Dual HVAC door actuator failure. It has dual zone climate control. One actuator has a stripped nylon gear, and the drivers side has previously been set to the cold position and was disconnected at the electrical connector.
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Unlockings the charger hemi-powered Doge Hi everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you guys are here! We've got ourselves here at 2006 Dodge Charger with a 5.7 liter Hemi V8 and 126 338 miles on the odometer. Customer states that the AC vents blow cold on this side and hot on that side. They hear a clicking noise in the dash and they also, oh, there it goes. clicking noise in overtime so it must be most thing.

We've got an issue with the Actuator motor gearbox assembly, but we have dual zone climate on this thing also. So I'm wondering the deal with the driver's side. I Believe that's the passenger side that was making the clicking noise because if we operate the passenger temp control well I Guess it's not going to do it now, but it was doing it. But the driver's side does not go from heat to cool either.

But that one does not make a clicking noise. It just stays on full on cold. So we've what we've got going on here is there's a there's the HVAC uh blend door box inside of the dash. Now there's going to be some doors inside of that that are operated with electrical motors.

They're called actuators. There's going to be one actuator for the temperature on the driver's side and another actuator for the temperature on the passenger side. So I think something's gone with both sides? I Know that the right side is not working because it's making this clicking noise and we know something's up with the left side because it does not go to heat when commanded. So we need to, uh, kind of pull the stash apart.

So I'm shut up actuator. We need to pull this Dash apart some. We'll get a visual on those components and then kind of go from there. so let's move around over there to the passenger side.

We'll go into the door I'm going to pull the glove box apart some and we're going to get in there and see if we can't put eyes on that actuator. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood Here's our brake rotor. There was a great Rudder going in.

Good thing we're working inside of something because the concrete guys are going full blast today with their saw. It's a really quite loud. So anyway, what we need to do here is get our glove box door open, remove all personal effects and sensitive info that you guys can't see, and we need to pop this door out of position so we can see It has a door check here, and another door check over here. and these are designed to keep this door from flopping open when you when you actually open the door.

So we need to bend those little tabs kind of in both sides simultaneously and then this door should swing down. Probably gonna need two hands for this operation. Uh, one for that Tab and then one over here for this tab. Arms are crisscrossed there we go.

Okay, so now that the door is free, we just kind of give it a tug and the hinges will unhinge here and here. And that gives us some access to under the dash compartment. So let's take a look in here. Okay, we've got.
There's a couple actuators that we can see right from the get-go There's one of the actuators. There's one. There's some of the linkage that looks like it's our blower motor resistor right there. Here's our blower motor cage.

Like there's the fan inside of here and then the motor itself is down there. We've got some electrical connectors and that's about it. So all we need to do here is operate the temperature, see which one of these actuators starts to move. There we go.

We got a winner. That's temperature control for the passenger side, not clicking. You need to catch it in here to make sure that's the right one. Sometimes the Mode door will turn when you change temperature.

There we go, it's connected and she shut up. Okay, that's our winner. So we have one failed actuator for sure and I speculate we have a second one. I'm gonna go ahead and place the order and get those on the way.

I'm gonna order two I can send one back if the other side turns out it's not an actuator, but to expect the process, let's get the thing going. In the meantime, we can proceed and I'll go ahead and pull this unit out. Looks like we're gonna need like a seven millimeter. Fastener it's either seven or an eight.

Might be a 5 16. and there should be one more at the back. There's usually three. There's always at least two.

Yeah, there's three here. I see the third one up there I can feel the second one. Let it go right here and then we can see one right there. Okay, let me fetch some tools and we'll pull this guy out of here and uh, give it a closer examination.

So I have just figured out that every single size Fastener that I mentioned uh was wrong and it's at 9 30 seconds. So let's get our 9 30 seconds in there and try to get, uh, get these bolts out. There's three of them. There we go I Feel it.

Oh no. hold my my tools crapping out battery deep. Come on. Not okay.

Seriously. battery junk. battery change time. All right.

let's try again with a no, not junk battery back bolt. Don't drop it. Ray Two-handed operation. Oh I Dropped it and I caught it at the same time.

There it is. Got that one. Okay, now that one's coming out. catch that and numero tres right there.

Now these actuators should go back in in the position that they were set for if you can, because they're going to be indexed. see the splines and everything that's on. Uh, on that shaft. we have a one missing spline so that would be the master spline.

Those all have to line back up, so when I put the new one in I'm going to want to align it in the same position if possible. So I'll have to. uh I'll plug it in and then hold the two units side by side and I can adjust the knob until the little drive axle on the new replacement unit lines up with this current position right here. It's not always perfect, but we can try.
It's easier than trying to move the door and get the door to index properly. It's best to just do it with the the actual actuators. All right. So here's something we I think we can try to do.

Let's take this uh old unit apart and see if we cannot see what has died inside of. it. Should just be held on with some tab that I'm gonna break off. Okay, there's the next one.

Thank you. These little tabs loose. You know what? The unit's not any good. It's making a bunch of noise so if we break it, it's fine.

If I have a replacement on the way, one more tab there it is. Come off. these tabs like to go back on after you pop them off. There's our internals.

So what's the problem here? Where do we get the? where Did it start to fail? Oh I got it. I See what's going on? Look here. right here. Not that gear, not the drive gear.

That one's in good shape. Looks like this gear right here. Kind of tough to see, but this gear is worn in the center of it. so our worm gear on the motor slips when it tries to drive.

this first drive here. that's where our failure occurred, so we have to replace it with a new unit. We go, uh, call and check up on the status of my parts and then, uh, we'll see what they can do about getting us our replacement. In the meantime, we're gonna do something fun.

Watch this. We're gonna plug this thing back in. works. It's only half a case there.

we go. plug it in. Nothing's Gonna Do Anything There it goes. Look at that.

Yeah, alrighty, we return. It's been about five minutes Parts Guys or Johnny on the spot today and I've got a replacement unit right here. It is a similar in shape and dimension and bolt pattern as the other. The drive sprocket appears to be the same.

so let's get this guy plugged in and just verify that it works real quick and if it does, we can get it bolted on. Will recheck for our clicking noise. Let's see here. Okay, it's running.

See a little drive here, turning right there. It's good. Slip this thing up into its position. went right into that's perfect.

That's exactly what we want. Good. So now let's get our bolts started here. Start them all by hand and finish them off with the tool.

Nothing crazy, not enough to strip the plastic. Let's get this next one in. Easier said than done. This is: Close Quarters Combat.

Fortunately, we're able to actually do this job. Sometimes you've got to pull the dash panels apart and actually remove the dash to get access to. uh, some of these actuators. A lot of them sit on top of the assembly the HVAC box assembly and you can't do it in the car.

Priuses I'm sorry and that one's tight. Good All right. We're going from cold to hot. Keep an eye on our linkage right there that will tell us if it's gonna operate or not and we're looking for no clicking action.

We're going. We're going, we're going stopped. Let's go the other way. We're going.
We're going. We're going full. No clicking action. This is what we want.

All right. this side's good to go. Let's go on over and check out the other side and we'll see what's going on with that one. That side's gonna be slightly different because we don't have a glove box over there.

so I need to remove the knee bolster and probably uh, like all this type of interior carpet trim that's got to be removed from the other side and then we should have some access to the other actuator. I Believe it's going to be in a very similar location just on that side of the box. but before we go, we can go ahead and put our glove box back on. Just need to slip the hinges back on those little pegs.

Get on there pegs and hinges. What are we doing? Well, it sounded easy, didn't it? There we go. Got it? That one's on. That one's on and we just push it in.

Clicks and glove box is reinstalled. Good to go here. Let's check this with a thermal meter. So we've got 60 something degree air on that side this side over here still set to hot.

we're making yep, temps climbing. See that we're going up and up and up and up. Switch this around to the cold side and we'll recheck it in a second. See if it comes down lower speed, full blast.

Let's move over to the driver's side next, we'll get the other actuators removed and then, uh, go from there. take this old one out. we don't need you anymore. Okay, circumnavigating the Doge Uh, let's see what our gauge says.

Yep, temp's coming down now. it's at 80. it doesn't feel hot. This is good.

Okay, let's uh, pull the knee bolster off this driver's side steering column up and we'll take a peek and look for and dig out that other actuator over here. All right getting prepped. One thing I'm noticing here though is even though the AC is on And it is making cold, we're not. We're not getting very cool air out of it.

We're not in our 60s so we know that this side that side's working because it's not clicking anymore and that actuator is not stuck. This side over here is not changing the state at all at all. Um, so we're going to pull this other actuator out and take a look at that one. but I'm wondering if the AC system is not even up.

Is it where it's capable of? uh, or cold air? Rather. Yeah, yeah. Look up there. there's our other actuator and this is interesting.

Uh oh. hang on. I'm contorted three ways from Sunday Here there's a there's one actuator in front of us. then there's another above it and it's disconnected.

Okay, it's a new one. All right. Well, they get up in there. We need to pull this carpet and stuff out of here.

Hang on. let me back up. Pause. Oh my gosh, this.

uh, this is not good for the back when you're laying on it with like your side doubled over. It's not okay. that hurts. Okay, let's see.
our carpets just kind of held in with some push. Clips we'll pull this guy out, unclip it the bolster I can see that uh or I just can't really get to it their carpet with you right now that goes over there. So I I think I figured out why this actuator is unplugged right here. clicking prior and somebody didn't either know how to or want to go in there and fix it.

so they set it to cold and disconnected it. It's actually a fairly common thing for clicking actuators when people don't want to go change them. So I don't know if that thing works or not and I have a hard time. Well I'm gonna have a hard time plugging it in because I uh, these heater hoses right here.

These things are really hot and I can't exactly reach that plug since I left this thing running and it'll burn me so we're just gonna take it out. I'm going to assume that actuator how hot is not any good if it is I'll just put this one back in, but I'm going to remove it like I said just so we can get to the connector to unplug it. Sorry for the awkwardness with all these angles and stuff we are. We're literally shoved inside of the dashboard under a knee bolster in a Dodge right now and there's a bunch of us in here.

That being said, there's not really a lot of space for lights and tools and cameras. plus my Noggin plus you guys's Noggins yeah and my arm so ow that was hahaha I touched it. yeah touch that with my wrist that that hurt our steak. 200 degree aluminum aluminum? yeah I Know I could have let it not run.

there's my uh, a nut. although I could have not started the car. but I Also didn't realize I was going to be contending with this. Here's our actuator.

Let's get her out of there now. I can at least try to plug a thing back in, plug it in, and operate it after. I Drop it on my face. My head is like right here pushing in for our connecting connector.

Let's plug in this actuator and see if it's going to run. Now if it does run, that's fine. It may or may not click. Sometimes they need to have a load on them in order to make the clicking noise.

so this one might not click. but we're gonna at least see if it runs. So changing temperature sounds horrible. You hear it.

put it back where I found it and that's in the all the way counterclockwise position. Orange is going to keep on going. Yeah, either way, that thing is it's making noise so we're gonna change it like I said I already ordered the other one. that one's not here yet.

So uh, we're gonna go ahead and pause and I'll return. When The new unit arrives. Put me out of here. It's hot and heavy.

Oh here. Seriously, let me show you. Let me show you just how deep we are it is. Back it up, Back it up.

Yeah, we were way way way up in that. Dash All right so let's pop. This Hood Real quick and I'm gonna throw the AC machine on this thing. I'm just gonna leave it running I Want to get a check on the pressures because I think it should be making colder air inside? I'm wondering if she's just a tad bit though.
Five Seven Hemi that's a valve leaker all day. Look at that oil on that thing. It's everywhere and we're low. Yep, changed my mind.

More work. We're gonna do more. So the system is physically low. Probably power that off? Yeah.

I'm gonna go ahead and throw the machine on there. We're gonna throw some valves on it and make sure our refrigerant level is proper because I'm pretty sure with all that oil that's there, this thing's got a leak and look at here, shine a little bit of light on the subject. You can see there's oil all over the place around. uh, around that fitting and some dirt and stuff.

Okay, real quick since there's debris in that hole. That out okay machine powering on there we go. Let's get this thing hooked up and evacuated the uh, the other actuator literally. just walked in the door a second ago.

So we'll what we're gonna do real quick just to see what kind of pressures that was making. Let's fire the system back up. I Want to check my high side pressure? If the system's low, then high side pressure should be a little bit low and it's like through the Moon Look at that pounds and the sand is running cover. Let's see what's in this system here.

I Mean it filled a 260. yeah, let's just recover it, see what's in there, Shut her back down and we'll reach in and get that other actuator installed. While this thing's doing its deed, there's our new actuator. Let's get back under this Dash and get this thing installed.

So here's our connector. I'm trying to reach in here and get a hold of that with both hands. This is a this is gonna be a two-handed operation here to get all this done. Plus I need to avoid touching that really hot freaking thing over there.

Uh, how am I gonna do this bike so I can manage that I don't know I might have to wait until this thing just cools off because touching that pipe is like lava. It's like the kids game. You know you can't step on a certain tile because it'll melt you. That's what the that's what that pipe is.

It's just straight lava. all right. So me thinking I was gonna do that with the GoPro was wishful thinking at best because I need to put my arm like right where I had the GoPro So the camera is going to have to come secondary to what I'm trying to do here because I can't even can't even reach the Fasteners on this stupid thing like that's just way up in there I Definitely can't do it and circumnavigated GoPro and get these things threaded and tightened at the end. Talk at the same time because it's just not working out.

but I got two of those in. Oh, let's get in there with the Uh with the ratchet here. I Can't put some torque on these things. All the cramping is immense.
Not easy. There we go. Okay, I got one and the other one stopping Z Engine I'm feeling there. It goes there.

we go. Got it all right. The door is moving. this actuator actuates get me out from under here.

That's enough. I Can't do it anymore. It is. It's stupid hot down there even with the fan going.

Okay So we've evacuated the system over here. Let's see what we pulled out of. It looks like 1.219 pounds. Okay, our refrigerant spec is 1.625 pounds so it was about a half a pound low.

Okay, now that we're no longer involved in that dungeon down below trying to get this thing to recharge, but the it's taken a long time to set the charge up. so I'm gonna use the AC system and charge it through the low side. Let's power her on here. Compressor came on here.

Let's put it. uh, face fence. There we go. Full Speed Ahead So the compressor will come on and that should help to suck in some of the refrigerant through the low size low side fitting and there we go.

Now it's starting to take some of it. building tank pressure. Yeah, we're still trying to send some in. What's bugging me here though? We're 250 on our high side.

That's okay, but our low side? Look at that, that's 60 PSI on the low side I Want to see like 32 to 40 somewhere in there? We're a little a little bit high. That could cause us to have a, uh, a lower overall system performance. Let me hop back in see what our what our vents tell us. Yeah, it's only making about 70 or 80 in here right now.

Yeah, it's not okay, but let's go ahead and flip these up to the hot side and we'll see this temperature start to change. Yep going up going up going up. So we know now that that actuator Works let's hit the hot side actuator on the passenger side watching that going up going up. Okay good, so that works has designed.

Let's put it back on cold as best we can. It's these are going to close to the cold side of the blend doors and we're going to see these temperatures start to come down. Sorry if the wind is in your face. Yep, coming down from 90.

it's been down from 100. Very good. but that AC machine is done with its recharge. We can go back and check those pressures again.

What? I Can see right here Our low side is still kind of high, but it's also trying to send some refrigerant in so we need to let the machine finish, let it stabilize, and then we can recheck everything. Um I Don't know. I'm starting to feel like maybe we've got a TXV that's stuck open or worst case scenario, the compressor is crapping out and it's got no suction on its suction side, not cycle the refrigerant through the volume required to actually produce cool air by exchanging heat. All right.

I Heard it beeping at us. See what the verdict is? 225 60. we are too high on our low side. We're not going to get performance out of this thing to save our life.

The problem could be that expansion valve back there or again. The compressor may have an issue with its valving system and the suction side cannot pull refrigerant through. so we've got actually no flow through the system and I'm pretty sure our vent temperatures are going to confirm that. I mean we are making cool air, but we're only where we at like 70 and some change right here.
at 72. On that side and the side, we're at 80. Yeah, so we just we don't have enough refrigerant going through this thing so we're gonna have to do a little bit more work on this. So that being said, I Got to save that for later.

Let's power this thing down. It's in today, we're closing up. That's about enough. We got the actuators finished, no more clicking in the dash, and uh, it has heat again.

That was one of the complaints is we had no heat in the winter time I Know we don't need that today because right now it's a complete scorcher. Look at here, it's 6 30 in the afternoon, 97.3 degrees. Yeah, it's a little warm so we don't need heat right now, but we will need the heat later anyway. I've got to get back at this thing probably tomorrow.

I need to get a uh, an expansion valve ordered I'm going to put in the TXV Once the TXV is installed, we can, then, uh, recharge the system again. Uh, check our pressures if we still have some uh, some low side or a high low side pressure. I'll have to think about putting a compressor in there, but we want to do the Cheapo Easy part first. You know those things are like 40 50 bucks.

There's no big deal. There's one bolt, two lines, and then two bolts behind that little plate right there and that expansion valve will just pop right out. So I need to get one of those ordered. We'll try again.

All right guys. So here's the deal. It's uh, it's actually the next day and I was I Was gonna end the video yesterday with kind of the unknown but I really need to get this system at least making cold We need an answer or on the compressor or I need to actually get the thing fixed. So what I've done like we were talking about is I've ordered the replacement expansion valve and that that square unit Behind These Two hoses right? here are these two lines.

We've got our suction line, We've got our discharge line that's going into the evaporator inside of the dash. This device is actually what's responsible for producing the cold. What we're doing is we're going to go from a high pressure liquid and we're going to spray into a lower pressure gas with inside of the system and that change of state of the refrigerant is what removes heat energy and allows the refrigerant to absorb more heat energy from the evaporator core inside of the the unit there. So if that thing is stuck, open or even restricted, it's not doing that.

that spray so to speak appropriately and then it cannot. it can't perform its function of heat transfer. So like I said, I ordered a replacement. Uh, we're gonna go ahead and get this thing apart.
I've got the thing re-evacuated We're going to pop that unit out before I close this uh video out because at that point we will have at least fixed the system or it'll let me know if we need to put a compressor in. I Have the new unit right here. It's got tape over the uh, the holes for the plumbing and everything. But what we need to do is dig that guy out.

And I think we're looking at a 10 millimeter? It's tough to see from this far away here. I Will try a Here's my 10. I have a wobbly quarter inch 10. and then that one and the big extension.

All right moving in. Yep, right on that nut. That's perfect. So once we get this uh, this pen, remove this bolt, removed nut.

There's gonna be two more Torx Fasteners behind it and those two. Fasteners I Just dropped my 10. I Didn't hear it do anything. Nobody moved.

All right. there's the nut. Oh I See it. I See it.

It's right. It's right there. carefully. Yeah, you're not getting away from me.

10 millimeter? No, no, no, Come here. Come off. Okay, that's not wanting to bend out very much. There's not much play, so I'm going to have to probably disconnect these lines.

at least from that bracket right there. So I can let this bracket move around so that goes from the body of the car to the bracket. It hangs onto those hoses. So if we take that guy loose, the whole assembly should.

That's all we need right there. And there are our two torques I think those are T30s or T27s. All right Torx 27 on the semi-wobble extension. Let's go in there with the ratchet and break these guys loose.

Foreign, nice and easy. Good. Sometimes these are stupid tight. There we go.

All right. Okay, let's spin these out and then we can remove expansion valve or TXV Drop That Tune man. um I'm not okay. That did not just happen.

No way. Hang on and our new valve does not have those bolts I need to find that bolt. It's not okay. um mirror I need a mirror.

It's down there somewhere. Where did I drop it? Did it fall I'm trying to remember I think I dropped it like right here. not so much like way back there. So I got my magnet.

see if I can't find this thing I know it's in there somewhere. Bear with me guys. see if I cannot locate this Uh that? Fastener it did not hit the ground. See where are you? Nope, not there.

Uh-huh There it is. See it right there. see the threads right there by that Loop that's where it is straight down from. Like here.

this is gonna be hard I'm Gonna Get You Oh I lost it. Where'd it go there? It is hard to do with the a mirror. I have no idea where I am I'm so close. I'm moving the mirror trying to move the the end of my thing here.

Ah, magneted to the wrong thing. You see that here. we go right there. Come on.
Come on. come here. bolt. Yeah, look at it.

There it is. now. just come out without getting stuck to something or falling off. Come on.

Bolt Come on here it comes. Oh, it's stuck there. it is. Got it.

Victory! Now all I have to do is not drop the second one and we'll be all right. So let me just spin this one out. I'm gonna try real hard to not drop this one. In fact, I'm I guarantee I will not drop this one.

Wait. hang on. My fingers caught on that hose bracket right there. but I've got it.

We're good. Okay, halfway over, let me get let's see if I can do this with my fingers. I might need a set of pliers. Grab a hold of that stud and pull the seated out.

Yeah, it's not wanting to come out very willingly by hand. Let's get in there with suppliers. I'll just grab the stud and just kind of give it a tug to pull the thing out. It should, but it doesn't hold it in there except for two O-rings so just gotta wiggle it.

get some steady back pressure, she'll come out there. We go. Got it? Okay, so there's our thermal expansion valve and might need a pick to get those O-rings out. Okay here we'll go with.

uh, pocket screwdriver first. just got to get behind the O-ring and pull it out just enough where I can get my finger on it. There's one. I've got to match these up with some new ones.

the uh, the valve didn't come with Replacements so got to dig them out of my War chest. Here we go. Alrighty moving along. So here's our replacement: TXV I've got the stud in and looking way back in the hole.

there you see the green. I have the uh, the new O-rings on evaporator. So we just squeeze this guy in and I'm feeling and you can see the hoses line up. Now we can get the bolts back in.

Okay, bolt one coming in, get that guy in and bolts good. Let me get these guys threaded and I can toss the uh, a new set of O-rings on the lines down there and then we'll get the thing bolted back on. Then we shall see if we need a compressor or not. And this, uh, this type of our operation is of actually no consequence because I would have changed this Txd with a new compressor anyway.

It's just a standard protocol. A lot of those compressors actually come with some quote unquote required components in order to keep warranty. For example, many compressor warranties require that the condenser be replaced and some require a TXV as well. Or at least they come with it.

It's called the compressor kit. Clickage. There we go. All right, back up some and we get some O-rings on these hoses here.

and uh, that's a tight squeeze. We'll get this thing back together. Stand by, Hang on you guys. Go over here.

it's gonna take two hands on this one. All right. O-rings are on. Let's get our bracket back in right there and we can get this manifold in position here.

Where is my nuts there? It is. A 10 mil nut coming in goes right over the stud. Now you've got to make sure that line to the right the liquid line. You have to make sure that thing is fully seated because this bracket only attaches to the suction line.
It does not attach to the liquid line so that thing could technically be off center from the bolt circle or the whole circle, or the hole from the hole. and you could tighten it down and then smash this line against the expansion valve and then ruin it. And uh, and that would not be okay. Don't do that.

Switching out to the 10 mil socket right there. let's get this guy tightened down and then we can go ahead and evacuate this and or pull it into a vacuum, recharge it again and then we'll check that vent temp. Le A little more kickage. There we go.

That feels good. Okay man, that's hot. There's not much airflow right here. I Need another fan right there? That'd be great seeing re-powering on.

I'll put this into a vacuum charge it. We'll see how it runs. Vacuum 10 minutes vacuuming in progress. It's going to suck it down to 29.9 inches.

Mercury At that point will have achieved maximum system vacuum and then we can recharge the system and I should probably connect the hose. What was I Thinking There we go. Okay, vacuum, Complete charge it. You're getting charging, not a Poe system.

You guys know the drill. Zero One, Six Two Five pounds the refrigerant and the last time at high side charged it took. uh, it went slow and what had happened is I had to start the vehicle and it used the low sides use the compressor to start circulating refrigerant in order to get the full amount of charge in. So if it, uh, if it does not go slow that I guess that would be a good sign on this.

Next time around, let's see what it's going to do taking it Taking It Taking it you Elite check real quick I Don't hear anything. they're sealed up. Oh look I forgot, it's not for the bracket. Look at that.

It's always one nut. There's one on the Mustang I Legit. Almost forgot the one on the Mustang It was a strut bolt that goes onto the steering knuckle. Still going.

Oh yeah, look at that. 1.3 pounds. Last time it stopped at like 0.8 pounds and then it took forever. All right.

so it's stalling a little bit. at 1.6 pounds, it's got like oh no, we're good. all right. Hose, equalizer, Hose compensate.

I'm gonna go ahead and do hose equalize. We'll do that in a minute though because I want to get uh, my pressures and temperatures before I move to disconnect the machine. What I mean is after I do the hose equalize starting Z engine. it'll tell me or when I tell it to do hose equalize, it'll have me close the low side valve and in doing so, turn that up.

In doing so, I won't be able to get a pressure reading and I need to see what low side pressure is. All right, let's get our thermal meters back in Center vent. We'll let these things stabilize and then we'll check back in a minute. In the meantime, let's get the window up and we will go check on our pressures at the machine.
All right, coming out to check on our machine. What do we got going on here? All right. So our low side, that's an improvement. We're about 45 PSI but it appears to be a little unstable and our high side fans just came on on high speed so high side fell a little bit.

it seems to still be falling and it's wanting to go back up a little bit. Still 45 pounds on the low side. So we do have a change in state. go back in and check the temperatures, see what we got.

All right guys. Re-checking our temps in here. where where are we at? 62 64. yeah it's It's a little too warm in here for current conditions so we've got a we've got a change in state regarding our pressures.

We have a slight Improvement at our Center vent temps. however. uh, we're still not as cold as we should be I should see temps in the 50s. Uh, maybe even the mid 40s in this thing.

So uh, we're we're not exactly right. We're better. but it's not right. So at this point I'm gonna go ahead and suggest that we replace the compressor in this unit.

particularly care for that fluctuating pressure on the low side, and we still don't have the system performance that we're looking for. So I do believe we have a suction and flow problem. We don't have enough refrigerant circulation in the system in order to uh to carry the heat out of the cabin like we want. All right guys.

I'm gonna get these caps back together I've gotta locate and uh and get a compressing unit ordered for this particular car. So I'm gonna have to save that repair for a different day. So unfortunately I will not be able to tackle it right now because this thing is Hot I've been running it. It's hot down there.

the compressor is buried. so I'm saving this one for another time. So that being said, hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did enjoy this video, you know the drill.

Please feel free to let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. Drop me a comment or two while you're down there, and most importantly, tell yourself a fantastic day! See you guys later in the video in the Hemi end of AC individual charger in a transmission.

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