Boy I tell ya, this week has been really busy at the shop but all of the jobs have been just your run of the mill plain ol' plain ol' boring jobs. Like this one for example. hangin' a couple of mufflers on a 2013 Nissan Altima. Not to exciting. I can't complain though, the days have been going pretty smooth.
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But I Tell You Folks Haven't had anything real exciting lately. Every repair has just been one day in front of the mill. I like this one here. 13 Altima it's got a rusted out Muffler uh I don't remember which one I Looked at it for him a little while ago, told me needed a muffler.

He wants to do both Mufflers although only one of them is technically bad. so I called down a napper. we got a couple Mufflers a couple of the clamps. We just gotta chop it off.

but it's a pipe that's some kind of Airway It's probably not going to cut real well with the torch, so we'll see. We'll do our best. Bring it along. Um, we'll do the best we can here folks.

Thank you, Thank you! All right, let's go get a different tool. I Just nicked the back of these clamps here. Let's see if they can give a little push with the air hammer. I'm gonna go the rest of the way here.

all right there. Geez, that's all I want to do. We got the pipe half off though, so that's good. Same thing over here there.

so now I'm just gonna use my oh, if it's inside cutter, outside cutter. it's a cutter of sorts. we're just going to Slit the pipe. Okay, possibly yeah.

I got one slit on that side. Then we'll just give her a slit. on this side, it's already got a fatty slits. What is going that there? What it does is just you know.

cut the pipe there. so maybe I'll show you on this side. Now this one's mostly off. but you'll get the concept here.

I'll see if I can't hold it right. Well I almost went through my juggler and get it broke is it might need to be sharpened, but that's typically how that bit would work and it works great on exhaust because you can slit it and then you know typically it'll catch and then knock it off. This one's already off, so it's kind of a poor example. But you get the concept.

You know, if you don't have a torch and stuff at home, but you got an air hammer, this is a handy little bit to have. But yeah, this metal. that's you know. an alloy of some sort.

some sort of stainless. probably? it doesn't oxidize there for the torch. can't do what torches do oxidized metal. So yeah, this is the muffler that was schmalt.

You can tell by the big hole. this one didn't seem too loud, but he's probably not too far off. It's probably not too far behind. But so anyhow, 36 535 I call it your fancy plant.

It's fancy clamp. Okay, that's what it called for. Uh, well. I don't know.

a mister. That's what it called for I Don't know if that sucker is going to shrink down that fire or not. That's a long ways to go there, fella. Let me double check the diagram.

35 . is the correct number I Couldn't read my own uh writing even though it wasn't my writing the stuff I printed out it was uh, those clamps are for a different exhaust job we got. We got about three exhaust jobs sitting over there on the Shelf I thought I read it right but I didn't Well, let's adjust your standard Muffler clamp Going back on this little guy. What are these two inch clamps? I Guess on there.
All right. we'll stick our Mufflers up there. This is a 53 824 from Walker you're lined up. hold her up top Wiggler down to where she was One nut doesn't want to start on there very nicely.

Let's get our other Muffler here. This one is your classic 53 823 all the way in. let's get a ugga dug a gun, snug those up. Seems that this whole week past several weeks it's been just boring, mundane, run of the mill repairs.

There's nothing real exciting, foreign 's pretty smooth. You know it just doesn't exercise your mind very much. This is mindless work here I like changing tires brakes man. we got these fancy go fast tips for it.

Part number is uh, 36 445. you can feel the HP is coming out of these well. They fit pretty snug too. We'll back off the little set screws.

it's gonna look just like the factory. Let me get the other one. I'll get a allen wrench to fit them. Looks like they're all stainless.

foreign. Just make sure she sounds good here. Oh, only 69 000 on this thing, huh? 69 719. She's pretty low miles.

Ah, it doesn't sound near as cool as it did when I brought it in. it's pretty grumbly. Yep, that's good. We did good.

That's it folks. Put a couple Mufflers on your Nissan pretty lame I Know it's maybe the lamest video we've ever done. Uh, maybe not that late. Yeah, it's got to be up there.

It's top five anyways. uh but uh, parking lot's full of other lame-o stuff. Let's see why. I watch oil changes and more brake chops.

Uh, seems to be what our next couple weeks is full of. so might be a rash of lame old videos coming up. Nothing I can do about it. That's what the people scheduled and you only get to watch what the people scheduled so we can't make stuff.

and why don't you just go down and make up something in that comment section questions. comments the concern: CNC the Facebook You guys know where to find us and as always viewers just remember if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign foreign.

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