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PT1 Blew Up in MY Face! 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4 Non Turbo

PT2 Will it BLOW? Gauge Pegged over 500psi. 2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser 2.4
Customer States: Engine is Shaking
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Alrighty, welcome back everybody! next day. PT Cruiser Powering on. we left off at a couple fans. We left off at an AC condenser.

There's the new one. We're gonna install the new one where the old one was I think I have an AC line also. I Went ahead and ordered the gaskets that I need for this to. uh, not put old gaskets back on because I hate that and you hate that.

So we're not going to do that show. Let's get back at it. Oh I know I left my flashlight and it died. That's okay.

Okay, we need to prep this condensing unit. you know I'm getting ahead of myself. um I forgot my moment of Shaving was, uh, self-promotion Uh, if you happen to find yourself in a position where you missed part one and or part two of this. PT Cruiser Just go back and check the links down inside of this video's subscription and they can potentially take you back in time here.

Let's see if this thing's sealed, not with the wrong socket. No try again. What? Why am I having a hard time doing the most basic of things? No, no, it's gonna go the first one did. It's pressurized so you know it's good.

Come here and they gave us new studs to go in. These are two. Secure the lines and threat those guys in right now. Okay, so I need to change the O-rings on those service lines.

Uh, the fact that I got an o-ring set I think o-ring gravity I think these will do it I mentioned that I do have one replacement line and uh, you'll notice that crimp right there. see the crimp that contains the orifice tube. So we're replacing the line in the orifice. Go ahead and pop this guy out before we get too far along with our install.

Yeah, that's right. I Just used an impact on an air conditioning line. What's up? We can't do that. Blow the whole system up.

Now let me just get this thing out of the fender. We should cut this open see if it's uh, contaminated. All right. New one coming in.

I'm gonna feed it right through the same little path here. Come out there. I'll pry bar it? No. I won't.

Okay, there is a new gasket that goes right there on that flange face. It is a rubber impregnated metal gasket. Stick that right there. Small click doing that is actually less stressful on the components than trying to manually apply torque because I'm not actually putting any twist to it.

But if you overdo it, you're going to be in a world of hurt. Okay, let's pluck that remaining o-ring out again. The new line got a came with a new o-ring This one's gotta go. Okay, got a new one.

It's green so you know it's good. Thanks! Okay, so I've got these, uh, a little deflector rubber Shields installed on the new condenser. We're going to go ahead and start getting this thing faded into its, uh, into its home here. kind of a toy squeeze.

I'm going to get it in there and then get these deflector fin things past the trans cooler, get everything lined up and then connected and sealed so air can't escape past it. There's there's actually a lot going on here. Oh, that one. That one came unplugged.

Bear with me guys. I'm fumbling my way through this Chrysler product. here. It's good, All right.

It sits roughly in position. Four bolts. Okay, these are the four bolts that, uh, connect the condenser to the radiator. Oh, three bolts.

That one's gone forever. Hang on? Yeah, yeah. Come here. You got it.

Got it again. Radiator? Okay, so I've got both of the lines plugged in the upper line and then that new one that contains the, uh, the orifice tube. We're just fiddling with these little nuts right here that came out wrong. I'm I'm tightening the nuts right now as we speak to secure the lines.

Then we'll move on and do the core support. All right. So that thing is, uh, connected. The condenser is anyway, and now it's sealed.

So I'll go ahead and pull that thing into a vacuum while. uh, well. I assemble the rest of it. Okay, all right.

the machine is, uh, vacuuming. We'll let that do that for about 30 minutes. In the meantime, get this poor support back in position. hold the radiator.

We go in there. Get In there. almost okay. A couple little impact mix that'll secure our core support.

foreign. Now we need to get the uh negative jump start terminal slash hood latch installed. It goes right there. A lot of you guys question the alignment of these when I take them off and I just line up the bolts to where they came from and usually that's uh, right on point right there.

Clicks? All right. Let's go ahead and get this fan unit set down into place. Let's get this thing bolted on and connected and that'll kind of put us uh, about third base almost in the home stretch. Hmm.

this one's less broken than the original one. Harder to maneuver. Figure it out though. No worries.

Sure, there's enough IQ around here to get this done. I hope Hmm. what have you done? Oh the wires in the way I I See you back there in my peripherals. What is it? Uh, the dog's in the house, right? The dog? Yeah.

I don't know. Was she in the house when you left? Uh yes, then yes, she's in the house because I did not. Uh I did not release the Kraken All righty. compressor is fired up because I need to use my little polishing ziz wheel I want to clean up the surface on this uh uh, that? what? What's it called thermostat housing? There we go.

It's kind of pitted and corroded a little bit. I Do have a new thermostat. Um, and the seal for the housing is the actual thermostat seal. So I do need to clean this up very well.

They're very good or very nice. I need to clean this up and uh I'm I think I usually don't do this but I'm gonna put some sealant silicone on here to fill these voids where this corrosion has taken place because I do not want this thing to leak after I've got. let's make a nice pretty Yeah, we can really see the damage. Now look at how deep all those pits are.

It's not good. Okay, got the lower intake over here. Go ahead and pull these old gaskets out. These are semi-reusable but due to conditions this car is in.

I'm gonna just change them. I actually didn't even quote these so these are on me. Nice and shiny. Oh I forgot.

Yeah I Saw a little nugget walk by. get all this sludge off here. years of nasty. Watch out guys, this is stinky and now it's shiny and stinky.

All right, let's blow that thing off with our assault air gun. I dropped it and broke the scope off. so I got to use iron sight. Oh is that loud? The youngin's running away.

Goodbye dirt my God flip it, spin it, blast it. Well there it is again. I almost caught that one back. silly flashlight, but it's anti-gravity properties.

There we go. That's so much nicer. Uh, that way. Beautifus.

Let's get the injector harness back where it goes here. You know what? It just occurred to me I never had to unplug these object injectors I don't know why I did all that because well, yeah, I kind of did because I wanted to remove this in order to clean it. So yeah, never mind. Uh, words babbling.

I was thinking out loud, fleeting thoughts. Let's get this main harness connected right here. This used to bolt to something down here I don't see where it goes though. Maybe I'll run the bolt into one of the bolts for, uh, for the head here or for the manifold.

Speaking of which, I need to clean that here. Let's just get all the debris out of that port. Foreign. Do it again real fast.

One more time. There you go. Yeah, you got it. Good job High Five Three, You're blowing dirt into the intake.

We're gonna ruin the engine. Is that a good wipe? A lot of carbon in there. Wipe that out too. Okay, all right.

intake's coming back into its home. And bolts, Bolts, bolts. There's one. We'll get the easy one first.

Easy right. Look at the center one first. That way, it hangs onto this assembly. that's not even the right bolt.

What have I done? That's for the upper manifold. Silly right? Efficiency. There's the one we want. Okay, so center bolt.

first. That'll kind of locate the part and then I can reach in and sneak the other bolts into position. Stay foreign. it's gonna get them all started and then I'll go back in and apply torque.

second round first. Are you gonna Fred How are you doing Foreign? I Said Easy. That's that's what just happened here. What is this Why it's not lined up? For some reason, it seems to be the malfunction here.

Odd. There we go. threaded now and there's two more down on the bottomish in between the runners. see if I can't see that one, that one's in the hole.

Foreign. There we go. and one finalized bolt. Where'd you go? Got it right here and that one goes between these two.

Runners Here, between number one and number two. now. cramp s I'll tighten the two bottom ones, then I will tighten the three top ones. Nice.

Okay, this one is for the dipstick tube that holds the dipstick tube to the uh, the manifold. the lower manifold. the top one got it. Dipstick clicks.

Okay. Next up, let's change this thermostat. Pop that old one out, it's been replaced before. Put our new one in and I'm going to put a very slight film of sealant around this just to take up the space where those little voids are on the aluminum part.

See that very, very thin Filbert sealant spell out. let's try that without it falling out. Negative here. We'll try again with a screwdriver to help me.

Let's use that driver to kind of hang on to this while I lower or I'll let it fall. Okay, um, this isn't working out I don't want to glue it. Third time's a charm. I'm just going to hold on to it with my fingers.

It's just the right way. Yeah, there. that was harder than it had to be I think Anyway, two bolts to hold it down. e This is hard to do there.

We go. now. we're getting somewhere. I Think right? Yeah, Maybe foreign.

All right. One's tight. Second one: click. Tight.

Fish that overflow tube hose thing out of there. It's uh, it fell down. Come on out. Come out of there.

it goes right there. all right now. I can fit this upper radiator hose again. that goes there and then we're just going to plug it in right here on the Uh on the radiator.

Good to go. One clamp right there. really wobbly eight. that other one was a seven I don't know why I had it click.

that's on. Space is so tight I can't even get to the clamps on it. Look at this thing. they uh, definitely used up all the available space.

Does engineering count that as a win if they use up all the space put you right down there. where you go. All right. Okay, backing up some hoses on injectors are in.

lower manifold is installed. Let's get the upper in. I Already put new gaskets on it. they're blue so you know that they're good.

It's not really much to get in. we flip it over and bolt it on. I Do have to find a bolt for the back side though. Remember the ones that were missing in the whole unit was just flopping around.

It's gonna break. It's gonna break that intake. vibrations of it driving around. It's going to break this intake.

Get these guys threaded and where's that last one? there? It is all right. That's two three nice. definitely coming together. I Like the home stretch phase.

There we go. check it out. I've got a bolt for that back bracket, back bracket. words that is a exhaust manifold bolt for a uh I think it was a Doge 1500 the one.

I Put the headers on back in the day. back in the day that was like two months ago. I put headers on it because it had leaks and I'm gonna reuse one of those bolts to bolt this intake on recycling. Dodge Parts Go.

let's just get that. Oh I can't No worries. I'll do it manually, but it may take longer, but at least this manifold will be secure and I don't have to worry about it breaking in the future. Ah, Fuel line.

I'll just plug that in right now. Are you leaving? Oh I'll miss you when you're gone. Bye wait, come here. Give me Huggies kiddo was leaving.

Is that tight? Yeah Okay, so that's tight. I've got the sensors reconnected hose reconnected that's bolted on fuel line on fuel line not on. that was partially on error error. Uh, maybe I should have done this with the intake off.

Another error. oh what have I done I see what I've done I have it to misaligned there. click Fuel line. click.

We're good to go. Okay, next, let's lift this thing up and do the uh, the bottom side. all right back down here. In the bottom side, we need to connect our electrical connector.

um click please. that was pretty tight. Let me, uh, let's just give this one more squeeze. Yeah, it could have been an error.

All right. we've got this lower uh hose clamp to get on. All right, let's move the light now we can see what's going on here. I did replace this clamp because the other one came apart and then I've got two bolts to secure the bottom side of the fan.

Okay, okay, two more bolts down here and then we'll grab those two up top. Remember I left them loose so I can maneuver this thing around. Oh you stupid clip there we go and another one right over here room. Oh I've closed the valve here also.

Okay, we're all done down here. Let's let this thing down and uh, we'll check the oil and top it off because I know it's low and we're going to start this thing up and fire up the AC check the pressure and then see if that reduced AC compressor load translates into less engine vibrations at idle because I'm 99.7 Sure that that was the uh the issue to begin with. That's the kind of thing that turns into a parts Cannon because nobody would suspect that an air conditioning problem is causing a drivability problem. but uh, in this particular case, I Believe that's what's going on.

Okay, the machine has done charged charging. it wants me to turn on the AC So uh, let's go ahead and fire this thing up. I added uh, two quarts of oil to it. Let us restartings the engine and uh, see if the system's gonna work and check for our bogging down thing.

Also, see what we get? Okay, come on there it is. It's on. Look at that. 40 pounds, 150.

check our fan. Oh yeah, the fans running. They came right on. 175.

PSI that's that's great. I Like it all right. let's throw some coolant in there. Yeah, all that work is going to be worthless if I uh if I blow this thing up, that's not cool, that's water.

Yeah, proof that that is uh, where it should be. Let's take a look at our engine shaking situation. We do not have that. It does vibrate like the four cylinder, but it's not shaking.

It was nearly as bad as it was. We'll do a before and after that. Improvement We have solved their immediate issue. We saw dishes that they didn't even know that they had a couple of those powering down.

So I'm gonna go ahead and uh, close this video out right now I need to disconnect my machine I'm trying to get them to buy a battery. Maybe I can fix up those connectors over there. it's getting an oil change. All that stuff is off topic for what we did here today.

So all that being said, as always, like to thank you for watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this video I Hope you enjoyed this series of videos. Um, again, if you missed part one or two, uh, just go down to this Video subscription and check for the links down there and it will take you back in time to the earlier editions of this 2007. Chrysler PT Cruiser So again and as always, thank you for watching and most importantly, do not forget to have yourselves a great day! See you guys later into Crystal product still junk I Don't know if I'm gonna change that yet, but I am going to go ahead and pull this thing out.

It's our tent. 60 58 Better than 80. I'll take that all right. Let's get this thing out of here.

Finalize: Goodbye. See you later Audience Viewers Non-viewers Subscribers Non-subscribers appreciate all of you. Catch you guys in the next one. Have a great day and a PC Cruiser.

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