Anyone who has owned a GM with the infamous "AFM" or "active fuel management engine" knows how big of a fumble the government bailed out automaker made coming up with this mess. From lifters that break to cams that get wiped out to the 5qts of oil they will burn between changes, there is no end to the list of problems these engine have. Here in the PRNY (Peoples Republic Of NY) or anywhere in the rust belt the only thing that wears out faster than the AFM engines in these GMT900 series trucks is the frame. On a quiet night around here you can listen to the frame rotting away. So with that being said customers in these parts rarely want to fix these oil guzzlers when they come in with one of the AFM cylinders sucking so much oil it fouls out a spark plug and causes a misfire with a flashing engine light. So in this video I show you a common practice around our shop to keep these junkers going while they are waiting for the frame to rot away. Oh and don't take my word for it that the AFM engines are a disaster, just Google "Problems with AFM engines" and pull up a chair.
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Another Day at SMA Another Chevrolet AFM engine. It's a 2013. it's got the Active Fuel Management The Big Five three. Um, this thing's only got a hundred and some thousand hundred and thirteen thousand I think he's at right now.

Uh, these engines are a huge pile of poo. Uh, anybody that knows anything about these GMS and their Active Fuel Management crap that they put on there same thing with the Chryslers any of these Active Fuel Management engines even Hondas they all have the same problem. They start sucking oil on those cylinders so you have to carry out your yearly maintenance if you will on these. which includes replacing the spark plug.

That follows up because the ultimate fix for this thing to keep these things from sucking copious amounts of oil is to rebuild the engine or at least the cylinders that have all the you know, the Rings stuck and put the all the updates in it to keep it from burning oil. or do an AFM delete on it. which you know includes, you know, camshaft lifters, things like that. So if they're not burning oil, they're going to break a lifter and get to misfire and so they're junk all the way around.

And that's not just giving Chevy hate, it's just a matter of effect. Um, anybody who owns these knows it. Everybody's quite familiar with it. If you're not and you don't believe me, just Google it.

Google Active Fuel Management Engines I mean so much so that when you buy a new one from Jasper they give you the option, do you want it, delete it or not? Um and then one thing I would say based on that, if you let's say you have one of these I have a customer that has one of these uh, it was relatively new I mean like less than 10 000 miles on it and he deleted it electronically made it so the AFM wouldn't wouldn't engage. it wouldn't go into four-cylinder mode thinking that it would Preserve Uh, the vehicle from being broke but it didn't quite make it to a hundred thousand miles. It still broke a lifter and you know, had to have the engine tore down. so you know I got to pull the heads and everything and put a lifter in one.

but he does not have the oil burning problem so I guess it's kind of uh, you know, good and a bad. uh. Anyhow, this one's here because it's been, you know, a little over a year since it's had its spark plug change and it's developer number one cylinder misfire. This guy is elected to put a few spark plugs in it every year or two years.

However long it'll go before it eats up a spark plug, oil files and cracks and that's what I advise some of my customers do, particularly in the Northeast This truck, being a 2013, is just a couple years away from being recycled into a new Chevrolet so this is what customers do. It's nonsense to rebuild the engine on these in the Northeast spark plugs are cheap. Let me show you how to take care of your maintenance on your Chevy Hopefully after saying all that, I'm correct. So we've been having a problem.

You know how do you know what the problem is? Um, so cylinders one was it, one, four, six, and seven I think are the FM cylinders. If you get it in and it has a misfire on any of those, you can almost count on it having an oil-fouled spark plug. These spark plugs only have. Oh goodness.
Grace Is there how tight did you make that thing? Um I don't know how many miles he has on these. Not a lot since they were put in. So what we're going to do is just do the the one spark plug tune up. I Believe the porcelain is broke on these.

The oil fouled to the point the porcelain breaks. Let me get a smaller ratchet here and then they start developing misfires. So he's been having his engine light come on and go off and flash a little bit and it's off right now. When I looked at my history when I did this vehicle, it was the number one spark plug.

Yes sir, this Baby's all Caked Up with oil. It's got the crusties on it and we're going to put a spark plug in it and get it taken care of. And the only reason I make this video is because I want people to see that option. Um, you know because you might be at a shop and you're like, ah, you know your spark plugs were broke on.

you know one in seven or number seven is all followed up and cracked and you know the porcelain's missing and you know it's You know you need a new engine if your car if you're running your car on borrowed time. Anyways, just put a couple spark plugs in it sometimes. I have some customers I only see every two years or you know, once a year at the most and it's way cheaper for a spark plug than it is to rebuild the engine when the car has an ultimate. Doom So just something to think about.

Let me go get another spark plug. So I'm curious on this one because he said his light had been on, but today it was running pretty smooth. I Can You probably won't be able to see it in there, but as I look down into the porcelain so you can see back here near the grounding electrode, you know a little clump of of oil. soot that's in there.

So oil will typically on the spark plug, it'll turn white and Ashy and it'll oftentimes build all the way around here. It's just be a big hump on here and I can see looking down into the porcelain you guys probably won't be able to see. but I can see down in there like a pretty good ring of the white oil deposit that was stuck on there. and I'm wondering if a big chunk of it fell off and then it, you know, fixed itself.

uh, temporarily. I don't really know. All I know is you know it's history. Code is a 301.

What? I looked back in the past. That's what it was also. So this is what we're doing. Here's our brand new Sparky Classic 41 162.

Napper. Uh, of course I've already gapped it. Naturally, we'll get that started. We're going to get it started with our magnetic spark plug socket from Snap-on not a sponsor.

Don't tighten down spark plugs with this thing. You will crack them suckers every single time. Not every time, but most of the time we're going to use it. Just a standard 5 8.
Whoa. almost dropped it. So there's that. I'm gonna turn the camera up.

We'll get a torque wrench. We'll come back. Torque that to factory specs, stick our plug wire back on there. new.

A little bit of dialect grease in both of them so you can get them off next time you need to get them off. That's it folks. That's how to keep your AFM Chevy going. He's running smooth as butter.

Step two in the process is clear: Your codes Here are your misfire code. Go into your live data, Find your misfire stuff. We have a gander at it. make sure that we have no other cylinders misfiring and we don't She's happy.

I'm happy you're happy and this guy will get another year out of his truck. What's up Going to the Post office? Well, you gotta get the post office. I Gotta take mail to the post office I Don't really need any of the Bells but I definitely need me, don't we? So that's it folks. It's not the Cure All end-all solution, but it is a solution to a problem that these engines have.

and it's a good solution in our part of the country because we live in a salt belt 2013. it don't have long left if any. I didn't look underneath it. Um, but hopefully this will get the guy going uh for another you know, year or two and perhaps at that point it's on to a different truck or it's broken half and you know, sitting down at Wilbert you pull out a bath.

Thank you. If you live in a part of the country where you don't use salt, you can actually drive your truck for more than 10 years then this may not be the best solution for you. What's ultimately going to happen is it's going to continue to burn oil on the four cylinders or at least that cylinder and eventually it's going to take out the catalytic converter. So at that point you know if this customer came in with a PO420 or 430, I'm going to verify how much oil this thing's burning.

Usually your customer will tell you yeah. I add you know, two quarts or three quarts every 5 000 miles and at that point I wouldn't sell the mechanic converter because I don't want it to come back and haunt me. and I know for a fact it won't last more than you know three to six months before it burns up that converter again. So big picture.

The real fix is to replace the engine or rebuild it to stop it from burning oil. Fix all the AFM problems that GM has that they will tell you about in service boltons and they tell you how to fix it. They won't foot the bill on it, but they'll tell you how bad they screwed up and then you know at that point you know, delete it. Possibly these things are trash folks.

I'm not just hating Chevys so we'll just leave it at that. Use your noodle. Do it this way. If you want to get another year or two and you're going to send it to the crusher, you want to fix it for real.
Fix it for real and I just want you to be for real. In that comment section questions. comments The Entity the Facebook And just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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