In this video I help out a customer with a concern of no heat in his Nissan Frontier with the big 4.0 Turns out there was more to the issue than just a bad thermostat or plugged heater core.
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Let's follow here with the Nissan until this is no heat unless he's going up a hill. Go see. Oh, he left us a note. it's Christmas so don't kill Eric Well that's good.

at least that's on his to-do list. This guy's something about. let me tell you. okay I hear the Mode door changing but this guy, he ain't joking.

There's like no heat. 45 degrees I See, it's I mean according to the gauge, it's warmed up. but yeah, I mean there's nothing even on low. So we got on hot panel.

I mean there's like nothing. The ambient temperature is probably 45 degrees in here. Let's take it for a rep just for Grins and Giggles Well he explained he had a little bit of heat but I was just holding the engine RPMs up and it didn't change at all. So a couple things to think about: a uh, you know, are the motor doors switching? B Is it out of coolant? or is there, you know, a heater shutoff valve on the heater core because even just a little bit of load, you know, 46 degrees? uh C You know, is the thermostat bad in the engine? It's not heating up at all? I Don't think that's our case.

Let's go out here on the big road. hammer on it I Can see we're getting a little bit now. A little bit changed. the chain.

Whoa. too much. Thunder Oh hey, we did get some heat though. I Can feel that we got blasters.

Where are we at now? It's hot here 69er and climbing so that's interesting. It kind of got a burst of heat pretty quickly there, you just still asleep. Interesting. Okay, let's go back to the shop here and do some preliminaries.

now that we've the data. I Mean you can see even even with it on low and you know, full hot at an idol, it's dropping off pretty quick. It's starting to get cold in here. Again, not as cold as it was, but definitely not great that it's broken.

It's a little sticker right there. that's cool Antenna: when it's down to the minimum mark, foreign 's a little low, but it's not. uh, not out by any means, so that's good. Oh, it must be.

Must be low. I Don't feel cool. it's squishing in this hose. and I don't see the level changing over there, so that's kind of curious.

but you know the hoses do feel uncomfortably warm so they're quite hot. One of the heroes is there. just kind of inspecting it to see if there's any leaks or any reason for any type of coolant loss. I Couldn't find my fine-tooth comb, but I found my mirror and I went over the sucker.

The wire line runs across the back, just kind of looking any evidence of any leaks, particularly on these with the plastic aluminum radiators, you know, look down the tubs where the plastic tubs hook onto them. A lot of times you'll see them leaking and this uses that Asian blue coolant so it's usually pretty easy to spot a leak and and I don't see anything I don't smell anything like I said the coolant's only down a little bit I did pop the cap here off the radiator and that's I mean it's like, you know, right close to the very tippy top so no real issues there I guess if this were mine and I were him and he were me I put a thermostat in it I changed the coolant and the uh and the engine is giving the agent the mileage I flush out the heater core and blast that up. Make sure that baby is good and and then I think we'll be good to go. So that's what I'm going to suggest to him and see what he says.
Well, that was easy, He said do it. Okay, let's do it. We've got the Uh I don't know what you guys can see. probably nothing, but there's a drain plug right here I'm gonna try to get some of it in the bucket.

not all of it, but some of it. I Gotta find it again. it takes a Phillips head I think the bottom of the radiator you got to catch it because I think this is that kind of plug that comes out all the way. Yes sir, there it is.

So so it's that little fella right there see moaning up there. So let that drizzle stick this where we won't lose it there that's a can. and before you ask this cap, it's not broke. This is the pressure side over here at the Overflow so to speak.

Where to begin? Always begin. At the beginning. we need to take this stuff off. We'll wiggle this so it's here.

Get that unhooked. You're gonna have to deal with the furnace today. just FYI I Usually turn it off for you folks. a bunch of chili and it's unusually loud on my videos.

I've mentioned many a time before. In real life though, it's pretty quiet. we're gonna whip this off. Maybe I Can get a magnet tray.

look at that. so a couple little rubber dongers there foreign take this straight over. Wait, for the sake of our sanity, a little bit more room hose over there so we're just ahead. Set that like that because we don't really need it all the way out of our way.

Oh, we can upsell that baby. and then what? I'd like to do because the thermostat is right here on the lower hose where it goes in. Now if I wasn't shooting a video, I probably could just go in blind here. but I think for the video's sake to give us a little extra room.

um I think on this one. I Don't believe the fan shroud comes in two pieces. If it does, we'll take the upper half off if it don't which I don't think it does sometimes. Nissan's really nice and they make it so you can keep the fan on there.

Uh, let's see here. I Suppose we could look in service data. take them too, stick them on our magnet tray. the rubber overflow tube gear off.

Let me just look down inside this shroud. Oh, it does look like it separates. Hooray! Uh I don't know how but I can see a seam on it which is nice. So let's take this off all the way to the side.

Now we have a wire here on the electric cooling fan. We will unplug it Maybe it says Nissan we're dealing with they're connectors. The connector is disconnected sometimes. the Nissan you got to turn off the camera make a little noise.

We're gonna unhook the upper radiator hose. That right there. Okay, so now our shroud is loose. We just need to figure out how that bottom half gauges.
Let me give you the short answer: I don't know I popped the ends loose. There's something on the bottom holding it. Uh, for the two minutes it's going to take me to pull the fan off. I'm just going to pull the fan off.

Just four 10 millimeter bolts on it or 14 millimeter nuts. Let's crack them. We'll just have to stick them out. We'll just pull the whole fan out.

Then we'll have a look at it and see. the skid plate on this thing is pretty Rusty To get to the bottom of it. so I don't want to go make a mountain out of a molehill here any more than we already have. So I'm just going to crack these uh, nuts loose that hold the fan on.

We're going to pull the whole fan assembly and everything up out of the way and then like I say we'll be able to see what's uh, see what's up. Then those four nuts I'll pop them a little bit harder. they can be stuck on the Hub I think we're going to pull this bolt out of the fan. Oh the electric fan.

and then I believe Falls Right in the world, this whole thing should come up there. we go. It's kind of got to hold the fan here. and then I still want to drop the fan into the radiator.

So I'm going to get that out of our way. First there we go because these things can be kind of sharp. I'll set that down and then uh, the electric fan here. I think just the one wire feel that there is a hose or something here on the bottom.

Here we'll get the electric fan out of the way that just sits in the bottom of the radiator so there's nothing or done in this course. Port So there's nothing really holding that thing in other than one upper. Bolt Now we can see what the bottom of this sucker is made out of. If anything, it was almost too convenient.

Almost like it was engineered that way. The one hose I'll show you when I pull it should be free now. Yeah, get this right now. The one hose you could access to the oil filter spot where you get the oil filter and the other one was easily accessible just on the outside.

Just reach it through so there. I'll show you where those. So those two hoses. There's one hose that hooks here and there was another one hooks here.

There's a little access cover on the skid plate. Two two bolts. you could reach through that one. Of course this one's right out on the edge, but let's see.

Oh okay, that's why I couldn't reach down here and figure this out. This is the bottom of the Shroud Ah, you stink pot. that's how that comes off so we can stick that. uh I guess we can and it pops up into there I Guess we'll probably give it the classic reach around feel those babies on there or we can just put it back together the way we took it apart so we don't have to worry about trying to reach down and snap these in which.
I Think that's what we're going to do because really, it's not too difficult to get the whole shroud out of there. Well, this is embarrassing. I Guess you should have got your mirror down there a little closer there. Ding dong that lower hose has a little bit of uh, crust and corrosion on there around that clamp so there is a little bit of seepage there.

Our thermostat lives up here. so I guess it's a good thing that we pulled this all apart a little better. look at the radiator and then uh yeah wow. this guy's a loser I'm only human folks I guess when I didn't smell it with my big schnoz I didn't get too awful concerned I mean obviously it's not like a you know, huge leak.

it's pee peeing on the ground. But let's get our hose clamp players. get that off there. see what kind of corrosion and crud we have I Just let nobody.

Nobody has a hose for it in stock so uh, post doesn't feel super terrible. It's not all mush near the ends. We have to unhook it up here anyway, so let's unhook both ends. Oh let's see all the way down if I can reach that something.

I have to use my other hand here I think it's a little longer. Oh, it must be because I can reach it with this arm. Ah, there it goes. Classic move right there boys.

Wow. Classic move that gives you your explanation. the slight bit of coolant loss that this thing had. Wow, nobody's gonna trust me anymore I'll tell you that I'm all taught how I wouldn't have taken this off unless we were doing a video.

yada yada when really in my heart I probably would have how much that's broke that's at least halfway. I should be able to get a hold of that sucker and peel it off there. Find it. I'm using my long arm.

let me get a hook. There we go. Just wanted to spin that hose clamp to bust it Loose Here a baby. That arm definitely is shorter I'm not gonna lie.

disproportionate foreign that off a little bit. just like so then we can get the rest of the clamp off. there. It is your classic Chrysler Broken clamp Nissan Chrysler the Imports I'm almost embarrassed to the point I Wanted to get rid of this video, but we're not gonna because that's how we roll.

That's the biggest mistake I make today. I'm doing pretty good in my opinion. Put this from a thermostat. set that down there I think we have one more hose here.

The small hose I believe hooks to the thermostat housing we're going to replace because this one's pretty Rusty Really rusty. So that one there we're gonna change that one out with a regular worm. Drive Tell you what, before we get any coolant all over his belt, let's take that off. That's a looks like the OG probably good little cooling on your belt.

They tend to get a little squawky yeah like that with a little Mark so we know which side faces out with an arrow. That's the way out. Oh, we got a little cooling on it. Stick that up there.
One of the studs we have to put back here in The Idler There for the fan. Looks like a few. four 10 MMS Maybe right there. show you.

but we took all this stuff off so you can see and now you can't see. You'll see it in a minute, trust me. Bolt Number one, Number two, same length three. Oh, get your bucket fellas! Daddy And last but not least, Numero 4-0 Number four.

And there's your thermostat on a Nissan for all. Did I even tell you guys what engine this is? It's big I don't know that much. There it is your 432 180 thermostat. How is it supposed to come with a gasket? And it did.

That's great. Didn't come with a sponsorship though. Hey, we took out four bolts. What's that telling you? I was telling you we took out one bolt.

too many. I'll tell you that we'll have to put that back. Oh I think we took out a timing cover bolt. so the three bolts here that are the same length are for the thermostat housing.

the one that's a goat shorter must be for the timing cover. I Guess we can put that one back. This whole video is a giant mistake. Perfect.

I'm gonna reach under here. we're gonna wipe off where this goes and I'm gonna have to look in there with a mirror because I can't even see it myself. Set this down I Think it looks good. All right.

So said. I didn't see any coolant leaks so how can you trust me? Yeah, it looks good. Trust me. I'm going to take our gasket here and knock the little punch outside of it.

The gasket's got adhesive on one side. Son of a mother. Oh great. It didn't even go in the bucket.

Today's my lucky day not go that gasket right there. we can take the adhesive off. I wish all gaskets came with us. It would make putting the mine a lot easier.

I Want to be using so much spray tack? Let's see there that's off. I Believe this will stick right to the thermostat I Think that's the way it was oriented and it is. So we'll line up those holes very gingerly. push that down so that's stuck on there now.

Oh, it's got a jiggle pin. All right. It's a little jiggle pin there that'll be at the top. Negative: it'll be at the bottom on this one.

Usually your jiggle pins in the top of the thermostat, but hey, whatever. I'll write the rules so we'll stick this right down there where we found it. You're just gonna have to do it by feel. You'll know once you get it started.

Excuse me, there's one. Find the other ones here. Get them lined up. there's that one.

and then there's one. more in the bottom. Perfect. Don't use the ugly nugget gun on that.

I'm just going to use the socket to thread it in all the way. I'll give you guys a picture of it once. it's all all in there. but if you've made it this far and you're DIY in it, you'll know now.

the aftermarket uses at least this aftermarket has a paper gasket as opposed to the steel gasket of the OEM I Wouldn't 100 trust Factory Torque specs I Could be wrong assuming that I Kind of trust my gut a little bit more when it comes to snugging these up and just how it feels. So I got out the big ratchet. just gonna work it. Snug them up here a little bit.
Don't go crazy with it. You don't want to split the gasket and push it out if you get real Hog Wild with it and then you'll be inside looking for a cereal box to make a new gasket. You're welcome for that free tip. Yes, it does work now that I've done it.

but I've got buddies. Okay, I've done it, but not on a professional level. Come in for the money shot. So there it is, folks.

That's where it lives. You got the three bolts. Don't take that one out. It's unnecessary.

just the three that hold the nine. Easy Peasy went and grabbed us a few hose plants out of inventory. I'll stick the little hose here on first. What's going to be the best way to get that clamp? Oh, not that way.

That way it's kind of. An Inconvenient one for a worm Drive slip that back up on there. see if I can reach it through here. As far as our lower hose goes.

I Don't think that one's going to be such a big a deal. that one was a big deal. but upper right there. Not a problem.

of course the bottom one. Not a problem either. No. I see a little Christmas tree faster on it that was not into the frame, but that's a hole right there.

Must have been like that. It's whole life there. Wow. Okay, the factory must have screwed that one up.

Snug these clamps up. It's got a little antifreeze here on the AC compressor. Run a clutch a little bit down here. Let's reinstall our belt the correct orientation.

Anybody remember how it goes? Should have wrote it down, but we didn't. We'll figure it out for what we do. that's what that fellow looks like right there. I See now we just take and stick our fan and our shroud back in there.

We're just going to stick it in all one piece just like we took it out so we don't have to fiddle, uh, you know, with the skid plate or trying to click anything in. And then we can go under here. we can reach this hose through that hole and then this hose. We can reach you through this opening.

So not a big deal. So I think we'll get it started. just like so. we'll just set the empty shroud down and we need to clear.

We need to clear not much. AC Line over here. We'll just kind of get it right about there and we should be able to stick our fan down in. Be careful not to damage the front of your radiator obviously this baby.

Oh yeah, it's got two little slots that goes down in inside the shroud and you'll see where it puts it actually hooks in two little standoffs on the radiator, not the core support and then the fan. You gotta be careful with these things. These things can be razor sharp and I assume the sharpening of the blade on the offside. Edge So where the air comes off? I Assume they get so sharp because of debris that comes across them and constantly you know braiding away until these things are razor sharp.
I Used to see a lot when I used to work on semis. You know of course they would be. You know, a million miles. Three quarters of a million miles and these things would be like razor blades.

And I assume just because they've been driven, more and more abrasives have come across them. I Could be completely wrong in that theory, but that's why that's why I Always chalked it up to get this fan right here. Slip this one down here and I'm just going to leave that laying in the fan shroud momentarily. I Want to make sure our electric fan sits down in the little pegs we're supposed to in the past.

so we'll stick one bolt in there. If it doesn't go in correctly, you know it won't. It won't line up here like it has. Don't put those in with the agadaga.

Put them in with the little ratchet. foreign. I'm going to reach down here and stick our fan back where it belongs and then we'll stick our fan shroud back up on here where it belongs, which that sits on two little pegs. Easy peasy, The Peg's about an inch long.

That's why I wasn't lifting it up high enough to get it up and in there. Well, I was down there I stuck those I clipped those two hoses back on. and then there's one more spot here where it Clips onto the side right there. and then of course you have your harness, your wiring harness.

We'll plug that in right there, clip it in there, clip it in there. and then there's one more wire clip right here on the side. so there's three total and those are all clipped in. So not not a big deal now.

I'm just going to tighten up the four bolts on the fan once you get those babies snugged up. Don't forget to tighten up your fan Sure out here, but you already did. There's that. We're going to put our upper hose back on here without everything else.

Find this little guy. Put that back right where it was. Oh, and then we have our hose here. That's one thing we forgot.

Click that back in Exactly where it was. We'll never know we were here. That there. We have it folks.

Let's put the thing back on here. The air intake. Slide this baby up in there. Don't forget your clamp.

Don't forget your hose. Oh easy, There's that. The hose should have a little spot that it lines right up with that one. A couple of tens, they were the ones with the Phillips Phillips Head Mark in the middle.

Swing this behind me back around. We didn't unhook that one hose remember and hooked our mass. Airflow was all. We did.

a hose there on what must be a oh, the back hose for the front diff or what it is. but okay, it's just one clip in it. I Didn't call them back to upsell my air filter yet, so we're just gonna pretend we didn't see that. Of course we'll let them know.
obviously there's that, and then we just need to stick the a little beauty cover up there on the engine. Oh it's beautiful. Now that's why they call it Beauty Cover: There's that beautiful beautiful probably playing with fire back here. Foreign Hook these two hoses off the heater core.

That one came off very nicely. Now this one over here is hard piped in all the way over there. I Don't know how much flexibility is in that aluminum pipe. We're going to pull the clamp back a little as far as it goes and give it a very gentle pull I can see it sliding off the pipe there on the heater core I Just don't want it to surprise me and then end up breaking something so we're just going to wiggle it very gently.

Massage that maybe? Okay, it doesn't have a lot of room to move about that far. just enough to come off the nipple. There's a 10 mil on that firewall which I don't think I can easily get to with anything powered. Oh, not even close.

Let's get a long extension and a swivel. See if we can't get in there and loosen that up, that would give us I think just that little bit of extra room. We need a shorter swivel. Simone baby.

come on, get around there. all right. Let's reach back. almost almost.

It's sitting right on the end of that stud. y I gotcha! Oh I'm gonna drop you I got you again. So there's that. There we go.

Now we're talking now. we got the room boys. let's go get a couple hoses. we can stick on there and we'll give it a few blasters with the old Blaster Going to get any junk out of there that might be in there.

Water hose, air hose so you can show how much water comes out I Keep the water pressure down a little bit too and then you give her some of those so we're calm down the water a little bit now before you before you start getting after it. Blow The water out of the heater core there first and like I said, be careful with your air pressure. it can get stupid. You don't want it to break but we're gonna get wet all right.

So we blew all the stuff out of the heater core so then we just go gingerly. At first, get a little water in there I Just let it keep going like this and just keep agitating it. We need a little more water flow, you'll get a feel for it. My garden hose is kind of heavy and I worry about this thing because it's plastic I Just assume it's going to break foreign, stick this hose down somewhere it's safe or at least where it won't blast you.

I Guess we can try to push it back down here where the other one was. Just add this one fish down by the front wheel. There we go so we'll do the same thing there going. Oh great.

this one was just slotted. Must be I've been doing 20 business before. Okay here we go. foreign.

It's usually works quite well. Foreign air. Get all the water out of the heater core. foreign like.

I Say this usually works quite well I think I've showed in other videos I uh have a pump setup that I use for heater cords that are excessively insanely plugged. I'll use a you know, a chemical flush some CLR radiator flush and I just circulate it around in a pump. We need to get these clamps back up where they were and then get them to release. Now the easy part.
we're gonna fill her up. We got some Asian Blue 50 50. it's a zerox flavored Napa makes some in the store brand too. I Just buy whichever one's on sale.

same price. if you buy concentrate, mix it yourself as it is if you buy 50 50. at least when we purchase it it is and then uh, the good news is you don't have foreign mix. is it mixed correctly? So I buy all my coolant in 50 50.

Okay, foreign. Got her done before the snow melted off the roof. Even good, even better, even good. Yeah, listen to this guy.

We're just about fully warmed up even just sitting here at an idle. I mean it's hot coming out of Dash We're one almost coming up on 125f and that's just a low speed. It's usually your hottest to be happy. Now we're coming out of the dash 70 I Mean it's going to get up to full temp which should be I think around 180 I think the thermostat was in this thing with Gage there I would expect this, you know 160 to 180 I would think stick up on full blaster drops the temp a little bit running around full blasts Flat Road Light load oh 1800 readying out about 175.

We'll call it 175 180 so it's it's. good. It's hot in here. we're gonna turn it down I'm happy so we'll leave it to that folks.

I Think this guy will be happy. has some good, uh, good heat now and fortunately we went all the way and we found that broken clamp which is great because that would have been super embarrassing to have not found it or not noticed it right off. during preliminary inspection that this guy gave where clearly he didn't get down there with his mirror to shine on it. That's neither here nor there.

The good news is whether it was by luck or divine intervention, we found the issue or a issue that could have been a big issue so that's good. Keep that in mind. always go all the way folks and uh, where you got that and your mind go all the way down into that comment section Questions: Comments: insty Facebook Just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching.

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    Nice Job👍 I've got a 2008 crew cab 4×4 long bed Frontier that I bought used with 60,000 miles on it in 2014. It's now got 403,000 miles on it. I've dealt with this coolant issue on and off for years and would usually just overfill the coolant reserve tank and it would fix the issue for some time. As many others have said in the Comments it seems to be an issue with low coolant or air in the system. And you'll know it's the issue if your truck isn't necessarily running to hot but you only get good heat with high rpms on the engine. I've had several times over the years that I was almost certian that my coolant wasn't low but would have the issue and could also sometimes here the gurgle sound when shutting the truck off signifying air in the system. I think the advise of overfilling your reserve tank a bit for the 2nd gen Frontier 4.0 engine is a solid recomend by many who seem to be very familiar with the Frontier in the comments section. I'm guessing either coolant slowly seeps out or air somehow gets in due to worn hoses or hose clamps over time if everything else is solid. Your going to save A Lot of Frontier owners some guestimation hassle with this vid and the great information in the comments. Thanks for Sharing on You Tube!

  20. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Neil Dare says:

    I thought you said you didn't like cordless ratchets fella

  21. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Denton says:

    Being thorough wins the game.🎍😁

  22. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Ross Voss says:

    Cereal box and Indian head shellac, best you can get when you can't get the gasket.

  23. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Kline says:

    You're going to have to teach that guy how to operate that mirror when he's doing inspections.

  24. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Paul Kline says:

    When I was in the Army we would use Manila File Folders to make gaskets if we couldn't get gaskets. Mostly for the differential housing cover, axle shafts and transmission shift housing cover.

  25. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wayne Lutwiniak says:

    Ah, the dreaded, broken spring clamp. Those can be really annoying to remove ☹

  26. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Brown says:

    get a new furn u got the money i here

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    Awesome videos by an awesome mechanic!

  28. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars kodo nosaki says:

    The premixed 50/50 anti-freeze/distilled water, engine coolants, came to market, to negate the harmful effects of the chemicals besides H2O, found in tap or hose water. Since the mid '70s, until the 50/50 coolants were available, I always had enough bottles of clean, pure, distilled water on hand.

  29. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Wizard Ace says:

    Eric there are times you have to wonder if you have ever turned a wrench, we all have off days.

  30. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Magoo Lew says:

    I can't do it because I don't have half the tools you do, plus I'm nearly 70 years old. I can't even remember the last car I worked on other than putting washer fluid in the bottle and changing the air cleaner and battery on my 2004 Cavalier and I just did that a week ago.

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Troy Miller says:


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    Beauty cover my ass it's to cover up the mistake underneath.

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  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Hegarty says:

    Oh! for the good old days and worm gear clamps, these sorrowful new clamps are only slightly better than the old chrysler wire clamps!

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Robert Clubs says:

    You know what you're doing. Thanks for your service.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars H Timmermans says:

    The engine sounded like a diesel!

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Michael Strafello says:

    I consider thermostat ,heater core flush and new coolant preventive services time and mileage

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Clear View Solutions MS says:

    Are you in need of a Mississippi license plate for your collection?

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Adam Bell says:

    This is a super common problem with these trucks. If they loose any coolant at all, I mean any, you will have no heat. The location of the heater core and the min/max marks on the overflow reservoir could have a little more wiggle room.

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Synical Beats says:

    Pain in the ass heater core hose loop. Top it off and take it for a beat run. Ran into this constantly as a Nissan tech.

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Byron Watkins says:

    Some people either don't experience embarrassment or dismiss it as "not my fault." Embarrassment drives us to improve ourselves and to prevent similar mistakes.

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars mu lin zhan says:

    From Taiwan, wishing you and your family a wonderful 2023.

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    Thank you!

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    I understand you're only one person but it's no fun looking at the back of your shirt while you talk to yourself with select phrases like "did ya see that, baby?". Without closer camera access, we don't see squat! And we haven't a clue what's workin' and what's not . I know it's tuff to do the work and film too, 3 handed so to speak, but if ya can't get the angle, maybe this is not the job for content.

    Other than that, absolutely love the channel!!! Tho I DO miss brake cleaner drama…😱!!!

  45. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars 73 SUPERGLIDE says:

    And y did you put camera down show it Eric

  46. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Repro77 says:

    I've cut my fingers a few times on my fan. Just a slight spin, and bam! dripping blood…..razor sharp

  47. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars James Carroll says:

    Happy New Year Eric
    Off topic:does anyone know what happened to Ben from One-Legged Honda Mechanic YouTube channel?