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Wow, All these alternator upgrades around here have turned into a kind of a uh well, what do you want to call it? It's a contagious situation. That's right, we've got a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado for a 5.3 Silverado it's a Suburban that's twice I've done that to this truck I Keep calling it a Silverado probably cuz when you get inside it looks like a Silverado but then out back we don't have a bed. we have more people containment area. So anyway 2004 Chevrolet Bourbon 5.3 customer States Need more electrons? So we are going to modify this vehicle ever so slightly.

What I have here in my hand is an underdrive I Think it's a 41 mm diameter alternator Drive pulley. So what we're going to do is swap out the current alternator pulley which is going to be a larger diameter than this one and we're going to put this smaller diameter pulley on this engine. And what that's going to do is at idle and low engine speeds, that alternator is actually going to turn faster so it'll be capable of its peak output at lower engine speeds. For example, if you've got the AC or the heat on full blast and you're stuck in traffic, your alternator will be alternating faster and you will not deplete electrical loads.

So it's going to be a real quick, easy job. We're going to go under the hood here. We're going to pop the belt off. We're going to unbolt the existing Nator pulley.

We're going to pop that pulley off. We're going to put this pulley on and then reverse procedure. Now one thing: I am going to do is take some testing measurements of engine output or alterator output rather at idle, and we're going to see if there's any difference in uh, current output from this current AL from this existing alternator. We're going to compare the old pulley with this new pulley right here.

So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video uping the hood. Look who that guy is. Okie Dokie! First things first: you guys may have noticed that I kicked on the high beams and I kicked on the blower motor fan. That's full speed.

Uh, actually I think this thing has rear. uh, a rear blower motor as well. So let's go turn that one on. What I'm going to do is we're going to leave it at idle, the engine at idle, and we're going to turn on the maximum number of loads.

Then I'm going to take an amp meter. We're going to measure the amp output of this alternator at idle. We're going to record our measurements, and then we're going to swap the pulley out with the smaller diameter pulley and then re-record measurements for a second time. Now, before we get started, let's let's go ahead and take note that this vehicle is equipped with dual batteries.

Uh, this entire Gmt800 platform had the capability of a secondary battery, but most Vehicles only gotten a single battery. Well, our guy with our Suburban Here he went and found the Uh, the battery tray that goes in the passenger side and then equipped this vehicle with a secondary unit and we're going to make sure that those units stay charged now. Taking a quick peek at our alternator pulley that's the factory unit and we can see here I'm blocking some of the light, but we can totally see that this other pulley is much much smaller in diameter, so that should definitely affect that alternator's capability at idle. Sure, let's go ahead and fire up the digital meter here.
We have an external amp clamp. Let's let this thing stabilize and we can adjust it out to zero. It has to be calibrated with this little knob right here and I'm adjusting the wrong way going that way. close enough.

There we go. That'll do it all right. So we've got our single wire for our output side on the alternator. All we do is flip this clamp on and it's going to tell us the amp, current or the amp draw that this alternator is producing and look at.

Here, we're at 60 amps, 60 amps. That's actually quite a bit of power, so it makes 60 amps at idle. All right. Let's go ahead: shut off all of our loads, high beams off fans off powering down engine shut down.

Let's proceed to swap this pulley and then we can take another measurement so you can see here. we're not making any current, see if the batteries are drawing any current. Nope. Check this one here.

Nope. Cool beans. All right. let's goe and shut this thing down.

Park that and we can get to work on our Nater pulley. So I'm going to make this easy on myself. I Will remove this intake ducting real quick. like then we can get to our tensioner.

so we've got one hose clamp right back there. Let's get that guy dug out. I should probably take this engine cover off, but I think I can sneak it out. We'll see one clamp down another over here at the mass Airf flow sensor.

Unscrew that one. let grab this whole unit, wiggle it back, disconnect it from the mass airc up and out going in with a 15 mm Flex head spline. Drive ratcheting wrench. So we pull this guy back.

It relieves tension on the Belt see that right there and then all we need to do is reach on over with tension untensioned. Slide that off The Idler pulley and now the alternator is free from the belt so we may just relax our wrench. Let that hang out right there. Good You go all right.

So we can see our nating unit. it's held on to the alternator shaft with this single B single nut not bolt. I think that's a 24? Let me let me grab one here off the cart. Yeah, 24 mil.

What I'm going to do is stick this on the walk. a 90 impact gun. I'm going to hold the pulley. hit it.

That came right off. Right Tool did it. Probably couldn't do this with a ratchet. she slides off and that is our original pulley.

Again, let's compare the original with the uh. undersized pulley. You can see a huge difference in the size. So what that will translate into is a F faster shaft speed on this alternator, and since it has a faster shaft speed, it will come up to its peak output at lower engine.
RPM So I'm basically simulating a higher engine RPM when the vehicle is at idle. now. yes, these will run super fast if this engine is sitting here. turned up to like 6,000 RPM.

But the reality is is most Street engines if not all, do not ever see those high RPM ranges. and if they do, it's rare and in short burst. For example, you're on a uh, an on-ramp or something. uh-oh I don't have enough socket.

The socket won't fit inside of this pulley, will it? Yeah, it fits. If it's I'm going to need to put a like a swivel on this or something. Hey check this thing out. This one of my first tools that I bought when I was a tire guy back in my late teens.

Got got it from a Sears it's a Craftsman halfin Drive Universal swivel. I've had this thing for uh oh about 20 years I Think weird huh? It's weird to have inanimate objects longer than I've had children click all right. pulley is installed. You see our nater is rotating freely.

The fan inside is Fanning. Let's go ahead and get that belt back in position. so again, reach over grabbing the tensioner or the the wrench rather that's on the tensioner. We're pulling tension out of the belt or slack out of the belt rather and I need to slip this over the power steering pulley.

Now the astute amongst you will notice this is a seven rib pulley whereas the one I removed was a six rib pulley that is of no mat. As long as we get it lined up properly on the inside and using my Iometer. If we follow the belt down from the bottom at the power steering and come on up with it, we can see that we are in line correctly. If we had this thing over here on that outer pulley, the belt would be walking a little bit sideways and it may actually want to pull the belt off of this idler right here.

so by my eye that's in good shape. Let's go ahead and get the Uh Airb box back together and then we'll restart this engine and check some measurements and see what we get ducting coming in. Slide it down, connect the mass, air flow and airbox, and then connect the throttle body just like so. two more screws for our worm gear, hose, clamps, cage and then Uno Moss r right there.

Please become tight. There we go. Good to go. That guy is secure.

This is mine now. All righty. let's fire up the amp clamp one more time. Turn that guy on and I think that's our setting.

Need to recalibrate it? I think one point five, let's turn it down some. No, not 9 amps too many. Uh, there we go. 2 amps.

Whatever. That's fine. All right back inside, let's go ahead and restock the engine and we'll see what this alternator is now making at idle. It may not be making any extra because we may not have depleted all the loads, but we'll see so we'll start it.

High beams all the way on Blow lower fan all the way on and output. Look there. 82 amps. Now we're making more power.
alternator's choing along, the belts running good 87 amps and it's holding steady at 87 86 85 Okay, so that's proof in the pudding. We got 20 more amps out of just a little bit of a pulley. Now again, that's not really beneficial if you're wound up to like 7,000 RPM And you're driving around on a racetrack, but on a street vehicle that has a lot of electrical systems. Two blower motors, two batteries, bunch of Lights fog lights, radio, electric windows, power seated Heats all that cool stuff, then you may or may not find it beneficial to have a little bit extra electrical power.

Potentially what that can do is prevent you from shutting down with a discharge battery and that can also help extend battery life. That's my estimation on the situation, but proofs in the pudding: We can see more power here. I Like it? Uh, yes, that alternator will probably require more Force to turn it and it's going to take down fuel economy ever So very much slightly. Uh, probably not enough to be consequential for most consumers in in my opinion.

Of course that's not reality. I'm not an engineer, but that's just kind of how I see it. So all right guys, hope you enjoyed this. uh, short little video about Overdrive Aln I Enjoyed making this video for you guys.

Let me know what you think about the situation down in the comment section below. Again, thank you guys for watching and most importantly, have yourselves a fantastic day! See you guys later in the video into Vortex Suburban into 53 dual battery overdrive alternator in a transmission.

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