In a previous video I yank the subframe out of a 2014 Subaru Outback that was all rusted out. You can see that here Now it's time to swap over the parts and get ready to throw it back together.
Part I :
Part II:
Part III:
Was it really rotted?!
How much did the job cost?
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Hey there viewers! Welcome back to the self-made Auto Channel Working on a 2014 Subaru It's got a big two five if you guys watch Part one: We removed the old roundabout subframe. Now we've got the new sub frame rate from Subaru We need to transfer all the old rusty cracks in this one and put it on that one and then stick the thing back in. So let's get after it. See if you can't get this baby off, these are the ones.

I'm worried about the long ones. not worried anymore. So I'll slip that to the side. take off this right hand mount.

foreign. two more on the back side here. Trust me. if you get some uh Panthers don't get rid of a No Mercy or Mercy foreign.

good shape, foreign, foreign baby. Now she's balanced. balance. All right, let's work on the racket.

said. go help the lovely misses Oh Wrong way, dude. Thank you one more fella. That's it baby.

That should be the whole rack. That's true, That was stuck. Let's see right, that should be the rack. These are all the same size there.

Yes sir. I'll make sure this thing's not gonna fall. We have maintained balance playing the jerk I'm gonna walk back. Okie Dokie how we need to do the dreaded sway bar bushings I think those are 12 mil.

They look like 14 but 14 spin boy they are. Rusty Thank you guys. Change that fitting. one click again.

leaking for a few years. 12. Maybe it's gonna be not today. it says not today.

What to say? Give it the old Rbrt treatment coming out or snap them up coming out. Oh, they're gonna get nasty man. we're gonna have to get a real hammer. Foreign? Come on.

Oh, just got a little bit looser there. Oh yeah, let's take all these bolts out. now. It's a balancing act because that is what it was propped up on.

Check that out. and that's why we took those nuts off. Um, even though we decided to leave it on the train again, set that baby down. This thing's d-u-n done.

We were hanging like that. We need to get our bolts out of the control arms. We're not reusing the control arms, but we need the hardware anyways. so let's get another some other notice.

Let me get some sockets. I Don't know if you have 3 8 guns gonna have enough lead in its pencil to do this, but foreign. Thank you. Foreign.

there's that. Bolt and nut looks like a 19 mm. The bushings are tore right out of this sucker. So so that they're weird, you feel me right? 19 there? 19 there.

Let's grab our wrench in the head right here. There's a 19 variety That's a 17. That's the 19. Put that one in your pocket.

Let's just see. Oh, that's how you're gonna be right. The bushing. It's stuck.

I Should have bought those bolts knowing that you're a Subaru guy. Eric You worked on these things. That's okay. I'll show you another method.

Give it the old one. two barbecue. We use the torch a lot easier to do it here than it is in the car. I'll tell you that much.

Get in there fella. It's called the open end whittler. foreign belt two barbecue. Let's bring out the dog.
that big nasty show you how the dog does that. Typically when these are in the car, you can't get up to the top of that bolt. get over there because well, because the car's in the way. So let's just see.

for Grins and Giggles put that nut on there spinner down a ways. Get your favorite 19 mil or go borrow it from a buddy. Let's just give it a little toot here. Oh man.

I think I broke a rib I think she just said that today. not today. They're usually rusted in there. pretty dang good.

Plus we're just beating against swiss cheese. so all right. anyway. I Always wanted to try that because when they're in the car, you're like if I could just tap on it a little.

Oh, we're done playing around foreign I can touch these about to get Smokey Boys let's get real smoky quartz, foreign, foreign caveman. Now my first Rodeo Rubber bushing Show you how Vic does it. so that's it. You just got to get to the metal sleeve.

It's not overly difficult. Scientific. Why would it be scientific? Foreign? you don't want that to Splash in the face. So close your eyes.

Where are you? Oh guess what? Now you jerk. So the sleeve here obviously is is loosey-goosey We slid it. so actually guess what? You're stuck in the frame. No mercy.

Reversy. winner wins everybody. Calm down. There's not threads all the way to the end.

Okay, not my first pick. As a matter of fact, that's been to three or four picnics. It's like Yogi Bear s What a mountain. Ranger Yogi Now we just gotta do the same thing over here.

It's kind of convenient being on a stand. You guys want to watch this one too if you don't want to see it. Fast forward now. every day.

you can player thank you. Watch your touches. Oh yeah, and yet we still didn't get another cool out. Okay, run what, you're brung glass Y.

Let's look over here. Coming out there heat treated right? Oh flaming balls? All right. Put the fire out. Okay, very good.

Where's the squirt guy? It's like one of those games at the fair sprayed in the Clown's mouth. Boom. We just won one prize. Getting smoke in here.

Get the door open, Turn on a ventilation system, carry on Foreign foreign heat up that lower one on this side where the pipe goes down through and we'll get it first track. You know what? I mean don't fall off there fella. Come on baby. Foreign.

Oh yeah, Oh she's still a little tight at top I Guess I did natural all the way rookie. Where'd you stop anybody? see that? Hey Tom foreign going all the way folks all the way there she is. What's hot, that's hot I Just picked that. it's very bad guys.

spicy. Okay, so I need to get a new can. Uh, it seems that the hard part is done, so we're gonna get that little. Spritz those are the four bolts there right? We'll give her some food film under here.
I mean not the spring is going to rot out again before the rest of the car does. but we'll give her the benefit of the doubt. Give her the whole douche down. Let's grab this rack, bring this baby over, slide that back in, get all these bolts.

let's get these all started in case you missed it on the first part of the video. or maybe I haven't set it down. the second part. This is not my car I'm not at Liberty to replace every single piece that I cut if it's your car, absolutely going to do that.

by all means get it all new baby. I Have a budget. This is a budget build as they call it. Um, and I'm trying to save it in I May have mentioned that sometimes people get a little forgetfulness, get past parts of the video and get real nasty.

So if you're about to get nasty in the comments section, that's that's why. And if you think I should have told the guy to just piss off because it's my way. the highway blah blah blah. big tough guy.

Well somebody's got help fell out foreign folks so you better settle down. save a lot of rough time I Just want to loosen everything up I got around one Ugaduga. There we go. All right.

Got this baby up, set up, torque her to factory specs, spray some fluid. she'll find them so my sock doesn't keep getting stuck of the 44 foot pounds according to service data. So I can still get stuck. So what's it matter? We'll just keep going around these.

Oh 47. that one was already tight. 48 on that one. we're upgrading, it.

tightened up everybody. Everybody's happy running out. Stick our sway bar up on here. You're going right direction here, hopefully foreign.

They do have an arrow on them points forward in case you forget. Done usually I Just go over to my guy Josh decided to steal his but he's over there so I can't You can only do it when you're not looking. Nice one I just want to spray down on top of that rack because once we put that up in there, you can't really get to it. Well wish everybody take lessons from Debbie D and make a built-in straw.

Thought I needed an extension but I didn't see just the left of the label on I think it is L left. it's over here on the left. Come on easy easy. Oh too much dude.

this impact's a little aggressive yeah kind of baby. Now forget about it trying to be all proper or these like 48 I think it said you're 47.8 or something like that. it's a snug. There we go.

Now we can do a proper look at that. Wow. Still went over whatever. Oh let's see you do this like put that baby in there.

Maybe in here. Let me tell you what I want to get out of here? A sway bar link picked up here where our sway bar itself that picked up first. All right yeeha. now we're cooking.

You want your bolts because it feels good and from the spritzer, hold down in the Hole uh did I put that right on the lift where we can't get to it? Probably let me come around there with you guys. Want to drop it either. Call All right there's that. Good job.
Good job little buddy. We've got this one. Take the little flute film on it. These don't have a tendency to get stuck.

We'll give it a little Spritz just in case. Not like it'll ever be out of there in the rest of its life. There's that. I'm coming here.

put the nut on. It's going to be the same thing on the other side and then essentially we can just and we can just tighten it where it's at. We're going to be so close on that bushing, it doesn't really matter unless you're super weird about that stuff. Oh, you stink pot.

A tricky, touchy boy. Oh, let's see. we got 103, 70, and 44. Turn this baby down.

Yeah, all right. you're pretty snugged up there foreign height. Anyways, they're at least so close it doesn't matter. All right.

we'll throw a torque wrench on that foreign, but we'll uh, we'll go 100 and then a little extra I think it reads past 100 I Think we'll be okay. 101.2 The Buzz What's up? My saddle came in. well. let me look at it.

You got your new saddle? Yes, Oh, let's open it up. I Wish you open it. That's too bad because you have to drive the bear back. Use the old old riding out saddle you got? You Want to let her open her new saddle? It's for Christmas Oh, but she knows what it is.

Yeah, but she really wants to see it. What if it's the wrong one? Yeah, it doesn't fit my boat or my horse. Wow. Yeah, you're gonna have to do something else.

Wow, of course people. Anyways, I Got forced around. There ain't nothing but a bunch of hay burnish factories. Anyways, that's what I think about horses.

Ah, let's see. Anyways, it's better than doing crack. I Suppose up we're gonna spray the rest of it. I Think the rest of them can get to when we're up in it was just mostly down in here.

What do we need to do? now? we're ready to put this thing in. We got to get the ball joints out of the old. Knuckles Gosh I Can't talk. my tongue is swelling up like crazy.

Ah, let's see, that's all the entire odds are ready. Hey, let's Spritz the back side of the rack here. I'm gonna try to slow down the rod as much as we can. should have been done years ago.

We wouldn't be in this situation would You fella? Can't overdo it? I'd like to change your old pan now because it's out in the open. but I think we'll get this up in there and get it safe. Get safe. Let's go pull our ball joints out.

find out where the heck lunch is. Man, it's past noon. Hey, we got a question. 12 20 Almost.

Stop it. Do you know where our lunch is? in the oven? What are you making? We got boys did some kind of homemade stuff that looks like you didn't use a recipe. To me kind of a recipe. Dang it, it's a box inside of a box.

Get ready careful. you won't even get the excitement you feel right now. You want to see it touch it. You won't have that at Christmas morning because you don't have anything except for what you already know stuff in the stocking.
Okay, lunch is over. Your vastness is over. only recipes because I can always tell when it's left over there. Everything gets put in the oven and gets a little cheese on it.

you know. I'm gonna take the axle nut off. set that to the side because you need excessive amounts of heat to get these bolts out. I'm sorry about my speech folks.

I Explained it on what's up Wednesday My speech is messed up. I'm going to set the axle to the side. don't even try that. suck without heat and snot out of it.

The bolts are extremely soft. ball joint in and you have to have it right just this side of the liquid to get it out. Trust me. Got lots of Subaru ball joints.

Last thing you want to do is snap it off. Foreign foreign. Watch that bolt on the other side make sure it's actually moving I Can't see and it is. But like I said, these things are soft as butter.

Foreign. just like that. so they don't really season the threads these. Siege right here on the straight part of the bowl.

I'll find the shank I Call it, they get locked right on this side and on the threads both places, but mostly here so you can spray all the spray you want to spray on it. I Don't care if you use your ATF training fluid stuff or your coil or your blaster. Whatever whatever flavor it is that is good, you can spray that settling on it. That works every time.

So we're going to take and yank the ball joint out of there. Now there we are. Ball joints out. Done deal.

all right. let's clean her out. let's get all the rusty junk out of there and we'll go up in there with a little flap wheel and go the rest of the way. All right that should be.

and then you know, clean up your bowl. obviously these rear stunts where it was hanging up I think it was about a couple of crap inside body holes here where the other bolts go. it's behind the seats actually. I got this thing's ever coming back out and get our steering shaft there? Oh oh hey dude.

all right I guess we're good to go I want two to our sun frame here? a little bit too foreign I think that's it folks. Uh, great to go. Well it's getting a try and it's a little bit of a few spots on this thing. Of course the fluid film heats up it kind of.

you know, really starts to creep blend so you don't get everything like 110. Don't worry about it, come back here today. it'll be all over everything and that's what I call part two, the switch over. We're gonna call it project Subaru So part one we removed the subframe part two which is this part you're watching.

We did the switch over and we're ready to put it back in and if you want to watch that process, you're going to come back for part three for what I called the put it in part or the installation I guess would be more proper. So come back for that. Stick around. make sure you subscribe.
you gotta ring that Bell to get notifications and uh, we'll see on the next one folks. Foreign.

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