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Next up eventually. We're going to get the correct fan clutch for this we we're going to get that replacement hose that i broke and then we'll this oil pan removed hi. Everybody good day to you and welcome back. Glad you're here.

I know i'm glad to be here this is a 2005 chevrolet 3500 express van customer states vehicle has engine oil leak so uh let's cut right to the chase get inside and locate the leak and see what's going on nice. I see what you did here with the ac belt and uh that is awesome for a toyota. It's a toyota belt. It's even better cool front row.

What's going on here. We got a oil change indicator warning indicated check engine lights on and 159. 964 miles on the odometer come on check it out it's got a liquor audio system. It's awesome okay so since this thing is big and my lifts are small.

I'm just going to bring this over to the alignment rack. We want to get underneath and take a look at her nether regions uh. So to speak and to see what's going on with that oil leak. I bet money it's an oil pan gasket pizza.

No one's here to guide me up. I'm just gonna send it see what happens full speed ahead. Looking good thank you sir appreciate you all right powering down and popping easy hood. It's not really a hood.

It's more like a mini hood good job gm on that paint doing that for like 30 years. You should stop doing that all right so first glance. I see some nice shiny stuff here we got a new shiny radiator looks like uh. The ac accumulator has been replaced battery all right what else we got in here.

Let's see air filter looks good. It's got a new water pump down there ah i see something right here by this new coolant temp sensor. I see oil leaking from the valve cover. Okay.

Let's raise this thing up check. It out it's got dual side exit exhaust and a little bit of paint damage that's not cool. Ah my god put flowmasters on this look at that it's freaking. Awesome okay so here's the deal.

I know we've got these valve cover leaks from way up high on both sides that accounts for some of this oil um. I'm gonna replace that gasket nothing always leaks. My logic here being is there's lots of oil up here in the front too loads of it and it appears the majority of this is coming from the pan. I don't see any liquid drippings from any higher up okay.

I'm gonna recommend that we start up top replace those valve cover gaskets uh remove this oil pan. See what's going on with all this silicone business over here. I inspect the back cover for leaks. When the pan is gone and uh i guess we'll go from there okay dog van coming back down let's uh plug in the scan cool and see what's up with that check engine light okay scan tools powered on loud noises outside no ac in here engine restarting max coldness and silence there we go peace and quiet.

Oh yeah okay we are in chevrolet 2005. That's really far down in the list getting old 2005 auto. Id. Says.

It's an o5 express rear wheel drive 6 liter v8 that's probably an lq4 awesome engine. Let's just see what we have here with throttle cable. That one i had a 50 50 chance don't worry about it code's menu display. Please you guys know the drill all of them.
Oh my god what's going on engine coolant metal over temperature. Okay. That's weird engine misfire detected o2 sensor circuits bank one what just disappeared. We lost one we had a misfire now we don't all right something's going on with the heater circuits on the o2 sensors.

That's bank two both of them sensor. One. So it looks like the heater's crapping out the misfire code went away engine coolant metal over temp. What is this p1258.

I never saw this before let's just see what everybody else did to fix this real quick just just give us some direction replace the engine coolant thermostat. Okay. It's got a new water pump. We saw that radiator too that's strange bulletins.

Do we have bulletins here uh coolant. Recycling aluminum heater core blah blah blah. Nothing that states the code okay we'll just have to diagnose this the old fashioned way okay we're backing out. I'm gonna go ahead and pull up data and just take a quick review of that engine coolant temperature sensor and just make sure it's uh somewhat reasonable let's see what we have here well coolant says.

It's 194 degrees on the fahrenheit scale. That's well within spec. I wonder if i can see some freeze frame data for that trouble code. Let's go back again.

Here. We go freeze frame data. This is going to give me a snapshot of all the data. That was listed and pending as that trouble code was set so we want to select our 1258 lot why does it say metal over temperature.

I don't get that no this isn't what i wanted i i wanted freeze frame data. Okay i got it right here uh that last happened 789 miles ago. It failed four times it passed 255 times engine was just above idle engine coolant temperature in degrees fahrenheit was 266 degrees. Yeah she was a little warm we're going to ask about that just to see if they had to put a thermostat in that when they put a water pump and a radiator in it or not maybe that's already been handled.

It's been 7 800. Miles or so since they uh that was last cleared so. Perhaps that's a non issue. We shall see see what cylinders were misfiring.

When this misfire code was set. Now this could have also been set because the thing was overheated. That's that's also a possibility let's see first started misfiring 1700 miles ago it last misfired 571 miles ago okay again 600 rpms it could have been during that overheat area. I don't know 200 degrees maybe not does it tell me which cylinders was doing it does not okay so i hopped into the misfire counts.

And we've got cylinders one through eight listed here. They're all showing zero current misfires. Now. There was some that occurred in the past looks like it was cylinder two cylinder four and cylinder.
Six those were our primary offenders. With a couple other miscellaneous ones on the uh on the other side since they're all on one bank. That's kind of indicative of something like a vacuum leak or maybe even exhaust leak. However.

Those misfires are not present right now if we look at the current counts. We have nothing and i'll go through the throttle range just a little bit blurb test. We have no no misfires showing up here all right oh one thing. I noticed when i was looking at those misfires is they were all on bank.

Two now that was the p300 code. We had misfires in two four and cylinder. Six um. I'm gonna go ahead and skip past that for now because i want to pay attention to that o2 sensor.

The the one that was hanging up. That had the three different trouble codes. Was the bank. 2 sensor.

1. O2. Sensor and that one is responsible for telling. The ecm how to calculate its fuel curves now again that code has uh not had the conditions meet for failure for like six seven hundred miles something like that so this may this problem may have already been solved by some previous repair.

We saw there was a lot of other work done there. But perhaps they never cleared the uh. The dtcs out of the system uh like i said. It's it's been the lights have been on for 6 700.

Miles and last time they were cleared were several hundred miles again. So i actually kind of need to go back to the well to get some more details on all the repairs that were recently done to this truck that way i don't go off and make an assumption real quick like and do the wrong thing and and end up in the wrong. Place uh basically. I'm just trying to collect all the data that i can so i don't look stupid because if i'm gonna look stupid on the internet.

I'm gonna do it on purpose not by mistake now looking at the data for the o2s. We go down to bank two sensor. One that's are affected with the trouble codes. These are the heater pins.

They're not the actual air fuel ratio monitoring section of the sensor. This is for the heater element. And we can see that the amp draw on this particular sensor is 12 amps. Whereas the rest of them they're hovering right around a half of an amp.

So we do have a discrepancy in how much current that particular sensor is drawing like i said i suspect that that's a faulty sensor. I'm gonna go ahead and let them uh let our sales guys give this dude. A call. We're gonna grab some more details and then i'll make some decisions after that so stay tuned.

It's gonna be a really good video all right i got this van off the lift again we're now going on a test drive because uh. Our guy has added some concerns uh. They state that the front end gets all flippity floppy and weebly wobbly when they run over some bumps. I went down there while it was still up on the lift.
And i gave all the uh the ball and socket front end joints a bit of a squeeze with my channel locks. And they've all got some play in them. Especially the either arm. And it's bracket and the pitman arm.

Those things were all over the place. So i'm just gonna go drive. It and just verify that it is the front end that is flippity flopping and uh. I'll add that stuff to the uh guesstimation and this uh sideways steering wheel right here along with this pole to the left also indicates to me there's a huge alignment problem.

Which could definitely be caused by worn out uh steering components. All right so i'm rolling around in a thunderstorm uh in a traffic jam. So i haven't gotten any speed to where i can try to run over some bumps here to sort of feel this thing flip flopping uh like i said when i started this test drive. I've already visually identified some steering suspension components that need to be replaced uh and i just kind of wanted to verify what the guy's described symptom was i'm gonna see if i can't find any bumps up here on the way back to the shop.

And then uh like i said. I'm gonna go ahead and swing back in and prepare the testament all right looks like we're going for glory on this one. We're going to go ahead and do those valve covers. I think i'm putting in some spark plugs and wires.

While i'm in there. And i think and i'm not certain yet that i may be doing the oil pan reseal. So uh. Let's just start.

With this dog house. We'll pull this guy out of here. Got four bolts right here and then once that's out i can get to some clips that are down here two more over there and then this whole unit will come out there and then i can get to the top of the engine here let's just go ahead and pull these guys out right now. There we go yeah.

See these guys right here. There's a latch. There's another latch one latch back here and another on the other side. Oh you know what i do this every time.

I've got to pull the kick panels down or no they're not kick panels. Those are knee bolsters. So i've got to pull those down these guys get two more bolts. One of them up here.

Oh there it goes. I got it i know where it went become unclicked you do get the phone there we go ruining your audio sorry guys anyway there's that last latch right there we'll grab that guy give this a tug and we will expose our engine. Hello six liter. What are you doing in there.

Oh. The cute little guy there. She is all right. I should probably shut this off.

Now the fans just uh blowing. Nice and super hot air in here. All right. There's half of the engine exposed.

We can see a whole bunch of much more leaks from this side. Let's see what we got going on here. Oh yeah. A lot of it's valve cover.

See all that right there. This crap load of oil all right let's get in here and get started. I i don't have to show much mercy to these plug wires. Because i am replacing them with new ones.
So let's go ahead and get these guys out of here and plucked out out of the way then we'll disconnect the coils and we'll pull the coil bracket off the primary goal here is to get to these valve covers. But uh while we're here. We're also going to put this uh spark plugs in my logic being due to do why go through all this work just to find out we don't need to but i am gonna i'm gonna check those plugs right there first that one actually looks pretty good i don't want to put something in there if we don't need to yeah. Let's just see what we've got it's best to do that unclick okay old spark plug is right here and i'm just going to measure the gap on it and we're coming up with what do we got there.

50. 54. 55. Thou.

I think the glare is messing that up let's get rid of that guy. And i have a new one straight out of the box right here and our gap on this one is 41 000. So uh yeah we're just over ten thousand twelve pound worn on these older ones. I'll go ahead and replace them works for me my point of checking is because we don't want to sell something if we don't know if it's any good or not for all we know is this stuff could have just been done.

Which is why you don't approach. It saying hey by the way you need this too. While we're in there it should be a hey by the way we're gonna check on this while you're in there that's my two cents for what it's worth let's check one more yeah. They're looking similar let's see what we've got for gap spin that around we got 50 54.

Thou on this one not as bad as the first. But it's still 12 000. It's over 11 11 000. So i'm taking a look forward and i i forgot that the oil oil fill tube runs into the top of this valve cover uh.

We need to take that out in order to get this valve cover out. So we kind of need to stop right here and go around under the hood and disassemble. Some of that stuff out there uh that actually works to our advantage. Because i am going to end up putting a fan clutch in this as well uh.

Because of that i still have to take all that stuff off so we're actually gonna we're gonna walk away with a w on that one so here's our fill tube that runs down and then goes into that valve cover uh. The issue is it's mounted with a series of brackets and i need to loosen those brackets. So let's get all this good stuff out of the way. This is why we make a plan.

So we have something to deviate from call. It the non plan plan. My plan is to actually not have a plan have a fluid plan so to speak okay i need to get in there. And disconnect this tube from the throttle body right there nice come out see we don't need please we'll just toss that over over there for now you stay that's what we're looking for these brackets.

Right here. First let's unbolt. The trans dipstick. Another doodle never ending.
Oh. I just dropped that ball that's that's the theme of this job huh bolt dropping day see if i can repeat with a nut nut dropping day. Oh. It's still a little hot in here all right not out of the woods.

Yet. There's still one more bolt on this bracket way way down. There i'm trying to reach it my angle for my dangle's not right let's try it over here can't get it from the front try it from the other side get on there you i need a shallow socket. Yeah okay that configuration wasn't working for me so i got a real long extension and different wobblies try this again without doing something stupid reverse clickage there yeah come out of there.

It's hot. I want to reach in there all right now we can get this uh fill tube out of the uh valve cover maybe there all right yep. It's out it's all we need to do and the rest of this stuff can just hang out over here up at the side. So i'm still finding it a little warm in there.

So i'd like to hang out out here in the fan for as much as possible just fire. This guy back up give me some cool breeze and uh instead of going back inside being hot. I'll stay here and only be halfway hot and i think i'll remove this fan shroud real quick like i mentioned a moment ago. I've gotta replace this uh clutch fan because it's a little weeby.

Wobbly also we can't have fan operation with weeby. Wobbly fans can we got eight bolts on this shroud and some flashlight gravity. I didn't even touch that one that just happened for no reason. You know erico has these same flashlights and his flashlights.

Don't do this to him eric. What's the deal dude. Did you modify your flashlights. Okay.

Let's lose. These. Wire. Loom connectors.

There's one another put that aside like so i'll tuck it underneath of the hood latch that way it stays. Where i want it three more bolts on the other side there let's go over there uh. Where's that other one. I can't see you yeah.

This is a gravity kind of car day that's what we're doing. There's one there's two hot in there hot hot three. Okay. We're gonna take this upper radiator.

Hose and uh shove that on top of the alternator that stays back. There this ac line can go back. There and now we can start to fish this shroud out i'm gonna pull the dipsticks. It's a shame too this was just taken apart because somebody had replaced this radiator.

The snout on the water pump. I'll do that with my extra long chisel right here. I know you guys hate when i do this this way because i think i'm going to ruin the water pump. But uh.

But i'm not so i'm going to continue to do it this way loud noises. There she goes. The slippage told. Me so let's protect the radiator that's the best hiding spot in the building.

Right here. What what i do you get. Oh. Yeah.

Yeah. I got like this vortex thing going on around the right thing. And we're going to add moisture maybe we can start painting. That's what i'm doing with this uh.
The swamp cooler over here. I figure. If we bring in a couple. More fans uh.

We can get like a whole circulation effect going through the entire building. Yeah. And it's not a tornado and have to go home early uh. I don't need to start a tornado lever early let's go shut the power off it'll take him days to figure out we just killed.

The breaker. They won't know well you know we'll sit around for 20 minutes. And then we'll leave and then by the time they figure it out everybody's already at home day. Is over.

Yeah. See is that not like oh. I'm sorry i thought we were off. I started drinking.

I can't come to work that would be a liability. Oh. I am an evil person good thing. I don't use my powers for that evil shenanigans.

Let's head over to the bench go ahead and pull this fan assembly down blade gets reused the clutch does not let's see what we've got here. So there's our oe unit. Lots of fins. Pretty meaty and our new one is crap look at that thing.

No no no no no rejected does not meet quality standards. Okey dokes. Well. I had to order a new one so we're waiting on that uh in the meantime.

I'm kind of dead in the water. Because i don't want to go back inside. It's hot in there so i figure. I'll just take this opportunity to do something that you guys didn't really expect nice and shiny.

It's all about having fun gotta have some fun you're not doing that just wasting your time open inside shiny. It's even better than just outside shiny gravity shiny look at that nasty you know one cool thing about dropping your flashlight is it will tell you where it's at okay. Let's get that fourth spark plug out while we're up here because we cannot really get it from inside. We got to get this one from uh from under the hood.

If i can get my wobbly socket on there got it kinda got it okay. Freedom. There it is okay new plug. We'll put this one back.

While we're up here oh we start them by hand. Always all right that one's good. I'm just using the tool to run down the threads. I will uh twerk.

These manually like always most of the time uh. Oh. A weevil wobble slipped off gotta keep the wobbly bits under control. It's imperative failing to control your wobbly bits can lead to very negative consequences.

I stuck this guy on a ratchet i'll just uh tighten this manually if i can get my mitts on it again. There we go click well that was easy and the driver's side spark plug is gonna need a very similar treatment. It's pointed towards us in this direction. And i can't get to it from inside of the cabin uh first things first.

I'm gonna lose this coolant temp sensor connector right here those guys like to break off and i don't want to break it on clickage no working space get on there you yeah. That's it that's what i want leverage. Yeah. I'd really like to not do this.
And do those valve covers. This is just too hot in here. Just give it a wiggle wiggle. See how that sensor can be so easily broken.

It's like right there in my way. And if i take it out it's going to dump out a bunch of coolant broke that wire too last time. I did this job on a i think a silverado. These wire ins broke off some new people to the channel came in yelling at me about how i couldn't take the time to remove the wires without breaking them.

And i'm thinking what does it matter i'm putting new ones on it can you like shut up hurry up all right well. I suppose that while i'm right here and this other wire is staring at me in the face. I'm gonna go in there. And uh yank that one out too maybe not so violently this time.

I i think i might be able to get better leverage on it because yeah. That's what's up just like so look at that it's beautiful and i'll yank the plugs too while we're here all right come here spark and plug okay the rest are coming out from the inside. But that doesn't mean the new one can't go back in right now or can't it you're gonna thread. What is this get in there for all you here that's in my way.

It was distracting. Me oh wrong way right way the way of the click click. Now i guess i'll go ahead and throw one of these wires on because i won't need to be in this area ever again after i get done with this little segment and they won't be in the way for future work. So i can plug this guy in right.

Here. Don't make a liar out of me become plugged in now got it i'm not going to plug in the coil. Because i still have to remove the coil in order to uh get this valve cover off so i'll just leave this thing dangle right here for right now okay. I moved back around to the inside.

Now we're on the driver's side. I've already taken the liberty of pulling out the remaining three plugs on this side. Just for the sake of time uh now. I'm gonna get the three new ones put back in same setup.

I'll set the plugs and the wires up and then i'll pull these valve covers off to change the gasket that's my my speedy get it done with some relative efficiency plan preliminary click. That's a new style click here actually that itty bitty little bump right there probably brought it close to spec. I think speck on this was actually very low 15 pounds or something silly like that you know you guys are you make comments about uh. Me working one handed and i'm actually not even though right now you see one hand.

The other one is actually holding me up over the seat and holding the flashlight. So. Although. You don't see the other hand.

It's doing something there we go all right okay plugs are in let's uh let's work on this valve cover. I know i said earlier. We were gonna start on that side over there but we ended up on this side over here so uh that's just how it's gonna be oh come on now let's get in here gross krusty's plastic crusties look at that it's just disintegrating. I hope i have some more of that i hate to leave wire in such a condition.
Now we do not have to remove each coil pack. Individually nor do we have to unplug them uh. All i need to do is pull. These studs out and the entire assembly will come out with a bracket.

So let's do that right now. And i think. There's one more stud up in the front that i'll have to get from under the hood. Okay.

Let's pull up this pcv line. Positive crankcase ventilation that goes over there out of the way. We're good here hang on. I missed one somewhere.

Ah. There's one more somewhere hiding out. Where is it it's got to be up towards the front. Oh.

It's right staring at me in the face. You gotta. Kidding. Me.

All right coil pack come on out of there. There. She is four coils. Just look right here at this leak.

That is huge for a valve cover look at that i haven't seen one this bad since a toyota. Yeah i bet. It's creating all kinds of smoke running down on the exhaust dripping down everywhere uh oh broken exhaust ball bro. I better go uh let everybody know that i found that and i think.

There's actually one on the other side too so um that that might change things here it might not uh. We're already spending a boatload of bucks on this thing as it is but now would be the time because we're already halfway here. But we have to remove these manifolds in order to uh replace these bolts so i'm gonna let them know what i found and uh. We'll see what we're gonna do we may change directions on our non plan plan again and we may not deviate uh.

Due to the discovery of the bolts. We'll see stay tuned. Okay. We're gonna call the guy uh add that operation to the estimate and we'll see what they want to do maybe maybe not uh in the meantime.

I'm just gonna proceed with what i was doing there are four bolts that run through the center of this valve cover. And i need to get the fourth one from the front. Okay. Valve cover slash rocker cover you're coming with me.

Let's see what we got here you kind of crusty all right here's our gasket. It's super flattened out a little crusty okay yeah. That's nasty in there too all right let's back it up and we're gonna move this dog house back over to this side that lets us go back to the passenger side. We'll go work over there next alrighty.

The advisory staff has been made aware of the broken bolts. I told them that the fix is going to be to remove the manifolds extract the broken bolts uh replace all the involved gaskets and then reassemble um. It would be to the customer's advantage to have that repaired at this time just due to the overwhelming amount of overlapping labor. That's already built into this they can get away with this one fairly cheaply.
Whereas. If this were the primary job. It would actually being very end up being very expensive so you get you get into a more efficient operation when you start to stack up overlapping labor. Because i don't charge for overlapping labor.

That's just not right you shouldn't have to charge for things twice. I mean i don't mind getting paid twice all right. And there's that one sneaky one in the front. Let's see if i can get it from.

Here. No yeah. No yeah. No give me back my tool oh screwed that up i had a feeling that was gonna happen send it three you're damaging stuff yeah.

There's the elusive pcv hose up here in the front. Too. Let's just pop that guy right off of there. We'll give it a twist first to break the surface adhesion.

It's one of my favorite words to say adhesion come here that's tight. There okay got her all right pull. This cover off high speed bolt transfer nascar. Similar nastiness under here.

The leak wasn't as bad on this side. But it was uh. It was still pretty bad all right let's head over to the parts washer and clean those things up real fast and throw. The new gaskets in we'll do that in high speed to save time all right guys.

That's it we went from super nasty to nice and shiny mostly shiny some spots. I really couldn't get out. But a lot better than it was i know nobody will ever see it it doesn't matter. But it matters to me and don't worry.

I didn't forget okay. I have the new gaskets already set up in the grooves. These are fellow pro gaskets they're blue. So you know that they're good let's go ahead and get these guys installed next uh.

This is the passenger side we can tell from the oil fill hole. That's on the front of the cover set that down right there for now i need light. Let's just clean off this surface. So there's no oil there or dirt.

That can interfere with our gasket. Nice a little bit up front let's get up there. Okay. Let's get this guy back into its home lined up as always start all the bolts first by hand before torquing any of them there we go i'll come back and torque wrench those later get this hose on i'm watching it to make sure it doesn't tear.

And it did okay we need a new one of those while we're here i want to wash off all this extra oil let's get all this out of here it's running all down the back side of the engine. And i have to go down. There later for that oil. Pan.

And i don't want to uh deal with it oh nice and shiny. This is beautiful now air. Okay a couple things going on the phone's still ringing the hose is ordered this is nice and shiny let's throw the coil packs back in so. I'm gonna get the phone.

It just doesn't stop what's going on there's like three of them working. I don't mind the phone ring. But the phone eternally ringing that's different i can't get down with that it hurts my head look on the insides click tighten these down and yeah i already torqued the valve cover bolts. When you guys weren't looking click all right that's all those we're good here.
Let's um. I don't want to do the spark plugs yet in case. We're going to end up pulling these manifolds off. I don't know yet okay.

So here's the deal uh customer has not uh responded to our contact attempt about these bolts. So i'm just gonna go ahead and put this back together assuming that we're not gonna do it um. It's i need another spark plug it's really minimal risk to me that worst case scenario. I've got to take it back out again.

It's not a big deal. But i'm trying to save time not waste time okay back on track. A few moments later and seven dollars. So we're nearly done with this side so as soon as i torque these plugs here.

We'll toss the wires back on and scooch around the driver's side and then throw those wires back on too pickage. I know we're all over the place on this job. I know it keeps evolving and changing there we go all right where's my wires three more wires and heat shields freshly lubricated audible click. That's how you know it's good and we want to turn these so they don't interfere with the doghouse.

They will rub through and make misfires that would be bad there we go. I felt that one snap good that's the hard one down. There it's hanging out underneath. The dipstick tube.

And there's stuff in the way hand leverage. I don't know if i got it i didn't get it yep. I got it yeah i pulled on it and it felt pretty tight. This is good all right let's get to the other side.

We have our super shiny valve cover with new blue gasket let's get this guy back to its home where it belongs right there. Oh we are not lined up failure. We're really not lined up. What is this there we go go in there ah there and number four far away.

I can't find the hole. I can't even get the tip oh what is this i'm gonna wiggle it around some oh i went too far the wrong way it's not gonna work. And it might you gotta force. It there okay.

I'll torque those later all right deep breath not breathing only out air all righty couple developments uh. I've just learned that the customer does not want to remove these manifolds and replace the gaskets. We're getting we're getting a little pricey with this visit and uh. We don't want to overdo.

It and second update is that fan clutch that i sent back is kind of unobtainium to replace where we went ahead and called the dealer and ordered a uh. An oe one we've actually ordered a couple replacements that state that they're severe or duty or more heavier duty and uh. They all end up being the same little flimsy guy. And i don't want to use that not in this particular application.

So the fan clutch portion is kind of in limbo for right now all right bolts studs stud click get in there piece tv hose is on one wire is on down here. Let's get the rest of them. I've got one wire dangling up in the front. I have to connect that to the coil.
I'll do that from under the hood let's get in there i think it clicked. I don't know double check. What i got the right one. What'd you get no you didn't yeah.

Let me. See hey can you see that one you gotta suck wrong try. Again it looks right for me yeah wrong. Diameter.

It's not right there sorry guys try again wrong one again that one wasn't even close what's going on here. I bet those parts guys are so mad at me. Because a lot of folks would just stick it in and send it just because it fits. Oh what's the what's the saying if it fits it ships not always.

But this wire doesn't fit let's try to tuck it that way there we go that's better i'm pretty sure it's on at the plug. I can't remove it with ease all right one more one up front that's a second cylinder back. You can't see oh. And i did dielectrically lubricate.

These uh spark plug wires for the record. All right come here. I still gotta oh no it fell off. What am i doing now.

It's all lubricated because i touched the grease. There i felt that click that was good one more up front all right everybody we are done with this particular. Operation with the exception of a couple nuts and bolts back here on the firewall side. So i'm gonna go ahead.

And get this dog house back on after i plug these coils back in that would have been a fail anyway as i was saying. I'm gonna get the doghouse back on and re secured and uh put the trim pieces back on and that will uh go ahead and bring this video to conclusion uh. But fear not there will end up being a part two because next. We're going down below to pull the oil pan off and uh reseal.

It i'm also gonna pull the inspection cover off the transmission and just get a a visual on the rear crankshaft seal on this engine uh. The guy said. Someone told him it was leaking so we're going to verify that while we're down. There that being said as always like thank you for watching this video hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video. You know what to do let me know about that by tapping that like button down below. So again as always thank you for watching. And most importantly don't forget to have yourselves a great day.

See you guys next up eventually. We're going to get the correct fan clutch for this we're gonna get that replacement hose that i broke and then we'll get this oil pan removed. So don't forget to look out for part two.

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