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In a previous video we looked over a customers Toyota Prius that had the ABS and Trac light on as well as a concern about the grinding in the brakes. The parts are in and it'd time to get it put together.
Part I The Diagnosis:
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All right folks, time to start working on the Prius We're gonna start in the rear if you guys remember correctly from the first part. if you watch that, we already have the wheel bearing on hooked because we did some testing. gotta go get a new glove fixed and then we determined that the wheel bearing on the other side was bad, but then remember this one. We can hear the stuff crunch around in the back by the speed sensor.

So the customer I gave him the choice to do this one now or do this one later. He said just get her done so we're gonna spray a little bit of water displacement stuff on there because it makes people upset and then we're going to beat some soccer time. It's gonna beat a 14 mil on there and see if we can't get these bolts out of here. Got to give it the no mercy reversy.

We'll get a little juice on the back because the threads are clearly sticking through a little. oh I can't even see them. They're all encapsulated inside the axle. Never mind then.

So we'll thread that back in a little bit, put our socket back, and do that three more times. Man, now there we go. So there's all four of those. and then we do a little air hammer action.

So I hit it like that, trying to get it to rotate. Once you get it to rotate, then you can drive it off just like. So hang on to your backing plate. One-handed flip there.

That's what we needed. foreign. get some big chunks off. Oh, got out the old four inch sand.

Open up some doors because it's going to get a little smoky in here. And by Smokey I mean Dusty So cover your eyes. get out of the old hole polisher, give her the old hole polish and we'll get the blow nozzle and blow some of the junk out of there. Perfect.

Got a little bit of the fluid film foreign as quickly and we'll go get a new bearing here. Set this somewhere right there. Looks good. We'll get a bearing there she is.

It's an NSK Asian bearing right from the know-how we'll stick it on here. Make sure your speed sensor is facing correctly and then this is the correct. Make sure everything's correct. liner up.

We'll stick a few bolts in it. make sure you have that started before you let it go. you don't want it to hit the floor and before I forget I'm going to take and plug it in. Now if you haven't seen the first part of the video.

These Connectors are quite unique. I Think we kind of covered a little bit over on that part of the video. Granted I can't get that one. There we go.

She clicked in. Now you kind of got to tear the whole thing apart to get to the release tab on it. We're going to give this a level one snugaduga. All right, there's that.

We'll grab the wrench of torquing and bumper up to the 66 lbs's here. Give her a few clicks or Beeps in this case, there we go. shouldn't fall off technically and that's it. as far as your wheel bearing.

Easy peasy. Oops. sorry a little rough idea. We'll give that baby some fluid so keep it from turning to a big Rusty turd so quick we'll go grab a brake rotor.

flip that bad boy. I Just take a wheel nut stick on here. there's that. This one's nice and quiet.

fancy. Move some of our junk out of the way here. Thank you. All right yeah, In an effort to save a little bit of time, I've already cleaned up the brake caliper bracket and luckily for this guy, fortunately for this guy, uh, after I sandblasted it, the car was going to be sitting here for a little bit.

so I just give them a little squirt of black paint. so we cleaned out the caliper bracket as we always do, just sandblast out all the rust. I give them a little two to black paint. kind of slow down the corrosion I Took the boots off I Cleaned the pins up.

Nothing real crazy there. So we're going to get our boots back in I'm going to use a little bit of Super Lube Silicone lubricating brake Grease I Like to put it right around the base of the boot here because that's where all the rust collects. Gives them the big squeeze. These Boots were intact so we didn't buy new ones.

We did have to get new ones for the front if you remember though. So we do that. Stick them there for a minute. let's take and Lube up our pins.

Get a little bit of great grease on those foreign. All right, that's good. Yeah, before we put the rubbers boots on, we do want to make sure that these go in now. you have to be real gentle.

so the rubber silencer they put on the bottom of them. if you just go shoving it in, it's going to get jammed up. So I like to lube them up and just very slowly just with light pressure. try to start working them in.

it'll get to a point where it goes in and you have to kind of pull back a little bit. Okay, too many lessons here somebody should talk to your parents about. but uh, you'll see what I'm saying. So make sure that they work prior to putting the boots on because sometimes they'll get jammed up here in the boot.

so we're going to stick the boot down in there in the groove that it goes in. I Like to give them a little twist, make sure they're in there all the way. Then we're going to redo what we just did like I said just try not to force it, just using really light pressure and just kind of wiggling it around. There she goes.

Y'all know, trust me, you'll know and that's it baby. That's the trick to those. Trust me, anybody that's ever fought with them things and you get mad. you stick them in the vice and try to squeeze them and all it ends up doing is just, uh, breaking that rubber off at the end or getting it jammed up I'm sure that one went past the boot.

They can be a real pain in the neck sometimes. you gotta try it two or three times. Let's do it. Oh dang it all the heck.

pulled a little too hard I Don't know why they're so finicky, but there we go. get a little of our silly ramek. I Wish I had time every time I did a brake job to put a little bit of black paint on the brackets. That would be really nice, especially here in the Rust Belt and especially on a car like this that it's kind of low mileage and doesn't really use a lot of brakes per se.

So we're just put a little Lube in here to help slow down the rust behind the bra or behind the clips here that are going to go on here. All right there we go. It seems enough. Hardware A couple anti-drag Springs Some pads like our pads over here install our Brake Hardware here.

Foreign with a Squealer on it is going on the inside of the bracket. All right. Those fit nicely and as they should, they shouldn't Uh, you know, be binding up. Should be able to easily push them with your finger.

They should be almost falling out. but these have those retention Springs That kind of hold them in there. but you know once your pads in it should be able to move nice and free so not to grind anything down. So you have to grind your pads if you've got all your rust out of your bracket.

If the pads will fit good, unless you got your pads like you know the Family Dollar or something, we'll take our whole bracket with the pads in it. We'll stick our caliper to the side. Whoa. Almost lost a pad dude.

Foreign. Easy. line that back up and stick that baby on there. You're prepared to squeeze so they don't fall out.

Stick the bolts back in here. we can find the hole. There it is. You guys probably can't see anything back there, can you foreign? Clips Are they going to pads? These little teeny tiny holes at the tops of the ears? On that and one there.

you just barely see those suckers. This one here. swing around and show you around there. it's going to want to push your pads off.

You got it? Gotta you know? Be careful. That's where those little guys go right there and they want. They're just an anti-drag clip kind of keep the friction material away from the rotor. You have to carefully start fiddling with them.

They'll go flinging out of here so they just barely sit inside those pads. A little bit of silly ramek right on the Piston face. okay, should help with squealand and on the ears of the caliper bracket also. And then I See, our pad does have a little a little metal titty right on the bottom and that needs to line up with the Piston I Think we talked about this in the first part of the video.

So make sure your piston is oriented with that open slot towards the bottom. Okay, because that's going to line up on the little ear of the pad on the inside. Then you might have to hold. Make sure your little anti-drag Clips are in all the way.

We'll bring our piston up. We'll push in that inner pad, kind of slide it all on one smooth motion. Retreat for everybody. Oh, hang on buddy.

grab your bolts, stick them bad boys in there. There we are and that's it. You're done. Time to go home.

Now it's time to swap out of the brake line. I'll put some of the WD on here and then we're gonna ouch up on my head very easily. Slip the 10 millimeter on there. we're gonna give her some ugly Douglas Oh yeah, who might be getting up there? Put a bolt back on.

Foreign Cutters right flush at the nut, chop it off there and then we'll reach underneath here about the brake hose, chop it off there. and there's our line. So now we got something good to copy. I'd like to see there might be enough nut there.

Yeah, maybe. Yeah, we could probably just get a nut back on that just to hold the line. It's not super critical. We'll take the nuts out of the hose.

got both hoses should be a 10 mil so we'll Scuff the 10 mil over it like that and then like that and then like that and then we'll use the Box end. Look at that on there. The fittings are 10 by 1.0 inverted flare. There's those.

So the nut on the inner hose that came out really hard all the way to the end. It's kind of weird I just took a new 10 millimeter nut and it threads right in there. I Don't know why this one came out so hard, but it did. So now we're going to make a new line so we're going to use some.

Nikon This is not just straight copper. it's nickel copper alloy. This is what we used in the Northeast in the salt. States Because it doesn't rust, do those turn green? we're going to figure out about how much line we need.

Give her one of these around about there. we'll chop it off there. we can have a little extra. This is probably something old.

Rain Man Ray doesn't do a lot down there in the Florida I'm guessing there's probably not a lot of brake line jobs going on I Dare say I've probably installed tens of thousands of feet of brake line. I'll probably go through at least 100 foot rolls a year. I would think maybe a thousand feet of brake line a year. Mother Lover We'll leave that one down there.

Stick your flare on there, your nut. Nothing like making a perfect flare. Seeing the nuts sit on the bench and we're just going to double flare this. Yes.

I Do have the Master Cool Hydraulic Flaring tool. So because we're going to get a bazillion comments about that, how it's easier and makes a nicer flare and all that stuff. So just to answer that question, I Guess is I do have the hydraulic clearing tool I just choose not to use it. It makes a nice flare.

Um I Can make a flare usually a little bit quicker using this I Don't have to drag out the tool, find the dies and all that stuff, so push it down with the die first. I Guess you don't really need the fitting on the first time because the line's straight, so push that baby down, we'll back her off, we'll take the dock out that gives you a little bit of a bubble and then we're going to invert it, Getting just the tool itself stick right there in the middle. There goes both nuts on the ground. Take that off.

Didn't really need to have the nut on there this time, but it's just good practice. I've actually wore out flaring tools where the threads right out of them so there's a nice double flare inverted flare I guess they would call it now. We gotta go down and see. Got one here? I Got one over here somewhere? There it is.

Yes sir. Now we've got those slip that baby on. That's what that looks like. Real nice and then we're going to take and just copy this line the best we can remember.

You cut it right behind the fitting. so if you're going to start there, start there real profound. You could probably buy these lines from Toyota and then I just bend it with my thumbs and I guess before we get all the comments I probably have every bending tool known to man. so before we get the comments about that, when I'm working with 3 16 line I just select to bend it with my thumbs.

Uh, this baby is probably not going to a car show so we don't need to have it. Factory Just kind of hold it there. Get it? You need a lot of thumbs when you're doing this. Kind of hold it straight.

Once you get a few bends in it, it's not too bad, so that's where we need another one So we'll bend that one there, tweak that around and just keep working it on the right side here. You can always go back and tweak it a little bit. The nikop stuff bends really easily, but you do have to be careful. you know not to Kink it if you want a nice tight Bend bend it a little bit beyond and then bring it back I guess is what I can tell you it's the only place I can give you.

just kind of keep working it so you'll get it how you want. You'll figure it out. it's not too difficult and like I say it's not like we're going to take it to the car show, but if they do, you'll have it close. So there's that our line is really close to.

You know this line and we can give it a few little tweaks when we're done, but we have it really close. Sticky nut on here making a little Boop sound. Stick that right where that's going to be. Give yourself enough little extra to do the flare Make Your Mark Leave the nut right on there.

You're gonna forget it guaranteed. Use your tubing cutter, Chop it off. Don't squeeze your tubing cutter, don't give it full beans right off the get-go because you'll Dent the tubing and you'll make it hard to put a good flare up. Find your scrap piece, put that back in your kit, stick your dye on there or your your holder.

I Decide Bought how much is sticking out because I've made a few of these or you can use your die and it goes the height of the first step on the die. All right. I Should just freaking left alone. Dude Good enough.

Make sure she snug. double check. Make sure that baby's on there. Stick on the die good.

Take the guy out, look at it, and go. Oh, and rammer home for that one. that's good. Pull out, give her one of those one of those a couple flicks open up.

there's that. there's your new Prius line. Nice inverted flare probably doesn't. Focus I think I Screwed.

But there we go. so she's focused, looks good. even even got the nut on it, which is better. Have you done that yet? Josh Flare Perfect.

Flare Have the nut sitting on you've. never done it. Oh yeah, absolutely. Oh yeah.

The locals are always the best players you ever do. Yeah, you always take them off. Oh man, this looks awesome. Yeah nuts laying on the bench? yeah I think I told you it happens to the best of us.

so we'll take our clamp off there. my fingernails under it. There we go. Be mindful of which way it's going goes like so like that.

get that baby off like that. Of course that flare or that clamp won't fit because it doesn't have the coating on it. So we need to steal a little piece of coating just to make it fit. So we'll cut our line like this.

All right. Pick it up off the floor, throw the other one on the floor this time, not chop it off all the way. It's very gingerly. spin that around, cut through the coating.

Yeah, that should be good. Grab a pair of pliers, you son of a freaking ding dong. Cut it too hard, dude. Yeah.

I'll show you again. Let's go and try this again. Round two: We could just slice that one and take it off. but I wanted to show you kind of being crafty here for a minute.

This is like five minutes crafts, but it takes 10 minutes. cut it all the way through. Now that's done. Don't cut it all the way through like a ding dong.

Just plastic all right there. That's probably cut all the way through. We're gonna stop right there. Yeah, control yourself man.

you could have put this on before you did the whole job, but that should be loose now. The plastic should be loose. Okay, should wiggle right off. There we go.

So there's your little piece of plastic tube where you can, you know, wrap some electrical tape around it. Whatever you want to do, man, come in here. get your snap button flush cuts Whittle Your way across that. All right.

Beautiful. sticking on your new line where it needs to go. Put your clamp back on there Robert Your mother's brother. All done.

Go put that baby on our light out of there. Stick that somewhere as we're hopefully we can see. Reach that down around? Yeah. I'm gonna give it the classic reach under.

There's a hose under here that I'm hooking it to. You'll figure it out all right. Just make sure you get it started and I did. Okay, so that's nice and started.

Now your Line's not going to be perfect I'm about ready to give you flying lessons Dude, we're gonna line this baby up here I Can't see what I'm doing because you guys are in my way but we'll give that some Wiggles till he feels like it starts. feels like it started. Okay I'll be 10 mm. We're running home make sure our clamp's gonna kind of line back up and it does.

Hopefully we can get a bracket on that or a bolt I mean a nut? You know one of those things Fastener and we're going to give this a snug up. All right. let me get the one underneath. Gonna need some of these.

They'll need one of these Shield and then something like this show you a free tip from Grandma Just taught me this. Oh, we just got thinner so it'll still hold the brake line but it's a little bit thinner and fix our screw up here I say hours because you were technically there with me I'm gonna slip that baby back over the line. get it back on there where we need it. Give it a very light squeeze, slide it down the plastic a little more.

Well, now it gives us a little extra room. Let's go get a six mil nut. Oh my. God maybe started here there.

We go there. Beautiful. Shouldn't go anywhere. It's nice and solid.

Both those nuts are tight. Give it a little Spritz of the film. keep it from rotting out too fast here. We'll get a little bit down on that nut up.

On that note, the line really doesn't rust, but the nuts will, uh, they'll rot right off it. now. we need to bleed it out. Oh man, I'm out baby.

It doesn't even make any noise. We'll try this one. There we go. That one works.

We need to get our front brakes installed before we can bleed out the rear. Let's just quickly do that. These hugs are quite clean. It's like somebody had grease them before I Just want to get some of the grease off it.

I Don't see any rust build up on here with the film slid on the rust. Grab a wheel nut. Slip that baby! I Was able to clean up the front brackets as well so they're ready to go. so we just need to slip the pads in there.

Some stuff here. there's the Whoa man down and here's our pins. We did get new hardware for the front so we don't need that little rubber anymore and then let's see that goes on there. like that, the pin with the rubber that's going at the bottom and I do believe that they're dimensionally bigger.

Well I thought they were never mind goes at the bottom. Okay, trust me I shouldn't say trust me I Should say look at service data because that's what you should be doing. Anyways, what can service data if you're in the US of A. it's available to all of us foreign Toyota You can rent by the day or the three day.

I guess would be where's our pins I'm looking for the pins they're hiding so we're gonna stick the new rubber on there. Give her some Super Lube Sometimes people complain in my comment section that they don't have access to service data and they're in the USA and they have access to it just like all the rest of us. As a matter of fact, I was just uh, renewing my yearly subscription to GM for Tech 2 win and Gds2 that's comes out 900 and some dollars for the year for me. but I notice on there if you just want Factory Service data.

Let's say you want all the server, all the factory service manuals, owners manuals, you know, recalls Tsbs, all that stuff. It's 22 for three days. All right. those babies fit good.

Oh yeah, they certainly do. We still have some silicone re-centered fingers here. Everything's a little slippery. Put it right here because that's where it's going to go in the groove.

and that's where they have a tendency to get Rusty. Slip that baby and we'll make a little bit of a mess while we're doing it. She's a little messy. I'll tell you what.

I'm going to use the solid pin to make sure that bushings in all the way and it is okay sometimes getting that little rubber sleeve that's just like doing a rear one. Just these can be more fiddly because this one's quite a bit thinner and it's going to want to push up on the shaft. So sometimes these really got to go slow and just kind of keep wiggling it. Once it starts, you just kind of got to work it and rammer home.

When you get her in the bottom, there it is okay. Oh, they're finger busted through. It's not good there all the way around, baby. Okay, I Think that one clicked in all the way.

We have a tendency to get air trapped behind them. We don't want the air behind it. Look around there. get the rubber up on there the correct way.

There we go. We need to bleed the air out behind them. This one has air in the boot because you can see it fluffs up the boot. So we'll push.

And you push push push lift up the boot. Let the air out. Okay, this one has there in the boot but it also has air behind the pin because if we let all the air out of the boot, it's still going to want to push out all right. So I'm gonna go put that in the Vise and squeeze it and just let it hold there for a minute.

Let the air work on it. Maybe we'll put our Hardware on there. These are all individual pieces of hardware and hopefully the guy will put them in the bag. Hopefully the four we have left are the four that we need because I already put the brakes on the other side and look at that.

they are. That's great. Okay, and then we have our brick pad wear indicators. They're going to go at the top of the pad so that sits on there like according to service data.

That's where they want them. So we'll click them. Bad boys on those bad Mamma Jammas, There's that. and then we'll slide our pads on in.

Oops. Slit it right past where it needs to be. very gingerly. set that in there.

Well, very gingerly. set this one in here. The outer one's a little bit trickier because you've got the little spring clips there and they have a tendency to get stuck on the wear indicator so you got to get that sucker going in there kind of straight. There we go and just gently push that one in.

and like I say again, you know these should move very freely but the anti you have the anti-drag The brake pad wear indicators also have some spring tension on it that kind of pushes the pad down and then they've got spring tension on the bottom of the clips that kind of hold it up there so it should be a little bit stable like so can't see it should. Brought a light with us. Sick of Bolt turn? I Guess you guys could probably see. Oops missed it daddy that time.

These things are pretty tight for a small boat. You tighten them right up to the birds and snap it off. It's like 100 foot pounds, 111 or something like that. That's a lot a lot more than it should be because I think that they only look like a 12 millimeter bull.

Foreign, foreign turned on. Yep, 101 is what service data says on those babies. and I tell you what, it's way tighter than I would ever tighten them because it feels like you know when you're tightening it up and you get to that moment where it goes from being really tight to like really loose and in your head you'd know like you know what just happened. This is the this is where you tighten those two where you're like um, you know I've got a torque wrench here.

it's I don't know. This thing's almost three foot long and like right there. that's about where I would quit that. 77 foot pounds that really doesn't feel great right there.

That's 97. I Mean we're close, but we'll take her right to the see and it just keeps turning. and I don't like that feeling because that's 95 and we've made more than a quarter turn. so give it a quick little jerk to make the torque wrench go off.

At 102.9 the buzz 102.9 I just made that up. but that's not even a real radio station. Foreign things up the factory specs of course. As you guys all know, I'm gonna wipe the dirt off the piston and off the caliper.

Give it a little too put a little grease on the caliper here. You guys are seated 100 times this muscle memory at this point for you. probably a little bit on the Piston even though we don't 100 need it there. I'm gonna smear a little on there for good measure.

Such brush down foreign. a little squeeze in the middle very lightly. make that uh, that's all we needed. Just set shiny a little bit.

Bring it back up here. Slip it in there silver so nicely. One Bolt Two volts, 25 foot pounds. Oh, it went too much.

26 it says 26.5 Oh too much again. 26.4 at least I'm consistent. All right, there's that. that one's done.

Let's throw the wheel on. We'll get the very lovely misses over to come help us bleed out the rear. That sounds right. good.

Weed out the rear brakes. Finish your sentence, dude. Yeah. I think these are torqued to like 80 foot pound, 76 or 100 or somewhere is in there.

We're looking for a lovely assistant. Yeah, I don't see any of you. Oh Boom right there. We need you.

Please please and thank you I need you if people need you. especially the customer. The world needs you. Thanks.

Cross your fingers folks. Hopefully the bleeders come loose. We should have checked this way back in the beginning about 10 mil. Boom Came right loose.

Perfect. Anyway, they would. Are you ready? Mr though. All right.

I'm gonna stick a little rubber hose on here I'm very gingerly push down on the brake pedal for us. please and just hold her there. that the beauty of Toyotas boy self-bleeding Okay, let up all right now. before we have her pump it, we're gonna go do the other side and push the air out of that side.

Also kind of the downside of the Toyota too, you blow a brake line. It empties a massive cylinder right now so we'll crack that baby loose snugger back up stuck on the 10 mil wrench like so are you ready? Mr Though All right. Okay, push down again. let's see what.

Peter and out of there. go ahead and let up. Okay, go ahead and pump them up there if you would please. So we gotta get our Pistons to come out.

Does it feel good? baby? No, it doesn't Okay it should be getting here soon. We gotta wait for all four Pistons to come out now. Foreign? Okay, You ready? Okay. Push down? Okay.

What up? All right? Good job. I Just want to make iron tooting. We've got all of our air out. Are you ready? All right? Push down and we have just a little bit of air in there.

Okay, that's good old girl probably feels about the same to you. Don't it? Okay, that's good. Calm down up there so hold your hands up ready. just a minute you're almost ready.

Here comes my favorite part of the ride. Oh yeah I Called them the bouncer. thanks again for being so willing mm-hmm to participate in our Shenanigans goodbye, goodbye, fill our master cylinder back up and I got to make sure that baby's full before you start the the bleeding procedure. we're just gonna I it was.

trust me. I Double checked it because like I said Toyota Boy, they'll empty the master cylinder pretty dang quick. So we're gonna put it right at the max line because all four of our pads are new. All right.

She's right at the max line. Put that back on. Put this baby back where it belongs. There's that.

We're done. We're good. Let's roll You need me? Um um. we're going for a rip there.

Okay Hi? Kitty You wanna go outside, huh? You wanna go outside? Don't know? Come here. Oh my God. There you go. Have fun.

It's good. We'll go outside here, put our seatbelt on, we'll get our computer fired up here Toyota and then I'll go through here. Probably if we drive it might self-clear but I want to wipe the codes out because we had both of them unplugged and the key was on and when we were doing our testing there all the lights are off, putting all of our speed sensors and drive my Luna Bye Kitty Kitty I Don't know why she goes outside, she just sits in front of the door the whole time. All right here we go.

We'll burnish in our brake pads. It's working as it should. According to Napa it is 20 stops no 15 stops, 30 miles an hour down to five a few seconds in between. That's what they say their burnishing procedure is.

Of course they have no published documentation on it. Isn't that weird? They call it Napa brakes and this is just what they tell you and I asked him if they had any public published published documentation and PDF file or anything he said negative Ghost Rider this is just how you do it He says look in service data as well. The burnishing procedure and service data throughout various manufacturers is quite. You know, there's quite a bit of difference.

Some are hot and heavy, some are light. you look on. Toyota They've got nothing. We got to do a California coaster here because we don't want to come to a complete stop so their burnished procedure and then he says that we'll know that we have them burnished correctly.

The blue material that is on the face of the pad is. well. M.I.A When we give it back to our customer, blue material should be gone like what? am I gonna do you Ding dong? Pull the freaking calipers. Back off the luck.

I Don't think so fella. It's gonna do this subscribed amount of times. Give it back to the customer user to tell the customer no heavy braking for 100 miles there. I Did the prescribed amount of breaking back to the shop cool down.

Period. We made it all good. All broken parking brake works. Everybody's happy.

We grab our dongle, the lights are off. This guy's happy. You guys should be happy too. And if you're not happy, don't worry.

be happy. Go into the comment section. But before you do that, if you missed the first part of this video, we'll tour everything apart. You're like one of the Thunders going on here with this guy with a stuff already tore apart.

I'll look for part one of this video where we gave the guy four wheel breakage inspection and gave him an assessment of what we think he needed to have breaks and to be safe and to find a safe place. and his ABS light was on WE diagnosed that too So comment section insty Facebook You guys know what to do. Just remember viewers, if I can do it, you can do it. Thanks for watching foreign.

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