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Hello everybody! Good day to you! Welcome back! Glad you were here. Welcome to project Mazda CX-7 See if this thing's going to stop. It's got a new battery I heard it uh did not crank did not start at 137 400 miles on the odometer. All right starting Z Engine cool beans.

Alrighty so I've got a quite a list of things we're going to look at here: I Think this car has been laid up and parked for a while and uh, we want to bring it back to life. It's got some AC noises. It's got some oil leaks. it's got this going on I'll fix that later.

So uh, what? I'm gonna do I'm not gonna drive this thing. it has not. uh, been on the road for a while and I don't know this car. so I'm gonna I'm gonna put it on the lift and inspect everything before.

I uh before I go ride around in public roadways make sure she's safe and all that good stuff. So I'm just gonna go ahead. we're back in this bad boy into the shop. We're gonna round the corner of Death In Reverse We're gonna get it back into my corner.

We will get it up in the air and start. Uh, start inspecting slash diagnosing. I've got a list like I said. we're gonna go with the list and uh, prioritize things and then we're gonna go from there.

So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video opening. Z Hood see mirrors are good. That's how we Parks the Autos properly. all right parking powering down.

begin inspecting, popping. oh that was already popped. fail I Restarted because one of the complaints was a buzzing noise I think it's the AC compressing unit and I concur I think see what we have here? Uh, we got a noise. can I tell you what? I'll do I'm gonna run into the cabin and I'll turn off the AC if the noise stops and we know it's the compressor off again.

All right. That confirms that the uh, the noise is in fact that compressing unit. I'm adding that to the list all right now. I Can see it's got some new coils in there, so I'm going to assume it has a new spark plugs.

Um, it does have a drivability complaint I Guess it loses power under load on occasion. That's a little odd. Uh, see here there's some kind of liquid. I Believe that engine mount is a liquid filled Mount and it's broken.

You can see where it's been spilling down down onto the body. Okay Add that to the list. see they said they wanted something done about this. uh PCB hose right here I think that's what that is that needs to be replaced.

You know there's a lot of stuff going on here. My issue is there used to be trouble codes in this and I understand that since it sat with the dead battery for a while, the ECM has erased uh, all the data. The check engine light is no longer on. but I'm going to go into it anyway and see if some of that information is still stored in memory.

Yeah, although the light is not on, that does not mean that the code is not here anymore. It just means that, uh, the request for the malfunction indicator lamp is no longer active. Sure, let's plug this guy in. I Mean the codes could be gone, but uh, we don't know until we know.
So let's find out. Mazda Automatic ID initializing satellites linking up in outer space communicating communicate Faster Come on there we go. Do it. 2007 Mazda CX-7 2.3 liter four-cylinder doke turbo powered federally missions dope.

uh dual overhead cam. It's just fun to say it as a dope. Let's go into engine and that compressor is super loud. Codes: menu, Memory codes continuing blah blah blah yeah yeah, no codes present.

That's unfortunate. I was hoping to find trouble. Codes: No worries. All right.

What I'm gonna do is hop out and set the rack on this. Uh, before I shut her down. I'm going to let this thing code scan all the modules and I'm gonna do that because I do have some warning indicators. We've got a traction control and a TCS off warning indicator.

Don't know why it's turned off. Probably it's disabled due to a fault. Well, that was fast. Look at here.

lots of loss of communication. A lot of you codes ABS has a U-code steering wheel, angle sensor, position zero not found. All right airbag, a bunch of Uh U codes in the all-wheel drive module. The Gem has a low battery code so some of this may have been in here due to the battery having been removed for a while.

So since we don't know what the deal is with that, I'm going to clear everything and uh, and we'll just kind of restart with a fresh, fresh palette so to speak. Those low voltage codes and those U-codes with a missing battery could have very well been the cause for all those to have been set. You know, clear trouble codes, blah blah blah. All right, let's let it do that.

I'm gonna rack this thing up. We're gonna take a look at the undercarriage and see what we can see moving on up. Okay, now my primary complaint here is uh, that this thing intermittently loses power while driving. After a couple minutes, they say it runs and idles fine and it's got power down low.

but then while driving it, it seems to act like it runs out of gas and as I walk by I noticed I'm not getting much exhaust sound and I'm certainly not getting any flow out of this thing. I'm I'm suspecting that one of the cats is clogged up. so I think what I'll do is I'm pulling my my laser imager device right here. power on and we're gonna see if we have a huge temperature differential here at the uh the cat converters.

If it's really cold over here and really hot over here, then we know that we're not getting any flow. So let's take a let's see now. the heat shields are messing us up a little bit, but we'll see out back. we've got.

we'll call it 260 degrees dude. No. No. 230, 220, 100 something 180 How about deep inside of the cat? see what I can see in there 317 and then up front? These heat shields are messing me up a little bit.

I don't can't really see foreign I don't know 150 out I Don't know if we're getting a lot of flow here. Uh, let me put in a throttle stop and we'll just go out back and feed it. Let's try that. We'll give it uh some.
RPM Then we'll come back here and check the exhaust and see if it's actually flowing. Come down all the way down All right. So we're coming in. Got this little caulky gun uh, throttle stop device here that's going to go down on the gas pedal accelerator pedal I Don't like to say gas pedal, it's an accelerator and we just squeeze that a little bit we're gonna raise.

RPM Where are we about 2200? That's good and out back. Nada, We're getting no flow back here we have a clogged exhaust. see if I cannot demonstrate that's not gonna work. Blue Towel Diag Here we go look at that.

Nothing and nothing that's confirmed diag on uh on a clogged converter. So we have an exhaust issue. We don't need to run this anymore powering down. Let's get out of here.

we're moving back up. Let's see if we can't uh, unbolt that converter and take a look-aloo inside. all right now we do have a slight issue going on here. see this is the Uh post cat I think I believe there's a secondary converter or I'm sorry a primary converter farther Upstream but we can't get to that one because it's like bolted on the back of the head and the Turbo.

So what we will do is disconnect this converter and we're going to drop this down. take a look inside and see if this one is damaged or if that one is damaged or if both of them are damaged. So let's see if this is going to come apart easily or not easily. I Don't know.

Yeah should be easily. We need lubricant. Lots of it here. We'll give this some.

uh. foamy BG penetrator oil treatment not sponsored. That's just. it's just what I use and since the penetrating Lube debate rage is on and TV Blaster is better in the hearts and minds of some, I'll use that too.

So now we got twice as much Lube It's a good time now. let's see if this is gonna crack loose or not unique. Yeah, that's better. Oh, it's smoking.

exhaust must have been a little warm. There we go. Power tools? You don't work. Yeah, there's one.

uh, that one. I can't get a tool on. We'll try that later and this one. same thing.

Hang on. More extensions. Why? I Love wobbly extensions. Check this out.

Angle's not great but that's tight. No don't you break I'm not having that towards you. Wow. Yeah, we need more lubricant that's in there.

Good old exhaust bolts. See what had happened was was the TV Blaster contaminated the other oil? It's rendering it ineffective. Probably not, but sounded cool. Oh no, that's not gonna work.

more lubricants. I'm gonna come off now. Come on. Come come give up.

I Suppose power tools are not always the answer. So sad there we go. Come on out of there please. I said Please We're not gonna have a Avalanche Repeat.
Not on this thing. No victory. We did pull the threads out though. it's not cool.

Okay numeral face. that one's gonna come off. That's good. They're all coming off.

Yeah, See, we're not even inspecting yet. we're just diagnosing. Still, sometimes that's how it has to go. Feel your stuff falling out of the exhaust I wonder if it's a catalyst material? Foreign.

We need some thermal insulation. A lot of friction in those threads. All right. So what we need to do is get this uh, converter separated from the rest of the exhaust and drop it down some which can't do yet because the hangers are still hanging it.

So let's pull these hangers off next and I have a tool for such things for years and years and years. I Did this with pry bars not realizing how easy it actually was with the proper tool. There's one. pull that second hanger off and this thing should drop down enough to, uh, take a look inside.

It says there we go. All right, let's see what we can see inside of here if we can see. And the survey says this converter that one looks okay and that's not damaged. You see the honeycomb in there? All right.

That tells me that the one that is, uh, the Restriction is the one up front on the on the back of the engine. It's that one way way up there behind this, uh, drive shaft and differential. Okay, let me go see if I can, uh, find these parts and uh, we're gonna go from there. All right coming down.

We're gonna start this and it's gonna be loud and I'm gonna check the rear of the front converter to see if there's still no exhaust flow. I Imagine if it's melted, it's melted up in the front. but uh, we're gonna just verify that with no again gonna be loud. Let's get in here There we go.

Restarting is the engine ring? Actually, it's not very loud. Okay, all right. going in, going in, going, and going in. what do we have? No very much.

Yeah. I know there's there's almost no flow here. All right. So I'm gonna seal this up ever so slightly just with some pliers for now.

All right, the leak is semi-sealed There you go. All right. So after a few seconds of run time I think it's built up some pressure here because now I can hear a little bit of a leak. You see that's not fully, uh, clamped on or anything like that.

There's a gadget up top, not much of one, but it is pushing its way past the seal so there is some back pressure forming. Let's uh, let's scooch out back and take off the muffler. Oh, unclick that and one more over here. I'm glad these bolts are coming off easily.

Number two, Hear that? Okay, let's see. Pry bar. Pry bar. Need a pry bar separate this? um, get it apart.

There we go. I'm going to have to, uh, probably take this thing out on the road and drive it until we get that check engine light to come back on. Um, like I mentioned earlier I didn't want to drive it until I inspected it I've inspected it. Uh, so let's go out, hit the road, see what it does, and uh, and then we'll go.
from there, it's gonna be a little bit louder than when we brought it in. I have, uh, removed the muffler and remained left disconnected. Uh, just to verify that that, uh, that's not causing our issue struck become unstuck. There we go.

Okay. Turbo four-cylinder will close you for now. What I'm going to do is go ahead and, uh, start this thing up. We'll pull it outside real quick, let it idle come up to temp.

T is this was interesting. Starter wasn't too happy. You hear that angry starter? look at there. check engine lights on now.

Maybe I don't have to go very far after all. let's just go ahead and check that right now. let's see. he'll plug that guy into our onboard diagnostic two port selecting scanner.

You know now that I mention it. that makes sense because this may have been just this car's third or fourth restart since. uh, since that new battery got tossed in there. So if we've got a light, that means we have a code and if we have a code then we have some direction.

This is good. Yep. 07 CX-7 engine codes. What's up? What do we have? codes? Menu Memory Talk to me Goose initiating system: Lean at Idle Bank One P2187 Lean at Idle Okay, we're good somewhere.

so let's go into data: We'll pull up field trim data, fuel trims and O2s not supporting all Pids, blah blah blah. Long-term fuel trim 20.3 percent. That's that's pretty much out there. that's maximum.

Hmm O2 Sensor voltage O2 Sensors not doing much. Yeah, let's go and hit the road real quick. see what it does. Kind of pulled up some graphs before we go.

This is our heated oxygen sensor that's a Bank One sensor one that's Upstream of the cat. In this particular case, it's actually in the cat. and I'm going to monitor this thing's voltage now I Can tell you right now off the bat, this is not doing what it should be doing. We should be seeing a graph that switches from high to low and high to low.

Similar to this little Peak right here, but it's just kind of hanging out down here. now. this could be a faulty sensor and it could also be the fact that there, uh, there is a air fuel ratio problem and it's just stuck. stuck clean.

which again, we can get that with a clogged converter. but a test drive should help clear a couple things up. Okay, so taking a look at our O2 sensor graph again, it's really tough to see bright lights. It has a it's kind of Switched its position.

it's It's now on the high side of our graph, but it's not doing anything. still, just kind of hanging out all stagnant dings you built. okay I can uh I Definitely smell. something in here.

Smells like rotten eggs. It's got no power. Very very light power. I I Think that that front cat is clogged.

It seems to be uh, seems to kind of be where we're at here now. I'm not going to be able to really take a back pressure reading from that because the Uh wideband O2 and or oxygen sensor is actually located in the center of the cat. So if there's some damage to the front of that converter which is going to be right at the at the exit area of the of the turbine not compressor, see me right at the exit of the turbo. If that cat is damaged or melted or restricted there, the back pressure gauge will not show a reading because the pre the gauge is going to be farther Downstream than the potential obstruction.
but uh, kind of based on how it's performing, what we felt at the exhaust and and the smell that I'm smelling inside here right now. I Do believe that there's an issue with that converter so unfortunately I'm gonna have to pull that converter down and visually inspect it and I guess go from there. So uh let's get uh back to the to the shop real quick. I don't need to be here out on the road longer than necessary schools on zone so I'm gonna swing this thing back around.

we're gonna head over to the shop and I'm gonna see if I can't locate and price one of these converters and I guess we will go from there. Let's try. Full Throttle real quick. Yeah, this thing doesn't go anywhere.

This is. uh, it does not run like it's got a turbo. I Can tell you that it runs like no boost. Alrighty, we return.

I'm gonna go ahead and park this vehicular module right here and uh, head into the office. I'm gonna price all this stuff out and uh, we'll go from there if I'm gonna do this. uh, converter removal. Uh, probably gonna do that on another video or maybe even two because that's uh, I think it's like a three and a half or four hour job.

So that being said, I'm gonna go ahead and close this particular video out right now and I will do that by thanking each and every one of you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this diag video So again, as always, thank you for watching I'll see you on the next one. And most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later! End of Mayor's Day and powering down.

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