Part 2 Push Don’t Pull Mechanic Stabbed in the Eye! 2012 Toyota Yaris 1.5 Drum Brake Job
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Watch this D over there goty. None of that around here y there it is. 2012 Toyota Yaris y Custer States Post Purchase inspection. That's right, we have a little Toyota Econo box.

Cute little miniature ride. It's actually really good shape for its age. I I think they said it was a 12 I'll have to check the sticker but this car was a re a recent purchase and we're just kind of going to comb through it and make sure everything is copesthetic and that it's in good shape. and uh, if we have to make any recommendations, we will do such things.

Get the key on! Looks like we got 13371 miles on this particular. Toyota Yurus starting Z engine It's alive Man oh man! I Was so excited to start work on Monday I Completely forgot to uh do the intro today. Hello everybody Good day to you and welcome back! Glad you guys are here clearly I'm super glad to be here. it's Monday I Just got back home from uh the Great White Northland of Michigan I was visiting a rod up there.

vacation's over I'm back in sunny Florida and it's time to uh to get to work. So I figured I would uh I would make a video today. Uh, that's going to be helpful to almost anybody who drives a car and what the going to be is a a pre purchase inspection I'm going to show you guys how to do a good overall walk around of a vehicle. uh, something you can do on the ground.

uh, just preliminarily looking at a car whether it's a used car or a new car. I'm just going to go through what we used to do at the dealership in order to, uh to check in. uh, a new piece of inventory or something that was just bought in order to determine uh, you know what we had purchased, whether it's h something that's got to go to auction that we can't put on the front line, or something that we can spruce up in house and and then put it out front of the dealership and then sell it to another customer. So uh, that is what we're going to do in this particular car if we, uh, happen to find any any defects or maintenance that it needs.

Um, naturally, we're going to relay that to the customer and uh, if anything shows up, maybe we'll go ahead and do the work. But for now we are going to proceed with a thorough and comprehensive evaluation of this uh particular. Toyota So stay tuned because this is going to be a very good video uping. Z Hood Yeah, Look who that guy is.

So one of the first things that you need to do when you're doing an inspection on a car is: pretend that you're 6 years old. meaning you need to touch everything, Push every single button, make sure it actually does something. Move every little knob and switch. You want to look for hidden defects, things that aren't working, things that are going to fall off I can see you.

We're going to check the the lights. We're going to check all the interior stuff. We're just going to put our fingers on everything in the car that moves. That includes the seats, the seat belts, anything safety, the slides, the lean.

Check that out. that's good headrest. We check those out, everything and anything that can move or that is a wearable item or anything that can be damaged or neglected. All that stuff has to get changed and the only or checked out and the only way to do that is to check everything.
So like right here we got door, let's open the door and dome light comes on. Okay so that switch works. The door switch works, the on switch works. These ones work.

That works. So we're going up high and we're I Guess we're moving our way down low. We started with the seat some. Let's grab the grab handle down below see if the slider.

Works Yes it does. The seat slides back and forth. That's all function. Fing armrest is functioning.

This seat belt's functioning. Let's go ahead and check the parking brake. It engages, put in Reverse off the brake and the parking brake holds the vehicle in the uh, park position. Let's release it some and it does release.

Okay, so that's good. Throw it back in neutral, parking brake off. Found some more switches. Got a lock button? There we go.

Unlock Lock Unlock lock, and I'm checking the rears as well. I Hear one in the rear. Oh, it's a three door. Okay, so we're talking about the hatch I Hear the one in the hatch but we have to verify that it functions.

Let's unlock the hatch. We'll go check that one out. By the way. Windows Also down we do windows up, windows down.

Again, we check everything. Cute little horn. Let's go back and check the hatch. pop that open I Hear some squeaky AC going on here.

Looks like there's some noise in the uh in the struts for the hatch. Here you that? Okay, worth noting. We can recommend replacing the struts due to the noise. Again, we're pretending that this is a Frontline ve ready vehicle that we may want to uh to sell at our dealership or we want to make sure that we're buying a car that's in very good condition.

They won't have any defects, so we're just looking for things that are wrong. huh? Auxiliary seat belt? What's that for I Don't know. Okay, let's close our hatch. We'll hit the lock button and make sure that the back hatch lock is also functioning.

So we hit the lock and okay, it does lock. Since we're on the door section, we're going to hit unlock and we check all door handles open, close, reach in, open and close. Do the same thing for the other side side. Good.

Let's lock it and check the door lock. Okay, so opening the door handle from the inside with the door lock engage will unlock the door, but on the outside it disengages. Check our window switch on the passenger side. That is good.

Don't know what that's for but uh oh. Cup holder. Okay. Got a cup holder unlocking the AO Again, let's check the seat function here on the passenger side.

Lean Back Lean Forward We're good. Seat Bel retracts and extends. it locks into place. That's good.
This is often why you will see at a car dealership. When you look at some of the seats, you'll find that the belts are locked in and engaged engaged. because the PDI Guy They'll go ahead and check that lock or the seat belt and they'll just leave it locked. Let see if we can't check that one, it's not engaging on that one.

See that right there. So I don't know if uh, this doesn't go here. If that's for another function of the vehicle, let's check the other side. That could be like a like a car seat latch.

Click that one in. That one's good. See if our seats are going to slide? That one works. See if they fold up.

Yes, they do folds, it retracts and we'll put that back when we found it again. you're 6 years old and you're checking everything. Seat folds. Let's hold it all the way.

Yep, good. Put that back. Okay, everything back here in the rear seat is doing what we want. The front seats are doing what we want.

Let's check climate control. We want to make sure our fan has every speed. so we've got. We have off fan speed 1, fan speed 2, 3, 4 and we can audibly hear and feel the fan increase when we, uh, we turn the thing up.

let's switch it over to I think we? Right now we're on. Reser Let's switch it over. Oh I heard the vent. It's a manual.

hear that? Okay, that works face fence. Let's go down the floor vents. We just need to go one extreme to the other because if it works on floor and it works on face, it's going to work in the middle. Let's turn it up just to make sure I have no air flow up here and I do have air flow down here so that works.

Let's go up to Defrost and check the top and that's definitely working because it threw beetles out at us. Yeah, there's there's one and there's one. so beetles came out of the vent. Okay, that's good.

Rear Defrost: We turn that button on and make sure that it stays lit. If it stays lit, then the system has detected that the rear defrost vents have or, uh uh, the rear defrost heating elements in the glass happen to have uh, resistance and it leaves that light on telling us that the defrost is functioning. So right now we're on. Max cold.

Let's turn the heat up some and feel our vents. Make sure we get some uh, hot air out of it and that feels warm to me. You guys can't feel it cuz you're in the in a video. but I can feel it and it's definitely warm.

Let's do a light check While we're here. We'll hit that button. four-way flashers. Those are going off on the dash as uh indicated.

Can you guys see those? Hope So let's go out back and we will check the corners and make sure we have we have our lights, that one's working. that one is working. Let's check our front fourways. Uh, that one there that signal is running, that signal is running.

This is good. Now we may shut down our four-way flashers. We can't do a brake light check yet because I'm all by myself I Need a helpy helper for that. But we can check parking lights so we'll click those guys on again.
I Can see the element is illuminated. Uh, down here we've got a license plight light. That one's good. that element is running.

This is good. Should have two more up in the front. Got it right there. Parking light I Don't know if any of those was on or not.

Let's check. Uh, let's check this side. I Think there's a bulb in there in this little lens here. We'll have to check that from under the hood in a moment.

Um, while we're up here, let's take a look at our wiper blades. What we're looking for is to see if these blades are like folded over like that or if they are torn where the blade meets the base of, uh, the rubber right there. So we're going to check the ends for tears and folds. These wipers have none.

Also, while we're here, we check the condition of the windshield. make sure the glazing is good. That blade is good. Okay, this checks out that's a marker light and that one appears to be inoperative or that might signal.

Let's give it, uh, some left turn signal. There we go. Yeah, I Think there's bulbs in there. Let's check the right turn signal.

that one's flashing. That one's flashing. And we know the rears are working because we saw those guys going off. Uh, when we engaged our four-way flashers.

So so far the interior is good. The illumination is good, the wiper blades look good, all the glass panels look good. the windows are good. Let's check our fuel door and fuel cap.

Pull that guy up and our door is open. This is good fuel cap. Visual inspection of the O-ring that's in good shape. filler neck.

that's the little spring pop out thing to open the door that's functioning. So so far so good. One and click. Good to go.

Okay, Turn signal off. Let's check our mirror function real quick. We're running out of switches to touch and here, so we're going to go: left side mirror, left, right up, down. That one's good.

Switch it to right side mirror and right left up down. Mirrors are all functioning. It's all in good shape and this switch is looks like it's our dome light or is it brightness? That's our brightness setting on on the instrument cluster. Hey he looky there I Found something? Look, look, look, look.

There is a TPMS light illuminated on the dash. It's covered up with some electrical tape so you can't see it. So you hop in the car at a quick glance. you can't see that tape over there.

So it's got a TPMS light that's on and it has been concealed. Okay, let's check our compartments here for manuals or loose items that the last person may have left in the car. You'd be surprised at what people will leave in their glove boxes. all kinds of stuff.

There's our user manual, some paperwork don't need to go in there. 131 700 I Wonder if somebody put a cabin air filter in there recently and that's their indicator. That's what that suggests to me. Okay, so so far the interior is good.
It's pretty clean. The seats are all functioning like they're supposed to. Interior is good with the exception of some tears on this driver's seat. Headliner is good, glazing is good, headrest, etc.

etc. All the lights I Think we are. We're good to go ahead and get this thing out on the road and uh, see how it runs. dries, shifts and all that good stuff.

Let's get out of here all right. Pulling out on the road, we're listening for weird noises, grinding sounds, anything odd, and I'm also paying attention to the vehicle shifting. Behavior Uh We're looking for hang shifts where it's just where it'll rev up and just and then it'll shift. We're also looking for like slam shifts where it'll you know you're driving along and it's like bam next gear, bam next gear.

So we want to make sure that the transmission is smooth and it shifts at the appropriate time with the appropriate amount of force. So so far we're feeling good here and you also want to count your gears if you can to make sure it has all the gears that it's supposed to have. I Believe this. Uh, this should have a four-speed uh, 3-speed with an overdrive and we're going to check that right here on this.

uh, right over the bridge ding Text message Here we go and we're going to roll into Full Throttle that's second gear. The Power Band feels good. Bring third gear sh red in third gear, still full throttle and we're off throttle and it just caught fourth gear. That's overdrive.

Now we're up to speed. Let's give us some brakes. I'm looking for vibrations in the steering wheel and I'm looking to feel vibrations in the floor, seat, or up in the wheels anywhere. uh with the brake system and I felt no vibe.

uh while braking at high speed. Now there could be a vibration that's uh, Apparent at low spe speed and we can check that before coming to a stop at one of the lights. But I Don't think we have a brake issue while we're riding along straight line driving. We want to take a look at the steering wheel making sure the emblem is vertical and that the two, uh, just find something horizontal to reference and this looks pretty good as well.

We want to make sure we don't have a steering wheel that's turned sideways or you know it's hanging out over here over here. You also want to make sure your wheel is not loose and flopping around and that the steering feels responsive so when you give it input, the vehicle reacts. So all this is looking good so far. Brakes look good, transmission feels good, engine feels good, alignment appears to be in good condition.

So so far so good. This thing appears to be in very good shape. I Have not found uh, any defects just yet. I Think we've gone on far enough.
Let's go ahead and get out of our lane. We're going to flip a UI up here. head back to the shop. We're going to pull P this thing into the building, rack it up, get it up in the air, and we're going to take a look at the undercarriage, the drivetrain, again, the braking system, the suspension system, and anything else that catches our fancy.

Okay, around we go. flipping that UI One more opportunity for acceleration. we're going mid throttle now. not Full Throttle Shift's very good.

I'm also listening for noises, squeeze rattles, things of that nature, anything stick sticking out to us. wind noise: This is a good opportunity to check for wind noise. You want to make sure that your window seals are sealing, make sure your door seals are sealing. and also, uh, once you're up at high speed, you can hear any kind of rattles.

For example, if it has a a loose body panel outside or the mirror is loose, you know you can. you'll Those things will become apparent as you drive because the wind load is placed on the vehicle. and so far this thing's uh, it's pretty quiet inside. Again, no vibrations, no weird stuff.

Uh, didn't feel any Vibes at low speed when we went to come to a stop. So back to the shop with us. We're going to go ahead and oh oh oh oh, hang on, Hang on. Got to turn the radio on.

You've got to turn on the radio. Make sure no one left any CDs in there. radio's on. Yep, you can hear all the speakers If you wish, you can go ahead and scroll through and uh, change the uh.

the gain on the individual speakers still isolate them so you can go like right front, right rear, left, front, left rear so you can isolate speakers to make sure none of the speakers are blown up. I think those are good and I'm not going to go through that. That's just going to waste valuable video time and you guys will get bored and click away and we don't want to do that. All righty.

We return to the working environment. Let's go ahead and nose this unit on inside and we're going to lift her up in the air and then proceed to Uh performing the undercar inspection as well as the under hood inspection. We're going to take a look at everything here. squeeze it on in looking good.

This is a super short wheel-based vehicle, so need to make sure that we're going to clear the lift arms. That's good. that's pretty tight all right. I Think we're good here.

little more there we go. Parking the AO Powering down All right. Let's get down here. popping iny Hood Oh, that was a cute little pop I Like barely touched it and it was like click.

It's like a little go-kart thing. Okay, let's get under our Bonnet down here. Toyota See what we can see inside of this unit? I bet it's got a little teeny tiny microbial engine I Can't find the could release lever either. There it is.

it's going at it the wrong way. Got to reach up There we go. Service Mode engaged. Let's get our prop rod in position here.
There we go. So we're looking at a little four cylinder. What size is this? a 1.5 L four cylinder? See that right there. Tiny little guy.

Look at that little belt. It's like a four rib belt. We're checking the belt for cracks, glazing things of that nature that looks okay. Looking for top side leaks? Battery looks okay.

No leaks here. Throw a tester on that in a moment. Let's check our Engine air fi ation element that's in, uh, fairly good condition. No cause for concern there.

Tuck you back down inside your home. Come here, filter, get in there. It tabs in on the back side. Here There we go that's tabbed in secure with the clip.

clip number two. Okay, that's fine. Let's see. we're a little warm right now so I'm not going to pop the coolant.

We can look at the reservoir and if we look down we can see that there is some cooling from the reservoir. So it stands to reason that the system is not low. How about brake fluid? What do we have going on back here? Kind of tough to see. If you shake the bottle you can see the level.

Okay, brake fluid level looks good, nothing visual up top. Let's check the engine oil, see what kind of condition that is in. It's gold in color. That's good here.

Let's give this a good wipe down. Although the condition looks good, we do not know what the level looks like. so we can now check the level and we're actually slightly overfilled. Look at that.

there's our level Mark And there is our like uh, that's the high Mark that little Temple right there. so it's actually about a quar CT overfilled. Not a huge deal I Don't see any foaming on on that oil, but it's not exactly where it should be so that's slightly over. You never know what you're going to find I Don't see a place for a cabin air filter up here, which means it must be inside.

You did see that sticker. I'm going to check that later on. Uh, normally I would go ahead and pull that glove box open to bust out that cabin filter, but since we saw that sticker on it that says uh or suggested that it was changed I'm not going to waste valuable camera time and I'm not going to waste y'all's valuable time checking something that I can do later because I'm pretty sure it's good and I don't want to pull it apart just to see a good filter. oh rear wiper blade.

We'll check that one too again. That one's also looking good. uh, not as great as the front blade. You see how we got that that fold in it? how it's naturally just kind of rolled over right there.

So this is actually an ineffective blade. I Would uh, recommend replacing that blade just based on the condition of the, uh, actual blade surface. So yeah, looks like we may need a rear Wier blade? It's not horrible, but keep in mind we're pretending that this car is going to be front line ready on a dealership. Or we're going to pretend that we're buying this car for our children who may be taking it to school.
Things of that nature that looks good there. Okay, let's go hit our buttons, run this thing up, get her up in the air, and then we can inspect the under Carriage black subscribe button moving on up all the way up. Maximum altitude achieved down on our locks. Clicks.

Yarus clicks. Okay, so what we're going to do. We're going to walk around, take a look at our tires. now.

These tires are in excellent condition. They are nearly new, but what we're looking for is, uh, excessive wear on the inside edges. outside edges wear all the way across the side cupping and Feathering And we're also looking for damage like blisters or bubbles on the sidewall. Uh, you can get that Like let's say you, uh, you're riding along, you run into a pothole.

What it'll do is it can pinch that tire and when it pinches it against the rim, it can actually break some of the nylon cords in the sidewall, allowing air to escape past those cords and it will balloon out the uh the Rubber and create that big blister on the sidewall of the tire. So what we're just going to look for is blisters inside and outside. Tread is good and we do the same with all of the other. Wheels Give it a spin I See no blisters.

Tread looks good and you can also check while it's up in the air. check to see if your tires are actually round. Uh, sometimes you'll find one that, uh, like, say they sit a while or if it's a low production. Quality Tire They can be sort of egg shaped, so what you do is you look past it on some, just find an imaginary plane, look past it and then rotate your wheel.

See that? I See no bubbles in this tire so it's not blistered and it's not egg shaped or out around. so that's in good shape. that's in good shape. We'll go around the front here, do the same thing.

Tread looks great I See no defects on the sidewall, the inside sidewall. again looking for defect and while we're turning, it appears to look very round to me. so that's in good shape. and last time on our front tire, not out of round, no sidewall blisters.

There used to be a nail there. see that if that's been repaired or if it just kind of poked in and then came back out. Either way, tires are looking good. While we're down here, we're going to look around for oil leaks.

drain plug, oil pan, transmission seals AC Compressor coolant at the radiator. All that's looking good good. I See nothing. Wet transmission pan that looks good.

Look here. Is that a cork gasket? No, no, that's rubber. Okay, thought that was cork. For a moment we can check the mounts.

There's some. There's one taking a look at the ball joints. CV Axles We're looking for grease. Those are all good.

Same thing on that one outboard. Now we know the brakes don't vibrate, but we don't know what kind of condition the friction material is in, but we can see through right here. There's our pad and there's all kinds of space between that backing plate and the the rotor. So we have very good brake pads on the front.
Check in. That one there. that one looks great. 8 or9, maybe 10 mm front brake pads that's in good shape.

Let's come out of the vehicle and we're going to do a shake down in this front end. So we grab the tire, shake it left and right. I'm feeling for looseness in the steering wheel linkage and in the wheel bearing. We'll go up and down I Feel nothing.

We can take a look at our strut here and right here at the inside of the cartridge. We're looking for leaks. Any kind of fluid that came out here, oil and whatnot. I See nothing on that one.

Checking out the right front strut, it is in similar condition. no oil leaking. All that looks good. The wheel well liners are all in position.

going around to the back. we've got our Springs We have drum brakes back here see that there's no disc Springs Look good. Rear shock absorbers look good. again checking for leaks.

Nothing found. Our EVAP system visibly looks good. There's no damage. The strut also looking good.

Cute little Muffler Muffler hangers. there's that one there. We look for everything The Joint Looks good. good.

That hanger is good. The catalytic converter hasn't been stolen. This is good. That's our O2 sensor.

Those are fun to change cuz the plug comes through underneath of the seat. Yay! All of our hydraulic lines and fuel lines going back. those are good. Nothing was smashed by road debris.

No damage, There's no rust. This is a very, very clean car, especially for its mileage. This is the kind of car you want to buy if you're looking for a used car. There's almost nothing wrong with with it except maybe it's missing the splash.

Shield I Don't think the splash Shield is here. It may have attached like here and back here and then clipped on up here somewhere. I Don't know, it may not have had one, but uh yeah so far is still good. I Think this thing is in a pristine condition and this is an excellent find.

Oh another thing to look for broken bumpers down here. Let's say you pulled up and smacked into a parking curb. Well what can happen is is you hit that curb hard enough and it can run into the AC condenser or the radiator. So if you have a bunch of broken plastic up here, pay attention to the cooling package inside because that thing may have taken a hit a lot of times.

That's the stuff that'll make somebody sell a car. They pull up, they halfway wreck it into something and it's not wrecked enough where it doesn't operate but it drips coolant or the AC discharges. Every now and then you'll find some green dye at the AC condenser, but again, in this case we don't seem to have any of those issues. That is the Ambient Air Temperature Sensor Okay looking good.
We'll spot for a tow hook right here. Pop that guy out. Then your tow hook screws into it so they can tow the car because you shouldn't be toing cars from suspension leakages and things of that nature. Okay well guys, that is a very thorough and comprehensive, uh, visual evaluation and inspection of a used car.

So if you're in the market for a new to you used car, this is the way you want to evaluate that car. Drive it, operate it, take a look at it. If it doesn't look right, it's probably not. Always check for your indicator illuminators and I'm going to show you what I mean real quick.

This is something that often goes unnoticed in car lots. Okay, for example, we saw that tire pressure monitoring light is on correct and I should have done this earlier. But we also saw that somebody had disabled or at least made the driver unaware that that light was illuminated. Now there is a feature called a self test uh on every single vehicle.

When you hit your key before you turn the engine on, it is supposed to illuminate all of the warning indicators uh on the instrument cluster and that is designed to tell you the operator or the owner if that system or if that warning light is indeed functioning. If you key this on and that warning light is not coming on, it may suggest that somebody has disabled the light in the cluster. So I'm going to key it on and we see a check engine light. Main Maintenance required light.

Let see what else. We have the battery lights there. Where's the Uh ABS light? ABS Track Control So this is the self check mode if you key your car on and don't see that check engine light ABS Light Track light or any of the other any of the other warnings. It's potential that uh or there is potential that somebody had tampered with the cluster and disabled the light in order to hide a trouble code they couldn't fix or a symptom that they could not uh, uh, couldn't repair.

Um, you'll often find this on some of the smaller dealerships where they'll take a car in because let's say it has a a failing ABS pump. Well, what they'll do is they'll disable the light so that a prospected buyer doesn't realize hey, there's a warning light on the dash. Then they'll sell the car and off it goes. And then once, uh, the owner detects that that light is on or there's an issue with the system.

They don't have any recourse. Um, and the dealership has plausible deniability. Well, the light wasn't on, we don't know. So you end up as the uh, the consumer uh at an impass because you did not realize there was a hidden problem in the car and I found that many times on check engine lights where it'll have Dtcs that cannot be uh, turned off or they're constantly on.

People just go in there and uh, they break the light bulb or break the LED they cut the wire from the ECM to the cluster. Uh, that's designed to turn on that light bulb and in order to conceal the fact that there was an issue. So um, other than that, I have U I've got no qualms with this car. The only thing we have going on with it is that TPMS light.
Uh, it probably has a bad sensor, but I don't do tire work so I'm not going to uh I'm not going to do anything with that. I am going to go ahead and make up a list of the maintenance items uh, on this car to catch it up on its maintenance. Uh, although it everything looked good, we're still at 133,50 miles on the odometer and my guy may want to have, uh, have some of the maintenance stuff uh, taken care of. All right.

One last thing: the potential buyer of this particular vehicle would like the spark plugs checked out. Let's bust out the ratchet here and I'm going to pull this engine cover off. We're going to pull out one of the spark plugs to see what kind of condition there end. Now, normally on a pre- purchase inspection we wouldn't get this invasive.

but this is a post purchase inspection and we want to make sure there is nothing that this car needs. So we are going to take a look at the uh, the plugs on it. I Found the maintenance records. Oh no, it's got the dreaded Toyota connectors that break when you touch them.

Yep, that one already broke off. See that these things get super brittle and when you push that connector down to disengage it, they'll like they like to snap off. So since those are, uh, not snapped off and this one is, we're just going to disconnect number one right here. Pull that coil out.

Unli that? I'm just going to pull one of these spark plugs to get a overall view of the condition that it's in. and let's see down there looks like a standard 5/8 might be a 14 mm. Okay coming in spark plug socket, it's the 5/8 not the 14. Let's go ahead and break this guy out.

Loose Loose and out. take a look at what we've got going on in here. They've probably been replaced since that connector's broken. Uh, you never know.

I Totally meant to do that. Let's just fish that guy out with some needle noses. Come here. Oh yeah, these are.

uh. these are nearly brand new denzo spark plugs. The electrode looks great on it. No need to do anything with those.

Those are in fantastic condition here. We can just put that right back where we found it. No need to pull the rest of them out. I Mean yes.

I am assuming that whoever changed those put all three of all four of them in. But we're also not disassembling this entire engine for inspection either. Thck. that's that extension again that doesn't doesn't lock no matter.

Okay, coil can go back down into its home right here. Toss the bolt back in it, tighten that guy back down. This is the part that's about to get me in trouble. You guys do not like it when I do what I'm about to do here.
That's right. I'm going to perform the Toyota Ignition Coil broken connector repair hack using a zip tie. Watch this all you got to do. You pull that zip tie through where it's broken, plug it in like that.

Then you pull the zip tie up and over and it locks that connector in. See that so it snaps down over the tabs and then it locks it in. Then all youve got to do is cut it off and you're in good shapee. So now that connector cannot back its way off.

Perfection Achieved. Okay, let's go ahead and back this thing up. We will toss our cover back on and get that thing bolted back down. Our engine inspection is good.

Uh, my only recommendations on this are going to be some scheduled maintenance. Um I Believe the coolant according to the note has already been addressed. I Would think that it could use some brake fluid. We need to pull the rear wheels off real fast and check the condition of the drums.

That's the wrong way. Click that. get this guy tight. The transmission fluid was also serviced recently according to the Uh my notes.

My sticky note my scratch paper note: Okay, now let's check our Blue Water that's the windshield washer solvent. Let's see this. The only fluid that's not really full. Oh nope, that's full.

Okay I wonder if the spray sprays. We did not check for the spray earlier? Let's go in there and hit the key and run the spray real quick. Key it on, pull her back and we do not have any washer solvent spray. Okay, let's go diagnose that next.

normally I wouldn't diagnose something on a pre- purchase or post-p purchase inspection, but they asked about this so we're going to check that out next. I Think the washer pump is down there in the fender? well I can't see it from up here. so let's run this thing back up in the air a little bit. Returning to the Subscribe button.

we'll get up in the fender, well get some access to the motor and we can test that motor electronically all the way up. All right. So I've pulled the two bolts out that hold this little flat thing to the bottom of the bumper and straight up into that hole. we can see that, uh, it has two washer pumps in.

It looks like one's for the front and one is for the rear. so let's let her back down and see if we can get some spray out of the rear pump first. I Don't know if uh, if it's just the front pump that's bad or if the switch is bad, but if we can get some spray out of the rear pump, at least we'll know that one of those two pumps is working. Let's let her down again, almost all the way down.

That's probably good. I Can reach in from there, circum navigating the Yurus and I'm have to climb up here HRA Up we go in, we go key it on. Okay, so that's our front pump. Okay, the rear is going I pull that guy back and the rear starts to spray.

So that's fine. And then there's the rear. It's the rear wash. the rear wiper.
You see that wiper is, uh, streaking a little bit too. Okay, so we know that the switch actuates the rear. don't know about the front yet. if you pull that I don't hear the motor running.

Okay, so I think it's got a bad pump. We just need to confirm that real fast. Hey, Dave Can I borrow you for a moment? Will you go to the right front corner over there? Um, reach into that hole that I created and you're going to see the washer tank. There's two Motors on it.

Uh, put your fingers on them and I'm going to actuate the rear one. Tell me which one is the rear motor and then tell me which one is the front motor. I'm going to turn the rear one on first. Okay, you got to do do it from down below.

Yeah, you might have to lift me up some the window down so we can hear. Do you see that hole in the, uh, the bumper there? Yeah. I got hand on all right. I'm going to hit the rear.

Hang on, let's find the rear. Which one is it? Do you see which one is spraying? Yeah, the front one. The front one is off. now.

hey, is the front off? Yes, it's off. They're both off right now. and now the front is on. Okay, Yeah, okay.

uh. tell me if the rear one comes on. Okay, All right. it should be going.

Does the rear one go? No, it's not on. Nothing. Okay, got it. Thank you sir.

All right, Power off off. Now we know which one of those Motors is for the spray on the front windshield and that's the rear pump motor. So we're going to disconnect the rear pump motor and I'll put some wire leads on it and then we'll hit it again from the cabin. Uh, I think I'll put it like just a test light bulb on it.

So once we hit the switch, if the light bulb lights up, then that's going to tell us that uh Power is being supplied to that pump motor and it just indicates that the pump motor itself is dead. Uh, if it does not have power at that pump motor, then that tells us that there is a break in the circuit somewhere and further Diagnostics uh may be required. So what we do. And according to Dave, the one pump in the back, that is the one for the front section.

So I'm going to try to get that guy disconnected. You can see the clip. there's the connector. this disc connecting.

that might be fun. Yeah, all right, let's see if we can do this and still give you guys the ability to see what I'm trying to do here. I Can't really reach that connector very well, but I can get a uh, pocket screwdriver on that clip. So I'm going to push that clip back and then push the connector away.

There we go. So we've got a two circuit connector right here. We just need to probe that with a uh, couple test leads and a light bulb and uh and then hit the switch to see if it runs. Okay I'm back coming back in here.

I've got two wire leads on a uh uh. Well, with the pins and those pins should be the ones that fit appropriately into that connector. We're going to pin these leads into that connector. tapping into the circuit.
Just drop one. gravity. got the next one. so that's one connector in next one.

Stick you right in there. Be seated all the way. please. You have to make sure when doing this you have the appropriate size connectors for your pins.

Also, if you get one that's too large, it can damage your connector and that would be bad. Okay, that one's in there now. it's in Okay. I had to put the light down.

You see the two connectors are in. So let's get you guys out of this uh engine compartment here. Squeeze you on through. There we go.

So now, over here on the other end we have two alligator clips and I'm going to take these clips and connect them to a uh, regular marker bulb right here and right here. See that. So now when we hit that switch, this bulb should illuminate and that will tell us if that washer pump motor is receiving power. So we're going to take this guy, stick it up here on the hood like so we'll let her down so we can climb back in and then, uh, we'll hit that switch one more time if the light lights up.

we need a pump. If the light does not light up, we need more. Diagnostics All right. So I don't think I'll be able to see this light bulb from the cabin.

So I'm going to park you guys right over here and I would like for you to keep an eyeball on that light bulb and you guys let me know if it lit up. Okay. beginning washer fluid actuation now. Keon Uhoh, it's not working.

Yeah, that's not working at all. Check it out. So we go in, we hit the spray. We are actuating our wipers, but we're not actuating our bulb down there.

That bulb is not. Illuminating Okay, interesting. let's double check everything real quick to make sure that, uh, we have a good connection. Wait wait wait I got the wrong one.

Watch this if I go to spray the rear by turning the knob I hooked up the wrong one. that was a big waste watch Cloud See the light now see it down there I hooked up the wrong one I don't know how I did that redo cut epic fail. Okay, hang on. did I grab the wrong? I must have hooked up the wrong motor so I did it wrong My Own Worst Enemy All righty.

So I don't know if that was a case of uh, dyslexia on my part or Dave's part or miscommunication or who knows what. but I have that other pump motor disconnected. You can see right up there. it's got a different connector than the one we were just tapped into.

but what I've done is connected two more wire leads that's the blue and the yellow and connected those to the wire leads that we had started with and then connected those back to our light bulb. So now we're tapped into the other wiper motor circuit. Let's go hit the switch again and see if we got it right this time. So I don't know if that was my error or a clerical error or a dyslexia error or who knows communication error.
Uh, there was an error so we have to test our test to make sure we got it right. So we seem to have more wire lead here. We're just going to bring this guy up and over and just kind of hang it out right there. that way we can see looking good.

Let's hit that thing again and we should be seeing that light. Illuminating When we pull for the fronts, there we go. see that. So now we're trying to spray the front by giving it the pull back wipers are actuating light bulb comes on.

That's a confirmed diag. It needs a washer pump for the uh. windshield washer system while we're here. I Do want to check for a light bulb in these markers again? I Don't recall having seen those lighting up and that one's lit.

Could have just been the sun light out there and that one is also lit. Okay, so that puts that to bed on those two marker lamps. That's complete. We're powering it off so we have minimal defects so far.

Uh, last thing we really need to do is just give the drum brakes a quick inspection. We'll pull the drum off and uh, well, of course we have to pull the wheel off. so we'll do one wheel, one drum. Just take a look at the friction material thickness uh on those shoes inside of the drum and if that's all good.

I'm going to give this s a 98% clean bill of health. think we're good here. Hub Cap Pull that guy off. We're looking for 21 mm to the impact gun and that means Impact Gun cam.

Yay! Pull that guy off. So powerful There we go here. That stuff. you go over there, you go right down here and you are coming with me.

Oh this is how you can tell. If you have tire pressure monitoring sensors or not, you will not have a rubber valve stem. here. you'll have that little bolt thing and a plastic stem that tells us that there's a sensor inside of that tire show.

There's our drum. We need a hammer to get that thing to break loose. We'll pop the drama off, take peek at the internals and uh, that's that. Where's my hammer drawer? This one? The big one.

It's kind of Overkill but I don't have to swing it Overkill Right about yeah. the studs. Seriously H have to switch that out to the strong hand. There we go.

pull our drum inside of the surface. Looks good. Minor scoring in there. see the grooves.

Not a huge deal. Shoes: They're okay. They're showing their age a little bit on this side. Yeah, I we might I may want to recommend rear shoes on this one.

They're not horrible, but they are getting thin right here. And brake shoes do not wear evenly the way brake pads normally do. Since, uh, that one's close to call, let's go to the other side and pull the other drum as well. We'll take a look at that one if that one shows, uh, an equal or a greater amount of wear.

We can, uh, proceed with a potential rear brake shoe reining. pull that unclick. See what? I did there? Pull that guy off? Cam time, got it? Don't breathe the dust. again.
Light scoring a little bit of GrooVe action. and yeah, we're a little thin here. about 3 or 4 mm. Uh, another thing, you can do the wheel cylinders right here.

Those are what actuate these shoes. We can go behind those boots, those dust boots, and check for leaks at the cylinder. So what we do, Let's get behind that with a pocket driver. There we go and just pry it up and away and you'll be able to see the inside seal area.

You see how that's dry. There is no leaks there, so this is good. There's no no issues with these wheel cylinders and a lot of times they'll leak. It's either a massive heavy leak and it'll leak out of this little Dust Boot And they'll be fluid inside.

Or if you catch it early enough, you'll just find that there is, uh, brake fluid inside of these boots here. Come here, but it's not enough fluid to make its way out of the Dust Boot And of course you got to do this without poking a hole in it. This is what I'm trying to avoid. There we go and that's also clean and dry inside.

Okay, all right everybody, here's the deal. This video turned out to be way too long and I appreciate everybody being here all the way to the end of this video. Unfortunately, I Have to make this a surprise. Part One, but fear not, part two is already finished and uploaded and ready to watch.

Usually what I would do in this situation is just put the link to the super secret hidden unlisted Part Two video down in this video's description. However, I Have learned that folks who are watching on television are not able to access interactive features of YouTube such as links and comment sections. So what I have done is uploaded the second half of this extra long video to Rayman Ray Off Duty which is my second Channel I Usually Reserve that channel for random uploads and things that are not exactly Automotive related. However, I would like to try an experiment and just see uh, how? well, uh, the second half of this video fares when it's posted on the second.

Channel I Figure that for the folks who are accustomed to the unlisted part, Tws can simply utilize the link down in this video's description, the pin comment, or the upper right hand corner to take you over to the second part of this video. and again, for the folks who, uh, have to watch on television sets and cannot interact with YouTube they can use the search feature uh through their television and go again to check out Randman Ray Off Duty thus second Channel.

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