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Probably gonna need this power. Hello everybody, Good day to you Welcome back! We are working on and probably not just today, but probably several days. A 1996 Ford E-Series uh Cargo van I Think this is an E250 It has been laid up for many, many moons and our fellow that owns it has got to rent a vehicle when he needs to haul some things. So we're gonna try to get this thing back to life so he can.

uh so he can use this truck again if I can, uh starting the engine. That's not a good sign you guys, it's not a good sign. Yeah, this thing's dead as a door now. I Gotta turn key.

won't go in. it only goes in like like this. Much like just the tip and then the key turns. yeah, that's broken I might need to fix that too.

Uh okay. popping into Hood Let's get the jump box set up and try to start this thing. Let's see what we got in here. Old dinosaur s there's our release? Got it come out? Yeah there? yeah hey, it's fuel injected.

That's a bonus. Something tells me that this little Costco battery jump box thing is not gonna not gonna do what we want it to do here. Might have to get out the big giant cables and the diesel. Get in there.

Hurry on. Okay so again, just the tip. uh nothing. Not even getting power inside.

This is, uh, it's not working trying again I Wiggled the battery connect cable canables I wiggled the canaverals. All right. Well it cranked some kind of yeah I don't have enough power in that box to fire this thing up. Come on.

Come on. Yeah. whoa. It runs loud noises.

All right. All right. it's alive. Okay I'm gonna back this thing into the shop and stick it into the corner of death because I think it's going to be there for a little while and uh, let's see what the dealio is with this thing.

Um, there's an exhaust leak. an exhaust smell doesn't run. Very good. No, not at all.

Yeah, let's get inside. We'll pull the Dog House off and do some inspecting on this thing and see what's going on with it. Stay tuned. This is going to be a very, very interesting video window that works.

That's good. That window works. That's good. Some airflow.

Whoa. No. Don't die on me. Stay running.

move. Yep, it moves all right. Died. Come on.

Oh no. There we go. You have to power break it all the way back. Don't die on me.

Come on. Oh, it's not working out. Oh and she did. Oh come on dude.

Cut foreign. I'm wondering if we have a bad fuel pump. Maybe that's part of our problem here. Look, it has Thrush Mufflers does have any fuel in it.

Things out of gas. There's no gas in this thing that's not right that does not sound like a full fuel tank to me. you're gonna start. do it.

So nope. Well, since we don't know if there's fuel going in where it's supposed to be, let's send some fuel in right through here through the intake. Yeah. I know I'm a bad bad person.

Break clean starting fluid. All right. You're gonna start. Yep, yeah, it kind of wants to run on brake clean.
Yeah, it kind of wants to run on brake. Lean this thing. Come on. All right.

So we got the dog house out of here and I'm looking around for the fuel line I Want to see if we've got any fuel? So here's our, uh, that's our regulator. It's a vacuum fuel pressure regulator. It's got one rail here, one rail over here, and four injectors, four injectors. So I'm thinking there should be.

Oh, there always is a little valve to check fuel pressure. Let's there it is. Let's see if we have fuel at our rail shot open. All right.

A little bit of fuel came out. kind of stinks. It doesn't smell like gasoline, smells like turpentine. See if we have fuel pressure? Yeah, there's some fuel pressure there.

Okay, that was actually pretty good. So it has fuel, but it's got bad fuel. foreign. It's got that backfiring issue too.

I Don't I don't think this is a fueling problem. I Mean it is a fuel problem. That might not be the problem. All right.

So we're around on the front side again. Here's our distributor. I I Took off the air box already. I'm gonna take a peek under this cap real quick and just see, uh, see what it's looking like down here.

It's got a newish looking cap and rotor and a bunch of corrosion. Okay, it should still run I mean well it did run, but it won't. It only ran like like 30 feet as far as it went. Put that back on.

I wonder if this thing's out of time I kept hearing the phrase uh timing chain timing Chain timing chain which have been we don't know what's wrong with it so we think it's a timing chain Which is far away and hard to do and expensive or it turned into or they were not wrong. uh or it's something else entirely. Um, actually, you know what? let me Tinker with this distributor timing at least maybe I can get it to run and then get it in the shop. So I'm not out here staying in the sun.

Let's try that. Let me move the distributor around a little bit because I I don't know what's going on with this truck. I'm learning as I go. You never know what these vehicles that have been sitting around for like years.

All right. So here's how we're gonna do this. Right down here. at the base of the distributor, there's a bolt that bolts into the engine block and this little hold down plant thing right here.

it clamps down on the on the distributor shaft itself. We're going to loosen that and see if we can't rotate this distributor. Ah, in order to kind of change ignition timing a little bit and see if we can't get this thing to run. Come on you.

Yeah, that's that's in there. Pretty good. I Guess that's a good sign that tells me no one's messed with it in a while, but it's also been broken for a while. Unclick? Yeah, there we go.

I don't need to take it out, We're just gonna try to turn it a little bit. Be here. Oh, it's clocked in a single position. It's not going to turn.
Afraid of that? Hmm. okay. all right, now that it's loose, we can just grab the entire assembly and we'll try to rotate it some so it's not going to go that way. We can't turn it clockwise, but we can go a little bit counterclockwise.

Let's try that. It will snug that little bolt down just a wee bit, see if this thing won't start. Now there we go. Okay, re-crankings the engine okay.

let's see what she does a little better. kind of turn that a little bit more. I'm not saying this is the problem I'm just saying that this might help me get things started so I can get it into the shop because it's going to take like a couple people to push this and I don't have a couple people. the concrete guys not here today and uh, a couple of the other fellas that work around here are not here today.

so I'm all by myself. Try it again. Nothing all right. I'm gonna put that back where I found it.

That's no help. Before you go, let's try it one more time. one more time. I'm gonna reach in and grab a hold of that distributor while cranking and I'll see if I can't rotate it while it's cranking to see if I can't get it to to fire up.

This is dangerous to get shocked and this engine doesn't care. it doesn't care about the distributor. So uh, I'm going back to fuel I think I need to get all the fuel out of this tank, see what's in there, see if it's any good, and uh, we'll go from there standby, you know. I've got another bright idea since I'm here with the with all the brake clean.

There's an intake Port right here and I can just spray some uh, some combustible gases straight into that intake and maybe it'll run on that. Let's try that. Give it a squirt. it's cranking.

Woohoo! Yeah, it's got a backfiring problem. Man, this thing's got burnt valves or something. There's no way there's no way it should have been doing that. Uh Something's wrong.

Something's very wrong with this truck. Okay, so here's what I'm gonna do. We're gonna pull this fuel supply line off the fuel rail and I'm gonna connect the hose to it and we're going to try to dump out and get rid of all this old. Fuel and then maybe I'll put some new fuel in it that way.

I can at least eliminate fuel is the problem or a part of the problem. I Know it's not all fuel, but at this point, uh well. anything goes. see here.

see how that works. You clip that thing in and then give the line a tug. it should come out I said should didn't I Yep sure did. come on fuel line.

Oh why hmm it's my first day I Know probably a bunch of dirt and nasty in the little spring connector thing. Spray it out. Okay, let's try that again. See what you got to do is get this little tool in there and it slips into this, uh, big ring and there's a spring inside of there that slips around a lip that's on the other side of the line.
What this tool does is opens up that spring and gets behind it so it releases from the other side of the fuel line and I need to wiggle it in there. Easier said than done. All this stuff is like super brittle and hardened and it doesn't want to move here. Comes there.

We go come out stanky fuel. Yeah it smells like turpentine. Okay so my idea here is I'm going to use the vehicle's fuel pump to pump out all this nasty fuel. so I'm slipping like this little hose over top of it and that hose is gonna come outside of the cabin over here.

I'm just going to stick it into that uh, this fuel can right there. So now when we power up that fuel pump, it should be should pump out all that nasty gasoline so we'll set that up so it can't really fall. hopefully it stays on. Key it on.

let's see our fuel coming through. Hmm here's some. So what I need to do is jump power to the fuel pump and let the pump run to drain out all this fuel. Oh it's going now I Hear it now since this battery right here is 100 garbage.

I've just disconnected it and now the jumper cables are just running over to the truck. so the truck is actually just applying all the power to this thing. um something curious that I've noticed the uh, the fuse box sounds like it's some kind of a like a pump. You hear that that like whooshing noise I can't say I've heard a fuse box making a pumping noise? um I can feel it.

It's this relay right here in that. watch this pop that thing out of there I know it's tough to see, there's bad lighting. sorry yeah, we take the relay out and the noise stops I don't know what that's about. Maybe it's a garbage relay? I'm just gonna switch it with another one just to see if it's the relay that was causing that or if it was something else.

I don't even know what that relay was for because the the bottom of the uh, the cap here does not tell us we'll have to look that up later. Come on out. Other relay please. And that wasn't the fuel pump relay because the pump had already clicked on and then stopped.

I'll have to like manually run power to the fuel pump to make it stay on because it's uh, it times out. Come out all right. Got it? So I move it over to the other side and it's not doing that goofy relay grinding sound so something tells me that's a bad relay. Let's just plug it back in and confirm such things for science: There's a leaf in the way I can't plug it in there.

Hmm, okay, it seems to have stopped. Let's cycle the key and see if it does it again. Be on. We have power.

I Saw lights on the dash. It's kind of weird. Yeah, it's not doing the that goofy buzzing thing again. All right, Don't know what that's about.

Maybe had a bad connection at the pins? Who knows. Oh no, no, no, it's doing it again. Just switch them one more time. Relay gravity I Thought that the one I've got my hand on right now was the one that had, uh, it was causing that sound and now I've already forgotten.
That's bad science. Okay, so it doesn't matter which relay is plugged in there, that one seems to make a buzzing noise. That's that's weird. I'll just add that to the list of things that are probably wrong here.

Ah, all right. well let's try this again. So we've got two options to get all this fuel out of this thing. I can stand here and we can just continue to cycle the key on and off and on and off and just let it pump the fuel through.

or I can manually Supply power over unlock these I can supply power straight to the fuel pump. So I think we're gonna go with option B now I'm going to use the Uh service data and a wiring diagram to help us out. and I think we might actually luck out on this one because according to our wiring diagram for our fuel pump which is this unit right here focused electric motor, that's the M signal. It has its ground uh, somewhere near the battery.

so the wire runs back up front to the front of the engine. So fuel pump ground is G106. It gets its power from this pink and black wire. stay focused which gets its power through the inertial shutoff switch.

Do you remember the old Fords They had like a collision switch where if you had enough g-forces experienced by the switch, it would open up and it would shut off the power supply to the fuel pump. So let's say you had a rollover accident or a collision. This device right here was a safety measure to shut everything down. So rather than going to the fuel pump relay and then finding this pin right here and then running power straight to that pin, we can just go right here to the inertial shutoff switch which is supposed to be located in the kick panel as I say behind right cow panel.

Yeah, so that's going to be right in here. This is where we should find our uh, our fuel cutoff switch and if we look we got a little uh it tells us that it's there. fuel reset right uphill. So let's get this panel pulled back and we'll tap into the system right here and send power to the fuel pump.

So we've got two wires right there. one in and one out. Let's get this thing disconnected from our our reset switch. I'm off In there there we go.

So I think according to our graph we're looking for one is the the pink and black wire. so it's gonna be pink with a black tracer and we've got pink with a black. Tracer So theoretically if we Supply 12 volts of power to this, it's going to kick that fuel pump on. So let me go fetch some leads.

we'll hook up to it and then jump them over to the battery. Okay so I've got what eight ten feet of wire? uh with a couple little alligator clips on it and we're gonna run one of these over here to our positive connection and there's another one at. We'll run this guy back around and we'll connect it to our power wire for the fuel pump. and this thing should just uh Power the fuel pump until it runs dry or runs the tank dry.
Now this wire is hot. This lead right here. This is 12 volts battery power, so I'm just going to connect that to some plastic. You stay there and we're gonna take a paper clip and probe this connector so we can make a connection.

now. you really can't get away with this kind of thing on a lot of the newer equipment, but this is a 1995 96 van. so I can get away with it. connect your gravity.

Basically, what I'm doing is just sticking a paper clip in and wedging it between the uh, the connector body inside. See that metal in there between the connector body and the plastic housing and that's enough contact to, uh, make a connection. I Would not recommend doing this on on newer stuff though. The tolerances between Parts like that are just they're just not there.

So now all we need to do is run power to it so we'll clip this on. Thursday Don't ground out, see that we're getting a little dangerous and looking over here we have some fuel flow. Yep. so I'm basically just I hot wired the fuel pump straight to 12 volt power supply and I'm now using the fuel pump in the tank to pump out all the fuel.

and from what? I'm looking at, there's not much fuel in there. Interesting. The gauge said we had plenty of fuel, but I think it lied. What if this thing was out of gas the whole time? What? Okay, let's see what we've got here.

I mean if it's not out of gas, then that pump is definitely garbage. So I'm gonna let this thing go until it totally stops and we're gonna see. uh. we'll see how much we recover, so stand by.

we'll be right back. Don't go anywhere. Okay, I'm back checking in. It's been about five ten minutes or so and we've got.

We've got the same bubbly fuel flow situation thing going on here. a little bit of a dribble out of the other end every now and then, but that's no big deal. Um what? I'm noticing here though is we do have a decent amount of fuel coming out of this. uh, out of this thing right here.

Where are we at? Like probably four gallons so far. Oh, you can't see I'm zoomed in. Yeah, we're sorry guys. Yeah, we've got about four gallons in here so far.

here's our five gallon. Mark I Can fit five and a half. but um, yeah, so it had fuel in it. Let's see um what that gauge says.

Yeah, the gauge is starting to go down. see that it was hanging out like up here that next. Mark So I'm assuming that gauge is going to be accurate. so it looks like I've got about 10 15 gallons of fuel pump out of this thing and then we'll put some fresh fuel in it and kind of flush the lines a little bit and uh, we'll see if it runs any better with good gasoline.

Don't know yet? All right, let's check our fuel and uh oh, it's full I overflowed, It ain't powering down. Okay, let me go dump that out and uh, we'll continue the process. Okay, I've switched out the Uh the container with a another container for this waste fuel. back to pumping.
There we go and we're flowing again. Same thing that gurgly looking inefficient flow. It's not good, you know. One other thing I don't understand is why do I continue to get fuel coming out of this intake port for the fuel rails when? well, number one, I'm not pumping any fuel in and that means that fuel must be coming up through the return right here.

Or perhaps the regulator is leaking. That's odd that that that's going on I Find that a little a little strange, shouldn't be doing that I Don't know. All right coming back in. I think we're we're all out of fuel to pump.

Yeah, this thing's about done. Um, let's see what our gauge tells us. Yeah, Yep. Gage says it's empty.

So I think we're good to go. Uh, let's go ahead and get all this uh, all these apparati is it apparati or apparatuses. Let's get all these fixtures and whatnot disconnected and removed and uh, I'll go fetch some gas later and throw some fresh fuel in this thing and then see what happens. All right everybody.

I Think that that's gonna be enough for one day? So I'm gonna pack up the show on uh on this particular van I need to get some gas for it tomorrow. Um I didn't go and uh, buy any gas for it today because I have a bunch of extra gas at home and I'm just gonna bring some of that um that way I don't have to, uh, not be at the shop during the day, but uh, for now I think we're all done. So I'm gonna go ahead and pack up the goods here and I'm also going to, uh, go ahead and take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you guys for watching this video. As always, hope you enjoyed this video.

I'm pretty sure that there's going to be another one uh on this van because I need to know if it was a gas problem or if we have, uh, more work. So I guess you guys are gonna have to stay tuned for uh part two. So uh again And as always thank you guys for watching And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day in deferred.

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