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2011 chevrolet silvery radio, 5.3 liter v8 customer states. It has no oil in it yeah. Let's just see about this, no oil situation uh. This truck has my company's oil change sticker in it.

According to the mileage, it is about 2 000 miles overdue. It does have some oil in it. It's right here that second little dot, it's not empty. Let's start this thing up see what we have to work all right.

Well, i do hear some lifter tick out of it, but there's no uh rod knock, that's good! That suggests to me that there is oil pressure present. Now the oil pressure gauge tells us there is no oil pressure, that's not good! Let us consult the scanning device, see what that tells us. We do have some trouble codes stored in the ecm p0521 engine oil pressure sensor performance failed. History failed not passed since power up.

We've got a p0523 engine oil pressure circuit high voltage that suggests that there's an open circuit, p 219 alpha fuel trim balance bank. One p: 219: bravo: fuel trim balance bank, two okay, um we're going to focus on the non-oil issue; first, which is going to be relating to these other two dtcs. It appears that there's an issue with the engine oil pressure sensor we're going to go and back out of here. I want to see if this gauge is uh able to function so we're going to go into instrument panel cluster and take some control over these gauges.

With the scanner ipc we're going to go to functional tests, that's going to give us the menu of things to do ipc gauge sweep here we go. This is what we want and begin sweeping gauges now, oil pressure gauge moves okay. So what this tells me is that the instrument cluster assembly, particularly the engine oil pressure sensor gauge, is functioning or is capable of functioning, so its control is not functioning. Now its control device is going to be the engine oil pressure sensor and this particular engine.

I believe that happens to be located behind the intake manifold between the intake and the firewall at the top of the engine block, so uh something's going on. I believe with that sensor either the sensor has failed. There's an issue with the circuitry like crispy critters ate it it might not be plugged in or it could physically have an obstruction in the oil galley. Probably not the latter, because we have trouble codes that indicate circuit high.

So i'm going to assume it's going to have a failed sensor or a an open circuit condition. So that being said, we have determined that there is actual oil pressure here, because if there was not, we would hear horrendous rod knock by now. It's been running for a few minutes, hang on everybody. Let me pause for just a second.

I moved past that oil pressure issue very dismissively and nonchalantly. I knew immediately after startup that the engine had oil pressure, because there wasn't any rod knock occurring had that engine been running without oil pressure. A bottom end knock would have been heard within 10 to 15 seconds. Okay, i have gone and gathered some more information and i have learned that uh.
What had happened was was the customer came out to start his truck one morning. Gage said no oil pressure, so uh he shut truck off call triple a. They came out. Put a few quarts of oil in it, and now we have oil on the dipstick restarted, still no oil pressure.

So then they had it towed and i'm gon na recommend that we diagnose and do something about that engine oil pressure sending unit which is located where hey it's back here. It's like it's like way way down here back here down there. I don't even know if i can reach it from where i'm at and that's a negative, so um. What we're going to need to do is hold this in taking stuff apart and get to that sensor and see what's going on with it.

So i'm going to go, let everybody know what we're going to do here: okie dokes. We are going to go ahead and proceed to uh, diagnose that oil setting unit issue. I need to get back there and inspect the wiring harness. That's why the intake is coming off all right.

We're gon na need a tool tray here: sockets miniature pry bar action. There's a lot of connectors here to remove the throttle body connector off first nothing's staring at us. Let's see map sensor we're gon na get this bracket for the wiring harness disconnected next, that's uh, three little bolts get that thing out of here come here is i saw this business, it's not working for me. Let's see all right, that's disconnected we'll just kind of lay this over to the side, just a wee bit here.

Let's see what else can i get out of our way? I already took the alternator cable off by the way uh fuel lines - that's where we're at next all right, let's lose this little connector, just uh, just to give us more space to tinker with get that out of here. This evap line right here come here. I'd like to put you under there now we can get to our fuel line connection safety, clip removed. We need a special tool to unclip this connector slides over the line, clamps down wrong side ray and then what we do is pull that line forward and then shove the tool inside and then yank the line back yeah.

What's up the big sockets for the box, trucks um? Oh, i don't know man and while we're here in this corner, i'm going to reach back and disconnect this pcb hose. That goes into the valve cover, and it's also attached to the top of the intake manifold, and we don't want that to be there, we'll just tuck this in over here. For now there we go all right. That's all that is holding this intake on, with the exception of the bolts, i believe, all the obstructions are removed and uh.

We will sneak this guy out of its home and see what's going on with that pressure sending unit. I think there are 10 bolts on this intake five on each side. I could be wrong: memory's not working today, maybe it's 12 and there's six on each side. That'd make more sense, even numbers, there's the far away one uh where's, the other one at i know i'm missing one.
I think it's behind here where i cannot see yeah it is. I can see it from the other side. Okay, let's get the passenger side bolts. Another can i reach, then there's one more back there somewhere.

I see you. Oh you know what i'm silly. I forgot the fuel injector connectors. You guys knew that no harm, no foul.

I can be absent-minded. It's part of my charm uh come on. What are you doing next on clicks galore, i got you you're, not gon na evade me just because you're far away connector there all right, four, more connectors. Let's try this again again, there's that one all right, connector number, seven! Hmm from here this one's being stubborn, come on what up buddy.

Ah the pots have arrived. Ooh, a genuine general motors yep here component is gm delco part number one, two, six, seven, three one three four made in meiko well sending unit component like i said we uh, proactively, ordered that come out of there bees here it comes. I can't say i appreciated these wires dangling down off of the wiper towel. Ah, vacuum brake booster hose that's still attached, let's uh! Let's get that off of there there.

This gas stinks okay, we're out housekeeping vaccine powering on yeah. We need to get all this debris and nasty out of here loud noises. So all right, that's good vacuum powering down! Okay, let's protect the valves there and okay and there is the oil pressure sending unit that little guy right there, okay, we're going into long reach mode, because the this sensor is far away. I mean i can probably climb on top of the bumper and get to it, but why do that when i can do this stay unclicked here we go.

Look at that surgery. Don't judge me. This is how i entertain myself. Okay, let me reach back here and get this uh sending unit removed.

These have a requirement for a special socket. A regular socket will not fit them due to the rounded edges of the fastener. This is why i don't try to remove these things from uh or with the intake installed, because, with this extended length, socket even with a universal drive, they're very, very difficult to get out of there and you do more fighting than than anything. And it's it's just not worth the extra effort, and that is why i didn't try to get this out with the intake still installed to me.

It's just not worth the effort comparing it to the new one. It's very similar in nature, let's bust out the meter and just check some resistance and compare the values between the two units and see if there's a discrepancy. Okay, we have migrated over to workbench land and i'm just going to go ahead and bench test. These real quick, like by the way, while we're here like shout out to truebrain products, they supply some of our oil treatments and trans flush stuff.

They sent me a really cool custom, yeti cup. It says my name on it really like that. Thank you guys not sponsored, but um. You know i got a gift from one of our suppliers, so uh i figured it best to uh, show my gratitude.
Oh by the way, since we're doing shout outs - and i know i don't do a lot of these - i want to send one out to chris debose from new jersey, uh, your girlfriend amy emailed me and told me to tell you what's up you guys, like that, I just made that dude's day so anyway, uh we got the meter we're gon na put it on resistance. This is not the oem specified way of doing things, but i'm gon na do this the way i want, plus my my uh. My all data is my malfunctioning. You know what i'm going to leave that in my all, data is malfunctioning and uh.

I can't pull up the diagrams i wanted to. I tried computer's right over there. I tried, but it it wasn't working it's being stupid, slow - and i don't have time for that. So anyway, i'm going to uh to probe my pins, we're on resistance, we're going to find the discrepancy between the two parts.

So here's our old part take note of the reading 12.88 ohms. I use the two bottom pins right here and here killions not ohms we're going to do the same thing on the two bottom pins on the old unit and the survey says nada she's not doing anything yeah, it's looking open circuit here you see the pins two Bottom pins same situation, open circuit, oh well, faulty component confirmed okay, let's go ahead and toss this little guy in see. What's going on here, um, i have also reached in the bore of this and plucked out the little screen for inspection. Uh.

I've heard on occasion. These things used to get clogged up with sludge and uh. They would no longer flow oil, but that does not appear to be the case. So i'm going to just put this little guy back into his floor.

If i can reach - and i can't climbing i'm kind of a little nervous to climb on top of the bumper on this car, because it's been wrapped with uh, what you call it that carbon fiber wrap looking stuff yeah, i'm afraid to tear it all off. That would be bad anyway. Get this thing on. I do believe.

Spec on this sensor is 26 foot pounds of torque. That is what i will apply. Free click yeah, there's that carbon fibery goodness i don't want to. I was trying to step inside of there, but i don't really want to mess that up makes this a little harder.

Okay, spark wrench coming in it's set to 26 foot pounds of torque, very good, plug it back in come here. Oh no yeah! I can't i just can't sorry carbon fiber you're getting locked on. I can't really do anything about it. Well, if you had a ladder there.

Okay, let's toss this intake back in okay, backing up. Okay, let's get our toys out of here. We don't want to secure those inside of someone's car now. There was a lot of debris here and there was risk that some of that debris entered these intake runners before i vacuumed it all out.
While i was removing the unit now. Yes, i did put a vacuum over this, but no the vacuum will not clean everything out of there, because if that valve is closed or both of the valves are closed, then a vacuum will not vacuum from the bottom of the intake runner. So what i'm going to do is insert this to the bottom of the runner and i'm going to blow air in there, and if there is any debris in there, it's going to come out and then it will not be in so this is not blowing air Into and blowing debris into the cylinders, it's making it come out laws of displacement. Some folks will not agree with that.

Um! That's what i do didn't see. Any chunks fly out of that one saw a trunk fly out of that one though nope good valves were open on that one. You guys hear the audible difference. Nothing.

There closed valves. There was stuff in there open valves. Just some dust come out again open valves. Okay, that thing bothers me: we got a straggler.

Oh i just created three stragglers. It's disintegrating plastic junk yeah that one just turned into dust, so it can live there. I don't care. I just want to go in real, quick and wipe the sealing surface down.

Just to remove any debris that might be there because we are putting in a new set of gaskets here these cleaned up very nicely. This is good, nice and shiny and duty and hey. What's the video with a little bit of uh booyah breaking, couldn't hurt, give it a quick one. Last wipey down wonderful, all right all right.

We have ordered a set of improved design, velcro cathedral style gaskets for the intake, here's our old one, you can see! These are plastic and uh, not aluminium. I always use the good gaskets unless prohibited by some reason. Beyond my control. Okay, just tuck that wire out of our way slightly.

We need to move our intake in flashlight, all right intake mini fold. What are you stuck on? Mower hoses and stuff, oh one of my foam insulators fell out. Let's put that back there. It's a noise suppression, foam, okay, i'll need to run through get all these bolts started.

As always, i'm going to run them down slightly and thread them before applying torque. As of right now, the order that i go in doesn't matter because i'm not applying torque, the goal is just to start the threads and then i'll go back in for a second pass and uh tighten and torque them yeah. There's that hidden one. I know it's back there.

I will find you again. That's far awkward turtle. Okay, torqua's achieved all right. Let's move along a little bit.

The hard part is over with let's just get everything reconnected and then we can hop back into the cab and then double check. Our work here i need this to come over here with me with that pcb pipe. We moved out of the way earlier that runs all the way back and to the back of this valve cover here: gravity that was break clean gravity. Let's open this guy up real quick evap hose plug you in real, quick we're doing all this real quick.
You know why, because your time is valuable and i don't want to waste it. That is why, plus i'm down to like about 16 minutes of memory card left and now, there's always a selfish ulterior motive. Multiple clicks, uh, here's our connector for the ignition coils. I love how there's just one connector that runs those that's the best, the best ever.

Here's our alternator control wire from the ecm that goes right here. Are you summoning me again? Someone keeps yelling at me right. That is not the way to my heart. I have to ask nicely and smile yeah.

I knew someone was yelling at me coming. I feel so important. They needed me to uh identify a part on the exploded diagram. That's awesome, greg looking for volvo parts for our 2004., i'm thinking those might be harder to find than dodge rampage parts click.

Oh look at here. I screwed up i'll. Show you why this is why i always put all the bolts in before tightening them. This one does not line up with the threads.

I have failed, not really it's a good demonstration moment. That's what we'll call it there. Okay, speed click. There's one two place that side's good: let's reconnect all the goodies on this side and then we will uh watch our oil pressure gauge function again, there's wires everywhere.

Okay, all that stuff is secure. This goes under there all righty one intake tube later and uh. We can go inside and key. This thing on.

Everyone forgets these right here that right there and it will cause a lean code, and then you get a comeback. That's not good! What you won't get is like a vacuum leak sound because it is upstream of the throttle plates. Therefore, there's a very minimal vacuum. The only vacuum in this tube is what's created by the resistance of the air filter, all right in the cab.

We go. It's keyed on a couple times to prime the fuel pump. I'm gon na do this one scene, so you guys know that there's no camera trickery and stopping the engine. I have an idea clear.

All codes, how's it clearing codes with the key off. That's not right! There we go it lives, we have oil pressure indicated. Okay, let's give it one finalized look over before we button up this particular section of uh. What is going on here? Get off.

Oh man! It got hooked on my shoe like on the tread, that's cool so anyway, as i was saying, let's give it a quick lookie, real, quick we've got nader connected nader connected injectors, connected fuel line connected safety clip this. Ah, we got one. We got a, we got a straggler here. That's why i like to do the finalized recheck, even though that's a minor thing and uh, it's not gon na cause a leak or come off the reason.

I cannot let something like that. Go uncorrected because it looks bad. You know what else looks bad as my inability to manipulate a host plant that looks back here. I failed.
It's gon na be the best part of the whole video. Oh, no, no seriously, this is there okay, i got it hooray. I win again. Okay, all right guys, i think that's gon na about wrap this one up.

We are nearly out of time here. As always, i hope you enjoyed watching this video i enjoyed making this video for you. If you did enjoy watching this video, please feel free to communicate that to me effectively by tapping tapping that like button down below there and if you didn't enjoy this video really sorry. I can't do anything about that.

I did the best that i could so again and as always thank you for watching and uh. Most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day see you guys later bye.

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