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Hello everybody, Good day to you! Welcome back! This is a Jeep Wrangler of some sort I forgot the year I used to know uh, looks like it's a 1995 model assuming it's got the four liter in it. Uh customer States It's got an interesting complaint. Customer states that after uh, running for a short period of time, that, uh, the exhaust manifold turns red hot and then the vehicle stalls and has a hard time restarting. It suffers from lack of power and uh, there's a few other items too. We're going to inspect a lot of stuff on this. Starting the engine? yeah, sounds rough. 156 000 and zero zero. Six miles on the odometer. Let's get it into the shop before it dies. Let's go go. It's a Jeep thing. Come on Jeep let's get in there. Hmm. smells kind of stinky. Only what the dealio is. uh, how do I get out? I don't know Jeeping yeah I hear some popping and backfiring and one checker. Okay, well, it's got exhaust flow. The thought was it had a clogged inverter, but uh, that does not appear to be the case of the cake. Okay, let us pumping the hood. entering Jeep Service mode Now hello yeah, that's four liters straight six. Get my thermal meter out I Want to see what kind of temperatures we get at that manifold? Ah, here it is. Digital thermal imager initiate carrying on. Oh, let's see what we got down here. Well, it's definitely hot. 842 degrees. That was fast. Why are we running so hot so fast? Look at that 842. All right, it's on the Fahrenheit scale not the metric scale. Well, it seems to be running smooth. I Do hear an exhaust leak over here I Don't know about Red Hot. We're gonna let it ride for a little while and we'll see. uh, what do we got now? Yeah, 842 temperatures remaining consistent. Okay, all right, let's just mess with it a little bit. Make sure our injectors are all doing their thing. a little release Tabs are broken off. it's supposed to be a little uh, metal tab in there. You know that one works I'm listening for a change in engine tone when I disconnect one of these injectors I hope these aren't glued on. Okay, this thing's changed a little bit with that one disconnected I thought if I just kind of Wiggle them back and forth. they come off sort of. all right that one's running again I hear a change in RPM when I disconnect the ejector. Now running looking for is to make sure one of these injectors is n't just dumping fuel. it is. shouldn't change. Try this one. Okay, that one's good. Come on. last one, Number Six, Get out of there. That's a there's a problem right there. Ground strap is hanging loose, always check your powers and grounds. and number six is good too. Okay, yeah I need to reconnect this Crown somewhere that's that's critical. we need that. So I'm kind of taking a look around at everything. Uh, I've been checking out a lot of these vacuum lines. The one right here to the uh, the fuel pressure regulator. That one seems to be okay. The one going to the map is okay. I checked for a leak. A vacuum leak at the brake booster. Uh I can't really say I care for that broken plug right there. but it appears that this map sensor is. Yeah, that thing's working okay. um. I'm not seeing the fans coming on yet and it's been running for a while. I'm starting to feel some heat. Let's go check our temp gauge because we might be. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah, we're running a little hot. Let's go ahead and shut this down. Or oh, hang on, stick a fan in front of it. That should help. Yeah, we'll just move this guy over. We need to get some airflow over the radiator. Fun fan there. Block it down. Ooh Hot Hot fan? Hot fan? Yeah. I'm wondering if this thing starts running poorly when it overheats some. uh, some airflow over a cooling package. There's a cool ant. This thing pulls off some. uh I See some coolant dripping out of it already? That's not okay. What do we got here? It's like the lower hose. Maybe Okay, let's go check our gauge and see if it cooled off. Any that might be. Uh, definitely something worth looking into. Warm again. Come on fan, come on, let's cool it off. Yeah, this electric fan still is not running. I wonder if I can manually power that? See, we're running over here over to here should run from Theory Looks good on all right. Okay, the gauge came down a little bit. I think we're falling. Let me get one more fan in there to get this thing back down to Temp and I choose my Super Fan Max Lasko fan from Costco because everything's from Costco There we go now. I've got some flow going over that thing. something right? So three okay temp is starting to fall a little bit. it's still overheated but we are coming down. That's good. Okay, I've got the meter here. it leads on the ground side. We'll do a meter check voltage. let's check power and ground. going over here to this relay which runs this fan. So there's our power supply to the relay. that's good. Let's check the few sides of it. Hour of power. Okay so I got power going to the fuse through the fuse and the relay is powered and it looks like that fan is using a blue wire and a black wire for its ground. So let's check our blue real quick. Blue wires got voltage and our black wire which is either Yeah, it's got to be this one right here. so we'll check our black wire for ground. move that over. Okay, so that fan is grounded and it is powered, but the fan itself, the motor itself is not running so that fan right there is junk so we're gonna need to put a fan in it or that fan will need to be replaced. That's not exactly our our problem that it was here for, but it is a problem and it's kind of a big problem so that's to be noted. I Would also think we should use a fan if it is a a polar fan or a pusher fan instead of a puller fan. as we can see right here at that water pump, we don't have a lot of space to work with. do we like zero clearance? The thing moves around. I Bet it'll hit that water pump fully so we are going to want to change that fan position probably to one on this side. There seems to be a lot of space over here to fit one, but that's going to have to be redone. No vacuum on this. I Don't know why I just said that. I Think that's an emissions line? Let's go check temp and we're still falling All right. I'm gonna go ahead and shut this down and let it cool off all the way once it's cool again. I Want to go out, check the coolant level, then I'll go out for a test drive powering down. Phew Yeah there's a there's a lot to unpack with this particular Jeep but I think we can handle it. It looks like all the sensors on board have been replaced. You've got intake air temp. Uh, that looks like a throttle position. Idle air control motor sensor has the replacement. It appears to be working I Didn't notice until later, but the PCM has also been replaced and that map sensor was new. That's better. Shut this down. We'll just leave a little one running for now there. now. don't have to yell. Oh I Don't know where this goes. What is this? What are you for? This goes somewhere. Go somewhere in this range. Figure that out later. Okay, now this Jeep is a 95 model so that's pre-obd2 so we don't have the luxury of using the scan tool. So everything we do here today is going to be done. uh, the analog way so to speak now. I Understand there's no check engine light on this thing, but that does not mean that there are no trouble Court trouble codes that are stored so what we need to do is try to manually retrieve those so we're gonna key it on. We go off on off on and it should start to flash codes at us. One one two. Let's go: One two three one two three Four Five Thirty Five One Two three one two three three. Boring. Right? Four Five One two three four Five two two 25 I Yeah, that last one was 55. 55 is the end of code list. I'll run through and double check my math but it looks like I got a code 12 which is common. that's battery disconnected a 35 33, 45 and a 20 22. I think I'll double check them again but that's what it looks like so far crying down. Ding Okay I just double checked my codes I got a code 12. we've got a 35 check 33 check. The one that I thought was a 45 was actually a 54. 22 was right. The one that I thought was 25 was actually 27. pardon my handwriting 35 and then the last one was a 55 which is the end of the code list. okay using using the Google machines. uh code diagram I got it on all data but I'm just I Googled it on fixed not sponsored uh code 35 for Xj's only cooling fan relay circuit open. Well, if this is an XJ then yeah I can I can see that 33 AC clutch relay open that's not concerning to us text message Let's see what was our next 154. What is 54? Tell us 54 is not on this list. So I need to recheck that. Okay, 22 22, 22 22 coolant temp sensor above acceptable voltage. Um yeah, I can get behind that. How about a 27? One of the injector drivers is not responding. That may be our drivability problem that they complained about. Injector output driver does not respond properly to control signal. Maybe it's got high resistance? Well, uh, we'll own those later. And 35 Code 35. We already looked at that I don't know why it showed up again. Okay, let me double check the presence of that 54 code. hey, because I don't have that as my list on my list. Here it goes: 51, 52, 53 55 So we're skipping 54.
I'll check that one more time and I'll get back to you guys. So one one, two three, I'm not gonna bore you with counting this again. Stay right here. Actually, yeah, don't go anywhere odd. That is a 54. it did come up as a 54. which is weird because I don't have a 54 on this list right here. What is going on? Well, the scary part is is 53 is PCM internal problem 55 is PCM has finished telling you the codes which I thought I had 55 but it's 54. hmm I know the last one I got was 55.

I'll have to look this up on all data just to make sure. Okay, all right. I Uh, I did check it two more times and that is a code 54. the 22 is legit. 27 is legit and followed up by a 55. so that's the end of the list. so I need to figure out what that 54 is. The other two other three four five those seem to be legitimate. Okay, let's restart this thing see how it runs Well, we're not overheated, see if it restarts again without effort. I Wonder if this thing has an injector issue? Maybe it's got one sticking open? Come on baby. Nothing. Okay, let's see if we have fuel at the rail since it failed to start. run, run, run, run, run, ruining a pen. No, that was not much. fuel. Cycle it again, see if it starts. I Wonder if we have a fuel pump issue now? I Understand this thing has had a new fuel pump installed. Nothing. Do we have a fueling issue? It's because it's got a new pump. Doesn't mean it's running. Let's see what we got here. Yeah, there's some fuel. Not much pressure though. Okay, yeah, that wasn't uh, that wasn't anywhere near spec. I Imagine this thing needs at least like 40. 45 pounds, barely runs, and now it's good. Let's see if we got fuel pressure now. Okay, let's go check fuel pressure spec next. powering down. it may have a crappy, uh ground wire or something going to the pump. who knows? time to consult the all that. Uh, hello office. Ooh air conditioner is cold in here. Okay, we're pulled up. What? I got a 95 Jeep Wrangler V6 242 4 liter Vin s Kion engine running 31 Pounds Uh. Vacuum regulator disconnected 39.41 All right guys, it's the next day and we're uh, we're still on this Jeep over here I've gone ahead and connected a fuel pressure tester, the inspection port on the fuel rail and uh, I'm gonna see what kind of fuel pressure we have. There's two specs on it, there's a running spec and then there's a spec with the fuel pressure regulator being removed I think running is 31 32 pounds and with the regulator off I think we're looking for 45 pounds. so let's see if this thing is going to start this morning and uh, we'll take that fuel pressure measurement and then go from there. so we're key on uh, engine kind of running Commando Wake up, you can do it. Hmm, no. Do you start you? There we go. It's alive. Let's see what we got here. Let's start regulator. so we're 35 pounds at idle. Um, but we're looking for a spike in the pressure up to 45 or so with the regulator disconnected and we've got no change. No change in the fuel pressure right here. All right, let's shut this down before it gets hot again and we'll go back and check our service data and verify that we are supposed to see a pressure change with that regulator disconnected. Okay, we've got it pulled up here I didn't print it I don't think I've got my printer hooked up to this laptop yet It says fuel pressure should be approximately 55 to 69. PSI It's 8 to 10 pounds higher with the vacuum line removed from the regulator which we just did that and we did not get a jump in pressure. It said where else did it say that I already read this Um, check for link kinks in the in the line which we don't have. Oh, here we go if vacuum line checks out. Okay and fuel pressure does not rise appropriately eight to ten pounds higher. After disconnecting the vacuum line, replace the fuel pressure regulator. So we do have a confirmed regulator issue. I did check the line. Uh, the line is not leaking. However, there is no pressure change when disconnected. So according to the all data and all of its Collective Wisdom, we do have a regulator failure. Now that is a problem. that may not be the problem. However, I can't just ignore that and move on like that's not the issue. So I'm going to go ahead and pick up a regulator. We'll go from there I Don't recall if I mentioned it earlier, but this Jeep does have a brand new pump and a brand new Uh filter installed. I I Went down below earlier and inspected for that and I did confirm that stuff has in fact been replaced thinking I need a seven mil for that? I'll bring an eight just in case. but I think it's a seven millimeter to get that bolt off for the regulator, we're going to pull that out and inspect that. I've got a feeling that I'm gonna find several small things that are adding up causing the uh, the situation with this Jeep So this may end up being a fix it as we diagnose type of situation and we find one fault. Fix that, find another fault, fix that and uh, keep on going until we run out of uh things that I find or until uh, the symptom has resolved itself and I'm wondering if we do have a fuel delivery issue. Perhaps it's just running really, really lean thus contributing to the customer's statement that uh, we got here okay, I've got this pressure regulator under the light here. uh, not looking too great there. That might be a tear, it's really tough to see. Yeah. I'm going to go ahead and get a replacement regulator and uh, we'll see if that helps us out a little bit. Okay, just got back from Parts run. I've got a new regulator here Let's uh, toss this guy in and see if we can't get that fuel pressure to come back into spec. I I'm assuming that the uh, the pump is good. Uh, it is brand new. If I run into a dead end right here, then uh, we'll We'll address that pump but it is running when it's commanded on and it is making a decent pressure from what I've seen so far. But uh, you seem to have a pressure control issue so let's get this guy in. Ah, mosquitoes, it's that time of day where the Skeeters are coming for me. We'll slip this guy in. not without some lube. we won't I'll just give this a little bit of a little dielectric right here. Lube that O-ring so it does not tear during uh installation because that will be bad. We don't want that. How's that inside bore looking? Is there an o-ring in there that I missed? I Think it's left over? Yeah. I think it is left over in there I Don't see it on this old regulator. Let's see if I can't fish that thing out. That also would be bad to double over in that come over, you got her? Yeah, there it is. all right. let's just clean that out. There's kind of some Rust looking build up stuff in there and we don't want that to cause some kind of a leak internally and uh, not, fix our problem here. There we go. Nice and shiny as I'm gonna get it. Okay, uh. new regulator there you are. Slide this bad boy in. you gonna go give it a twist and a snap I Just fell into the seat. keep twisting it so that O-ring settles there. We go and get our clamp back on and we'll try again. stay one bolt. I Also picked up some uh vacuum fittings and whatnot so I can make a make repairs to these. uh for the damaged vacuum system here. Click all right. let's go key this bad boy on and try to restart it and see if we get any change in engine operation. Maybe we will. Maybe we won't but we're gonna get somewhere. Keon checking for leaks I See none. Restocking is the Jeep engine. It's alive. see how it does on a restart? Yeah, about the same. Okay, well. let's go ahead and throw the gauge back on there and we can at least see if we've got an improvement. Our pressure fuel line kicks there. We go put that where we can see it kind of key off, key on. There's really no improvement there. Picks up this vacuum line right here and we'll put it back into it and see if that changes anything. One other thing worth mentioning is our Evac canister down here connected right there. but it's it's a very poor connection and it says the other side of that canister is not connected. I'm going to go ahead and remove that. We're going to cap off this section of this uh of this fitting right here. stop the leak and then uh, see what? I can't do? Come here you and then we'll get that uh regulator connected and I've got some caps here I think it's it might be this one. No, no, it's the little one here. We'll cap that one off. No, it is the bigger one I'm wrong, but that's really wrong. There we go. All right. Our Regulators now connected to vacuum Source like it could be at our fuel pressure connected reconnected now. Fuel pressure does look a little low according to this gauge, but this is a loaner tool so it may not be accurate somewhere. Backfire, feel a little bit better. See what? Let's pack up these goodies and disconnect this fuel pressure gauge right here and let's go out and hit the road real quick. and uh, see how this thing performs? So they gotten it? This might actually be it. Ah, the plot thickens. Fantastic. All right. Well, let me shut it down while. I uh, get this thing ready to roll I'll refill the coolant on it and I can address that later. Yeah, it's it's coming out of the water pump. Big look right there. So we're gonna put a water pump in this thing later on too. Maybe. But I want to get it running properly first and then I can? uh I can do my upsell thing? Yeah, yeah. okay. intakes back on regulator should be regulating. Uh, let's uh, let's go hit the road real quick and see if this thing runs like it's supposed to. Let's go for a ride. that's not a good sign. Come on Jeep What are you doing? gas on it? Jeep you're killing me. Battery's low too. Recommend Starter Man that was almost hopeful there. It's alive now. All right I guess I'm gonna know really quick if I got an improvement out of this or not backing out as a Jeep the Horn's inoperative. We need to make this quick because uh does have that coolant leak and I don't want to overheat this I'm sure it's already been hot before plenty of times I hear some suspension clanking around. It's pretty good that was that was responsive the breaking traffic. Let's go go a little better. It's already getting out of its own way now. I'm not going far so uh, we're turning around somewhere. probably down here you gonna go or what power? Not very much of it, but it's got it. That was loud and scary I Miss Windows I'd rather ride a motorcycle than drive a Jeep No offense Jeep people just how I feel. Let's get back in there. Yeah, we're not hot yet, but I don't want to chance it. we're right there. This thing needs a clutch too. It's very vibrating. okay I I think we did get a little somewhere with this I don't like how it uh, doesn't like to restart. Let's see how it does on a hot restart. little better. I was poking around I uh I Found a vacuum leak over here at the end of this line right there. so I went ahead and just capped it off for now to eliminate that still isn't one of the greatest, but I figured while I'm here I'll go ahead and check the rest of this vacuum stuff Ed off this line right here. going to the valve cover. That thing is completely plugged up right there. so I'm gonna go ahead and that if I can I better take that out. I'm just going to go ahead and move that real quick. real quick. Make sure that's not our problem though. Also, it feels a little clogged up too. That's for the uh, the map sensor right there. Oh look at that now. it runs a little better. All right. Yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and pull these fittings out and clean those up and put those back in next three. Powering down: Check: engine light was on. That's odd because I don't think I have anything disconnected that should have triggered that light. Well anyway, let's go ahead and get those things apart and uh, see if we can get a change a better change out of this thing. An improvement. That's what we're looking for. that's the word. An improvement. I think that's going to be a 15 mil was I right? Of course they might be standard. The reason I'm gonna pull these out is if I poke a hole in that and dislodge that debris, it's going to send it straight into the intake manifold and then the cylinders will consume it. Oh gravity, it's okay I know where it went and we don't want the cylinders to consume engine debris. Okay, here's the one I dropped. That one is not clogged up, which is good. No obstructions in the hole. Let's just go ahead and blow this out. We'll give it an engine wash at the same time. Get that guy back right where she goes. but this guy. that one's the one that is plugged up. So let's uh, let's poke a hole in it. Get all that carbon and build up or whatever out of there. Oh, that's nasty. It's very plugged up. Too bad this is just PCV and doesn't go to that map sensor. I Would feel really good about that. I Don't think this is going to fix it, but it's uh, definitely not supposed to be clogged like this. Okay, got that thing free and clear. Yeah, you can see through there. that obstruction is now gone. Let's go ahead and tighten these things, back down and reconnect everybody. And uh, then we'll try again. Stick and, uh, double click. Okay, let's go ahead and give it a restart. Thank you Bad, they're right there. I Don't like that it's not right. not just yet. Okay, so I uh I Fired up the compressor I'm gonna go ahead and bust out the assault blow gun later. Uh, clean off all this debris that's hanging out. Uh, right down there with the manifolds. they're bolting to the head while that thing's filling up. I'm gonna go ahead and pop out all these relays and take a look at them. I Think one of these is an ASD relay and if that thing's got a poor connection, or if it's faulty, it can cause all sorts of Chrysler problems. So like I said, while that's doing that, let's pop these relays out and take a look at those. May Maybe we'll find something. Maybe we won't. but it's worth taking a look. Yeah, that's crusty next. Oh yeah, that's that's nasty right there. All right. we need a tool to help us I choose my welding pliers. that's a cross-o-matic Oh that one's very concerning over there here. I'm just gonna go ahead and hit these with a little uh wire brush. see if we can't clean them up some. I have a handheld wire brush. but I couldn't find the thing to save my life today so we're using the rotary cleaner. Seems to be working kinda more speed that compressor is full. Foreign? Okay. I've got some electrical contact cleaner here I'm gonna go ahead and spray all this stuff out. not the assault though gun. this is just the regular blow gun. We're going to clean all this out of here spray and then put these relays back. Stinky. So much stuff to fix. Uh, let's see that one goes right there and this was the nasty one. That one goes I Think that's the right spot. Hope so there and there. Okay, restarting. Let's see if we get an improvement or not. Okay, we're keyed on again. I'm just gonna use my button it runs, still throttle and see what happens. Yeah, about the same. I Don't know if that had any effect or not. see if we got a weaken the brake booster Maybe Oh, that's not it. Okay shutting it down again. Lots of dead ends on this truck. Okay, it's getting late I'm headed home. We're gonna try this again tomorrow, but before I go, let's clean all that schmoo out of there. We don't need any of that. All right guys. I'm gonna go ahead and call this video good. The thing still isn't right and I have yet to determine exactly what is causing the low power situation and the misfiring. It's not right, it's improved, but I'm not happy with it. There's something else going on so I'm gonna have to start again and revisit this thing first thing tomorrow morning. I'd like to thank you for watching this video. And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day.!

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  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Joe Sammy says:

    Do a leak down test please

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars bobsg35 says:

    You kept squirting fuel out while testing, I was hoping you didn't Jay Leno yourself.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars WalkenDead1369 says:

    Typically, the largest "new part" issues I have hade are with master cylinders and brake calipers. There have been a few other parts but those are not as common as the other two

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Hugo Dahl says:

    Just a quick note on the thermal imager – the temp was showing "> 842", which means the temp was outside it's range for detection.

    Doing a quick check on the Snap-On site, their imagers max out at 840F, so a 2 degree margin of error, at those temps, is understandable. So while "red hot" may have been hyperbole, it's certainly closing in on reality!

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Derek Hobbs says:

    There was a spate of counterfeit Walbro fuel pumps a few years ago.

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars zannus says:

    It's an old 4.0 jeep, if it's not running good it means it's not leaking enough oil

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Montana Dirt Roads says:

    She lean, full fuel system overhaul.i had a regulator give me hell on my jeep, causing misfires and all sorts of hell,I was certain it was ignition related,then injectors( had 330k on them) no change. After about 1200$ in parts I sent it to a shop they had found one failed injector( new one) and failed regulator.they will pull fuel from the regulator and suck it through the vacuum system.with that hard start it almost sounds like it's a crank sensor going bad.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Shmeh Fleh says:

    The 94 Wrangler has a mechanical radiator fan in it. Why would they take that out and kludge in some electrical fan?

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars V H says:

    Cam sensor ?

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Mike Nomath says:

    Chitty chitty bang bang cheap jeep!

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sock Eating Golden says:

    Thanks for another great vid

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars gogmorgoaway says:

    Code 54 is the distributor sync sensor, also known as the cam position sensor. It controls fuel injector timing. It's possible the sensor itself went bad, but it's also not uncommon for the bearings in the distributor to develop some radial play, which will screw with the sensor reading, which screws with the injector timing. Worn distributor gears can also cause similar issues.
    But I will say most of the codes there are from unplugging things and reconnecting while it's running. You can clear them out by leaving the battery disconnected for a few minutes, then take it for a short drive and check again for what came back.
    While maybe not worth it to a professional who doesn't know if they'll be using the tools again, it's still possible to get the diagnostic connectors. They're sold new in $$$$ full kits, or available used online. Most of the older cables will still plug into newer diagnostic tools, although generally I've seen them included with an old tool, usually a Snap-on scanner. I picked one up pretty cheap off ebay a couple years ago, (non touch-screen Solus), and it's been a pretty decent investment at least for an enthusiast. There's not a ton of data and tests to be had compared to what you get from a modern car, but it at least gives you something.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Grumpy says:

    Far be it for me to tell you how to do your job, but with a car running like that, having a long term fuel pressure issue, I'd have pulled the plugs by now, to check their condition. And isn't chasing vacuum leaks just the pits! Though one leak is going to affect everything else on the same vacuum circuit.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Melicoy says:


  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Sandmansa says:

    This poor Jeep has had many years of neglect. Carbon plugged vacuum port and many vacuum leaks. Heavy rust in the fuel rail. Clapped out water pump. Dead cooling fan. Disconnected wires. So far, it looks like more parts will be required. That studder at mid throttle looks strangely familiar. Is the distributor advancing at all?

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars T.C. Anthony says:

    94 grand Cherokee. It was given to me with a runability problem. Yup free jeep. Ran good for a few minutes then terrible. Came with 10 years of receipts. Was told it had a new fuel pump. After a week of fumbling around I realized the brand new fuel pump was bad from the start. Warrantied the pump and it ran great for years.

    Given the state of your engine I would suspect your injectors are hosed or at least one is. I’m no mechanic though. Just a shade tree guy.

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Tom Beilman says:

    Erick O worked on a Jeep that had a return line from the fuel pump that was rotten and not letting the fuel pump get full pressure. It caused starting problems

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars tin pin says:

    What is that, like, 10 fuses and 4 relays? Thank god Chrysler hadn't invented the Totally Idiotic Power Module yet!