Rookie Mistake on a Mercedes! “I quit”
Blown Airbag! 2006 Mercedes CLS500
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Sitting in a chair, legs kind of stretched I've got a arm sticking up into this thing is that flipping grinder noise in the back? It's like chipping away at my head opening. Z Hood Hello everybody, good day to you! Welcome back! Some of you will remember this particular. Mercedes This is a 2006 CLS 500 and it was here and it was featured in a previous video because this suspension strut was blown up, leaking fluid and that one over there was air dumping when we lifted it. Now, we originally replaced just this one strut on this side.

They're rather expensive units because it has a auto ride control. Anyway, when we replaced this strut on this side over here, we found that there was a huge ride height discrepancy meaning this side over here was sitting higher up than this side over here which was sitting lower down depositing the car to have a lead. I Had speculated that there was also some type of leak in this strut over here and the the comment section went wild saying I had to do some reset procedures and this that and the other. Well, this morning I went ahead and tossed in the replacement strut on the right hand side.

We have our highly sophisticated measuring device present and we're just going to go ahead and see what the ride height is. Now this video is not about ride height or anything like that, but we can see right here. we're at about 27 and we'll call that 3 16 of an inch. Well, let's call it 27 and a quarter bottom of the wheel.

Well, I'm sorry 27 and 1 8. see that right there. the 1 8. Now this one, we are at 26 and 7 8.

so we've got one quarter of an inch ride height discrepancy. After replacing the right front strut earlier, we were about an inch and a half. If memory serves, let's just check these rears and see if there's a discrepancy there. 26 and three quarter and this one right here.

that one's 27. So that's a quarter inch ride height discrepancy as well. I Find that to be within spec Anyway, so now that we've put that to bed, we can move on with the additional repairs in this car. If you guys remember from the original video the first one, we found out that both of these front windows do not roll down.

They make a bunch of crackling and grinding noises while being operated, and it appears that the Regulators inside all right The Regulators are broken and they're bound up. So now that we've finished up the suspension stuff, we have no more warning indicators. The ride height does what it's supposed to do. We're going to go ahead, pull these door panels off and change these regulating units out.

That way, the front windows will both go up and down when commanded. So stay tuned because this is gonna be a very good video. Oh, and by the way, if you happen to miss the part one, the introduction of this car and the part two, the repair on the left front strut, just go down to this video's description and you'll find links below and they will take you back in time to the previous editions of this. Mercedes CLS 500.
there. Now that all that stuff's out of the way, let's back this thing up some. so I can sling the doors open and uh, we'll go ahead and get started on those window regulators. Okie dokes We're hanging out here on the rolly chair.

We've got the uh, the door slung open here and uh, I'm trying to figure out how to get this panel removed. Okay, so quick. Disclaimer: I have a I've never done this job on this Mercedes before so I have no idea what I'm doing. but uh, well, you guys don't know what I'm doing either.

So looks like we're all in this together aren't we now? I found a couple screws so I'm just gonna take those out. Yeah, like I said I'm not sure exactly how this is going to operate so maybe I don't have to do this. Maybe I do. Yeah, that looks like a kind of fancy.

So yeah, I'm just going to remove what I can remove and we'll see how this works out like a plan. I think it does. Got another screw or something down here? Let's pull this guy out. Get this thing out of here.

I'm not gonna pull those out because those are what's securing the latch mechanism to the door so we don't need to remove those. Um, maybe there's a hidden screw back here. I don't know I don't think so. I'm stuck.

Nope. Okay, let's see what else is involved in this guy. Oh, here we go. I got something.

We got a. pull the uh, the lock device off of there. That's gotta go. We just unthread that kind of old school isn't it All right? So I'm trying to, you know, figure out how this thing's comes off.

and I know there's clips that hold it, but I'm sure that there's some screws somewhere. Well, here we go. We're getting somewhere that's popping apart. speaker cover.

Well here there's There's some goodies in here. There's no reason to leave that sitting around. Let's pull those out. We'll put these on top of the speaker cover because I'm gonna find those screws.

I Know they're here. They've got to be here. So your goal is to not break the car. That's the.

That's the goal here. Yeah, maybe we'll just go with what we know. So uh, let's see what we can see inside of the panel. Maybe there's Clips in here or combination of clips and screws? Sure, there's something I can I can get an eyeball on to look at? Okay, yeah, I've got a clip here.

There's there's a clip. So let's uh, let's start popping clips and then we'll see where it gets hung up. later. there's one.

Yeah, there's definitely gonna be a some kind of a Fastener near the uh, the hand guard or the handle because these clips are not Stout enough to hang onto the panel and the handle all by themselves. Some more tucks here. All right. it's starting to separate from the door.

Something? There's something in here holding this together. You see. I'm thinking that it's this guy right here. but if I try to get behind that to to pry it away, it's uh, it's it's in there pretty good.
I can't I can't pull it out from the bottom. Now there is this panel right here. That's that one's kind of loose. that one moves.

Maybe maybe that panel comes off. that's too. I Know it's loose. End it There we go.

hear that. or I just broke it. No, it's not broken now. I'm seeing why this, uh, takes a long time to do.

Okay, yeah, not broken. that just Clips in and then foreign. Maybe this is what we need to do. Yeah, there's still no screws here.

You know? how does that guy? It came off on this side. It's got a little tab here and another tab here, but that one that one doesn't want to move. Um, pry bar. Yeah, maybe that's it.

Yep, there we go. No, we're in business because I have located the screws. See those right there? That's what we needed. Those two screws.

Okay, what do we got here? Some torx bits? Yeah. Pull these guys out. There's one. There's always something that holds the handle area in the door.

Oh, it is. If you don't find it, you're gonna break it. Guys would get to hold these panels and just wrench on them until they they're about to bust off. and then they do.

They break off right at those bolts and in your Sol Aren't you Okay, Oh yeah, it's it's coming loose. now. let's back up some. It's getting a little weeby wobbly.

Probably another clip over here. and the front side. This thing right here is kind of hanging up the show. See that? See how this thing comes off? It should just click.

All right. that's disconnected. Let's pull the little wire. Wow.

This is complicated. Look at that speaker insulation. Oh what else we got here? There's one little clip. How do I release you? Ah, Dasato.

Killing me. Mercedes I'm not qualified to do this here and take the whole speaker out there. Okay, well. I'm just gonna leave that little guy dangling there if it's a problem later.

and I'll deal with it later. There's another panel piece of plastic. Yeah. Found two more.

Uh, or one more. There's one more screw right there. It's got hidden fasteners everywhere. Yeah, now we're getting somewhere.

Patience. This is all about patience with this kind of stuff. All right. Well again, we're getting stuck.

Now here's some wires hanging out right here. A whole pack of them. Let's get these guys disconnected. I Learned about these connectors from that, uh, that air strut that we put in.

Remember the little tab, push the little Tab and it slides off. That's good. And then we've got looks like the cable for the door latch. See about getting that guy loose.

You guys see. Yeah, there's the cable right there. Let's pull it back and out of its little, uh little. Mount We'll unhook it.

There we go. And now we're just left with I Don't know. Hang on here. Wow.

that's fancy. Okay, we've got all these connectors here. and then these ribbons. Uh, that's definitely fancy.
and I don't think that they unplug from this little bracket thing right here. so they must disconnect here. Let's not forget this. Uh, blue, white, black.

how do we get these out? Yeah, Blue, White and black. You guys remember that. So I don't have to please. this big one's self-explanatory And these ribbons.

These scare me. How do I get these guys out? So much risk with uh, the Exotic vehicles I Think there's a tab right there? Okay, the panel is now disconnected from the door. We're getting somewhere I Don't really know what we're getting at, but we're getting there I think I have to remove uh, this little control module here I don't know how to do that either. Let's see.

well, let's unplug more stuff. Oh, it's a white one that's self-explanatory You can't go anywhere else. This one is self-explanatory that can't go anywhere else. Wow, A lot going on for a door.

I think I have to disconnect all these as well. Okay, it appears these things just clip in somehow to the door, but oh heck. I don't know. Pry bar.

We'll just pry bar. Not really. I'm just putting some pressure on it so I can depress what appears to be these little Clips There we go. Look at that.

See that one came right on out. It's a lot of engineering just to hold a piece of plastic in, wouldn't you say? okay? Next, we need to remove this uh, insulator business right here and it's glued in with that sticky goop. Look at this stuff right here. Not bad.

Separate this uh insulation from the door without tearing the insulation. It's a it's our next challenge here on the list of challenges of Mercedes challenges. Yeah, starting to tear it right there. Oops, Yeah, that's a challenge.

Failed if I tear a hole in this I mean it's probably inevitable, but I can at least try to avoid it. Wow, this is one, uh, secure window regulator that you really don't want me in here? There we go. Now we're into it. Okay, it's coming off now we're in business.

That's good. I can see a regulator in there. We're getting somewhere. Let's Fold this thing back because I I think I've got enough here to get into that I think yeah, we'll hold this and stick that aside.

Okay, this is gonna be in the way later. so this whole thing is coming off. Oh yeah, just gotta remember to how to put it back together I suppose Yeah, all this has to come off here. I don't have I can't be messing with uh, this while this thing's gonna be dropping in my face.

So we're just gonna take that away and and put that aside for now. Okay, now we can get to our our regulator here. so we've got our motor. that's gonna stay.

The regulator is the rail right here and it looks like this rail right here and that's what attaches to the window and ah, look at that. there's the cable. It's kind of sharp so things definitely broken. The original unit says Mercedes on it.
um I hope I can get this out without drilling out these rivets. I don't really like to drill door rivets. Maybe a maybe I'll be okay, maybe not. Time will tell.

Okay, so this wiring harness here. yeah, that zip tied onto the motor. What is it darling? No, that's Daddy's chair I need it. Okay, so since we've already established that I don't know what I'm doing and I'm not really sure how this thing comes out I've gone ahead and pulled the replacement unit out of the box and it looks like it bolts on in four places.

one right here, right here at the bottom of the door. that's what it appears and this one at the bottom on that side and then this one. This is the one that confuses me because this little bowl is pointed that way and this thing is located right about here. So I'm not certain how I'm supposed to get to this nut which is up here unless I'm I kind of reach up which I don't know if I can do that because it seems to have the uh, well, the door latch assembly is in the way so maybe I have to go in through here with an extension and reach it I don't know yet.

Uh, Regardless, what I do know is I need to remove the motor from here. Let's take that guy off next and we'll set that aside and then I'm going to need to pull off it. It appears that there's like some plugs or a let's go down there and look. actually what is this? Okay, yeah, yeah, there's a little.

There's a plug here and one here and that's going to give me access to these bottom bolts. So let's get what we know. We got one, two, and three, four, five six. Let's take all this stuff apart and then we'll work on this goofy little sideways bolts up here later here.

Let's get this motor disconnected. We don't need this plugged in for now that and we'll pull these screws out because the motor gets reused. Set this guy aside, peeling back the onion. you don't know what to do, Just take off Everything figured out.

I've got my hand on the glass just in case this thing wants to let go. and I don't think it's going to go anywhere. that's pretty nasty in there. Look at that? Yeah, that's bound up pretty bad.

That's the cable that runs the motor up and down. That isn't it good. Okay, all right, let's get the two bolts down here at the bottom of the door panel here. Let me scooch down here and we'll We'll feel for those little plugs.

There's one of them. the other one should be. Yeah, it's right over here. Get that guy out and those should be a 10 because the one up top right here.

that's a 10. Sure. I'm thinking these down here are also 10. So all right.

Yep, there's one and the other one. Okay, so that's the two bottom sections and then our top section. Let's get that guy out of there. can't reach there.

All right. The glass is starting to slide, but there's so much binding in this cable it's it's. not going to go anywhere so you know I think I am gonna have to drill these rivets out, but we'll wait for that. Wait a minute.
I Need to get to the one more bolt up here on top of this guy. which uh I don't know. hmm I can't even see it all right? I've I figured it out. Take a look at this.

so we've got this little excess hole thing right here and if I move that flap aside and look way way back in that hole I can see the nut at the top of uh of the regulator. So what I'll do is stick a socket on this extension and run that in until it meets the nut right about there. Maybe yeah, right about there. and then I can unscrew that nut that should get this thing broken loose and I can try to wiggle it out now.

I have just figured out I need to detach the glass from the regulator itself and it appears that there's a bolt for that right there and that means that the other one that meets it is probably behind here. That's what I think Well, that seems logical. so let's get uh, let's get through that little piece of paper or whatever that is and uh, looks like we got a Fastener there. All right.

we're getting somewhere now and I believe that's attached to the slider on the regulator. Yep. I Hope you guys can see it's pretty dark in there. Okay Torx bit is on all right.

the glass is halfway separated from the regulator. Let me get that. uh, there's my Fastener Looks like more parts just fell out and we'll get the left side and then the glass should be free. And what I'll do is I'll go ahead and pull this glass out as soon as it's unbolted and set it aside that way it's nice and safe.

Where's that? I See you, it's way back there. My hand is on the glass so that's a that's a yeah, it's in there somewhere foreign I need to pull this trim off up here. The piece of window trim that's hanging on to. uh, well.

getting caught up in the glass. Let's try to get that off. Man, this is a lot of work I probably should have done this first, but we've already established that I don't know what I'm doing. So is what it is.

All right. Cool beans, glasses out. Hopefully there it is. Got it? We'll set this aside so we don't break it.

No, this is nice now. I can see, uh, the Fastener that I was looking for. See right there what we can do. We're gonna go in through that hole right there.

Send that thing forward and it's gonna mate to that uh, that 10 mil nut right there. Then we can take the nut off and that will, uh, that'll finish off all the bolts that hold the regulator in. Foreign. That's cute.

that's adjustable. Now it's going to drop my socket. Watch this. Oh No I got it.

look I Managed. Nice. Regulator's free. It's free on that side, stuck to the magnet on the speaker.

that's a strong magnet. The question is is can I maneuver this out without cutting the rivets off for this little panel here? Yeah, having to drill these rivets is going to be the part where uh I become unhappy with this job. So far, so good. But the one thing in the life that I cannot stand well I won't say in life, but in automotive the one thing I cannot stand is drilling rivets and no Regulators thanks Ford and the survey says I'm an Sol it's like I'm drilling some rivets.
Oh oh wait wait wait wait wait wait wait, we got it. Hang on, hang on I might have it. mess. Yep, got it out.

However, next question is can I sneak that other one back in? That's uh. that's what's to be determined next. Oh how fun is this? These are adjustable. see the stop on it.

You can adjust the throw of the glass. How how cool is that? I'm excited. Complicated mechanisms, new ones coming in. Let's see how this is going to work out.

for me. it appears to all match up. So what I need to do is figure out how to sneak this guy back in. Gonna work? Yes, I mean it's gonna go in there.

Just how hard is that going to be? And how many times do I have to cut myself to achieve that? All right. It's uh, it's like halfway in a little bit farther and then I can flip that in the direction that it goes and it should be in good shape. Please flip because if it doesn't, I'm I'm kind of stuck here. Let's get that out of the way.

No, come on, just a little bit a little more please. Okay, all right, all right, we got it. See I said please and it worked. Oh man, you guys didn't see anything I just did.

Camera fell down I'm sorry. Well I uh I Painstakingly removed or installed and maneuvered. That's what I was trying to say. Maneuvered this regulator into the door panel now I need to maneuver it some more to Uh to make sure to get everything lined up.

Words: Okay, Oh, you know what? I forgot I Need to fish out all the all the broken pieces that we're hanging out down there. There's one. There's one. there's one.

There's that bolt that I dropped. uh I think that's all. Nope. Nope.

found another one piece of a cable. Okay, now that's all okay. Get somewhere. shoo What? I'm gonna do I've just got the bottom egg slid through.

Here's our top one. It's the Top Nut So let's go ahead and secure that real quick. It'll just keep the right side of the regulator from flopping around. Get on there, turn or rotate.

There we go. and then down below and secure that stud. so we're halfway there. so now take the left side, select the bottom stud through the bottom of the door, and then we just have to work on the uh, the little bolt up at the top.

Okie Dokes Time to very carefully insert this nut into the door and we're going to run it past that little flap and it has not fallen off yet. Good. We're gonna meet up with that stud right back there. Get that guy threaded on, don't fall out.

Oh I'm gonna put that exactly where I found it, which is right on the edge. I'm using the witness marks from the previous uh attachment point so that should get it fairly close I Know light in there is terrible I'm working on it trying. All right. I Think that's good.
Let's uh, let's tighten that one up some. We'll keep an eye on it, make sure it stays there. Click all right. That one's good.

So let's retrieve our tool again. This is hard to do and that's it. 10 millimeter, it's gone. Uh, where are you 10 mil? Oh no I can't find it.

Lost it? Uh I see Shiny it's it's way back there. Way Down Yonder Come here 10. got it? Okay, while we're at it, let's go ahead and get the ones down below. where'd they go? There's one and another right here and then whoa.

flashlight there it is and then that one right there now. I Do believe these ones on the bottom are adjustable. We can revisit those. uh at a later time.

Foreign. There we go. Okay, uh, if my order of operations was correct I think next I need to get the glass down in position Bolt the glass on and then we can proceed uh with the motor and then the rest of the trim and stuff like that. Sure, let's see how this goes.

This window is also tinted so I've got to take kind of extra care to, uh, not damage the tent. Very high risk doing window regulators on printed Windows because it's very easy to scratch the film and that would be bad. Okay, we're in the track in the front there. there is no rear track, it just uses.

oh oh, we're losing it and I kind of lost it. Hang on. What have I done? Anyway, as I was saying, there's no track on the rear, it just uses the regulator track to hold the glass. Okay, so down here in the back side, we need to line up those holes there that will thread it on the back side of the glass.

Oh, glass is falling out. Get back in there and this is hard to do. Okay now that bolt can take the weight and I can reach forward and get the other bolt there. So here's what I'm gonna do: I need to raise this whole assembly up so I can line up this hole with the mount on that regulator and uh, that'll let me put the other bolt in.

So I'm just gonna pick up on this unit and it's gonna actuate the regulator's mechanism which is no big deal. Pull it up until that thing lines up with this hole here and I'm maintaining position of the glass in the track, kind of hanging on to it by hand. So what? I'm thinking the uh, success and or failure of a job like this one. It all depends on order of operations I do this all in the same order that I took it apart.

This should go fairly flawlessly if I if I change the order in which I do things I might get myself in trouble I can't get this screw lined up I'm in trouble Also, come on. screw bolt whatever you are and it's not going in all right. let's pull that back out without dropping it. I got a got a finger in that hole right there.
Um, hang on I gotta get my Noggin in the way here I can't see what I'm doing. we uh, we've become misaligned somehow someway. hang on. Okay, that's about right I think let me try this again.

Oh, sitting in a chair, legs kind of stretched I've got a arm sticking up into this thing is that it's like chipping away at my head and uh, after all that complaining, looks like I've got that that bolt in? That's cool. That bolts in? That's cool. Woohoo! Um, where's my little socket driver there it is. Run this down some so it's not so weebie wobbly.

All right. let's back up a little bit here and admire the handiwork we've achieved. Uh, thus far, it's on track. It's in position.

Let's tighten these down. It's not actually going into the glass. There's like a clamp that clamps onto the glass and that that bolt just tightens up on the clamp. So I'm not.

Uh. I'm not breaking the glass. That's all the way up. Let's tighten this one down fix.

and so far that's a functioning unit. Okay next I think I can uh, put the motor back on and then start getting things plugged back in. Sound good? Sounds like a plan to me. Dirt in there.

Let's get that out and we don't need that foreign, just spline in there. We go. Okay, motor is in. click.

I'm not hammering these in until they just uh, strip I'm going in until they seat and then that is all. Yep, good to go there. Let's see, plug our wire back in. kicks right there.

That's good that goes on this side and I think that's uh. That's about right. Let's get the uh, the insulation back on and then we'll plug everything back in and make sure it works. Now this is the part where I drop the ball and forget where all the wires were supposed to pass through.

Especially this, uh, this gaggle of wires we've got going on over here and that goes that way. Totally forgot how these go and ideally I'd like to untangle them, but they just they came this way. Um, let's see that one's the speaker for up here so we know where you go and then that goes there. Which means these pass through this little hole right here and then the other is passed through the other hole.

then they connect. I Think that's how that's gonna go? That one goes through here. Memory serves, which it probably does not in this particular instance, but we'll deal with that later. These ones pass through on the right.

These ones are going to come through this little square hole right? Is that right? It is now. feels right? I don't know. Pretty darn close unless these all come through down here. which they can't Okay, okay, let's get our little computer controller device plugged back in here and then oh, I'm wrong I need to reroute these wires.

Yep, I'm wrong. Hang on, let's redo this again. Hmm, maybe through here. It's gotta be because this thing has to sit flush like so it's gonna go this way.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's better. So this guy slips into these two bottom holes, goes down, then it Clips in at the top I Believe that's what I'm dealing with here. That goes like that. That one goes right there.

Connected good. This one comes in right here. I Need to make sure these get nice and Tangled Up that's how they came. Uh, that one went there and we're missing a couple.

I Remember there was like a blue one and a white one. That one goes there. That one goes there. this one right there.

and then these guys I Just touched something and the window moved. Hmm. odd. Well at least we know it works.

Oh, it was, uh, doing Mercedes things. Automatic adjustments. so those hung out on the panels clipped onto the panel like right there. so that's in good shape.

Yeah, everybody's everybody's where they're supposed to be. Approximately Okay, All right. got the panel here. We're coming in with that.

and now. I Remember the remaining connectors. We've got the that ribbon and then there's the three. four more connectors that go into that little module right there.

So there's our blue one and that was the black one. There's the white one and it didn't occur to me until now. but they're already color coded on the module. see little dots right there.

I Did not notice such things. but now I do There's the Big Blue Ribbon one. Oh, that one goes right there. and then I've got this little black one right here.

so that's all the connectors connected. Let me get this hung into place right here and pull the speaker up where that goes. Yes, this is good. Oh oh, I forgot the cable.

Hang on. There's the cable back here for, uh, what you call it for the door lock or the door handle. Let's slip that guy in right there. See that I'm failing? There it is.

Pull that back and slide it over. Okay, that's the cable in position. and then let's get the the lock rod. Pass that through the hole here.

Okay, now we can get this thing clipped in and then ultimately bolt it in. Hang it right there. That's good. Very nice.

Okay, the top section here is sitting in the groove on the window seal and I believe everything is lined up. If we look at where all the pegs sit, they are right in position in their little holes. That one too. Let's just clip them in.

Then once everybody's seated and clipped, we'll go through with the actual bolts, bolt it all back together. Nice. cool. We're secure.

Bolt holes are unobstructed here and here this is good. We have space for, uh, our little speaker and these guys get hung right here on that little clip. right? Perfect. Okay, let's uh.

let's key it on and give this thing like a test real quick and make sure that that window is going to run like it's supposed to. Where's my keys? Took him out because it was dinging at me. All right. Okay, key on window moving up, window moving down.
Nice. Okay, well it works. Power that guy back off and let's put the rest of these goodies back together. I Believe there were just three screws in this, so get these guys in one there and then the two more down here.

A little long range. Yeah, Yeah, Got it. Beautiful. Where's my lock handle that I took off earlier? Oh there it is.

I left it on the floor. bad ring. Spread that guy back in. The worst mistake you can make is you put all this back together and realize that the lock Rod is hanging out down here somewhere.

Then you've got to take it all apart and do it again. Good to go. Okay, we've got this little guy here that houses the speaker that just Clips in. That guy goes in here and then you slide this thing in and secure it on its little clip.

here. There we go. All right? Okay, let's start getting these little panels back in. That one came out last so it goes in first.

Clips in right there. then the big one set upside down. no just Clips in as well. A couple snap crackles and Pops that's in position.

Good then we need this little side panel here. that one goes. See, there's the tab. That one goes there.

Smelly, good stuff that goes back in here to try to put things back where where I found them and then the speaker cover. again. that just kind of Clips in I think no, no, it slides in that way. slides this way first and then Clips in.

Other than these last pieces of plastic plus a little bit of a fingerprint cleaning and this side is good to go and then I must repeat said procedure on the other side to fix the passenger window. Um I don't think I'm going to record that side. this is door panels are hard to really get good shots on. They don't record well because there's so many shadows and it's frustrating and time consuming for me.

which translates into something that is, uh, boring and uninteresting to you, the viewers and that's not what we all want here. So yeah, like I said, I think I'm going to skip the the video making of the other side and just go ahead and close this one out. So uh, I'll do that by thanking all of you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video.

I Know it's a kind of shadowy and it was tough to follow along because you guys couldn't see what I was doing which could have made this an unenjoyable video. Um, if this did turn into an unenrollable video for you, then uh, perhaps you should scroll down to this video's description and check the link at the top of the page and it will take you to a far more interesting video. About all that again. And as always, thank you guys for watching And most importantly, don't forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys in the next one ending of Mercedes Door panel.

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    But we can imagine the passenger door being done. Just a mirror image LoL. No need to show it.
    Thanks again for some good insight into how things go back together. I was able to fix a new glove box door and handle on my Alfa with confidence gleaned from your skills.

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    Spent a couple of months trying to resolve an idle issue which was eventually traced to idle control module buried so deep behind the glove box that I could not see it at all and had to remove it entirely by feel. Of course replacements are not available, but found a shop that rebuilt it for me. Frustrating, but wife is happy.

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