In this video I have a look at a customers Honda Ridgeline that has been blowing the interior light (dome light) fuse for over 3 years! Experience lead me right to the cause of this issue.
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That folks got this 2017 Honda it's a Ridgeline It's got the big three five and it has no dome lights. Uh, the guy says since he's owned it which I think he bought it second hand. Uh, the dome lights haven't worked. he's replaced the fuse.

He told me number 18. uh, down by the parking brake uh, lever there or by the parking brake foot thingy. You know what I mean Uh, he said that fuse box on there. he puts a fuse in it and then it blows the fuse and you know it's done.

Ever since he's had it, but now he wanted to have it looked at. So let's a let's verify that the fuse is blown. B I've already verified that dome lights don't work because they didn't come on a little door jar light did. But let's see if that fuse is blowing.

If it is, we'll um, we'll put one in it, see if it blows immediately, and then if it does, which I hope it does because it's gonna be a lot easier to find a permanent short than an intermittent one and we'll see what we can do. Okay, so we have a legend man. I'm running out of space to see here. 18.

Number 18 is supposed to be a seven and a half amp interior LT it says so there's a 20, 27 and a half. Oh okay, so it's this one here. it's the one that's actually missing. uh, what kind of fuses are these? Let's uh I'll get some more low profile guys I think I Grabbed a couple different jumpers here for us.

Okay, there's that one and this takes a regular regular fuse. Um, okay. and then the red LED out of this indicate to open. So let's get a regular.

I Wonder if we should be smart? Just stick a circuit breaker in here so we're not just blowing through fuses or we can even stick a a test light in there? Let me grab a test light. that's just for grinsing I got a 20 amp. We're gonna let smoke out now. we're just gonna briefly touch it I want to see if it? Okay, so it does make some clicking and stuff there.

Of course we don't know the circuit design yet, so we don't know. Oh I know if it's a seven and a half amp circuit. we've got a four amp bulb here, so we should be okay in that regard. Okay, all the lights are on.

yep, so it must run a relay. There is no short currently because our light is not on. However, our interior lights are on. So what's that Tell us? that tells us that we're dealing with the dreaded intermittent.

However, we gotta look at a wiring diagram and however, again, I can tell you this: I have a small amount of experience with these. not with these vehicles in particular, but dome lights blowing fuses intermittently and I've traced them down. They're right there. I'm kind of curious because this one have like that one has lights.

Let's just move the I mean it's not short right now so it can't really cause any harm. but let's just move this around and see if we oh you see that we get it on the first try. Boom look at that. Bingo was his name on.

We even got a buzzer. All right we found a short look at that. Some days it's better to be lucky than it is good. You guys want to see it one more time.
I wonder if that's not Identifix if not it should be. but I did this one time on a Honda Accord I think and it was in the in the joint right here. The only reason I remember it was because it was a pain in the woohoo to get this down and I it took me a long time to find that service data. I'm probably going to look it up again, but look at that folks, let's go look just for poop and laughter.

Let's see if this is a I hit on the Identifix and if it is, if it isn't then we'll put it in there. But yeah, we're going to find a short right here. Um, and like I say I knew that solely just based off experience I put it in a 17 Ridgeline LX but I think it's a higher trim level than that. Let's see here: 17.

new I Think it's an ex. Let's see. Well, what's it say on the front Black edition? Whatever that means, we'll go EXL because it's got the leather, it's got the sunroof and the Navy and all that. Let's try Fuse 18 and see if anybody has a hit on that.

No hits on that. Let's go. Oops oops. Interior interior light.

Ah, look at that. Okay, so there is no no hits on the Identifix If Tsv, what's the TSB, Let's see if there's no alternator testing. Okay, so there is no hits on the Identifix Uh, so we'll definitely have to contribute this. However, before we contribute, let's find out what the real problem is.

Uh, like I Say we just got lucky just based on my previous experience from a long time ago. So let's see where we find out what the real problem is. I Tell You Folks Some days you just feel like a rock star when you walk up to a car. put your finger on it.

find the exact problem. Well I gotta spend hours on seriously I Do not remember how these things come apart and or if the problem is in problems in the joint. but I don't remember I don't remember anything all I remember is the heartache. Oh easy fun.

Oh hey now no that's right. It says they have it over here and it says to push the hook in which is if I remember right? this is really stiff and I was boy yeah I think it I think it is I almost think you got to push it thing near the point it feels like it's going to break. um I can't freaking see. Gosh dang it.

I Had to go get my readers I Got an appointment with the eye doctor. it was. It's inevitable for now. Oh yeah, probably a Luger Let's see if we can push push push well oh my.

God Well I'm going to pitch around with this thing for a while. I think I Remember being down this road folks, the more our freaking breath boy. that's extreme I got them here to pick. You have to push so hard it bends to pick mother lover I am literally out of breath.

Here's a guy who's overweight and out of shape. so let's pull this down. See, we still got our little doodad here. Let's unplug this little guy and I believe the short ends up being right inside the sun visor.
Here somewhere it's got to be where the wire pulls through, right? I mean that's the only thing that makes sense I Don't know how you take this little guy apart, but yeah, trust me folks might tell you she shorted out because because I know things. so I tell my kids I'm a dad I drink beer and I know things. So the Little Hook that you have to push in is on the back side. you know, windshield side right here in that hole.

You gotta push your little heart out if I click it over, it's going to lock in. um foreign ER without a sun visor. However, I don't want to lose I don't want to lose our little plug in here. So what about this? What if we? you just stick that right there because I can see the harness.

Okay, so the harness is easy enough. see the harness isn't going anywheres. we're just going to leave it unplugged for the time being I don't know how much uh, you know how much he uses this vanity here If he's like, oh, I need to see that's not how he talks but and then we're going to take and just stick this back up in here for the time being because now it's unplugged now I've got to make sure that the little hook just came out I'm sure it probably did, otherwise this will fall right back off, hook, pop back out and that's it. Now he's got everything except for the vanity right here, which he may or may not fix.

I don't know, we'll give them that option and uh, that's it. Let's go get a regular fuse, stick it in there and we should be good to go. now. prior to doing that though, I put the uh light bulb back in down there I just want to take and open up the passenger side here.

run her in and out. give her a flick around. But here we have two problems. I know I doubt we do and then of course this one doesn't matter because that's all unplugged.

but there. everybody's in the comment section right now saying well, how do you know it's not in the roof wiring Uh well I'm gonna tell you right now I don't Okay, and neither do you and neither does anybody the most probable likely cause and like I say based on previous experience um with high news is it's in the in the assembly here, especially as you see how them wires can go move in and out as the sun visor telescopes here. What I can do is if the customer decide to fix this which you may or may not, we can dissect this and see where that wire is shaped through. Um, you know, where is it rubbed? Obviously, it's you know we're touching somewheres in there.

uh, shortened the ground. Uh, which is probably going to be, you know, like a cop or a copper short. I assume that the wires are touching because this isn't touching anything metal I don't I think this is all plastic so it has to be a wire to wire short. So uh, so that's it.

And then I'm gonna go put a regular fuse in it and if he does decide to do it, we're going to come back and we'll tear the sun visor apart and see what's up. And I'm going to add the free tip Friday for somebody on uh, the Identifix in case they're having a problem. it can lead them right to the right to the cost. So I hope it's not a problem for you to leave a comment in that comment section.
The questions, the comments see and see the Facebook and just my viewers. If I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign foreign.

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