm all the way out there.

we go got her? there is Bolt numeral ghost and the starter I think should be free. It's anything else holding this up. any more bolts or Fasteners or nuts wires? nothing I don't think so. why are you are you stuck then? like it moves.

See it down there? Yeah, maybe it's just a tight squeeze. wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah hey. I got her loose. Good there she is.

That is our starter motor unit looking that great. Compare it with our replacement here. See what we? uh, what we're looking at? So far so good. motor housing.

Got the little drain? Here's our gear face. two dowel pins. Okay I think we're in good shape. All right.

Let us maneuver this little guy back into that hole, reconnect it Bolter down, get it pinned in and then we'll see. uh, this thing's in a crank or not, the better? you in down there. Switch hands on us here. I'm using this top bolt hole right here is like a reference because I can't really see anything else to reference this to.

There we go. Oh yeah, yeah, pins are in good. Oh, this is coming along swimmingly. I Thought this was going to be more of a headache than what we're looking at here.
I Was afraid I was going to have to pull that exhaust off. Okay, there's one cable. I Don't like that little 90 degree fitting they have on that cable that seems, uh, it's a little silly to me. and there's a tab.

There's a tab right here on that pin that's messing up my clearance for this, uh, what you call it this cable right here I Need to bend that tab down. Some need pliers? Where's my pliers? plier drawer? tour. Those will do it all right. Trying again.

Let's just, uh, bend that tab back a little bit. Nothing crazy. just need to make a little bit of clearance here and bend there Now that fits perfectly. That one's supposed to go over top of it like so and then get our nut and our washer on there.

I'm not going to tighten this yet I Want to get the Uh bolts in the bell housing first? At least we can get everything in position. Click that in. Good. Okay, let's get these bolts lined up and threaded in.

That's our top one there. Now you can see a little better. Doomans are great. They illuminate it's in the name and the bottom one.

Don't drop it. Ray squeeze that in Down in the Hole and I'm going to send that down as far as I can because I need the space to fit the top of that socket. It's getting a little tight now. come on, come on and long socket extension.

so we're gonna make it. Nope. not enough clearance. Going back In need flangy strength, push through it? Yeah, she's going a little more now.

let's see if that's gonna fit almost? No. who. I Just can't get it to Nope. needs to go more.

a couple more turns the farther I Screw this in. the farther away the bolt is getting from that flange right there. and I need all that space to fit that circular part on that socket. Cool tight.

There's no way you can do this. While this thing was hot, No way, no way. Jose All right, got it on. Beautiful.

Okay, let's put some torque on that. Get our extension in, over, under, around and through. Put that on Ratchet 30. yeah, this is a no power tool kind of situation.

All right. Coming up on some tightness, give it some torqueages, click, wiggle that a little bit, get it to come loose, up and out, and then on to our upper bolt. Right here. there we go.

In More. All right, that's bottomed out a little bit of torque on it. Look at those extensions. Flex All right, that's tight.

Don't need this anymore. We'll set you over here. dude. Okay Computer box coming in that's going to sit and press into those little grommets right there.

There's pegs and I'm feeling this one because that's the easiest one to reach. so we'll push that one in. Get this lined up. push in.

Where's that other grommet? All right? I Can't find it, but I can feel it right there so that goes right there. Okay, that one's on good now. We tuck that back in out of the way and we will get our computerizers back in position here. TCM Slipped in I Think here PCM is going to go right Uh, right here.
Then it should clip right in the beginning. Clipping in there. Good, good, good. All that stuff's tucked away.

The wire passes through. Excellent. Let's get the second side. Let's put that guy in.

wiggle that back and then we'll put you right into position here. Two clips there and then two more right there. Remember that starter solenoid? uh stud I forgot to tighten it I got ahead of myself and therefore I am behind. So now I gotta reach in there and tighten that little nut.

Oopsie air. Roar No worries I can still reach it kind of. I'm not taking this box back out so I will reach it. get right in there and I'll hit it with the wrench.

We'll bring that up on torque and that is a that'll be in good good shape there. Okay, so how many people commented that I forgot that before? I found that I forgot that comment Again, if you already commented that you forgot that I'm curious here to see if you guys are paying more attention than I am. which is interesting because I'm like standing here and you're not. You're sitting over there somewhere else, but we are all here together.

It's the miracle of the interwebs. We can form communities based on random things. That's pretty cool. I Think there now.

We'll put this little protective rubber. don't ground out this uh, battery terminal device over. stick that on there. Now we can get our Uh, our air filter and our lid and our intake plumbing will be good to go here as long as it starts.

Misdiagnosis: Nah, it's it's really hard to miss. Diagon Starter: Boom. Hit you guys in an air filter. That's a new one until filters that's going back in.

Put our wire aside. we need to slip this guy down. There's a some alignment pegs in the bottom of this uh, intake lid and those need to slip down and in. which is harder to do than it is to say.

There we go. It's not okay I cannot achieve proper alignment. There's a forces at work against me here. Pull off the rest of this.

uh, this. Bellows boot right here. Let's get rid of this. It's not really a Bellows boot.

Yeah yeah, here's our. those are the pegs and they slip into a little guide and then they hinge that way. Okay, now that's odd. So now we can put our intake boot back on.

it's gonna work. Oh come on. Seriously, see how they like to fold and get stuck there? Much more better. Okay, it's all good there.

Let's plug in this mass airflow and our PCV hose that clicks on two more hose clamps there and there. Good. All right. Starter's in, it's tightened down, it's wired up, it's down and up.

Let us restocking Z engine. see how this thing uh, we'll see how it cranks after I Put the battery back on. see I can't remember anything I'm doing. That's what happens when you try to squeeze stuff in in the midst of the schedule for getting the details free.
You can't use an impact gun on a battery. Okay, okay, we have power I Heard things turn on back into the cabin. Let us re-cranks the engine. begin engine stopping sequence now.

Thanks. Very good. Try it one more time. We'll shut her down.

Horrible. Let's go ahead and shut it down. powering off, powering back on nice I Like it one more time and yeah, that's an actuator I Gotta fix that too. All right she starts She Cranks Nice positive cranking engine action.

That's good to go. So uh, at this point I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now I Know it's a short one, but it was also a nice easy quick job. So having said that like thank you guys, shut up actuator like thank you guys Really? So anyway, thank you guys for watching this video As always, hope you enjoyed this video. If You Did In Fact: Enjoy this video.

Please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. if you did not enjoy this video. Um, you can comment that down below also. So anyway, again as always, thank you guys for watching.

uh most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys in the next one in the video into Chevrolet in the 5.3 liter powered, brand new Ish 2007 V8 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Super Sport and the transmission Foreign? No, it's farther away. Why? I'm out. got it? Click!.

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