Silverado Interior Job
Part 1: Sagging Headliner! NOT an EASY Task!
Part 2: Silverado Sierra Yukon Escalade Interior Restoration GMT800 03-06 PT2
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Customer Customer States Mechanic Fails Engine Transmission Gas Diesel off road race 4x4 street car daily driver scam dealership dealer technician how to

Customer supplied or customer States No snarky videos or comments. Yeah right. Yeah, we're going to see about that. look at that thing.

We haven't seen this truck in a while. Remember this, it's our Maroon 2004 I think it's a 04 Chevrolet with a 53 We have done Bo loads of work on this truck and I need to figure out if I know how to perform like basic Services I haven't uh I haven't done much of that stuff in a while and that's what we're doing. Today we're doing some maintenance stuff on our 53 silvery Rado and the reason I'm doing the maintenance on it is cuz I got Dave in there and he's doing a set of valve covers and then Troy is doing a breake job and then this appointment came in and the only left only guy that was working that was left was me so looks like I am uh I'm going to go ahead and do the uh the scheduled maintenance on this 04 Chevy Suburban did I call it a Silverado earlier I think I did. it's a Suburban Anyway, it's got 120,000 M and 941 extra miles on the odometer.

There's a there's a slip of the speech 12,947 miles on the odometer. There we go see I told you I didn't know if I could, uh, hold this off or not I'm out of practice I haven't made a video in a couple of days. There were some, uh, some other things that required attention that um, kind of distracted me. So uh I'm trying to get back into the swing of things.

It's early the week so I don't have my habits uh, built up just yet so let's try to. let's try to get back at this to see how this works out. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to run over Lauren say hi hi hey I'm going to run Lauren over she's in the way I'm going to come over here and run Troy over he's in the way. not really I can make it.

Thanks brother Appreciate you. There we go Yeah Troy's he had something to do past few videos and everyone's like where did Troy go and the thought he wasn't here because Dave was here and my other new guy or my new guy he's been here a couple weeks. I'll introduce Dave to you guys when Dave is comfortable on the camerai not everybody likes to be in the Limelight so to speak. Anyways, there.

That's enough intro and explanation. We're in the Uh in the shop, we're on the big rack I think we're We're a little off center here. let me back up slightly and give it a turn that way. There we go.

What we're going to do. We're going to power this unit down, pop the door poy hood and we're going to get started. So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video. Hing y Hood Look who that guy is.

All right, let's get us started here. We're going to do the traditional uh, this is how we learn oil change method so we're going to go ahead and put our our cap right here. That way we can't close the hood and then have it closed without reinstalling the cap cuz if you do an oil service and don't install your cap when the engine runs, when our customer drives away, it's going to spew oil droplets all over the top of the hood and it's going to be gross and ugly. and we're going to pull a little dangly bit out right there and that's going to give us a nice visual indicator there that's better.
Gives us a little bouncy visual indication unit that uh, we have not put oila back in it yet so that's the little system that we use to prevent engines from leaving the shop with no lubricant cuz that thing can happen Anyway, the rack is set. let's get this unit up in the air. Green subscribe button on the big lift. let's move it on up as we Ascend upward I Will mention that this is, uh, one of the finest examples of a classic body style.

Suburban Uh, probably in in existence at this point in time. It's been very meticulously cared for. It lives in a garage. It gets the best of the best of the best and never gets abused.

It's one of the trucks, that's uh, it's worth maintaining and worth keeping around. And I know it's worth maintaining because I maintained it once upon a time. I put in these lower control arms and I put in these uh, sway bar bushings and I put in these upper control arms and which also came with ball joints as well as the uh inner tire rods. the outer tire rods, it's those ones there.

put a steering Link in it or or Pitman and idler arm. Rather, we didn't change the center link cuz that's just solid metal. but all the rest of these goodies got replaced again. lower control arms.

on this side, shocks were changed out. Oh what else did I get to do on this truck back in the day? This all happened at my last job place before. I uh I came to work here. Yep, there we go.

We got some sway bar action back here. I don't think I did anything with the rear shocks. Got some fishing line. oh that's Power Pro too.

That's good stuff. That's that braided line. We need to get that out of there. It's not a grouper that must have been from the hurricane when we were driving through the mud holes of overflow water from storm surge trying to escape the uh, well, the storm surge.

I Think that's probably what that was from. Let's put that right over there on some brake pads. Uh, what else can we see? Oh yeah, I Remember I put these rear springs in Also, these are Z71 springs for a Tahoe It gave a little bit of lift action on the back of this truck. spiderweb didn't put that in think I did some brakes on it once upon a time.

Also, we changed and diagnosed some stuff with the engine that's not mine, but it's new. Yeah, we did some engine work on it once upon a time. I I think it was nox sensors. Um yeah.

I've done a lot of lot of stuff on this particular truck. It's hard to remember at all. it's been a long time. Either way, it's looking really good under here.

still. which? uh what? I I would expect that. Let's go ahead and and pop our drain plug out. We'll lose this filter and get this nasty oil spilled here.

Let us fetch the drain bucket. Need to move? Uh, move the headliner over some. that's for that project. Over Yonder which um I'm not really really making much progress on today.
I was going to pull the carpet out. uh, but then I got distracted doing other stuff. so maybe tonight after we close I can do my carpet. we'll see.

Anyway, back over here to the Suburban Uh. One thing to knowe is we pretty much conducted a complete undercar inspection in record times. Did you notice how we started from one corner? looked at each system, moved to another, Corner then another, and then another, and made like a full circle around the car a couple times. That's the uh, the most efficient way to perform an inspection sh under the chassis here.

Bear with me here while we figure out how to get a good angle of attack on. uh oh, that's not a Oh I grabbed the wrong one I wanted a 15 and I grabbed the 16 I cannot read why won't I read Anyway, best angle of attack here. Go ahead and break our nut loose uncage. Now what we're going to need to do next is raise this funnel up because if we were to pull this right now, that oil is going to go and it's going to Splash right here.

and then it's going to Splash everywhere in all directions, including on myself and on the floor and on the bottom of the car. And we don't want to do that. So what I need to do is crack this guy. uh, loose right here.

It's going to release shank on that on our oil thing here. Raise that up as much as I can lock it down so it doesn't fall. now. give that a bit of a turn, pop this guy out All right.

Here's the best part. Watch this missed. Oh and it got me. look I don't know how but it got me every time I swear every time it's even on my shoe.

Yeah, all right. So our stream over here is starting to get a little light running out of driblets that oil is looking dark too I think this is a 7,000 M Oil Change I'm going to say uh, we should take that one back. you know, old school trick I Heard Once Upon a Time and let me know down in the comments if this is valid, let me wipe my fingy off here. I'll show you I have understood that if you can take some oil and get it on your fingertip like so, and it runs straight down over your fingerprint and does not follow the Contours of the fingerprint, I've understood that that oil uh, may be at the end of its useful life.

Have you guys ever heard that before about engine oil? I Have I've never been able to conclusively prove or disprove the uh, the notion. So I was wondering if that was like a popular opinion or if I had just been told the some kind of random myth Once Upon a Time Again, uh, feel free to communicate uh, your thoughts on that using the comment section of this video I'm interested to hear what the general sentiment is about. uh, oil that does not follow the Contours of a fingerprint cuz I Guess the theory is is a good oil with decent surface uh, adhesion Properties or surface tension properties. would actually change directions and follow the print rather than go against the grain so to speak and just run down following gravity.
Either way, that that's definitely some spent oil. let me hold this up some going to give it the spin move a little more hot. There we go. We'll let that business drain out of there for a minute and I'll go fetch my uh, my new filter here.

so we have our new Delco filter over here. It's a what is it a Pf61 echo? that's our part number pf61e. Let's go ahead and unbox that and give it a visual inspect on. This is actually the larger version of filters of the filter that fits that engine.

so that's technically not the part number. the smaller one uh, only goes up to about that far or so. Um, Regardless, we're going to let that thing drain a little bit more. In the meantime, since we are doing a full service type of service, we need to, uh, do some rotations of the tires and uh, get the air pressures checked also.

So while that thing continues to drain and drip dry, I can pull these wheels off and B uh, we can continue with our our service I Didn't forget to keep talking I Was looking waiting for a parts guy to show up cuz I have to exchange some pads. Let's turn on compressors on. That's good Airline coming with me couple PLS There we go, Got it! Woohoo! We'll set this thing aside that's for our air hose to fill the tires with. Let's go fetch that unit a I Got what I wanted 35 you're 4 lb low.

somebody hasn't been checking his tie of pressure. Public sings Somebody Got really unhappy with me the other day I was uh you remember that black Mustang that was in here well when I left and when I finished the car I did like a uh like a cute little burnout scene or whatever in the gravel where I just kind of I I just got on the throttle a little bit and it it broke the wheel loose some and then I had the GoPro kind of looking at it right? Well um somebody ripped me a new one in the comment land talking about it's so cringy that we have to sit here and watch you relive your gross Glory Days from high school with piece of junk Mustangs and watch you abuse other people's property and I'm like okay I it's not like I completely didn't have a conversation with the guy that owns the car and I just willfully publish I was making fun of somebody who was trolling me on the internet. That's all that was done next. That one's low too and 35 on the dot.

that's why I like the digital gauge, it's completely a waste of money. $ 349 it went down got it? Lauren is going to attempt the first ever to Ral the hose reel and now no, come over here. come over here and do it like this training. So what? you got to do? You pull the pull the hose down and then rat pull down and then it goes back up.

It's a thing. Don't let it get away from you. Who got it? That is the opposite of how that's supposed to go. But now you know.
Careful knowing is you that scared me? Careful gel. Hey now we're going to follow you and make you uncomfortable. All right. Come to my office, help me out.

No okay Filter Filter Filter filter. Let's put that thing on there. I Don't need to put any oil on the seal cuz there's oil right there on the on the seal. So I'm not going to.

Prelude This filter can't do that. Blow up an engine. I Know, let's see, there's our little drain plug got you and it's got some crusties on it that's not okay and the he ring fell off. That's how you seriously cause yourself some headache.

Look at that. Yeah, it's soaked up a bunch of metal from in the drain pan. You got to watch out for that stuff. I've got a new one and it is a downgrade look at that that has a magnet.

The replacement does not have a magnet. I Think that was the dormant part. So here's here's how we're going to do this. Problem solved there now.

I Can put the drain pug back. Yay! Run this thing back up. This is like the horriblest, most unorganized, complete fail of an oil change video ever. ever.

I Don't even know what this is. just one of those days. it's a Monday that's what it is. It's fun Monday It's a fun day it's for Monday that's what we'll call it for Monday that's probably how I lost the one that I already lost when I pulled it out earlier.

it wasn't like attached to the the plug or whatever and I think when I spun the thing out, it hit the thing and bounced and rolled away and the fan blew it and now it's gone. Never to be seen again until after the car leaves. You know how that works. Click.

It's like you lose something until you're done looking for it and then soon as you're done looking for it, you find it. Seems to that's how I feel right now. Anyway, let us, uh, get this drain pan thing out of here. No, there you go.

We'll roll this guy out and uh, begin the pouring things Operation Safety Lock off. give it the rib cage down button lever treatment and we'll send her down. I did the uh tire rotation you guys weren't looking. hope you don't mind I figure I wouldn't uh, load this video up with too much boringness cuz that would just turn into nonsensical behavior and contact.

Ground contact achieved. Let's try some pouring things out of our jug. We have. What do we have here? We have Castol not sponsored Mag Magnitech magitech magnet magnet I Can read we have Castrol GTX Magnitech for instant protection from the start 5 Winter 30 Dexos approved not sponsor.

That's just what I'm using. Crack that guy off Judo Chop. Ah got it. There's no way there's no way I can pull off pouring this jug into that thing without spilling.

No way. It's not going to happen. You know what? Whether it can be done or can't or whether I can do it or I can't I'm going to try it anyway. Old school pouring things I think I'm It's kind of like pouring the boot.
it's not going to work I've come come too far I've got to uh I have to achieve this and make it happen I Don't know guys. there was a drip. Couple more drips. look at that it's baring.

Oh, we're going to achieve this I Have not been able to pull off a good pouring things seen in like a year. look I Can prove whoa I Can prove that it's happening look Scene: unbroken, no camera, trickery, gug and the truck's moving from the torque wrench Troy's over there with the torque wrench see his Noggin sticking out. We were talking about your Noggin you're a noggin I am a noggin I have Noggin Cranium power I'm focusing, not not talking I can't I don't have enough blood to run the brain and the mouth at the same time. it's a I think It's a like a male thing.

We have multiple things that need to happen, but there's not enough blood to do them all at once. I Don't know what I'm talking about babbling on nonsensical ramblings while I'm pouring things I'm going to pull this off all five quarts. We're not going to spill a drop. Let's get to the end here.

Let's speed her up. Speed it up, No editing. That's why I keep talking so you guys know. Here it comes.

we're at the end. except there is one more quart bottle that needs to go in. Look at that. that's beautiful.

It's like drinking beer out of th boot. Got it all right now. let's go grab that last Qu. it's a six port engine.

another. Castro Z GTX 530 Dexos come here. Yeah, that was a work out work out for the Fies watch. I'm going to spill this one everywhere cuz it's easier to pour.

gug gug goty shot yod fall Yess we got it all right. Oil cap recovery point. The words: the right way. Very good.

Tuck that back some restarting the engine. Give it the old over the steering wheel, reach over treatment. beginning engine starting sequence Now I put the filter on Didn't I Sure right? Yeah. I sure did.

Check it with a flashing light. Yeah, there it is. There's our filter. Okay, no leakage, no drips.

We have engine oil pressure. This is good. Shut her down. Filter's primed meaning there's no more air left in it.

Dipstick, recover. That'll wipe rtick it and the survey says right there we are full. Six quarts. I'll take that.

It could probably take like2 more quarts, but Six is just fine. We're good. We're good with six. Don't worry, we're good.

We're good. And that was the best. Pouring things round too. I bet I can get away without spilling a drop Like just.

it's going to be awesome. Nope, fail. It was the glugs that got me. sorry.

epic failure. It's fine. it's just. Blue Water Don't don't drink it.

It's not cool- Aid All right, so if you guys don't know by now I I Kind of did that on purpose. All righty, we're good to go. Let's remove our Aluminator devices here from under our engine. Bonnet Cover Dang.
get this stuff all parked and put away. This truck is on its way home. We are done. Actually wait a minute.

There was something else. Hang on. There was something else on this that oh yeah yeah yeah, something about a door. There was an issue with the door lock.

Hold on a second. Here we figure out which door it was. I Guess uh, the interior door latch does not unlatch when attempting to unlatch the door from the inside. You can do it from the outside, but not the inside.

so let's go take a look at that real quick before we roll this thing out of here. Let's clear this rack over here on this side first. since we're going in the interior, let's fire it up. turn on some climate control.

that way it's not hot while I'm in there. I Think it's the right rear door that has the, uh, the affected issue. So what we're going to do here, we'll send the window down on the right rear. We'll unlock it on all the doors, do one more visual inspection around here.

That's good. Closing he hood and let's figure out this door panel business. See what it does here? Oh yeah, yeah yeah, it does not open from the inside. Customer stay locked in car.

Come here. I Don't have the the flang strength on that. Come off, they just snap in. I You know I have the same ones on my truck.

There we go. Yeah, we're going to have to pull this panel off real quick. Like let's see if it's screwed on somewhere. I Don't know.

Okay, time to tear it apart now. I Know that there is a screw behind this uh little door lock lever right here. or I was wrong. There is no screw behind there.

What's going on here? How do I get this apart? Hidden screw right there. That's where it is right there in that hole. socket screwdriver coming in 7 mil. I Think this panel once we pull this, uh, screw out, it should just lift up and then kind of just pull it away pink.

Come on screw. get hung up on the vinyls. The Vines not the vitols even though the VES are vitol and I want my my screw come here. screw pliers of the needle those variety that one that one's better.

It goes in places where my fies do not fit there we go. Got that set you down right there and this guy one more. there's one more screw somewhere holding her on. there it is I could feel it, couldn't really see it but I could feel it and I know it's there.

Let's check for others while we're down here. Negatory. All right Yeah, what'? I say super clean. Look at the carpet in here.

This carpet's always ruined and in this particular case it is not super clean vehicle. The kind of truck that all of our trucks wish it could be. Okay, let's see why we are not releasing I need to disconnect that. Okay, so the Rod's attached here.

the child lock on. oh no oh no. I didn't verify what have I done? Hey Matt come here dude. check this out.
Look what? I did actually look what you did? no yeah yeah. I took it apart and I didn't uh wait a minute. Yeah there we go. So let lock unlock.

Oh look what? I did I took it all apart for nothing I don't care I'm still going to charge you. Okay so now we got to go check the other side and make sure the Child Safety Lock's not on that was great. That made my day even if it did was moderately wasteful I don't care here. I'm going to put the switch back in.

it fell out and you can get this guy hung back in position here. bolt it back in. no harm, no fou he so really no problem. Can I go yeah, call him and see where it's at.

They keep asking us to buy stuff from them and then they don't deliver it. and then they wonder why you didn't buy stuff from us. Well, you don't deliver. so there there's a choice of that I think it's the bottom, goes in first and then yeah I can't remember.

They've all got a just kind of go in. Yeah they all got to kind of like the scars have got all line. exactly. it is gravity I didn't even touch it.

see that I never even touched it. Got it? That little guy back in red is the rear window up and down. Good couple screws left over. We've got the one fingerprints.

oh no I ruined it. So we got the the one big screw going in that hole right back there. See that you can't see cuz it's dark in there but it's there I know it, You know it. We all know it.

Screw that thing in W Speed should use power tools, niage and then we've got our one down hidden guy at the bottom. Makes me wonder how many door panels have been broken trying to remove them and folks didn't realize there was a screw. same thing with the plastic clips for that matter. Dirt.

Well that was a the most interesting nonrepair. I have uh I have really done I think I Don't think I've ever done such a such a non-repair and it was my fault I did not fail or I failed I did not perform the diagnostic process thoroughly. We supposed to verify and operate the system and I didn't do that I kind of verified and didn't operate the system and that is where I made my A. There we go.

Snap that in. that's good. Let's get my goodies out of here. Give that a wipe down and we're out of here.

The anti-fingerprint compound gorgeous woohoo and windows up, windows down. The lock lever works. That's good. Let's window down it again.

Drop you guys again. Open good and open from the inside. Also good than fantastic. What a successful nonrepair.

All right, let's get rid of that. Run that down the rest of the way. Let's get a sticker in this thing. Reset the oil life monitor.

We're out of here All right, we're done. Windows up. Two hwks for safety cuz I'll run Troy over. he's right back there.

Let's go ahead and back this unit on out of here and get her parked. It's the longest o change in history cuz I had to wait for that stupid gasket thing to show up. that I lost. but it is what it is.
All right fellas. Well, first and foremost I'd like to thank you guys for hanging out with me today while we did an oil change on a Uh 2004 Chevrolet Suburban Certainly hope you enjoyed this oil change. If you did enjoy this oil change, please feel free to let me know about that in the comment section down below. Do not forget to tap that like button while you're down there and most importantly have S is a fantastic day! See you guys later! This is the end of the video.

This is the end of this service I'm going to go back to working on my my truck and tearing out my uh, my floor and uh, my carpet. and when I finish tearing the carpet out of my truck I'll be sure to make you guys a follow-up video on that interior restoration project on my 07. Uh, hope you guys caught that uh, caught the first video on my interior destruction. If you did not catch that first video, please feel free to check the link down inside of this video's description or at the uh hin comment or at the very end screen like right around I Think right here somewhere.

Uh, any one of those three links will take you back to yes, this video when I began to tear apart my uh, my truck and rended it unus. Unusable. So anyway again as always one more time. Thank you guys for watching end the transmission power down goodbye Suburban.

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