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Try again all right folks. It's the next day. And we're still on on this volkswagen golf last video. We did an inspection on this car.

Four tires put on we found a couple oil leaks found a bad battery and the fuel filter needed to be replaced. We left off at the beginning stages of the valve cover removal. I had to pull the egr valve off of the intake manifold and found loads and loads of carbon caked on on the inside of the valve. We're going to go ahead and finish.

Removing all the carbon deposits that we found and then get this valve cover removed. So stay tuned. This is going to be a really good video oh look at all that that i'm surprised this thing even worked at all that's wild hey i've got to clean that out that's terrible here let's go to work on this valve next here i'd like to make this easier to clean up there oh that is so bad okay so this is the valve right here yeah. This is the valve.

It's actuated. It opens and goes that way opens up and that allows i think egr passing get this out of here nasty. That's probably good better than it was i know that foreign shiny beautiful even better after you wipe it look at that all right let's just set our newly cleaned valve over there and that can uh if you stay there until we need you what we're interested in is these scratches inside of this intake are from me trying to scrape away the carbon all right loud noises let's clean this out we covered that part in the last video. But it looked really bad and i wanted to offer explanations and we need you what we're interested.

In is there they are those two bolts right down. There you see them there's one there's the other one all right let's see if i can get a wobbly on them. I think i can foreign loose. I can't seem to get that bolt out so i want to see if they remain in the cover or not sometimes they do yes.

This is one of those times. Okay thank you so far so good. I'm curious about this timing cover. I wonder.

If i have to remove this first before the valve cover comes becomes great. I guess we'll see foreign reverse click. That was nice. I think there's one more me too all right let's pull these fuel rails back some those are out of the way dude pry bar.

Again let's try pry driver. Okay i see this cover over here does come off. But it's uh very simple clip on operation good can't reach. Though we gotta pull this intake tube off and way down.

There is the other clip for this cover. I can't see it. But i can feel it very nice all right all right tell me here okay all right all right here. Wow.

It appears i have underestimated volkswagen they have rather large and dirty injection units. I mean i'm impressed look at that what we have here is an injection unit that is electronically operated. Yet the high pressure is supplied via the camshaft and this rocker arm as the camshaft rotates. It depresses.

This side of this rocker pushing down this plunger and that's what creates the pressure in the doo doo doo doo chamber that's what creates the pressure for the injector to spray and atomize. The diesel it appears that this pump is just a low pressure uh volume pump. It's just designed to move the fuel and the fuel runs into the head ends up at the injectors. The cam runs cam pushes down pressurizes the fuel solenoid opens up sprays the fuel into the cylinder boom explosion.
We have made power and the intake and the exhaust valves are run over here off the cam. Actually the camshaft is here it appears that these are just rocker shafts for the injectors so down there that littler guy. That's actually the cam back in there because we see here we've got an intake or an exhaust. An intake and an exhaust talking about these lobes right here another one there and another one there.

I like it all right let's go ahead and wipe off all this oil that way when we put the new cover for the cover with the new seal back on nice and clean oh and we do need to add a little bit of silicone on these end caps right here. I don't see any that might be the reason that it's leaking so heavily over here on this corner. There's no sealant between the two metal parts. There nice and shiny yeah.

There's a little gap right in here. Very very very tiny gap zoom in a little bit. And if you don't have any liquid sealant in that little gap. It'll wick out and leak.

Okay let's just sneak our bottle of sealant in there not gonna work i have to do this with the finger. Thank you i thought i could just get the bottle in there. But i thought wrong and there we go just kind of smear that in there. It's kind of ugly looking.

And i know it didn't already come with it. But that could have been the source of the leak and it won't hurt that i'm putting it on there okay two more dabs on this other side over here. Thank you and uh one more in the back. Oh.

I'm in the way of the light. Okay dabs of sealants are in position let's go get the valve covered. I've already gone and changed out the gasket. It's fairly uneventful okay same way it came out nice and easy foreign.

Oh nice. This is good beautiful all right let's start torquing this down start for the inside and work our way around click all right. I think that's the last one i'll double check them with the torque wrench later now for my next trick. We'll put the cover back see.

It's got one clip right here one more clip right here. And it just slides down and clips on what will it be for me to line. It up there's a lot of stuff in the way. What are you stuck on stupid uh.

Oh something bad happened what are we stuck on down. There this is dumb nothing. I don't i'm going to defeat. The obstructions here there we go target somewhere i got it in as far as i've gotten it in so far.

So that's progress pull it out some try again different angle. Maybe close. I can see that it snows. Very non compliant component.
There we go just needed to jiggle it some flip flick and another two boost pipe that's connected that's back on taking these back all right let's put our idle air control unit back in egr unit. I don't know why i keep calling it an iac. It's because it's a really small engine and uh. The fact that it's a diesel is not uh settled in with me yet.

This is sealed with an o ring by the way. Which is also in good condition therefore. I'm not replacing it additionally. I didn't know i was taking this off so i never ordered it but that'll be just fine three whatever song pete is playing i hear chewbacca in the background of it oh well somebody has chewbacca.

I think it's you click uh where's my connecting connector shiny all right this little hose go back in that's a pcb hode. All right we're pretty good with the exception of uh of that turbo pipe. I'm waiting on that all right real quick. We're back underneath this and i'm just gonna get this turbo drain back in so.

We can uh come up with a little bit of closure on this job here. I'm uh. I'm trying to get the gasket off the bottom of the turbo and it's it's not being very compliant with my will pretty stuck on the turbo. There it is got her huh look at that i moved through the matrix got it all right.

I've got the new drain back pipe right here got the gasket and i've got one of the bolts going through the flange. We're gonna get one of them started and then i can reach up there and get the second bolt in kind of a balancing ax going on right here. And it's far away and i cannot reach i uh i got the nut or the bolt in between two fingertips. I'm trying to get some rotation out of it it's uh difficult to achieve i get it persistence feel bad you guys can't see what oh gravity's getting after me all right i need to rethink this all right.

We're going to try the same maneuver again. Except. I'll use the torx feature of this bolt instead of uh trying to stick my fingers up there turns on it there oh i'm dumb. I got it backwards that hang on trying again all right well that's fine.

I won't be here. No. I don't have to all right next bolt s. What up man.

What do you need you need to get that lower arm up again okay hang on let me let me get this thing okay. I'm back i had to go do some teamwork activities come on you get in there there we go now we're cooking not that easy come on here. I think what i'm going to do is engage in some long range pry bar action. See this thing is not sitting straight.

And so it won't thread. I need to kind of move it over. But i really can't so i'm just gonna mini pry bars with a long screwdriver just to get pressure off of it and then i should be able to thread this fastener maybe yeah. It needs to go way over that way okay.

This is more difficult than it should be or i just am not good at volkswagens. I got her yeah we're good we're good we're good we're good wonderful sorry if my uh my flanges are blocking yellow's view. That's on now let's make it a little tight wrong wrench. It's fastener got me twice got me once when i was taking it off and got me again just now 22 millimeter.
A little bit more for good measure. Because i feel like it not yet good and tight and clickage the compression fitting is compressed let's get out of here and put oil in this thing. We are nearly finished all right volkswagen coming down. Oh hey.

So i've got a confession to make i kind of lied to you guys um. I said earlier when we first started working in this car that i was going to save this window for later. And i started to do a video on it and um well let me back up first. I have finished the the window.

It is now repaired. I've put a new regulator in it i started to do a video on it. And it was going horribly bad. This is a very very meticulous and pain in the butt job to complete the filming of it was horrible.

The lighting was ugly um. So i the video didn't go so well so i abandoned it about halfway through so for those of you who wanted to see that i apologize. I've let you down um. I'll try to do better in the future.

But this one just wasn't working out it happens. There now that awkward moment's out of the way let's finish up here let us stopping z. Engine check it for oil leaks running out of fuel. It has to prime man and we're out of fuel try again restarting the engine widow throttle that took longer than what you saw because i had to edit that out it was boring.

That was about 20 seconds of cranking with throttle fully held it primed up the filter. Because when we put that new filter on that was full of air. So it was able to draw enough fuel in with a little pump to prime that filter. And once fuel reached the injectors again back to life oh yeah proof of window.

What a cute little turbo diesel. See if we can hear the little turbine can't hear it baby turbo. Say this thing really has some torque. What was that something make a crunchy noise.

Did i run something over what was that that didn't sound cool emergency stop. I either ran something over parts fell off. And i know i have all my parts and tools let's go check that tell you what there's nothing like here in sudden crunching noises. After working on a card take care of the life out of you and i know nothing fell off all right not not here.

Heck was that i'm gonna have to go back and see what's laying in the road maybe. I ran something over did you guys see anything i didn't see anything all right i don't hear the crunchy noise. I actually have three arms until i'm able to do this no i'm just kidding. I i drove a stick shift in high school.

I can shift and do things with my hands at the same time skill okay yeah i want to go back and see what we ran over that was concerning to me it scared me a lot. It's fair. I need to merge using indicators. Contrary to popular belief.
The turn signal is not a speed up and get in that person's side indicator. It's not that far. However when i turned it on that guy over there he went around a bunch of people didn't cut us off only to come up to a red light that guy now the real test is gonna be can i shift and do a u turn at the same time without wrecking into that pole right there because that would hurt and we're off don't honk at me guy behind me. There's a shift haha.

I did it we're in second gear. See you aren't looking around whoa brakes. What are we doing downshifting. I'm gonna go over here.

Oh nice turn signal nice good job good job red rules cadillac hope you watch my channel. I'm getting pulled over by a robot. Okay let's see we pull it over like right here. That means.

The clicky noise. Happened right over here. I don't see anything in the road. Let's turn around and go back let's uh.

Get a closer look out of this situation here. Oh that car got in my way objects in the phone are closer than they appear see we'll do some knee steering shifting there we go knee steering shifting clear the curb nice. I don't think i'm gonna see what i well whatever might be there i wonder what it was oh well. It wasn't the car that's all that matters as always like thank you for watching this video hope you enjoyed this video.

If you did enjoy this video. You know what to do let me know about that by tap. It tapping that like button down below so again as always thank you for watching. And most importantly don't forget to have yourselves a great day see you guys later.

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