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Opening Z Hood Gravity Hello everybody good day to you! Welcome back! Uh I'm gonna do something a little bit different. Look what I've got here. Check this thing out! Yuri sent me this thank you Yuri This fits my Uh 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 3500 This is a really customized and upgraded gauge cluster. Uh, normally I wouldn't install something like this until like a Friday but since I've wanted one of these forever and ever and ever and somebody read my mind I'm just going to go ahead and install this thing right now because well I need it and it's really cool looking and uh I like how the gauges look so this is going in the dirty Max Silverado yeah I know I realize I've got other work that needs to be done, but I've got a moment to uh to pop this cluster in and out so we're just gonna go ahead and do that.

For those of you who are new here or do not recognize this truck, this is my 2007. Chevrolet Silverado 3500 Dually with a 66 Duramax it's got 220 something thousand. Let's take a peek. 225 200 on the odometer.

You can see right down there and it has the original gauge cluster installed. You see the yellow, the yellow needles, the kilometers, you know everything looks. Uh, it's all Factory and this here is the upgraded unit. Actually any of these can be rebuilt to look like this.

This one I'm sure has been rebuilt at some point. It's got the the white face gauges I think you see those on The Cadillacs and it's got the white needles I Think you can get these in like a blue or a white. uh, possibly a plethora of different colors, but this one is set up with the white and I think this is going to be a fantastic addition to the Silverado It's going to be a real easy install. Watch this.

We put parking brake on, key it on, go ahead and shifter down. Get that out of the way. We tilt the wheel back again, tilting down and what I've got to do is pop off this bezel right here and then uh, we can get to the screws for the cluster and then remove that unit. This is gonna go quick.

I Just want to kind of get it done because I'm fixing to head home soon and I want to drive home with my new gauge cluster because it's so pretty so you can see these bezels. Once you tilt the wheel back, they pop out of their position very, very easily. We'll just set this down right over here and we're looking for looks like one, two, three, and four seven millimeter screws. I Think they're sevens I Hope they're sevens because that's what I brought.

So all we need to do is pop these screws out right here. when. it's also the same procedure for the radio and the HVAC control module, you just pop this bezel off and then pull. Uh, pull some of the screws out and the unit will come.

free. Service to Pre: What was it? Free Bankruptcy Chevrolet Parts enough. Keyword was: pre-bankruptcy pre-bailout pre-government Motors Like a rock or like a sponge these days. Anyway I didn't say that out loud.

Sorry, yeah, let's put that down there. That's three or two of the screws. Let's get uh, numerous. and then we can pull that unit out, unplug it, and then swap it out with this super nice one right here.
This is fantastic because it makes my day. Thank you for doing this for me! Yuri I appreciate that I Don't know you but I know you sent me this and that's the coolest thing ever. It's one of those things I always wanted, but I would never like justify just spending money on it for myself. I mean I would.

but you know I'd have to gear up for it for like weeks and weeks and weeks and days and days and days. Cosmetic stuff, you know. Anyway, that's screw number four. Pull that out and set her down now.

I should be able to just pull this thing out and then we can flip it and get to the connector on the back side. right here so you're back there. there. You are connector gonna need two hands for this one.

Just reach down behind it, push the tab down, give it some wiggle action. Come on connector, you've been instructed on what to do come out. it's kind of stuck to disapprove of the stuckness. I Don't think I've ever had this cluster removed before.

Continue wiggling. Seriously. Maybe if I try the other hand. Yes.

I can see it from this side a little better there. Got it. Connector is disconnected. Set that guy aside, reverse procedure with our new unit.

Slide it down into position here. Plug it in. Oh, it just did some stuff. I heard it ending Chimes going off.

That's cool. Let's put this guy back in position thing back in park right there. Let's see what we got. Powering down, powering on 225 000 on the odometer.

close. It was close and I now have an odometer discrepancy. Looks like that was programmed restarting. Cool.

uh-oh I Have a check engine light. Oh no. see, we've got oil pressure. That's cool because I don't think that that uh, original gauge was accurate.

We've got coolant that's not up yet. We have voltage. We have fuel, trans temp and tachometer. Of course there's a speedometer.

Let's see what that trouble code says. I Will consult the banks module. Let's see here. Uh.

diagnostic. Where's my diet? There we go. diagnostic. Um and vehicle vehicle.

diag. Yep. check vehicle codes. You guys see it's checking for codes right now.

Come on, come on, come on, let's see 650. There's all kinds of stuff going on in here. 650 Malfunction indicator indicated 1381 glow plug something? Yeah, that's it. can't be right.

I didn't have that earlier so let's just go ahead and clear these. See what they do if we when we clear them clear. Vehicles Clearing codes Yes the light is off. Continuing Nuclear codes Finish: No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No No.

There we go. Powering down Yeah. Kian Restarting check engine light is no longer checked. Let's just go back and do a quick code check real quick to make sure it didn't reset anything and then, uh, we'll put that bezel back together.
Checking, checking, scanning, scanning, scanning. No codes found. All right. Cool.

All right. let's shut her down. Back down into first gear. We need it down because we can't fit the bezel in there with the shifter in the park position.

It is what it is. Okay, let's grab this guy right now and we just slip it right back down to where she goes. Oh oh oh, failure on my part I didn't put the screws in I got so excited I didn't even screw the thing. What's wrong with me here? Let's just put these guys in real quick.

Then I can put bezel back on Chevy Chime Click itch. Let's see next one put this one in I'm doing this long range because I can't reach down that hole very well. There we go. Screw that one in next.

Brewing Continuing screwing. Rapid screwing Clickage All right, that's two. Third one can go up here in that corner, you know. I've come to find out that the dings can annoy some of the viewers and I don't even realize that I leave the dingers dinging.

It's like the uh, it's like the fryer alarm in a restaurant. like when you work in a restaurant and the alarms are always going off. They're always beeping and chiming and telling you something's done or burning up or on fire. And when you hear the Chimes all day, they don't phase you or bother you.

but when you don't hear the Chimes all day. But then they drive you insane because, well, it's an alarm and that's what it's supposed to do. But I think I'm so used to listening to Chimes for like just hours sometimes that I don't uh I don't register in my brain that that is not a uh a comfortable sound to hear. This is why I've been known to leave Chimes chiming for like the entire video.

Kind of like this one. I was just chiming away. There's a wire I need to get lined up. It's for an auxiliary switch that I'm actually not using smooth.

You kind of have to push that down and flex it a little bit to get it to go in and then once it's in, you just need to line the clips up both sides. There's another clip right there and just sort of push the thing together until it snaps in snap, crackle, poppage. Oh look at that. That's beautiful I like it I like it a lot.

very much a lot. Turn signal signals that does that. Yep, everything's doing what it's supposed to be doing. Sweet again.

Thank you Yuri into transmission. See you guys later! That will conclude my non-productive use of the end of my day. Oh I don't know if you can see it because it's still daylight out. but I clicked on the uh the headlights and look at here.

the uh. the gauge faces are kind of blue so the back lights look like they're blue. LEDs you kind of see it the best on this one. It's turned all the way down that's turned up.

Look at that. That's flipping cool. Yeah, there's a blue one behind the speedo. blue behind the tack.
Yeah, they're all blue. I like that. they don't really go with my red so much. I have red.

Oh there they are I have red dome lights I did the the domes in red because red will not deplete your night vision. and if you need dome lights, it stands the reason that it's dark outside. So I pulled those bulbs and I put in red LEDs that way have the lights on at night time and I can still see now. they don't produce as much white light as I like so I left that one back there white that way.

if I need extra light I still have it. but I can still use these and not deplete. Uh, night vision? Just super. All right.

Let's see, let's put our thermal meter back inside of its home. There you stay right there. Thermal meter. Very good.

All right. I think I'm all good here I Just need to go ahead. I think I'm going to refill my washer fluid because I've been meaning to do that for like six weeks and have not done such things yet. So let's get, uh, let's get out of the truck.

let's lose our uh, our old cluster. I'll put that in the box and leave it on the spare parts inventory shelf and then, uh, we'll grab the washer fluid, refill that and I think I'm gonna get out of here. it's getting late and I think it's gonna rain which is super awesome because we haven't had rain in in like weeks. I need rain so bad.

Okay, let's just put that back in its box. You stay there forever and I need Blue Water there it is. Blue Water We'll see you there we go. Once you pop the fun, don't stop.

put that down there. Fill her on up now. I Can spray the bugs off my windshield I tricked you. It didn't run away.

No worries I Couldn't help it. It was fun.

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