In this video I bring you along as I replace the front wheel bearing on this guys 2015 Nissan Frontier. We also take a few minutes to free up his front brake pads so they work a little better.
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Hey there viewers. Welcome back to the self manual. Channel That's our 2015. Nissan It's the Frontier. It's got the big 4-0 She's four-wheel drive. It's got your classic loose wheel bearing. Step one, remove the wheel goal in. Reverse Direction They come off easier that way. most cases. Oh My. God. let's just start over. Okay, now that that's out of the way, we need to remove Cotter pin. We're going to stand that baby up straight. wiggle her down through. Pull that out. I Don't know why Nissan doesn't use a cage or anything I Don't know the baby, but they don't want to make sure it axle's loose and it is. so that's good. We need to remove the caliper. now. On the other side, the lower pin was seized up and I think that's probably the case here. So we're going to pull off the caliper separate from the bracket and at least get his pins freed up. Looks like it's a DIY brake job so we'll do that. Like so foreign. Pulled up a little bit so we can sneak in here and push the system back. There we go. So that baby's loose, stir up the top control arm. for right now, the pad's freed up. We're going to pull the and I drag Springs off the top of the pads. If so equipped, remove the outer pad, remove the inner. We'll grab the hardware. Everything's kind of falling apart here. Set that down and we'll That's not seized up, but it don't feel great. This guy feels okay. It's a little bit greasy, a little bit greasy like my face in the 10th grade. Oh yeah. um. I Don't forget that one. I might just stick that one in them And advice. it's dark, we'll get it out in a moment. Wrong way, fella. Let's see what we're doing there. We go foreign, so that's good. So it must be relatively new. and I guess since we're right here, we got a cranked around there. Let's try to pull the bolts out of the bearings. There's one where you at little guy. there's two. everyone back here. there's three. so we got three out of four. What? you need them all? let's rotate it around. well. I Guess being that way, right here, let's pull these wires out. I Kind of rusted in the brackets here. give them a little squeeze there and kind of push against the bracket and you ain't gotten the wire and they will come out. There's that. There's a it. just followed around to the front of the wheel bearing. I Don't think you need to see it all, but just get your wire all loose and then what we need to do is to get the connector loose. And they can be a mother lover on these things. He's thinking Nissan connectors or a pita, You know what? I'm saying I ain't talking about bread I Don't need to get out crying whiny baby pants on him. but you know, just seems like seems like these Engineers would figure this out Nissan probably has the hardest connectors to disconnect in the aftermarket. in the Rust Belt especially the ones with the green locks and stuff. Those things are monstrous. It just seems like in the 100 Year evolution of cars, we could do better than that. I Just I don't know. Foreign still right in the knuckle. Now we don't. I think we have a bolt left going all right. see if you guys can see. Oh yeah, this is going on. So there's number four. Whack this baby off there. Set this down before it falls down. let it hang there for a moment. Oops. but I'm not real good with my left hand here going down. I got to use my right hand. It's coming loose there boys. Let's uh, almost Yeah baby. I Think it's off. Thank you. All Right before you put the bearing in, make sure you put the speed sensor wire back through that hole. All right there. Try to give it the old one-hander here. it's going to go in that hole. It's not going to go in that hole. It goes in the big hole. Don't Force It in the little hole. Hold on. let's see if I can do this. Sure man, you suck at this boom First try. So get her in there. Make sure you got your backing plate going in the right direction too and then you know that'll line up. like so that makes sense. See if your vacuum plates toast, buy a new owner Chuck the old one in the trash. Whatever is easier for you a lot of cars in the Prny with no backing plates. It does cause some accelerated inside pad wear on certain models, so we're gonna get this here. I'll get all four of the bolts started and then I'll go through and torque all those to factory specs. Well, we're right here. We need to push this wire back into the knuckle. That can be kind of a tricky bit to get back in there. Don't jam it with your screwdriver if you know what I mean you don't want to poke a hole in your wire. all the electricity will leak out so we just use the flat side of our screwdriver and shove it up in the little slot there. and then we'll run our wire back up around where it was, hook it back in the little brackets there foreign by the brake hose. There's that baby around the infamous connector. The good news is these go back together a lot easier than they come apart. It's just poor engineering as far as there's really no tolerance for corrosion or anything. I don't know if I'm saying that correctly. they're just not a real hearty connector. How's that sound? I say they usually go back together Good. even this lock tabs going in there kind of hard. Must be some junk underneath the lock tab itself. So I'm gonna have to see if I can't hold it upside down here. Get any little bit of dust that's jammed behind it. Let's see if I can hit it with a blow nozzle here. Once it's plugged in, you'll stick it back in those two holes up there. Of course you're in the way of my arms in the way you guys can't but it's going to go in there and then just give it a push, push, punch punch. There we go. Baby nut on there just a little bit. We'll torque that down about 100 foot pounds. That's my 109 or something like that I think it was of course get your wheel bearing all torqued to factory specs. we'll give it I think they're they're pretty light. They were like 44 or something. We're going to put our brake rotor back on there, put a little fluid film on there, clean out the back here rotor if it's all covered with rust. Foreign scraping stick. a wheel nut just to hold it. Okay, yeah. I don't hear it hitting? Yep, no, we're good there. Sometimes the backing plate gets tweaked a little bit or you'll have a big rust spring on the edge of the rotor. but this one was so loose. I think it's scraped off a lot of the outside rust here. There were some shiny spots on it. We'll see if any of this helps, see if we can't work it in there a little bit, make it a little bit slower here. Classic casing, jammed up rubber. Nope, that didn't help. Isn't that amazing that one little piece of rubber in there? it's gonna hold that sucker like that. This ain't gonna happen. Foreign on it until it pops out of the vise. Or not, it actually works, So that's where the rubber would go on. that pin. don't necessarily need it. We'll get this pin freed up for him so it breaks and working. We need to make sure that all that junk is out of the hole. The class of 2760 Force Runner in reverse. That's the clean hole. Okay, this one's gonna have some stuff in it. You see all the junk comes out, make sure it's all out of there. Looks good. That'll fit back in there once, you know. Once we get all the rust and junk off the PIN we'll clean out both the holes there and the parts washer, clean out little rubber boots to give her some new grease a new lease on life. What am I doing with that? Everything's kind of cleaned out here. The rubber on here is just noise dampening it. Looked at Napa to see if they had pins and boots and stuff so we could get the rubber, but they don't so we're not gonna sweat the petty stuff. Pat The sweaty stuff We're Not Gonna Worry about it now that it's good and free. At least we Don't have to worry about wearing the brakes cockeyed or anything. This pin was already free! I Cleaned all the old junk out of the hole and wizzy, wheeled off all the rust out of the brackets there. All right. So I think we'll be in good shape, cleaned all the junk out of the boots there. it's back on foreign. keep the rust from building up. Oh, we're missing a piece of Hardware must have fell on the floor. Imagine that. So we'll click our Hardware back in like that and then we'll stick the outside pad back in the outside, stick the inside pad back on the inside. How profound once they're there. Oh, let's push our caliper in here just a little bit. We've got a tool here. we just want to make sure I know we pushed it in some already, but we're going to pop them Pistons back in a little. Yep, they feel nice and free good like that I Want to smear a little grease just where the Pistons touch. It doesn't look like it was probably done initially, but we'll just stick a little on there. put our anti-drag Clips on. we'll slide that caliper back over A little dab there A little dab there. It just cuts down on the noise, keeps the faith piston faces from getting so Rusty so fast there's that. and then on the outside here where the you could put it on the caliper too. It only has to go. It looks like whoever did this must have greased the whole pad or put something on it because I see it's all over the pan. I Usually just put it on the metal to metal contact areas so there's that. There's a tricky part again. I Drag Springs but it's going to want to push your pads right back off. If your pad's nice and free, it will anyways. let's stick that one on this one and we'll kind of try to keep our fingers out of the Grease Okay, close your eyes for a minute. Oh oh. keep your eyes closed. Keep them close. Keep them close. Okay, now you can open them. We just had to spin that around. That'll make people go crazy. huh? There's that. Come on baby. there's that one. That means I must have missed the bottom hole. Oh no I meant I knew it was foreign. Oops, missed it. Perfect. and my screw guy over here kind of keep that spinning. Get that baby specified specs every new Cotter pin slipper through. Bender back. Remember folks, you're not sending this thing to the Moon All right I Think that's about it. Straighten her up. Give her one of those just for good measure. Foreign pedal pumps here. Make sure after you do that, you check the brake fluid. All right. there they go. I Just give it little baby pumps. never. Uh, Never Full stroke it to the floor. free tip for you foreign folks: front wheel bearings on the Nissan Frontier Pretty easy job. This one got a little more involved because the connector was a mother loving son of a ho ho. to get part and what we did we we conquered it. We hate Nissan connectors maybe? I mentioned that and then of course the pin there on the brake caliper being seized up went a little on and Beyond just our normal you know, slap the wheel bearing on it, throw the whole caliper bracket back on there. You know if we notice that the pin's locked up, just take a little extra time, get it freed up so you know whoever just put the brakes on it makes the brakes work I Don't know where I was going with that. just do a little extra if you have to. That's it. Why don't you guys go down in that comment section and leave a little extra comment for me? Questions concerns insty Facebook And just from our viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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