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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you're here! I know I'm glad to be here. This is a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 Hemi V8 This thing was towed in last night and it is a no crank, no start. Let's see if this thing's gonna come alive for us today. Stockton's the engine? nada? Dead in the water at 93 633 miles? I Hear some clicking but I don't hear any cranking.

Can we hear it down here? Yep, yeah. I hear some clicking. No cranking. Okay, weird, let us popping easy Hood grab a meter, see if our battery's any good to start with and then we'll go from there because this is going to be a very good video opening.

Z Hood Hmm well the windows work. We kind of have some battery going on here. All right, let us see. What Lies Beneath the bonnet keep.

It's kind of like a Ram Jeep hybrid because that's not really a Jeep thing. Uh, let's see. Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery Battery battery. It's hidden somewhere, but we do have a jumper box post.

Okay, let's check voltage right here and see what. Uh, see what's going on. First ever Voltmeter cam, right? All right, we're gonna. We're gonna set this thing to voltage and we'll connect the ground to body ground somewhere.

connect our ground to our ground lead. I Do that. So I don't have to hold both leads at the same time and let's see what we have for power a little low 11.37 volts. Okay, let's add some supplementary electrons that could be a that could be a bad battery or a bad cell on the battery.

Here let's fetch the jump box and uh, get some power to that Jeep starting Z Engine This is a 1 600 cold cranking amp 400 horsepower turbine powered diesel jumper pack. Say that five pounds fast there will just pull her up right here. It's good popping in the Hood Part Two: see here: jumper cables come with me. Ginormous cables I Got tired of messing around with jump boxes and flimsy little wimpy cables that can't transfer any uh, any amperage.

So I made some out of some uh I think this is one gauge wire and some uh, some welder clamps. That being said, I can jump start anything. Let's get these guys connected. negative over here to body ground.

That's a good one on the on the shock Tower right there. Very good. All right. and now we have uh still.

11 volts. What is this not? Uh I'm making a very good connection here. What is it? I'm doing it wrong. That's what this is.

It does not go over there. It goes right here. That's better Now now we can check and 13 volts. Okay, that's better.

Let's go see if this thing cranks okay and the survey says dotting the engine All right. I'll tell you what I Did not expect that thing to to start because uh, our fellow that owns this truck, he has tried to jump start this and it was towed here and the tow driver also tried to jump start this. So I find it odd that uh I got it to start. However, if anybody was jump starting it over here, that could have, uh, that could have made the difference.
So while we're here and while it's running, I'm gonna go ahead and disconnect my giant jump box and get this thing out of here and we can ship with the meter just to see what charging system voltage is. since this, uh, since this engine's turned on. All right, let's get these cables out of here and go check the uh alternator output real quick on the Jeep while it's running here, we'll clip our ground back on. Yeah, 13, 2, 13 Something like that, we have charging system voltage.

That's okay. All right. let me get this into the shop and let's dig the battery out of this thing, charge it and re-test it. Something's uh, a little fishy about this.

All right. let's see here. look at that doors. that door doesn't like to open and close.

That's weird. Oh that's broken. Okay. neutral Drive Okay, it goes into drive.

it moves, we're rolling. I fixed it. Needed jump start. ooh it's just nose this bad boy in right here that park or on door re-popping Z Void All right.

So here's the plan. We're going to get access to the battery and yes, it's in the passenger compartment I'm going to charge this unit for a little while and then we're going to come back and toss some testers on it and see if this battery is any good. Okay, so our battery is located underneath of the passenger seat, down in the floor and what do we have in here? We have a Duralast it's an AGM battery. H7 And what do we got? This looks like is that our negative can't see any more lumens? Hang on.

I Almost killed you guys. All right. Yeah, that's our positive back there. So that's our negative.

Let me throw this charger on this bad boy and uh, we'll get some electrons pumped into this unit and then uh, I Guess we'll go from there. now. The idea here is to do this without. uh, grounding this thing out accidentally and creating a shorted circuit Is that it would be bad? Okay, Oh, come on.

get on there. What are we doing? please there? Oh, look hidden VIN numbers and ground cable right here there we go. Let's power on the charger. Okay, let's see we're looking for.

We'll start her off at 10 amps, do that for about a half an hour, and then we'll step up the average. There we go, All right. You guys wait right here. Be back in a minute.

All right. let's get back into the truck here and uh, see uh see how this battery is gonna test out. I'm gonna test this with two different kinds of testers this time. Let's go ahead and shut this down.

Phew. Okay, good to go. Let us disconnect our charging unit here and let me in there. Oh, flashlight down here.

you go in there. Let's get this out of here. for now. we don't need you and we don't need this one become connected.

It's not a very friendly uh terminal over there to get a hold of. I Can tell you that. So look at here. we're up to Voltage battery.

What is this? 850 Club Cranking amps? Yes. So we'll test this digitally at 850. what do we have here? 800 850. there we go.
I'm gonna test charge No Charge 407 Cold Cranking amps Bad battery. All right. that's not cool. Its battery is garbage.

All right. Well I told you I was going to do this with two different uh styles of tester and I will. We're gonna do this next phase with the resistive load tester. You guys have not seen this unit yet.

Let's get these out of the way. You guys hang out over here and let's get this guy hooked up to our battery again. There's that, uh, that front clamp? That's going to be kind of a challenge. Let's see if I can get a hold of that little stud right there.

That's good. Good contact and our negative side. Okay, so we're showing voltage here: 12.2 volts. Okay, and there's no load on this now I need to make sure I suspend this thing off the carpet because it can get a little warm.

But we're basically gonna turn this knob right here and it's going to start putting your resistive load on this battery. kind of like a toaster. We're gonna do this for 15 second intervals. We turn until we start to see some load show up on our meter here.

Begin loading now. Voltage is going down. We're at 150 amps 10, 11, 12, 13. Too much and we're down here on the edge of, uh, stop beeping at me.

Power down, Voltage is falling Too low. That's the alarm. Okay, oh, it's hot in there. See the little elements inside? Okay, let's turn it back down.

We'll do one more actually. I need to give it a minute. Let this cool down. We'll do one more test.

Okie Dokes We've had a one minute cool down on the tester. Let's throw one more load on it. We'll do 150 200 amps. That's our amperage and voltage is falling, falling, still falling.

We're borderline here, but we've got. Yep, that's a weak battery considering. Well, it's a dead battery. That says it's dead smoky.

My digital tester says it's dead. My analog tester says it does not carry a load very well. That's enough for me. We're going to go ahead and, uh, order a replacement battery.

We're going to toss that in and we're going to recheck the starting system. But I think we're just going to get away with uh, just a battery replacement on this one. Perhaps starter is not needed, Which is what everybody thought at first. Let's get this guy out of here, back to your bench.

All right, headed back in. Let's go ahead and get this thing disconnected and uh, removed? Well, uh. while we wait for that new battery to arrive. It's also an AGM You shouldn't use lead acid batteries inside of contained, uh, contain spaces.

They vent gases here. Let's get that guy disconnected. We'll set you aside and we can get our positive cable back there. Pull that guy off.

Oops. Flashlight gravity. Oh, and what do we have here for a hold down? Um, oh, there it is. Way down there.
Okay, what is that two? 13 millimeter? I Think yeah. let's check. I Brought all kinds of stuff with me. I brought a 12 and a 13.

this? you never know. Maybe it's both. That's a 12. good thing I brought an extra.

Let's try that other one there. Um, no, it's not a 12. It's a loose 13. Okay on click.

Oh, that's tight. That's super tight here. Help me out guys. Oh, turn that kind of rusty.

Here's one nut. okay, other, one other nut. there you are on packages. Thank you.

There we go. Cool. let's get that nut out. And then the plate that clamps this battery down should pop up here.

Please. There we go. Come out cool beans and let's see. I'm going to disconnect this load sensing wire right here that way.

I've got a good path to Uh to pull this battery out because it's heavy and it's far away and down and that makes things difficult. Yeah, that's definitely going to be a two-handed operation here. I can't even I can't I just can't even hang on. This is hard.

This is why uh, batteries aren't as easy as they used to be. You know you tell someone. hey, it's 60 bucks to put a battery in. uh I mean like that's insanity and not really anymore.

We've been engineered to a price point. you know, for weight distribution things like that. Here we go come out battery thing you Woohoo! Okay, plop that guy down right there. very nice and uh, we're on the waiting game until the new one arrives.

So uh, I'll be right back when my new battery shows up. All right coming in, we've got a new battery. It's been delivered. Let's go ahead and get this thing prepped.

I'm gonna I'm gonna run my tester on it real quick before we drop it down in there just to make sure it's gonna pass. You'd be surprised how many batteries come through A brand new that, uh, do not pass a very simple digital test. So 12.72 volts? That's good. Uh, 850 called cranking amps.

This is also good. 903 Booyah Good battery. All right. let's get this thing dropped down inside of its home here.

and uh, we'll go ahead and recheck the starting system and make sure this thing cranks reliably all right, making sure all that stuff is out of the way. Okay, nothing here that's going to get broken when I slam the battery down on top of it. So let's just, uh, maneuver this guy down inside of its home here. Get in there.

H7 AGM Battery Oh, the cables are stuck. That's exactly what I said I didn't want to do and and I did that Aaron Arrow ah, my flanges flangy smashing that's not good box of angry electrons or smashing my fingers. put that positive cable on since it's just everywhere in the way. Yeah.

Slide the unit back. it fell down into its little bracket. Mount thing that's good. Let's plug in our vent.

that's important and I didn't check the other side to make sure that the plug was in it. Hang on and it is okay. The vent plug is plugged in. There's a vent tube on both sides of this and only one tube is utilized, so you have to plug the other side.
Otherwise, if the battery were to vent, it could, uh, it could still end up venting gases into this little compartment here and that would be potentially explosive. It's not good actually. I need to take that back off because I didn't put the hold down thing in there I can't see I can never see what's going on. Never see what? I'm trying to do.

two bolts. Put that guy on bolt number two. Get you in there. Good gravity of the flashlight.

Yeah, let's tighten those guys down real quick. Kicks fault number two. Nut number two. Not, it's a nut, not a bolt.

My incorrect terminology is stunningly overpowering. Look I think I know what I meant and I think you guys know what I mean when I say things. but sometimes I just say the things that are not the things that I really wanted to say. Weird.

It's like the brain and the mouth are doing opposite things. Hang on a second. Is that paper? No, that's like some kind of a shim. Okay, We're Not Gonna worry about that clamp.

click one and the one out back. clamp click two. Everybody's connected All right up to the driver's seat. Let's see if this thing's gonna crank and start and run.

I'm sure it will. Oh, you know what? I should have, uh, lubed these hinges while I was, uh, waiting for that battery to show up restocking the engine. All right. No problem.

Oh looky here. a clue. Look at that heat shield. Me thinks that somebody else thought that this was a starter as well.

That's what I thought. Hmm. might have been the tow truck guys powering down. restarting.

Yeah, it's working. Window speeds good. We have electrons. Okay, well.

I guess I Just need to continue to recheck this every now and then just to make sure. Uh, I'm assuming that what's down here is all good to go. So I am just going to go ahead and plug put our lid back in there. How's that? Go hang on here.

We're doing something wrong. It's a wire sticking up that doesn't have a home that goes like that. Okay, and four clips. So we clip on here here and here and here.

Okay, interesting position here. Okay, there was one clip. All right. trying to figure this out.

These clips don't clip very well and that one back there. All right. good to go on the clips. Let me fetch my goodies.

get those out of here backing up. Let's see, we've got a meter and a tester and a wrench. Let's get this stuff out of here. Come on with it.

put you over on the bench for right now. Thank you And of course our floor mat. Start off the seat. Good to go there.

Let's see. Go ahead and slide our seat back. now. where did this go? Even if this goes under the seat as well might be part of the battery install I Don't know I'm not sure where this stuff goes.
Glove box? No. Hmm. the mystery continues here real quick before. I Keep forgetting.

I Would like to coil those hinges. It appears to be The bottom hinge. so I'm just gonna give this a very generous application of lubricant, squirting it on in there a nice leg and I'll work the hinge and see if I can't get this door to kind of free up. I wonder if it was like flung open and bent the hinge or something like that because this is binding very heavily.

Uh, and the coil is not fixing it. The coil doesn't fix it. It's super broken, Not sponsored. That's just what I have.

Yeah, see the top one. The top hinge moves freely. That bottom hinge. that one seems to be binding.

Okay I think it needs a new hinge assembly. All right. Cool beans, you know. I'm thinking I should probably power this thing down and get this heat shield installed I'm assuming it goes down where the starter is.

It's definitely an under hood or under body type of heat shield, so maybe I should put this thing on before. I Let this thing heat up. Let's grab the creeper. It's up here because the youngins like to roll around on it.

Pick your battles. All right. we're going in sliding around in the dirt I couldn't fit under here with the creeper. So I'm sitting under a on a foam pad trying to get over here to the starter motor which I believe I will find it Yeah, right around here.

Somewhere you guys see her up there. there's supposed to be a heat shield I think this is for the starter I hope it is. Yeah, yeah, yeah, there she is. There's the starter.

We can see one of the bolts, two of the bolts where the shield goes. Okay, this ought to be fun. See if I can't get some light on that thing? How we're gonna do this now. Logic would dictate to me that I should probably just lift this thing up on the lift to, uh, get that heat shield on.

However, somebody managed to get that heat shield off, uh, without a lift and I'm gonna put it back on without a lift. Just a, you know, a personal challenge Maybe might be kind of fun. So let's floor eject this thing out because I can't fit in there. It's not working out for me.

so we're gonna lift this bad boy up a little bit and uh, give me some more space. Well I work for a little piece of metal coming in. Yeah, right here under the subframe. That's a good spot.

I think I hope I believe it is. Yep, moving on up and floor jack cam. Way too much fun doing my job. Way too much fun.

All right. let's go fetch a jack stand so we're safe. I Don't know if this video is about a battery or a heat shield. Can't decide it's about a shielded battery.

Come here. Jack Stand. Come out of your home. This is not cool.

I Parked my Jack stands in the corner Too Far We've gone too far. Safety. See that now. we're super safe.

It just falls down. I won't get smashed. All right. So here's how we're gonna do this: I'm gonna reach in here through the wheel well where the CV axle is and you guys take a look over here from the back side and we can see the back of the starter.
So I just need to get this Shield up in position and then get the uh, the two bolts into it. There's one of them. So what? I'll do I'll feed the bolt through the shield. you see that and then we'll get the one on top that I can see.

we'll get that one started. Come on now. get on there. Thank you.

All right! Small little victories. And it's not straight small failures. But that's okay. We'll offset our failures with larger victories.

Then they're not really failures. it's gonna work and I dropped it and I recovered it. This is It's kind of working. Oh it failed my.

A brilliant idea. Yeah, we're gonna get through this. This is gonna work I'm determined. Oh I know what I was doing I was trying to put the thing in the wrong hole here so I can see the second one a little higher up.

That was my failure. That's where it goes I had the wrong peg in the wrong hole now I don't think I can get that top bolt in just yet because it's it's like right next to the exhaust pipe I Don't know. Maybe I can I'm in the mood for tempting fate. What do you guys think? can I do without burning my finances probably? I think I can I don't know I can't see what I'm doing but I'm trying here.

You guys see this. That's it. Pretty tight I'm like right here I'm like right with you on this one. like I can barely see what I'm what I'm trying to see and that exhaust is hot.

Ah, what was this air pump pumping air? See? that's why your batteries die. There's all these electronic systems on these things that don't shut off for hours after you shut down. Ready tighty and they're always making a drain on the battery more tighter. That's 10 mil click.

Oh, this totally worked out. It's great and one more on that upper bowl right there. I Can't get the ratchet side on this one. So I'm just doing it with the uh, the open end of the wrench I can only see with one eyeball I hope you guys can see what I'm doing up there.

Foreign just listening to the soothing sounds of my ramble Rambles there we go. Open in Kick got it. Sweet heat shields on. Let's get out of here.

It's kind of warm. Okay, hey, now that it's been a little while, we can go ahead and try for a another restart just to make sure that this thing in fact does restart. Removing safety devices. there you go, fingerprints and get rid of that and restarting the engine Flawless No problem.

Yep, our problem is a battery problem. There are no other problems. nice except for that tire pressure warning light service TPMS System: It's not good all right guys. Well, with the exception of that tire pressure warning thing I find no other faults uh on this particular car I'm Gonna Keep it for a day and just continue to do a couple of restarts just to make sure that starter uh wasn't also just intermittently failing in conjunction with uh having a weak battery.
We just want to make sure I don't release this thing and then have it do a no no crank condition again. but at this point in time we're good to go. I Guess Back to Basics always tends to rear its head every now and then because uh I mean truth be told I almost sold a starter on this and uh and I was totally wrong. Um, didn't expect to be a battery.

We saw the window going up and down with some speed I had some voltage, but apparently 11 11.2 11.1 volts. That's not enough to uh to get that starter to go ahead and click over. So uh, glad we caught it before it was an epic failure. Let me know what you think about that situation.

Did you like this video? Did you not like this video? Let me know in the comment section down below. Also, let me know if you ever got yourself in a similar situation where you almost Overlook something very small which could have made your situation turn into something very big and it doesn't have to be cars or repairs or anything else. maybe just in life in general. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm rambling on my nonsensical ramblings one more time. So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this video out right now. and I'm gonna do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video again. I Hope you enjoyed this video and also before I Go I Have to remind myself: Do not forget to remind you to Not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of: Jeep.

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  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeff Mikolajek says:

    What a great place for a battery! Engineers are total geniuses!

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Melvin Sheppard says:

    Same thing happened to my 2018 chevy equinox two months ago, great video….

  27. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars darren mccorkhill says:

    Ooooo look hidden Vin numbers sounded like you were very excited about that

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Norman Garrand says:

    geez ray can't believe you didn't tighten the positive post before you connected the neg terminal

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Courtney Strobeck says:

    Which engineer did you upset so that they put the Battery there and make the POSITIVE terminal the one with no room?

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Alrmraining says:

    ever thought about putting an Anderson power pole on your truck to make a permeant spot to hook in those cables safely?

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrArtVendelay says:

    Batteries inside the cabin. Ugh

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars MrArtVendelay says:

    I saw that big yellow DeWalt jump box in your shop. Why the cables? 1.5 Volts made all the difference?

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars akush55 says:

    replacing the master cylinder twice in 8 month? as first one die in march 🥶☃yet the 2nd one failed in Nov as we doing during fall early snow only took 4hr and 10 🥶warming breaks all hand tool

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Eirik Skoglund says:

    Banner start Booster its good 💪

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jim Staszko says:

    Get the Saab off your flat bed and fix it! LOL

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Doug Serenbetz says:

    Dont park in wife unit parking spot.

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jonathan Deitch says:

    I hate batteries inside cars. Should be up front where God and proper engineering says they should be.