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Out oh look at all that carbon built up look at that check this thing thing out the volkswagen diesel powered golf tdi really cool little car hello everybody welcome i'm glad you're here well i'm glad to be here let's see what we got in this thing. 74. 951 miles and a manual transmission how about that starting z engine. It is a diesel smells like diesel must be diesel okie dokes.

I've got a list here of things we need to look at uh fix the rear driver's side window. It's taped on with the duct tape. And does not come down replace glove box new doors in the back seat. It's like the handle's broken off of this door got it i'm gonna change the oil grease and filter.

We're going to use 530 oil or grease the front end place fuel filter check battery replace if we need one of those check shocks and struts check brakes replace if needed sunroof makes a noise. Afraid to open it check the sunroof and there's a rattle in the front bumper. If you hit the front bumper check to see if the pins fell out of it got it all right well. Let's see what our sunroof does yeah.

Let's see opening. I don't hear a noise closing moving on up well there it is big snow is right there some kind of binding yeah it clicks a bunch when it's parking okay first i want to see what's going on with this uh this window back here. So let's untape. It cutting through the uh seal.

Oh. No the duct tape schmoo that's the worst foreign okay let's see what's gonna happen here do i have a button back here i do it's not working maybe. It's locked attempt number two hmm. Oh.

I hear the regulator crunching in there yep. It's got broken cables or a broken pulley in the regulator. We're gonna need a regulator for this door moving on okay the rest of this down here is under car work except for this glove box door which i went around in the back. And i found a replacement glove box door so i guess before i lift this up let's just go ahead and toss this guy in right.

Now sure i'm going to eat my words on that one because this is in fact a volkswagen. But you know we'll see we'll see how it works out so. The new door does not have the lock tumbler in it that the handle off of the old door head so i need to remove this guy. It appears it presses in from the front and then slips past these little tabs right here and then locks in forever.

Probably just gonna have to cut. These guys off to get this out. So let's let's just cut the chase. No pun intended and go do that right now.

See i can go in here. With my super pointy sharp cutters snip those little guys off goodbye. We'll get at that one right there. And we'll uh.

We'll break this one off right here too not enough more hacking. There foreign all right that part's done now let's get this thing out and this thing in and the rumor has it i have to remove something in the center console here to get to one of the bolts that's going to be fun uh let's go around to that side before i go i'm gonna make more air conditioning. We're gonna need that lives okay so i think it would behoove me to get this glove box open and i think i can yeah that'll work got it that was easy easier than i thought and i said it i'm in trouble now pencil gravity okay so uh when looking at the new unit and the old unit. It appears that i've got to get these covers disassembled right here right here.
And it looks like there's a screw that runs through down here somewhere. And another one on that side so put this up on the dash. Where it's safe for now. And we're going to figure out how to get these panels apart good time or perhaps.

The screw goes in through this direction. Which doesn't help because that still means i have to take that radio and stuff out plastic mips and i don't want to break you got it okay. That was scary one of the clips actually came off the plastic thing and flew away in there i find it so it has become lost. There it is we're just gonna go ahead and put that back right now crisis averted.

I have found what i'm looking for there. Is the hinge pin right there. And it looks like it comes in from the inside. Pointed out and i'm assuming that one also goes in from the inside pointed out so i need to remove this bottom panel.

And this panel right here because that's all part of the door housing assembly. So we need a torx 20 three of those for up top and then let's see what's down here at the bottom. Something similar. Yeah torx.

20. Okay. More tools let's just close this. And we'll get our bottom fasteners first let's see there's one right there looks like there's just three of them down.

Here. One come here. Number two and number three right over here. There's three more up top and i'm sure there's like four or five more hidden ones.

Because volkswagen. Yeah. Oh yeah okay let's see pull our little lever open. Three more another foreign that one's tight look at my driver slip okay.

That's the last visible fastener. I think the whole unit here should be coming out yeah. He's trimming away this guy get this out of here hit. You guys in the face.

All right. Well. The trim piece came out uh. The clips stayed and none of them appear to be broken.

This is good all right okay so after closer inspection. The hinges on this these little black pieces. They just push through and then kind of clip in similar to how that uh that little lock release button attached that being said. I'm i'm actually pretty nervous about uh.

Forcing these little pins out because if i break them then i'm sol. And i can't get this apart without trying to force those pins through this one will have to force in from that direction. This one is actually opposite it has to come out this direction. So i've got to get a hold of it and pop this one out.

And then i've got to shove this one in and only then will i be able to remove this door. I'm a little concerned i'm going to break some plastic on this because if i don't know if we can see it if you look real super. Close right right. Here.
There's a hairline crack in the plastic on the part that is not being replaced. So if i'm not gentle enough with this i'm going to break. It okay. So this is going to go one of two ways way number one it's just going to come apart no problem and i'm overthinking it and way number two i'm gonna break things so who let's find out i did just move this one pin all right heard that one fall out it is in the box.

Let's just go ahead and get that out right now. I don't i do not need to lose that that's important open you thing you there okay. There's one we got one. I think i'm being a little overly skeptical on this particular job.

It's because i don't know what i'm doing head number two what i found that's broken. I wonder if i can unbreak that later blue action. I think i can but let's get this door off first more disassembly required. There's a door stop right here.

Fortunately. That's just screwed on the other side does not have one how does this come apart. How are we gonna do this oh. I see we got these little tab things up here holding it in come on now.

What are you doing no got it gotta make the gnaw sound works every time okay so i don't know if i broke this or what the deal is i think the whole unit here should be coming out yep. It's trimming away this guy get this out of here this is but i i do think i can fix that real quick. It's not broken off all the way. And i think some high quality adhesive in there we'll fix that up no problem.

Let's go over to my bench. Okay. We have migrated over to the toolbox area got the work here that's our little broken plasticy bit. And i'm just going to use some uh.

Some really cool glue to fix that up what i'm actually doing is uh using super glue. And then some colored powder as a filler super glue is great as a bonding agent. But if there's nothing for it to fill the gaps. It's actually a terrible bonding agent.

So what we do is we put some uh. Some powder in there you can actually use baking soda for this just pour baking soda on your work and then pour super glue in it or pour super glue on it. Then. Baking soda.

Then more super glue that way. It. Gives it a little bit of substance to bond with thus creating a stronger glue. One other difference with this sino and a regular off the shelf super glue is this stuff is actually rather thick get it at the hobby stores they sell it in like a thin medium and a super thick and they also sell reactive agents.

Where you spray it on the glue. And it instantly hardens the glue all right glue is applied so we're gonna zoom in hope you can see there we go nice okay looking at it from the front side. We can barely see that there's a crack. But what's important is to glue didn't wick out on this side and you know leave blue stains.
And that white stuff that happens. When you put super glue on on plastic. We did not have that because this glue was actually thicker than uh wait like i said we get off the shelf throw. A little bit of this gray powder in on this side.

Just in case. Any glue has made its way through that powder will get onto it cover it up and create a nice transition voila. The crack is gone all right this should be uh fairly easy. I think i hope yes.

No see i didn't have any fear taking it apart because i was like if i break it i don't care. I've got a new one but now i got a new one and i have fear of breaking it i color matching looks okay that's not bad anyway. It's in so let's do the pin thing. It's gonna work give her there's one then the other one came in from the inside.

If i recall all the way down you can't see it i can't see it. But i could feel it and i can tell you what it feels like so far got the tip in at full send we got it it's in look at that foreign like that okay. Door is replaced hardware's all in let's put it back together foreign click all right don't need that pointy screwdriver. Right now get this guy back in its home over here.

Okay. Let's plug our little light guy back in because we won't be able to do that later does that turn off tell me you're going to turn on okay. It turns off and let's open this back up i want to line all this up perfectly. Because i'm not going to have another shot at not breaking this piece of plastic here got her all right a couple screws and it will be secure.

This uh has kind of gone a little better than i thought it was especially since i jinxed myself a couple times. Yeah maybe i'll pay for it later there's other stuff that this car needs carson are number two okay. Number three is in all right. Four can be the one in the middle.

Because i said so five right here where's number six. There it is right there line up with your hole. What are you doing okay this is looking good last thing for me to do is clean off all my knee and recall fingerprints here make it nice and shiny okay. Let's scoot this up onto the lift and uh take a look at the nether regions.

Brakes right there powering down all right let's see what's under your bonnet wait for it. There. It is okay this thing's been sitting around parts for a couple years. So we want to check our battery.

That was high on the list of priorities. There it is cables tight those look good that's nice hurry on 1258 that's a good sign enter battery sl1 that's a flooded battery and amperage says 790. I can see it through there tight squeeze. But i can see it 80 95.

629 fail bad battery okay quick visual inspection. Just looking at uh support equipment here let's see the belt looks good. I don't see any fluid. This is good we've got coolant.
It's at its uh it's at its mark halfway up the darker red. I believe that's probably original stuff um washer fluid looks that is it yeah. I need screwdriver. Where's my brake master cylinder way down.

There looks pretty green that green hue suggests the presence of copper. Oh by the way in case. You guys are wondering this blue jack is still sitting here waiting for sunroof parts to show up seeing you all mentioning that in the comments section. And it's just it's hanging out waiting on parts hey look.

I found a green subscribe button first things first let us check out brakes and tires. Let's see we've got some michelins and they got a bit of dry riot. Where's our date code. Let's see how old these are uh.

These were made wow look at that these were made in the 13th week 2012. If you find your dot number on your tires. You've got some coated information uh like what shift. It was built on what plant.

It was built in and then the last four digits are always going to be the date code. So this is 13th week 2012. 1312 so this tire is like 10 years old we need new tires. They have good tread.

But that doesn't mean that they're good they do have a uh a life expectancy based on time. Let's see quick visualize break inspection in there. And then that's a negative that pad looks good check out our other tires. Yeah.

Yes. Very similar condition. And that's a 19 of 2012. Okay yeah we got eight millimeter brake pads.

Yeah those are good okay same story on the driver's side lots of dry. Rot. Cracking and how old are we on this one 13 12 yep next same thing old tire 1912 brakes look good back here too all right let's see shocks and struts. I see no leaks.

These are the oe units the same thing on this side. No leaks moving on forward let's check our fronts. See what we got good looking strut. No leaks pretty clean little farfegnougan.

I must say hmm okay looking good let's pull off our little cover down. Here. Because we are doing an oil change on this the last oil change was like two years ago. And a hundred miles so uh.

It is time okay the cover's coming down. I've spared you the bolt removing process except for that one that i missed. I what was i thinking. I wasn't thinking thank you come here okay there we go cover down.

You just go right over. There stay got a little bit of an oil leak. Here uh looks like it's the uh turbocharger drain back pipe. See that right there how it's dripping off of that tube right there the drain for the turbo oil and maybe something up top too perhaps a valve cover.

I see it really high up. I see a lot of it up there by the egr port. I'll take another look at that from up top later on now you'll notice. We didn't find any broken eclipse or uh missing clips or anything like that which would have contributed to that that rattle noise that they described however i did find broken inner fenders and that will make a rattle noise and on this side.
It's even worse so i don't i mean. There's really nothing i can do about that except put a new inner fender in it no my powdered glue will not work okay back up top to inspect for that oil leak. And i do see plenty of it around this uh. Valve cover gasket area right here appears to be leaking around the entire perimeter.

A little bit more down there okay we can go with that uh. We're also going to need to replace this fuel filter that looks pretty crusty and old loud truck noises. We've covered all the points. Let's go write this up and turn it in and see what we're gonna do here all right folks.

It's the next day. And we're still on this volkswagen golf. I've had some parts delivered. We got a battery down there because this one tested uh faulty and low and weak and bad.

We have an oil filter. Yeah we got a fuel filter and a valve cover gasket so uh. We're gonna get that done next. Okay now i'm learning make sure we check our parts first before disassembling.

It's a new age that looks like a fuel filter let me have a duralast. It's built to last. I gotta wonder how do i prime this once i replace the filter or does it have a lift pump. I guess we will find out later come on okay.

The right pliers weren't doing it now it's time for the wrong pliers. Yeah. The one drawback about those hose clamp. Pliers is you can't really use them to put a side load on your clamp.

The drawback about regular pliers is they don't really hold the tabs. Very well oh you know what i'm silly. I didn't have to remove these two because this little plastic piece comes out on the top of the filter you guys knew that i wasn't listening i'm sorry i'll never doubt you guys again put those back right where they go no harm. No foul come on yeah.

That one's gonna come off the key here is to not tear the hose while we do this that's why i'm giving it the twist treatment chuck that over there. The adhesion is strong with this one. Oh sorry. If i'm blocking the view.

Folks gotta. Do what i gotta do come out without breaking. Oh. I see we got this mount thing.

That's not connected right. Here. Let's see what we're doing look it comes free just assembled no i shouldn't even have to remove this bracket. Let's put this back hang on we have to assemble the car.

So we can disassemble the car this is the the way strategy change fuel filter clicks yeah. Now we're cooking look at that booyah let's see all right there's two o rings on this little fitting. Here. Let's uh.

Let's replace those with new ones come on can't believe me to chase trees all right new ones all right new o rings installed this guy just presses in and clips back together come on come on come on let's go well this was easy. Kindish foreign doesn't need to be tight. Just just snug to hold it in a little clip is next to hold this plastic fitting in that goes around and we're good right there almost finished. This is nice still have to figure out how to prime it.
Though yeah. It might have an electric lift pump in the tank. I do not know i am not the volkswagen technician. I'm the other guy come on get on there and i'm gonna point these down.

So nobody can gouge their fingers on them later nice clean look next guy's gonna curse me because they'll be like how do i get these out there details. It's all in the details you never pass up a good opportunity shiny filter okay moving over to the next easiest item let's change the battery. I'm not even gonna say it ah too much. What is this whatever get some bolts back and stuff.

This connection complete. Oh. I got the wrong wrong nut. There's two nuts on that terminal okay lots of plasticy bits.

That's what this is how do i unconnect this do i do this forcefully or gingerly what no comprende oh hang on i found a tab. We're getting somewhere. Oh. What look at that it's fancy uh.

We have a hold down wedge to get out of there and that's i think that's all it's holding us in it's not really a wedge. It's more like a curvy plate. See if i can't fish it out of there yeah. There it is yeah see curvy plate that's all we get shane that's some interstate too same battery this matches.

94 rh7 lowering battery oh that's a tight squeeze for my flanges oh no i can't even. Hard. Oh nike's gravity. Yeah.

I wasn't kidding. This is hard. And it's gone. There he goes let's get in there real deep like maybe if i reach up and through the fan right.

I think i'm kidding like yeah. Look look at how this is going down. And under hey. It works got a few fit my elbow in again is beautiful yeah.

I gotta push that forward now i can clamp. This is cool going back together nicely kind of oh wait a minute wait wait wait wait wait wait i forgot to make the cable lens nice and shiny can't have a battery installed without shiny. Cables wire brushes. They're amazing nice and shiny foreign get a grip here more shiny.

I know i know positive and negative you're right. But that's just not the way it worked out is it double click beautiful hey shiny and protected you gonna fit okay next up i think what i'm gonna do is spray all this down and make it nice and shiny and so i can start to disassemble this without getting super crusty dirty. I'm gonna go ahead and pull this valve cover apart and we're also going to raise it up in fact. I'm gonna do that next.

We're gonna raise it up and i'm gonna see what it's going to take to get that turbo drain back pipe removed. There's a pipe from the turbocharger that back into the engine block so they all can drain back in the cycle. The circle of life can continue anyway. We cannot find a labor guide for that drain back tube somebody was talking about five hours and it was two hours.
I don't know how many hours that's going to take. But i'm gonna go find out it doesn't look very hard. But uh let's actually start with that so i can get my sales guys a proper time estimate and then we'll come back up top clean. Some stuff off and pull that valve cover.

Yeah i think that'll be more interesting than uh changing the window regulator. I can do that at a different day by the way petey has gone ahead and put some new tires on this fine automobile. All right we're back down below kind of re checking on some of these oil leaks and we see that valve cover leak. We're going to go up top and repair that in a minute.

But it looks like this turbo. Drain back pipe right here is also leaking up right at the crimped braided area. It looks like it may be some around that seal. We're going to go ahead and pull that out and get that replaced the labor guide said this takes five hours and i don't believe that somebody must have looked up the wrong the wrong thing this looks like it takes all of 15 minutes.

And then we're gonna need a 21 wrench. And it looks like a torx 30 for those bolts at the top. All right let's see about getting this thing loose. Shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Let's see that one bad piece of cake yep. It's loose. We're good we've got a bucket down here below us in case of this thing guy decides to go full niagara on us in case. This thing decides to go full niagara.

Oh a little bit yep. It's loose. We're good. We've got a bucket down here below us in case uh.

This thing guy decides to go full niagara on us in case. This thing decides to go full niagara. Oh a little bit okay now that the bottom's disconnected. I think i can get to those uh upper bolts.

They appear to be torx 30s and or a 10 millimeter. Socket. Let's unclick this yeah they're bigger than a 30. But the 30 will work so we're just gonna go with that gravity incoming.

I caught it it's right here no editing necessary i moved through the matrix and caught that thing all right there she is one leaking drain back tube. So i usually save this part till the end but this thing is covered in diesel oil residue so i don't want to be covered in that so i'm just going to do this right now. Oh. Wait wait wait wait.

I have an idea have a great day. So i'm going to go ahead and uh put the straw on the can and then i'm going to use slogan we're gonna do brake clean pressure washer that'll that should get this super nice and shiny then i can work on it without getting disgusting do that and fast forward. I actually might be here for a while we have that's highly effective. I watch all this nasty thank you another all right that was actually a lot of fun.

Let's uh let's go ahead and pull these uh hoses and stuff off and start digging into this valve cover okay. So we've got our perimeter bolts right around here. I know there's one or two back here no this thing bolts onto the intake. I'm going to attempt to remove that in order to access the hidden bolts that i know are back there to work out looks like there's just three bolts one more reverse leakage come here uh no he's a little percussive persuasion.
Thank you i bet. It's all carboned up in there okay we've got a gap formed here. Let's just get behind it with a prying device and wedge. This out a little bit in the can a wands here being careful to not uh scar the aluminum surface scar the aluminum surface gonna come out oh look at all that carbon built up look at that loud noises clean this out all right everybody we are running out of time that's gonna be a wrap for this one.

But have no fear part two will be posted soon as always like to thank you for watching this video. I'm starting to hope you enjoyed it if you did enjoy it you know the drill let me know about that by tapping that like button down below again and as always thank you for watching. And most importantly don't forget to have yourselves a great day. What we have here see you guys later is an injection unit that is electronically operated.

Yet the high pressure is supplied via the camshaft and this rocker arm as the camshaft rotates. It depresses this side of this rocker pushing down on this plunger. And that's what creates the pressure in the dude chamber. That's what creates the pressure for the injector to spray and atomize.

The diesel it appears that this pump is just a low pressure uh volume pump. It's just designed to move the fuel and the fuel runs into the head ends up at the injectors. The cam runs cam pushes down pressurizes the fuel solenoid opens up sprays the fuel into the cylinder boom explosion. We have made power.

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    Hey Ray please don’t let these lefty loonies ruin your channel just keep on doing the right thing brother and don’t waste your time trying to defend yourself against a certain kind your continent is awesome keep bringing it!!!

  31. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars IntenseGrid says:

    What a beautiful little car. I would love one of those.

  32. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars hoboninja2222 says:

    The radio changed by itself!

  33. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Dennis says:

    Every time Ray goes "doddly, doodly, do", for some reason, I hear "one ringy dingy, two ringy dingys, three ringy dingies, etc.

  34. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Brennen Goude says:

    My question is, who keeps changing the radio settings? Lol

  35. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars weedeater62 says:

    IIRC, that plastic thingy on the filter is a recirculation valve for cold weather. Let's warm fuel go back through the filter to warm it up.

    That bit on top of the battery is a place for high current fuses and accessory connections.

  36. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars John Smith says:

    Das auto yaaa

  37. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars DakPeoples says:

    Radio is fooked, scanning. rofl

  38. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Jeffry Blackmon says:

    It surprised me that the drain tube is still available for that engine.

  39. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Charlie Burdette says:

    Why does the radio station keep changing

  40. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars joenissan says:

    Another excellent vid

  41. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Somebody 40ish says:

    I'm just curious about the total cost of the repairs. Lol. Great work!

  42. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars J Mc says:

    I always use the jaws on the pliers to push on the end of fuel lines when removing them as it tends to swell the hose a little bit while being pushed on,if you pull the hose off from further along the fuel line it tends to tighten the fuel line up on the fitting,so try pushing from the end of fuel line next time.cheers.

  43. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars alfredoenriqueanez says:

    I own a VW GTI. I wish I could bring it to you for repairs.

  44. Avataaar/Circle Created with python_avatars Fat Bastard says:

    Ray some clips are double, but I think it's YT because I saw other vids of creators had the problem if not well we all make mistakes.
    Keep making grate vids.